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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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these will keep on falling through the night. i have seen plenty of snow here in the northeast. over two feet in parts of vermont over a foot in western massachusetts in some towns. this is going to be pushing away. but i also already have my eyes on another storm system that will be developing out to the west and looks to want to spread some snow and rain here in time for thanksgiving. latest information coming in right now. taking a look at it. i'll share my thoughts in just a few minutes. >> breaking tonight a tennessee school bus crash into a tree killing at least during our 6:00 newscast we have learned police are now investigating if the driver was speeding. >> reporter: a tree split a school bus almost in half. the bus carrying 35 kids on its side partially crushed. >> multiple children lost their lives today in this tragic incident. >> reporter: the children on the bus all from an elementary school. the oldest in fifth grade the youngest in kindergarten. >> taking care of the children that are injured is our number one priority.
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crash and is cooperating with investigators. >> certainly speed is being investigated very, very strongly to factor into this crash. >> reporter: the bus has a box that collects data and records video. police hope that information will help shed light on the circumstances of the crash. >> this has been a great tragedy for us. we have suffered a great loss today. everyone in our community this has been one of the worst days we've had in hamilton county. >> reporter: in many the community trying to help in any way they could. lining up to hours after the crash parents wondering if their parents are safe. >> these are -- if their children are safe. >> these are families that are worried about their children. >> reporter: as investigators work to figure out why the bus crashed many families are left grieving. we will stay on top of any new developments in this heartbreaking story. we'll is the latest on our morning show tomorrow. more breaking news tonight a peabody man has died after this violent two car crash in danvers.
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trailer on route one. the 50-year-old man was driving this smashed up blue car when it collided with a there you can. state police and danvers police investigate having the cause of the crash. president-elect donald trump is using social media to outline his plans for his first 100 days in office. in a video message to the american people, he called the core principle of his presidency putting america first and also laid out executive actions he wants to take on day one in office. among them a key trade agreement. >> on trade i'm going to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the transpacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country. instead, we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto american shores. >> reporter:. >> we will put the full message for you on plenty of package deliveries and package delivery attract thieves.
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in cambridge. this is one of the areas that historically sees a spike in the crime. let me tell you this number we spoke to one she is she says that was left at her front door and somebody toit -- somebody stole it. >> books, household supplies. >> reporter: these days we can order almost right to you your doorstep. >> someone stole my food. >> yeah. >> reporter: kate penner is just one of dozens of victims in the cambridge area who's package was stolen right from her doorstep. cambridge police say these days it doesn't matter what's in that box. >> i feel like the thief probably opened the package and there were carrots in here. >> reporter: black friday and cyber monday aren't even here yet but since september police say they have responded to at least 30
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than $1200 gone. >> typically we're seeing a lot of these occur between wednesday and friday in the afternoon 1:30 and 4:30. >> reporter: the hot spots cambridge port, chauncey, wendell, peabody. homes in mid-cambridge along harvard were consistently targeted by package thieves. >> homes that are clustered together and homes close to roads those are the homes that tend to be the targets. it's easy prey for these suspects. they're able to >> reporter: some tips here. >> requesting signatures upon the delivery. reaching out to the neighbors. >> if you can deliver it to someplace that's more secure. >> i know somebody will be at the office to sign for the package. >> reporter: black friday, there's cyber monday then the next wednesday after cyber monday is package theft wednesday. >> reporter: police tell fox 25 some of these thieves are so desperate that they are following the drivers you
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that they are targeting themes are closer to big industries so they can just get in and out. for now live in cambridge, malini basu, fox 25 news. the officer severely hurt in a deadly shoot-out with a man in east boston continue to make big strides in their recovery. the officers were shot several times as they responded to calls about an argument in mid-october. they shot back and the suspect was killed. today they got this update from matthew morris. his rehab is over just in time for thanksgiving. he posed for these pictures with some of the doctors, nurses and therapists who treated him during the last six weeks. in one picture he's wearing a shirt that says i love my occupational therapist, and i love my physical therapist. the 12 year veteran of the department also thanked everyone who helped him get home. tonight a terror suspect is being held without bail. federal prosecutors say he tried to join isis and thought about carrying out an attack in new york city. the 37-year-old wanted to
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a garbage truck crushing pedestrians. federal agents arrested him at his brooklyn apartment early this morning and prosecutors say he travel to turkey and yemen last year all in hopes of joining isis. but the terror group didn't take him. sirens in japan a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of fukushima. shunl warnings went into effect immediately. at least two people were hurt when the tremor earlier this afternoon. the earthquake also also shook buildings 150 miles away in tokyo. parents are outraged after learning about an alleged sexual assault on a school bus through facebook and not from the school. the posted about students was shared thousands of times. this morning the school sent out an automated message to parents saying they were aware of the post they wanted to assure parents they took appropriate action when the incident was reported earlier this month.
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november why no one was informed until it went viral. >> boston police say they have received a report but they received it november 3rd and referred to the children's advocacy center. this is not a criminal issue because the child in question is younger than 6 that's according to police. >> new at 11:00 a robber is on the loose in hudson, hampdz police say a man walked into a right say the. pulled out a knife and grabbed some cash before running off. that suspect is about clothing that covered his hands and face. call hudson, new hampshire, police if you know anything about this crime. police in chelsea are hoping the arrest of a hit-and-run driver over the week will bring new attention to another wanted suspect behind the wheel. we have highlighted the car police believe the suspect was driving when he hit and killed a man back in june. surveillance video captured him leaving the scene. investigators want to talk to this man. they say he was in the area where the accident happened on washington street on the night of june 4th around 10:00 at night.
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the search continues tonight for the killer of a lowell mother during a fight at a party. the family of gloria tells fox 25 they want justice. they don't understand why police have not found her attackers. she was with her son at a party and asked to leave during an argument that started a group of people beat her to death. herle oner brother told us his nephew witnessed the entire attack. >> he told me that he held his mother was call mommy. he was saying her name glory. somebody heard him and they call 911. >> she leaves behind four children and three grandchildren. investigators have not released any information about suspects. a father in manchester, new hampshire is in jail after his two small children were found living in filth. police received a newschannel call for a -- received a financial call for a well-being check.
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they found the 2-year-old daughter covered in waste in her crib and the son tied to his bed. >> he constantly in his bed and not able to be with anybody else but himself in that bed. >> in court today grannier pleaded not guilty to charges of child endangerment and reckless conduct. police tell us more charges could be filed snich the first potshots will be begin to open for at least a year in massachusetts. start growing marijuana at home. what types of concerns are there for those with a green thumb? fox 25's ted daniel brought that question to a framingham gardening store. they told you the business there is booming? >> reporter: yeah, vanessa. with homegrown becoming legal on december 15th, people are spending hundreds on in some cases thousands to create their own grow operation that is giving new meaning to the the term green thumb.
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supplies come with free gardening advice and recently a lot of customers have been asking how to grow weed. >> people right now it seems are kind of planning. so they're coming in hey i want to start something up in december. >> reporter: the new law allows adults to grow up to six marijuana plants at home. with the technology that exists every season is growing season. tents, lights, nutrients, carbon monoxide -- carbon dioxide, and filters setup can cost between $500 and $5,000. >> you can make it as complex as you want it to be as you want to grow more, get bigger yields from things, get better end results. >> reporter: chuck segal manufacturers l.e.d. growing lights. he says potency is just one of the variables that can be tailored to a person's liking. eventually going to turn into a class b type of an industry where people are growing their own for their own needs. >> reporter: we also checked
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>> i'm an attorney by trade. so i took that brain power and put that into researching. >> reporter: james runs a homegrown setup and ultimate asking company. he has four appointments scheduled and he expects many more to follow. >> and i think the knowledge that i've gained has put me in a sort of special place where i can now as we go recreational help others to do kind of the same thing. >> reporter: we reached out to the state fire marshal he told me is what some people do with the buds after they're grown. it's a process known as making butane hash oil where butane is essentially passed through the marijuana to extract it and it's caused a number of fires in massachusetts. it's illegal and the new law won't change that. reporting live in framingham, ted daniel, fox 25 news. snow in new england, cold winds blowing across
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the potential for a little ice. the latest straight ahead. plus, a local father hit and killed by a bus while he attending a friend's wedding in jamaica. we introduced us to his heartbroken family last week. new tonight a tremendous way the community has stepped up to make it happen.
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there's a new spot for gronk to relax. snush 87 bought a $2 million penthouse and the fort point neighborhood. the home has two beds it works baths and maple floors. no pictures of the home just yet. gronk also has a home in foxborough that's a little closer to the office. gronk is not the only patriot making headlines today. while president-elect donald trump is welcomed leaders from across the country in recent weeks weha he might be meeting this weekend with one of the most powerful people in massachusetts. fox 25's christine mccarthy reports tonight from foxborough. patriots owner robert kraft addressed the possibility while handing out turkeys tonight. >> reporter: new england patriots players carry thanksgiving baskets for families in need. 220 of them to be exact containing turkeys and all the fixings. it's a 23 year tradition working with goodwill. the relationship established when robert kraft bought the
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the pats owner presented a $10,000 check to goodwill to cover the even that the team spent one of two days off volunteering for following a victory in san francisco. they get exposed to something that's very meaningful. the community service isn't the only thing on craft's schedule outside work lately. last week he made headlines visiting president-elect donald trump at kraft wouldn't say whether he plans to return next sunday when the platz play the jets a short ride away at metlife stadium. 6 asked if he would accept a cabinet position offer? >> i love what i'm doing. i would do anything i could do to help america be stronger.
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does is make the country more vibrant. kraft says he wants to see able proved economy and more well paying jobs. this time he believes we're on track for that. in foxborough, christine mcchargey, fox 25 news. new tonight arrange manies are being made for the body of a nashua man to be sent back to new hampshire after being hit and killed by a truck in jamaica. christopher lee died on his birthday while atten wedding. according to a jamaican radio station an autopsy has been completed. the community has also donated more than $30,000 to the family's go fund me page. cold night no doubt about that. particularly in november. now you are going to want temperatures at 10:00 11:00 like this come february right now it's just too cold.
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quite a bit substantially that's why there are no more advisories but still seeing some wind gusts to 30 miles per hour in cape cod and the islands and 20 miles per hour inland. that's giving you a chill. wind chills 15 in worcester, 22 in boston. so it's a cold night no matter how you want to look it a. your wake up forecast that will be cold, too. going to average 30 degrees across the area. even in the suburbs of boston closer to 30 even low 30s right at the coastline out there in the islands. sunny when you wake up but cold to try. here's the satellite and radar showing you the snow that has been flying off the great lakes where they've had three feet in some places more thanly feet of snow up here around watertown, new york just south of waterton. really it's all dependent on where these bands set up. some strong enough to make it all the way to the berkshires. now looking to the west i'm looking for next weather problem this is it right
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towa u very strong. it doesn't have to be though to cause us some issues. let's start with this first though. high temperatures tomorrow with with the sun out there it's going to look really good out the window. you step outside it will really be chilly. north of worcester county it will stay in the 30s. berkshires no doubt fresh snow on the ground. here's your seven-day forecast we have some more things to talk about don't go away just yet. a couple nice tuesday and wednesday. sure it will be cold outside i assume you're travelling inside a vehicle it so will be mild in there. sunshine for you both days. now here the problem. you see the precipitation here on thursday. we're going to focus in on that it starts wednesday, wednesday night really the clouds start to roll on in. you will see the light precipitation making it into the picture here. that include is snow. the pink color is a mix and then there's some rain. it seems to want to disappear the latest computer models but you will
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of it there. my analysis in the. last half hour has been there's still going to be some you stuff in here i wouldn't totally trust it all disappearing. it will be white. this is you thursday morning thanksgiving morning here's the problem. thanksgiving morning starts out cold, especially away from the coastline. so if you are travelling to your thanksgiving day plans, dinners football games early in the morning and you are heading inland you may run into some spotty icing. more showers of rain and snow working later in the day toward the evening. there's still going to be some issues to disc then by friday into the weekend another storm threatens along the coastline something we are going to be watching along the coastline. but still, problematic especially for shoppers this weekend. plenty more to stay with the newest model runs coming in. thank you, kevin. ahead in sports 18 credible night at gillette stadium as they are looking to raise a million dollars tonight an be noisy. be silent. be near.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. nice to have you all your weapons when you take the floor. >> big time. a little bit of western when they don't have those weapons they kind of go from here to here. tonight it was nice to see them out there. it's a different team without crawford in the lineup. even with those two back it took a massive rally in the
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minnesota. the t-wolves went ice cold in the fourth and the celtics went on an 19-0 run. here's horford misses once but not twice. not with an open lane. that made it a 3-point game. terry with back-to-back buckets to turn the tide. evening the core at 81. sweet steal i will jam on the other end. the celtics never trail again. look at the pull-up j from the foul line on the break. that 99-9 3 come from behind win. big man up front on defense will likely be out for the next month. alan branch tested positive for marijuana which brings with it a four game suspension. the nfl network express opinion both reporting that branch will appeal the suspension but it's unlikely it will be wiped out completely. occasionally they're shortened so a little hope there with the jets, rams, broncos and ravens for the
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the patriots schedule. well, tonight at gillette stadium an absolute jaw dropper as joe and jim packed them in for the ninth annual gratitude gala to support the jo ann foundation. almost 800 people jammed into the putnam club. i was a circus theme. jenny was the emcee there was a real hope they could raise $1 million tonight. last year's raised $900,000. through the dinner and the auction. the foundation helps families pay their bills while fighting cancer and obviously that hits very close to home for joe. >> to turn around and fight the battle for my life in 2007, to get back on my heat and be able to pay it forward in so many ways but with the foundation my wife jen and i are really enjoy being apart of it and part of this community to walk into a hospital and get a hug from a stranger is truly rewarding and it shows the absolute support that we
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who are finalists for the baseball hall of fame. unlike manny will be voted in based on his positive steroid tests. roger clemens, curt schilling who i think should definitely get. in jasoner have tack -- jason varitek and tim wakefield. thursday night 10:30 i want you to join us our annual thanksgiving day high school football special. we got 16 games >> that will be fun though. >> terrific. look forward to that. how is the weather going to be come thanksgiving? >> it will be a chilly thanksgiving for sure. very cold in the morning chilly throughout the day. the potential for some rain, freezing rain or even some snow and mixed precipitation light as it may be you know it doesn't take much. it's something we'll be
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: something's going on with kanye west. we broke the story. he canceled his show. kim's getting on private jets. something's up. >> goes on stage, rants about the trump thing and then walked off stage after 30 minutes. harvey: is he having a breakdown? >> something is wrong with kanye. >> maybe here's narcissistic. has anybody thought of that? >> future had a huge birthday party. larsa pippen. >> he had an in-n-out track pizza and spent $100,000 on strippers. harvey: strippers? that's a lucrative profession these days. >> all of the bills are paid. christmas looking good for them. >> rae shur murder at l.a.x. mannequin challenge. i say can we please do one here, one right now at delta check-in? >> everybody's got to do it!


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