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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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now at 4:30, chaos in a grocery store parking lot the day before thanksgiving. the store employee who was hit by an out-of-control driver. and starting off cool and cloudy here for your thanksgiving. where the warm-up have temperatures flirting with 50 and where we are still on track to see some flurries. and an insp the ice. how the two bp officers shot during an ambush last month showed they are on the mend. complete news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4:30 on this thursday, november 24. happy thanksgiving to you, i am daniel miller. your turkey day is expected to start mostly dry. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 stormtracker weather center. shiri, watching for a few
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we will be watching for today. right now some of those flurries over royalston up to rindge and swansea, new hampshire. not a lot of impact from these worcester at 29 degrees. so is londonderry, new hampshire. definitely cool outside this morning and those clouds stretch into boston at 34 degrees. freezing in the suburbs with tons of lower 30s. duxbury at 40 degrees. wareham at 31. norton at 30 degrees. clouds down there as well. and what we will be watching for today is mostly dry weather. that slight risk of getting a quick little spritz south of the pike and flurries north of the pike. about 35 degrees. guilt with 42 here at noon. mid-40s for 3 p.m. and then bin by dinnertime tonight, temperatures in the low to mid-40s in most spots, and in comes the risk of rain. i will time out those showers coming up. daniel, back to you. a kay yotic seen at the hannaford supermarket in
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six cars and a shopping cart attendant. that attendant was taken to the hospital to get checked out and so was the driver. the owners came out from their pre-thanksgiving shopping to the mess. >> one car was totally smashed. one car in front of it looked like it was hit. turns out it was the person putting away the carts was actually dragged when the car came in. >> daniel: no one was seriously hurt. police are investigating why the did not stop. a prominent boston attorney once named one of "people" magazine most eligible bachelors one again facing a rape charge. gary zarela was arrested and arraigned shortly therefore. the fourth time he faces a judge accused of rape. he was acquitted in 2009 of two rape cases in boston and another one in florida that same year. his attorney says like the past three cases, this charge will not stick. >> i don't know what is
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i don't know if she is looking for money or looking for 15 minutes of fame. i don't know if she told an initial try spiraled out of control on her, but i do know she is lying. >> prosecutors argued that zarella should have strict bail conditions citing the 2009 case where she was ordered not to leave the state and went to florida and was accused of sexual assault. he was ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet. sp police say vincent weeks dragged two bp officers down the street and then hit two more with his car. he was on the run for nine hours before police arrested him. all four officers are recovering at home this morning. weeks will be in court tomorrow. well, just over one month ago, two boston police officers were getting rushed to the hospital after getting shot in east boston. last night, they showed everyone how well their recovery was going by dropping the puck together in a charity
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to witness this inspiring moment. >> reporter: they dropped the puck together to a thunder russ applause. the two boston police officers shot during an ambush back on october 13 in east boston are on the mend. >> thanksgiving, we have a lot to be thankful that they are potato home and will be enjoying thanksgiving with their family. >> reporter: officers richie cintolo and matt morris honored at a charity event. the boston police playi local comedian lenny clark, their coach. he says the bs are happy to be part of this. >> we got to show the cops we support them. i mean they are our last line of defense. these guys put their lives on the line every day. >> reporter: also the man who saved both officers' lives by holding off the gunmen so they can be pulled to safety, eric schmidt. >> here tonight the police
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>> reporter: and marty walsh grateful they both pulled through. >> not too long ago these guys were in tough shape. we were concerned of losing both officers. >> reporter: tonight this friendly game of hockey, a show of support, friendship, fun, and especially gratitude as we all prepare to give thanks. >> it's nice to be able to laugh and celebrate on the night before thanksgiving. >> reporter: this week was packed. no tally on the event terms of outpouring of support, these two officers struck gold. the final score by the way, the alumni team won 6-4. in east boston, i am john monahan, fox25 news. >> daniel: glad to see those two officers out, thanks, john. a real estate broker is accused stealing $165,000 from homeowners in lynn and lowell. convinced homeowners facing foreclosure to make payments to his company instead of the
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he allegedly would use the money from those families to pay for his personal expenses. he has pleaded not guilty. a house fire leads to a big drug bust on the cape. fire fighters were called to this home on fresh water road in east harwich tuesday. we are told the fire was caused by a marijuana grow operation. and take a look at what police seized, more than 70 marijuana plants with packaged pot. they found a stolen gun, ammunition and some cash. monday, fox25 went to local garden shops and found they had seen a jump in sales since voters approved legalization of recreational marijuana earlier this month. we are told people have been asking a lot of questions and buying the tools needed to grow pot tampa.starting neck month, people 21 and older can grow up to six marijuana plants. 4:36 now. president-elect donald trump enjoying time off with his family at their exclusive resort in florida. last night he released a new
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the country to unite. >> it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> daniel: trump says he plans on focusing on family and not the transition during the holiday. meantime, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren says the transition team should be placed under federal review. she wants investigators to look into how -- how the team is spending taxpayer dollars budgeted for the transition which she calls chaotic. she says the president-elect has conflicts of interest with his business holdings and has used his personal cell phone with calls for international leaders raising national security concerns. trump officially announced two cabinet level appointments. nikki haley has been chosen to be the next u.s. ambassador to the un. haley was an outspoken trump critic during the primaries
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when the announcement was made, he called her a proven deal maker. devoss was nominated for education secretary. a school advocate that pushed for charter school programs. after that announcement the largest teachers union in the country slammed the pick. this morning the "wall street journal" is reporting that former presidential rival ben carson has accepted an offer to be the secretary of housing and urban development. well, this mor hearing from a local cyclist who was knocked unconscious for two weeks by a truck. it is a story you will only see here on fox25 this morning. that crash happened in august. now the man tells our kerry kavanaugh that he wants everyone to move over and share the road. >> reporter: do you remember coming down the hill or nothing? >> i remember nothing from that day. >> reporter: shawn remembers nothing about august 17, but he says his ordeal is a reminder, you can not control
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rode to work several days a week to stay fit. he was on his bike that day in august but never made it to work. >> this is what probably saved my life. >> reporter: fox25 was there when his helmet hit and shattered the windshield of the truck. his bike was pinned underneath it. the driver was trying to beat the light to make the left turn when he truck cavanaugh. the impact threw him in the air as high as the stop sign. >> multiple skull fractures brain bleed, pulmonary emboli, compound fracture of the legs, broken hand. i was pretty broken up. >> reporter: he is back on his feet and has an obligation to speak out. >> i absolutely do. yeah. i feel like in many ways i was given another lease on life, and you want to make sure that i help other people be aware that, you know, this kind of thing can happen on a bike. be safe, pay attention, be cautious.
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are on two wheels or four. he doesn't remember that august day, cavanaugh said his life changed in an instant and he hopes his experience can prevent future accidents and maybe save a life. >> i am a very lucky man. >> reporter: his entire family say they never had more to be grateful for than this thanksgiving. shawn cavanaugh is no relation to me, just a coincidence. he said the helmet saved his life and credits first responders in waltham. news. we learned a merrimack new hampshire man is in fair condition at mass general after he shocked himself putting up christmas lights. bill deroach was using a 20-foot pole to hang lights on a tree when he hit a power line tuesday afternoon. the 54-year-old has severe burns on his hands and feet. this morning, the body of a new hampshire man hit and killed by a truck in jamaica is back home. christopher laite died last week on his birthday while attending a friend's wedding
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his family tells fox25 that the 33-year-old's body arrived yesterday and his funeral will be held on monday. a go fund me page to help pay for expenses have raised nearly $30,000. and here is what i am watching for thanksgiving. just a slight risk of some flurries and drizzle. i do have the timeline on that. watching as well for just a touch of black friday ice in the morning. slight risk. i think a weekend storm may be a bigger player and have a bigger impact. a closer look coming up. take a look at this video, three guys are talking. and then, boom, sparks start flying. coming up, the item in his pocket that went up in flames.
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a farm stand devastated by a fire is now back in business. robert goulston went to lan caster to see how the rebuild is feeding a lot >> reporter: these are the turkeys that survived. >> the best turkey around. >> reporter: back in june a fire ripped through the largest barn killing 7,000 young turkeys that just hatched. bob van hoop started the family business back in the 50s. >> it was kind of disappointing because i built all those buildings, and it was a shame that it had burned. >> reporter: bob told his daughter who runs the business
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only option with so many thanksgiving turkeys destroyed. >> reporter: did you think it was possible. >> no, not at all. we weren't sure what we would do at that point. >> reporter: but people started showing up offering help which turned into a fundraiser with thousands of dollars pouring in. >> getting back together and getting things going again. so we are pretty lucky. and i think the town has been very good. >> reporter: they were able to recoup about half of the turkeys killed and customers are thanking the family by showing up >> thank you so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> it was very exciting. it is very wonderful. people are taking pictures. people are happy they are back in business. >> reporter: the new barn will be back next year and by that point they will have a full stock of turkey. in lancaster, robert goulston, fox25 news. if you were shopping tomorrow night or tomorrow morning, what is the times to avoid the crowd. elizabeth hopkins crunched
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>> reporter: let's talk turkey, what is in your dinner table and in your wallet. we looked for people planning to shop on black friday and what time people were planning to go out, some the super early ones hitting the stores at midnight after they have eaten and dessert. people from 1 to 5 a.m., 17% of people. a lot of them plan to sit outside and make sure they get those doorbuster deals to be out there bright and early. 6 to 9 a.m. is the most popular time. 33% of people plan to shop on a.m. then some people who say, listen, not getting up after such a big meal, i am going to sleep in and 22% who say we are going to sleep in and go out at 10 a.m. or later and the category of people who are unsure. about 16% of people say they don't know what time they are going to shop. it probably depends on family commitments and how they are feeling the next day. >> daniel: all right, lilly, thank you so much. some department stores are ditching those tvs as a way to pull new on black friday.
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bucks. clothing store belk started the trend and kohl's, macy's and jc penney have picked up on it. have our fox25 app. throughout the weekend sending out traffic alerts to keep your holiday shopping on schedule and online, a list of the few stores that are open today. we also have a list of all the places offering free thanksgiving meals. there are also ideas on how you can help someone this holiday season all on now an update to an exclusive story we told but yesterday. a woman who was -- who has been out without heat for weeks is finally warming up this morning. we are finally happy to report that the heat is back on and eversource tells us they were able to repair borden's furnace after a power surge from work being done outside her house left her furnace, refrigerator and stove unusable. they replaced her damaged
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happy thanksgiving. >> shiri: that should happen. >> daniel: that is what should happen on thanksgiving morning. shiri spear joining us now with the forecast. a big difference this morning compared to yesterday. >> shiri: what is that big difference. >> daniel: i thinking it the wind. >> shiri: it is because we had the wind chill. it has been very cold. and now you will be more comfortable. not promising up to that normal high of 49 degree. temperatures are below average, but without the wind it will feel m sun goes down at 4:15 this evening. here is our big picture. we have the weather maker crossing the great lakes right now. this is inching toward both pennsylvania and new york. but as it approaches us, it is kind of going to lose steam. it is going to lose its own for a certain degree. a lot of clouds in the forecast here locally, i don't have too much in the way of wet weather. here is the breakdown with futurecast. a little hour-by-hour look. 7:00 this morning, i almost
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freezing, boston and the coastline. boston at 36 degrees, but starting off with that chill in the air but not as cold as it has been the past couple of morning. you don't see a lot of rain and snow and i will step in and mention a little slight risk for little bit of a temperature in or sprinkle during the day. a 20% risk and that means about most of will you end up staying dry. noontime comes alonged a temperatures in the low 40s. the exception is central massachusetts, merrimack, the rest of us. spending most. day in the 30s there, and as we get more showers popping up toward dinner time tonight, say 6, 7:00 this evening, i still think in worcester and fitchburg and nashua, a little bit of a mix or seen some snow out there. not much of us will do any sticking but we make transition over to rain during the overnight hours for those of you up dark and early tomorrow morning for black friday shopping. thankfully, i have got most
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freezing including boston. no threat of any kind of icy concerns there. orange at 35 and keene at 35 as well. not going to take that much of a temperature difference to create ice on the roads. if you were shopping far, far inland tomorrow morning, you will have to watch out for icy patches or otherwise friday rain. this afternoon, inland towns and cities, the slight risk you will get that temperature in or a mix. the cape looking dry through our daylight hours. a little bit milder with 40s, up to tonight i have got lows in the 30s and 40s, and then high temperatures tomorrow get closer to 50 in spots like norwood and plymouth. boston, 49 degrees. nashua, 45. worcester, 44. then our attention turns to the weekend after they have a few spot showers on friday, the weekend has the potential of turning much wetter. the problem is right now, we are tracking this ocean storm. some indications it could go a little further out to sea and dry us out and tracking a
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band of heavy rain offshore ends up planted along the coastline. we have the potential of heavy rain at the coast. inland it is cooler and we could be looking at snow accumulation. best wet central and northern new england and monitoring for the we canend. for now temperatures continuing in the 40s with a slight risk of showers both days. the seven-day forecast for the wokeend always in view have us at 42. today mostly dry. 48 tomorrow with scattered showers. 48 on saturday as well with a chance of rain coastline and keeping flurries and sprinkles even in your sunday forecast as well. daniel. >> daniel: nine minutes until the top of the hour. a man with a gun tells a cashier to handled over the cash. the store's owner steps in from behind. coming up, the struggle for control that takes the two out the front door. and a young girl is
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proudy garden at boston children hospital is now closed. a judge denied an emergency request to stop the closure of a lawsuit filed against the hospital of a group of the healing garden supporters. they closed the garden to make room for a billion dollar expansion. a lawyer for the supporters say all eyes are now on the hospital. >> the ball is in the hospital's court. what are they going to do between now and when this case
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attorney says the garden is now closed and preparations run way for construction. the is going forward even though the garden is already shut down. well, this 10-year-old girl has a polio-like illness. when she got to the hospital, she could barely walk. fox 25's heather hegedus was there as she went home just in time for thanksgiving. >> reporter: 10-year-old paulina lopez of east boston is able to walk through the walls of franciscan children hospital with the help of a special walk we are wheels. it marks the end of a long hospital stay with her. she came in september after she began to develop weak.ness. paulina's mother tonya spoke to us through a translator. >> well, she started with a cold. then i took her to the hospital. >> reporter: paulina was diagnosed with acute blasti c myelitis, a sudden onset that
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wasn't doing a whole lot of moving, and now we have her in a pool, and she is up and walking while she is in the pool. so he has made a lot of great progress. >> reporter: paulina also has down syndrome and doctors don't think it affected her health or how she dealt with afm. starts with a common virus one many of us have likely been exposed to and her body reacted differently >> 168 that paulirk na can cause common cold symptoms, a problem with some people with asthma and have been prior outbreaks described in children with positive types of paralysis. >> reporter: after a few months of hard work and close monitoring, doctors are hopeful that paulina will be able to walk again at some point without her walker. >> she has shown she can improve. no reason to think she won't continue to improve further. >> reporter: i am heather
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ered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. complete coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> shiri: and now at 5:00, a cold start to your thanksgiving morning. it will be short-lived. where the warm-up takes you close to 50 today and where you can see some flurries. neighbors rush into a burning home to help a man trapped inside. the brutal conditions that they say forced them in and out of the house several times. and taking a break for the holiday, the one thing the president-elect is asking of
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good morning, everybody, and happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us this morning, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. good weather news this morning. meteorologist shiri spear says the forecast is trending drier and only a slight chance of rain or snow. she is in the fox25 stormtracker weather center with more. >> shiri: yeah, so right now what we are looking at is a ton of cloud cover. it is going to be a great thanksgiving. 35 and dry in boston. 29 and dry in worcester. orange and keene. we have a couple of flurries the way of sticking this morning. so the story will be the chill in the air and clouds around this morning. 7 a.m. in plymouth. 35 degrees. warming to 40. at 9 a.m., mid opinion is 40s here by late morning. the risk of rain in particular is going to be on the low side. i do have a couple of spots in inland towns and cities that have a slightly higher risk of getting that little bit of a temperature in or that quick little spritz, but for all of us, the risk really starts to


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