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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 1, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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d against lowering the cost of prescription drugs. kelly ayotte's not working for new hampshire. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. 50-year-old are devastated pretty dead after getting in a fight at a party. his first friend is heartbroken. >> woman: you were there with them holding his hand. >> child: yes. >> reporter: the violent encounter the left one teenager in jail and another lifeless in his mother's arms. >> woman: a man just up from a horror film beats up a driver
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>> clear skies overnight it will be a cold start to your day in the morning and when we will see her next rain this week. >> reporter: high-speed chases put lives at risk. new at 10:00 fox 25 and covers the high-tech device that could and dangerous pursuits a lot faster. >> now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00 complete new england news coverage. >> fox at four-year-old boy was he was trick-or-treating. good evening i am vanessa wes. >> i am mark, a little boy is in hospital with a serious cut in his head into have a direct 7:15 at marshall 25 ted daniels is on the scene. investigate tell you the women behind the wheel drive away? >> reporter: the little boy is that whole general hospital in manasseh. the said he had to be moved to children's hospital in boston because he suffered a serious
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he was hit here on marshall street it is a quiet residential neighborhood in the city's highlands section. marshall street was closed until about a half hour ago. this is video of the accident with construction team working. local police tell police the four-year-old was trick-or-treating with his parents when he was struck by a woman driving a silver police some pieces of candy in the road where the boy was hit. two people who live on the street said the woman briefly stopped then she took off. somebody got her license plate and police stopped are a couple of miles from here on broadway. we got this video of the woman's car on a flatbed when it was taken to an impound lot with a police escort. we spoke to a woman who lives one house down from where the boy was it. >> woman: he had bleeding and in the hit on the side.
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>> reporter: another neighbor told me that this little boy was shrieking in pain after he was hit. and there were a number of trick-or-treaters on the street when this happened. right now the woman who was driving his at lowell police headquarters she is being questioned by detectives no word on any charges at this point. that is the latest in global box 25. >> anchor: the best friend of a 15-year-old told fox 25 his losses devastating. fight at a party over the weekend. police tell us the 15-year-old son to set into the concrete he later died in his mother's arms at the hospital. >> anchor: do at 10:00 we hear from that best friend who was at the party when it happened. box 25 elegy is that global just a heartbreaking situation for all involved. >> reporter: it really is mark and vanessa we are here for that party happened and no
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the 15-year-old host of the party. tonight we sat down with ethan costello's best friend tessa and she said she was by ethan's bedside holding his hand looking for any sign of life but there were 10. >> child: i would take his position any minute. >> reporter: does it is ethan's best friend. she was at the level halloween house party friday night she didn't think that would be the last time she would see him. >> child: what i saw him she said tessa he gave me the we were walking around just holding his hand. just happy, so happy. he is always happy. >> reporter: investigators say there were up to 100 teenagers at the underage drinking party. many of them police they were drinking.costello who is 15 years old got into a fight with 18-year-old joseph gorilla. >> woman: the victim stumbled in by accident and they picked him up, turning him up and slamming his head down onto a
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is now facing assault and battery charges. prosecutors say moments after the fight friends didn't know what to do with costello. >> woman: friends saw him being dragged out of the barn in the backyard by three other individuals. >> reporter: costello's mom that her son was on life support and, quote, he died in my arms last night. tessa was by his hospital bedside. >> child: you can see the life i love you. >> reporter: tonight costello's mom said that her son left martial arts and everybody loved him. in the meantime second really is being held, joseph zagarella is being held for there is so much more to this story. fox 25 news.
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investigators wanted to take a close look at the surveillance video showed a man dressed as a character from the movie halloween. he is running away from a stop. the man behind the mask in this video that is a little bit grady said he is responsible on an ntc a driver. live in dorchester at the cedar grove stopped with a closer look at this new video. jim? >> reporter: yes vanessa, that surveillance video should be helpful except the one the guy has on a mask. behind the cedar grove this is where it all happen. but at baseball you it is possible this is all could be over $2.25 which is the cost to write the trolley. surveillance video from early sunday morning a man runs from the cedar grove t station in dorchester dressed in a
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still an ntc a trolley driver tracked him to the station platform and beat him. >> man: i am stocked:shocked and surprised a lot of things go on in the city. >> reporter: the costume he is wearing, michael myers the maniacal killer from the halloween movie series. the mass suspect boarded the train but told the driver he had no money to pay that there. two passengers left to call for help. >> woman: it is kind of dessert i don' that. not very halloween spirited. >> reporter: what is unclear is the motive behind the assault. not saying that the driver was robbed but the seemingly random nature, it prompted outrage even in high places. such a vicious and senseless act on a public is unconscionable, said governor baker. regular writers that it has a family like atmosphere because the same patch as teachers use it every day. and they see the same drivers manning the controls.
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extremely nice to them by name. >> reporter: transit police are only interested in wanting at the moment, the man behind the mask. and transit police definitely looking for the public's help in identifying that man. after the driver he was released from carney hospital we do not know if he is back on the in dorchester jim marelli fox 25 news speed happen saylor, massachusetts but they don't call this the which city for nothing. say the police estimate the crowd anywhere from 50-75,000 people tonight. that is more than the city's population for the little bit later tonight we tell you what is happening behind the scenes to keep everybody out there say this evening. >> mark: state and bundled out. >> kevin: temperatures dropped as we thought they would under clear skies. so i'm guessing you didn't have
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this. marblehead is 42 that is next to salem and if you didn't notice there 40 degrees but in general i don't have a temperature right out of salem reporting to me it would be close to 40, 41 degrees right now. but it is much colder when you go north, northwest away from that coastline. freezing cold literally with 47 global, it gets colder in northern worchester county you can remember as 6:00 it was already into the 30s. it is down 16 degrees, to the north and south not much warmer here way to the coast temperatures are in the 30s here as well. how cold you will be in the morning and the next ring on the way i am tracking hour by hour just ahead. >> mark: new at 10:00 a city of orlando release the chilling and 11 calls from the polls shooter. we knew that omar mateen raise the boston marathon farmer but this is the first time we hear the killer and his exchange with a hostage negotiator.>> woman: from the boston marathon.
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tapes be released a series of calls blamed the attack on u.s. said airstrike in syria and iraq any pledge allegiance to isis in june 49 people were killed, dozens of others injured. mateen died in a shootout with police speed and emotional day in boston mass after returning after a classmate was killed on a bus stop it happened on south-central street in plainfield. the victim's name is summer steel she was a student at sanderson academy. police say the girl somehow got caught in the doors of the bus and the driver didn't realize it and started to drive away. a neighbor told fox 25 news the horrific scene was witnessed by other children. the school bus company releasing a statement saying while we cannot change what happened we are deeply grieved for this tragic loss of life. police say the driver is
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and accused driver they see judge just hours after he slammed into a woman and her twin daughters in salem. 52-year-old dexter marvin mitchell appeared in court this morning. he turned himself in but not before initially leaving the scene. mitchell told police he was the driver added minute he had been drinking with friends. but in court today his attorney said despite his admission he was not driving out of control. >> man: when we get to the faxing was operating anyway fact one witness said was driving the same speed he was. >> reporter: the judge ordered mitchell be held on $25,000 bond. we're looking to find the conditions of the mother and her daughters. >> mark: local police department is using a high tech device to cut down on high-speed chases. >> man: this is one more tool in our toolbox. >> mark: ahead at 10:00 fox 25 news gets an exclusive look at how it works and how police say
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the next president of the united states. new at 10:00 why hillary clinton laughed about the investigation into her email scandal. plus? >> reporter: a fire engine and car collide causing a train reaction car involving nine cars. >> man: everybody was lucky because the fact that nobody was killed in this accident is
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train reaction grass involving a fire truck but it happened in boston we broke into programming as soon as we learned four firefighters were taken to the hospital one within the last 25 minutes we have lengthy four firefighters are out of the hospital and recovering at home but that is good news there. john, you talk to a man who
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his car was involved in this. >> reporter: that is right, mark and vanessa that man part here, his car the last of the night in that chain reaction crash. amazingly there were no, all four firefighters are out of the hospital. joe gertner, after his car and eight others, that started with this fire engine and this crushed suv. joe's car was the night one hit in this train reaction crash. >> man: the cars were >> reporter: the accident was at dartmouth in the back bay. it is unclear exactly what took place. >> reporter: they made the assumption, the light turned on and the driver just went out to the intersection and made contact with the apparatus. >> reporter: that contact destroyed his suv, uprooted a tree and send this woman to the rescue. >> woman: i opened up the
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and i asked, i got out is anyone else out there? >> reporter: the mother check the driver who was unconscious but came around. no serious injuries but he and four firefighters were taken to the hospital. >> woman: it is a miracle no one got hurt you do this woman whose car was involved clearly shaken. >> woman: it is pretty overwhelming, pretty terrifying. >> reporter: in fact this entire scene taking place just before lunch rattled nerves including joe's. >> woman: i was absolutely horrified by the site, the amount on the sidewalk. the car had been thrown up into the corner and crushed. >> reporter: the driver of the suv is not facing charges. an investigation into what happened here continues. life in boston tonight i am john monahan fox 25 news. >> mark: the driver of the school bus that crashed into a house is now officially facing
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tuesday when the crash happened. a number of the children on the bus had to go to the hospital. 58-year-old mark was at the charged with negligent, and a berkeley for the have a number of fines with children and risk losing their license. was has had a number of citations going as far back as 1984. speed tomorrow we will once again be tracking the morning commute as a demolition toe was continue on the aspect. today's driver wasn't that bad for drivers going home. state police are working majority of the tollbooth but there was less traffic than expected, more traffic patterns will be in place for weeks of diversity to be alert. our entire fox 25 news news team will be updating the situation every 10 minutes beginning tomorrow morning. lawyers for former massachusetts speaker will argue for the client to be released early from prison. the former speaker was sentenced to eight years and
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that sentence apart from lawyers for the macy's to the 71-year-old is suffering from a medical condition and has battled cancer twice in prison. medford mayor is weighing in regarding this new police department. we heard from mayor stephanie burke after this photo service over the weekend. as you see the scene medford police officers hosting with a hillary clinton character in handcuffs they are hanging out with a trump character. mayor with medford police chief and the city will take all facts and circumstances into consideration as they move forward with this personal matter. >> mark: this is where things stand with eight days to go before america alexis next president. right now the new cnn poll shows hillary clinton with 47 percent of the vote compared to donald trump 42 percent. the races tightened up to the up reopened the scandal in hillary clinton's email scandal but she laughed it off tonight.
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announced a review of the investigation into emails related to hillary clinton's private server as secretary of state the democratic presidential nominee it back at what she thinks is questionable timing. >> woman: i am sure a lot of you are asking what this new email story is about. and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. that is a good question. >> reporter: the of emails was found during an fbi probe and a former congressman anthony weiner is a strange husband of clint's lifetime huma abedin, he is being investigated for text messages with a underage girl. she is defined nothing will be found, even asking for more information of the emails to be released publicly. >> woman: i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my
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there is no case here. >> reporter: the white house addressed the latest probes that it won't defend or criticize fbi director james gummy for ordering the review just days before the presidential election. >> man: the president doesn't believe he is strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party. he is in a tough spot and he is the one who will be in a position to defend his actions. in the face of significan criticism. >> mark: unlike today is one week from tomorrow on air and online for election day we will have live coverage starting on the everything newscast lawsuits are the night but don't forget friday is the last day to cast your ballot. >> vanessa: the new england patriots traded their pro bono quarterback to the cleveland
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a possible big payday coming at the end of the season head coach bill belichick jumped in. the third round compensatory pick to the patriots. coming up bill belichick weighs in on the trees himself as collins now former teammates talk about what happened. our sports director tom flight and will have that on the way. and tomorrow is game six between the cups and the indians. play is back to cleveland with a hold a three you can see game six at 8:00 right here on fox 25. of course followed by a late addition of fox 25 news. of course followed by a late addition of fox 25 news. hundreds of protesters i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan.
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calling 844-844-2424.
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opiate painkillers. one percent of the children died. researchers say their findings find the opioid crisis affect everyone and more needs to be done to reduce the impact on children.>> mark: large protesters ended at a facility that has the controversial kind of electric shock therapy. a 200 were at the center in canton. the health signs blocking access to the facility. box 25 has been covering this controversy for years for the fda posed a ban on the use of electric stimulation devices to treat patients who have aggressive behavior or who injure themselves. >> woman: this is not right and they need to stop torturing disabled individuals and help them live out in the community.
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the treatment for they also found us this statement since we first heard the story saying in part, quote, we were dismayed by the tactics taken by these protester for the aggressively tried to enter our school buildings. for several hours fitted impossible to transport the students we serve home so they could relax after their classes and enjoy their dne in the homes they live in an area neighborhoods. boston mayor meanwhile said meetings are under way and potentially viewing to shut down sites when contractors have issues. we later uncovered that contractor had more than a dozen safety infractions and unpaid fines. they also learned at fox 25 news may have been on the city's radar for at least a month before the tragedy. they asked me or washes there is anything the city could have done. >> woman: for these desperate rentable?
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preventable when you talk about safety. >> reporter: one piece of safety is a trench box but the attorney for atlantic drain tells fox 25 utilities in the area where the work was being performed prohibited the use of them. >> vanessa: this is a story you have to see a woman survive. within a week after crushing her suv and getting trapped inside. there is more that vehicle was dangling off a cliff. ahead at 10:00 the moments that made the hair the head of a good samaritans iniquities doubled on the scene. but first. >> man: happy halloween. >> reporter: as tens of thousands pasty halloween
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we continue to follow breaking news in lowell when a car hit a trick-or-treat or. the four-year-old was crossing marshall avenue when he a car hit him. he was forced to the hospital with a serious head laceration for the woman stop for a her car was located just a short while later on broadway. she was taken to the police station for questioning. so far no charges. we are talking to witnesses at the scene we will have another live look for you at 11:00 >> mark: you thought it was busy at your street tonight. look at this nowhere does it look like this other than salem, massachusetts. the halloween festivities are winding down for the night. >> vanessa: they stepped up
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christie mccarthy, salem police are starting to clear everybody out tonight. >> reporter: that is right the street festivities are over as you can see me police are trying to clear out this entire area is an everybody home. i just spoke to the captain, he tells me this was actually been a very busy halloween but also a well behaved halloween but he said that is because there has only been one drunk and disorderly conduct the rest of the night. of course not over. some spooky, a little scary, >> man: creepy stuff wondering the streets of salem tonight. you never know what you were going to bump into.>> reporter: salem police as the estimated 50-75,000 people poured into the witch city. more than the population itself. >> man: every police officer in salem wants to help, a lot of other agencies around. >> reporter: 200 uniformed officers in all the north shore city is the halloween capital of the city. police close down streets
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each with a division commander. >> man: the arrest rate has gone down even though the crowds have been bigger. i think people understand this is a family event we don't tolerate any public drinking or who look in the system.>> reporter: they didn't have any costumes even the controversial clown that has been creeping out communities across the nation. the only restriction, no weapons. >> man: i did manage to state my clawson but other than that they have been very tight around here. >> reporter: the added security >> woman: we love it it is very safe. he had so much fun the people are so creative with their costumes. >> reporter: the one and only, the one many parties. >> man: security out here they are checking everybody.>> reporter: with no major incidents please consider this year's festivities a success at least so far.
1:32 am
out this entire area in the next 30 minutes of it will come through a street the streets and try to get the area back to normal. we are live in salem, christie mccarthy, fox 25 news speed good costumes out there. >> mark: and look like a lot of fun. >> vanessa: it sounded like him, too. we know the effect of seek a virus on pregnant women. >> mark: men's listen up at all the potential health risk we all face. if we happen to contract the virus.>> vanessa: stepping a selfie after winning $43 million byhi told the casino doesn't have to pay up. >> reporter: your local forecast by kevin and the storm tracker weather team. >> kevin: betelgeuse, betelgeuse in charlestown tonight. beetle juice, the halloween parade what a great time it looks like it was but a lot of fun i wish i could be out there enjoying that on the evening like that.
1:33 am
in. that egyptian princess looking very much alive at this one sent into us also. the hudson, massachusetts squat team. entry said that in and they are ready to go for this with coming in, i had a lot of pictures of robert costumes tonight. maybe it is easy to do or something popular this year. and then ken ruining the picture, where we try to trick-or-treat have been canceled in worchester because of all the snow. 22 inches so it could be worse than the cold we had us beautiful halloween scene that is what everyone was experiencing tonight good separate deaf temperatures continue to drop. 30 in the suburbs and we are seen 20s out there as well. king, new hampshire, 28 degrees present for you in northern for sure county. the charleston with the trick-or-treating in and around that area. and nearby temperatures are pretty close to 40.cambridge will that 40. downtown boston at 42 degrees.
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you get into northern worchester county, near the freezing and lemons work. freezing cold right now. cool clouds overhead, it was breezy. your temper your overnight starting in boston going to the upper 30s. in rebounding by lunchtime to 40s with sunshine for sure. this picture of worchester being in the mid-30s right near the city. you have seen outside of the city 28 colder than there are some towns that will be in the upper 20s like pittsburgh is right now for your breakup forecast of average 29, 20s to the north and west.upper 40s here is the coastline that is your average under clear skies. closer to 128, norwood, it is already 24 degrees for tomorrow 50s all across south shore and cape cod. all along the door sure, 50s everywhere you look. everyone gets 50 tomorrow, 50+ with plenty of sunshine. with your 70 forecast or to
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it comes with milder air. by thursday there is that rained threat. we spent time on that for you. future cast shows coming into the evening hours but this will go farther out in time for 2:00 at the 6:00 newscast but i thought it would be here for the morning commute. we will stop it at news time off to the northwest this moves to worchester and boston by the evening commute. so that is still on target. above a target with the newest da c 11:00. >> mark: 16-year-old with purple here is a very good candidate for brother of the year ahead how he saved his sister's life as flames were through their plus high-speed chases endangering people and officers. we show you a first of its kind tool that could cut down on the number of cases.
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firefighters are still watching hotspots after this massive fire in the construction in oakland, california. flames broke out early this morning no one was living there. this is a look from above and all the damage. no one was hurt the firefighters evacuated 200 people in the densely packed neighborhood as a precaution
1:39 am
was stuck in a overturned suv for almost a week and survive for the man who was hiking one of the 59-year-old they click off of the clip on the san bernardino mountains. five days earlier she use the onstar feature to call 911. and police have been searching for her ever since.>> man: i got 20 feet away from that car and the here of my neck started to stand up or she can barely lift her head. all i heard.>> vanessa: rescuers say it is a miracle it never went over the clipper they use a pull her to safety.she had pretty serious injuries that she will be okay. >> mark: muzzles eastern portal for the iraq's northern city. once they captured this east of mosul they can take this fight is that the city limits were most of the fighters are taking in for the pentagon said
1:40 am
combatants. >> man: the practice with me today is it has been to the bravery and dedication of the eye rocky soldiers, the federal police and others on the front lines. the international coalition continues to support their efforts. >> mark: the u.s. has promised to back up with airstrikes for the sense once mosul has taken the military can focus his efforts on the other major isis
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. e struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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we have had our share of high-speed chases in massachusetts, sometimes crossing from one state to another. now there is new technology that could cut back on these pursuits. one local police department is the only one in new england using it. exclusive first look at the device and learned how it can help save lives. >> man: this is november 2 it will be the 10th birthday' we will miss because he is dead. >> vanessa: for jonathan perez the pain of losing his son is still as rough as the night he died of may 2007. paul was 23 years old. that night massachusetts horse chasing a suspect in somerville when he made it illegal u-turn. >> man: we were in a taxi and
1:44 am
paul was actually ripped from the taxi, died there on site. >> man: i get a pit in my stomach. >> reporter: joe solomon said some weights as officers respond to as many as five chases a day. box 25 has covered a number of dangerous high-speed chases. here in massachusetts eats police department has its own cheese policy. officers can only pursue for a serious offense li or murder. >> man: there was a death or serious injury. >> reporter: solomon is looking to new gps tracking technology called star chase as an alternative dies be chases. the police department is the first agency in new england to use it. and fox 25 receives a first-hand demonstration. >> man: what it will beat fast you will be able to go.
1:45 am
>> man: it hit by the plate. now at this point it will spec off. >> reporter: any police agency good luck into their computer and truck they vehicle minimizing the need for a chase. >> man: this is just one more tool in our toolbox of all the tools we have that hopefully in the right situation, the right time we deploy get it could save someone's life. >> reporter: according to star chase it is had an 80 apprehension rate but during our demonstration one device failed to stick. they said it could be because of weather, proximity of the officers from a playable part our sister station aired this dash cam video showing into list please officer trying and failing twice to get a ups truck or to a suspect's car. the officer continued to pursue driving up to 100 miles per hour until the suspect crashed into another car injuring that driver and killing himself.
1:46 am
to be the first line of defense. >> man: part of the whole efficacy idea was again want to change policies, like to see stricter disease in light. >> reporter: he said this is a step in the right direction but intel every police person policy is improved he has promised to keep fighting. >> man: i am hoping that someday i hear paul's voice in my head saying you have done good, dad. >> man: is apprehension crisis just under 80 percent compared to the average of 70 percent. star chase says there haven't been any injuries or deaths when departments use this technology. stephanie quinn, fox 25 news. >> mark: this raises questions about the fourth amendment and privacy. aclu supports this technology as long as there is probable cause and removed once a suspect is god. >> vanessa: a mounted police
1:47 am
mounted unit as part of the departments will policing you number they are requesting $100,000 in startup then spread to the inaugural right have been on memorial day of 2017. >> mark: for the first time we can see the new progress at the wind boston harbor.only fox 25 news given this and the scenes access. they showed us around the construction site and give us insight on what the resort will look like and how it could be a major player in boston's business. wind boston harbor this is a most people see it. today we hopped on board with the president of the property to see the progress. >> man: we are currently finishing up the foundation of the site. we wanted to establish a firm but step for the building. >> reporter: that spans 13 acres for this right here is the entrance to the hotel building and casino. this is what the hotel will face, the boston skyline along
1:48 am
would be worth? >> man: on her right hand side and it is a curve to tower. that tower goes up 27 stories. >> reporter: they are tweaking the design on the inside of the building today we painted these new pictures of has not been released to get more details on what the $2.1 million project will look like. from the lobby to the rooms overlooking the city to the main casino that will have a grand staircase. but after months o wrangling was somerville he said the relationship is simmered down. >> man: we feel like we are at a good place was somerville a cooperation is going well. >> reporter: they are on target for an opening of june 3, 2018 for the biggest focus now is jobs. 320 people work on site now another 200 before the end of the year.
1:49 am
that there will be 4000 permanent jobs. >> man: for as it is all about getting people to work in getting this up and running. we can't show up to show wynn boston harbor to our guest. >> reporter: steve wynn calls the office twice a week. wynn is focused on the details and like to have a hands on approach. i am player miller, fox 25 news. >> mark: felton and melrose, massachusetts are among the best small cities in america. congratulations. affordability, education, quality of life, a t milton it best and melrose 26 for the best small city in america is westfield, indiana. >> vanessa: you lived in milton. >> mark: i live in melrose but i don't remember i was
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a dog missing from a three will be going home after riding up across the country in wyoming. yet is a left his fence most days exploring her family farm but one day her curiosity letter so far away a couple picture up to save her and ended up taking her several states away instead. the humane society took me a in, they were concerned for her owners. >> woman: i was concerned because i have dogs and i would be totally freaked out if they doing research and found a page and we found her home. >> vanessa: what a speech lab after missing for three weeks of the adventure of life time she was in the laundry come this friday. >> mark: i wish you could hear all the sounds about how cute that dog is but it sure was a pretty puppy.42 degrees in boston 30s in the suburbs. 20 in keene, new hampshire. other spots in northern
1:54 am
night it is below average. it will be freezing cold all the way inside 128 after midnight. including the morning hours. boston a little bit warmer but it is clear skies that is what you are waking up to was sunshine on track here the next batch of rain the timeline at 11:00. >> vanessa: tonight a teenager with purple hair. >> mark: he pulled his little sister out of a burning home as the mother it i pretty talked about it to fox 25 news. >> mark: this is her window and my window. >> reporter: 16-year-old randy looks at the window where he woke up last wednesday and saw flames. >> woman: the alarm went off in at first i thought what's going on? >> reporter: she hustled her family outside but seconds later brandon who stepped this video realized three-year-old melody was still in her bedroom that was filling with smoke. >> man: he can see the fire on
1:55 am
melody inside but as he carried her down the stairs the smoke still his breath and decide there was a moment when he thought they might not make it. >> child: i almost fell down the stairs because spoke got me really dizzy. could not see anything i was just making guesses. >> reporter: outside helpless julia waited frantically for children to reappear. >> woman: it was unbelievable it seems like forever.and i kept seeing where is melody? >> reporter: they got out coughing and scared but with each other and melodies favorite stuffed animal. >> child: she was pretty frightened by which was seeking. >> reporter: brandon stewart jaw adjustments she was a hero. >> child: to be thanked from all of this. >> reporter: for his parents think you will never be enough. >> woman: i am so proud of him,
1:56 am
fire is under investigation it will likely be six-month before they can move back inside. i am catherine bircher fox 25 news. >> mark: nice job at that in man. kids with peanut allergies good for a therapy. >> vanessa: it gives small doses of peanut putting tickets that are allergic. nearly half of those treated by the peanut patch for one year were able to consume at least 10 times more peanut protein than they were prior to treatment. >> mark: buzz could be coming back to boston. they are working on the of a potential new late-night service but under the proposal writers which is a bridge up to have a drop off location. buses would operate as needed and the ntp a would receive all pairs. >> vanessa: a troubling trend of racial discrimination by uber drivers in boston. austin canceled tickets with african-american sounding names at double the rate of those who are more likely to remain to a point person for that is
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