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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 25, 2015 10:30am-11:00am EST

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we got your ho-ho-ho right here. move over santa claus. she doesn't need a reindeer or a sled. this is the kite board sensation who is kicking it for the season. a miracle on ice for a stranded passenger. >> how did he get out there? >> he saves the dog in the st. nick of time. >> if trees could pick out a christmas human, what would they do? this strange video that's an internet sensation. kids scatter when a stack of presents suddenly takes off.
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holiday gifts attack. >> when it comes to christmas, i will have to be honest. santa does somewhat hog the line. he is only working one day. what is the big problem? >> what does mrs. claus do for the rest of the year when she is not looking after him? i've got an idea now. >> well, it is not exactly mrs. claus. it is santa whitely and miss whitely decided she is going to go out and do a bit of kite surfing while feeling festive at the same time. >> oh, wow. >> she doesn't need reindeer or a sled. >> she can fly all by herself. she has some serious moves as well. >> you go, girl. >> this is hot. >> i agree. >> this is really rad. this really cool chick doing this really cool thing for santa. this is freakin' rad.
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>> there is a reason that santa whitely has a lot. you see from this website, hannah whitely is actually an extreme sports athlete. look at this. she has been on all kinds of covers around the world as well. it says right there, three times british champion. there you go. merry christmas. >> got some skill. >> merry christmas. >> it is the gift that keeps on giving. >> i've got a pair of heart warming videos for some really cold animals. this first one, look out across the ice. what's out there? >> oh, it is breakfast with the dogs. >> how do we get out there? >> no word on how he got out there but they have a hover craft out there. that's really the best piece of
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a situation like that. look at this poor dog's face. >> those eyes get you every time. >> the poor dog was dried off and warmed up to return to its owner on this rescue video. this poor buck is stuck. >> it is hard to watch such a big, majestic, strong animal struggle like this. two officers get op down to the river bank. they have some rope and they cowboy this buck. they gently lasso the rope around his antlers and give hm a big heave-ho. fly the buck across the ice. how do you get it off? >> you have to let that go. >> this isn't the officer's
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he pulse tight, cuts it with a knife and the buck runs off. >> ever wonder what things would be like if we were christmas all right. >> now that your imagination is flowing, i present to you the christmas human. i was wondering what the heck a christmas human was. >> that's quite clearly what a tree would come and put in the front room for christmas, right? >> the tree would wake up. this he choose their human. they met their human. >> i did that when i used to as a kid. >> what did that feel like? >> i felt like i had netting all over me. it looks like fun. >> i would do the same thing. >> pop the human on top of the car and drive it home happily with the other christmas tree family members. >> it's a little messed up, because they have christmas trees at a whole bunch of other sort of small trees outside on parade. >> what's with these people? >> i would just want to know
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they take it home. >> you decorate it? trimmed. >> all of the trimmings and clippings of the humans. >> what the heck is going on in this video, charity? why are we watching this? >> it turns out, this company is a creative agency for adventurous brands. this was their christmas card wishing all of their friends and family a happy holiday. >> i'm very old, been doing a lot of things for charity. last year started with the slay sleigh and reindeer. i thought i would do something different. >> it is not just any mobility scooter. it is a coca-cola truck mobility scooter. thank you very much. >> that is the epitome of tricking your ride. >> you obviously noted he has
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christmas truck. it is santa holding a coke. he reached out to coca-cola, the company. they give him a green light to do this. he decided to get to work. he did have the help of his community in the u.k. even the scooter company gave him a brand new motor for his scooter so that it was in tipity top shape. >> is this street legal? come. not only is it awesome and makes him look like the coolest man in town. he is doing this now for a great cause. he is going to drive around town with a collection can collecting donations for patients of cancer. he is actually a leukemia patient. his wife died of mouth cancer a few years ago and he decided that this was the best way he could honor her memory. >> my daughter said, mom would have been proud of what you have done. so i said, yeah, it's a shame she is not around to see it.
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it. she is out there shining down on me. >> they decided to host a christmas party for a special announcement. >> the pink and blue light. >> that's what is going to tell you what it is, ladies and gentlemen. >> why charity shouldn't be invited to your holiday party. >> girl. >> oh, wait. i already know, huh? >> plus, when a snowmobile right
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>> oh! sdwrun jon stewart, we feet juried his christmas lights before. he has been a fan of star wars. he said, he thought, my christmas lights will celebrate this. this was the lights on the house. he says, the hard work was done by his 14-year-old daughter. she did the timing grids. she is a musician, in the band and she is a little engineer too. >> because those are synchronized perfect. >> i just think this is fabulous. >> this sets the bar so high for christmas lights now. >> for those little lights around my balcony, whether you are a fan or not, this is great. >> i am still putting a single
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>> i am just going to skip it all together. >> the snow has gun to fall across the country. it kind of just lubes the stupid train. >> oh, lord. >> it makes it a little bit easier to slip into things like this. >> oh! >> they call this one the ski jump sale. i don't know if that skewer knew there was a jump there. >> i don't think so. >> he wasn't poising to go up over that snow. he just went. >> it was like somebody just went and shot him and ejected him off the trail there. >> he almost kicked himself in the back of the head. did he survive? >> it looks like he did survive. his parents were so very concerned about him, that they did this. >> that's taking advantage of him while he is there. >> absolutely. why not. >> this next guy found himself on a snowmobile, nice and
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he is going uphill. >> oh! >> see, that's why i didn't want to do any of those trips on the snowmobile. >> sometimes it looks great. the fact that he is left there looking like that. >> his head in the trash can and his little legs in the snow hill. >> he got to the top of the hill and created a funny video. >> well done. >> the sawyer family is having a baby. it is time to reveal the gender. what better way to do so than at a christmas party? you see the pink and blue lights on the side. that's what's going to tell you what it is, ladies and gentlemen. >> three, two, one! >> what is it? >> i don't know. let's take it back. i think boy. >> boy.
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>> i already know, huh? >> it's a girl. >> way to keep it secret, so good. >> this is why no one will ever, ever, ever give me the envelope. congratulations, folks. it is a girl. oh, wow, i had no idea. >> all right. i might have missed that one. place your bets on the next one, folks. baby too. his wife is about to let him know what it is. >> a baby. >> it is, indeed, a baby, ali. >> this is the gender of the baby. just because it has cabela's stuff and fatigue all over doesn't mean it has to scream boy. >> i am going to go with a girl. >> you gave it away. >> so everything here is pretty in pink. >> camouflage, pink. >> that's adorable.
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>> in the nursery, doggone it. 'tis the season for cute little babies. merry christmas, everybody! >> a deserving family gets a christmas home makeover from a youtuber and his team. >> they are making everything look beautiful. >> the story that will bring a tear to your eye and then a smile to your face. >> welcome home! >> thank you. >> no problem. >> yeah. holiday tune. this christmas song is for the people you hate. haters >> why this one will make you put your differences aside. merry christmas to all my haters
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one day it appears. is that a dark spot? new gold bond dark spot
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targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. we love to share here at "right this minute" along with millions of people on youtube. he is known for his great magic, his amazing pranks and now, he is also known for getting something in my eye after this this morning. >>s la last year, some friends of ours lost their father unexpectedly. this family is always giving back to us as well as many others. we wanted to make sure their first christmas back inside their home was a special one. >> stewart nd and his family decided they wanted to do something really special for the
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they are bringing in a christmas tree. they get some new appliances for the kitchen and they are making everything look beautiful. >> that's a beautiful thing to do. >> this house starts looking like christmas. >> things are looking great. things are coming together. >> as they are walking up to the house, someone goes ding. >> look at that. you soo he the mom there. the emotion starts getting ahold. >> she expects none of it, obviously. look at how happy she is. she is still outside. >> welcome home! >> she is still outside. >> this is awesome. >> well, it went okay. >> once they get inside, they surprise. everything they have done. it looks like something from home and gardens. it is incredible. the mother of the family that stewart is helping had been saving money for a very, very special reason. >> he said i want you to know it
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sh he said that you didn't have the monument yet for greg's grave so we got one for you. so you just have to goic p it out. . >> she had two last minute take the money to repair the roof of the house and still had no monument for her husband who had died and that's where i lost it at my desk. we are going to put the whole thing up on our website. if you want a good old christmas cry, i recommend that you enjoy it. click on the christmas show or use our mobile app.
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snet so many classic christmas songs. think of it. for the people you love. this is for the people that you hate. maybe you and i haven't seen eye to eye on many things this year we've had our share of fights, plenty of facebook fights and i generally don't want you near >> this is merry christmas to all my haters by the louburger band. merry christmas to all my haters merry christmas you might hate me, online berate me >> we have talented people over put this little music video together just to say i can put aside my differences even though i don't really like you and say happy christmas. >> good for you. >> just using you as an example. i love you, miss bailey.
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i know you'll make me feel really safe while i try to stay strong so we can get along you've always been a -- >> that is the right spirit. it is the right song. it is truthful. >> and it is going to annoy your haters. >> i'm setting our differences aside with a song that is going to make you more angry. >> merry christmas! >> great to see you. great to see you. >> under the mistletoe. >> it is the gift that keeps on chasing. >> this stack of gifts that they are admiring suddenly takes off.
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away from this huge. >> some beautiful imagery from the park. if you have never been there, this would give you an idea of what you would see at
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>> hippy santa hat. >> i can't wrap gifts worth a darn. i buy gift bags. rich ferguson has a little gift for you, the epic holiday gift prank. you see folks standing around in different squares. >> when this stack of gifts that they are admiring suddenly takes off. >> that's how they end up under the tree. >> santa's magic. scary.
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this little girl, not so much. >> some of these women are really terrified over a big package. >> why are they scared? right. >> i would be scared if some packages started rolling at me. time to open them up and see what's inside. >> if you are standing inside the square where everything is all festive for the holidays. if you are just heading down street or walking down a random alley and these came after you, i don't know that you would be too thrilled. these ladies are standing here come back. they are like, wait. that was scary. >> admiring the gum wall. >> imagine this. >> packages slide back. >> this is from all the packages you love. >> one woman even stops at aur car because she is so taken at the idea of rolling presents. >> the future of gifts. they are going to deliver themselves to home. >> share it with us, bailey.
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>> it is all on a hoverboard. >> i did not expect to see somebody inside i thought it was remote control. >> there is a guy inside rolling around on the whoever board just following folks around. it gets even better. that whoever board is up for grabs. all you have to do is comment below the video. if he likes it, you could win. >> have a merry christmas, everyone. enjoy your holiday weekend and
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