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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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overseas. in half hour we will take you live to new york for what could be another rough day for retirement accounts. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, everyone, it is tuesday, january 26th, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. today could be your best day to get out and soak up sunshine. meteorologist shiri spear in storm tracker meteorologist this morning with temperatures that will have you checking the calendar. >> shiri: january, march, 50s to town later today, those are march temperatures, that has nothing to do with january, normally middle 30s this time of the year and cool in spots like fitchburg still 29 , nashua 28, portsmouth, new hampshire 29 and boston at 35, got 36 in worcester right now, 40s pop in from plymouth down to the cape and islands, so warm-up is happening and happening fast enough not going to get the aim
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see the pink in new york and pennsylvania, once the whole thing rolls into town here, it is just going to be rain showers and lunchtime today, how about mid to upper 40s. that's already 10 above average if that's not warm enough, clouds continue to thicken with slight risk of afternoon shower at 5:00 p.m. middle 40s but in between we are going to see hits of 50s on the map. so 44 to 50 for high temperatures today, partly sunny this morning, but then afternoon and evening very widely scattered showers. i will show you the more prone locations getting in on wet weather in just a come minutes and get you back over to julie traffic. julie, keeping a close eye on accidents. >> julie: wish average speeds was in 50s but that's not the case, accident at commonwealth ave and it is backing things up into the weston tolls. as i can see on the expressway,
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look at that average speed and 3 miles per hour, you're just crawling right now past exit 13 freeport street. here are live drive times, an hour and ten minutes on the pike right now, 495 to mass ave, 31 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 50 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: 9:02 right now, explosion and fire has rocked treatment plant in quincy and hour after firefighters called to the scene the hot spots are still burning. fox25 michael henrich is live outside the plant and getting updates. michael, you have new information about the investigation and workers who were hurt. >> daniel: right. update within the last 30 minutes and 21 hours since the fire started and it is still burning but it is so hard to tell not only because we are kept safe distance away by the state trooper and, of course, the perimeter line that they set
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burning so deeply below ground mwra sewage treatment in quincy, that's what the mwra's executive director told us within the past 30 minutes or so, they don't know yet what caused the initial explosion that hurt five people, they do know the fire is now in the ductwork 50 to 100 feet below ground in concrete basement. the mwra says in house equipment isn't big enough to lift the concrete out of the way so now they hired a contractor to come in. they say hopefully by midday to move that concrete so firefighters can fight the flames from above. >> see it with the heat sensing machine there's still flames in there and every time they find a way to get water into the dock, pushes water father into the dock. >> michael: as for five workers hurt, they are in the
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smoke inhalation and eye irritation from the blast and fire, says no firefighters have been hurt thankfully. we want to add the mwra says the entire fire is limited to the odor control section of this facility. that means the actual wastewater treatment of most the wastewater is not impacted and that's why they can say with such confidence they will continue not have environmental impact because it is limited to the odor control center and we will certainly stay on the story as we have since it broke midday yesterday and it could be sometime before it is all wrapped up. live in quince, i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: on south shore several area businesses all get the same frightening threat. the bomb threats targeted stores and even the hospital in waiting police search each and everyone giving the all clear before
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>> catherine: two stores behind me, wal-mart and stop & shop and just across the street there's the shaw supermarket and all three of those businesses received the threats and investigating those plus others. several locations in weymouth received these bomb threats. one location was the police station. the stop & shop and wal-mart where we are received the threats as well as the shaw's across the street. other threats came into south and walgreens. police say the threats started coming in around 8:30 last night in the form of automated calls. south shore hospital posted on facebook and tweeted about the incident last night writing to be caucus south shore weymouth be careful after calls received and patients and safe and security teams have cleared the hospital and the building is safe. now, i did have a call out to weymouth police this morning to find out a little more about the investigation. they didn't return the call.
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update saying simply the investigation is continuing at this time, but these aren't the first threats weymouth police had to deal with even this month tell you more about that coming up next half hour. for now live in weymouth, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: this morning boston police man accused of shooting another man after a dispute over a parking spot. police going door to door searching for suspect on nighing gail street in dorchester. shooting hand 2:30 yesterday afternoon and victim expected to recover and now know who the shooter is but so far have not released his name. we will go to the scene live in about 30 minutes. daniel: whitman man has to hand over his gun after road rage incident in plymouth. prosecutors say he shot his gun near a snowplow. the man's attorney says the plow was veering into the jeep so
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he will be due in court next month. >> julie: car crashed into a auto parts store. two passengers in the rhode island public transit authority bus were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police say bus hit a telephone pole and four lanes of traffic before slamming into the building and three people inside the bus were trapped for about an hour before firefighters could get to them and one man driving by says man nearly hit his truck. >> estimate probably 40 to 50 miles per hour and definitely moving. >> julie: two people were inside the auto parts store during the crash but weren't roof and roof caved in and part of the building to collapse. >> daniel: happening today local community will welcome the family of fallen marine back home. hingham native and u.s. corporal christopher orlando was among 12 members that died when two helicopters crashed in training mission off the coast of hawaii last week. this evening hingham police will
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friends and supporters are planning lining the street showing the support starting at 7:00 tonight and well, of course, be there. daniel: new this morning overnight financial fears across the globe. asia dropped more than 6% and japan nikkei fell more than 2%. somewhere losses were reported in hong kong and yesterday the dow dropped more than 200 points we will show you wall street markets -- how wall street markets react coming up in about 22 minutes from now. >> julie: it is 9:08 and people riding the "t" will have a chance to sound off about fare hike. two possible scenarios on the table right now. first would increase fares on average by 7% and second will be closer to 10%. fox25 first public hearing on the proposals held in lynn last night and many riders say hikes won't fix the big problem.
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the body and adding fare increase like adding cholesterol to the blood system and jams it up more and nothing works right as a result. >> julie: the bell you heard what "t" used to time each person that commented and three minutes to get the point across. the state transportation secretary said the teens can do better and believes the fare increase will help with that. second meeting will be held at west middle school auditorium in brockton at 6:00 tonight. teachers on bay state making the grade according to statewide educator evaluation and 86% of teachers in massachusetts were graded as proficient and 10% were exemplary and they were put in place three years ago to get feedback in the classroom. >> daniel: nfl network says offensive line coach david deguglielmo has been fired after two seasons on the job. now, on sunday the line allowed quarterback tom brady to be hit
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that was the most hits on any qb in any game this season. and this is how tom brady is recovering from that beating last night his wife giselle wrote i can't handle it, so much love, #family. earlier she went on twitter to thank pats fans for supporting tom. daniel: this is how tom brady is recovering this morning demand for tickets to super bowl 50 reaching record levels. ticket company seat geek retail price for the big game is more than $5,000. this year's game is in the san francisco area as you know by now the carolina panthers will face the denver broncos. super bowl 50 is february 7th. >> julie: we track traffic and
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northbound traffic pretty typical and southbound, very problematic, we have an accident in milton area and it is blocking several lanes. that's why we are seeing such heavy volume with southbound commuters. i will have a look at drive times in a few minutes. first here is shiri. >> shiri: not expecting any travel concerns due to the weather today and right now 37 in and around the boston area, by 10:00 a.m. 35 and you know, temperatures kind of holding steady the next couple hours but close to 40 by 11:00 a.m. and show you when we hit 50 coming up next. >> daniel: one minute they are taking pretty pictures and next they are running for lives. surprise that had tourists running as fast as they could. >> julie: three dangerous inmates still on the run this morning after breaking out of maximum security prison. coming up next distraction
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>> julie: closer look inside a california prison where three fugitives made daring escape and broke out of maximum security jail last friday and sneaking through plumbing tunnels to the roof. they apparently used sheets to repel four stories to the ground the escapees included suspected murderer and inmates charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. right now. >> daniel: professor at umass alum with misdemeanor assault after a run-in with student journalist.
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of missouri. 45-year-old melissa click confronting the photographer and calling in other students to help remove him. this happened over protest at the university. if convicted she could face jail time. >> julie: we first told you about plan for rattle snake island yesterday morning. the department of fisheries and wildlife want to raise and breed 150 endangered snakes that are native to the area and has many people worried, the dfw says no human in modern times have been killed or seriously injured by a rattle snake. >> right now rattle snakes are heavily used by the public and public haven't been hurt but snakes haven't fared so well. >> julie: similar efforts have
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of bald eagles and turtles. >> daniel: fox news poll shows 49% of democratic primary voters across the country, that's down 54% just two weeks ago. bernie sanders also dropped by two points to 37%. 10% are undecided. last neat sanders, clinton and martin o'malley took part. >> when i worked on healthcare in and get to universal healthcare coverage working with the husband. >> they are not radical ideas and going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for business.
9:16 am
caucus voters to look at him for new leader. >> daniel: bernie's yearning for ben and jerry's ice cream. they have supported him since the beginning of campaign launch it is under the ben's best brand which is a spinoff of the cofounders of ben and jerry's and it is mint with thick layer of solid chocolate. >> julie: expressway where we see most of the problems this morning, southbound lanes in particular, so happy to see now that those southbound lanes have opened up again and accident in milton area cleared, northbound though still seeing heavy steady volume and live drive times, hour on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 30 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the
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from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with a look at today's forecast and warmer than usual temperatures, shiri. >> shiri: we have a couple rain showers today, what a difference a year makes. today last year it all started. we got the first big snowstorm started on the twenty-sixth, went all the way to the twenty-eighth and ended up with 3 feet of snow in spots like lunenburg, north billerica, west harwhich, norwell, all 30 inches of snow. today ends up being the warmest day of the week though with flirting with 50 , we got a lot more dry than wet spots in the forecast today and got the breezy southwest winds. winds will gust around 40 miles per hour and might make it feel cooler within the 30s or 50s today, but also helping to transplant all the warm air from the south right here in new england. so as this disturbance moves on
9:18 am
and rain showers and check out the forecast in boston with thickening clouds, 11:00 a.m. about 41 , 46 here at 1:00 this afternoon. afternoon temperatures will peak right around 46 but we do tap into those mostly cloudy skies and you could see those coming into play, especially by lunchtime to the north and west of boston, but even boston southeastern mass, we are still going to have a lot of high and thin clouds at lunchtime today, where you see the thicker clouds, better bet for a lonely shower here through the afternoon hours. best bet for evening rain will be here, southeastern massachusetts and still not going to see a lot of green on the map, keeping track of later on today, last us through midnight tonight, don't be surprised to see a couple flurries to end the whole thing, 46 of your treat in boston this afternoon, 46 in beverly as well as bedford, temperatures lower 40s in spots like worcester, orange and keene, new hampshire, and cooler the further inland you go and higher elevations, clouds are also coming into play
9:19 am
norwood and plymouth 49 and plymouth get to 50 today and tonight we have temperatures that are going to be close to if not below freezing and that means we have the cycle where we see the snow melt during the day and get couple of rain showers during the daylight hours and then overnight it has a chance to refreeze. so even though tomorrow the melting will continue in the afternoon, i want you to be aware that some of the sidewalks could get a little slippery overnight with development of ice. tomorrow though lower 40s, no more 50s, guys, and tomorrow we have chance for couple flurries out there, especially off to the north and west of boston, right along the mass-new hampshire board and her like thursday morning forecast and involves some sunshine and thursday at 7:00 a.m. and then going through the day in come the clouds and this is now the storm system that we are watching, a lot that could change here in the course of couple days. remember yesterday it looks like this nor'easter going to make its way on shore and that mostly
9:20 am
clipper system that goes right along the canadian and united states border and this is going to bring us a chance for light snow on friday, but there's still wiggle room to both of those storms, which is why we are really focusing very closely on friday forecast for today 47, spot showers, flurries and 40 on your wednesday, thursday brighter day still at about 40 and 38 with some light snow on friday, some saturday flurries. by sunday the flurries are back, a little bit brighter but we have more monday night rain. back to you guys. >> daniel: this beautiful building could soon be no more. why a local university stays the castle must go. >> julie: she announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs.
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on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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>> daniel: carmen' debut. the bull fighter was actually in the hospital when his daughter was born recovering from and some say put his daughter's life in danger and should get in trouble for it. daniel: blood hound let out in yard in alabama and wandered out into the path of runners and dog crashed the race
9:23 am
7th place. runners say she would have won but got a bit distracted playing in the stream along the course. the dog's owner says she has no idea what was going on until she saw pictures and started up on facebook. that's pretty incredible. >> julie: i bet a lot of runners wanted to take a dip in the stream depending how tired they were. >> julie: this is something you don't see everyday. side of highway. this is in ecuador and over facebook and twit and her officials say he was trying to cross a newly open highway in ecuador and sloth crossing the road, wouldn't that take a reel long time? and released back into the wild. >> daniel: something about slots on tv one day and i sat and watched the whole thing. there's a sloth sanctuary in costa rica so i wanted to know more about it. daniel: check this out man
9:24 am
happened to be filming when so-called sneaker way poured over the rocky barrier and flooded the beach. >> julie: man behind the camera takes off running and other people including a boy walking his dog and sneaker large wave come ashore without any warning. no one was hurt but sneaks up on him. called a sneaker wave. >> julie: bit of cool picture we what continue to show you, history on water, women spent the last nine months rowing across the pacific ocean. they left san francisco back in april and spent 227 days in sea at 29-foot boat. three of the women rode the entire distance, other three rode part of the journey and i would have wanted that part of the job and survived a tropical storm, 30-foot waves and close
9:25 am
>> daniel: a lot of adventure. >> julie: a little bit too much adventure for me. shiri, would you take a trip? >> shiri: a lot of days without a shower. immediately after that they jumped in the bath, 30 outside and we got a little bit of sunshine left, high clouds sneaking in, clouds will get thick and her got just a couple showers around for the drive home from work. so much warmer though. see who gets close to 50
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what really matters? so... what else about me? >> julie: today a little cloudy out there but nothing compared to last year. so we are celebrating the dryer conditions so far. >> shiri: celebrating. you guys are froze now. this is what we had now starting today last year we had two to
9:29 am
shore to the south shore and boston, worcester area, parts of southeastern new hampshire, what a mess. the reason we got such a different forecast today. a, there's no blizzard coming our way and winds coming from south and southwest and helps to warm us up, 36 in when, 34 in chelmsford, 31 in manchester, 35 in boston and that is normal high temperatures for this time of the year and we are not even close to done warming up. 37 in lexington and natick and brockton 31 , hanover and duxbury lower 40s, same in sandwich and harwhich and thin clouds now blotting out the sunshine a little bit, got some of the milky skies and clouds thicker toward noon time at 45 , gusts around 40, going to be blustery, a few showers around, not everybody gets them today. very hit or miss style and temperatures close to 47 . that is about 10 above average. some of you each getting close to 50, so going to break down
9:30 am
rainfall this afternoon coming up in just a come minutes but now let's get you back over to julie. she has a look at live drive time traffic. >> julie: slow through medford, average speeds 11 miles per hour and also have an accident on 128 southbound as you head through lexington. pike a little bit slow through the weston tolls and approaching the allston-brighton tolls. here are live drive time 45 minutes on the pike 495 to mass ave and 30s minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 36 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. julie: dorchester fight over a parking spot ends in gun fire. this morning police are still trying to track down the gunman. jessica reyes live in dorchester with a look at how bit of shoveling set off the violence. >> jessica: julie, i just talked to boston police a couple minutes ago and confirmed they are still searching for the suspect this morning. they are still saying it all happened here on the nightingale street in dorchester yesterday afternoon around 2:30 right when
9:31 am
they say the suspect shot the victim in the stomach all over a parking spot. >> shots and when came out and guy was on the floor, laying on the floor. >> jessica: violent afternoon in dorchester where man shot another leaving him bleeding in the streets. police confirmed to fox25 it was all because of where he parked his toyota camera just moments before. >> obviously the individual that did the shooting wasn't happy in his shot. >> jessica: 27-year-old suspect pulling the gun and shooting the victim in the stomach. >> trying to stand up from the floor and know he was not dead and came really fast. >> jessica: suspect apparently took off and police searched that home, the woman that lives there shot this cell phone video terrified telling our crews two
9:32 am
>> they had guns drawn, full riot gear and there were people down and back who had to shield. >> jessica: she says she knows the suspect but has no idea where he might be this morning. >> all i can tell you that individual that they were looking for has always been kind to me and always kind to my children. >> jessica: and the victim was taken to brigham & women's hospital but expected to survive, that's where he is now recovering this morning. live in dorchester, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: it is 9:34, the markets are open. look at big board. we are up 103 points helped by bounce in oil prices amid earnings and data, u.s. crude held slightly higher above $30.50 a barrel and early morning trading after plunging nearly 6% on monday. we will continue to follow this throughout the day for you. >> daniel: police officer searched several local businesses following a string of bomb threats. this morning it is back to business as usual for the stores
9:33 am
person responsible. fox25 catherine parrotta is live for us in weymouth this morning with details on the threats that prompted scare at an entire hospital. good morning, catherine. >> catherine: good morning, daniel. weymouth police are investigating this and see if it is threats that came to earlier this month earlier at schools and those threats received i the wal-mart behind me, the stop & shop and pan across the street there, there's a shaw's that's located over there, so three close in close proximity with the called in bomb threats and investigating those and others. several locations in weymouth received bomb threats. one location was the police station. the state police and wal-mart received the threats, as well as the shaw's across the street. other threats came into south shore hospital, cvs, 7-eleven and walgreens. police say the threat started
9:34 am
in the form of automated calls. this isn't the first time they dealt with threats like these and similar bomb threats targeting weymouth schools and in that case buildings were evacuated and classes dismissed so police could search them. >> gene: looking to see. >> catherine: we will keep you updated on this and catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: happening today high-profile murder case finally goes to trial. tony wu was found strangled inside his restaurants in 2011 and two massachusetts men were charged in the murder and third man mai had a plea deal and state police crime lab work was called into question. opening statements begin today. >> daniel: transit police post a picture of man considered
9:35 am
21-year-old suspected of shooting two people at the maverick steat stop in blue station in east boston last week shooting happened after an argument and shut down part of the evening commute. we were on the scene as this was breaking. police say he opened fire on two when. both are expected to recover. daniel: police hoping surveillance track down two men who attacked a store clerk. one attacked clerk with the butt of the gun and both men took off with cash. >> julie: member of the patriots practice squad is no longer with the team. j.j. wharton was arrested at a pub for allegedly groping two women. investigators say he punched the boyfriend of one of the women and knocked him unconscious. wharton says he accidentally brushed a girl's behind.
9:36 am
teens tooking one another have been taken down. the page was originally called worcester fights. school leaders have been looking recognize anyone. >> daniel: students in boston are demanding an end to racist treatment at the country's oldest public high school. dozens of students in boston latin school dressed in black yesterday. they say it is cultural racial sensitivity on campus and students urged other students to share their own experiences at the school. >> twitter and facebook to put out racial slurs and people of color and then does nothing about it. >> daniel: boston mayor marty walsh has promised district wide investigation and headmaster boston latin released a statement to fox25 saying we recognize that there are issues and we acknowledge there's work to be done. i care deeply when i hear that anyone feels that their
9:37 am
>> julie: it is 9:48. local 14-year-old says she got a concussion and then got cut from her team. story only on fox25. lindsay mcdonnell was on color guard that was not affiliated with the school. the mansfield girl was hit with a flag during practice and started fainting days later. after she was diagnosed with concussion her coach sent her a text saying she was cut from the team. >> i wanted to be the better person. i didn't know if i should scream or if i should burst out in tears. >> julie: mcdonalds 'coach says she was cut because missing too many practices. the girl says she didn't miss more than others. >> daniel: eversource says they will never require payment through prepaid card. last week we told but a similar scam involving national grid.
9:38 am
in whitman says two men were pretending to to to be national grid workers. >> daniel: general electric signed first lease ona farnsworth street. it will not be the site of the customer's permanent place. >> julie: brandeis plans on tearing down old castle by next year. they need to make room for new residents halls. the plan will preserve two of the castle's towers but three others and hall will be torn down. we -- we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. slow on the expressway, average speeds 18 miles per hour as you head from the braintree split up to the exit for the pike. shiri?
9:39 am
to pick up a little bit, worcester now with wind gust at 29 miles per hour, also out across the cape and look at what happens this afternoon, winds gusting across the region 30 to 40 miles per hour, not enough to do damage but you will notice it if you're out there, i will show you when it pairs up with a little bit of wet weather coming up. >> daniel: stuck inside with nothing to do. how cooped was working overtime during the blizzard over the weekend. >> julie: planned parenthood
9:40 am
series of abortion v >> daniel: president obama makes a bold move and ends solitary confinement for kids in federal prison and kyla campbell live and why does he want this changed? >> kyla: devastating psychological consequences and impacts more than juveniles. president obama is also moving to limit isolation as punishment for adults with low level offenses and serious mental illness. he says solitary confinement diminishes chances for successful rehabilitation and president obama became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison and then asked justice department to review solitary confinement. the review includes series of recommendations and 50 guiding principals to make solitary
9:41 am
and last resort for inmates that are threats to themselves or staff members. live in washington, kyla campbell, fox25 news. >> julie: planned parenthood has been cleared of wrongdoing. indicted two activists who shot videos inside the clinic. man and woman posed at biotech reps who were interested in buying fetuses for research. one faces charges for tampering with government records and misdemeanor charge for purchasing human organs. julie: catch carefully, see the defendant charge and attack the prosecutor. deputies tackled the man as prosecutor threw punches and man that went on the attack found guilty of criminal sexual contact and face more charges because of this attack. >> daniel: local dog found abandoned and abused faces a long road to recovery but rescuers hope to find him a good home. the two-year-old pitbull here
9:42 am
on bridge street in dedham. the animal rescue league rushed to the starving dog to veterinary clinic in walpole. from the video you could see how frail and emaciated the dog is and named stitch and will be up for adoption once healthy again. >> good training and dog make a wonderful pet for someone some day. >> daniel: state police and animal rescue league are having the case. the person that abandoned the dog could face felony charges. daniel: massachusetts family giving new life to a dog who waited five years to be adopted. moose here has been on shelter on virgin island. since arriving more than 160 other pets were adopted instead of him and massachusetts woman read about moose and offered to take him. get this, another family spent private plane to three him from the island to his new home. how cool. >> julie: riding in style. things on 93 south 11 miles per hour as you head from medford
9:43 am
the accident to clear on 128 southbound it is as you make your way through the lexington area. we have a stall on pike eastbound right after the weston tolls but it is off to the shoulder. as you could see volume still steady through brighton. here are live drive times, 39 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 26 minutes on expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 31 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now to talk about higher than average temperature today. shiri? >> shiri: looking decent in boston right now, see if you have been with us even for the last hour and it has gotten cloudier here, got the clouds that are thickening up in boston, go with mostly cloudy skies here, get hints of blue sky every once in awhile and thin spots in the clouds, but this storm system is tracking toward us and first thing we will see are the clouds and next thing a couple showers. also lots and lots of mild air that's coming up from the south
9:44 am
and southeastern massachusetts will have the thin clouds in place, clouds a little bit thicker off to the north and west and that's where we have slight chance of spot shower, not very much green on the map today, want you to know before you head out, risk area wide for a shower, but most of us will get through today dry and once we hit dinner time tonight, chance will be focused here over southeastern massachusetts for some light and scattered showers through about midnight tonight, whole thing could end with a couple of flurries and not going to make a snow map, not going to be able to stick to the ground and 35 right now in boston and here is the plan, going to keep you mostly cloudy, 10 miles per hour breeze now, winds will increase gusting up to 40 miles per hour and even though getting up to 46 with wind on top of it, probably going to feel just a little cooler here so in places like worcester now at 36 , still bright in spots. not bright and sunny in worcester now. it is partly sunny to even
9:45 am
of the city, so here come the clouds, actually going to see some thicker clouds a little bits sooner in boston and not as warm, gets up to 42 there. i know you want to know about the 50s. 50s possible from the cape down to the islands, vineyard, nantucket, about 50 this afternoon, could see parts of the south shore, southcoast, get pretty close, 48 forecasted high in plymouth and norwood, 46 in boston, 45 from lawrence up to portsmouth, new hampshire and again, saw the 42 for worcester and about 44 in fitchburg. temperatures lower 40s and cycle we have here is temperatures above freezing in the afternoon and then during the overnight hours we are back to the freezing temperatures, so we get melting and refreezing. it is the sidewalks mostly that you would have to watch out for blackis because main rains will be taken care of. tomorrow mostly dry weather again, saw the 40s, even chance for a couple flurries
9:46 am
along the mass, new hampshire border and southern new hampshire something to watch and thursday bust out sunglasses because we start with nice bright weather in the morning, 7:00 a.m., but check out the clock. getting into the afternoon here come the clouds and overnight and friday and nor'easter looks like that was the one that will swing in possible snow showers. now, that one seems to stay offshore and this one clipper that we are watching with light snow and still the opportunity for either of tracks to change a little bit, so going to have to watch both storm systems but for the time being we have light snow in the friday forecast and saturday lingering flurries. both of those days highs only in the 30s and a little warmer and brighter on sunday but by monday 46 we got more rain in the late date forecast.
9:47 am
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call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. >> daniel: fit bit being sued for potentially putting people in danger. some fit bits do not accurately
9:49 am
experts say they can put people in danger during vigorous exercise by underreporting heart rates but consumer reports magazine says they have tested the devices and believe the allegations are false. fit bit says they stand by the technology and will fight the accusations in court. >> julie: panda rolling in the snow yesterday again slipping and voiding around and woke up to 2 feet of snow saturday and making rounds on web ever since. >> daniel: group posted this ad on airbnb and site pulled the ad saying unfortunately your igloo while very well constructed has failed to meet the occupancy standards. >> julie: public transit and stores closed up and down the
9:50 am
millions of people found different way to spend time. dating app high pressure said it surged during the storm. people that walked by one another to connect and closer version of tinder and philly app saw 342% surge. it has 10 million users. >> daniel: that didn't go out to meet people in the blizzard, kept many people indoors watching tv. 1.3 million comcast customers use xfinity on demand to watch movies and tv shows. it is a record for simultaneous use and on demand using was pix% higher in baltimore and washington where they got more than 30 inches of snow in some spots.
9:51 am
says average -- britain says they have 13 close friends, people by your side during a crisis. >> daniel: leader of catholic church putting faith in power of sports. pope francis will make athletics focus of global initiative on education. this effort will culminate in three day conference in october. next star of 24 is going from compton to the ctu. fox says straight out of compton star cory hawkins will play the lead character in 24 legacy and play the role of former army ranger and keifer sutherland and conclusion of 24 live -- live another day in 2014. >> julie: she wanted to tell about the weather.
9:52 am
all that bad and errands to run mostly dry out there and chance for couple showers around town and tomorrow couple flurries that will have the eye on but no big weather makers until possibly friday with some light snow. that's system though we got to watch two separate snow systems. yesterday looks like different one, today look like another one, both still on the map and friday next one honing in on. >> daniel: i will have to look back at the replay. >> shiri: slow creep announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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