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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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black friday is well underway over the border in new hampshire where some stores opened up this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. here's a live look at shoppers lined new massachusetts where black friday shopping will begin in just under two hours. >> and we are ready. >> let's take a live look at the radar where there is rain over the eastern part of the massachusetts will have to wait in the rain. hi, everybody. good evening. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone. now that it's over, though, we're all looking forward to black friday. fox's meteorologist jason brewer is here, timing out the rain. >> absolutely. it'll be a bit damp. our wake-up forecast tomorrow will be in the mid-30s. cloudy skies, and we'll be watching for some patches of ice. you can see right now those showers are making their way eastward. they're gonna clear chatham by about 1:00 in the morning.
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west. temperatures are near freezing in worcester already and so there will be that leftover light rain and drizzle and some of that could be freezing up northern worcester hills and southwest new hampshire, watch for that early tomorrow morning as you get started on your black friday. we'll have a closer look at stormtracker radar straight ahead and drill into some of those local neighborhoods and show you some of the shopping areas and what you'll be facing as you head out tonight, straight ahead. >> jason, thank you. the rockingham mall has been packed for hours for black watching the crowds. and everyone's trying to get their hands on the great fill. >> that's right. many shoppers telling us they actually cut their thanksgiving short so that they could get over here to the mall and find a
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s. >> we must have let in within the first 15 minutes, well over 2000 people. >> opening up at 3:00 p.m. has its sacrifices. >> we actually have our own thanksgiving dinner going in the back. we have turkey, all the fixings,... >> at 6:00 the rest of the people are balancing turkey with shopping. ed. >> we put together a bunch of care packages and high tailed it up here to the mall. >> reporter: massachusetts blue laws prevent in-state shopping on the holiday, so many of these customers have traveled north looking for a deal. 50% off at express. hundreds off microsoft laptops, some stocking up on bargain appliance. >> jewelry and pillows and sheets and towel...
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>> a lot. like 60%. >> while critics argue the holiday should be reserved for family and relaxation, these shoppers insist they found a ballot. >> my daughter and i love to do this and it's a tradition we started a couple of years ago and we're gonna keep doing it. >> it's after 10:00 here and shopping is far from over here in salem, new hampshire. the mall doors here close at 1:00 a.m. and at macy's and j.c. penney, their doors don't close until the end tomorrow. live in salem new hampshire, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> before you go black friday shopping, head to we've got the opening time. all the major stores and the peak shopping times will be up for tomorrow. tom brady did not practice for the second day in a row. sports director tom lyden is here. that news certainly caught our eye much like your blazer.
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a reason for concern, no question about it. but you have to hope this is just some conservative maintenance for brady who rarely misses practice. the truth is there was no indication braider was injured in the game against san francisco. it likely goes back in the game sense seattle when he took this hit. the irony is he played last week against the 9ers so well, he was named the offensive player of the week. one more day of practice before the team leaves for new jersey on saturday. we will be keeping a close eye on the injury report when it's released. mar tell la bentt practice today with an,le injury and matthew shrader also out with a foot injury. brady has not missed a game due to injury since 2008. meanwhile, a few weeks away from our high school football spectacular. 18 games, the highlights for you starting at 10:30, hope you can join us for that, tom lyden, fox 25 news. two people escaped a house fire in salem, new hampshire. it happened just before then
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says an outlet started burning causing a clothing rack to catch on fire. the man tried to put it out using a small fire extinguisher but the flames spread too quickly. >> around the holidays it's just a little bit more tragic. >> crews say one of the people who lived in the house had to go to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause of that have fire is still under investigation. a saugus man is alive tonight thanks to the kindness of his neighbors. michael henrik caught up with one of the into a burning home. >> on thanksgiving morning, plywood covered the windows and doors. it hung not far below the charred roof on this midland avenue home in saugus. >> i saw the flames coming out of the house. >> reporter: larry applegate, a neighbor, not only noticed the fire wednesday afternoon, he knew the man in his 80s who lived inside. >> i don't know if he was in there, he'd need help getting out. >> reporter: applegate says he did not think about the risks in that moment, kicking in the
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>> applegate tried multiple times to lift his neighbor out but started to think he might not be able to. he says that's when a second neighbor ran down the hill and together they saved the man's life. >> i thought about, i don't know if i can get him but i'll give it one more try. >> reporter: apple gated says after carrying his neighbor out the home, the pair ended up putting him down on the front lawn where he started to come to. his neighbor was alert and talking when >> i should have time to think about it, you know, and it's a little overwhelming, you know, but it worked out great, you know, like you say, everybody pitched in and did what a good neighbor is supposed to do, right? michael henrik, fox 25 news. an emotional moment for one of the thanksgiving day football games. robert ghoulston had to tribute for fallen massachusetts state
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family. >> reporter: the massachusetts state police marched on to the field before the marlborough hudson thanksgiving game. trooper thomas clardy's wife and six children, who all live in hudson, stood together. >> we still, you know. >> reporter: a man who impacted so many. >> it tells you about someone when you have somebody that show respect. >> reporter: trooper clardy was hit and killed on the masspike during a traffic stop. thanksgiving was clardy's favorite holiday. his family says he always found a way to get the day off to be with him. >> i thought of my husband. it was snowing. i thought maybe that was a sign that he was maybe looking down, wishing that obviously he was here to see the support from everybody. >> reporter: clardy's 4-year-old
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coin toss. lieutenant jim murphy came up with the idea to do the tribute and talk to both teams before today's game. woe go by taking care of each other at all times. >> the tribute is a great reminder that the community has not forgotten about them. well, a new york city man recovering right now after h everything caught on camera. his brother now says he has a long road to recovery. otis gooding, a wine store employee at grand central station, suffered burns to his leg and hand. his brother has released a photo of gooding showing his injuries. gooding right now in stable condition at a burn unit at new york presbyterian hospital. his mother says he is doing all he can to help him out.
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the pain he's going through and i'm wondering what i can do to help him. >> the hospital, as you can see here, in stable condition. his attorney says he's have to have surgery for his burns. >> president election donald trump among the politicians calling for unity tonight but not everyone is ready to move on with the results. there's a new push for a recount in several states? americans love to get together >> thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences we're still one people. >> reporter: and future one. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> reporter: hope the holiday can unite the deeply divided american people, as well. >> it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens because when america is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach.
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cnn-orc poll reported 50% of americans dreaded end the thought of talking about politics over dinner earlier tonight although 43% said they couldn't wait to talk about it. former green party candidate jill stein was likely one of them. >> for us to be able to trust our votes and know that our votes count and that they're accurate is just a basic principle of democracy. >> reporter: stein launched a big wednesday to seek a quote recount in michigan and wisconsin where trump won. she and many other liberals believehe voting irregularitys and want the results audited. the campaign has already raised more than $2 million. >> the fact that it has basically funded itself overnight shows the incredible hunger out there among the american people to actually do something positive and start creating an election system that we can believe in. >> president obama giving thanks today to our troops. he made 9 phone calls this morning to service members who are currently deployed. the president also gave an
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final thanksgiving as commander in chief. in a video message obama called for americans to be united following a divisive campaign season. one man is killed in a wrong-way crash in plainville. this was the scene on 495 around 2:00 a.m. since the story broke on fox 25 morning news, we learnedded a norten man was driving north in a southbound lane when he crashed into an oncoming car. he died at the scene. state police tell us the driver of the other car, a 21-year-old barnstable woman, was rushed to the hosta injuries. we're working to get the latest on her condition. new information tonight about the pilot program designed to help curb the rising opioid problem. straight ahead, the major milestone achieved today in the fight to save lives. and the message of hope left in every school locker. the local act of kindness many of you can't get enough of on our facebook page.
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>> they are small messages making a beg difference tonight. post it notes left in every locker at somerville high school and shared with the world on youtube. >> many of you guys have shared this one since we've posted it
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law introduces us to one of the people who inspired these kind acts. >> reporter: a dozen students here at somerville high school wanted to do something inspirational before the thanksgiving holiday. they left a mark on every locker inside the school. it all started with a post t. >> blue, red, yellow... >> uplifting quotes like smile when you wins. this week ellen and a handful of her classmates spent five hours writing and sticking notes on more than 1200 lockers. >> after this past election, many have been feeling a mix of emotions, sadness, anger, frustration, happiness. all across the boardth been different. so we wanted to do something to just show that as a whole we are united and together and show the community we are united.
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seniors came up with the idea themselves. she says wednesday many of the students reposted the notes inside their locker. >> they got a handwritten note, either a heart or a phrase saying either, you're the change, hear your voice, just keep smiling, things like that. >> reporter: when ella graduates in the spring she hopes the younger students make this post it note campaign an annual tradition. >> we involve sophomores and juniors hoping to carry on the legacy. pretty cool. >> absolutely, and especially after the election, a lot of people could use those. >> yeah, definitely. a good way for them to bond. nicely done. boston mayor marty walsh along with hundreds of volunteers made sure the homeless got a warm meal this thanksgiving. they teamed up with pine street inn to serve more than 2000 meals. mayor walsh and senate president stanley rosenberg and a representative carved some 83
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they're finding more ways to help the homes population. >> we're trying to do more of it every singlele day and focused on our home population right now in the city of boston. >> volunteers are also delivering thanksgiving meals to people out on the streets tonight. more than 900 people live in permanent housing through times street inn. boston firefighters were also treated to a thanksgiving meal. boston fire department's nearby engine 33 and ladder 15 crews thanksgiving meal. >> i have such an honor to do it and work with the boston fire department, really, really makes the day special. >> they prepared the meals on a spot for firefighters in case they had to get called out. new at 10:00, one little girl has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving, including the boston police department. this note was written by the 10-year-old daughter of not one, but two bpd officers.
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their sacrifices they make every day. we are watching rain right now moving east of boston. you can see it's still hanging around the southshore, the cape and islands. we're still gonna have to watch this over the next couple of hours. right now in braintree at the southshore plaza, rain has moved out. same thing for the rentham outlets as we take a look closer has. we're just underneath the cool, cloudy, damp conditions. the back edge of this rain, i'm tracking it to chatham by about 12:40 and nantucket, as well. that will be it for the steadier rain overnight. then we have the leftover, patchy drizzle which is gonna be some fog developing and also a stray shower can't be ruled out overnight. and the problem will be out to the west. you see those 40s boston, south and eastward, but the 30s north and west will drill right in here.
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all it takes is 2 more degrees and we're down to ice on the roadways. 32 in royalston over to temple, some of thieves spots, and the northern worcester hills and southwest new hampshire will have to be extra cautious, of course, if you're heading out overnight but into the morning hours up until about 8:00 a.m. and then we'll start to turn the corner and melt any of that away. a light wind overnight tonight, that will allow that patchy fog to develop. temperatures again kind of what you see is what you get. we're not gonna be moving much, but it's the far western areas northern worcester hills to watch out for the ice in the morning. look at the high temperatures tomorrow. stuck in the upper 30s and the lower 40s, and most of southern new hampshire milder at the coast, thanks to the winds off of the water. temperatures will be in the low 40s in worcester. we only made it to the 30s today. slightly better, if you can call it that. a damp and dreary black friday overall with mid- to upper 40s around the greater boston area and same for essex county.
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shower really anytime for the day. but certainly not a washout by any means. 50 in marshfield and plymouth tomorrow, same thing around barnstable and chatham and south and east of boston is when we'll have a better chance to break into any sunshine as we just get a little bit of help off of the ocean from that. let's talk about the chance of rain and snow for the next few days. tomorrow it's that drizzly damp day, but by saturday into sunday, look what's going on here and even into monday, those downward. here's why. low pressure is developing off the coast, if you're watching shiri this morning, kind of still wondering where is this thing gonna go, what's the track. right now i'm getting the latest information showing this well off of our coastline. so i'm not too concerned about any heavier showers with this. and there it is on sunday moving up toward the canadian maritime. so maine gets all the snow from this and we end up with just some patchy showers out there. mainly the south coast, cape and
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we could even see a flurry in the air because it will get breezier and colder. there's your weekend in view, really not much in the way of precipitation at this time. but it is gonna stay on cooler side. monday morning it's back to 30 degrees, but dry. and then on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, i'm tracking another storm system on the way with some rain. >> okay, jason. thanks. developing news out of kentucky. two people killed, four others injured during a football game in louisville. >> part that have shooting caught on camera. it was at a park. police say it happened in the middle of an annual thanksgiving day flag youth football game. people heard gunshots, then called police. officers right now unsure what actually caused that shooting. >> when officers did arrive they located two black males that had apparently been shot and fatally wounded.
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non-life-threatening injuries right now nobody is in custody. an american soldier has been killed in an explosion in northern sierra. the troops are in the region as part of a national coalition fighting isis. government officials have not yet released his name or who is behind the explosive device that
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is happening tomorrow, a dorchester man accused of trying to run down four officers with his car is due in court. 34-year-old vincent weeks is facing charges after investigators sa officers down the street and hit two more officers with his car. it all happened early wednesday morning at stoughton street. those officers were hospitalized and have since been released. well, authorities in new hampshire are helping opioid addicts get a safe path to recovery this thanksgiving. it's a story we first told but earlier this week. today the manchester fire department announced the 800th person has now passed through their safe station. the stations have been
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help and treatment. the 800th person came through just before 11:00 this morning. a lost dog in maine was found after he was stuck out for four days. roxy ran out of their home last week and after days of searching moxy's owners heard her below the ground and in the middle of the night they started going to nearby underground tunnels to find moxy. >> we knew she's here but can' and that was really upsetting and i started panicking. >> well, after hours of digging in the early-morning hours, moxy was rescued by firefighters unharmed and somehow unfazed by that entire ordeal. >> well, good deal for little moxy there, indeed. >> all right, a lot of folks probably getting rain and doing some shopping early this morning, overnight, perhaps. >> yeah, just sounds weird but that's the deal. the good news is the steadier
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are gonna be mainly dry. just drizzly and damp. and watch out, out into the western areas where it's colder,
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have you played the games, eaten the turkey, now it's time to sete highlights. tom lyden, butch stearns with you, thank you so much for joining us. 18 games of action. >> high school games. >> i tried to convince butch to use the tablet but he is from the bill belichick spot, he is going paper, i am going new age. we'll see how it goes over the course of the next half-hour. >> in westwood. >> yes, dramatic game, wild


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