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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 29, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> announcer: now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00. complete new england news coverage. breaking now at 10:00 a man flown to the hospital after catching on fire. a neighbor rushing to his rescue. >> he fire at the doorway. the victim's burned clothes still at the scene tonight. good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. this dramatic scene unfoaling in tewkesbury. fox 25's jim morelli standing by live with what we've learned about the victim's injuries. jen? >> reporter: we know he has severe burns and 84 years old.
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still be going on. on thereof are hot spots after a big fire although they did think that this one was out. i want to show you something down here, too. this is the shirt right here that was ripped off of the man's back. again this shirt was on fire >> when fire crews got here they say there were flames coming mainly off the back of the house. half of the guys had to take this gentleman to the med flight area and the other half had to fight the fire and again they pretty much put the fire out. we did speak with a neighbor who saw this 84-year-old man run out of the house, again, totally on fire.
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take his shirt off and stuff. >> there you go. there is that shirt that was ripped off of his back it's on an island right in front of the house and you can see that there are some burn marks right down here many again, 84 years old this gentleman we do not know his condition. but those burns were severe. he also had a daughter and the daughter suffered smoke inhalation, however, it's believed she is going to be okay. live in tewkesb also breaking in the past 90 minutes we've learned the woman hit by a car in westwood is in critical condition. fox 25's john monday a plan standing by live for us. john, police say the driver involved had a medical episode right before this crash? >> reporter: that's right, vanessa. police say everything right now indicates that's exactly what happened but what type of incident is still unclear. the woman who was driving is okay but the woman she hit is in a boston hospital
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life-threatening injuries. >> no charges for the driver. >> reporter: that driver a woman in her 70s lost control on adam street close to her home hitting one of her own neighbors. >> it was an air that the driver was familiar well. we don't know why for some reason almost at the final destination the vehicle seemed to just accelerate. >> reporter: the victim a woman in her 90s was struck and thrown onto this lawn. she was rushed to helicopter and flown to beth israel in boston. >> her condition was very serious when she was transported life-threatening. >> reporter: right now the police chief says this all looks like a terrible accident. the driver suffering from some sort of medical issue that led to the crash. >> the evidence that we have preliminarily seems to suggest it may have been some type of medical issue.
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driver faces no charges. live in westwood tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> now a live look at the radar rain is on its way. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz here now. kev, you you are watching the potential for some ice withy spots in the morning. this updated by the you national hurricane center just this evening now it's all the way back through berkshires county into southern vermont still curiously nothing in southern new hampshire but i believe you should be in the freezing rain advisory as well. it's not farther to the east so it's still out beyond 495 where you can see some pockets of ice first thing in the morning. in a sladed blue area for any kind of appreciable ice accumulation is. we're not talking about an ice storm here but clearly with temperatures back in the 20s back here and low 30s.
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some icing it's still clear temperature can still drop under these clear skies. then the rain. we'll talk about the timeline when this rain is going to move on through when the ice willing come to an end and another batch of rain this week as well. >> reporter:. breaking tone is this the new face of homegrown terror. >> we can confirm that the suspect was an o.s.u. student. >> 11 people hurt in what a house intelligent committee member says bears all the hallmarks of a terror attack. >> it's not >> tonight the search for a motive continues. >> the suspect in today's ohio state university attack is dead and investigators are closely monitoring his social media feed. one national news agency is reporting that investigators believe they found an anti-united states facebook post linked to the attacker. a monday morning attack at ohio state university. >> we have a vehicle that struck several pedestrians and gunshots fired and one down.
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o.s.u. student intentionally drove a car into a crowd on campus using the vehicle as a weapon then got out with a butcher knife and started stabbing people. >> he just like hit everybody. >> i thought it was an accident until the guy came out with a knife, honestly. i wasn't processing all of it. >> reporter: a nearby police officer quickly responded shooting and killing the suspect. >> it is remarkable what these first responders did. >> reporter: 11 people were hurt in the attack critically. >> fortunately, from what i'm understanding, from both doctors here that they expect a full recovery. >> sources tell fox news the suspect was a refugee from somalia who became a legal permanent u.s. resident. >> we can confirm that the suspect was an o.s.u. student named abdul. >> reporter: now looking into a motive and the suspect's background federal investigators could be seen searching his home on
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>> meantime the franking democrat says the attack bears all of the hallmarks of a terror attack carried out by someone who may have been self-radicalized. as news of the attack broke, parents frantically called their children to make sure they're okay. tonight i sat down with security expert dan linski who says that's last thing parents should do. if your child is hiding in cl desk that phone rings that subject may then identify your child as a potential victim. >> you should text your child instead. now we posted my full interview on the website >> former massachusetts governor mitt romney will meet with president-elect donald trump tomorrow. romney is being considered for secretary of state but he's not the only person who wants the job. retired army general david petraeus met with trump today to discuss the prestigious position.
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around the world. showed a great grasp of a variety of the challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well. >> last year petraeus pleaded guilty for passing classified information to his former mistress and biographer. he was sentenced to two years probation avoiding jail time as part of a plea deal. michigan's recount is over tonight and president-elect donald trump is once again confirmed the winner. fox 25's crystal haynes spoke to former green party candidate jill stein today and trump's claims of voter fraud in several states, including new hampshire. >> reporter: green party candidate jill stein tells me all it took was a news release and a web page to raise over $6 million in less than a week to pay for ballots to be recounted in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. >> they have so you put those two things together it
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insecurity for voters who are feeling pretty cynical and not happy with our election system. sparking president-elect trump to take to twitter claiming widespread voter fraud in virginia, california and in new hampshire all states he lost. in a spokesman for governor maggie hassan his tweet is completely unsubstantiated and claims of voter fraud in new hampshire have him ratings of pants on fire. >> this is a state as you know that takes elections very seriously. it's like our statewide sport. >> reporter: former new hampshire attorney general tom race took to twitter himself to set the record straight. >>. >> when you run the first in the nation primary the whole world is watching. it's not easy to pull a fast one. >> david scan lin says new hampshire's same day voting
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evidence and no evidence has been provided to us that would suggest that there's widespread voter fraud taking place in new hampshire. >> i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. the girls death has been ruled a homicide. 2-year-old madison was rushed to the hospital where she died. an autopsy revealed madison had blunt trauma injuries. the child call 911. so far no charges and no other details have been released. the possibility of losing millions in federal president-elect donald trump has some local cities scrambling to prepare during the campaign trump vowed to cut funding to so-called sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants. >> cambridge leaders argued that could jeopardize affordable housing to special education to heating assistance. boston is not a true sanctuary city but the mayor says he doubts trump could cut those funds anyway. >> i don't know if the federal government can actually cut money back. the money is appropriated by
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working to get a dollar amount on the funding that could be impacted there. >> a lawrence mother is out of jail tonight released by a judge but charged with child endangerment. we last saw 36-year-old mandy in september passed out from an overdose on the floor of a family dollar store. her young daughter begging her to wake up. a witness recorded it on a cell phone. today her attorney argued for her release and she's taking steps to get clean. >> judge, shortly after this happened easy mentioned on program and has been in that program ever since. she is 67 day into her recovery. >> no contact with her daughter month is now with a family member and under the custody of the state of new hampshire. >> right now a local down is deciding whether it should lead the way in delaying the sale of marijuana after voters decided to legalize it earlier this month. new at 10:00 the vote happening earlier tonight that would lay a major
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>> many left with more questions than answers. >> also a baby thrown 35 feet from a car after a tractor-trailer slams right it into. what little girl landed on that saved her life and left her with only a scratch on her forehead. >> we continue to follow the
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tonight. parents gathered at a local charter school to address accusations it to the student had monthlyisted another student on a school bus. fox 25's christine mccarthil live in hyde park tonight with where christine, the school didn't let you inside the meeting but the mom did talk to you outside afterwards? >> reporter: that's right, she didn't want to be identified but she did speak with us reporters. she says that she and her son have still been
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son came to her and said that another little boy had sexually assaulted and threatened him several times. about 10 times by november 3rd. so tonight she came to this charter school meeting to find outside the status of that other little boy whether or not he's still attending the school and what changes have been made but she and others tell us they didn't find out. >> my child is not safe here. no one's child is safe here. >> reporter: parents furious leaving a meeting at boston renaissance ha school to discuss safety following allegations a 6-year-old boy sexually assaulted and threatened another boy on a boston public school bus. >> the parents want to know who what, when and why and if this child is still attending the school. >> reporter: most are upset by the school's response to the november 3rd incident. though the school immediately notified the directly affected families the department of elementary and secondary education says they weren't
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it wasn't until two weeks later in a facebook post most parents found out. i didn't really know what was going to happen after i posted the post but thousands of people started sharing it. >> i feel like my child was left behind. >> reporter: but tells us she, too left disappointed. >> nothing was geared towards us move towards defending that kid. but what about still have faith in the score. >> i have enough evidence in the school that i'm going to send my kid here for k-2 next but others have given up. after this year my son is going to be gone he's not coming back here. >> i'm taking my son out of here. this is not a school where you want your child to be. >> in a statement the school acknowledged parents concerns about notification but said "we want to emphasize, however, that the families of the affected
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immediately and the decision to notify only those families was made to protect the privacy and well-being of these very young children. we also immediately put in affect safeguards. if you want to see the full statement go to our website live in hyde park, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> there are questions tonight if the red line is ready for winter. last night there were delays between the braintree and jesk stations planned with t officials next week to get an update on winter preparations. a daycare has shut down in new hampshire after a 3-year-old in its care was found walking along a busy road. police say a pears by found the child on the with onramp to route 4 in lee earlier this move. the 3-year-old had to cross route 155 from his angels learning academy to get there. now the state has opened an investigation it's not clear
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is secretary or permanent. the man seen getting hit by a car in brockton has died. it's a story we've been following since saturday. fox 25 has learned that the driver turned himself in to police but so far has not been arraigned on any charges. >> reporter: this afternoon i spoke with a friend of sergio and he told me that lakona recently moved here to brockton from honduras but his wife and three young children who are all under 4 years old still live there. >> reporter: a friend of camera out of respect for his family but he told me his friend was surrounded by loved ones when he died early this morning. lakona was rushed to the hospital early friday morning after he was hit by a car on north main street in brockton just outside the bar and lounge. the owner spoke with us on saturday. >> we're a community here. while i know i can't control everything that happens on
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>> police towed the car from the scene a 2012 jaguar sedan. the driver though nowhere to be found. this morning the plymouth county district attorney's office says the driver later turned himself in for questions but so far he hasn't been charged and the d.a.'s office hasn't released his name. sam says he has never seen such a devastating crash. >> as bad impact as you probably see the video. >> reporter: lakona's friend says lakona's wifeis here to massachusetts. thankfully lakona does have other family in brockton all of whom were at his bedside when he passed at just 25 years old. once the driver is officially charged he'll be arraigned here at brockton district court and that could happen as early as tomorrow. but until that happens, the driver's name will not be released. in brockton, fox 25 news. a 40-year-old brookline man has died after crashing
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police say the man was riding on colchester street. witnesses found him lying in the road near the curb with serious head trauma. police are now investigating what caused the crash. >> tonight a warning from a local doctor. get ready for an outbreak of the flu. the action he says is not being taken that will lead to a lot of sick dayses in the coming weeks. several times fox 25 has discovered sex offenders working as uber drivers. next at 10:00 how soon passengers will be able to
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new at 10:00 suffolk police want your help tracking down a couple vandals who targeted the north camp and pier area they are working on clearing up these fuzzy surveillance pictures of these two young men. give police a call with any information.
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more than 3,000 bags of heroin this weekend. police arrested 23-year-old christopher and 56-year-old edgar johnson. both are facing felony drug and weapons charges tonight. state background checks on ride share drivers are coming sooner than expected. >> today fox 25 investigative reporter erik rasmussen learned they will begin no later than april. >> reporter: ordering a right on uber or lyft around boston and the rest of massachusetts is supposed to be getting safe commerce spring. >> and the public needs to know that in april of 2017, these cars that it has had a full comprehensive check check done. >> a registered level 2 offend stopped at logan airport driving for uber we found another still held an active account with uber despite a rape conviction. but not required ride for hire drivers to be -- the
1:24 am
division to do the job started in january. >> we have to check all the drivers. that includes the existing drivers plus, you know the hundreds or thousands that are on board at every week. >> reporter: d.p.u. the same agency that licenses school bus drivers now working to close a loophole after fox 25 investigates found one accused of a serious crime against a child was able to keep his license. how do you make sure some of these drivers aren't falling through the cracks? >> by doing the types checks that we're doing again the t.n.c. company themselves we are performing thosened checks they'll give them the names when we check them we do a look back at the sex offender registry, the registry of motor vehicles and the quarry check, it will catch those drivers. >> now this new law included a deadline of november next year to work out the new background check process so the state is ahead of schedule. some other changes involving pricing and how vehicles are marked and inspected are
1:25 am
erik rasmussen, fox 25 news. nypd are letting people pay parking tickets with toys. people who got a ticket can show up with a new unwrapped toy and it must cost the same amount as the ticket or if not more. >> they rescued a baby skunk and its mother trapped in a straight ahead several members of a family survive a horrific car crash. >> there was blood on me all i could say was she was alive. >> the unlikely place rescuers found the eight month-old baby ejected from the crash. with where icing can be a problem when its starts in
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recreational marijuana opens in just two weeks. fox 25's ted daniel live with this late breaking decision. ted? >> vanessa, just days after statewide voters approve the legalization of elected leaders here in the town of ashland got right to work drafting a plan that would prohibit pot shops there open upping here. tonight residents got to vote on that plan that's still underway right now. there you have it all the people you see there with their hands up voted in favor of the moratorium and needed two-thirds of town meeting vote participants it got that and then. some ashland now the first town in this state to
1:29 am
the retail tail of marijuana. stores that want to sell pot for recreational use will be barred from even trying to set up shop here until 2018 here's one resident who's happy it passed. >> were you surprised by how many people voted for this moratorium. >> no, i wasn't. i wasn't surprised at all. you had more elderly here than young. >> that's you why think it passed. >> yes. >> so once again tonight's vote comes just weeks after question 4 legalizing marijuana passed in this straight and here in ashland majority of people voted yes on four by a difference of about 350 votes. this moratorium will now head to the office of the state attorney general for final approval. reporting live in ashland i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> the government could still enforce the federal
1:30 am
medical use. >> we posted the full details for you on our website >> hope you enjoy today's beautiful weather because you won't see that the next couple of days it's clear out there tonight. at the same time tracking this storm to our wests a front that's producing some heavy rain even severe weather although it's relented for now there were tornadoes earlier today on the leading edge of this away from the main body of the rain there's light rain breaking now the spots in central pennsylvania and that's the rain moving in here first thing tomorrow morning that gives me cause because look's these temperatures it's in the 20s
1:31 am
tonight. there are spots that are warmer providencetown in boston for instance. some keen and orange at 24? right now. that's why there's a freezing rain advisory. now this is for 3:00 to 8:00 a.m. back here in western massachusetts the berkshires into southern vermont. that's an expansion of the one i told you about during our earlier newscast today between 4:00 and 7:00. the other freezing rain advisory which was in place earlier still goes between 4:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.. bottom line north of the mass pike all the way out to western massachusetts, southern vermont and this should include southern new hampshire i'm very annoyed it doesn't. it really ought to that's where you will have the potential for some icing problems in the morning. you see our future cast data showing where the worst possibilities for worst icing would be here into southern new hampshire and points northward low temperatures pretty much already there right now but
1:32 am
here's future cast with temperatures. notice freezing in fitchburg. warm air rises going to be a little warmer there in the veal locations freezing temperatures. showing where the highest back here there will be valley locations below freezing you will have freezing rain. freezing rain is rain looks like regular rain but freezes on contact so it can make it very slippery without you being able to see notice this happening around fitchburg 32? along route 2 now up to 7:30 in the morning so well into the morning drive continuing through 8:30 then pushing north ward. temperatures are warming now and the rain has pushed northward that's just the
1:33 am
and through the evening drive especially. it's coming with warmer air trying to scour out those 40s to the north and west 50s will certainly appear in southeastern mass and look at that heaviest rain through tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. some 40s back here will just start out cold and that's the dangerous part. on wednesday another batch of rain moving in an evening future that's going to be kind of those areas with spotty icing so we'll pour for the evening commute good for wednesday morning for your commute seven-day forecast shows we dry out thursday, friday into the part of this weekend as new information downs come in. >> take a look at this car right here, several people including an 8 monthle on
1:34 am
>> looking everywhere for calling her name. i didn't hear my baby crying, no baby screaming, nothing. the agonizing amount of time the mother to wait for her baby girl to be found
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the drive who rear ended a local hotel shuttle bus
1:37 am
the crash on the mass pike. tonight heather hegedus discovered police found more than alcohol in the driver's system. >> reporter: the impact of the be crash was so severe two people were ejected out of this hotel shuttle and pronounced dead on the scene. now almost three months to the date from when it happened the marbleheadman who struck and killed those innocent the passengers with is called to court. how do you plead to those offenses. >> not guilty. >> reporter: a grand jury 27-year-old on seven counts including manslaughter for the death from el paso, texas. a court tells fox 25 they were here for a visit to northeastern. two other passengers suffered minor injuries. toxicology reports found he had a .15 blood alcohol level as well as thc in his system. the act give ingredient in marijuana. but he told investigators a different story. he admitted he had one beer
1:38 am
takes adderall for his adhd and he struck the back of the shuttle going 76 michiana in a 45 miles per hour zone causing both vehicles to lose control and strike the roadway barriers. he claims it wasn't his fault. >> mr. gonzalez told him another car struck him from the rear, however after a review there has been no evidence that a third vehicle was involved in this crash. >> answer questions about the facts of the case after being released on bail today. we have no comment. >> reporter: with legalization of recreational marijuana about to go into effect they are using this case as an opportunity to urge lawmakers to come with a test for t.h.c. he will be back in you are theco next year. i'm heather hegedus, fox 25 news. if you haven't done so already there's than an hour
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those cyber monday deals. buyer beware on-line criminals are using days like today to capitalize on the frenzy. a security expert told fox 25 from coupon code offers to tracking a package shoppers could go directly to the website they're interested in don't get there through an e-mail link. you are getting a look at just how much money americans spent on black friday. it raked in about $3 billion much of it on-line. researchers say about a billion dollars came from device. sales at physical stores dipped about 5% over the last few days. >> no one has been begin of this type of access to a crucial local k-9 training program before. what makes the fit tracking power of these dogs so
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85% of new hampshire inmates are addicted to drugs. only fox 25's kathryn burcham was given access to the new teen corrections officers hope will put a dent in the drug smuggling. >> this is dutch. >> reporter: the calvary. >> reporter: has arrived. >> reporter: dutch an 18 month-old dog his partner are the new line of defense against illegal drugs
1:43 am
prison including this heroin derivative. >> it's directly related to the opiate use with heroin on the outside of the facilities. inmates will swallow packets with of the drug making it incredibly difficult for corrections offers to detect. but that's with where dutch's powerful nose comes in. there's really been no technology up until now that's able to duplicate what the fox 25 got an exclusive look at the k-9 unit the first of its kind in the straight undergoing a nine week training program to sniff out drugs and cell phones used in the drug trade. can this be dangerous for the corrections officers. >> when drugs are introduced into the prison it can be a serious safety concern. >> reporter: his officers are seizing large quantities which can be hidden in paintings, draug drawings even on letters to inmates
1:44 am
>> it causing gang activity. it pushes addictions along. >> reporter: they are hoping that dutch and his partner can do what they cannot. >> and they can do the work of many humans and they can find things that we're not able to find. >> reporter: prison officials tell me they're also at critically low staffing levels so the ability of dutch and the other k-9 to do the work of many employees is critical dutch will graduate in three weeks and will immediately go to work inside the state's three prisons in new hampshire i'm kathryn burcham fox 25 news. new video showing the coast guard rescuing an injured crew member. he fell and broke his arm. the vessel he was on was headed to japan from washington with a load of logs. firefighters say it's nothing short of a miracle. an eight monthle on was not hurt during a serious crash
1:45 am
the baby was thrown from the car after the vehicle was hit by a semitruck and flipped over friday. firefighters found the baby 25 feet away in a drainage grate. she had only a scratch on her forehead. her mom who had to wait 15 minutes to learn her baby was found alive is in disbelief. >> i know it's a miracle. nobody but god. the way she they had to pull out the drain they had to just to get it out. she just sitting come get her. >> reporter: just incredible. none of the other four people by the way inside that car were seriously injured. here's what i'm tracking tonight with we have clear skies right now that's allowing the temperatures to drop. our issue is we have a storm moving toward a storm with heavy rain. how the heavy rain will get here after temperatures rise tomorrow but officially with some cold air in place some light showers are going to make it into western and central massachusetts that's with why there's a freezing rain advisory north and west
1:46 am
massachusetts along route 2 and look at this finally southern new hampshire is included in the freezing rain advisory thank you national weather service in maine for finally putting them in there i've been telling you that should be the case. we'll take a look at this more closely when the ice becomes a problem when the heavy rain arrives too at 11:00. the drought that swallowed up rivers is now affecting the holidays. shoppers looking for that perfect christmas tree may have to look harder this year. this is drought damage. those needle also not grow back. >> reporter: mark is trying to weather the drought at his christmas tree farm. >> but you can see the damage that the drought had on the new growth. this yellowing here this tree isn't quite dead yet the needles are still staying on but obviously it's not very healthy it's not doing well. >> reporter: harnett owns
1:47 am
lost about one tho of them. >> we had a lot of drought damage in trees that we thought we could sell because they turned yellow on the inside we couldn't. >> reporter: his farm is not alone. the massachusetts christmas tree association says most of the affected farms are in the eastern and central part of the state like abbott tree farm in charlton. it posted that it's closed for the because of the cloud thanks in large part to a plan b. >> what we're doing this year specifically is supplementing with a lot more precut trees from farms up in northern new hampshire that didn't get affected. >> reporter: the drout is not only impacting his farm now but years down the road with as well. in six years those of are going to have fewer trees. >> reporter: and despite the
1:48 am
agriculture says christmas industry season adds hundreds of jobs across the state like this one and adds more than $1.5 million a year to the commonwealth economy. it's not christmas in copley square without the annual tree lighting. 3, 2, 1. >> mayor marty walsh lit the christmas tree tonight with some help from santa and >> the mayor will also light up the tree on boston common thursday night. fox 25 also got into the holiday spirit today. skyfox showing us our satellite dishes on top of the studio here lit up for christmas. we are located on route 1 in dedham. carolina may be in his mind but boston is where james taylor will rock the house next summer. he will bring his summer
1:49 am
fenway will be the final stop on august 11th and bonnie raitt will open the show. pretty good double bill. former nfl player michael sam is hosting the free event at clark university from hitchcock high to the nfl will chronicle sam's experience as a you water boy in high school to an all american playing career at the university of missouri to the his selection as first openly day player in the n slam by an uptick in flu cases? >> still ahead tonight why doctors tell us that the ingredients are ripe for a bad flu season.
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with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana?. ask your doctor about it by name. billions of new dollars devoted to finding a cure for cancer. >> justin gray reports from washington the legislation
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law. >> reporter: it's a big investment and an even bigger mission. a bipartisan plan from congress to commit years of funding and billions of dollars for the cancer moon shot the president obama proposed in his state of the union address. >> this bill actually will provide money specifically for the moon shot. >> congress has been worked for the 21st century cures bill for years. >> they will hold a vote this week on the fin deal it provides 4.8 research dollars for not just cancer but also other diseases like alzheimer's. >> what this will will do is create a whole new slug of funding for research and disease, especially cancer. >> the bill would also budget $1 billion in grants for states to address the opioid crisis. it would help drug and device makers get new medicines to mark more quickly. that's the provision that concerns some critics. >> it pushes f.d.a. to
1:54 am
quickly but not, not to make sure that they really work. >> reporter: we have learned that democratic negotiators still haven't signed off on this deal. sources tell me they're pushing for last minute changes. >> those changes focused on concerns that lower f.d.a. standards for new medicines. >> you need to have standards that matter. >> the bill also deals with mental health providing a host of new resources and investments for those suffering from mental illness. reporting inwa new at 10:00 three massachusetts hospitals have been cited by regulators for frailg to report deaths they were among 17 hospitals inspected last december by the food and drug administration. mass general failed to report the death of two patients. a tribute to the victims of the orlando's new soccer
1:55 am
rainbow-covered seats the stadium opens next year. tennessee community said good-bye to another young victim of a deadly school bus crash. 10-year-old and five other children died in the crash one week ago today. loved ones poured into her funeral this weekend those who knew the girl say she was filled with energy and spunk. >> she loved to dance. she's the sweetest little girlou in contact with. >> the bus driver will be in court tomorrow to face vehicular homicide charges. with we are learning new details tonight about complaints filed against walker in the weeks before the crash. a principal expressed concern about his driving twice in the last month. students claim he trying to injure them and a parent threatened to beat walker up after hearing he had cursed at children. investigators say he speeding on an unapproved bus route at the time of the
1:56 am
today a judge requested the request for the church shooter's to represent him. on friday dylann roof was found competent to stand trial. nopd fire inside of a church last year. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty. jury selection continues tomorrow. new at 10:00 tonight firefighters battled a stubborn car fire here on the mass pike in grafton. they say the car's gas tank apparently split and the burning fuel caused problems. the car was destroyed. the patriots proved 9-2 with with win over the with jets yesterday but there's concern about the health of rob gronkowski after he left the game earlier. he was seen walking very gingerly through the concourse after the game. profootball talk said the back injury is not serious but the all pro tight end was in clear expensive dent discomfort as the patriots loaded onto the bus and now
1:57 am
be very conservative as they look to get gronk back on the field.
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