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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at 10:00 tracking this storm coming up the coast with heavy rain and where coastal flooding could be a problem. rob gronkowski reportedly has a punctured lung. a mayor under fire accused of skimming taxpayer dollars. the documents the city council says they need to see. neighbors tell us a father and son were found dead inside of a home but tonight we're learning who called police and why. rallying for a fired police officer. the two very different takes on what led to the pink slip. >> announcer: this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> we start the night with a live look at the radar. as you can see we are tracking batches of rain heading our way from the south. hello everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. our chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz says that that storm is prompting a flood advisory. >> sure is coastal flood advisory to be more specific. you see the areas in green
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of the wind action and the king tides the extra ohio tides we'll have thanks to that supermoon we've been talking a lot about for the last couple days. along the coast of new hampshire and maine by the way it's a coastal flood warning already in place. this storm is moving up the coast toward us the clouds have already moved in. if you tried to see that full moon tonight you probably noticed those clouds out there. and the rain live storm tracker radar is finding the rain closing in on the islands but keep in mind it's shooting way up in the sky here by the time you get this lot of this is not reaching the ground level just not wet 95 in the lower parts of the atmosphere some very dry air in place. by the morning drive meteorologist shiri spear will be tracking that rain that continues to take over the rn. this is a storm center around -- the region. with the extra high tides that will lead to some coveal flooding. we'll talk about the spots that may get that and the worst of it coming up in just a bit.
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where a level three sex offender has found work. >> that sex offender is working in a neighborhood farm stand that's within five miles of at least three schools. fox 25's john monahan live in sudbury. john, workers at that farm asked to you leave when you showed up there? >> reporter: that's right, we tried to talk to them about what's going on here in town to get their opinion and their side of the story. they refused to talk to us and kicked us off the property. but several people we did talk to in town are very concerned about this man especially so once they learn that they was convicted on four counts of child rape. >> this sudbury mom is referring to this facebook post by police. notifying the town that a level three sex offender in this case is 39-year-old sean barron is working in sudbury. >> it's concerning. this mother would only speak to fox 25 if we did not show her face. the sudbury police chief
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if a level two or three sex offender lives or works in the area. sean barron worked at bartlet's farm stand. we tried speaking with the manager at bartlets but she would not talk on camera and then she asked to us get off the property. however, not everyone we spoke with is up in arms. this father says people, even sex offenders should be able to redeem themselves. >> there's always a concern but i guess ever would be concerned about bringing his children close to where barron works and this mom told fox 25 she simply won't go. >> i know i won't be shopping there and i won't bring my kid there. >> reporter: the fox 25 has also learned that barron used to work with the woman who worked at bartlets now at another farm in concord that's how he got the job here. john monahan, fox 25 news. several people woke up
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the k.k.k.'s newspaper had shown up outside their front door. fox 25's christine mccarthy live at the police station. new at 10:00 tonight christine, you talked to chief he told you someone mailed one of those papers to him there at the police station? >> reporter: that's right, the chief tells me that an envelope arrived in the mail at the police department addressed to him with his own name on it and the return address of arkansas. inside it was a k.k.k. newspaper, if you can call it that. got it but he received by the a month ago and this has been happening over the past few weeks here in the town of milford and the latest delivery was just over the weekend. so take a look at our video. this is the k.k.k. newspaper that's been dropped at several homes on a few streets. it's called the crusader. the premier voice of the whites. police believe there's a group arriving in
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delivering the white supremacist paper printed in arkansas. the paper was mailed to the police chief here. he promptly threw it out. but he does tell us that his detectives did investigate to make sure no one minority group was being targeted and he says they are not. these were randomly thrown to houses. he says this is offensive but it is also protected speech. >> a number of people, obviously, called. you find something like that in your taking your children to school and it's going to cause concern and reasonably so. on a personal level it's pretty offensive on a professional level it's protected by the constitution. it's something we took a good close look at and at this stage we're comfortable that there is no violation of the criminal laws. >> reporter: now the chief does not believe there is any local group that is dis-- disseminating this
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it's coming from out of state and it's happening at other police departments he worked at. in fact, i asked him if if he believes it has anything to do with election results and a lot of groups are saying they are the victims of harassment and intimidation. in a couple other towns that he has been a police officer in, and that's been for about 30 years, he says unfortunately, it's happened there, too. we're live in milford, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. healy announced a hot line to allows people to -- of biased motivated threats to file a report. >> i have attorneys and investigators and staff available to listen to and to take in information and we'll do what we normally do which is to assess that information, understand the facts and then make determinations about whether or not this is something
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legal enforcement action. criminal prosecutions, civil prosecution. >> reporter: if you would like to learn more about that hot line and how to report an incident visit our website patriots fans holding their collective breath tonight after finding out gronk is apparently having a hard time holding his. fox 25's sports director tom leyden is here. tom, the superstar reportedly has a punctured lung. >> reporter: they reported the news shortly after 6:00. rob gronkowski apparently was hit by earl thomas in the second quarter of last night's loss to seattle. described by gronk after the game as the hardest he has ever taken in all of his years of playing football. that is a lot of weight colliding on the field. gronk played the rest of the game absolutely incredible. and that's exactly what i talked about with a couple of guys who know him really well tonight. >> can you imagine what that must have been like? >> i don't even want to imagine. he's a tough guy. he's one of our you toughest
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guys are trying to follow him and be more like him. >> it's a tough game. usually with the adrenaline flowing so you really don't feel it. >> if you ever question gronk's toughness you won't anymore. he is expected to miss sunday's game against the 49ers. the jets are on the schedule next as patriots try to get back on the winning track. a little tougher wouts the best tight end in the game. tom leyden, fox 25 news. we are following donald trump cabinet choices. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton are the leading candidates for secretary of state job. although we're hearing it could be weeks before the president-elect makes his choice. president-elect donald trump and russian president aputtin want to improve relations between the two countries. trump said putin had called to congratulate him. the two leaders discussed a wide range of issues joining
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are now working on setting up a face-to-face meeting between the two men. meanwhile, vice president-elect mike pence will meet with trump at his headquarters in new york tomorrow. pence is leading the transition team. only two have been filled that's priebus as chief of staff and steve bannon as chief strategist. campaign manager kelly ann conway who is being considered as a white house spokesperson defended bannon. degree, a naval officer, he has -- he certainly. >> several members of trump's inner campaign circle are rumored to become part of this administration. among them newt gingrich, carson and kelly ayotte. president obama said today despite his time in office coming to an end he still has a lot to do. >> president obama: my goal
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position possible and hopefully there's an opportunity for the next president to build on that. >> president obama left today for his last foreign trip as commander in chief. during the next week he will make stops in germany, peru and greece. two men found dead in a local home. since we first reported this last night the cause remains unknown and that has neighbors very concerned. fox 25's malini basu is live where you spoke with the co-worker of one of the victims. malini? >> we here we are at the police station all of this directly across the street there at the vineyards at the liquor store. a co-worker got concerned called police, police showed up. neighbors tells it was a father and son that were found dead. >> hush, hush we haven't heard anything yet. >> reporter: dawn margot lives right across the street from where the two bodies were found. late sunday afternoon police were called to 5 aperton
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police cars show up. >> reporter: inside of the home a 29 and a 50-year-old man were found dead. investigators ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning, a source tells us they couldn't find any evidence that led to foul play. >> we want answers. the police said it doesn't look suspicious but it's suspicious to me that a father and son or whoever it was were found deceased in their home. >> reporter: fox 25 has learned that police were called to the house to do a "well-being check after the up to work at the liquor store." jason nordstrom works with him. >> my co-worker called me and said he couldn't get a hold of him. i tried everything i could to get a hold of him. i can't imagine. like i said, it's just too surreal. >> reporter: neighbors and nordstrom say the two moved in a few weeks ago. >> i helped him move in because they said they needed help. he became a friend of mine from workinger. >> we all have children in the neighborhood so it's
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>> reporter: and tonight we have the names of the victims but it's unclear if relatives have been notified. now one friend tells fox 25 that father and son just moved here from the waltham area. now coming up at 11:00 we'll have the d.a.'s response to this mystery. for now we are live in airye malini basu, fox 25 news. 27 years ago a local woman vanished tonight in the darkness her friends and family gathered at a very specific spot for a individualle. >> unfortunately i have to walk walked that night and that knives the last night i seen her. >> the courageous act that mother believes will help crack her daughter's cold case once and for all. plus, we'll break down the dangerous and potentially deadly findings of a new research on the west nile virus. in massachusetts marijuana shops could open
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>> less than a week after massachusetts voters approved the sale for marijuana for recreational use leaders have decided to call for a vote of their own. >> fox 25's ted daniel live for us in ashland ted, there's a new push there to at least delay the opening of any pot shops. >> reporter: ashland is first but it likely won't be the last mark and vanessa. elected leaders are proposing a temporary bannon the retail sale of pot. if this gets green lighted
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green herb won't be able to get the necessary permits until after other cities and towns have already started selling. >> but our current marijuana laws need changing. >> reporter: it's just what the doctor ordered. >> it's time to vote yes on 4. >> reporter: at least that doctor. and in just weeks people 21 and older can legally store up to 10 ounces of marijuana at home, and carry up to an ounce with them. another big part of the successful initiative is the retail sale of marijuana in as 2018, and that has one the metro west town taking action. at the upcoming town meeting in ashland, residents will consider a temporary moratorium on marijuana establishments. >> we're going to have a public hearing on it on the 21st november. >> reporter: town manager michael hubert says the proposed moratorium is designed to give the town more time to study and plan for what could be the inevitable.
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ability to regulate it. >> reporter: it requires two-thirds of the town meeting vote. >> i completely with that i raised my kidser. >> if the town has a more forrum and people want to get their marijuana somewhere else they're going to go to whatever an adjoining town. >> reporter: by phone, yes on 4 communications director jim questions the legality of a moratorium adding this. >> we would like to see town leaders take a measured approach to this and not the alarm ism that we saw during the campaign. >> reporter: we checked the majority of people in ashland voted yes on question 4 last week but it was a pretty close vote. about 350 votes separated yes and no. and you may remember, similar moratoriums were passed when medical marijuana became legal in
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alliance elementary school that caught fire this morning will remain closed tomorrow. the fire blew out windows at the school. students there were forced to finish out their day in another building. no one was hurt and investigators are still looking at how that fire started. new at 10:00 tonight, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire at a family apartment building in dorchester tonight. this happened here on wells avenue one person was taken to the hospital just to be checked out. no one else was hurt but sadly a cat died. the fire the fire started on the first floor. investigators are questioning someone who was inside. >> there's a person here that doesn't live here, that some was in the apartment and the fire started. >> the red cross is helping the six families who live there find a place to stay overnight so crews can clean up at all the smoke damage. >> three construction workers were injured in kingston today. skyfox with a view of the home around 2:00 this afternoon.
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flown to the hospital. we do not know their condition at this hour. another two workers are expected to be okay. firefighters say an electrical short on a porch is to blame for this fire in bellingham. the flames quickly spread eventually burning through the roof of the home on fourth avenue this morning. one person who lived in the home was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. a shively police officer fired. the chief tells fox 25 kerry cavnar several factors were involved here including the evidence involving the abuse of a child. >> reporter: dozens crowded the surely police department. a nine year veteran of the department was terminated by the shirley board of selectmen wednesday. >> there's no evidence here that this officer has done anything but represent this community in a professional way. >> reporter: selectmen was
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>> she reaches out to the community. >> i do have some concern obviously about the way she conducted police work and the way she did her job and that's the reason sergeant cromwell no longer works here. >> reporter: a series of infractions led to the discipline against krom well, the first reported by this man. >> there was an incident that took place in shirley that we recovered images of a sexual nature on his tablet. >> reporter: he had reason to believe a minor child was being sexually exploited. he brought the case and tablet to officer cromwell. the tablet was are recovered. >> reporter: the chief says there was no report of the incident either. after that he says there were few other disciplinary incidents not related to police work. the chief said that's what prompted him to bring the matter to the board. >> she's being the target of discriminatory conduct. >> officer cromwell a former marine reservist faced discrimination because she's a woman, african-american and a lesbian and faced
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would be given to any comparable male officer in the shirley police department. >> reporter: cromwell has filed grievances through her union. she and her attorney also filed a complaint with the massachusetts commission against discrimination. cromwell is fighting to get her job back. in boston, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. joggers and walkers are on alert after a violent attack on a very popular trail. straight ahead the steps some people say theye themselves. but first, new balance referred to as the shoe for white people.
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white supremacist website has claimed that new balance is now the official shoe makeover white people. the "globe" report that the daily stormer made the announcement this week after new balance v.p. of public affairs matt labraten praised president-elect donald trump. new balance on monday stressed it "does not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form. it has five factories in the
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all races, genders cultures and sexual orientations. you can log on to see how the president-elect might enforce his deportation promise and the steps women worried about the future of birth control are taking to protect themselves. residents from a small street in 98 rick showing support for their neighbors who received threatening letters and racist letters at his home. police say andrew provs came into the pol it calls him a loser and tell us him to clear his house ofn words. he claims he received a second later saying natick has zero tolerance for black people. tonight police say they are working to solve a hate crime. >> it's not behavior that is indicative of the town of natick or the police department. >> fox 25 has learned that the select board is discussing the incident a unity vigil also being
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at st. paul's church. a man accused in a car-jacking remains in jail tonight. a woman also appeared in court today facing related charges. police say the crime spree started in connecticut and ended in worcester. christopher hardy is being held without bail and selena is charged with being an accessory to the crime. her family claims she's also a victim. >> my daughter did not hijack any vehicle, my daughter did not use any weapons on anyone she did not threaten anyone she is a victim in this case. she's scared i have a 21-year-old girl who has done nothing wrong besides be a victim herself. >> both suspects are due back in court next month. bizarre illnesses even a child cancer cluster possibly linked to contaminated drinking water. >> we are taking this very seriously. >> tonight a push for answers from top state officials about how they're handling widespread fears. i'm tracking a storm coming up the coast that will bring us some heavy rain and some areas we'll have to deal with some
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and when the rain will
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boston's mayor accused of using taxpayer money on a language class for himself and an expensive piece of granite that no one can find. >> it's a story we first told you about over the week. tonight the city council had hoped the mayor would show up and present documents supporting the spending. fox 25's jacqui heinrich is standing by live in brockton. jacqui, he never showed up? >> reporter: no, he didn't, and you know what we walked away without answers so did a lot of residents who were means. neither city hall plaza it's a multimillion dollar project that they did to renovate this area. this granite possibly part of that deal. now where that extra batch of granite went is a mystery and at this point so is whether or not the mayor should have used those tax dollars you to the himself through school while going home tonight wondering when we'll get answers on those questions. at city hall monday night, brockton residents were supposed to get answers
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dollars were spent. >> i'm waiting to hear more of what they say before i draw personal conclusions, yes. >> reporter: but that just didn't happen after city council moved to push the discussion to next week. the mayor bill carpenter not in attendance. at hand the question of whether about $9,000 in taxpayer money was improperly spent. mayor carpenter accused of paying for a college course in cape verde in creole with city money. >> i'm a former mayor and i know you're limited in benefits and salary that you're entitled to and tuition one of them. >> reporter: but another expense would be much weightier an $8,000 order for granite during the reconstruction of city hall missing. city leaders say the first order was the wrong color it so had to be reordered and repaid but where that first batch went is a mystery. >> who signed for the granite where was it stored, why was it so hard to locate it. where is it? who knows what about the granite. >> reporter: this is not the first time the mayor has
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suspended for failure to pay taxes he faced some questions over why he had his police detail drive him around. this new meeting for these issues is scheduled for next sunday at 7:00 p.m. much to talk about tonight from the supermoon we have out there to how it's going to affect our weather and a storm coming up the coast. clouds out there for now. to our south and li tracker radar already seeing some showers approaching the islands this is up in the high levels of the atmosphere though. much of this not reaching down to ground level getting some of the higher levels you can get some of the ice the thin ones are made of ice crystals. this will eventually make it to ground level as it gets wetter out there. just such a dry air mass over us at least for now. but here's a storm that's coming up the coast tonight. we saw this form up cape hatteras today and make its way northward
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pressure with winds that go like this. counterclockwise. so on the northern fringe of the storm you turn the winds from the south to the east and then northeast as it's coming toward you. storm is indeed coming toward us. it's going to shift those winds around for us during the day tomorrow. now if you have the clouds have you been battling the clouds there's a great picture from out there in worcester. get a great shot of that supermoon it is a supermoon that's the closest we've seen since 1948. a great shot here from jane. great shot. this is what i mean the clouds battling the moon. you can sometimes get a little fuzziness or a halo around the moon in situations like this. you can kind of see that here, too, in derry, new hampshire. bottom linch clouds have moved on in and those clouds have taken over the sky. we picked one out that we thought were fabulous from tonight. that's a great shot of the moon. but with the clouds in place now we just await the raven
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-- the rain to arrive. it will pick up in intensity. notice some of the heaviest rain on the back side. you get the heaviest precipitation along and best of the track and the strongest winds on the east side of the track. this is what happens nor'easters in the winter this won't be anything like that as far as intensity but it gives the same pattern. the heaviest rain back here. but look at the winds turning to the east and pushing the water toward the coastline through the morning into the afternoon then pushing northward. so the morning drive will be an appearance of rain. the evening drive will be periods of heavy rain. something of course we'll be tracking for you every step of the way for the morning with shiri and in the afternoon with myself. wind gusts watch what happens. in the morning coming from the southwest not very strong. as a storm approaches remember that counterclockwise arrow i drew they're turning to the northeast and pick up in intensity dusting over 20 or 30 miles per hour in the afternoon. that's why you have the
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against the coast in conjunction with the king tide thanks to that supermoon i was showing you it's making the tides higher than normal. so that combination will produce some minor flooding revere beach area you saw it last month you will see it again tomorrow. scituate certainly through cohasset. then out to providence town some minor flooding there as well. rainfall will the start to ramp up boston potentially getting three-quarters to one inch of rain and more on that western side of the track is potentially there. something we'll be watching closely tomorrow as well. high temperatures will be much cooler than today because of the appearance of the rain only in the 50s thanks to the clouds the rain and the onshore winds. we'll break out of it for wednesday and through the rest of the week when i talk to you in just a little while. we'll look ahead to our next storm system at the end of the seven-day forecast.
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years ago today the teen vanished without a trace. >> i believe that everything that happened that night happened in that neighborhood. >> the key action her family feels will provide the break in the case they so desperately need. plus, what several joggers admitted to us shortly after learning a woman had been attacked on a
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?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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the supreme court judicial court is sed to hear arguments in drug lab scandal that involved thousands of criminal cases. public defenders and the aclu are asking the court wednesday to dismiss about 24,000 of those cases in which former state chemist annie dukin played a role in testing the drugs.
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new at 10:00 a pair of massachusetts hikers will have to foot the bill. the four women were about halfway through a nine mile loop on mount lafayette on sunday when one of them fell on ice. realizing they weren't going to make it back by nightfall they call for help. a rescue crew with extra clothing lights and other supplies got to them a few hours later. tonight authorities say those women will likely have to pay for the rescue's cost. a protecting license plates supports law enforcement across the commonwealth. the massachusetts state police association is now offering. it costs $40 and will go directly to all massachusetts first responders and their families in times of need. a scaled down version of america's most famous home the white house is up for sale in texas. former tex governor sterling's mansion in galveston bay will hit the auction block next month.
10:41 pm
sterling told the architect he wanted his home to look just like the white house. >> that comes with an oceanfront view there. >> it sure does. >> the looks like the real thing. >> i think it's a little less than the real thing. >> it's about $5.5 million in galveston put that in d.c. i'm sure a lot more. >> still, beautiful nonetheless. new at 10:00 patients at the dana farber cancer institute got a visit gymnast ali riceman today. she didn't show up empty-handed air. she brought a $10,000 check to the director of the thoracic oncology there. the riseman family has a -- arizaman family has a special connection to the cancer center. the mbta has put out a survey to measure demand. right now the t is in talks
10:42 pm
to provide late night and overnight service to select routes. this comes less than a year after late night rail service was cancelled due to a lack of ridership. we provided a link for you on our website just go to some new information tonight about virus when someone contracts the disease their chance of dying is only 4%. straight ahead at 10:00, the length of time they say it takes for a person's chance of dying to suddenly more than triple that. but first a toxic several local wells and some several local wells and some are worried it's afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> some people are blaming a chemical found in drinking water for a number of problems in new hampshire, including a rare childhood cancer cluster. >> fox 25's kathryn burcham spoke with state health officials about how they're handling this emerging threat. >> he was 20 years old and he was full of life. >> reporter: as a little boy this was stephen deano's kingdom. the landfill just beyond. >> he was all throughout that area. >> reporter: at age portsmouth police officer was diagnosed with r.m.s. it's an incredibly rare cancer that almost always occurs in children. >> we were told he was stage four and there wasn't much they could do by the. >> reporter:stein took this photo in his uniform just weeks before he died in 2000. for years his parents grieved alone. people started talking about being worried about kids with cancer. >> reporter: i walked the abandoned rail bed with
10:46 pm
the source of concern. both are involved with the sea coast cancer cluster. they alerted state health officials when children were diagnosed with the same cancer and another rare cancer p.p.b. around the coakley landle. >> there are some parents who have lost their child, there are some whose children are very sic and they don't know whether their child is going to survive. >> reporter: parents around coakley have expressed fears the cancers could be linked to toxic wells near the superfund sight they emerging contaminates. >> nobody wants to find chemicals in their drinking water. >> reporter: etch deemologist dr. benjamin shann leading the investigation for the state of new hampshire p.f.c.s have possible negative health effects when concentrated levels show up in drinking water. in animal testing the e.p.a. says high levels affected
10:47 pm
reproductive system. >> we have 205 wells in the state that have tested above 70 parts per trillion. >> reporter: they have also found elevated levels of p.f.c.s near the port and at homes in three towns near the plastics plant. state health offificials say the chemicals are cause for concern but there's no conclusive link to the cancer cluster or aislenesses. >> so it's very difficult to say if somebody has been exposed to these chemicals with their risk is or whether they will develop any health effects at all the tobacco industry said the same thing for many years. >> reporter: jim lives in the shadow where p.f.c.s drifted from the smokestack for years. he refuses to drink the water in his own house. he says not only are state officials downplaying the risk of p.f.c.s they aren't taking the responsible parties to task. >> our opinion is that he is whitewashing the seriousness and the potential health risk of p.f.c. contamination. >> reporter: state officials
10:48 pm
residents who live near and have found elevated levels of p.f.c.s in adults and children. >> is there a connection i don't think anybody is going to sit back and say no, they're perfectly safe. >> reporter: watching other parents wait for answers like he did brings stephen's death rushing back. he prays state officials will be able to protect other families from the pain that broke >> we don't want anybody else to die. >> all residents with contaminated wells are being given bottled water or intime filtration systems. the state is also working with the coakley landfill group to finance extending the public water system to the hundreds of homes that are affected. kathryn burcham, fox 25 investigates. about an hour and a half ago we got this statement from st. gobane they agreed to fund a connection of all
10:49 pm
municipal water system at the request. we are pleased the connections remain clean drinking water that meets or exceeds state or national advisory levels for these residents. that has been and remains our primary concern. new at 10:00, the death toll from the mosquito-borne west nile virus might be greater than once thought. new research shows that the health of some patients rapidly deteriorated years after contracting the virus causing the overall death toll rate to jump from 4% to 13%. occurred three years after infection. though some deaths occurred 10 years later. according to the research, the group highest at risk to die prematurely from the virus are under 60 years old. -- the harbor had been closed for the past 25 days after a norovirus was found in oysters harvested offshore. more than 80 people got sick. the closure hurt local shell fishing businesses and caused the town's oysterfest
10:50 pm
no longer in the area. arlington police are trying to figure out who started a fire in a girl's bathroom at the high school today. police say someone intentionally set a bench on fire this afternoon. firefighters were able to quickly put out the flames and no one was hurt. there was not any damage done to the rest of the building. 27 years ago tonight a brockton teenager went out and never came home. her family has never given up hope of finding faye. >> tonight jennifer's family and friends romneying her by retracing her last steps. fox 25's bob ward has been covering this case now for years and has our story. >> reporter: here in brockton, family and friends of jennifer faye are holding a candlelight vigil. jennifer was just 16 years old she disappeared on this night in 1989. tonight, family and friends are retracing jennifer's final steps. they're trying to get anyone who lives in her old neighborhood to talk.
10:51 pm
that somebody will come forward. >> reporter: dottie maclaine last saw her daughter jennifer faye 27 years ago today. it was a monday night holiday. jennifer supposed to be baby-sitting her younger brother and sister here at her house when she suddenly left to meet up with friends. jennifer faye was last seen right here in this area of brockton only a block away from her home. and the 27 years since it's as if jennifer faye completely vanished. that i knew in my heart something happened. right at that moment and that was probably the time. >> reporter: dottie maclaine and private investigator michelle littlefield who has been working the case for more than a decade are returning to the same streets 27 years later. the answer, they feel, is somewhere right here. but someone needs to you can attach i believe everything that happened that night happened in that
10:52 pm
where she'll be found. >> reporter: in a statement to fox 25 news the plymouth county d.a. said ms. fay's case remains open today we urge anyone with any information at all on her disappearance to contact state police detectives at 508 -- after 27 years jennifer fay's family is looking for justice but they also just want to bring her home. if you know anything at all about this case call police. in brockton, bob ward, fox 25 killers still walking the streets. desperate for justice. on wednesday night fox 25's bob ward fries bring these families some hope. watch bob ward's recounting some of the most devastating cases that still have not been solved. it's wednesday night at 11:30 right here on fox 25. after today's deliberation a guiltier have in the murder case of a georgia father accused of leaving his toddler son
10:53 pm
>> he showed no emotion as jury found him guilty. we have been following this case for weeks for you. prosecutors said harris left the boy intentionally to escape his family responsibilities and pursue an affair. >> you have cases where, you know, have you these hot car deaths and these facts were completely different than those cases. so that from almost like a scientific angle did not add up. >> the boy's tragic death was just thattage track accident. harris now faces life in prison. the way children teach their less on has evolved. spanking has dropped significantly in the past several decades. straight ahead, the less violent discipline more parents are choosing now as their go too. >> but first after an alarming teak on a local
10:54 pm
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>> clouds have arrived now we're waiting four for the rain we're very dry so the rain will have tough time getting here tonight but first thing in the morning shiri will be tracking the rain. heaviest will be middle of the day into the afternoon then there's this. the coastal flood advisory all areas along the coast here in massachusetts all the way down to the islands on shore winds tides being produced by that supermoon out there will produce some special the but normally prone spots. an update on all of this and a new timeline at 11:00. the man accused of grabbing a woman on a popular hiking trail. fox 25's kathryn burcham went to lebanon, new hampshire to speak with hikers about the ala wering attack. >> reporter: a police chief concerned for the safety of his community tonight after a woman was violently
10:58 pm
a popular trail. >> it's a little bit out of the view of the traveling public. >> reporter: police say a man came up behind a 23-year-old hiker just before 6:00 last night grabbed her throwing her down as she was walking toward the water tower. >> he ran away. >> that is shocking. >> reporter: police say the man began assaulting the woman but she fought back and he panicked and ran. a white male 18 to 25 years old described as having shaggy blonde hair and wearing a hooded sweatshirt. >> i've never had anything but positive interactions terrifying to think that's a possibility. >> reporter: still hikers tell us that the woods here are sick and it can put anyone who is alone in a vulnerable position. she's glad she has her dog by her side and will be on alert tonight. >> we will be aware and take care. >> reporter: and the suspect was seen leaving here in a dark four door sedan. investigators say that
10:59 pm
walking or biking here yesterday and did not realize they had seen that suspect. in lebanon, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. give you the description of the suspect in this alarming attack one more time. a white male, 18 to 25 years old. with shaggy blonde hair and was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. happening tomorrow the warning you receive before your kids make their holiday wish list. it will be released right here release the 10 worst toys of the year list. we'll be there we will show you this hazardous toys tomorrow night. a new study showing fewer parents are spanking their kids. researchers found the form of discipline has been on the decline since 1988 it this comes from several nationwide studies from kindergarten-aged children. researchers said more parents are using timeouts as a way get their message
11:00 pm
first at 11:00 there's a storm coming up on the east coast you can see it right here it will impact our weather tomorrow morning good evening everyone thank you for joining us i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is tracking when that rain will arrive. kev, there's a chance for some areas to see flooding? >> they're not actually directly related. the rain won't cause the flooding in this instance but they're coming from the same store. there's a correlation in that respect. the earth curves so it shoots higher and higher up off the is face as it goes out. some of this rain is up aloft near the clouds not reaching down to ground level. by morning it will though and shiri will be tracking as it takes over southern new england. this area of low pressure is right back in here. around it the winds are going like this. counterclockwise that means when it gets up here the winds will shift we'll be on this side of it to the northeast. that in conjunction with the higher than normal tides thanks to that supermoon


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