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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 19, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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it's october 19th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a woman in labor collapses on the street, but -- >> the ambulance is taking forever to get there. >> the moment good samaritans make a human shield for mom. a roller blader hitches a ride on a bus. >> and he's just proven at 70 miles an hour. >> the daredevil hanging on for dear life. >> this is what life dealt to me, and i'm going to run with it. >> it's a powerful story shared during breast cancer awareness month. >> you never think men get breast cancer, too. >> how you can help one important message. plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including how a video that went megaviral is a gift. >> that keeps on giving.
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has spawned a parody to end all parodies. >> i want to know what they told the accordion player they were doing. >> i love these little market areas in different towns around the world. this particular one is in china. you can get everything, from hats, to umbrellas, to deliveries. and i do mean of the human kind, because watch this. see this woman walking here with this man, she's pregnant and in labor. >> oh! >> the man with her is actually a giving her a hand, but as time progresses, ambulance is taking forever to get there, and the baby's not slowing down. baby wants to come home now. and watch this, people standing there, this man actually helps deliver the child. on the street. >> look at it, everybody just crowds around. okay, i guess this is happening. >> and the world around her on the street probably has no idea, everything just keeps going,
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protecting her from the elements, but it's still pretty wild that this happened so quickly. >> they are ready. kick down the door, hey, let's do it. >> let me in. in this case, out. eventually, the ambulance did come and you see that the baby is totally fine. mommy is totally fine, and they are in the hospital. in fact, mom has a big old smile on her face. well, that was interesting. >> here we are on a highway in latch on, got roller blades. he's just cruising at 70 miles an hour. >> if marty mcfly can do it at the beginning of back to the future, this guy can do it. >> no, he can't. >> power of love right there. >> as we ride along, we see he suddenly arrives to his destination and lets go. even though i don't condone this, makes it look pretty easy. >> i've been waiting for
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? >> this guy stirred up trouble, too. you see him here balancing on this railing. here's the problem, on one side of the railing you have oncoming traffic. on the other side you have a drop. so, either way, it won't end well for this person. if he should fall, he doesn't. >> there you go. he's fine. >> if that's fine, oli, you don't condone this. this is dangerous and you should not do for this one. don't you ever, ever, ever do this. >> yes, ma'am. >> ever, ever? >> ever, ever. >> is he a daredevil or is something up with this guy, is he having a mental breakdown? >> well done. >> police have not been able to identify who this person is, but they do say once they identified him, they could be in big
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>> it's a word we use lots on "right this minute," but in these two cases, going way past to the whole taking area, this first one is sam bull. inside sort of a textile area, lots of shops. you'll see on the left-hand side this huge brick. it's a really, really compressed textile fabric. this guy comes along, tests it out, you could see other shopkeepers are going to help him out. opened the door for you can see this guy right there, absolute sitting duck. if, for example, he wasn't already stealing the things he's stealing. as the owner of the shop comes, guys, anyone seen the huge bag full of textiles? that guy wasn't with you? guess who gets dragged back in. these guys do need to give this guy a little bit of
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the video they laughed at how impressive it was. >> we head over to belfast in northern ireland. we're at the bullet hotel named after the steve mcqueen movie, but this is like something out of a thomas crown affair. you can see these two older ladies kind of messing with a piece of art on the wall, a piece of art they decided they want for themselves. right there, they take this over $18,500 picture of steve himself and then they start to make the get away. you can see them here as they try to make the great escape. eventually, they left it outside a restaurant. somebody recognized it and actually returned it to them. while the picture was returned, they are still an enemy of the people. watches on abc 7 in new york city is the latest winner of the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> and you could win, too. all you're going to need is wednesday's buzz word, be at
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resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. a good number of us are formed with a healthy fear of heights. folks in this video seem to have that disconnected. road trip, head on out to king falls. the journey just to get there is difficult. >> yeah, you don't want that's the wrong place to slip. >> well, i don't think they are going to care. once they are at the top, it's all about falling. big old cliff diving session with a bunch of folks there. all part of the crew. >> pick up any kind of injury, how in the heck are you going to get back up that hill? >> only consequence in this video is fun. these guys pull off some really sweet cliff jumps, back flips, front flips. little bit of rope swinging, too. if you like what the guys did,
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go and check them out on their youtube channel. these tiny dogs know -- >> they should protect this house at all costs. >> see how they show a visiting bear who's boss. and video proof that sometimes things are just -- >> no match for mother nature. >> why you >> why you better watch out when the wind blows. >> that was incredible. brought to you by the walt disney world resort, where the magic is endless. where happiness can be found around every corner. savory moments. and moments to savor. filled to the brim with memories and wonder. because here, the laughter has no limits. here, the magic is endless. after brushing,
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mini babybel. snack a little bigger. how fast are alleg closed captioning provided by -- st. for allergy symptoms, allegra? is the fastest non-drowsy relief you can buy. allegra? gelcaps... not just fast. allegra? fast. security cameras captured a terrifying scene on the streets of paraguay. this guy getting into his car, then suddenly you see smoke
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>> it was. it wasn't smoke. those were bullets raining into the car, sending glass and bits of metal raining everywhere. >> so he was targeted, obviously. >> it does appear that way. 30 shots struck this vehicle. >> that was an ambush. that was not a normal drive-by. >> look at how many shots hit the windshield, hit the side of this truck, all over the place. now, the remarkable bit about this story is this next clip from inside the emergency room at the hospital. the truck. he was hit six times by bullets, got back into his truck, and drove himself to the emergency room, walked in, said i need help. you can see in the images the truck parked outside the emergency room doors and you can also see the number of rounds that went right through the door of the truck. >> incredible. >> none of the bullets caused life threatening injuries. he's going to be okay. >> as soon as he figures out he's trying to kill him.
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what did you do today? got shot six times. >> where would you put yourself on the pain scale? oh, a three. we're right in the middle of breast cancer awareness month, but even further than that, we're in the middle of male breast cancer awareness week. according to the american cancer society, about 2,600 new cases of male breast cancer will be diagnosed this year. this film produced by nick sadler follows the bill through his own diagnosis, but also his work in trying to provide resources and help to other men that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. >> my name is bill becker, and i have breast cancer. >> never really think men get breast cancer, too. >> and that is exactly why nick decided to undertake this project, because he wanted to create that awareness that men get breast cancer, too. you have to check yourself.
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called fractured atlas to manage all of these people. people have been coming through, they see this as an opportunity to create awareness. also aware there's no male specific medical treatment. and that is why he's released this trailer of his movie. >> you know what's interesting, women know you're supposed to check yourself once a month and certain times a month where you can notice if there's a lump or something. when are men supposed to check themselves? >> tha i honestly couldn't tell you. >> not something i've been taught to do, learned in school to do. yeah, of course, this just seems to go right by all of us. >> so how did they catch bill's cancer? was he okay? >> well, bill's story is very interesting and they will explore that in this documentary, which followed him about a year before he ended up dying from breast cancer on september 17th, 2014. they are hoping they can start
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project with the help of the people. if you want to help this project out, head over to, click on tv show, or you can check it out on our mobile app. bentley and tucker, they got the memo that they should protect this house. bad news for this bear. >> wow. these little dogs have no clue. they are like, oh, that's a big dog. better get out of here. >> all about the little dogs, though. they think they are the size of a bear is like, really, okay. >> big animal. >> remarkably calm, considering there's a bear staring at him. >> the bear is actually pretty calm, too, as bentley and tucker run around and bark and jump at the fence. >> only barking because they have the fence in between them. if that bear came over -- >> the bear is like, this is not even worth my time today. i'll go ahead and go back to where i came from.
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animal whisperer, because here comes woody woodpecker. >> no way. >> starts pecking away at his lapel. hops up on his neck, but doesn't quite go for the head, it's more like the collar. >> unreal. >> he's just calm and laughing. this woodpecker and him. >> is he insulting an officer? >> maybe. >> using a drone to pull out a loose tooth. >> that's not going to that's not going to work. >> find out what happened on the next "right this minute". and still to come -- todd's worried that his dad might be lonely, so -- >> he's gone and done something without his dad's permission. >> there's a website. >> no! >> see the big surprise when dad's date arrives. >> oh, my god. >> plus, there's still time to score an ipad mini. wednesday's buzz word for your
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promotional considerations provided by -- you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. if you're searching for something that finally relieves your pain, new icyhot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. there was a reason why the government will issue warnings saying stay inside, something bad could happen. the weather is treacherous. and these three videos prove it. this is from odessa, ukraine. something is about to fall. that bus just misses it. >> holy cow! >> that crane falls and hits that car. imagine, what are the odds that that car would be right there when that crane putting up a
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>> the way the trees moving around, obviously a bit of wind that day. maybe that was something to do with it. >> it was an extremely windy day, like it was here in brazil. the old chemical toilet, yes, that is a porta potty that flew with the wind. people are watching as the porta potty slid past, you can see it bumped up against the cars there. elsewhere, that same town in brazil, this shed no match for mother nature. the person who shot this video said it crumpled like paper. >> that's incredible. it looked like it was a paper building. >> that shed, no more. >> wow. >> time for another "rtm" prank. >> i wanted to talk to you about something. >> worried about his dad.
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at home by yourself alone all the time. >> yeah. >> well, might be a little bit lonely. he's gone and done something without his dad's permission. >> there's a website called golden years match makers. >> oh, my gosh. >> no! farmers only, christian mingle, black people meet. there's something for everybody. >> got a profile on every one of them. >> no! >> i set up a profile on there for you, because i know you wouldn't do it. i found somebody i think would be a perfect match for you. >> well, his dad's reaction, not exactly thrilled. >> hell no. >> whoa! whoa, he's like, no, no! >> well, he's like, i got some bad news for you, mate. >> she'll be here in just a couple minutes. >> you didn't do that.
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>> oh, you got me. >> oh, lady and the tramp, a dog. >> i think she likes you, pop. >> who wouldn't? >> one of a few dogs whose owner actually died and the humane society was helping look after and trying to find a new forever home. >> now cue the romantic music, because, well, there's the cutest couple ever. >> hi, baby. >> how are you doing? >> oh, my god. >> driving down the street, sitting on his lap. >> you know, sitting on the lap, long walks, rubbing each other. and i would go on more blind dates if they were like this. >> the whole point of it, drawing attention to the humane societies around the country, where you can find dogs that need forever homes. it's time to give away another ipad mini.
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least 21 years old, and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word, you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal wednesday's buzz word. it's bacon. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button, and enter wednesday's buzz word, bacon. >> and later this week, it's bonus give away day. that means somebody's winning an ipad mini a a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. this couple's smooth moves earn them viral video fame, but now -- >> the parodies are rolling in. guys, you guys are going to love this one. >> see why this new duo
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the dancing millionaire is a gift from the internet that keeps on giving. you remember this from not too long ago. 49-year-old jim's dancing with his woman. this video has gotten millions and millions upon millions of views, because they are comical, they are super hot.
10:27 am
himself a pretty good life. >> yes. wonderful things have come from this, because now -- haters going to hate. he's better than ever, but the parodies are rolling in. you guys are going to love this one. ?? dancing to ricky martin. >> exactly instagram versus real life. like they always say, your life on instagram, y >> i want to know what they told the accordion player they were doing. >> those were actually russians. they are known on the internet for creating these goofy weird covers. they've choreographed the dance to match the original one. >> i'm in love with the accordion player. >> how do you poker face the whole time? it's so good. they are having such a good
10:28 am
>> the only parody of this video, i see a door wide open, people, get making them. >> now you're talking. he's having his 15 minutes of fame. he was invited to a russian television show, where he also danced with one of the hosts. thanks for hanging out with us today. lots more great content to be found at or
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time for new viral videos "right this minute." a mom's at an atm when a guard suddenly grabs her child and flips her upsidedown. >> what he's doing and why he's so determined to do it. his whacky ad a while back -- >> took the internet by storm. >> how one classic commercial is leading to a whole lot more. better pay attention to this video or -- >> you're going to miss what happens. >> see if you can spot what's causing all the chaos. >> oh! >> plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and a drone catches something unexpected. >> ufo? >> way sparklier than that. >> see the moment coincidence meets romance. >> wow, have the drone, too.


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