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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 8, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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we have shocking new details this noon hour about the suspect arrested in connection with a deadly two state shooting spree. earlier this week the man now in custody is a police officer who is currently on leave. good afternoon, i'm shawn shan in for steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. wgn's muriel clair is live in joliet with more on the developing story. >> reporter: the two state manhunt ongoing since tuesday ended this morning with the arrest of 37-year-old brian dorian. acting on a tip, police armed
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with a search warrant took 37- year-old dorian into custody at a house in lynnwood where he was staying. dorian is wanted in a fatal shooting of alonso near beecher, illinois. he is suspected of wounding a 19-year-old man in the same area and shooting a farmers near lowell, indiana. investigators say that before shooting his victims, the gunman asked one of them about honey bees and another about construction materials. we have learned that brian dorian is a lynnwood police officer. he is on leave. a news conference is expected to take place later this afternoon and at that time we will learn more about it and learn more about the motive and about his state of being. i'm live in joliet, muriel clair, wgn news. thank you. and autopsy scheduled to determine what killed a 14 month old boy who was discovered floating in lake michigan. judy wang joins us live from the chicago police area 2
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headquarters. latest on the case. good afternoon. police have been questioning the boy's father here at area 2 since wednesday. prosecutors have not filed charges against him. investigators looking into whether dispute with the boy's mother may have led to this. family friends say the father was upset because the mother did not want to get back together with him. chicago police issued an endangered juvenile alert this week seeking public's help in locating the 14 month old boy. that is after the father had apparently made threats and refused to return the child to his mother. the sfather picked up dontrelle johnson for visitation. on wednesday, johnson's mother called police no report her ex- boyfriend threatened to harm himself and the child. officers took the father into custody but say he would not tell them where to find johnson. at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon a boater saw the boy's body floating in the lake near east 65 street. boy was pronounced dead at comers children hospital.
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a friend of the mother's says she maintained contact with her ex because she wanted the child to know his father but never imagined something like this could happen. >> he was still -- she didn't want to have anything to do. what he was trying to do was hurt her. striking out at her because she didn't want to deal with him and this was her first child and he was -- she kept saying, i feel empty. i'm empty inside. >> reporter: and investigators trying to figure out how the child ended up in the lake and how long he had been in the water there hoping the autopsy will answer those questions. at area 2 police headquarters, judy wang, wgn news. chicago police have issued an alert after four people were restrained and robbed during the latest home invasion in the lakeview neighborhood. it happened at 5:00 a.m. yesterday at a home in the 1300 block of west berry. robbers entered through an unlocked window and then tied
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up three men and a woman at gunpoint before taking off with electronics and other valuables. one of the men was hit in the face but the others were not injured. police are warning people in lakeview to keep their windows locked and doors secure. rude awakening for an elderly chicago couple. sheriff's deputies burst into their south side home looking for drugs. turns out they raided the wrong place. wgn's nancy loo is at 56 and kilburn this afternoon with that story. >> reporter: hi, sean. the cook county sheriff's office acknowledged the raid on this home last night was a mistake. it was based on a tip from a usually reliable informant but now it's clear they were misinformed. >> look at this. >> today 84-year-old ana is speaking practically nonstop about the trauma and damage from the mistaken raid. officers burst in just before 11:30 late last night. the address on the warrant was
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correct. but there was no cocaine, crystal meth or weapons to be found. she has lived in the home since 1960s with her husband andrew who is now 89, bed ridden and battling alzheimer's. the couple are refugees from the soviet union and never even consider disobeying authority. >> i told them they should -- i -- if they police, we don't -- they just running like, you know, you can't believe it. i was on -- they did that to us. they don't like that. >> they estimate they damaged doors and windows will cost $3,000 to repair. their son says illegal drugs are the last things you find in this home. >> my folks have no alcohol. no cigarettes. the most potent drug they have here is aspirin. and they don't have
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prescription drugs. >> the sheriff's office says their office serves hundreds of warrants every year and incidents like this are incredibly rare. they plan to work with the family to deal with the property damage. we are live on the southwest side, nancy loo, wgn news. cso music director is back in italy undergoing a series of tests to determine what caused his severe pain last weekend. he is treated by his own doctors in milan. the 69-year-old missed last saturday's concert and with drew from the first phase of his residency. he is suffering from some kind of gastrointestinal disorder. cso officials say other conductors will step in for him and the music won't change for the next two weeks. they say they hope he can return for the second leg of his residency in february. coming up next the "chicago tribune" investigative report into care at a northside facility for children.
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we are talking to the reporter about the conditions uncovered. and then hope continues to build. rescuers are closer now to freeing those trapped miners in chile. and more banks stopped foreclosures after a question surrounding mortgage documents. we will be right back.
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♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another right now ♪ [ female announcer ] the time has come to get a diaper that really works, without the really high prices. the time has come for luvs. say yes to ultra leak protection, no to pricey diapers. it's time for luvs with the luvs money back guarantee. ♪ north side home for children with severe disabilities have failed to -- blamed for the deaths of 13 young residence -- residents. >> nine-year-old jeremiah clark most recent victim of the
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abuse. tribune joining us from the tribune tower now. thank you for joining us. thank you. >> tell me about this facility alden home north. you heard about this how? >> if you look through the inspection reports you will see that this home alden village north is a real outlier. there are ten homes for children in the state with severe disabilities like cognitive impairment. and yet this facility has had more violations in the last few years than all of those other homes combined. when you start looking through the. >> reporter: reports you see they had a
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but the records do suggest that it's worse nonthan it was before. >> let's talk about jeremiah clark. heart breaking story. you talked with this young boy's mother who was holding him here the day that he died in the hospital. and it was days, days of people noticing that something was wrong with jeremiah -- >> teachers started to notice. >> teachers at school noticed something wasn't right. >> he was a sick kid. he showed up at school and his feeding tube in his abdomen was
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leaking fluid. wasn't the tube. it was the hole around his abdomen. >> infected. >> so bad that there was fluid underneath his wheel chair and they had to get a mop to clean him up. he came back the necdet. teachers were astonished the facility had sent him back to school the next day looking work. school sent him back home back to the facility and they didn't call a doctor. they didn't monitor him properly overnight and the next morning he eventually a nurse finally recognized the situation. from your report says it wasn't until several shifts later into the nursing staff someone noticed something was wrong. >> 48 hours later and finally nurse recognized the severity of the situation. called the doctor and sent him to the hospital. by then it was too late. he died that night. >> you talked to several parents and parents who lost children like jeremiah. what kind of reaction did you get from them? >> in many cases they didn't
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know. we went to them and we knocked on doors and tracked parents down and we said did you know that the state cited this facility and that your child and we had no idea. we thought it was a natural cause. we had no idea that happened. they were interested to know other children died, too. joining us from the tribune tower. thank you very much for your work. as always read more in today's "chicago tribune." drama builds at chile's san hoa mine as rescuer are a few miles away from breaking through. families wait and pray, three paramedics are standing by to descend where the trapped miners wait possibly this weekend. they will evaluate the men and strap them into an escape capsule for 20 minute ride to the surface. miners have been trapped more than 2,000 feet underground since a rock fall shut them off
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on august 5. in hungary, officials say it appears the mighty danube river is absorbing the massive and toxic red sludge spill with little immediate harm. they also revised downward earlier estimates of how much sludge was actually spilled from an aluminum plant on monday. it's still a lot. some 184 million gallons. not much less than the 200 million gallons of oil that spewed into the gulf of mexico when the bp oil platform blew up in april. despite appearances, environmentalists fear long lasting consequences from the chromium and mercury in that sludge. china today questioning the nobel's committee decision to award an imprisoned chinese dissident. he was awarded the nobel peace prize for his long commitment to human rights but when he published a cowritten document about political reform, the chinese government accused him
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of undermining chinese values and sentenced to 11 years in prison. the dalai lama is now asking for his release and for others release as well. more changes in the white house staffing. president obama national security adviser general james jones is stepping down. general jones will be replaced by obama's top deputy, tom donlan. jones resignation won't take effect for another two weeks after retiring after 40 years of acktive duty, jones says he planned all along to retire after just two years at the white house. next, more companies are stopping foreclosure proceedings over questionable documents. ahead in medical watch, what is leading to the growing number of americans suffering from arthritis. and in lunch break today, the author of top secret restaurant recipes is dishing on how to make some signature dishes from popular restaurants. ( woman ) even with an overactive bladder,
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banc of america is halting foreclosed home sales nationwide. company spokesman say foreclosures would be stopped until assessments will be made. evidence that mortgage company employees or their lawyers have signed unverified mortgage documents that means that mortgage lenders are evicting people from their homes and going to foreclosures with flawed court documents it will stop foreclosure and evictions in 23 states for the same reason. i'm angie lau live at the cme group in chicago. september jobs report show the unemployment rate held steady at 9.6%. that's the good news. bad news, 95,000 workers were cut in september. more than forecast. now if you take out those government jobs like temporary census workers, private payrolls did climb 64,000.
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the less than forecast. some investors are seeing this as a sign that federal reserve may move to try to stoke the economy. and this has the dow surging passed 11,000 mark for the first time since the may 6 flash crash. bill gross who runs world's biggest bond fund at pemco told bloomberg news the central bank will likely buy $100 billion in government securities a month to keep borrowing costs a down which is good for consumers. meanwhile, apple one of the gainers today investors biting on news that amis in talks with all of the big record labels about introducing a subscription service through itunes that will give music lovers access to songs for 10 to 15 bucks a month. and lastly, after 13 years of being prescribed to patients to help lose weight, illinois' abbott labs is pulling meridia. that comes after the drug was pulled from europe back in
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january. a study links meridia to 16% more heart and side effects in paicialts. all right, on wall street we were seeing gains across the board. stocks are surging above the 11,000 mark on the dow as jobs report bolsters spenglation that the -- speculation that they will buy more debt to stimulate the economy. live at the cme group in e1chicago, i'm bloomberg -- i' angie lau. bloomberg news. why doubling up -/aon asthm inhaler may not provide added relief. >> he suffered his own series of concussions during his nfl career. we were talking with espn analyst about jay cutler and the doctor's decision to sit him out this weekend. plus, celebrating their 20th anniversary of bringing classic to contemporary r&b music to the chicago area. live musethic midday from our gang performing this weekend in st. charles.
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take the uc control quiz at and talk to your gastroenterologist about the results and current treatments.
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as you heard right now, bear's headquarters jay cutler will be side lined this sunday. that is a decision after examinations by both team and
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independent doctors. cutler suffered a concussion in last sunday's game against the new york giants. >> joining us by phone is someone who knows something about what cutler is going through. former chicago bear and current espn football analyst. >> thank you for taking time for us. with a was your reaction when you heard that the team had decided cutler can't play. >> you know, it's the right thing to do. international football league has done a great job of handling this injury correctly. taking care of the player and making sure they don't return until he is completely healthy and ready. it sets a good example not only for what we were trying to do in the nfl but for all of the youth players that play this wonderful game. your career was cut short because in part because of your concussions, multiple ones. tell us do you wish type of care was taken with players in the 1990s when you were playing in the nfl? >> well, it's just evaluation process.
12:25 pm
not letting the player back on the field until he is asymptomatic. a neurological doctors evaluate him before he goes. those advances what you need to do and they are starting to do that now. and i hate to run but we were getting to pull away here and i got to run. >> we know you a plane and you are going to work. just thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. renovations are coming to wrigley field. a 30 foot section of brick wall that is along the left field foul line will be transformed into a removable wall. three rows of the chicago board options exchange seats are being taken out. the "sun-times" says this will help avoid football players from running into a wall after a touchdown. using a removable wall will also help wrigley field accommodate more events. chicago marathon coming up this sunday, 26 poir 2 mile course starts in grant park and
12:26 pm
heads north to addison street and heads south and then the south side before finishing at grant park. officials are advising runners that it's going to be warm temperatures around 60 degrees at the start and going up near 80. but they say there will be plenty of water. no repeat of the heat problems caused them to cut the race short three years ago. 36,000 people are registered to run this sunday. record number, 0,000 are running for charity and that's expected to raise $10 million. last year 252 runners were disqualified for cheating during the chicago marathon. the city's course makes it easier for runners to take shortcuts. for example, just passed mile 13 on adams a runner could cross the street and run south on halsted to mile 17. but this race is closely monitored with chip technology and on course cameras. >> watch out, folks. >> no cheating. >> please, do not cheat during the marathon.
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tom skilling not cheating with his forecast. it's summer-like forecast coming up in just a moment. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? ♪ introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid, specially formulated to fight morning pain and fatigue. ♪ so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever.
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friday afternoon, a live look outside and another gorgeous day. it's been one after another after another. >> just amazing. it really has, sean and allison. happy friday to you. >> gorgeous weekend on the way. and when you can do that in october, you are doing something. but you know, every once in awhile when you get the pattern in a blocking patternering something comes along and nudges things along and musical chair meteorologically are
12:30 pm
about to start shifting. won't notice it this weekend, we have a gorgeous weekend on the way but we have cooler air on the march next week. we will tell you about that and the big wild card this weekend will be a front that settles down just about to the area. no weather with it to speak of except for a windshift across it and may set up a situation where we have east winds blowing near the lakefront and southwest winds inland so we will have the lakefront in the mid-60s tomorrow and the inland areas in the low 80s. look at this gorgeous sky. this is a time lapse and you can see not much going on there. a couple strands of cirrus stratus clouds. a gorgeous day. we had lows overnight in the 40s and 50s around the area. and at this hour at 72 schaumburg and naperville. dekalb at 78 and lincoln park at 77. keep in mind that this time of year the normal is 65. we were in bonus territory. only about half of the years beyond this date have produced 80-degree temperatures. yet apparently will be one of
12:31 pm
them because we were head ford 80 today and in from the 80s away from the lake. 37 at o'hare. 72 at midway. note the southwest winds they will be blowing with gusto so no lake cooling today as was the case yesterday and will be again tomorrow. and we might get a little light lake breeze that will run over the beaches and keep things there just a tad cooler than the low 80s we are predicting inland. looks nice for the marathon and warmer than the runners would like it. 75 at shererville and waukegan at 75. there is the view from our southern suburbs from sauk village today. plot of the temperatures, they are uniform this warmth is homogeneous. it reaches across the area with equal intensity everywhere and there will be no lake cooling today so that's not going to change. see this big dome of warm air here? this thing has had a history of producing 80s and even near 90 on occasion the past week in the plains. we do have some cool air developing up to the north and that's a factor because it comes spilling into the area next week. but we will worry about that
12:32 pm
when that happens. at the moment we have 70s not only here but right up to the shores of lakes huron and superior up to the north. it's 73 at marquette and almost everybody in the mid west boasts 24 hour temperature increases. this air mass is warming up through the heartland as cooler air and this is part of a weather system that's brought those unusual tornadoes and the last week to arizona and it's all over there. no t-s in arizona. beautiful sunny skies yesterday and again today. there are some rain showers in the upper mid west and that thing could swipe us with a shower or thundershower. perhaps on columbus day on monday. not until then. winds are west at 12. we have a 28% humidity. this air is dry and the water temperatures at 60 with just low mold spore counts in the area. well, it doesn't get much better than this. look at this area of sunshine. but coming on to the -- into the picture here with time will be this weather system. you can see it's spinning across the rockies.
12:33 pm
you know, i mentioned once in awhile you get a meteorology a kicker. this arc of clouds there, we had a blocking patter than kept the weather in place locked in the rains out to the west. rains in the northeast and yet we were high and dry here in the mid west. this big storm traveling across the pacific ocean is to start rearranging the jet stream. takes that system that's raining in the west. brings a little peace of that eastward. not much but what happens over the coming week is a big ridge develops. look at this flow from the northwest that develops next week. that will start plugging some -- into that cool air we were showing up in canada and pushing it southward. we could have the coolest air of the season coming in although it seems like the whole thing is progressive so it will hit and then weekend again later next week but the middle and end of next week could be cool. radar showing the showers in the western plains and back into the rockies. they tend to cluster up against the mountain ranges. but that is the eastbound system that could bring us a
12:34 pm
shower on monday. there might be isolated shower in spots late sunday or sunday night. for the most part this weekend looks absolutely beautiful. this afternoon sunny and warmer. gusty west and southwest winds. high temperature 80. you know what sunni is? >> sure, sure. southwest wind -- >> you are in worse shape than i thought. 11 to 22 miles per hour. and we look for -- those winds to pick up and that's going to push that warm air right up to the lakefront. tonight clear. mild actually by october standards. temperatures in the 50s. and then sunny and warm tomorrow. lake winds and thesesesesare no deal. just enough to cool the lakeshore but they could keep areas north toward walk or kenosha in the mid-60s while low 70s occur at grant park and 81 occurs west and southwest and south suburbs. winds are southeast tomorrow, 5 to 14 and sign and warm for the
12:35 pm
marathon on sunday. a high of 82. the marathon will start with a 15 -- isn't that something? that's in the afternoon. we could do that. isn't that something? check yesterday, the harbors here open october 31. the mariners have no reason to stash the boats. they will be out there. >> you know what kind of ryan would start if you and i showed up and sean at the beach? >> boy that would frighten the children. >> i know. >> well, both in their speedos. >> that would be quite a sight. that's for sure. >> we don't want that. >> happy friday. our trivia question today, tom, do you know the answer? which is not one of the four main types of lettuce? butter head? crisp head? loose leaf or red leaf? we will have the answer ahead on the wgn midday news. copd makes it hard for me to breathe.
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ten guys from the stanley cup can winning team are gone. five brand-new hawks are replacing them. not a terrible opening game for the team. season opener in denver last night. hawks did score first. brian bickell gets a nice look and greg anderson but the avalanche ties it and scores twice in the second. 3-2 in the third. the power play, patrick sharp ties it up. they go into overtime where the avs -- one goal already in the game. his second. wins it. hawks lose 4-3. they get a point for overtime loss. marty turco had 37 saves in his debut. the bulls still winless. dallas derrick rose one of if the fastest guy in the league with the ball, two of his team
12:39 pm
high 17 points right there. then it's turnover time. forces one and commits one and jason terry dunks on top of him and is fouled. jocome noah played 19 minutes but nicely. bulls lose 88-83. their pre-season home opener is tonight against kirk hinrich and the wizards. illinois' lottery drawing coming up next. (vet) 3q i love working with animals,
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new study shows working moms contributed about 2% more to the family finances than 2009. that's the highest single increase in 15 years. however, not because they are making more money. recession hit male dominated jobs like manufacturing and construction leaving many without jobs and more relying
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to their wive's paycheck's study shows that women who worked full time still do the bulk of the work around the house. on the medical watch, looking to your lungs through your mouth. a new test for lung cancer with a cheek swab. it is one ever the deadliest forms of cancer since it's so difficult to detect in the early stages. that may change with new detection tool for lung cancer. local researchers at northwestern university put this test to the test. and found it can tell who has lung cancer and who doesn't. first, doctors swab the cheek and then shine a light on the cells. new federal study found one in five americans suffers from arthritis and a million new cases are diagnosed every year. arthritis costs the u.s. $128 billion in health cost every year. also the leading cause of disability. researchers say increase may be
12:45 pm
due to overweight and obese baby boomers. a treatment for asthma patients recommended by doctors doesn't appear to be working. national guidelines advise people to double the dose of inhaled steroids when they felt the signs of an asthma playerup. -- flare-up. a study released says that the double dose does not appear to lessen the severity of an asthma attack. new study was pushlashed yesterday -- published yesterday. coming up next, you eaten them in the restaurant, next in lunch break exposing some popular recipes from your favorite restaurants. and playing all the hits. more live musethic midday from our gang. our gang. ♪[ music ]
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is it time for a lunch break. todd is the author of series of unique cookbooks will reveal simple secret recipes for creating home versions of america's most popular foods. today he is going to duplicate some popular restaurant dishes including one from pf changes. >> pf changes had that going here. that's just -- those lettuce wraps is what i have been cooking. >> i was looking through your latest book and you -- i mean,
12:49 pm
literally copy certain restaurants and certain dishes. >> their signature dishes from the biggest chains in the country. you can make it at home and people aren't eating out like they used to so they are missing these foods that they love so they are making it at home and saving an average of 60% over eating out and having fun because you are making fun you are familiar with and everyone is freaking out, you made this? it's important and it's fun cooking and it's easy cooking. i will show you an example. houston restaurant. this chain has a couscous salad that is unbelievable. tons of request for this. you dotd string and i will do the pouring of the ingredient. secret is to cook your couscous and this is warm couscous in orange juice so the couscous absorbed the orange juice and gets that tartness and tatang. >> i want to know how you break these recipes down. >> i quiz the servers. i will get information from them and then take it home and start working it and do it over and over and sort of whittle down the recipe until it tastes
12:50 pm
like the original. >> so you add almonds and golden raisen to warm couscous with some radishes. the oil is coming. >> the salad are so filled with fried chicken. >> healthy dish. mint as well. chopped mint, parse ely -- parsley and green onions. stir that up. look at that. the color and crumpleg and texture and sweetness. and then you add some oil on top and here is what's so cool. if you want to go low fat you don't add as much, all fat, add it ul. extra fat add more. >> and the fried chicken. >> and then you put this in your fridge. let it get cold and comes out like that. want to try it. you have to try this. this is what it looks like. look at that color. >> so healthy. >> and it's got that mint flavor in there that hit you later. that subtle mint flavor and crunch of radishes and nuts and
12:51 pm
so simple to do. try this recipe. one of my favorites. i know. because you get the textures and flavors and hit you at different times. amazing salad. >> let's -- >> i can show you other examples of things in the book like the chile's white chocolate molten cake. chocolate molten cake was a huge hit. this is the white chocolate version and you cook it and make it in a pan in like a muffin pan. and you fill it with chiet chocolate and when you cut into it oozes out. the white chocolate. the gainch and ice cream on top and you need an instant cake mix. don't need to make the cake from scratch. >> and put your ice cream on top and melt white chocolate chips and it makes like a shell on top of your ice cream and adds a little strawberry sauce on the bottom and are a hero in your house when you serve this. >> the other thing i like is you pointed out you said you
12:52 pm
were not really a chef. >> no. >> you are self-taught. >> i am. so you say if you can do it, then we can do it. >> anybody can do it. i'm lazy. super lazy in the kitchen. i want to make stuff with instant cake mix. i don't want a scratch cake. >> you will buy the pie fill. >> absolutely. i will buy thefy fill. i'm looking for shortcakes and trying to find shortcakes to make it easier. >> okay. >> lettuce wraps. >> let me build you one. cut the top off the lettuce, right in half through a head of é@lettuce and this is your cup you put that on to your plate like this. chicken and mushrooms and coming in a can and chop them up. add some soy, a sweet waseca and other ingredients and you have the lettuce wraps and then the special sauce and make it as spicy as you like, it's
12:53 pm
yours. >> why did you bring this? >> that's an example of the -- this recipe i worked on for ten years finally got. it pizza hut pan pizza. show you how to make a dough that takes like commercial quality dough secret is put oil in the pan and spray. >> >> thank you so much for a delicious lunch and desert. -- desserts. top secret restaurant recipes 3 and it's out now. got the whole series of these books. for more information on his recipes today, check out our web page,
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♪ todd's dessert is really dlirks. they have to get their own. >> we will give you the earn to our trivia question first. which is one of the four main types of leation. butter head, crisp head, loose leaf or red leaf. the answer is d, red leaf is actually roman. -- romaine. so tom -- >> you use those for the lettuce wraps anyway. >> you don't. >> and you don't use it for
12:56 pm
your salad. >> i don't. >> my word. i will show you this. >> bring one more. >> todd, thank you. and it -- look at this. isn't that something. gorgeous. now look, i will do the weather here and we should do it because it's friday and we have stuff going on here. important weekend coming up. 73 is our current temperature in chicago. absolutely gorgeous. winds are blowing from the southwest and see the isobars packed together. this is a two day forecast. what happens though there was a front up through the north and through green bay there and it sags down about to us. it will sit across the area. it's major function will turn the winds easterly along the lakefront and south and west. we will get a spread saturday down in the mid-60s near waukegan and kenosha for a high to the low 80s inland and then low 80s and widespread sunday if there is cooling on the lake it will be right on the lake shoreline. there is our seven-day
12:57 pm
forecast. and keep in mind only half a years in the last 82 years in -- produced 80 above this day. we have three of them in the forecast. one today, tomorrow and sunday. 78 monday. even columbus day may see a near 80-degree temperature with more humidity in the air making it feel warmer and little hazier on monday. there is a slight chance of an isolated shower or thundershower. the big changes come mid-and end of next week when some much cooler air may push into the area. >> get ourselves emetionally prepared now. >> thank you very much. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> tom skilling, you have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> thank you for joining us today. have a great weekend. we will leave you now with more r&b hits from our gang playing this weekend at the scare crow festival in downtown st. charles. see you back leer at 5:00 and 9:00 and then tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. @ húplñ@
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