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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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acted appropriately. 29-year-old peter and then killed what the district attorneys office is calling a gunfight.das office also released the police dispatch audio which we matched as closely as possible with this video just into our newsroom this afternoon. >> the video comes from a surveillance camera in the area of stanwood laredo street as we back the video up to the beginning investigators say that's been fan appearing on the right side of the screen as a worst officer arrives in a cruise on the left another person with fan fan was already injured and fen/phen seems to raise one hand at one point that's when the officer had his gun out and comes as you saw there from behind unmarked cruiser as the other car on your screen backs down the street officers moving in to find that ben had been shot.
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february 12 after police were called to check a person shot a possible home invasion. at the time police told 25 and then had previous kind convictions and charged with assaulting an officer before. this new video comes from the suffolk county district attorney's office which investigates police shootings the da says no conclusions have been made at this point. the das office also said waited to release this new video at the request of fan fans family the acid not be made public until after his funeral which happened this past weekend. >> examined serious crash which i got real appears to carpeting the driver. we first show you seen on friday when the story was a tonight we confirmed the type of goggle involved in this crash is the kind under fire thing to lawsuits and death and serious injuries. is also been the focus of several fox 25 stories. >> kerry: state police investigators pointing to
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that guardrail slicing to that vehicle on friday night they say in this case the speed was so great that guardrail could absorb the blow. it pierced through like a spear piece of goggle shot this honda accord friday after the driver crashed into a 93 s. in canton. >> the driver was pinned inside the vehicle for 35 minutes. today fox25 investigates from the guard really crashed to the car at the same type of and cap design into lawsuits connected to deaths and miss memories. the maker of the et plus trinity industries of texas has been the focus of a federal investigation. in 2014 a federal grand jury found trinity industries before the government by changing the design. test crash but you show how the et plus is supposed to work when it's hit the force of the impact drives the internal
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rip it out and away. when fell that can be dangerous consequences. despite this result on friday state police say that guardrail performed as it should have any statement they said quote based on our preliminary reconstruction the contributing factors to the serious injury that is being looked at is excessive speed not that went on that speed was excessive enough that all the vehicles energy could not be absorbed the collapsing and cap causing the car to guardrail. >> we reached out to trinity industries to see if they agree with the state police assessment of this crash spokesperson email that the statement quote et plus most tested guardrail in america when installed and maintained designed. we've also been in touch with a family friend of the driver that person tells us the
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hospital and heading into surgery tomorrow. >> more details fox25 reported last year that mass dot only replaces t plus terminals when they are damaged of the state's began removing them altogether. in 2015 there were nearly 7000 of these guardrails and caps on roads across the state. >> skyfox flying over the tractor-trailer crash in webster you can see the truck and it up in the woods here. this is i 395 northbound mass state police still on the scene right now drivers in this area should expect lengthy delays. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling for votes in the baystate. both democratic tenants are in massachusetts today ahead of some ski primary contest. tomorrow as you know is super tuesday. >> heading in tomorrow hillary clinton has a point lead over bernie sanders that's according to a new topic university poll. has donald trump dominating republicans in massachusetts he's bidding marco rubio 43 percent to 20 percent ohio
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third with 13 percent. >> sharman: the day before super tuesday hillary clinton at a rally this old meetinghouse of boston. make no mistake about it a very strong force that wants to turn us back. members of the state democratic delegation also criticizing republicans an effort to fire up debate. >> the day before super tuesday speaks volumes right now she's running only slightly ahead of vermont senator bernie sanders here in this room she spoke to an overwhelmingly young crowd of college students from all the mod of wellesley. >> she told the audience how she loves the state although
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state senator's name. >> couldn't may have taken aim at the republicans today but right now her closest competitor is bernie sanders and she made sure to draw a distinction especially on the issue of student loans and the cost of college. >> we will work to get the cost down. >> after this appearance of boston hillary clinton has to virginia. >> senator elizabeth ward about why absentee ballot for the massachusetts primary she has not announced to supporting. bernie sanders gearing up for a rally that starts in less than an hour and milton tonight hopes to rally's truth to a victory in massachusetts. >> ted daniel is there helping a live report from fox 25 news at 10. >> ohio governor john kasich the only republican campaigning in massachusetts today. the host a town hall plymouth this afternoon.
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virginia and georgia today tennessee and georgia. senator ted cruz was in florida before heading to his home state of texas which is one of the super tuesday states. >> 4.2 million voters registered in massachusetts 35 percent of those voters are registered democrats. 11 percent registered republicans vast majority of enroll.secretary of state saint today expects stronger turnout in the republican race than a past primaries. >> he say missing a large number of voters leave the democratic party in the last few months and either enroll as a republicans or choose to be unenrolled. >> several reporters traveling to the candidates had croissants super tuesday watchful eye reports without sharman sacchetti trump campaign in palm beach florida
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clinton campaign in miami ted daniel following the sanders vermont. full coverage of the results on error on our app and online at >> very warm weather today catching a lot of people out for a walk and joined the record warm weather on this leap day. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. you're right about that good 20 degrees colder tomorrow look at this our record say 64 boston 57 worcester boston tied the record from 1880 was to broke the 1976 record great shot from the twin lakes area of halifax. some clouds breaking after showers came through this
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west line of snow and rain showers second cold front coming through later on tonight spread snow showers far south as southern vermont western massachusetts and they all dry out as a come eastward we get a couple of clouds through later on tonight the court to cold once make us cooler tomorrow talk about how much cooler and a potential for ice tomorrow night. >> hunt is on for the driver of a car that slammed into two people worcester and drove off. today the suspect's car was found in impounded tonight fox25 stephanie coueignoux to live from worcester. >> stephanie: that's absolutely right in fact he told me that years ago that he himself was involved in a hit and run. he and killed a pedestrian but he said in that case he did not leave the scene. and he doesn't know why that driver didn't do the same. meantime police to have new evidence they are looking into. that evidence actually comes
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this the market right here the cafi has a several cameras pointed at the street and employees there told me police are now reviewing that deal. to see if they can find any new leads while it was the street right here with that driver hit that couple and then took off. tonight the husband is now out of the hospital the white though is still in serious condition. >> david law is deeply disturbed by what he witnessed yesterday during a busy sunday afternoon at the worcester fleamarket wall crowds of people out right, a driver ran over a couple crossing the street and then sped off. >> the couple's teenage daughter was right there. she tried to bang on the windows but the driver would not stop. then who owns worcester fleamarket on the avenue was also there. today he spoke with us by phone.
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this morning was to police released a statement saying they had located the mazda involved in a hit-and-run but had a different license plate we went to police headquarters or the vehicle was towed. no sign of the car and police declined to speak with us on camera. vermont this is a situation that's deeply personal he told us when he hit and killed a pedestrian years ago, he stayed. >> we've been reaching out to police all day long so far they still haven't released the names of the victims but as soon as we have an update will let you know on aaron online and on >> say goodbye to late night. >> still to come tonight mbta officials taking late-night service off the table it goes away and what else we found out about the future of the transit system.
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parents are skeptical. rex the leaders unit under fire the parents concerned after health concerns closed one local school for nearly a week.
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up for sunday night walk in a quiet neighborhood was shot and killed. the murder of denise roberts stunned her community. tonight her killer still out there and talks 25 bob ward tells us detectives are working this case is denise family still struggling to understand what happened. >> tom robert is a brother of denise robert the new hampshire newspaper sales presidential killed his manchester on august 30. nice was oldest of 12. six months after denise robert was shot and killed walking through this manchester new hampshire neighborhood police have a vague ascription of the killer and his vehicle at the police chief tells me he still does not have a suspect.>> but manchester police chief tells me there are still leads in this investigation.
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white man wearing a white take top with close cropped hair driving a red pickup truck. the question is why. >> six months later in us to get a still don't know if denise robert was targeted she was a victim of random violence. denise is family hoping someone will step forward soon. >> there was a $40,000 reward offered in this case call manchester police if you can help. >> memorial going today for a police officer gunned down on her first day on the job. she was killed on saturday while responding to a mystic violence call in virginia. police cruiser has been transformed into a memorial for her she was a merrimack new hampshire native and she was
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>> please join me in a moment of silence. >> she graduated with the class of 2005 which chose a model forever young. what most people will remember is that this is a young lady who chose to move forward in her life. and commit to a life of public service at one point it was discussion about medical aeronautics marines and ultimately she goes to work for the police force in virginia. >> she would've made a great police officer here in merrimack. >> ronald hamilton charge shooting her and two other officers and being held without the injured offices are expected to recover. >> parking in boston is tough but did you know there's certain streets we are more likely to get a parking ticket to anywhere else in boston. people say that their confusing individual sign.
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to park there. >> which street and signs do need to look out for to avoid a parking ticket. fox 25 years with the data to find out the five top locations at a parking ticket traps. >> unbelievable 64 degrees on february 29 day norwood 66 64 tying a record from way back in 1880. but of course every four years 33 old record worcester 57 degrees that's a new record for the day goes back to 1976. a beautiful shopping center rings island myrna salisbury massachusetts shot on twitter please send them to me. one foot gone by a couple of
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a second front already roaring toward us has snow showers along and rain showers to mix with the patient basically that's got to swing southward overnight tonight let's track that one hour by hour here comes the front of the snow showers hampshire vermont even to western massachusetts and then coming up the hill the mountains the sinking air dries out a couple of clouds left over swings on through. but what it will do it reinforce cooler air that's going to be here for your morning. right now dinner plans 52 in boston not so bad at all. couple of clouds out there mostly clear skies going down to raising two degrees in the morning. worcester at 43 degrees under mostly clear skies going down to 27 in the morning behind that second cold front. cold temperatures for sure lawrence area northwest of boston clear skies temperatures going down below freezing tonight but nothing went out there not concerned about any
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high temperatures rebound to tomorrow not bad for march 1. 43 boston 45 in fitchburg and 40 norwood. all above average however it is quite a bit cooler than what you had out there today. set the stage for us having a cold night tomorrow night ahead of the system. here come the clouds in the evening hours tomorrow temperatures drop back into the 30s by this point. in worcester county below 32 degrees some instances will be watching that route to quarter like we did last week into southern new hampshire southern vermont the berkshires the storm comes in with rain freezing rain and snow snow will be in ski country to the north this all continues right through the late-night hours tomorrow into the early morning without freezing rain actually pushing northward even though it's a cast model data continues to show the progress northward we know from last week we learned from that you can still have some spots in
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will stay at or below freezing into the morning hours that's why there's already a winter weather in ice three for southern new hampshire and potentially for northern massachusetts. this is the rain shower activity for the early morning hours. and then the rain showers exiting in the afternoon. so we do have that winter weather advisory in southern new hampshire for the system will see if that gets extended into northern massachusetts a report that you on that this is your week ahead when the behind the system and 53 wednesday and that's cold air really coming in here weekend always in future the chance for some ship snow showers or even light snow
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justice clarence thomas asked questions during a supreme court argument. he broke his silence in a minor case on the mystic violence convictions and gun rights. this was the second time the supreme court is arguments since justice antonin scalia's death. i ask you to join me in expressing america's profound gratitude navy seals ed byers and all. >> present brock obama awarded a navy seal the highest military honor edward byers the first living active duty member of the navy at the middle on
6:25 pm
>> like so many of us special operators defined by some deep sense of humility he doesn't seek the spotlight in fact he shuns it. professional. i imagine a lot of other places he'd rather be than in front of all these cameras. >> byers is only the six navy seals be awarded the highest honor of valor in combat was a member of the deal team six the elite group that killed osama bin laden. in 2012 fires help western american doctor kidnapped by the taliban and. by a fired on the enemy and threw himself on the doctor to shield the hostage. >> is a navy seal edward byers junior is well acquainted with danger. the night of december 8 2012 brought plenty of it. >> are objective our goal is
6:26 pm
hostage alive picnics and that he and other seals did rescuing doctor joseph from the taliban in afghanistan but holding captive about four days. >> the guy was on on to the doctor who was about three or four maybe five feet away for me to my right. >> for his heroic effort president obama awarding wires america's highest literary honor. >> it wasn't until he called and i got to speak to him and he said you know, congratulations i already looked at your award and i'm approving you to receive the congressional medal of honor. and then i said this is real. >> byers also dealing with another reality he was a second seal to work into the taliban hideout to free doctor joseph the first seal nicholas check was killed. >> nick was an embodied essence of what it is to be an american hero.
6:27 pm
and the page of history for the sacrifices that he made picnics plenty of people calling byers a hero as well but his young daughter might not be one of them. >> my daughter knows that i am daddy. and she loves me just for that. if you talk to her one on one should tell you the five different nicknames he has for me and i don't think one of them includes hero. >> remarkable bravery.a hero to all of us. >> no more late nights on the tee. that's not all still to come tonight 25 news at six what else we found out about mtas plan for how it operates and how the pay for. plus an explosion inside an officer's cruiser caught on camera the surprising cause of this explosion and what the local police department is
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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a 93 s. a kitten on friday. fox 25 investigates from the type of guardrail it's a very same one landed lawsuits to patella t's and dismemberment. 80+ also been focus of previous fox25 stories. >> two remaining democratic presidential campaigns campaigning tonight massachusetts. hillary linton and bernie spirit santos the day for super tuesday talking about is in boston to milford to springfield. >> fox25 will have team coverage from across the country from florida to vermont as a result role in. >> classes resume in millis after the building was closed when air quality tested concerning levels of a chemical therapy that testing was done as part of regular monitoring of the school's roof. which is leaking and can create mold problem. fox 25 elizabeth hopkins heard from parents were worried about the issues and potential impact on the children's health. >> we were left with a lot of questions so too were parents of millis public schools now
6:32 pm
about. >> earlier this month classes at clyde brown elementary canceled parents there received information from the school district that raise alarm. >> the district says they been monitoring the health and safety of the building is of the leaky roof at the school which has a potential for creating mold. >> board divisive issue is not black mold a toxin which strong health concerns but the parents at this meeting said that more questions and answers. >> here's what we do know on february fourth the first series of air-quality test were done in the school.
6:33 pm
back on february 17 detected chemicals and sometimes use the cleaning process. the board says those levels of now dropped two with an acceptable it's planning to bring in a roofing expert who can determine areas of the roof that need to be covered in a tarp in the meantime i begin a feasibility study which they hope will eventually lead to a new school building. >> great place to enjoy the springlike weather today chemist catching a number people just taking some time to get out of the office relax record-setting warped. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz watching the temps. >> will still be above average that's a good news mark but cooler air working in today 64 that goes back to 1880 in boston we tied the record today that 57 was to goes back to 1976. and what with the last day of everywhere he average
6:34 pm
that above it again tomorrow for march 1. and speaking of march i figure we look ahead to that as well look at this. in march typically have a high temperature on average of five degrees. if you're wondering what that feels like the average this path month was 43 degrees about a normal arch is what we just went through. hope it's more sunlight seven point four inches of snow believe it or not potential for snow in the seven-day forecast this week we need to talk about the first up tonight the front heading our way with snow showers sinking toward southern new england bring snow showers to southern vermont southwest new hampshire western massachusetts but don't try out before they get to worcester boston overnight tonight. it does reinforce the cooler air moving in tomorrow mostly with the potential for some ice and snow was earliest tomorrow. >> tells the police now asking the public for the help and the suspicious death of a man found
6:35 pm
34-year-old alex perez of chelsea found lying along college street around 5 o'clock yesterday morning. city council in that neighborhood tells fox25 is a growing crime problem here but police the no signs of violence or trauma. the hoping autopsy results or any possible witnesses will help explain how perez died. >> new details show marathon bomber past citizenship test just months before the attack according to the boston globe he denied terrorism links and swore allegiance to the us as part of passing the citizenship test. the results were part of hundreds of deviously competent document released by homeland security. us immigration told the globe the case were handled correctly. single customs and immigration found no errors in the processing of their applications we are always seeking to strengthen our very intensive screening processes. >> also learning more about the brothers from a newly
6:36 pm
interview while he's at beth israel medical center after being captured in watertown. the newly recent documents talks 25 has obtained that he on their own where to place the backpacks to the finish line. before detonating his device he called his brother to synchronize the detonations. he said he didn't want trends to stay away from the marathon because he didn't care if they got hurt. housebreaking connected possible larger crime and the targets restaurant owners been our heather hegedus was the only reporter in court today. >> heather: they are certainly unusual allegations that are outlined in the court documents and according to law enforcement sources i spoke with those sources tell me the suspects were involved in high-stakes card games and they forced music players to give up the addresses of prominent restaurant owners so they could rob them. >> two of four suspects caught in the middle of the
6:37 pm
face a judge in concord today. the defense attorney said 21-year-old of boston and 34-year-old of medford both industry. >> the pair and two other suspects who failed to show up for court are to the breaking into the home by prying open this window trying to steal jewelry chinese coins and at least $6000 in cash. fox25 spoke with the homeowners off-camera they own to dry japanese restaurant in bedford told us when police show the mugshots they recognized two of the suspects as employees of a supplier they once used. police believe the bedford homeowners are just one of many asian owners these breaking suspects were targeting. their homes.
6:38 pm
inside this jeep the suspects were driving friday police it contained pages and pages of addresses tying the suspects over massachusetts as well as new hampshire and rhode island. suspects attorney tells me the evidence is circumstantial one of the suspects remains at large tonight he bailed out and failed to show up for court so him. another suspect buildout was arrested this week in a motor vehicle charges. he remains in lockup along with the two men who were in court today. >> suspect in the shooting death of a local teenager ordered held without bail tonight. 17-year-old ortiz was charged with murder in the death of 17-year-old deandre king settles. prosecutors say ortiz shot him after he left the building on in roxbury in december.
6:39 pm
scene ortiz has been charged for allegedly shooting at two of the victims friends. >> more than a week on the run local man wanted in connection with assault on a revere police officer being held one of the thousand dollar bills tonight michael got throw himself into revere police today pleaded not guilty raymond chelsea got throw was initially accused of threatening an officer hypodermic needle. days later got throw another suspect respond in a stolen car setting off a manhunt on the north shore. >> search is on for this couple after police say they stole a cell phone from a four-year-old girl it happened at the store and tilt new hampshire officer said the four-year-old was not hurt if you recognize these two contact tilton police. >> brockton team shot by stray bullet in his kitchen is back at school last month zach is in critical condition after being shot was sitting in his apartment.
6:40 pm
shootout near his home and one of the bullets went through a wall. he thanked everyone for the support and social media and announced he was would turn to school this week. >> two men under arrest tonight after they saw a heroine deal happen low police officer approach the car and the driver into the cruiser before running off. officers arrested eight-year-old after he jumped into a river and an attempt to escape. also arrested with small amount of heroin on him officers also found more the 153 grams bad for sale in his home as well as a large amount of cash. >> you may soon be of use your smartphone to get train tickets between boston and providence rhode island governor created app called the roadie pass low is using amtrak of the mbta to buy a trained by a ticket the governor hoping to strengthen economic links between her state in greater boston. >> explosion inside of a local police vehicle this video was taken at the north him police
6:41 pm
police believe a flashlight inside of that suv exploded a police officer had recharge the batteries earlier in the day or chili for him he was inside of the police station at the time of that explosion the department now making some changes. >> the consumer product safety commission recently issued a warning about these batteries specifically when they used with hoverboard's. there been several hoverboard
6:42 pm
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mbta cut the deficit by 43 percent for not about $100 million for much-needed improvement projects. expects to go to weatherization projects and repairs and agent signal system. it may make it more difficult the t convince critics they still need to raise fares. unfair hikes arch seven that they approve it it will go into effect in july. just so you understand what folks are talking about it's about $2.10 right now. under the proposal could go up to $2.25.
6:45 pm
vote on mbta spare hikes. the mbta looking to close to 200 and $82 million projected budget deficit for 2017. on the table to proposals which would raise fares 6.7 or 9.7 percent on average. this order statutorily required to have a balanced budget for that is clear. they can't spend more than they can show that they have revenue for. so they have to figure out how to make the revenues and the cost all add up. opponents of the hike say raising fears unfairly targets low income students and senior writers who depend solely on the mbta to get to work and school. and cannot afford to pay more for the tea. >> but many opponents at the meeting including several elected officials argued if a
6:46 pm
than five percent according to what they say promised by lawmakers years ago. >> another move affecting writers tonight the board also voted to suspend late-night service and that goes in effect on march 19. >> aaron and is breaking down the stand tonight while testifying against the man who posed nude videos of her online. and are suing soccer colbert for $75 million for using a peephole for joining hotel room to record her back in 2008. she's also suing the hotel on the stand tonight and just tearfully talked about what
6:47 pm
>> barrett said that he taped angers so we could sell those videos been he was sentenced to two and half years in prison for the crime. >> some of the registered 64 the record time temperature in boston going back to 1880 the winter stands now in boston finish number two for december january february stretch which is a neurological winter three months we keep the records for maybe 10 to 2 higher or lower depending on the final numbers that come in for the national weather service tonight will make a difference in a raking 2015 and 2060 will be number two for the warmest winters ever in boston. record set worcester today at the airport going to 57 showers
6:48 pm
behind it's cooler air starting to work in another shot of cool air poised to move towards tonight. front back here right along the great lakes producing rain and snow slide into new england tonight producing no showers at least two southern vermont likely southwest new hampshire in the berkshires but as is all comes down off the hills air sinks and would sink that dries and look what happens showers go away clouds come into western boston later tonight but it does send that reinforcing air in here during the early morning hours such a tomorrow a few clouds come i but overall mostly sunny day here in southern new england. set us up for very cold morning behind that second with temperatures dropping back into the 20s back over the west very cold all relative after mild day-to-day really warm day today feel kind of chilly but about average for this time of year. high temperatures also about average above average tomorrow 20 degrees cooler than you saw
6:49 pm
43 boston 42 wooster tomorrow 45 in lawrence and plymouth about 43 degrees tomorrow afternoon. 40s sound nice but the fall back into the 30s in the evening as he's clouds start to arrive. it looks like the get down to freezing out there worcester county into new hampshire and vermont. that's a problem because the system works in around midnight and going to have some wheezing rain along route to north southern new hampshire back to the berkshires but this is all the depending on what your temperatures are going to do it's going to be for small part of the area west of us will hold a cold rain that comes in father north to go better chance we have some snow on ski country certainly needed for this great way to end the season rain continues through the morning sherry takes over at 4:00 a.m. look at heavy rain coming through 7 o'clock in the morning wooster than to boston we offshore the last of the
6:50 pm
noontime on wednesday. late tomorrow night into wednesday afternoon have to worry about that system coming on through with its rain showers some of it can be day forecast taking to that. stormy nights tuesday night into wednesday morning not expecting severe weather we saw over the last time we had a windy rainstorm wind and rain will come on through and then by thursday look how much cooler it's going to be 53 wednesday and 30 on thursday for a high that's a cold air weekend and view shows the cooler temperatures and yes this right here a chance for some snow with a storm offshore by friday morning. summertime concerts. it's official popular country act coming back to boston. zach brown band will play it and weigh the summer for the third straight year now. tickets go on sale next week and the zac brown band not the only ones playing billy joel
6:51 pm
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today. nhl trade deadline is coming gone the bruins because chip in the game not going anywhere louis erickson remained in boston despite the fact is consequence by the end of the season and the bees could lose him for nothing. don sweeney bring in a couple of players 35-year-old defenseman john michael liles carolina x goals and nine assists this year with the hurricanes also leave stempniak join the bruins from new jersey devils pretty good year 41 point 11 year vet today the real focus is sweeney decided to stand pat and keep erickson in boston.>> the one first rounder was exchanged the deal
6:55 pm
has to be right for this organization. >> pages come to terms with tom reading the contract extension keep them in new england the 2019 season in his current deal is set to expire after the 2017 year so the new contract extend the term through 2019 b 42 that season the 2019 season will be his 20th and nfl is 20th with the patriots the extension also for the pats flexibility under the salary cap league calendar begins anew in a few weeks the pats will have the freedom to make some moves no quarterback has ever started with in 12 history of the sox got a couple of games in this afternoon annual battles with austin college in northeast it both of them seven inning games the first game against bc really featured more of the red sox regulars. hanley ramirez happy with how he played this afternoon to put to know heirs of her space double off the wall the third inning he was done after couple
6:56 pm
big okay in the fourth inning to minute for movie bats there goes for college could not to pitch rookie. but socks take it by 6-0 i'll pick came to northeast to get the shot play the big boys bottom of the second driver shall the score already three nothing it's a demo left field line good effort josh rutledge comes_that makes it -zero and is a first look at double stone the first baseline the fifth among cottonwood score later in the inning but he wasn't done bottom of the six two on-base delivers against rbi single to the left sucks took an 8-3 lead and that's how it ended with the red sox on top 8-3. nice to see them, and action. celtics on the court tonight against the jazz. >> doubleheader sweep. >> seven day forecast much cooler tomorrow but still above average stormy night tomorrow
6:57 pm
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low fares. nothingde. that'sransfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding >> it's the oscars. >> where anything can ha >> anything can happen. >> "e.t" with the winners, partying all night long. >> this is the os to be here is to be part of history. >> and leo home oscar gold, what his mom told us. everything you didn't see. >> he only has one eyebrow, so i


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