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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, trick or treat takes a tragic turn in lowell. a 4-year-old boy hit by a car. what the driver did neck that left witnesses shocked. a teenager dead from injuries after he got into a weekend fight. only on fox25, the boy's best friend talks about devastating loss. the violent encounter that prosecutors say ultimately ended the teen's life. a court hearing about a former massachusetts lawmaker's prison sentence. the dire health status of sal dimasi. new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4
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this morning, i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta in for julie grauert. i put the seat warmer on. a look at how long this cold weather will stick around. >> shiri: if you were cold last night during trick or trick or treating, temperatures have continued to drop as long as it is dark out there. 36 in boston. it is frosty out there and freezing in lawrence at 32. norwood and mostly in the 20s and 30s this morning and temperatures still dropping. that will feel a wormed of difference from yesterday morning and running from 15 to almost 20 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday. it definitely feels like a new season. and a new month and for this first day of november, in lowell a 6 a.m. temperature of 31 degrees. we should jump at 10 degrees by 8 a.m. lower 40s here. by 10:00 this morning, 48 degrees.
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today. i will break down the warm-up in your town in ten minutes. catherine is back with live drive time traffic. >> catherine: a map on your tuesday morning. not many problems. we signal roadwork and clearing up at about 5:00. plenty of green north and south of the city. pike moving along just fine. a look at the zakim bridge. not much volume. live drive times. the pike 25 minutes. route 9, 17 minutes. route 16 now 4:2. this morning, a 4-year-old remains hospitalized after being hit by a car while trick trick or treating. he has a bad cut on his head and the lowell sun says the injury is not life-threatening. it happened just after 11:00 on marshal street in lowell. one woman told fox25 that the boy was screaming and and to be in a lot of pain. after hitting the little boy, the driver did stop and got in his car and took off.
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with detailed information about the car and investigators found her a short time later. no charges have been filed. a 15-year-old tewksbury boy has died during head injuries he got during a fight at a party. the 18-year-old is charged with slamming his head on the floor. the charges could be upgraded to murder. the boy's best friend talked about his last moment. >> i was with him the whole time and no movement. he was just warm >> reporter: ian's best friend. she was at the lowell halloween house party friday night. she didn't think this would be the last time she would see him. >> as soon as i saw him he goes tessa. he gives me the tightest, biggest hugs. walking around hand in hand. >> reporter: investigators say up to 100 teenagers at the underaged drinking party. s could stem cell 15 years old got into a fight with
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>> the defendant responded by picking him up and slamming his head down to a concrete floor. >> reporter: zagarella seen in court is facing assault and battery charges. >> unfortunate situation. we don't not whole case. >> reporter: prosecutors say moments after the fight, friends didn't know what to do with costello. >> one of the victim's friends saw -- saw him being dragged out of a barn in the back yard by three other >> costello's mom said her son was on life support and, quote, he died in my arms last night. tessa was by his hospital bedside. >> tubes down his throat. the life support like how his chest would move. i love him so much. >> reporter: in lowell, malini basu, fox25 news. >> catherine: the teenager accused of attacking costello
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those charges could be upgraded. joseph zagarella is hemmed on $10,000 bail. if he post it is he will be fitted with a gps device. sal dimasi will try convince a judge that he should be out of prison. he is suffering from a medical condition and battled cancer twice in prison. the herald said he lost 45 pounds in the five years behind bars and could soon end up on feeding tube. dimasi is serving a 8-year sentence on corruption charges. one week out from election day and hillary clinton's new e-mail concerns likely won't be resolved before then. cnn is reporting the initial work of categorizing the e-mails could be done in the next few days and investigators are expected to spend more time to determine what, if any, classified materials are in the e-mails and whether the e-mails are relevant to the clinton investigation. as she continues to hit the campaign trail, clinton is not
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a rally in cincinnati she talks about the timing of the investigation. >> i am sure a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. >> well, the latest batch of e-mails were found during a fbi probe into anthony weiner, the estranged husband of clinton's a paper said trump used legally dubious methods to avoid paying taxes on hundreds of millions of dollars of north carolina. the methods were legal at the time but they were later banned. he did not talk about the issue but in michigan he talked of his opponent's e-mail investigation. >> i think we hit the motherload. hillary is the one that broke the law over and over and over again.
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those e-mails is absolutely devastating. thank you, huma. thank you, huma. >> catherine: trump knows he needs to flip one or two states that officially tilt blue. in an effort he is adding spots in wisconsin and pennsylvania. before you cast your ballot, know the rule about write-in candidates 347 states including massachusetts. write-in presidential candidates must fill out paperwork before an election to make sure the votes count for them them otherwise it could be lumped together in a category labeled other. again we are seven days from election day and fox25 will have you covered every tempt way and give you everything that you need to know. live team coverage one week from today starting at 4 p.m. and stick with us throughout the night. we will have the results on the presidential and local races as they roll in. months after a deadly nightclub attack, the city of orlando is releasing more 911 calls from the shooting at pulse.
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marathon bombers and for the first time we are hearing him talk about tsarnaev during a conversation with the hostage negotiator. >> high home boy dzhokhar tsarnaev from the boston marathon. >> catherine: the tape goes on for a hour and he talks about threats of isis. mateen killed 49 people and hurt dozen more in the june attack. he was killed in a shootout with police. 4:08 right now. commute with electronic tolling on the pike. demolition of the toll booths continued with easy commute for drivers. smooth sailing. mass dot said they had more than expected traffic yesterday morning as well. fox25 continues to bring you team coverage. our michael henrich going up in skyfox to get an aerial view of the pike and will check in with him when things usually start to get busy on the roads.
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arlington police are working to track down the man that held up a bank on mass avenue. this man walked into the td bank and demanded money. no weapon was shown. took off toward bailey road with cash. the man was 6'1" and no one was hurt. meantime, these two 19-year-olds is accused of holding up a market in hyannis. the three went into a store on charles street and demanded catch. martin is accused of holding a gun to an employee and firing all three were arraigned. the juvenile is in dcf custody. marvin and pringle are being held until a dangerousness hearing next week. four fire fighters are recovering at home after a crash from the back bay. they were released from the hospital. we are working to get an update on the driver of the suv involved. several more vehicles were damaged. fox25's john monahan spoke to one man whose car was hit hours
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everybody was lucky. because the fact that nobody was killed in this accident was amazing. >> reporter: he inspects his bumpers after his car and eight others were knit a freak accident that started with this fire engine and this now crushed suv. joe's car was the 9th one hit in this chain reaction crash. >> all the vehicles parked here were pushed forward including my car. >> reporter: the accident watts a the intersection of com ave it is still unclear exactly what took place. >> witnesses made ate assumption that the driver -- the light changed and the driver kind of went out in the intersection and made contact with the apparatus. >> reporter: that contact destroyed the suv, uprooted a tree, and sent this woman to the rescue. >> i opened up the passenger door and i opened up the back door and i asked -- and i yelled -- is anybody up in there.
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but came around. no serious injuries, but he and four fire fighters were taken to the hospital. this woman whose car was involved clearly shaken. >> it is pretty overwhelming. pretty terrifying. >> reporter: in fact this entire scene taking place just before lunch rattled nerves including joe's. >> i was absolutely horrified by the sight of the fire truck on the sidewalk. a car had been thrown up into the corner and crushed. han, fox25 news. >> daniel: the crash still under investigation. no charges have been filed. 4:11 and check traffic and weather every ten minutes. the drive times. expressway northbound. if you were trying to get into the city right now. eight minutes smooth sailing averaging 63 miles per hour. shiri? >> shiri: right now 36 degrees if you are headed into the city. temperatures are dropping. 35 at 5 a.m. at 6:00 as well. see how low temperature are going where you live before
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well, we are getting pick up by a ride-sharing company and get -- is getting picked up for a ride-sharing company harder for some than others. a new study that finds some drivers are using personal
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we are learning that one person is dead and five more were hurt. we first told you this this last night on fox25 news. the crew was working along a gasoline line in shelby county when a piece of machinery hit the line. the gash started a fire that burned through the night. people in a three-mile radius were evacuated. this is the same pipeline that led to gasoline shortages across unclear if it will have a similar impact. video of a masked suspect accused of brutally attacking a mbta employee. look at these images. you can see a man appears to be dressed as a character from a horror movie. we told but this yesterday. accused going after a mbta worker. jim morelli spoke to riders who are concerned the man still on the loose.
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dorchester dressed in a halloween costume. minutes before, police say he called mbta trolley driver from a train, dragged him to the station platform and beat him. >> i was shocked and surprise but it is the city. a lot of stuff go on in the city. >> reporter: the costume the man is wearing michael myers, the maniacal killer from the halloween movie series. the masked suspect boarded the train and had no money to pay the fair. violence followed with two passengers left to call for help. >> bizarre. i don't know why anyone would do that. >> reporter: what's unclear the motive behind the assault. transit the police are not saying that the driver was robbed and the seemingly random nature of the attack crosses outrage even in high places. such a vicious and violent attack on a public employee is unconscionable and troubling said governor charlie baker.
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they say it is like a family-like atmosphere because the same passengers use it every day and the same drivers manning the controls >> the drivers are fantastic. they are all extremely nice. we know them by name. >> reporter: transit police are only interested in one name at the moment, the man behind the mask. and transit police definitely looking for the public's help in trying to identify that masked man. as for the t driver, he was treated and released at the hospital. unknown whether he is back on the job. in dorchester, jim fox25 news. 4:17. expanding the cap on charters schools is the hot button issue on tuesday. as fox25 found, some kharpter schools don't help anyone when they suddenly shut done or never get off the ground. >> we were on christmas break. the dates started getting closer and closer and never reopened to christmas. since 1994, massachusetts have granted charter schools 108 schools. of those 28 of them closed or never open.
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fox25 investigates learns how those numbers compare to charter schools in other states and how supporters say those figures don't tell the whole story. 4:17 on your tuesday morning. a lack at how the live drive time. plenty of green on the expressway at 128. couple of icons. those should be clearing off the map at 5:00. north of the city same situation, no pig problems there. the zakim bridge, volume is light. the pik to the pike, eight minutes from 9 3 to 495 and the leverett connector. will take you 20 minutes and a nice clear morning and chilly, shiri. >> meteorologist shiri spear joining with us the forecast and typically november is when we see measurable snow. >> shiri: i look in my mouth and say -- >> daniel: shouldn't say adding up. >> shiri: i don't have any in the forecast. i don't want to go there but
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typical november in boston, we get 1.3 inches of snow. you can see december, january, february, even march, much snowier, if we get snow in november, normal totals higher than boston. providence, rhode island on average one and a half inches of november snow, hartford, 2 inches. 2.1 in worcester. it is cold enough that it could snow. the skies are nice and clear. no weather bumps for 36 in boston. 32 in plymouth. right now freezing in worcester. take a closer look at the hour-by-hour forecast there because we have a feels-like temperature with a little bit of light wind. the winds are under 10 miles. make it feel like 25. bundle-up kind of morning. 33 degrees. honestly don't expect temperatures to move until after about 8 p.m. shoot up to
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town. and shaping up nice and bright. a couple more clouds town across the south shore. the cape and islands and the hot spots are southeastern massachusetts. check out all these mid-50s from carver remember bridgewater, brockton, banetree at 54. 56 in mattapoisett. a lot of other spots like boston, ipswich, southern new hampshire, just in the lower 50s today. fitchburg gets to 54 degrees. lawrence, 53. 53, h vineyard. future cast into tomorrow when some changes stop. first up, we have big changes coming as far as the temperatures go. it will be warmer tomorrow because there is a front that is pretty close by. i could see extra clouds. more clouds than see today and perhaps even a chance of an isolated lonely little light shower up into southern new hampshire. otherwise running mostly dry tomorrow. thursday comes along.
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once we hit the afternoon when we start looking for showers and potential for he heavy rain on thursday night. this is the cold front as well. wednesday and thursday are warm, by the time comes through it will really lower temperatures for your friday. overnight tonight, count on some 40s. increasing clouds for the day tomorrow. hello, 60s with 65 in boston and lawrence. 67 in norwood. 62 in worcester. southeastern mass has the best bet of getting near 70 degrees on wednesday or possibly even either way you spin it, it will be warm out there tomorrow as well as thursday. friday comes along. those temperatures dropping back to. as we clear out on friday, it will turn windy. saturday and sunday we have partly cloudy skies. lower 50s for highs. we will be waking to 30s and near freezing temperatures. we turn the clock back. we gain an hour of sleep which
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chance of any kind of rain at 50 degrees. back over to you, guys. >> that hour will come in handy, shiri, thank you. major protests at a controversial treatment center. hundreds of people crowding the sidewalk. the treatment they say needs to stop. and president obama and the fi fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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trick or treat is now over and so far the most popular halloween decoration around had a pretty calm night. fox25's christine mccarthy reports as of 11:00 last night police only made two arrests, one alcohol-related and the other drug-related. >> reporter: some spooky, a little security. >> creepy stuff wandering the streets of salem. you never know what you will fall into. >> reporter: increased patrol as an estimated 50,000 to 75,000 poured into the witch city, more than the population itself. >> almost police officer in salem with a lot of help from a lot of other agencies around. >> reporter: 200 uniformed officers in all after all the north shore city is the halloween capital.
4:26 am
the downtown areas into districts each with the division commander >> the arrest rate has gone down over the years even though the crowds are bigger and people understand this a family event. we don't tolerate any public drinking or hooliganism. >> reporter: they didn't ban any costume even the controversial clown creeping out communities across the nation. only restrictions, no weapon. >> i did manage to sneak my dmraws other than that they have been very tight around here. >> reporter: the is very popular among parents. >> we love it. it is very safe. he has so much fun. the people so creative with their costumes. >> reporter: david big papi ortiz. >> very happy with the security out here. they are check everybody. it is safe out here. >> reporter: no major incident, police consider this year's festivities a success, at least so far. in salem, christine mccarthy, fox25 news.
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the white house. the president and first lady celebrated with a dance party. take a look. ? thriller ? ? thriller night ?. >> daniel: well, that is a flash mob getting the obamas dancing or just swaying. visitors were treated through goodies and a tour through the storybook lawn. the president took a moment to >> you don't have to pay attention to michelle or anything. more candy. the later you eat the candy the better. >> daniel: more than 4,000 people are expected to visit the white house yesterday. a new hampshire teen being hailed a hero for his quick actions. the dangerous situation he ran actions. the dangerous situation he ran at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp,
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coming up now at 4:30. a 4-year-old hospitalized with head injuries after a terrifying twist to halloween night. the incident that now has a woman being questioned by police. a big protest outside a local center. the treatment being used there that hundreds of people are demanding be brought to an end. uber drivers being hit with accusations of discrimination. the personal information researchers say some of them may be holding against you. complete coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4:30. we made it to november. happy first day of november. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. it is cold. you need a scarf and gloves. shiri spear inside the storm tracker weather center. the good news is the warm-up is on the way. >> shiri: how this goes new


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