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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 15, 2013 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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on acquisition clean up and legal fees and typical costs range from 40-60 million for a new school but the alderman wouldnt say where the money's coming from. cash strapped cps closed 49 schools this year. overcrowding is an issue in this neighborhood it may not be in some other areas where the consolidations daren't's sad, it's a travesty, it's unfair. but parents say its not all about a new school. they say.. gallistel's building is in bad shape...and they want improvements made here too. all it is is this pretty picture of what's being done for your community, but in reality gallistel's just being pushed to the side as usual. after the deed and a spokesperson for the mayor told
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us they're working with the principles that both schools to prioritized needs in complete renovations. the new school will be built by 2015 but still no answer to the question of where the money is coming from >> firefighters battled an extra-alarm fire today at a steel plant in northwest indiana. the three-alarm blaze broke out shortly before 3 p-m at the arcelormittal steel plant on u- s highway 12 in burns harbor. firefighters brought it under control around 7:30. sections of the steel plant had to be evacuated. there were no injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> bond was set at $1 million today for the man accused of fatally shooting a 19 year-old man outside of aid wicker park night spot early yesterday morning >> this is what gun violence
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does to families... her youngest child was killed early saturday . she has already been hospitalized for the emotional trauma. he had a gunshot wound to his head >> 29 year-old has been charged with the crime. >> why did they kill my brother? >> he was a recent graduate from high school and worked two jobs. >> he was planning to go to college. he was working hard
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>> usually works and comes home >> he loved cars >> the chicago police issued a community alert to the hyde park neighborhood. the alert follows a series of seven burglaries in the first 15 days of september. burglars broke into homes through rear or side windows or back doors. they get away with laptops television's money and jewelry and electronic items. residents are encouraged to take security precautions into
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contact police if they have information regarding the break- ins >> three men were injured in a rollover crash on the west side early this morning. according to state police the accident happened just after 2:00 a.m. on the in downside of the eisenhower expressway. one of the men was ejected from a car. paramedics took all three victims to the hospital with serious but non life-threatening injuries >> police are investigating an overnight shooting that wounded in evanston man. the 46 year-old man was found with a gunshot wound to his legs around 2:30 a.m.. he was taken to the hospital where police say his condition has stabilized >> at least six people were taken to area hospitals saturday night from a weekend music festival in humboldt park. chicago fire department officials have requested 10 ambulances to be stationed as a precautionary move. the transported for people in good to fair condition and two
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people in there to serious condition. police officials said them people sustained various minor mosh pit injuries >> half a dozen people got sick while on board a flight from germany to chicago. emergency crews and 60 ambulances met the flight from frankfurt when it touched down at o'hare just after 11 saturday night. paramedics took two of the six people complaining of a list of hospital. the flight was already hours late making an emergency landing in london because of a passenger who may have suffered a heart attack >> there were a few people sect ick. >> no word on the condition of the remaining six passengers >> illinois comptroller julie baar topinka kicked off her reelection campaign today. she
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says she is looking forward to continuing her fight against the spending and barring plans that have driven illinois finances into the red >> she spoke today at the billy goat tavern before leaving on a statewide bus tour that will take her to nine cities over three days >> the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce is holding their annual conference right here >> we're very impressed and encouraged by the tremendous entrepreneurial energy of the hispanic community. we have to make sure no one is left out >> hispanic businesses in the
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u.s. have doubled within the last year >> helicopters are being sent in to pick up dozens of people in colorado stranded by widespread flooding. next, the latest on the rescue efforts. also, what syria is now saying about the new american-russian agreement on their chemical weapons. and marking 50 years since a terrible moment in american history that became a rallying point in the civil rights movement. jim.. it's been foggy.. we have more rain... i will have details ahead... break
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after flooding left several dead and hundred still unaccounted for. >> a number of helicopters arrived in the flood ravaged state. their mission is to save hundreds of people. >> the helicopters are unfortunately grounded due to the weather. >> authorities worry that
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additional rain will cause more flooding and debris. the only way to get to some people is by air. one man in his home watched in horror... >> their car got stock >uck >> 2 teens got swept away >> how can we ever recover from this? inch by inch, mile by mile... people are getting those things done out there >> first responders will
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continue looking on the ground to find missing people >> mexico is getting a double dose of extreme weather right now. tropical storm manuel coming in from the pacific, and hurricane ingrid hitting on the gulf side, are battering the country with powerful winds and heavy rain. flash floods and mudslides have covered roadways, buried homes, and stranded whole villages. manuel is responsible for at least nine deaths, while ingrid--which hasn't even made land yet--is blamed for six, so far. forecasters say ingrid could pick up strength before making landfall monday morning. in sandy hook it connectic cont firefighters and volunteers spend the weekend building a playground. it was built in honor of one of the children killed in the school shooting last december. the firefighters are sponsoring an organization called the sandy ground where angels play. they're building
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one playground for each shooting victim, 26 and all. in all >> ceremonies were held today in birmingham alabama commemorating an event that became a rallying point for the civil rights movement. it was 50 years ago today that a bomb planted by a member of the clue cox clan ripped through a baptist church in birmingham killing four girls and rocking a racially divided nation. >> secretary of state john kerry travels to jerusalem to talk about the latest syria deal. next, why he's not yet backing off the threat of military action. two innocent bystanders are injured in a shooting near new york's time square- and the shots were fired by city cops. break
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so we started using tide, bounce and downy together. it keeps our clothes looking newer longer and like a million bucks oh, maybe we could sell our clothes [ female announcer ] tide, bounce and downy. great on their own, better together the syrian minista syrian minisd victory for his country today thanking russia for orchestrating a chemical weapons deal to avert military action by the u.s.. but secretary of state john kerry is making it clear that the threat of force remains. carry travel to jerusalem today did brief israeli leaders were cautiously hopeful about the agreement. yesterday in geneva carry in the russian foreign minister outlined a series of steps the
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syrian government must take to eliminate its chemical weapons. carey said today that syria must follow through or face the consequences >> chapter 7 is the un security council autauthorizing the use of military force >> the white house says that a beating candidate to become the next chairman of the federal reserve with true his name from consideration today. former treasury secretary and white house adviser larry summers faced rising opposition in congress. summer is faced opposition from within the president's own party because of his past role in deregulation in for what some called an abrasive leadership style >> new york city police opened
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fire on a man last night in a crowded times square. there bullets hit two women >> police say two officers fired three shots to subdue a man who was allegedly diverting in front of cars. one woman was agreed to buy able it the other was shot in the knee. an officer then taser demand. new york's police commissioner says the investigation is ongoing >> the 2 injured women are recovering at a new york hospital. police described as 35 year-old man who was tasered as emotionally disturbed >> north carolina police officer randall kerrick is behind bars, charged with voluntary manslaughter in an on- duty shooting. investigators say kerrick shot jonathan ferrell outside a charlotte home. they say ferrell went to the home, looking for help after
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wrecking his car nearby. not recognizing the man at her door, the homeowner called 9-1- 1. when kerrick and two other officers arrived, ferrell ran towards them, unarmed. kerrick fired his gun multiple times, killing ferrell. kerrick is being held on 50- thousand-dollars bond. all three officers were placed on paid leave. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. after that jim ramsey will join us >> tonight on instant replay... the bears put themselves in deep trouble but found a way to dig their way out... nascar... white sox... those stories at 9:40
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droid does. jim ramsey with a look at our weather >> we really needed the rain... time lapse pictures... gloomy and gray... tomorrow we will begin seeing the sun. temperatures and expected in the low '70's. the hyde today was 60
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ight today was 60 degreesexpected in the '70s. a h today was 6the high today was 60 degrees. 58 degrees is the current temperature. high dew points. winds switched to the north. more cold air coming
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south from canada. we have a lot of cloud cover to deal with. the rain will not let up in colorado in mexiand mexico. mostly cloude tonight. 53 degrees. monday morning clouds and afternoon sun, temperatures in the '70s. tuesday the clouds will increase, temperatures in the
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'70s. 80s wednesday and thursday. >> several hundred people took the term "runway" literally at midway airport today. next, joggers take over the tarmac for one morning only. break
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experience that will now become an annual he event.t.t. the inaugural midway fly away 5 k run and walk the brunner's the chance to lay down rubber directly on the 3.1 mi. tarmac. this is the first time ever non airport personnel have full access to organizers called aviation's busiest square mile >> september is national prostate cancer awareness month. wgn steve sanders a prostate cancer survivor helped
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kick off a celebration walking and 5 k run in lincoln park to raise awareness as well as funds >> a low-budget horror film released on friday the 13th is the number-one movie in america this weekend >> "insidious chapter 2" broaden $41 million in ticket sales on it's debut weekend. here are some of the other box office winners...
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it is a great holiday tradition... >> that is the news for this sunday night... instant replay is coming up next... break license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir.
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just choose, load, and save up to 20% automatically at good evening and welcome to instant replay... if you're gonna be a playoff team in a league as balanced as the nfl, you're gonna have to have a game or two that you don't necessarily deserve to win-- but you win anyway....
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i think the bears would agree, they had one of those this afternoon... you turn the ball over four times against anybody in the nfc north, you're asking for trouble... but against the vikings--as they did last week-- the bears are showing their ability to dig themselves out of it... stephen paea gettin' 'em fired up... guess the specials teams didn't get the message-- opening kickoff hauled in by rookie cordarrelle patterson five yards deep, and here's where it broke open, at the 25, a footrace from there and patterson's is headed to the house, a 105 yard return of the opening kickoff, a vikings record, it's 7-0... then the vikings kick off, to devin hester-- he's run a few back in his day, and there goes devin... they finally caught him, but 76 yards-- part of a team record 249 return yards for dev... that set up jay cutler to martellus bennett, so easy... and we're back even at seven apiece... later in the


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