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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 8, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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now chaos at a local mall. the rapper the crowd came to see before things turned ugly. >> then the presidential nominees fight for your vote one lacerate time. >> anger my friends. >> new at 10:00 how donald trump is throwing bill belichick into the race for the spwhus showers on the way. i'm tracking we'll see our next rain in the warm up for election day. police say a woman stomped her it can ton death. >> yes, -- >> only on fox 25 why she says police have it all wrong.
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10:00. that's part of the panic inside a local mall as a huge crowd gaggered. evening i'm jacquie mcnish. >> i'm mark onchth police turned violent as -- i'm mark ockerbloom. -- police arrested several people half a dozen. these streets were filled with panicked people and police just about three hours ago. they were here for an even that the drew about 1,000 people. fans inside tell us that grew impatient that's when things turned violent. many inside the mall captured by fox 25 viewers. chaos as crushing crowds at the cambridgeside galleria
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rapper designer, and the celtics newest draft pick jalen brown at an event on the third floor. mall security tried to control the crowd of more than 1,000 but things quickly got out of hand. >> my shoes and my body got trampled over, too. i had to hold on to my little brother to make sure he was okay. >> reporter: police from cambridge, boston, the state police, local colleges and towns responded in force with blue lights and even k-9s to control the mob inside. >> all of a sudden everyone just ran out and we had to hide in h&m. >> reporter: police say they were assaulted with glass and bricks so they used mace to disers if the crowd. once outside -- disperse the crowd. once outside people were outside. >> people had made their way
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-- and police made a wall and starred moving everyone down. >> reporter: six juveniles were arrested four males and two females for charges including trespassing, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. despite this violence there are no reports of injuries. we're live in cambridge tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. now at 10:00. >> i'm here to ask you to vote for yourself, vote for futures. >> we have one flawed candidate to beat. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton are using every last second to win your vote. >> on the final day of campaigning. >> clinton has been busy holding a huge rally with bruce springsteen tomorrow they will both be watching the returns in new york. that's where our team is tonight. laura miller with the trump campaign but first let's go
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>> reporter: the clinton campaign told me today they are very excited about the early voter turnout they want to carry that moment. tum into election day. they say they have an army at work telling me one million get out the vote volunteers will be on the ground across the country tomorrow. >> our core values are being tested in this election. >> reporter: in a final message to voters hillary clinton is taking a noticeably softer ton. >> i believe in our people. >> reporter: it's a message she hopes will carry her to supporters at her election party here in manhattan at the javitz center tuesday night. what are we ending on in the last 24 hours here? >> that we're an america that's stronger together. >> reporter: we met director of communications outreach at clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn. >> new hampshire, very much in play did you expect it to be such a battleground area this late in the game. >> absolutely. new hampshire has always been a battleground state. >> reporter: macintosh says they'll focus on states with limited early voting like new hampshire, pennsylvania,
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these states could flip out of what's always been the blue? >> in the final 48 hours the hillary clinton is following a really disciplined strategy. it's about turning out the vote on election day for the states where we have to focus on election day. >> reporter: monday alone clinton made stops in michigan and i asked if the f.b.i.'s decision not to reopen the clinton e-mail investigation gave the campaign a last minute boost? the campaign is staying on message. >> we're certainly glad that the f.b.i. it's ashame that america had had to be confused for. last week while that happened but we have a strong message about building an economy that works for everybody not just those at the top. >> reporter: hillary clinton will make her final campaign stop in less than two hours this evening in raleigh, north carolina. she's expected here in new york tomorrow voting in chappaqua in west, county. kerry kavanaugh, fox 25
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hitting a counties. hillary clinton holds a slim 4-point lead over donald trump. we continue our team coverage now with be fox 25's blair miller he's live in new york city as well. blair the trump campaign full of confidence tonight? >> reporter: yeah, ock, on the outside at least. they're beaming with confidence. i spent some time with the trump campaign today inside their headquarters at trump tower. th checking these polls constantly and so far they like what they see. >> reporter: today inside trump tower up on the 14th floor the campaign is closely watching the polling and early voting numbers. senior trump advisor boris epstein telling me they believe he will win swing states. new hampshire is vital. >> reporter: confidence couldn't be higher that trump will reach the needed 270 electoral votes. >> how close --
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campaign with a grueling swing across five states from florida this morning, up to north carolina, to pennsylvania. then to manchester, new hampshire, and now to michigan for one last late night pitch. >> the only force strong enough to save our country is us. >> reporter: also tonight the trump campaign aired this two minute long video in prime time a somber trump voice over retakes aim at what he calls the political establishment. >> and we will take back this country for you. >> reporter: one sickened his message and his advisors hoping that's what voters remember not the volatile political landscape along the way. >> absolutely, we feel it we see it the polls show it we're excited to get to election day. >> reporter: now there's little actually on the schedule for donald trump tomorrow. i'm told he'll arrive back here in new york city sometime overnight. he's scheduled to vote first thing in the morning then just like everyone else he will watch the results come in. his watch party will take place about four blocks from
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midtown. we're live in new york city tonight, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> blair and kerry will stay with the campaigns and our chris flanagan will monitor the late night rallies. you can watch for his reports tomorrow morning on fox 25 news from 4:00 to 10:00 a.m. foch. some last minute support for donald trump from two local heavyweights. mike pence rallied at southern new hampshire university today. trump told the crowd he got a call today from tom brady. he said the patriots q.b. told him he voted for him. the g.o.p. a letter that brady's dad sent him today. >> great results tomorrow, bill belichick. >> christine mccarthy will have more on what coach belichick wrote in his letter less than 10 minutes away. president obama and the first lady former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea all rally in philadelphia tonight. president obama made a passionate plea to voters.
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last day to elect my fellow americans this fighter, this stateswoman, this mother, this grandmother, this patriot, our next president of the united states of america, hillary clinton. >> bruce springsteen and bon jovi were also on hand tonight. >> back here in massachusetts there's a lot of focus on the four statewide ballot questions. they deal with another gambling states parlor. as voters get one more night of sleep to sleep on it boston mayor marty walsh promises to make security a top priority at the polls and he is setting the rhetoric from the trump campaign. >> donald trump is revved up and got a lot of people angry. talking about a rigged system. but you know, we'll see what happens we're prepared in the boston with whatever happens, unfortunately.
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in the city tomorrow and voters should prepare for long line. special election coverage is just getting started we'll show you how donald trump is bringing bill belichick and tom brady's names back in the race for the white house. plus, president obama's message to voters in new hampshire. there's a pivotal race in new hampshire that could decide the balance of power in the senate. a lot to keep an eye on tonight. the weather should be spectacular tomorrow as you head to the polls. >> you will have to bundle out there right now. it's through the 30s into the 20s in bedford, it's 29?, norwood 26?, 26? in norwood already. but by the afternoon we'll be averaging 60 degrees across the area. north and west of boston it will be in the low 60s. it's going to be in the 50s. while we have just clear skies and no issues here the problems that there are going to be for election day in the country will be in the midwest as this front makes its way eastward into
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was some flooding rains around new orleans today and thunderstorms around tomorrow as well. shant be a big problem for election day but it's the one spot in the country i can tell you there are any issues at all there are couple showers but certainly not going to be a problem. this whole system moving eastward a timeline on when you can expect showers to come through. a woman desperate to find out who murdered her mom. only on fox 25 tonight the new clue that could bring closure. a case of animal cruelty police sayye suspect told our malini basu they have it all wrong. >> it's so wrong. i did not. >> the stories behind the brutal death of this cat.
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conflicting stories about a case of animal cruelty. a woman was drunk when she
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tonight that woman is speaking only to our malini basu. >> malini, she tells you police have the story wrong? >> reporter: she does, mark and vanessa. the suspect's name here is ali campbell she spoke with us and she says the kitten's name pumpkin and her neighbor ran the cat over when she ran outside she stepped on a pool of blood. fox 25 got this video of pumpkin from the kitten's owner. pumpkin s dead. the story that's out there they're saying you killed her? >> yes, i did not, i could not, and if i knew anybody who did that i would be on top of them. >> reporter: ali campbell killed pumpkin on friday. she spoke with us exclusively outside of her home. >> this is absolutely wrong. >> it wasn't in a drunken rage or anything like that.
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the cat because it was because of the cat that i flipped out from what i saw. >> reporter: officers were called to the saunders street home after a disturbance. police say campbell was throwing things on her neighbor's car. campbell told us she slipped out claiming her neighbor ran pumpkin over in her driveway. >> he ran the cat over by mistake. >> reporter: billy was with his girlfriend when this happened. >> accidents do happen. all he had do is explain he ran you our kitten over. >> reporter: i small kitten with what appeared to be a broken neck with blood spattered out of its head and neck area. the kitten appeared to have been stomped and flattened by someone the socks were covered with ballot with the splatter of dead on campbell's leg it confirmed that the cat was stomped by cample. >> he got it completely wrong. that's insane. i can't believe people would believe i with would do that. >> reporter: campbell was arrested is now charged with
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>> reporter: camp gel goes on to say those who know her it's clear as say she and her daughter both loved pump -- pumpkin so much. now live in way moug, malini basu, fox 25 news. new at 10:00 a family arrives and says donald trump supporters targeted them because of their heritage. two men standing with a trump sign outside of jalapeno grill. one controversy started last week when he posted the picture on facebook with the comment they are paying for the wall. today the owner's daughter fired back in her own facebook post. she defended her family and her dad told fox 25 he has lived in america for 20 years. >> that's what makes this country great that we have nationalities have everywhere and we all come here to try to build a better future. >> he has since taken the post down but this isn't
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happening right now donald trump is in the aaron his way to the campaign spot in michigan. fox 25's christine mccarthy is live for us at 10:00 tonight. christine, trump didn't waste any time bringing up two names we all know very well, bill belichick and brady. >> reporter: that's right, that got a huge applause from the crowd. i will tell you this was a very energized crowd of course the up tonight everyone is going home. a lot of cheers from an estimated crowd of 10,000 people filling up the here in manchester, new hampshire. now introduced by mike pence and rudy giuliani he arrived to a very warm welcome making his final push for votes in the granite state. recent polls showing a neck and neck race here. hillary clinton and donald trump trying to win the state's four electoral votes. now donald trump promising
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taxes on american business and wipe out what he calls corruption in the current administration but perhaps what got the biggest applause was trump's statement that tom brady and he says coach bill belichick contacted him to lend their support. >> tom brady [cheering and applause] great gay guy. he called today and he said doneald, i support you're so he writes coach belichick, congratulations on a tremendous campaign. you proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter your leadership is amazing. i have always had tremendous respect for you but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the
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>> trump is already today in florida, and north carolina, and pennsylvania, and then here in new hampshire but he is not done even tonight's. we'll have more on that coming up at 11:00. for now live in manchester, new hampshire, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> christine, thank you. just about 35 miles from where donald trump spoke tonight. trump made his case for hillary clinton. this afternoon he urged students at unh to get out and vote. >> president obama: we got one more day and we can choose the politics of blame and resentment, or you can choose the politics that says what's we're stronger together. tomorrow, tomorrow you can choose whether we continue the journey of progress or whether it all goes out the window. >> reporter: president obama stumped for clinton 17 times since endorsing her for president. in the race for u.s. senate in new hampshire a new poll shows governor maggie hassan has a slight edge. here is a look at the poll results. governor hassan leads kelly
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the difference is about the same as the margin of error which was 3.7%. 1% of those surveyed prefered someone else and 4% were still undecided. fox 25 is the place to be for election night coverage we'll be on live all night long with local and national results. you can also watch on and see where to vote. polls open at 7:00 a.m. new tonight, is it the heroin wasn't dangerous up in a much more powerful drug in their system. >> we're uncovering how it's posing a deadly risk to police and paramedics who try to save them. tom brady talking about whether he'll let his kids tom brady talking about whether he'll let his kids play football and what ben hassan is my older brother. he is so funny, and so smart, and my best friend. all families have challenges, and my mom instilled in us very early on the importance of finding solutions to those challenges.
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and she made it possible for ben and for me to have a family just like any other family. that's part of the reason that she got involved in public service, because that's what's in her heart... and mom's still that way today. i'm maggie hassan
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>> harvard university is now involved in a scandal
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comments. the harvard men's cross-country team admits for the past several years it created spreadsheets about the attractiveness of the women's cross-country team. according to harvard crimson they told the coach about the spreadsheets. he said the practice continued but also says the culture has now changed. >> sexualizing women in that way i think is really disgusting. >> it's important that harvard has taken the stance it has. >> last week, harvard cancelled the rest of the men's soccer team. they found that they were doing scouting reports about the women's soccer team. a man is being held without bail. police say eric appears to be using drugs in a parking lot on a friday night and hit that officer while trying to get away. he turned himself in the very next day. the officer is is expected
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officers ryan hardy and matt o'connor were awarded the medal of valor. hardy and o'connor were shot in the line of duty while trying to make an arrest last may. during the ceremony we learned how another officer bravely jumped into the battle. >> pretty much threw himself on top of matt after matt went down. >> he was with them. >> wases on hardy and o'connor are now back on full duty. tom brady said he would have no problems letting his kids play football. >> you know i think contact sports teach you certain levels of discipline that other sports maybe don't teach you. so i have no problem with my kids playing football. i don't know my wife
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next to me, you know it might be different for her thoughts. >> brady did say he thinks the game of football has become safer over the years but admits he recognizes the risk of injuries. former patriot kevin turner who was diagnosed with a.l.s. died from the brain disease known as c.t.e. the same disease found in the brains of other football players studied at b.u. you can see the back and forth with tom brady when he talks about input may be different. >> a lot of parents are asking that question. >> hard hits are part of the game as we know. well, a desperate struggle to save the life of a newborn girl after she hudly stopped breathing. >> ahead at 10:00 a mysterious neighbor who saved the child's life. one part of the country it will have some problems to election day it's right there. but this system is also moving toward new england.
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timeline. but first a daughter pleading for'into her
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could a former jail inmate provide answers to an solved murder? >> that's what the victim's daughter wants know. fox 25's ted daniel has been covering this case for us and tells us this is a new twist. >> we only recently learned of it mark and vanessa. you jennifer case her mother was murdered 15 years ago. jennifer tell us us a man who once spent time at the billerica jail came forward after that story with letters he says were catherine his former cell mate. >> reporter: last time we spoke with jennifer case in march she waiting for this, jewelery that belonged to her mother.
1:29 am
karen was wearing on october 8th, 2001, the day she was stabbed repeatedly in her framingham home. >> this was a really hard one to see because it stopped on the day she died. >> reporter: when investigators gave jennifer the jewelery she says she gave them information. the name of a man who claimed to have spent time in jail with another former inmate karen knew well. >> someone saying he had some letters that he thought the police needed to see. they were written by a man jennifer says she hasn't seen or heard from since. jennifer says police took possession of the letters and interviewed the man who provided them. if detectives are making progress she believes she deserves to know. >> i think the older i get the more i realize how messed up this is and the
1:30 am
office says investigators have been working hard on this case adding from the time of the incident we have conducted relevant d.n.a. and other forensic testing and witness interviews. as a result of meeting with the victim's daughter, jennifer, we are following up on additional investigative leads we continue to actively investigate this case. jennifer says she will continue to push to see her mother's murder involved solved. ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> ted, thank you. donald trump say he got a letter of support from patriots coach bill belichick and call from tom brady saying he voted for them. numerous reports that has tom brady saying something different. we just found that audio we'll bring it to you at the top of the hour. also new at 11:00 a snake emerging from the overhead bin in the middle of a flight. what passengers did on board
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look at this beautiful scene captured today. it gives you an idea of what a pretty day with we had out there. the boston is 44 that's not so bad but not too far away in woburn it is 31?. question do that. newburyport is already slipped into the 20s. it's 29? there. off to the west of there into the city of lowell it's in the 30s. tewkesbury 31? carlyle nearly 28? already. south of there going south of the massachusetts turnpike they just hit right along the pike. 128 in the pike. now going south of the pike for sure.
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medway 29 degrees out on cape cod you want warmer temperatures okay there are a couple 40s out here to be sure. east harwich specifically 72? right now. so it's cold out there. the temperature will drop a few more degrees tonight before they level off. winds will be shifting around to the south that will help us out a little bit. but it's those clear light wind nights that you get we certainly have those particularly dry too. off to our west there are the midwest. this is bringing all kinds of heavy rain that's also moving into mississippi. i show you this because that's the one spot of the country here in this start of the world where you can have problems for election day as far as the weather is concerned. maybe some heavy rain that could stop people from going to the polls but that's the one spot that could be an issue. those showers not a problem here in the new england
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much happening in fact, this is future cast showing that front coming toward us during the day tomorrow. those showers to the west even by 2:ly in the morning on wednesday. again though the heavy rain here in the gulf coast states may be the issue. let's talk about what's coming at us tomorrow. we'll have sunshine no rain chance at all. averaging 60 degrees. it will be warmer north and west a little cooler to the southeast. you will see some temperatures are going to get warmer than that future cast fast forwarding now into witness that's when the the clouds arrive that testimony coming from the midwest but it's looking even weaker tonight. there's not much in the middle of the day wednesday a few more popping about in the cape because of that storm that's formling along the fronts. then clearing it out. so on thursday that front could slow down near the
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projections all day long. just now looks faster. even if there were showers thursday those that push out of here the next rain shower threat will be friday that comes with much colder air to start your weekend. something we'll talk a little bit more about in just a few minutes. >> all right, kevin. we just learned how many heroin overdose cases could be hiding a deadly danger for first responders. >> there is no second chances with fentanyl. >> new tonight the drug so powerful it could kill the police and paramedics it. >> a local man catches a burglar right in the act it's just the start of his troubles. how it led to a fight for
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the nation's first ever attorney general has died janet reno's family said she passed away this morning in
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disease. she served under president bill clinton from 1993 to 2001. janet reno was 78. thousands of volunteers are on call ready to act if you have an issue tomorrow at the polls. legal experts from more than 100 civil and voting rights groups are answering calls from anyone with a voting-related question or complaint. they're there to help with anything from finding a polling station to reporting voter intimidation. >> should be watching for people who have no business inside the polls on election day. >> this afternoon the u.s. supreme court denied a petition by ohio democrats to restore new anti-voting intimidation rules that would have restricted activity by monitors at the polls. with all the controversy and stress leading up to presidential election there have been plenty of times we could all use a good laugh. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins spoke with one local professor who is giving people a good reason to
1:39 am
the best medicine inventer and entrepreneur bhatia is doles out the prescription. -- is doles out the prescription. >> he is demonstrating. >> one option you can do. >> cat laughter. college 101. it's actually more serious than that. bhatia is also a professor at suffolk university and what he noticed on campus this year bothered him. he says the effect of the presidential election is weighing on people. >> vote on the issues that matter to you. >> this is it folks. >> everybody is stressed out. >> reporter: for years bhatia has practiced daily laughter, meditation and breathing exercises.
1:40 am
to his students and he thought boston could benefit. so last week he invited people to participate in a class on boston common happiness through laughter. way to release tension in the lead up to election day. >> laughter really is about helping you opening up your mind. >> reporter: bhatia says laughter is the quickest form of meditation even after the election it's a way break down political divisions. >> do you think people need to lighten up? >> absolutely. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. tonight a man is rt the frightening home invasion he survived. >> next at 10:00 the local homeowner who was minding his own business when a man with a sledgehammer busted in and started swinging.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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>> 1,000 dead and counting the gruesome toll of deadly heroin overdoses in new england just this year. brand new tonight we have learned threou another drug in their system. fentanyl. 50 times stronger than heroin and peace puttings did and it's putting the people who are heroin users and said into serious users. >> he said heroin, mom, no, mom i'm fine. >> reporter: as it turned out it wasn't heroin. that was the last time dallas-fort worthy the white spoke with her son richard
1:44 am
couch the next morning. he was only 23. >> i --. >> reporter: she wanted to know what happened so she had an autopsy done the cause acute fentanyl intoxication. a powerful opiate commonly used to ease pain for patients near the end of life. >> they said the amount of fentanyl that was in his blood system right away it. >> only takes approximately two milligrams of fentanyl as a lethal dose. we're talking about a couple grains of sand. >> reporter: special agent in charge michael ferguson of the d.e.a. hash tracking fentanyl here in new england. he says the drug on the street is different than the drug used in hospitals. ferguson says this fentanyl is not only deadly to the users but also to people who respond to overdoses. >> the danger with fentanyl
1:45 am
extremely deadly. >> reporter: we rode along with brewster brewster ambulance in quincy where the typical overdose can be quite common. >> reporter: which is why they are warning coming in contact with street fentanyl can have fatal consequences. >> we have been advised number one it will take a lot more narcan. >> reporter: paramedics tell calls is for an overdose. knowing that fentanyl can be absorbed through the skin they have to take extra precautions like wearing guns. >> reporter: the d.e.a. says the street fentanyl is being made by the car tells in mexico and smuggle across the border. they first encountered fentanyl in rhode island in early 2014 then it quickly spread throughout new
1:46 am
where we assume that any heroin that we encounter or see that most likely there's fentanyl mixed in or in fact it's just fentanyl. >> reporter: he says that fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin. the vial on the left is fatal dose of heroin on the right a fatal dose of pent value which is why -- fentanyl which is why the d.e.a. is encouraging them to not do any field tests >> if he loved you he loved with you his whole heart. there wasn't nothing he wouldn't do for you. >> reporter: richard's phone a reminder of her son. his facebook page a place dorothy frequently visits. >> i get on here every night and i tell him good night. >> reporter: fentanyl took the life of her son and left her grandson without a father. she hopes his death will serve as a warning to others about this deadly drug. >> you have to fight for
1:47 am
your life. but don't give up the fight. >> now with nearly six people dying a day in our area from heroin, we knew the impact but it really hit home when we went on facebook live this afternoon as paramedic keith wilson and i went in-depth on this story we got so many comments from someone who lost someone to heroin. one woman told you she lost three brothers to heroin. >> she says the scary thing is about this we still don't know if we're at the e here neither do the experts. we're hoping the worst of it is behind us but this could take so many lives in addition to the user and that's what you have to be careful of and we have to try to get thisard. we also heard from people who at times have been able to kick the habit and have stayed sober. we also know people who have lost other loved ones it's just so tragic to go through this and our facebook live today brought a community together and win courage
1:48 am
interviews with the d.e.a. special agent in chachg you can also see again my conversation with keith wilson more than 60,000 people have already viewed it. it's all on a man has a car from a sledgehammer attack. tonight police are still actively looking for that suspect. fox 25's jim morelli went to boston to find out how this man survived. >> reporter: i never experienced anything like this in this neighborhood. for chris haskins it started likean it certainly didn't end that way it. >> was overwhelming and scary. >> reporter: haskins had just dropped off his son at work and came home to find his back gate ajar he found the reason under the back deck. >> there was a man standing near neath the back deck breaking into my home. when i confronted him he he tried to hit me with the sledgehammer. >> reporter: haskins says he let emotion override reason and took after the suspect
1:49 am
his truck. >> i got to crack him a couple times it withert but during the altercation haskins fell he is trying to bash my head in. >> reporter: haskins was finally able to get away and ran to a neighbor's yard for help. the black and blue lumps on his forehead evidence he says of where the sledgehammer made contact. he says he doesn't need medical help for those. i could i could have been dead 100 as for the deeper wound no doctor can help with that. >> i'm security. >> reporter: mr. haskins gave boston police a description of the help. he says he's a white male about 25 to 30 years old, 180 to 185 pounds has some rather distinctive tattoos on his neck. brockton police were still looking for this guy using a k-9 unit. in brockton, jim morelli, fox 25 news.
1:50 am
against this light pole this morning. this happened on franklin hill avenue. no word on what caused that crash or if anyone was hurt. when a baby girl stopped breathing forcing desperate parents to call 911. what a neighbor did next that saved the little girl's life. tech experts have a warning
1:51 am
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the ground opened up leaving a gaping sinkhole in the middle of town. the roadway gave way in an historic part of the town city workers actually noticed -- there's no end in sight for the simpsons. fox has renewed the animated series for its 29 and 30th. the simpsons will have 669 episodes that number tops gun smoke's record for the
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temperature falling into the 20s already out there in the suburbs under clear skies. this will be a approaching us as it does it produces rain in the middle of the country all the way to the deep south that's the only area that would be having any concern for election day tomorrow. it's all going to be progressing eastward we'll track the latest timeline. i'll have that for you coming up in just a little while. 60 degrees on average for for your election and i promise you a quick look at that weekend forecast. those are flurries in the forecast. more at 11:00. a desperate struggle to save the life of a newborn girl after she suddenly stopped breathing. >> it happened over the weible tonight we have learned a mysterious neighbor saved that child's life. fox 25's bob ward spoke to the baby's parents. >> my whole world. >> reporter: this is raylynn where just over a week old
1:55 am
early saturday morning raylynn's mom riley noticed her child suddenly had trouble breathing. >> she arched her back backwards and opened her mouth and started flailing her head side to side. raylynn's dad cory rushed to help and in moments it got worse. >> she's turning purposing, bluish her eyes are popping out of her head. >> reporter: almost at the same time cory called 911 and the couple rushed outside for fresh ai begged for help. >> i ran outside and i started screaming for help you know my baby is dying she's turning blue can somebody help me. >> reporter: the seconds seemed like hours then before emergency crews arrived someone would call chapped next a miracle. >> one nice lady came running out of nowhere in the dark and just grabbed her from me and started doing c.p.r. on her and soon after i heard her start
1:56 am
she getting air then the ambulance came a few minutes after that. >> reporter: cory and riley still don't know who the mystery woman was they only know she made all the difference. >> if the neighbor didn't intervene what do you think would have happened here? >> oh she would have died. she would have died, yeah. so thankfully to the next door neighbor she really saved her life. >> and time was critical. it took emergency crews less than five minutes to get on scene but two minutes into the call that neighbor stepped in to help. heard an you awful lot of panic in there but the parents would love to find that neighbor and thank her. in middleton, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> we're just sitting here with our mouths open. listening to that story hanging on every word. i hope that the neighbor saw this story or someone who knows her they can get reconnected so they can thank her. >> a great reunion, for sure. moving forward with plans for new smartphones. >> the company says it will add a digital assistant to
1:57 am
they bought artificial start-up and police say they used that technology earlier this year, samsung recalled all galaxy note 7 phones because the batteries were overoverheating. >> tech experts have a warning for iphone users. they say fake shopping apps are surging this holiday season. apple removed hundreds of fake apps they appear to be stores for
1:58 am
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