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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now at 6:00, an incident in a local high school has a police officer on paid leave this morning and this isn't the first time the officer has been in trouble. what we are learning about a previous investigation. this morning newton continue to look for an armed robbery suspect. the long gun. coming up more information from investigators so you can help police make an.arrest. as president-elect donald trump is getting ready to take the oath of office, the owner of the everett casino project is lending a hand. why steve wynn is raising millions of dollars on behalf of donald trump. at 6:00 on the button, good morning, everybody, thank you for being with us on this wednesday morning, november 16. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. the heavy rain from yesterday is gone thank goodness, and a
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there. meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center timing out when things will finally clean up. >> shiri: things finally clear up this afternoon and kind of a slow process. a lot of clouds to get through and it is all drying up. what we are left with is a little bit of mist and some fog as well. 52 in boston. 47 right now worcester. foggy conditions actually improving slightly in the last hour, going up to about a mile visibility in worcester. not fantasti not fantastic but not dense fog, and a lot of the visibility issues focused across northern mass and southern new hampshire. i have got an eye on the fog which i expect to slowly lighten up here between 7 and 10 a.m. this is your hour-by-hour forecast for leominster today, but does apply to many of you. i have troubles at 8 a.m. around 50 degrees. 10 a.m. 53. highs in the mid- to upper 50s with breaks in the afternoon clouds. it how long it stays bright
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julie grauert is coming up with live drive time traffic. you are waiting an accident. >> waiting for this accident on route 3 northbound. union street as you approach the braintree split. north of the pike no issues route 1 or 93 south. these are the cameras we are watching land give you a better view when the sun comes up. 21 minutes on the expressway. band half an hour on 93 south. back to you. >> gene: this morning, one person is in the hospital after suffering serious the huntington avenue of hyde park. huge police presence there for showers. last night we know one person is in custody. we are working to learn how that person is connected to the victim and to learn exactly more about what happened. a local police officer with decades of experience is on leave this morning accused of assaulting a 16-year-old student at the school where the officer worked our jessica reyes is live in lowell and a lot of questions what actually
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>> reporter: a whole lot of questions but the officer's name is david pender, and he is a 30-year veteran of the lowell police department. the last cup of years a school resource officer here at the lowell high school career academy. this morning the "lowell sun" is reporting that he is placed on league with allegations he assaulted a 16-year-old student here. the middlesex police department said that officer penneder is under investigation and did not say why, bu the allegations he assaulted a 16-year-old student here at the high school. it happened when that student was arrested for disturbing an assembly here at a high school and this is not the first time we have learned that this officer was put on leave. back in 2013, he was ordered to work without pay for ten days after he was arrested at his home near lowell on domestic violence charges. his wife, however, later dropped those charges. we are working this morning to learn more about the police department about what exactly happened here. we also plan to talk with
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start getting here to the high school and, of course, as soon as we have any new information we will pass that along to you on the fox25 morning news. live in lowell, jessica reyes, fox25 news. developing news this morning in newton. police are searching for a man who pulled out a very big gun and robbed a gas station. our jason law is live in newton center where the police are asking for your help this morning. good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning, gene. the gas station is actually getting ready to open back up for the first time since last night's armed robbery. we and that is the good news. able to get police a description of who did this. there is a camera inside this convenience store and a clerk inside just told me they are hoping it may have recorded what happened last night. it was dark outside the newton center golf gas station tuesday night. the only i light came from a convenience store and a nearby police car. officers spent hours scouring neighborhood looking for for an armed robbery suspect.
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bb gun. we don't know at this time. took an undetermined amount of cash from the clerk. >> reporter: police say the gunman is 5'8"and was wearing green pants, a gray jacket with a white bandana covering his face. >> we had state police, transit police, our officers. we searched the area and tracks in newton center. >> police say that gunman with the cash ran off direction toward cleveland circle. if you have any information who could have done this you are asked to call newton police. jason law, fox25 news. happening today, lawyers for new hampshire man convicted of murdering a 19-year-old unh student will formally appeal his life sentence. seth mazzalia's lawyers tried to get lizzi marriott's sexual history admitted as evidence but they denied that request.
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woman and her body was never found. donald trump responding to reports of turmoil in his transition team. it comes as massachusetts senator elizabeth warren speaks out against the choices of the president-elect. daniel miller has more. >> daniel: president-elect donald trump is trying to promote a sense of calm about his transition team. he tweeted late last night, very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. the meetings have been ongoing in trump tower since the election. cnn says they have multiple sources that trump's son-in-law is at the center of the infighting. kirschner has been rubbing allies the wrong way to purge the team of associates of chris christie. chrissy was replaced as transition chairman by vice president-elect mike pence.
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prison by then u.s. attorney chris christie for tax evasion. among the people out mike rogers who was advising the team on national security. rogers told cnn the problem is no clear chain of command. >> you need someone that can clearly make a decision. if you make those decisions by a committee, i don't care how small it is, it adds to the difficulty, and i think they are going to get through this again, remember, there is all have any experience what this might look like no fought of theirs, in fact in many ways it is a plus. >> daniel: meanwhile, elizabeth warren is warning president-elect not to choose insiders. sent mr. trump a letter of members tied to members of wall street. we posted her letter on our web
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specifically comment on that letter. trump is under fire for a surprise dinner he took without the press pool. the president-elect turned up at new york's 21 club with several members of his family. the second time in a week trump has ditched the journalist assigned to cover every move he makes. some journalists are saying the action shows a lack of transparency between the future president and the press. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. some young house democrats are calling party leader nancy pelosi's job could be in jeopardy. after a closed-door meeting some of pelosi's supporters say time for serious soul searching the democratic party and yesterday they decided to delay the leadership elections until after thanksgiving. no formal, but ohio rep tim ryan has emerged as a candidate. as for the republicans, paul ryan was chosen unanimously to
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speaker. a man behind the casino in everett is trying to raise millions of dollars for president-elect donald trump. steve wynn of wynn casino is joining with sheldon addleson to help fund donald trump's inauguration. the pair will be involved with fund raising for the january 20 event. president obama's inaugural team raised $53 million for his 2009 swearing in. no word yet on trump's budget. now 6:09. trying to get john kerry to run for massachusetts governor in 2018. already created the twitter handle@kerryforgov. they say he is the best to face charlie baker. no comment from kerry who will turn 73 next month. he was lieutenant governor to governor mike dukakis in the 1980s. charlie baker has not announced his reelection bid but a recent
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being under the influence of drugs when she dropped her child off at school. mary ellen sh ea was acting strange when they soak her. that employee told police who went to investigate. shea failed several field sobriety tests. she was arrested an charged with driving under the influence and reckless behavior to a child. shea's friends say she is going through a difficult time and always puts her child first. >> she is a good mom and she doesn't -- she has nev mess and she always done the right thing and her child is the most important to her. >> sara: shea told police she is on muscle relaxers for her back and she is going through a divorce. they are investigating. police found a red mazda connected to a victim. daniel smith jr. was found in the foods earlier this month by two teenaged boys. he died a couple of days later.
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in north carolina and charged him with accessory after the fact. the two men knew each other and traveling across the country together at the time of smith's death. the car was found in north carolina and they haven't said if they identified any suspects. no classes at bruce school. the school is closed as they try to figure out what sparked a fire that ripped through the building. 500 students and 70 faculty were able to safely get out of the building. belongings at the school today between 9 and 4. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. on 39 south. our drive times so reasonable at about half the hour mark from 495 in andover toward the zakim. shiri? >> shiri: best part of the temperature trend, temperatures warm later this week. when to plan for some rain and when to plan on some snow next. >> gene: did you say "snow?" >> shiri: you a little bit. >> gene: i don't think i like
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back here at 6:15. an hbo documentary on the boston marathon bombings hit the big screen last night. >> he decided in the name their faith they would blow up the boston marathon and that is what makes them monster. >> the vip screening of "marathon: the patriots day bombings" was shelled at the shubert theater. survivors walked the red carpet including patrick downs. he lost his leg in the attack. his wife lost both of her legs. >> we have seen it a couple of times with a few different audiences, it is sad, tragic, powerful.
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those things. >> gene: the documentary will be available for hbo subscribers starting on monday. this morning, new york city is responding to a terrorism threat at the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. yesterday we told that you a magazine published by isis said that the parade is an excellent target. the terror group called on followers to use trucks to kill paradegoers. they are encouraging people to still come and enj the big apple is prepared. >> live in a city that has been a repeated target of terrorist attacks and attempts, and by in large, in more than 20 cases, we have managed to uncover, prevent and stop those attacks. >> sara: police apart of their preparations include going to places that rent trucks in the area and asking them to report any suspicious behavior. a new hampshire woman trapped in her car overnight
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later that week, that woman was driving down the stretch of road in epping when she lost control. the car was brand-new and she only purchased it the day before. the car ended up so deep in the woods that it wasn't until early tuesday when it was spotted when a passerby called police. >> just hunker down and hope for the best and figure at some point someone would find her and they did. took a little longer than probably expected. >> reporter: the over. rescuers say she was fortunate because even though it was cold night, it wasn't freezing. >> so hard to look at those pictures of the damaged cars. tracking traffic and weather. route 1, everything moving along fine. little volume on 95 in that elbow approaching 128. take you out to live pictures of the expressway where that volume drastically increased from where we checked in live on the last picture about ten minutes ago.
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24 palestinians on the expressway. almost 40 minutes on 93 south from andover down to the zakim bridge. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and shiri, wow, a lot of rain came down yesterday. this morning just dealing with fog and leftover mess. >> we got all that leftover moisture from yesterday and down to mist. some fog this morning. not a very pretty start to your day but not nearly this wet. boston get can almost an inch of rain and worcester with one ana the rainfall definite. .8 inches short of the typical rain fall in potato cities. i am not worried about the water coming from the sky but the water coming from the ocean. another coastal flood advisory in effect until 10 to 2 today from eastern mass and new hampshire. minor coastal flooding expected. i think it will be comparable, probably a little bit less even than what we had yesterday so some shore roads again getting
6:19 am
40s in worcester and manchester, new hampshire. lawrence at 51 degrees. norwood 53. a quick little stop in norwood. mostly cloudy skies being reported. just remember the mist kind of flies right under radar. even if you were pulling up the fox25 weather app you don't see a lot of rain. i am going to suggest taking the waterproof layer with you just because it is so damp out there. no norwood, mostly cloudy skies as we are rolling through the morning hours. temperatures really slow to warm just kind of stunting any sun from getting down to the ground and boosting those temperatures. once we hit the afternoon some breaks in the cloud cover and temperatures respond going into the upper 50s in norwood and plymouth and new bedford. i know it is not too far off from where we are. but at least temps are moving in the right direction. 56 in boston and ipswich. same in fitchburg. same in worcester and manchester, new hampshire. futurecast will break down a
6:20 am
tend to shift northward and a drying trend from south to north that is not going to look fantastic. at least this afternoon the clouds thin out a bit farthest away from this area of low pressure. southwestern new england. that's where we get the most amount of sunshine. we are kind of caught in the middle here. that little bit of a mix this afternoon as we get into your thursday. we get a little disturbance kicking through and sunshine returning for the afternoon. weekend falls view. sunny skies. thursday afternoon into friday. friday's high, 60. 56 on saturday. sunday, some scattered rain showers and a couple of rain showers mixing in late. i do not expect it to stick locally. let's send it back to you, gene. tonight fox25 investigates uncovers how people are stealing water leaving others with big bills. >> i don't want to go into details but people are pretty crafty. >> investigative reporter eric
6:21 am
cheats breaking meters, using homemade hookups. coming up tonight at 10, how much it is costing some customers and what is being done to plug the leaks. 6:20 this morning. soon big brother will be watching. the local community spending half a million dollars to install cameras all over town.
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this morning we are learning more of deadly shooting at oklahoma airport. police are calling this a premeditated targeted attack saying that the shooter knew his victim's routine choosing walking through an terminal and a parking lot. the shooter was found in his truck. the victim worked for the airlines and his son plays in the nfl for the kansas city chiefs. a florida boy being hailed a hero for catching his baby brother as he fell from the changing table. a look at the video from the baby monitor. the 11-month-old infant from the changing fwaibl to roll
6:25 am
in and made the great catch before the baby hit the wood floor. his older brother clearly a hero as he jumped in to save the day. >> i was just getting everyone ready for bed. home alone with the five kids and at first i said i messed up, i did something wrong and i realized it was really just a miracle. i must have done something right to be deserving of this little guy running in at the right time and catching him in the right moment. >> gene: a friend encouraged encourage other moms -- no need to go to the replay machine. that a clean catch by the brother who saved the day. great hands. >> sara: ail say. snapchat may be taking its business to the stock market. snap inc, the parent company has reportedly filed paperwork for an initial public offering. the five-year-old company is worth $20 million. it is t could go public as early as march.
6:26 am
snapchat. they debuted their smart sunglasses last week. apple's newest project is a $300 book about itself. the book available in two sizes entitled designed by apple in california and feature 450 images of apple products. bebegins with the imac and continues with the apple pencil, a stylist for the ipad. the book goes on sale dedicated for the memory the former apple here what i am watching this morning, a little bit of fog, a little bit of rain to get through. a round of minor coastal flooding. timing this out for you in a few. women's services are seeing a sund change after the election. coming up, the effects some say
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now at 6:30, a long-time lowell police officer is on leave this morning accused of assaulting a 16-year-old high school student. why this officer has been in trouble at work before. dozens of flags put up at a new england university for veterans day was destroyed by students right in front of those who served. the investigation started by watch the streets of one local city and the program will not be cheap. the push back against the new crime-fighting initiative. >> good morning, everyone, and thank you for joining us on this wednesday, november 16. a little drizzle out there this morning. not so bad dpeenz gene-o remnants of what -- >> gene: remnants of what we had yesterday coming down. torrential rain for some of us. shiri spear is in the weather center of when we will dry out
6:31 am
fog and mist to through in cloudy and 63 degrees. fwramingham and out into the worcester hills. worcester to fitchburg to temple, new hampshire. 47 degrees. not a lot of green out there. i think the best bet for getting any kind of steady drizzle is new bedford and bridgewater. you are seeing a little bit of a mist at 51 degrees. up 40s, lower 50s. a pretty mild start to the day. hour-by-hour forecast in boston have us a tiny bit of drizzle left approximately boston will be drying out by 8 a.m., still mostly cloudy though. by noontime, temperatures going up by a couple of degrees. that's it. mid- to upper 50s later on in the afternoon and 3 p.m., looking a little brighter out there. improvements do roll in today. it is kind of slow to get going. i will show you how long we stay nice and bright before the things take a turn for the wetter this weekend. julie grauert is standing by
6:32 am
accidents? >> two new accidents. 6:30. more people on road. 495 northbound as you approach the pike. the other on the pike eastbound right before route 30 on speen street. things are moving along fine on 93 south and route 1, you can see volume starting to pick up, and visibility a little bit hazy. a little bit overcast like shiri has been telling us. live drive times. 42 minutes on the pike eastbound. 47 half an hour approaching the weston tolls. well, this morning one person is in the hospital after suffering serious life-threatening injuries touring a domestic incident in the huntington avenue area hyde park. a huge police presence for hours last night. one person is in custody and working to learn how that person is connected to the victim and more on what happened. a local police officer with decades of experience is on leave accused of assaulting a
6:33 am
where that officer worked. our jessica reyes is live in lowell this morning and, jess, still a lot of questions of what happened between the officer and the teen. >> reporter: a whole lot of questions this morning, sara. if you look behind me, the school where this officer works called the lowell high school career academy it happened officer is on leave for allegedly assaulting a student here. that student just 16 years old. the officer's name is david pender and has been lowell police department for 30 years. officer pender is under investigation, but they did not elaborate any more than that. the "lowell sun" said this all happened last week when that student was arrested for disturbing some sort of assembly at the high school and all we know at this point about the incident that happened last week. for the officer, this isn't the first time he has been placed on leave. back in 2013, he was ordered to work without pay for ten days after he was arrested at his
6:34 am
charges. his wife, later, dropped those charges. will be talking to students and parents at the hall to get a better idea who this officer is, how long he worked at the high school and reached out to the police department to get their statement on the situation as soon as we get more information. pass that along to you. live in lowell, jessica reyes. state police are still looking for a taxi driver who hit a police cruiser and took off. follow in as breaking news that happened just before 3:00 in the morning on commonwealth right near berkeley street. two other cars, a light pole and a fence were also damaged. no one was hurt. controversy on the brown university campus after someone began trashing american flags set up for a veterans day event. the incident was caught on camera and now that video is being seen across the country. the short clip show a bomb grabbing a bunch of american flags, tearing om and tossing them to the ground.
6:35 am
the trash. it happened after obstetrician rans and rotc set up the flag for a veterans day event and several veterans witnessed the disrespect. >> students were walking behind us tearing up the flags, breaking them, stomping on them. i am very disappointed. i have seen way too many people come home under that flag. >> sara: in a statement brown told us they are investigating is idea what kind of injury that rob gronkowski suffered. he was drilled by thomas on ma play. a big hit. the tight end was slow to get up. gronk had some type of chef injury. a perv rated lung. -- a perf, rated lung, it sounds bad but he will not be out long. he will miss the game sunday against san francisco. an emt and another driver
6:36 am
number hampden street in boston. three other people in the ambulance were taken to the hospital. we are told they were not hurt. few more eyes in the sky in lowell. 45 new surveillance cameras are set to be end stalled around the city and not everyone is happy about it. many including a massachusetts aclu are concerned about the privacy. police will be able to control the cameras on real time and focus on areas of have. city council supports the cameras be used to watch crime. >> people who are opposed to it, if their loved one is mugged in the street and hit over the head they certainly wish the camera was there to catch that perpetrator. >> gene: the cameras will cost the city of lowell board of directors00,000. police hope to get them -- $500,000. job openings in and around sit in boston. coming up, why the post office
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6:39 this wednesday morning. time we check traffic and weather together. we do that every ten minutes. >> sara: check in with julie. things slowing down on the
6:40 am
are seeing heavier volume. over a half an hour from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. things slowing down as far as traffic volume is concerned, and things are clouding up for you as well, shiri. >> shiri: no the a very cloudy start to the day. at least not swim back to work. it poured on the way back from work. 52 and a lot of clouds. i don't have much wet weather. all i have got a little bit of mist and fog. same story 7 a.m., 8 temperatures in load 50s in the boston area. i will show you what time clouds do break apart today and how long we wake up. the king ti de paired with the super moon. boston's long wharf partially submerged. a fox25 viewer catching the extreme high tide. and a road in dorchester was shut down.
6:41 am
in scituate, the water rose up and flooded the area around the harbor and one more king tide watch for the coast area that will peak around noon. ten games into the season, the celts are 5- they will look to climb over 500 as they host the dallas mavericks. there is a chance that hoford may make it through up. he missed seven games as he recovers from a concussion. major league baseball handing out post season awards and good news for former manager terry francona. named the manager of the year after leading the cleveland indians to the world series. dave roberts was named the nl manager of the year for the job he did for the dodgers. he played for francona here in boston. hoping to pick up some hardware. rick porcello a finalist for the american cy young award.
6:42 am
earn average. well, matt damon ising back to vegas for one last heist. the oceans 11 star announced we have a cameo in the spinoff oceans 8. a female heist with cate blanchett, sandra bullock and will be joined which cambridge native mindy kaling in the native mindy kaling in the film. 6:42. this story is incredible, a dead mouse was found sewn into a high-end dress. the popular clothing chain that is facing a major lawsuit.
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6:45 am
and it is 5:44 this morning. as you look over the boston common to the back bay this morning. looks like the clouds are starting to lighten up a little bit. right now we have 50 degrees in tewksbury. 49 in natick. and the temps are pretty comfortable. a drizzly and foggy start. shiri working on a timeline when things happening in five minutes. a long-time lowell officer is on leave accused of assaulting a 16-year-old student. the officer's name is david pender. he has been with the department for more than 30 years. according to the "lowell sun" officer pender works as a school resource center at the lowell high school career academy. the alleged assault was happening when was arresting that student for disturbing an assembly at the school. searching for a subject in the gas station robbery.
6:46 am
to rob the store. we have a crew at the scene looking to get a look at any possible surveillance video and we will bring you the latest when we get it. president-elect donald trump speaking out on twitter of the latest meetings from his transition team. in a tweet, trump said the process is very organized and cnn said trump's son-in-law jarrod kirschner is at the center of the infighting between the team. elizabeth warren is details she wrote a letter to the president elect. hoping this will bring an end to a one man crime spree. he broke into a mosque more than once an investigators say what he does on the tape makes it clear he knows exactly what he is doing. our michael henrich is live at the moss that can lost thousands of dollars from just one man, michael. >> reporter: mosque leaders and quincy police say this happened
6:47 am
they are hopeful this surveillance video will help them catch the person. >> sh surveillance video pulling up to the islamic center. jumps down to the side door and uses a screwdriver to pry that door open. >> first time seeing a thief breaking in. and we are shocked to see that -- how he did it. >> reporter: members of the islamic center say someone broke into the mosque twice in a matter of weeks, and in on of the cases, you can see the man walking out with a large steel donation collection box. another time the man stole nearly $3,000 worth of audio equipment. despite a of xenophobic attacks in the wake of the election, members of this quincy mosque say no physical damage took place and they believe this was about stealing valuables. >> nothing to do with the election or vandalism, this is really a theft, you know, people who tried to steal for
6:48 am
donation box. >> reporter: quincy police released this image of the shooter and subject connected with a series of burglaries near quincy avenue. a rash prompted concern are from area businesses. >> it is dark and we come again -- betry leave with each other. >> reporter: anyone with information about this case is encouraged to call police right away. live in quincy, michael henrich, fox25 news. professor more than a dozen times has worked out a potential plea deal. steven chastain will serve four and a half years in prison if he pleads guilty next month. the professor peter walker survived the attack and didn't know chastain and said that the leather jacket he was wearing at the time of the attack likely saved his life. chastain told police he was high on mushrooms at the time of the attack. a 78-year-old grandmother in georgia is proving she is still pretty tough.
6:49 am
getting ready for a nap when she heard a weird noise. so she grabbed her gun, loaded it and confronted two purring lars inside of her home. the men saw the weapon and ran jumping in a car with at getaway driver but the three suspects did not get far. >> neighbors were able to give us a description of the vehicle, pulled it over and took them into custody. i don't know why they selected that house but picked the wrong one. >> police found two guns inside the suspect's stolen from the victim's home. good for grandma. >> gene: good job, granny. >> shiri: nice job in the weather department too. >> shiri: hopefully everybody was prepared. expecting the worse in the evening commute. evening commute absolutely treacherous. right. a cup of things happening. coming to us from both sides. the rain and the water coming from the sky, and we also have this, the coastal flooding we
6:50 am
our own meteorologist jason brewer tweeting that out. today the rain, the drizzle and the fog all of these just maybe headache items this morning, but nothing that is a real threat out there. there is the threat for some more minor coastal flooding similar to what we saw yesterday. not just slightly less. 5 degrees in boston. mostly cloudy skies. since midnight we wicked up an extra .03 of an inch of rain. not very much goes to show how boston will run mostly dry and cloudy during the morning hours but you can't rule out mist. temperatures incredibly low to hang out. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. this afternoon we go up by one or two degrees. 2 p.m. a couple of breaks in the cloud cover and you can see that the clouds continue to thin here during the evening hours and we still have our area of low pressure pretty close by and that is where we are going to hold the clouds in tight. yesterday's heavy, steady rain has moved into maine and it
6:51 am
at noontime, we are still looking at mostly cloudy skies. maybe a cup of thin spots in the clouds, but once we get into the afternoon, we turn partly cloudy here for the second half of the day the sun is down at 6 p.m. you can see how easy going that commute is into yesterday. high temperatures mid- to upper 50s area-wide across southern new england. jump ahead to rain in the forecast and showers. this blue line is our freezing line and everything to the west of us what could end up happening here on cindy is we could end up on a couple of snowflakes mixing in. i don't think it will be cold enough to get anything to stick. seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. 56 and mostly cloudy today. tomorrow, friday, even the start of saturday, mostly sunny with highs near 60 degree. cooldown for second half of the weekend windy. high only 48 with a chance of rain and a little bit of that sunday snow. julie grauert is up now live drive time traffic. julie, you still have plenty of
6:52 am
>> julie: i do shiri. two problem spots one accident before route 30 in natick. the other after route 9 in framingham. as i zoomed in a little bit closer to see if people were taking route 9 and other back roads, turns out we have an accident on route 9 as well. eastbound near route 30. so you can see from our traffic flow bright red approaching both accident sites. i would avoid. i would try to hop on 85 135. try avoid this eggment of route 9 and the pike because you will be stuck in gridlock. earlier accident eastbound has cleared. you can see things moving along fine on the pike after you get past those accident sites. live drive times. look at this, 54 minutes. this is just from 495 to the weston tolls. not all the way into the ted yam tunnel. 31 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. back to you.
6:53 am
the postal service, but now the agency says they are hiring. they need hundreds of workers here in massachusetts and they need them fast. daniel miller joins us with the uptick of men and women looking to deliver the mail. >> daniel: good news. they are looking to hire 500 full-time letter carriers the reason to replace an aging work force and a wave of retirements in a third of postal workers from the cape and islands that are eligible to retire. the u.s. large number the openings are available to meet the demands to deliver more packages. the district manager for the greater boston district of the u.s. postal service tell the globe their biggest challenge is filling routes within route 128 and the city of boston. how much is the u.s. postal service paying. here is what we know right now. postal workers start as hourly employees earning $16 an hour with no guarantee of $40 a week. most are eligible to be permanent employees in about a
6:54 am
year with the opportunity of overtime. this postal service district manager say they have a challenge of 40% of new hires quit within the first they months of the job. often because they depend on public transportation or don't have a driver's license. the agency gives preference to veterans that make up 18% of their workforce. so how do you apply? a link to the u.s. postal service web site site at in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. requests for long-term birth control has soared across the country since donald trump's election including right here in massachusetts. in the week following the election planned parenthood booked 265 appointments for iud insertions compared to 52 appointments in the days leading up to the election. planned parenthood said real concern they will lose their funding and you trump
6:55 am
people are also concerned that the affordable care act will be repealed, but in massachusetts, the impact would be minimal because health care reform has been in place since 2006, providing women coverage for contraceptives. >> affordable care act went even fartherer in that it ensured that, you know, fda -- most fda approved forms of contra section would be covered with no co-pay. >> reporter: experts say what is happening with contraceptives is happening took office and vowed to tighten gun laws. west virginia mayor has resigned after commenting on a facebook post that many claim was racist. it referred to first lady michelle obama as an ape. officials were quick to apologize to the town council meeting. they are working to create an environment that is more racially tolerant.
6:56 am
live in trump place towers, and that is making some uncomfortable. residents started a petition to change the building's name following president-elect's controversial comment on women and race. the community says the change will make the environment more welcoming. >> the building has people of all different races and obviously women, and should be a place that is accepting of people. >> sara: the company that owns the building said they kept the original name when they bought the building in 2005 they plan to replace trump's name with the building's street address. ivanka trump's jewelry company is being criticized for trying to profit off of the "60 minutes" interview. during the interview the company sent out a fashion alert on social media trying to market the $10,000 bracelet that ivanka was wearing in the interview with her father and family. so far no comment from ivanka but yesterday the president of the jewelry company issued a statement saying adjustments to protocol are being made.
6:57 am
pride, the campaign just released these new official presidential t-shirts. they are available for a contribution of $35. e-mails for the collectible trump clothing were sent out to supporters telling them to pick up one before inauguration day. now 6:57 this morning. a local toy safety group has just released its list of this year's ten most dangerous toys. next at 7:00, we break down the list that includes everything from stuffed animals to sling shots. and one city is recreational marijuana one step further.
6:58 am
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>> gene: suspect taken into custody. >> jessica: a veteran on leave for allegedly assaulting a why we learned this isn't the first time trouble at work. >> gene: turmoil behind the scenes and press access for trump's cabinet team. >> sara: there's a new rush for john kerry to run for governor and the best candidate


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