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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from the patriots as the first ballots cast in new hampshire put him in an early lead. a local woman is still desperate for answers than a decade after her mother's murder. the new clues she is hoping will lead to an arrest. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4:30 on this tuesday november 8 election day. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. things are cold but a big meteorologist shiri spear in the storm tracker weather center with a look at when you can shed those winter layers. >> shiri: some towns and cities, brookville at 24 degrees. boylston at 30. hollis, new hampshire at 26. and 20s and 30s throughout all the suburbs until you get to milton, the city itself and hull in the lower 40s. 33 degrees in duxbury.
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so chilly start for sure. this is your warm-up in the boston area with 49 degrees at 6:00 this morning with sunshine. noon comes along and at 57 degrees. we should get to a high around 60. pretty close at 3 p.m., but by 7:00 this evening for late voters, temperatures will be back in the lower 50s. i will show you what it is going to look like in your town this afternoon coming up in just a few. julie is back with live drive time traffic. >> shiri: crews are dealing with the water main break in boston in front of the boston college t stop. because the station is above ground, water is not flowing into the station. water is shut out and -- off and we will update you as soon as more details come in. things are nice and quiet on the road at 4:31. pike open into 128 and the allston prototypeon. no issues 93.
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11 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to the weston tolls. 4:31 right now. the campaigning is over after one final push for the battleground states. hillary clinton brought out the big guns for her last event in new hampshire. >> julie: president barack obama to rally support today. >> donald trump is uniquely unqualified to hold this job and the good news, new hampshire, you are uniquely qualified to make sure he does not get this job. >> jul stephanie coueignoux they are not happy with how the election season panned out. >> i am glad that the president is here. it's a huge honor just see him. >> reporter: verna is one of thousands people who arrived at unh excited to hear president obama campaign for hillary clinton. less than 24 hours before polls open, the president is making a final push in the granite state, a state he won in 2008 and 2012.
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help hillary clinton secure victory here and possibly the presidency. >> this has been a difficult process. to put the country how that and i will be glad when it is over. >> reporter: and mims is not the only voter who feels this way. matt ames says this is the first time he is volting for a president, and said he is not impressed calling both candidates immaturity. >> the debates were more of them just ridiculing each other than talking about points that the hear about things. we want to see change acted on. >> reporter: mims while she supports hillary clinton, she has one wish for whoever becomes president. >> i hope with all my heart that whoever wins does what is best for the country and whoever loses supports the person who wins. >> reporter: that really seems to be the feeling among voters here in new hampshire. they understand just how important this state is to this
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understand it is how important their vote is, but they say they are ready for this process to be over with. in newington, new hampshire. stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. and the president took the stage in durham hours before donald trump spoke to supporters in manchester. >> julie: fox25's christine mccarthy has details of trump's vow to win. >> reporter: the sea of red hats and trump signs and people cheering. an estimated 10,000 people filling out the manchester, introduced by mike pence and rudy giuliani, the republican nominee arrived to a very warm welcome making his final push for votes in the granite state. recent polls showing a neck and neck race. hillary clinton and donald trump trying to win the state's four electoral votes. donald trump promising to repeal obamacare, lower taxes on american business, and wipe out what he calls the corruption of the current administration. but perhaps what garnered the
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and he says coach bill belichick contacted him to lend their support. >> tom brady -- [cheering] -- great guy, great guy. he called today and he said, donald, i support you. you are my friend. and i voted for you. [cheering] so he writes, coach belichick, co campaign. you proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. your leadership is amazing. i have always had tremendous respect for you, but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable. >> reporter: in manchester, new hampshire, christine mccarthy. >> daniel: you heard donald trump claiming he spoke to bell
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it seems that brady had not submitted his ballot. >> did you take advantage of your bye week to vote early as many people did -- i think 25% in massachusetts. the people have already voted. are you one of those people. >> i haven't voted yet, so i am going -- today or tomorrow. >> daniel: we know that brady did not vote early but he could have voted with an absentee ballot up until yet and worth noting they were supporting trump, brady's wife, gisele, gave an emphatic no. brady will unveil his vote next week. a family that runs a restaurant that donald trump supporters targeted them because of their heritage. this picture looks innocent enough. one of those men is richie kadesh. the controversy when he posted a picture on facebook saying, they are paying for the wall.
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defending her family. lived in america for 20 years. >> that is what made this country great we have nationalities everywhere, and we all come here to try to build a better future. >> julie: kadesh has since taken the post down. fox25 has team coverage all day long. our michael henrich is in nashua, new hampshire and catherine parrotta is live in framingham. they will be watching early morning turnout and som state will decide. we have a team in new york city. we will go to fox25's chris flanagan for a live report in about 30 minutes. police in burlington are trying to track down a bank robber. police say this man passed a note at the salem bank on cambridge street yesterday afternoon. he didn't show a weapon but did get away with cash. police brought a dog to trace him but. a billerica man is accused
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eric oblinitz. he and to be using drugs a parking lot and hit the officer as he tried to get away. that officer is expected to make a full recovery. else be back in court for a dangerousness hearing. only on station, 15 years after her mom's death, a framingham woman wonder it is a former inmate will provide answers in the unsolved murder. karen machiani was stabbed repeatedly in her apartment. her daughter jennifer case said over her mom's jewelry including the watch she was wearing when she was killed. around the same time she got a tip of a former inmate at the billerica jail who had letters discussing the murder. >> someone who was a cell mate of someone close to my mom reached out to a friend of mine saying that he some letters that he thought the police needed to see. >> daniel: kay said the letter
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da's office about the letters. they are following up on additional leads and will continue to actively investigate the murder. problems with a phone charger sent seven adults and one child from a local school to the hospital. brought the charger to school and it started sparking. when someone put water on the sparks it gave off a vapor that made several people pick. no one was seriously hurt. fire fighters cleared the air a sit-in to support a fellow classmate. last week fox25 reported on a suffolk student who wrote a blog about racism after her professor accused her of plagiarism in response, 100 of her classmates walked out of class yesterday afternoon. an organizer said students came up with a list of demands they are going to present to administrators. >> things get reported and nothing gets done, so we want to change the culture of the university. >> last week suffolk told fox25
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to create more of an inclusive environment. this morning the bruins are headed to canada with a win under their belt. they beat the buffalo sabres. scoreless in the second, boston just peppering the net with pressure. not able to slam it home and they never looked back from there. few minutes later bs on the power play, 2-0. bruins take on the california canadians tonight at 7:30. we track af weather together every ten minutes. drive time on 93 south. pretty easy about 20 minutes or so from 495 to andover and the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: temperatures on the cool side. 25 to 40 degrees. i know it is giant range. coming up we will break down some of the school spots. coming home from work from those headed into today at 5 p.m., 56 to 62. we have sunshine today and showers tomorrow. 4:40 right now. rolling stone magazine ordered
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case that sparked national
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introducing tresemm? botanique a blend of coconut milk and aloe vera in a professional-quality formula, inspired by nature. blended by professionals to replenish for stunning healthy-looking hair. tresemm? botanique professional. at your fingertips. before you head to the polls this morning, fox25 wants to get you up to speed on the big ballot question. investigative reporter eric ramussen digs deep near
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>> reporter: legal marijuana in massachusetts and not just for medical use could be a reality. >> we are cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: sales pitch to voters, regulate marijuana like alcohol. >> have an adult to choose a substance less dangerous and less toxic and addictive than alcohol. >> reporter: marijuana used in the u.s. looks a lot more like cigarettes than alcohol. one of the findings reported in the journal of drug issues. marijuana everybody ewe like cigarettes is in local socioeconomic strata and alcohol is a relatively upscale drug. fox25 spoke to one of the authors in california. >> 40% say alcohol -- it often surprises people and cigarettes and marijuana it is quite a bit lower. >> the industry itself -- the marijuana industry a multimillion dollar industry is promising the playbook of state
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>> reporter: state senator jason lewis is running the charge against question 4 of medical marijuana. they are not taking up a policy question, but those pushing to legalize marijuana are standing by their message to voters. >> the alcohol system licenses and supervisors and enforces violations. we want the same thing with the marijuana industry. >> reporter: if question 4 passes, it will create a commission similar to alcohol beverage control. unlike tobacco, of cours marijuana raises questions of how to stop people from driving under the influence. opponents say the new initiative doesn't do enough to address that. eric ramussen, fox25 news. >> julie: one final look at all four state ballot questions. question one deals with add be another gambling slots. two is charter schools. three farm animal consignment and four we just told you legalizes recreational marijuana. thousands of volunteers are
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issue the polls. they are answering calls for anyone with a voting-related question for complaint and can help with anything finding a poller station or voting -- or reporting intimidation. the vote hotline has been around for 14 years. >> should definitely be watching for people who have no business inside the polls on election day. >> daniel: yesterday the u.s. supreme court denied petition by ohio democrats to restore new anti- restricting activity by posting monitors at the polls. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes and things nice and quiet out there. should anything happen i will be the first to let you know. route 1 moving along fine. no issues on the pike. the expressway looks good from the braintree split to columbia road. live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass
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logan airport is starting to snow. shiri is freaking. this is the snow removal equipment. they bring it out. for 12 years now logan has been recognized as having the best know and ice control program in the country. >> daniel: good to know. >> julie: if features 50 vehicles and pieces equipment to keep the runways open during the worse of winter weather will of should not aff flights. >> daniel: the pictures were looking for was from a snowstorm -- >> julie: you think snow in november -- that video has nothing to do with snow november per e is. but not unusual. >> shiri: that amount of snow would be unusual but getting snow does not. >> daniel: that makes me panic. >> shiri: that video is a little tough to watch at 4:00
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for january, february and march, -- more likely to get the big whopper snowstorms. no snow. no rain, no clouds. high pressure and chilly temperatures this morning. as we zoom it out and look across the nation. a cup of areas i see having impacts for the weather from election day will be from the upper midwest into the ohio river valley. basically down the mississippi with some of the heaviest showers over lis which is great news. you know what is unusual, no snow not even in the rocky no, sir snow. a pretty quiet yet election day for most of in the country here. for us starting at 40 degrees in boston right now. you can see the warm-up. it is kind of slow this morning. we probably take a little dip into the 30s around 6 a.m. in boston. 42 degrees at 8 a.m., by 10 a.m. we are back in the 50s. zipping up to 60 degrees this afternoon and we just have those beautiful, sunny icons.
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too much. morning temperatures are. inland towns and cities, 20s and 30s. you better pull up the fox25 weather app and check your weather because the 40-degree reading on the screen is just for boston right now. all of us in the low to mid-60s. except for the cape and islands with highs in the 50s. nothing to sneeze at. pretty warm for this time of the year and temperatures a little more normal, cooler here tomorrow. mid- to upper 50s up there. 60s will be a little hard to come by, and risk for showers. we are not talking a whole lot of rain. i am seeing anywhere from a few hundreds of an inch to possibly a quarter inch to the most. scattered throughout the day. when you wake up tomorrow morning talking showers into southern new hampshire, southern, central massachusetts during the morning commute. really peaking in boston anywhere from 10 to 3 p.m. lunchtime will be your wet time across eastern massachusetts here and a lot of those showers
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cape by the evening commute. this will end up winding down on wednesday night. seven-day forecast has the day always in view. 60s today. mid-50s tomorrow. lower 50s thursday with partial sun. by friday, the clouds will increase again and we have the risk for a cup of late-day showers and flurries as we get the weekend started on saturday. will cool down big time. we are waking up to freezing temperatures. high of only 45 on saturday with wind on top of that, and sunday sun. back to you, guys. as usual rumors are swirling of features of the latest iphone model. the new color option that could be avail fumble one web site is right. a pair of new hampshire
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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the ground opened dubuque, iowa sunday morning leaving a gaping sinkhole in the middle of town. the roadway gave that by a historic part of debuke. regulations in water production the day before. a wild crash scene on franklin avenue in dorchester. look at this picture. it is hard to believe a u haul truck ended up resting against this light pole with two wheels in the air yesterday morning. it happened near american legion highway. no word what caused the crash
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panic in manchester. two officers shot while on duty prompting a massive manhunt that landed in arrest. two officers shirt were honored foyer their bravery. crystal haynes was in manchester and has new information on the situation back in may. that is what you do. >> reporter: the new hampshire officer being honored as a hero for his work in taking down ian mcpherson last may after police officer ryan hardy in the face and shoulder during a traffic stop. >> for the future and all this. >> reporter: after shooting hardy, mcpherson fled with more than a dozen officers in pursuit. officer matt o'connor was shot in the leg in the confrontation. >> i think matt and ryan embody exactly what american policing is about. they went out and did their
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>> reporter: manchester chief nick willard said there were parts of the story they didn't know. in the heat of the gun battle with their own wounded, responding officers found clarity. >> the restraint shown by the officers who actually physically took this defendant into custody. >> reporter: and among those who rushed in to respond to these shootings were officer hardy's best friend and fellow brother in blue on the officer michael mcghee had only been on the force a cup of years and tells us no time to think. he just acted on instinct. >> a gun battle and i didn't know if the suspect was still around, so i did everything i could to make sure he didn't get shot again. >> reporter: the memory of that night has stayed with him and so did the memory of his friend's bravery. >> to see him where he was was awfu l. to tell him that everything was
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he just looked at me and said go get the guy. >> reporter:reporting in manchester, crystal haynes, fox25 news. three patriots players use their bye week to learn about the police department. matthew slater and team owner robert kraft visited the department on halloween to learn more of a job of a boston police officer. the players were greeted by commissioner bill evans to discuss football and the community. they geared up and went for a ride-along. the players visited a te game between police and neighborhood kids. boston police commissioner william evans completed this year agencies new york city marathon. there he was wearing his medal. it marked his 51st marathon. he ran it at 3:36. a 8:39 pace. a great race. he said the credit should go to the officers who stood guard along the route. 4:56 right now. election day is here. polls open and two hours, donald trump already picking up
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fox25 has team coverage all morning about the race for the
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: now at 5:00, more than a year of campaigning comes to an end. get a chance to cast their ballots. >> do you ever think would you be hearing a major speech around 1:00 in the morning. are we crazy? is this crazy? >> i want to be president for everyone because we all have a role to play in building that better future for our country and for each of you! >> gene: this historic election not going gently into that good night. both candidates into the wee
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their final pitch to voters as we just heard. and fox25 has team coverage from the polling places to the candidates to the final stops, and it all starts right now on this tuesday, november 8, election day. >> gene: as mentioned team coverage and we are getting out early when polls open. you will need a coat and gloves. meteorologist shiri spear in the stormtracker weather center this morning. coldest morning in a while. 8:29 >> a little frosty and freezing depending on where you are. boston in the 40s. not anymore, 39 in boston. so many 20s in bedford and norwood and plymouth down to new bedford and nashua. cold start. gene is right. this will be really cold as you get up this morning. calm winds and that is really con due stove these very chilly clear mornings. problem is, until the sun comes


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