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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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snows in the morningmented just be wary of that that's where some of the heaviest snow is happening right now. we'll slide over to the south and west of there. over to waltham and newton. it's certainly doing that. i have a report of coating of now away from norwood that's where the frank ling area. a gradual change from snow to rain as temperatures warm up. so overall you are going to get a coating to maybe an
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up to an inch we'll track this snow tonight and our next threat coming up. >> all right, kevin we'll see you shortly. the fox 25 morning news weekend edition begins tomorrow at 6:00 and runs all the way through 10:00 a.m. in brighton flames were so bad firefighters were forced to call a may day. john a frightening situation for firefighters tonight. that's right, mark everyone here holding their breath while firefighters search inside this house that was buying consumed by flames. this sound a mayday call from this little yellow box triggered an alarm and sent a shudder through the line of firefighters in brighton. >> it can be the worst day of your life. >> reporter: the chief says the alarms went off
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a member is in the attic device going off. a rapid response team jumped into action. did a quick search there was nobody to rescue. after 30 seconds those alarms sound. he says fire crews were confronted with a wall of flames. flames just shooting out of the roofs firefighters were able to put out the flames and say they are very fortunate that no firefighters were hurt. seven people who lived in this house were displaced four firefighters were injured but those injuries are minor.
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tonight that this all was caused by the careless disposal of smoking material. live in brighton, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> a five month-old baby who was in her mother's arms when they were both hit by a car has died. tonight family members are briefing one witness overheard the driver saying i didn't see them. the driver did stop and told police what happened. he does not face charges at this time but police are still looking to see if speed was a factor in all of this. the baby's mother again expected to survive. >> a man is free tonight after being found not guilty of murdering a shrewsbury woman back in 1974. a free man. the jury returned a not guilty verdict this afternoon. prosecutors claim d.n.a. evidence put guthrie at the scene but guthrie delivered furniture to the home a day
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an attorney argued that's when his d.n.a. was left behind. she is disgusted with the verdict. his lawyer said he was returning to his home state of georgia. today this young man allegedly involved in the armed assault at u-mass amherst turns himself in. his actions allegedly led to a fran sick scene on campus yesterday. hands and feet shackled accused of an armed assault that led to u-mass am burst lockdown. a car believed to be linked to the crime was towed from the family's home on water street in framingham. he never made an appearance in court on friday the judge transferring him back to western mass for an arraignment monday on charges including assault
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weapon and armed robbery. tons of cops just coming in so we didn't know if anyone had gotten hurt. students sheltered in place following reports of a man running with a gun. police say they were armed when they got inside southwest corner of campus and assaulted a male student in the freshman dorm. i clearly shows as well as our witness interviews clearly shows both suspects being led in by a u-mass student that they knew. the victim was treated at the hospital for injuries that are not life-threatening. he was treated then released last night. i did try on to reach out on to his mother for community she was here at however she would not speak to
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i did speak with the stepfather very briefly. he says his family wants some privacy they're going through a very tough time but they're doing their best to cooperate with authorities. in framingham, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. a fellen with more than -- a felon with more than 30 violent convictions is wanted. rodrick is considered dangerous. contact police if you know where he is. a local college student accused of pulling a gun on a cop. the suspect suffers from ptsd and that's what caused the situation to get out of hand. in court today prosecutors
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happened as two cars tried to merge in the same spot. the victim told police vegan pointed it in his direction. that man called for help giving officers the place number. police say they eventually tracked down vegan. the responding officer asked mr. vegan how he felt when the other driver kept crowding him. he told us that he felt anxious and has post traumatic stress disorder. ptsd. in court relearned much more about about that saying his client was diagnosed after returning from avs as an army medical wreck he saw two friends die on the battlefield. it was his responsibility to care for those guys, when they die. that frustration not being able to help them goes away.
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obtained a gun license legally. it's not clear if they knew they had ptsd when he asked boston police for that information they would only say it wasn't public information. parole has been denied. christopher berry was found guilty of when berry was just 16. berry was convicted of killing the victim by a stabbing her more than eight times then smoking a cigarette and put it out on her forehead. berry will be eligible for parole again in five years. a teenager recovering tonight after being pulled from isolationy water in fall river today right behind police station. they say the 15-year-old boy was in water up to his neck for more than five minutes. a trooper who helped rescue the teen talked about what happened.
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nearby. quickly a job well done by everybody involved. the boy was in shock but wanted to make sure his mom knew what was happening. the leak has been capped and the house has been ventilated. boston police have given the all clear after a suspicious praj was reported in the back bay area. was not suspicious. officers tell fox 25 that the item was a suitcase they cleared scene. >> the f.b.i. is doubling its reward for a local serial bank robber he is being called the incognito bank bandit.
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covered from head to toe. there is concern that in each holdup the bran did it is growing more comfortable with the gun. letting them know he does have a gun witnesses have seen the bandit without his mask that has produced this catch. the f.b.i. believes he is an african-american man in his 20s. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. the wife of accused comedian bill cosby will be deposed on monday. camille cosby is slated to answer questions under oath. who say she tilely assaulted them decades ago. the women claim cosby branded them as liars after they went public. cosby has been saying his wife doesn't have any
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giving a coating to many towns i have some reports to share with you there's some more snow on the way plus, a change over to rain when that will happen and our next threat for a storm. >> donald trump's latest fight is with apple. why he's demanding a boycott unless they do one very big thing. a teenager is accused of posing as a doctor even
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into the privacy fight with apple threatening to boycott the company unless they allow the f.b.i. to unlock an eye phone that was used by the san bernardino shooters -- iphone that was used after the san bernardino shooters. tonight donald trump is taking on one of america's biggest companies. >> first of all, apple ought to give the security to for that phone, okay. what i think you actual do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. >> reporter: his suggestion to blacklist the tech giant coming as the company refuses to unlock an iphone that belonged to one of the san bernardino killers. i just saw this. trump's latest move a signal he has no plans to water down his bombastic style after a blistering week on the trail in south carolina. this guy ted cruz is really a liar i tell you what. he is using his final thundershowers on to go for the jugular. >> i tell you what was good even marco rubio said he's a liar. when a politician says
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i never heard that before i felt so good. >> reporter: meanwhile ted cruz is fighting his own two front war trying to gain on trump and fend off marco rubio. i need your support tomorrow. so i'm asking for your help. when i saw three republican candidates including marco rubio standing up there and saying sure we should draft women. i remember thinking others are looking to land their closing arguments with a softer touch. >> jeb bush even welling his family on the campaign trail for his closing arms.
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great father, great husband, married well and is one of my four favorite sons. tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders are busy trying to win voters over in democratic caucuses tomorrow. sanders by the way he will week. >> funeral services will be held tomorrow for supreme court justice antonin scalia. today justice's flag draped casket was carried up the steps of the supreme court between a long line of inside justice scalia's family and fellow justices paid their respects along with president obama and the first lady. the public also lined up to say good-bye harper lee passed away today at the age of 89 the author of "to kill a mockingbird." it received a pulitzer
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>> bobcats they're on the prowl. florida teen is accused of pretending to be a dr. earlier this week he was arrested at his clinic in west palm beach he claimed he was a natureo pathic doctor. when a deputy came in posing as a patient and robinson took her blood pressure put a stethoscope under her shirt and told her to take allergy medicine. flinching on a wire deputies moved in for the arrest. i just want to say i am deeply saddened and a little bit disdisrespected by some worth. he is accused of practicing medicine without a license. he also claims he never said he was a doctor but the page
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clearly refers to him as one. warm air is on the way in that's why it's snowing outside. there's the snow to prove it. when you get the warm air coming in when it's cold out already that will produce some precipitation since it's cold right now happens to be falling as snow. there will be some more flakes that fly where it's knowing right now. likely will become coated in some spots with the snow. this is not going to be a plowable snow. just moved out of westwood and needham across 95.
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over to hingham is now in the cohasset area. none of this real heavy it's relative to lighter stuff that beef been seeing. so the snow did reach cape cod. getting many reports all of you appreciate this just started snowing thank you for that report. it's snowing in halifax. a coating to an inch basically it can make it slippery. then where it's coming down a little come down a little longer and harder because of the colder weather up that
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some reports of a friend of mine just texted me and told me they shut down the road because of an accident on the icy roadway out there. another batch of snow tries to come on in here this is going to be very close a razor thin margin of error. keeps your weekend in view with temperatures near 50 degrees both days. then by tuesday into wednesday and thursday. more and snow with one batch we'll be tracking it all weekend long. pitchers and catchers continue to workout and so base. when you come back we go one-on-one today we're going to run a slalom course. not down the mountain, but up it...
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>> it is the first friday of red sox spring training as pitchers and catchers continue to workout most of the big name position players are not here. david ortiz, dustin pedroia sandoval not expected here until over the next few days. however hanley ramirez is as pitchers and catchers work
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out for first base. he says he's making all the adjustments with his offense and defense. if you have any question. i'm really happy. he's happy to see me, too. is your approach going on to be any different. i think it's going to be different. we just got to get a good start and winning as many games as we can early. ready for baseball, oh, yeah, can't wait. they have to get off to a
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in his 21 games he had 10 homers in the so was it fool's goal in april. we get our first look at new red sox closer craig kimbral this guy loves the pressure of closing baseball games. we can come out on top. he was close to making a deal it was for okafor. celtics in utah tonight taking on the jazz.
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start of a three game road trip. evan turner will nail the three to give the celtics the early lead. bang, bang game this one is going back and forth. utah 38-35 the score at this point right now. foxborough taking on milford but foxborough would come back in a big way led by alex with the nice lay in 66-48 foxborough wins the hawk a mock league title. an interesting day here in fort myers. we night even see the david ortiz or destine pedroia sighting. >> spring is getting here. it's on its way making it slippery. make sure you check
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: this time paul mccartney did no have the trouble getting into the joint with the help of jimmy fallon, martin short, lauren michaels, paul and jimmy were actually singing some kind of a jingle. they were there for four hours. >> iffy jimmy fallon was singing across from me, i'd complain. harvey: i'm sure they would say the gentleman there with his dimple showing, you might give him a shot out. >> jennifer lawrence. she apparently does not like people watching her shop. she was at the alexander wang store. they shut the door and closed the curtains on the door. >> harvey, you walk through the store, they will do it for you too probably. >> baby gap?


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