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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at 10:00, video that makes you go whoa! >> a man was eating lunch here at jimmy's sitting flight this booth when a car came through the window. a close call, next. >> these women survived a violence car-jacking. >> when i got them out of the car she was left in the car. he drove off with her. >> reporter: images of their injuries too graphic for tv. tonight the skills that may have saved their lives. plus, president-elect's first interview after his big win. >> let me ask you about obamacare, which you say you're going to repeal and replace. >> the obamacare mandates he says reasons going anywhere. after a night of vints protests in oregon new protests are underway. >> now we're realizing that the only thing left to do is love. >> the love violent message displayed on boston common
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place. when bitter cold moves out this weekend. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. right in the middle of the lunch rush a car slams into a popular sandwich shop. good evening i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. right at the point of impact a customer. fox 25's john monahan is live in danvers for us. john, the driver says this wasn't her fault? >> that's right. the actual car matt couldn't stop. but luckily, as she went right through that glass and into the restaurant. this man eating lunch today when a car crashed right through the window throwing him from his seat. >> the car drove right into the building. >> watch again from thisage the car plows through the plate glass pushing the
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>> it was in a booth, thank god, they didn't get hurt. >> reporter: jimmy opened jimmy's in 1967. he's never seen or heard anything like this. >> very loud. we thought it was a bomb. >> reporter: debbie was behind the counter. watch her jump when the car hits the grass. >> scared the day lights, i think i probably said a bad word, too. >> reporter: but despite being scared debbie ran out to help. pulling the driver from the vehie. the woman was not injured neither was the man in the booth. the driver said the car mat got caught on the brake and she couldn't stop. jimmy and debbie are just glad everyone is okay, including the driver a lifelong and loyal customer. >> she was very calm, she came inside.
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years and she got her favorite a blt. coming up at 11:00, some recent renovations that likely saved people inside from some very serious injuries. live in danvers tonight, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. >> incredible video there. glad everyone is okay, john. we'll see you again at 11:00. tonight we are learning this brush fire flynn is now under control. skyfox captured the scene earlier this evening. the fire department tells us no buildings were threatened by the flames. the cause is still investigation. new at 10:00 a salem, new hampshire man wanted for stalking has been caught by police. when officer tried to arrest him they say he ran off down route 28 leaving his 2-year-old in the car. officers were able to capture him down the road. they say they used a stun gun to bring him down. he's now charged with endangering a child and resisting arrest. president-elect donald trump first post election interview will air this sunday. trump along with his family
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york city home following tuesday's victory. cbs aired a preview of the interview. he was asked how people with preexisting conditions will be covered if he repeals obamacare. >> it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. >> you're going to keep that. >> very much try keep that in. it adds costs but it's very much something we're going to try and keep in. he also told "60 minutes" both hillary him -- bill clinton called him since tuesday. here is part of the transition them that will help president-elect trump at the top vice president-elect mike pence, also the next big three names former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, new jersey governor chris christie, who was replaced by the chairman today, and retired lieutenant general michael flynn. three of trumps children
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>> kelly ayotte who lost her re-election bid could be in tuesday to be the next defense secretary. "washington post" is reporting that it spoke with two sources familiar with the discussions. we have reached out to senator ayotte for comment but have not heard back. for the third time in a row now anti-trump rallies have erupted across the nation. in miami hundreds of people blocked off ramps to the interstate bringing traffic to a dead halt. here in georgia our sister station captured these im downtown atlanta. the police appear to have them confined to one area. and tonight's rally on boston common was not as much about protesting as much as it was about finding ways to unite people after a very divisive election. fox 25's jacqui heinrich there was and jackie, more than a thousand people showed up tonight. >> easily b a thousand, vanessa. this rally lasted for several hours. a lot of folks that were coming and going over the course of that rally. the name of the rally was
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they're not going do is spread more of that. >> bitter cold and boston ceremony didn't keep protestors from coming together in numbers in post election solidarity. the trump loves hate rally pledging to take a different tone in talking about how to come together under a president these people did not vote for. >> peace, unity and love and peace and how to come together and fight against the person that is now going to be our president that's extremely offensive to many different groups o addressing the crowd sharing stories of discrimination, protestors promising these voices will not be drown out but echoed by allies over the next four years. >> there was people talking about how they had been raped, there were talking about how they might be ostracized because of their choices stories like that. >> reporter: but it wasn't just hillary supporters coming together in mourning, independents who didn't like either candidate showed up to talk strategy. some trump supporters even
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them? the group says the night was effective and it won't be last of its kind as they slowly embrace the new president-elect. get behind him not necessarily to support him in all that he does but to push him in the direction that we need him to go in. at the end of the day this is a democracy that's not something we can forget just because our side didn't win. >> reporter: those protestors did say confine to boston kmonch. they didn't have permits to march the streets so they didn't. also no arrests were jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. now to a live look at the zakim bridge where some people are on the way home from the celtics big win tonight over the new york knicks. you have to think the heat in the cars cranking. it's going to be real cold in the morning. these wind chills will be 10 degrees colder by the morning at least. it feels like 31 in boston right now. but it feels like 26 in worcester. there are some cold feeling air out there.
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this point. it is down to 36 in worcester. we'll find some colder spots in between those big reporting stations next time i talk now a few minutes. as far as the wind gusts still gusting over 30 miles per hour in spots like bedford and providence town. 49 in cambridge, 44 in milton that's why the wind advisory has been discontinued. i'll show how cold we're going to start our weekend tomorrow morning and the rebound that's on its way. >> police need your help identifying this man wanted for a walked into the subway store jumped the counter and tried to rip out the till from the register. the man also got into a fight with an employee before running off. if you know who the man is call worcester police. a teenage girl is expected to survive after she some you who was impaled on a fence in dovt. this happened around 3:00 this afternoon on shannden street. skyfox show a crew cutting through the rot iron -- wrought iron fence to rescue the girl.
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thigh. police are still trying to figure out how this happened. now on fox 25 an unimaginable tragedy. >> ryan passed with three young children. >> just a great dad. >> reporter: ate dog husband a loving father, and a wonderful friend killed just trying to do the right thing. >> he made everybody feel like they were the most important person and he did that ever since we were kids. >> reporter: now a community coming together in his honor. >> i'm looking forward to see the outpouring of love. >> reporter: to turn one family's heartbreak into hope. in april, ryan hinkston died trying to break up a fight. >> several months later his friends and family are turning this tragedy into a tribute. robert goldston is outside in the park where his memory will be honored tomorrow. >> reporter: when you ask will about his dad brian. >> he's always the guy to crack a joke. >> reporter: the smiling starts and then comes the stories. >> he was really just an all
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and i couldn't ask for a better father. >> reporter: back in april, brian was killed while trying to do what he always did helping others. >> brian, brian was special. >> reporter: brian was at a friend's birthday celebration two. people in the group got into a fight in this dorchester parking lot. at one point brian tried to stop the fight by raising his arms in the air to separate the men, police say that's when brian punched brian in the face causing him to fall back and hit his head on the pavement. ryan passed children that we're talking about going to school, to college, on top of just losing their dad. >> reporter: brian's family is now getting help frm of the lives he touched especially in his beloved charlestown where he grew up more than 100 joined the system. >> they called them the gentlemen. >> reporter: that is running the spartan race this week at fenway. >> i'm looking forward to see the outpouring of love. >> reporter: an educational fund has also been set up for the three hinkston children. friends have been raising
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and t-shirts. >> he's a big family guy. he always put us before him and he always wanted to us get the best experience of everything. >> reporter: but the race is also about saying thank you. >> he made everybody feel like they were the most important person in the room. >> reporter: to a man who continues to impact so many lives. >> this really speaks volumes just knowing we loved him so much and so did so many other people. he was so thankful for those doctors and nurses dhaurg difficult time when his dad passed he's thinking about going into that line of park, robert goldston, fox 25 news. on monday, two suspected car-jackers face a judge tonight one of their victims is talking with fox 25. >> so i use my feet as much as i could kicking him in the knee, kicking him in the groin. >> a skill this mother daughter combo possess that the car-jackers never saw
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to childhood obesity could be not eating. and throughout the day we've been sharing trits to our veterans as we head to break. here's a picture of tom brady posted on his facebook
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developing tonight a search for answers after a teenager was shot on a bike path. a breaking story we first brought you at 5:00 tonight.
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has been on scene all evening and christine, that teen is expected to survive? >> reporter: yes, state police do tell me that this teenager just 16 years old is recovering at boston medical center after being shot right here on the bike path behind me on the mattapan milton line. now police do tell me thankfully this boy is expected to survive his injuries. his shooter remains at large. >> reporter: police taped off the crime scene on the mattapan milton police presence among b.p.d. milton police, and state troopers. officers diverted traffic for more than three hours as investigators collected evidence in the shooting of a teenage boy. state police tell fox 25 the 16-year-old was on the on the bike path when he was shot shortly before 5:30 friday night. police believe the teen may have run for help towards this gas station at the intersection of river street and central ave. an ambulance rushed him to
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ballistics experts spent hours processing the scene and detectives questioned potential witnesses. but as for the motive, police are still unsure. now it's unclear whether or not that victim was able to provide any information to police about his shooter but again still no arrests. live in milton tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. new at 10:00 a three alarm fire is under control in saugus. the fire broke out at a on harrison ave around 7:30. the fire was knocked out about 8:30. the cause is still under investigation. developing tonight police are investigating a hit-and-run that left a man with a crit calling head injury. the collision happened -- critical head injury. police found 36-year-old michael alfono lying in the road seriously injured. he was riding his bike in the area when he was hit by
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condition in the hospital. tonight the coast guard had to call in their rescue helicopter to save two people whose boat ran aground in boston harbor. those skyfox was able to capture the chopper using its spotlight to locate the vote. here's some daytime video that skyfox shot of the boat. the coast guard tells us that the pair was brought back to logan airport where they had parked. they will have to salvage the boat but fortunately no one was hurt. the coast guard has suspend for three missing voters from new bedford. the group left a cape cod marina for a missing trip on tuesday. a friend reported them mising when they never came home. the coast guard covered nearly 4,000 nautical miles in cape cod bay but never found the fishermen or their boat. >> a baby found dead two adults found unresponsive. fox 25's crystal haynes went back to marlboro where firefighters tell her the
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>> we believe it was an accident but, you know, until i guess we hear otherwise. >> reporter: the family of an infant boy pronounced dead after being found with his parents are in shock. neighbors and classmates identify them as 19-year-old gracie and 23-year-old krav it is. he's his cousin and spoke with us after leaving the house on harrison place. >> reporter: a marlboro fire official tells me they treated the two adults for a possible drug overdose giving them each one dose of narcan. the cousin says the family seavered the home and found nothing suspicious. police searched this blue saturn parked in front of the home last night as part of the investigation. the license plate comes back to krav it is out of maine. >> i didn't know the guy that well. i just met him a couple
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police activity at this house before and including an altercation involving the 23-year-old and a neighbor. the strict district attorney has not officially released the names of the people in this case. department of children and families are investigating and so far it's unclear if any charges have been filed yet. reporting in marlboro, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. new at 10:00 police in one local town arrested this man for failing to register a marshfield police say thomas iii is a level three sex offender they arrested him at the marshfield inn on tuesday. a car went up in flames near the rhode island bord scpirt was caught on camera. you can see the sparks flying from the car. we've reached out for more details on this fire and the people who were inside the vehicle. a vandalism spree hits
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brockton city officials will be deciding if a dog that attack the four people should be euthanized. the brockton enterprise says the police department will hold a public hearing to determine whether the dog should be put down. the husky named leo attacked four people in september. victims claim leo has a type of aggression that cannot be cured and fear he will attack again. two dogs in marshfield have been quarantined after a fight with a rabid skunk. animal control officials say the skunk was hissing at the dogs so one of them grabbed it with its mouth. the skunk had rabies. the dog did get a booster shot. this was the town's first confirmed case of rabies in 15 years. skyfox through over cross street this morning as firefighters put out some hot spots. firefighters tell the sun that the fire started on the porch and spread to the expected floor.
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second floor. the cause is still under investigation. whenever the world makes you cynical, whenever you doubt that courage and goodness and selflessness is possible you stop and look to a veteran. we owe you our thanks, we owe you our respect and we owe you our freedom. powerful images and words today. here at fox 25 we want to take a moment to say thank you to our veterans for our service and sacrifice. >> photo journalist joe martin salutes our heroes. >> today is a very special day. >> it's a great day. it's great day for folks to celebrate with us.
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our veterans. >> i'm not a veteran myself but i'm a patriot and the sacrifices that men and women have made for this country are very important to me. >> today is a day for the veterans and for the families that support the veterans. >> i served in the army reserve for six years and you know i felt it was important to come out and support the the parade. >> to the president it means that the guy who serve and veterans before me you know, in the past and the future. >> thank you for your service. i appreciate it, especially
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come home. >> i just wanted to say thank you especially the disabled veterans. >> spent time away from fair families and loved ones where i to get stay home every day and enjoy america because of your service. thank you very much. >> what a beautiful tribute. tears were rolling face first time i saw it just thinking about what that man said. these veterans who sacrificed time away from their families to keep all of us safe. >> he just talked to these people who he met for the first time today out at these parades some of what they had to say was just remarkable. joe, one of the best putting those images together with those words. >> we can't just say it enough to all of our
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tonight police are looking for the people who used spray paint to vandalize several homes, cars and signs. >> it happened overnight to more than a dozen people in one franklin neighborhood. homeowners told jason law
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>> i'm glad it's coming off. but definitely a lot of elbow grease to get this off. >> reporter: when we found kristen scrubbing her garage dupe she had already removed the most offensive part of this graffiti against of all things the chicago cubs. >> we had a cubs flag hanging so they obviously just used that as some ammunition to write some things about the cubs. i mean the cubs won the world series what's bad about that. >> through taggingle have gar and racially charged words on cars, trucks, houses and signs. >> i was angry. who they wrote on my wife's car disgusting. >> reporter: we can't even show you the word painted on the side of al car tain's car. >> there's always vandalism with kids. >> reporter: they most believe it's kids running
10:31 pm
doing it. >> reporter: madeleine is a high school student in franklin. >> i think it has to be kids i don't see any adults, adults know what a car costs, what the panels on the side of the house costs. >> reporter: the franklin police department told us they are not investigating this as a hate crime they believe kids are responsible and they think it's a completely random act. so far no suspect information. jason law, fox 25 news. designs for the new wynn has been approved. some of the changes approved from 629 to 671. they say this is in response to how busy hotels are in the city. another change included eliminating an indoor swimming pool and adding exercise equipment. the official opening date for the casino was also decidedded. it will be june 3rd, 2019. thorough bread racing is return -- thoroughbred
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they approved six days of live racing for next year. same number of races seen at the track this year. horse owners and trainers have voiced concern that they can't support themselves on so few races. great shot of the moon tonight. look at that. reminding you that the supermoon, full moon not totally full just yet. that will happen on the 14th monday will be the closest pass of the moon brightest supe 1948. i'm not even old enough to thachl one. it's going to be a sight to see late sunday night and again monday night. the distance will be subtle as far as the distance and it will be superclear to go with the supermoon. 40 degrees in boston worcester is at 36 degrees. like winthrop at 39, woburn also at 39 degrees. in and around the city of lowell it's mostly 40 degrees but look at carlyle
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30s now. out to worcester county there's the city of worcester. fitchburg at 35 degrees and finally the south shore brockton and hampton all in the upper 30s. how the wind chills they are even colder you know that. 31? in boston is what it feels like. worcester it feels like 26 degrees. winds are still gusting over 20 in some cases over 30 miles per hour. not nearly as strong as they were earlier. 49 miles per hour in cambridge. we had a couple damage reports some trees coming down some lines coming down with those trees in these communities just to the north and west of boston mostly. then there's one in connecticut too right along the connecticut river there also where there was a little bit of damage. some minor damage from the wind gusts but the cold now is story. look at the clouds blowing offshore. we talked about how we would see the clouds blowing away from the shoreline that's an
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warmer ocean waters creating those clouds. much like lake effect or ocean effect snow. 20s in the morning in gardner, northwest of worcester rising to 36? with sunshine in the morning. it is going to be a cold day though overall. on cape cod though, you will drop into the 30s tonight then get up to about 42dy 10:00 a.m. we have talked a little bit about that during our newscast. 35 degrees at 6:00 a.m. at fenway then rising up to 45 by 11:00. note the sunshin going to top out between 45 and 50 in boston. in fact, here's your high temperatures right along the coastline from quincy to boston it's 49 degrees. out here to the city of worcester temperatures are going to be in the 40s here. worcester at 45? bellingham gets to 49? tomorrow afternoon. generally in the 40s in a few towns hitting 50s. here's your seven-day forecast that shows the rebound on sunday. less wind temperatures start cold but really shoot up
10:35 pm
somebody hit 60 degrees. then we have to look ahead to tuesday. that's our next storm threat we have been seeing a storm coming off the coast making a run at us. it's going to be critical for us because with that supermoon happening next week tides are going to be extra high, it's called a king tide. winds will be blowing in from the ocean and that combination will produce some coastal flooding. of course these are computer projections at this point storms that don't even exist watching very closely. i'll take another look at that plus, we'll talk about that patriots forecast, too, coming up. speaking of the patriots brookline resident turning 107 years old tomorrow had a special guest at her birthday party. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. ahh. >> so sweet. helping her bring in another year was patriots owner bob kraft. sadie schneider was born
10:36 pm
she grew up in winthrop has lived in brookline since the lyndon johnson administration. kraft told us she lit up the room. >> very cool. any of us who think we have problems just come in here and see the lovely sadie and you'll be fixed. >> sadie is a long time pats fan in fact, she was 50 they even played their first snap. >> puts it in perspective. >> >> how sweet of robert kraft to go up there. >> what a gesture. president-elect donald trump made his first political appearance nearly 30 years ago in new hampshire. >> still ahead the man who convinced trump to get into politics tell us what he saw in the businessman that makes him a perfect fit for the oval office. plus, the samsung galaxy note 7 might not be the only phone that can suddenly
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a study out of massachusetts shows those pop -- popular tv shows could be setting a bad example of safety. they looked at the use of utensils and gloves and time and temperature control in dozen of shows were only compliant about 70% of the time. and food safety practices were mentioned in only three episodes. the childhood obesity epidemic may not only be the result of kids eating too much. new research suggests skipping breakfast and irregular sleep patterns also play a very big part in adding pounds. >> reporter: researchers in the u.k. looked at children's environment and lifestyle to see if there were any factors that could lead to excess weight development. they studied the first 10
10:41 pm
in today's you u.s. journal pediatrics research showed that children who do not have a regular bedtime or those who get too little sleep and do not eat breakfast are at risk of gaining excess weight. skipping breakfast and skimping on sleep are early life factors in predict whether a child will become overweight. the study also showed breast-feeding and when babies are introduced to solid foods does not impact the risk of putting on extra pounds. that study also found if mothers smoked during pregnancy or greater risk of being obese. an outraged daughter says his daughter's iphone six plus overheated in her pocket and burned her. they saw smoke. this iphone incident comes just weeks after samsung recalled the galaxy note 7s she could have been asleep with the phone in the bag
10:42 pm
this and it could have caught something on fire. i'm is looking into it and would get back with them. it is a troubling statistic. 22 veterans commit suicide every day. in the next 10 minutes we'll introduce you to the technology doctors are using to monitor ptsd levels. but first we are speaking
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new details about the car-jacking that we told you about on thursday tonight. >> we're hearing from one of the women who survived the brutal attack.
10:45 pm
didn't know who they were messing with because she and her mother are high level black belts. >> reporter: get well soon cards from her martial arts students are helping lyft barbie mccoy's spirits. >> have to keep moving forward remembering how much i'm loved and how much the support came around me truly has my back. >> reporter: barbie has nine staples in her head. she and her mother ann were on the way to beauty salon when they came upon an accident in thompson, crashed head-on into a tree. after slowing down barbara remembers a man reaching into her car and attacking her. >> i just kicked him in the groin, kicked him in the body just kicked him every time he got closer i kicked him farther. barbie fought back she credits her martial arts experience for possibly saving her life. >> i have these instincts taught to me that it just took over when i no longer felt safe. >> reporter: police say the
10:46 pm
21-year-old woman from connecticut. barbie says she feels sorry for the couple. >> i'm just sorry for them that they felt they were so broken that they couldn't find help and they had to act out to get the attention that they needed. i don't know what they're running from but, he was fighting out of fear. >> reporter: barbie says her mother will have surgery on monday after she was stabbed in the leg. that's the same day the two alleged car-jackers will appear in cour flanagan, fox 25 news. new at 10:00, new hampshire state police are investigating a drowning on bow lake. police received a call of a kayaker in distress in the middle of the water. the 62-year-old woman was sky acting in a strong wind when she flipped over. the woman was wearing a life jacket was in the water for two hours before crews found her body. her identity has not been
10:47 pm
expressing the nation's appreciation to our veterans. the president laid a traditional wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetery and also talked about getting help for veterans and suffering from the invisible wounds of war. >> president obama: it is still a tragedy that 20 veterans a day take their own lives. we have to get them the help they need. >> the first family also hosted a breakfast for veterans and their families this morning. closer to home the clouds to honor the people who make a tremendous sacrifice for our freedom. the parade route through back bay was packed with people showing respect to the military men and women who serve to protect us all. one of the top concerns at the veterans affairs office is ptsd and suicide. tonight fox 25's elizabeth hopkins takes a look at the technology being developed to help our heroes. the transition home from the battlefield can be bags
10:48 pm
the spig mathat surround member. health and post traumatic stress disorder says air force veteran. >> it's always keep it to yourself. >> reporter: by phone ed tells us he has seen friends suffering through ptsd and he has met many through therapeutic group yoga warriors. >> reporter: according to the department of veterans affairs in 201420 vets died every day to suicide reversing that trend is now a top priority. boston -- they want to prevent suicide. >> the government in general has actually been extremely forward looking with respect to help. >> reporter: the studies that allow veterans to be monitored by health professionals but many want to remain anonymous. >> companion app. >> can be used to monitor the impact of ptsd. >> it can help them. >> reporter: but the way
10:49 pm
critical, too. >> we also have them largely working in -- >> reporter: the company says they learned when insurance or mental health call centers speak to someone who's struggling how they're treated on the phone can determine whether that patient follows through on treatment. >> they -- their dialogue app helps guide workers to react. another tool to help veterans in what is often a battle for their lives. but the company says they would like to see t prevention hot lines. we linked information on their companion app on our website. you can find it at new studies are underway to help veterans and others suffering from burns. department of defense is funding political studies to help doctors treat patients with chronic wounds. some patients saw rebuilding of skin issues and were also saved from amputation. doctors are now testing a stem cell treatment on injured military members who have recently suffered
10:50 pm
advancing this trial towards our veterans who are severely impacted. >> doctors say there are no health risk to donating bone marrow. in fact, they encourage healthy people to help treat patients. our website has more on how americans honored our veterans today. from an extended look at the sights and sounds of today's parade in boston to the search for an owner of a lost army ring. it was plus, a special reunion between a military father and his family that brought his children to tears. it's all on our website the president-elect may have never gotten into politics if it were not for the actions of a local man. >> fox 25's kathryn burcham caught up with him to discuss the mark he's left on history. >> i stood at a point where american history pivoted and actually put together the
10:51 pm
happen. >> reporter: was the deal of the century with the deal maker himself mike donebar a political activist convincing donald trump to run for president. >> to kind of get the taste in his mouth or put his toe in the water which is a political clich? you want to use i think maybe i'll get him up and get him on the campaign trail. >> reporter: he drafted trump for president and came with an invitation here at the restaurant which was then the center of new hampshire's political circle. >> he accommodating. he was very welcoming. he was just easy to talk to. >> reporter: in a room packed with hundreds trump gave his first ever stump speech of sorts bringing the crowd to its feet. >> i did think, yes, this guy has got what it takes. >> reporter: after the speech, dunnbar says trump shook the hand of every firefighter, police officer and restaurant employee there. a moment he says still resonates today. >> there's some insight as
10:52 pm
with just average common follow income the country he speaks to us, he knows us, and he obviously cares about us. >> reporter: dunnbar treasures the mementos. >> to michael, i really appreciate your friendship. >> reporter: but most of all he's grateful that the man he took a chance on took a chance on him. >> it's hard to believe i did. it's like a story i hear about somebody else than about me. >> reporter: dunnbar has since left politics but he says he hopes that he first believed he could be. in ports mouth, krinch kathryn, fox 25 news. facebook dealing with one major tech glitch today. the error leaving some to wonder if their family and friends were okay. but first we'll show you never before seen police
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>> temperatures throughout have been cold we know that the cold air came flying. in look at all the sunshine we have today the clouds blowing offshore. that is how nice it was throughout today. look at that view of the airplane over the next boston. fox 25 picture of the day use that hashtag instagram, we'll get it on the air. 30s to the north and west. and bhils 20s and 30s. going to be a cold start to your weekend. way by the end of the week coming up at 11:00. >> 49 lives were lost in the pulse nightclub terror attack. some of the victims were from massachusetts. tonight, we are getting a chilling look inside the orlando club shortly after the massacre. we want to warn some of the images are disturbing. it was one of the mass shootings in modern u.s. history. the body camera shows a scattered papers and fluid littering pulse nightclub. as authorities enter you can
10:57 pm
splattered blood. hours after the hideous attack deputies inside draw their weapons to make sure the area is clear. walking through the club remnants of the latin culture night celebration. the disco light still spinning. the victim's phones continually ringing. friends and family like christine hoping their loved one survived. >> what you should do is go wait somewhere nearby. >> reporter: hours later sh among the dead. back inside the hunt for the shooter continues. the horror surreal. the scene unlike anything they've ever seen. the shooter was killed in the attack and as we previously reported he said "dzhokhar tsarnaev is my home boy during a 911 call to police. " -- causing one to be rushed to the hospital.
10:58 pm
the university of albany allegedly doused recruits rotten eggs and milk and made them eat mud. one of the victims was brought to the hospital after having an allergic reaction. >> we certainly want to discourage students to have a good time in college. but, we need to be safe, and it's not only dangerous it's against the law and it's a crime. >> reporter: the university says the sorority the students belong to is no longer recognized at the ho all seven students are face misdemeanor charges. >> police say the plane crashed into the truck on the tarmac. one employee treated for minor injuries two flights were cancelled. officials are now investigating how the plane collided with that vehicle. new at 10:00 a facebook glitch has some users logging on to find out that they are dead. a social networking site posted a banner
10:59 pm
c.e.o. mark zuckerberg was declared dead. facebook has not commented on what caused the mass obitaries. now at 11:00 drive-thru a vehicle slams through a restaurant barely missing a customer. how a car wash led to the moment of impact. plus, protect the president-elect. new at 11:00 the massive challenge to keep trump tower secure and the crucial role the f.a.a. place. and is getting sued by the company who makes one of the ingredients that we put in our coffee. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 11:00. first at 11:00 a car comes crashing into a local restaurant and as you can see it was caught on camera. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. customers were inside eating when it happened and tonight we are are learning what
11:00 pm
fox 25's john monahan is live in danvers with the car detail that took a tough turn? >> marc, the driver of that car told police that she just had her car cleaned. the car mats and the floor mat got stuck under her foot and she couldn't stop. luckily there was a parking bumper that slowed her down a bit as she went through that glass and right in to the restaurant. this man eating lunch today when a car crashed right him from his seat. >> the car just drove right in to the building. watch again from this angle. the car plows through the plate glass pushing the table and the man right out of the seat. jimmy is opened jimmy's in 1967. he's never seen or heard anything like this. >> very loud.


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