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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 5, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> sara: burning body located
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store may be involved in the investigation. >> julie: small plane crashes in new york and ties to new england and heading back out to the crash site this morning. complete new england coverage right now. this is fox25 morning news. >> julie: big thursday morning, everyone, it is 9:01, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. beautiful day, fog out, sun is in, shiri spear. >> shiri: looks great out there now, feels really great as well, i have a feeling a lot of jackets coming off in boston this hour, welcome to the 60s, 63 there, coin fitchburg, 56 in nashua and lawrence and even there warming up and got all 60s southeastern massachusetts and a little more cloud cover there and that's a trend that will continue as we roll through the thursday. so partly cloudy at noon time, this is likely one of the
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brighter times of the day, especially the further north you go, northeastern mass, northern mass, southern new hampshire looking nice and bright and temps will be in the upper 60s we do get back to the 70s today. so highs anywhere 68 to 74 and increasing clouds as we move through the afternoon, shower chances stay very low today but will go up tomorrow. i will take a closer look at any errands you may be running in the next couple of hours, show you exactly what to expect on the roadways but now want to know what to expect for drive times, julie again for check on those. >> julie: i have errands to run so looking forward to hearing what to expect and slow on 93 southbound in the medford area as you head into somerville, things finally starting to loosen up a little bit on the pike eastbound after that earlier accident near the pru tunnel. you be see stop and go through brighton right now but this is an improvement upon what we were seeing within the last hour, hour and a half. here are your live drive times
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improvement, this is practically easy, 34 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and peak we were at 100 minutes. 32 minutes on the braintree split to the pike, 52 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: breaking news this morning police in worcester are investigating after a body is found burned in the woods and now for the first time we are getting a look at the crime scene that's located nearly a mile down a dirt road. fox25 jessica reyes is live at the scene for us this morning where crime tape, jess, surrounded that charred vehicle. >> jessica: that's right, daniel, been here for about 12 hours and police still on scene here this morning and behind that police cruiser you can see the burned out shell of a car here. as you said, we drove off nearly mile off dirt road to get here and people that live in the neighborhood right near where this happened still left with so many questions this morning. a horrifying discovery in a quiet worcester neighborhood.
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the fire department confirming a body was found in a burning car late last night. >> i'm a mess. you know, i'm glad my grandchildren are not around. >> jessica: happened in washington heights area and police blocking entrance to the street all morning and spoke with several people that live here this morning, some saying this is a generally safe area. >> lived here for about six years and never had any issues with anything. i mean we feel safe in our home, everything is locked up but yeah, something like that is pretty shocking. >> jessica: not everyone that lives here felt as secure as police cleared the scene around midnight, many of them still on edge right now. >> honestly my daughter moved a year ago because of the stuff in the city and didn't want to raise the girls here so, you know, i'm glad they are not here. >> jessica: taking another live look at the caen here and you can see still a police cruiser out here this morning guarding the scene. behind that cruiser is the
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charred out remains of that car. now, of course, still a lot of questions about this this morning, biggest one being the identity of the victim and continuing to clear it up with police and much more at five and six. live in worcester, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: just 24 hours ago we were reporting a woman's body burned in bridgewater not far from a local college. officers found her body tied up close to the railroad tracks at the crepo crossing. police think she was likely killed somewhere else and brought there and then set on fire and they are looking at surveillance video from local businesses that may help them find answers. bridgewater state university is close by. >> nothing of this magnitude, no one been found burned or tied up, so it is overwhelming almost to know that it is right there. >> daniel: investigators have from 7-eleven 2 miles away from the crime scene.
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police say since the body was still burning when they found it it suggests gasoline may have been used. >> julie: happening now new search in unsolved murder case in manchester, new hampshire. did was killed in -- denise robert was killed in august and fbi is investigating. this is brand-new video from the 67 this morning and that robert was shot and killed during weekly week and keep you updated during the investigation. julie: lowell police will be searching apartment complex where kresspoe went for a walk and never returned and family members are concerned because she has disabilities. julie: following developing news in new york. the u.s. coast guard is back out this morning searching for debris of plane crash off the coast of queens and man from new hampshire is presumed dead. the plane was on its way to portsmouth when it crashed just south of rockaway and debris was
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that's the area that was hit hard by hurricane sand and he nypd tweeted photos of the wreckage and witness reporting a small plane flying erratically moments before the crash around 8:00 last night and according to the new york post james mcgee had filed a flight plan taking him from philadelphia to new hampshire and u.s. coast guard and nypd scuba units out late last night searching for survivors. there are also other reports of woman's luggage found. the plane is described as high technology carbon fiber sports aviation craft made in germany. we will bring you new details as we get them. >> daniel: philip chism returned to supreme court in salem yesterday since 20 day mental evaluation. the judge said the 16-year-old is competent to stand trial of danvers high school teacher colleen ritzer. >> julie: fourth person being held this morning in connection to a vicious murder many
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prosecutors say 40-year-old mark o'brien drove the get away car and pled not guilty to murder and burglary charges yesterday. in september a friend found robert mckenna on the floor of home with gashes on head. three others plot to steal african artifacts and killed him. >> daniel: four people shot and killed and happened in the town of oakland, that's near colby college north of augusta. authorities say 42-year-old herman killed two women and man himself. the ken back journal says two were parents of the four-year-old girl and little girl was found unhurt inside the home. police are still trying to determine a motive. >> daniel: it is 9:08 and manchester, new hampshire police continue to seven for gunman that shot a man, father of two multiple times outside his house union leader they previously home.
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michael pitman shot to death tuesday evening before the apartment complex on granite street. >> julie: one man dead and another person barely survives head-on crash in central massachusetts. 28-year-old man from barre died when his van collided with pickup truck in paxton yesterday and van carrying a plastic tube and that tube flew through the windshield of the truck narrowly missing the truck driver. julie: this weekend workers will install safety messier near oxford charlton line. sky fox was over the scene at a crash when one person taken to the hospital. part of the road shut down for several hours and accident happened crash last week that took lives of mothers and baby and locals call stretch of road dead man's curve. sense it happened fox25 has learned the state plans to add speed control signs and guardrail for oncoming traffic. >> daniel: this morning we learned confusion led to lock
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schools and got report of gun around 1:30 yesterday afternoon and telegram reports it was really a stapler. one student was arrested for ignoring a stay in place order. police say the student was walking around the halls while police searched the building. >> julie: brian hyde accused of bursting into home of student during residency check in september. they found probable cause to uphold breaking and entering against the mashpee superintendent. parents we spoke with say hyde should take a leave of absence while the case is ongoing. >> too much going on and parents need to know what really happens. >> julie: superintendent says he is disappointed with the decision and arraigned within the next two weeks. >> daniel: local sports teams
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new england patriots received $700,000 from the national guard the guard paid for soldier salutes, game tickets, parking passes and use of high-end hospitality sweet each on days that the patriots were not playing. the guard also paid $280,000 for a luxury box that a bruins game. celtics got $150,000 for tickets at ceremony honoring vets. the red sox also received $100,000. daniel: obesity -- busy day for us this sunday. fox25 morning news and nhl fox leading up to kick-off which starts at 1:00 and join us at post game show and take you inside the locker room and get and analysis. again, it is all this sunday right here on fox25. >> michael: car strikes two
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crosswalk killing one of them. role mother nature might have played in tragic south end crash >> julie: first russian crash reports to terrorism by isis. an item that may have been hidden on board. >> shiri: temperature 59 , 63
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>> julie: tragedy may have been act of terrorism. >> biggest terrorist tanning booth since 9/11. >> reporter: paul crookshank with new suspicions and new officials pointing to the super bowl sendoff after the crash and indication of terrorism and suggests that somebody at airport may have helped get bomb on to the plane. >> somebody that is or some people that is familiar with how the baggage process works. >> reporter: as investigators
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some clues are already available tail section mid-off in mid-flight and metal fragments found in bodies near the rear of the plane and one detonation one possibility it was triggered by barometric pressure switch set to go off at specific altitude and those frightening hard to detect. >> it wouldn't be identifiable. you can hide it. they are small and hide in iphone and hide plastic detonator in the iphone as well. >> metro jet grounded a321 planes and additional safety checks conducted and local security check tells fox25 experts may be on alert for similar plots. >> daniel: growing refugee crisis expected to remain at emergency levels for at least another year. the european union says another 3 million migrants arrive more than next year and 700,000 refugees have already traveled
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afghanistan. several countries have closed borders to migrants because they cannot handle the influx of people. >> julie: massachusetts home to 400,000 veterans and your tax them. >> going to be there tomorrow. >> if nearly million dollars sitting is there not ways to help nowier. >> julie: military friends operation offers grant programs, community events and also distributes taxpayer donations made to the military family relief fund and when veterans started raising concerns about the donations, fox 25 investigates got on the case. follow money trail to get answers about how the war heroes are being helped. it is now 9:17 let's take a look at the roads and we are seeing pretty typical delays now that the pike has finally eased up.
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as you approach the weston tolls and then through newton but things a little slow in brighton, hasn't completely opened up around 9:30, 9:45, 30 minutes braintree split to the pike and 53 minutes 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with look at today's forecast. hi, shiri. >> shiri: hi, julie and everybody at home. what a day we have. you can see the isn't sunshine out there right now traveling through the day especially south and clouds coming from the south and moving to the north here and record heat something we are watching for the day tomorrow and also when we have the better chance for a few of those showers. check out what's happening right now though, high of 71 this afternoon, bump you up to about 73 tomorrow, kind of comparable temperatures in the afternoon, big dip over the weekend, 60 for the high on saturday, back to
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the lower 50s if lucky here on sunday. but see 73 forecasting tomorrow, that's actually the record high in boston for friday. 70 is record high in worcester. not guarantee that we are going to meet or beat these but going to come close we are at least taking a stab at getting quite that high this afternoon. so this is what's happening outside. now i got 62 in norwood and in plymouth, i got 56 in lawrence. let's time out the warm-up because with sunshine in place right now we continue to stay nice and bright areas north of boston with 70 by 1:00 p.m., 70 at 3:00 p.m., so lawrence clearly you're going into the 70s in boston right now at 63 we have a few early morning clouds and stays partly cloudy today, 69 at 11. at 163 at 3:00 p.m. and tougher to see the highest temperatures of all and actually boston itself and the city which is likely going to cap out close to perhaps not quite at 70 this afternoon and future cast has a
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more clouds south of the city, southeastern massachusetts and southern new hampshire and central massachusetts ends up being mostly sunny here and then late in the day the clouds begin to push back in and late, late, late, we got the risk for a couple of showers impacting the cape, islands, southcoast, south shore, 69 in boston, 70 in beverly, 71 norwood and bedford and lawrence over to fitchburg, 68 in worcester and 70 in nashua, new hampshire and lows tonight fall back into the 50s it is going to be real mild when you wake up tomorrow morning. in fact, some of you might wear short sleeves from start to finish and then tomorrow we have both ends of the day the chance for showers, temperatures like today in the lower 70s. for most here is snapshot at 7:00 a.m. and we have fog and showers especially southeastern massachusetts, all this dry weather to get through before this batch of rain tries to get in here, though it is going to be much modified form. look at tomorrow afternoon. clouds break up, it is warm and
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then not until friday night we get the broken up showers finally coming on through. take a peak at weekend forecast because here it is, 7-day forecast always in view, 60 here on saturday and slowly clearing skies by sunday 52 and obviously if you're making outdoor plans i'm going to point you toward saturday because you got temps easily five if not more degrees warmer and into next week we see a slow warm-up and keeping it dry for now. back to you guys. >> daniel: frightening discovery as teen tries to achieve his dream going to college.
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solved decade >> daniel: this morning a presidential candidate pushing major change about marijuana. bernie sanders filed a bill to eliminate all federal penalties for growing or possessing pot. the bill would allow each state to compose their own marijuana laws and still be a crime to move marijuana from states where it is legal to states where it is not. today sanders is expected to file papers to get on the ballot in upcoming new hampshire primary as well. daniel: starting today you could be hearing radio ads from donald trump. this is the first time the billionaire republican has spent money on paid ads for presidential campaign. the move comes as new poll numbers show support for trump
9:23 am
candidates like florida senator marco rubio are surging and new hampshire yesterday trump told fox25 he is not worried about rubio. >> when they check his republicans and -- credit cards you will see he is going down rapidly. >> daniel: trump sis first to file papers to run in the new hampshire primary. >> julie: new at 9:00 elizabeth warren is announcing new plan helping senior citizens that rely on social security. kyla campbell live in washington with details on the legislation. kyla? >> kyla: ten other senators including ed markey have already signed on to warren's save benefits act. warren's legislation would provide social security recipients with one time emergency payment of 3.9%. the feds announced last month there won't be any cost of living increase for social security payments next year. warren says her bill would be paid for by closing what she
9:24 am
has corporations to write off executive bonuses as business expense. she says 2/3 of seniors rely on social security for the majority of income and warren's bill not expected to get republican support. gop lawmakers are working on own legislation to reform social security. live in washington, kyla campbell, fox25 news. >> julie: woman hit and killed while crossing busy boston street in broad daylight. why the driver says he never saw her. shiri? >> shiri: temperatures if you're heading out 56 to 64 coming home from work it is all 60s but increasing clouds see when it leads to showers next. >> julie: thousands of presents this christmas will have to be under the watchful
9:25 am
one item >> julie: police guarding charred vehicle and unclear if this is a homicide investigation and well have the latest information tonight on fox25 news at five and 6:00. good thursday morning, everyone. i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. along with meteorologist shiri
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shiri, it is so nice outside and nice the past couple of days and i have something for you. >> shiri: is it money? >> daniel: not a golden star. >> shiri: it is as good as chocolate in my book. 63 in boston now, 63 in peabody, 58 in dedham but on the rise there 59 right now in norton and look at lower 60s in worcester holds auburn and 62 in plymouth and it will be dry, it will be pretty bright likely dry all the way through the afternoon and clouds are going to creep back into the picture as we move through those p.m. hours and 64 and years most
9:27 am
than ten and been a busy area and live drive time traffic. >> julie: northbound near freeport street and accident on 128 southbound this is right near the wynn street and 93 south remains slow itself as you head to make way into town and zakim bridge. live drive times 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 108 and 48 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and 30 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. >> daniel: woman's body found burned in bridge water and murdered and dumped by train tracks. catherine parrotta is live at bridgewater police station with
9:28 am
good morning, catherine. >> catherine: earlier this morning heard from the d.a.'s office and dent have update on the case right now so working to identify the victim and possible suspect in any of this and also asking for the public's help. but here is what we know about the case right now. according to official it all started for them around 11:40 tuesday night when they got a 911 call from a witness and reporting suspicious vehicle near the tracks near oak street and crepo street in bridgewater and saw someone from the vehicle and place next to the railroad tracks in the area. official say when police arrived they found a woman's body on fire. her hands tied behind her back and bound to her feet. police believe the woman was killed somewhere else. one man lives nearby describes why the location of this took him by surprise. >> a lot quieter streets and crowded streets than this.
9:29 am
one way where the road is blocked and can't get out. >> it is very strange. >> catherine: police believe the vehicle witnesses saw was a dark-colored suv with as many as three people inside. police are working to collect more clues about the people involved in this. witnesses tell us one place police visited is 7-eleven less than 2 miles from the train crossing. that store has multiple surveillance cams so again at this point they are all still working on investigators trying to gather clues and fill in missing pieces to the pusle and one thing they have been asking ever since the case started unfolding help from the public and heard anything and saw anything from the area of oak street and 11:40 tuesday night when all of this is unfolding and like to hear from you and give it a call and monitoring the story all day and keep you updated on the website at and also on news tonight at five and six.
9:30 am
catherine parrotta , fox25 news. >> michael: take a look here in south end, intersection of tremont and westbrook line streets, you will notice yellow pedestrian sign on the corner and intersection does not have is one of those reflective signs right on the double yellow line similar to the one you see just a block away from here on tremont. reminding drivers as they pass right in their line of view that it is state law to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. this particular intersection where the tragedy occurred doesn't have a stop sign and system.
9:31 am
yesterday 's crash. learned driver of the car the sun glare made it hard to see and happened at 3:30 as sun was setting and suv was driving west and people that live and work here are concerned about the intersection. >> when i look toward the direction sun was setting and i'm sure the sun was in their eyes and clearly appeared to be an accident and felt terrible for all parties involved. >> michael: drive has not been charged with anything and not clear if the driver will be charged and driver did stop right away and cooperate with the investigation. reporting south end, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: yesterday we showed
9:32 am
family's car flipping in the air and brittany beaudoin was badly hurt and emergency c-section and her husband dislocated his hip and woman's father tells us even though the baby was born more than a month early he is doing well. >> due on christmas but big baby and almost 5 pounds snow. >> julie: two drivers have not been charged. >> daniel: medway teen killed in car crash will be remembered today. maddie lamson veered off the road and crashed into a tree friday night. her funeral will be held in medway and friends were her as upbeat and impressive athlete and nearly 1,000 people as you can see here in the video turned up for vigil for lamson over the weekend and police have blocked off the streets to prepare for another large crowd at today's funeral.
9:33 am
large wooden post flies through woman's windshield and she is okay. 67-year-old holyoke is live and well and happened on 91 north in springfield yesterday. state police say a tractor-trailer ran over the post in the road causing that post to fly up. the wood stuck just inches from the woman face sending shards of class all over. fortunately as we mentioned she is okay. >> julie: police hope surveillance photos trackman and woman accused of vandalizing cars. they smashed car windows, did not take anything out of the cars and students can't believe they targeted cars in the parking lot. >> i think it is pretty awful. those are the drivers ed cars that were parked there and don't know why anyone would do that. >> julie: someone is driving a
9:34 am
older style car with damaged door handle. >> julie: >> daniel: two men came into middlesex turnpike monday afternoon and one of them began stuffing designer eyeglasses frames into the jacket and eye care optics tried to stop one of the suspects from leaving. the suspect punched the office manager in the face. store owner hoped surveillance can help solve the crime. community members decided to hold off painting over the graffiti and put up posters with
9:35 am
leaders say it was third time mosque has been targeted by tag gers in recent years. >> julie: goal of program to help get mere people talking about addiction and governor says studies show stigma surrounding drug use prevents many addicts for asking help to get treatment. >> when you're labeled as addict, low life, junkie, it sticks hard. >> julie: it is funded by federal grant. >> daniel: new airlines raising baggage fees just in time for the holiday season. spirit airlines plans to hike the checked bag fees by additional $2 between december and january. frontier airlines is raising their fees by five to $10 between thanksgiving and new year's.
9:36 am
frontier says as a perk they will double frequent flier miles during the same period. daniel: look like more drones will fly the sky this holiday season and margin says gets about 100 reports a month from pilots who say drones are flying near planes and airports and working on way to register drones and experts say the government probably and given as gifts. >> julie: students talk about a teacher the way some kids talk about their parents.
9:37 am
>> without him and his team i would not be around right now. >> julie: still ahead the selfless ways helped kids make to graduation. >> daniel: woman needed surgery but they were met with extra security and why they were singled out. >> shiri: boston points north and west here and overnight hours best chance of showers
9:38 am
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>> daniel: woman needed emergency security and they were met by security at the door. hooman noorchasm says rights were violated and dr. amy reed came to brigham & women's hospital in boston for scheduled lung cancer surgery. hooman noorchasm received the letter from the chief operating officer saying to accompany her he would have to be escorted by security. >> basically indicated that i will be under constant surveillance and have to get frisked and searched and there would be a security detail with me at all times. >> daniel: the reason an ongoing dispute between the doctors and the brigham. it all goes back to a surgery amy had at the hospital back in 2013.
9:41 am
you can have and said no this is what fibroids are, this is how they behave and you do not have cancer. >> daniel: surgery laparoscopic procedure standard tool called power morse later what believed was benign tumor. >> cut it up and minuted -- cut up in the abdomen and war of words wailing that ended up hooman noorchasm being escorted on monday and court paperwork obtained by fox25 hospital says thousands of e-mails from hooman noorchasm, some threatening, led to the decision. >> these people were nervous and e-mails were very disconcerting. >> daniel: in one dr. noorchasm wrote make no
9:42 am
mistake anyone causing or perpetuating what happened to us greg foley deemed doctor a security risk. dr. noorchasm fully admits he sent the e-mails but says the concern is valid. he just wants what happened to else. >> saying morseilation not minimally invasive surgery. >> daniel: judge ordered to lift requirements against detroit and -- doctor and told us they intend on appealing the judge's ruling. in january a prominent heart surgeon was shot and killed by disgruntled son of patient and hospital said then it would be reviewing security protocol. >> julie: child missing for 13 years, julien hernandez disappeared in 2002 when he was five years old. police believe he was taken by doctor in custody dispute and they were found in ohio where they were living under assumed names and high school guidance
9:43 am
counselor tipped off police after discovering that a social security number listed on college application did not match the teenager's names. julie: 9:46 is time and head on out for maps right now. expressway a little bit slow around morrissey boulevard. 93 south waiting for the accident to clear on 128 southbound right around wynn street as you approach burlington and 93 slow through medford and into somerville and crawling along the bridge, zakim bridge and leverett connector. here are live drive times, 24 minutes on the pike, cruising because earlier this morning after the accident we were up to 100 minutes. 27 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike and 43 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. at least through all of that traffic we did have sunshine. if it was rain, don't even want to go there.
9:44 am
>> shiri: adding moisture to boil down to more clouds and even chance for a couple of showers. here is main rain though. way, way west and a lot of dry time to get through before we start talking some significant rain chances and right now 63 and 11:00 a.m. 69 and hanging out and upper 60s close to 70 in the city and start to see them dip get into the school bus and headed home from work and lower 60s and kind of mild all around, see future cast pulls around more clouds as we traveling to the afternoon and points south of boston and mass pike go with partly cloudy forecast north and ends up being mostly sunny northern mass and north shore up to even portions of north central massachusetts, southern new hampshire, southern vermont looking nice and bright and beautiful for this thursday. definitely definitely warm as well and see by 6:00 p.m. we are still keeping it partly cloudy and dry. rain risk really isn't coming into play in southeastern
9:45 am
massachusetts until way later today. high temperatures though do make it into the lower 70s in several spots including ashland at 70, framingham 71 and holliston 71 and norwood 71 and into the merrimac valley as well if you find similar temperature readings 71 in reading and lawrence and haverhill, methuen, over to lowell, billerica and 70 this afternoon and we are at 69 in plymouth, 71 in boston, 68 in worcester and middle 60s down across the cape. tonight though 50s. this is when we hit rock bottom tomorrow morning upper 50s. this is going to be so warm even a little bit sticky as you get up on friday morning, friday afternoon, like today lots of these lower 70s, even go as high as 74 in lawrence for tomorrow and fog and showers in southeastern massachusetts and a lot of cloud cover and even patching fog outside of that area. middle of the day is going to be the best likely dry here at noon
9:46 am
and into the afternoon you will even get some breaks in the clouds and we turn much warmer than friday evening we got the actual front coming through and with it we drag through a couple more of those late day showers but a lot of the heavy rain dries up before it ever reaches us and go with patchy showers during both timeframes and area that's going to see the most wet weather ends up being southeastern mass because of the best chance tonight but start out with lingering clouds saturday morning and then the cooler air really moves in during the afternoon and it is going to help clear us out. check out what it does for the weekend as well, 7-day forecast with weekend always in view, 71 today with increasing clouds, late showers, friday both morning chance and late day chance and into the weekend about 60 off saturday and this is going to be the warmer of the two days over the weekend and temperatures drop by at least 5 as we head into your sunday forecast. check out worcester not even getting up to 50 by sunday and, of course, we got the pats game at gillette see right here on
9:47 am
be in the 40s. back to you. >> julie: shiri, tack to you soon. nasa says it is hiring.
9:48 am
job in space. >> daniel: photo of teacher and little boy is going viral and several students come forward with stories how he helped them graduate by watching children during class. the students say they had no idea how to thank him. >> i kept giving up on myself but mr. guy kept pushing me saying i could do it. >> without him and his team i would never been where i'm at right now. >> daniel: posting a photo with her son online. the image now has tens of thousands of likes. >> julie: math teacher channels inner hip-hop star. the teacher from chicago dressed
9:49 am
students pushed hem to break -- him to break it down to hotlinebling. this is almost 50,000 retweets and many calling him the hot dancing teacher and here are moves he was trying to imitate and let you skies to pull it off better. >> daniel: dancing teachers to dancing sailors. that's what i'm talking about. these are men and women of the naval academy in annapolis and made parody of bruno mars called map town funk. the lyrics are about everyday life at the academy and group put it together challenging other navy towns to make their own videos. >> julie: this morning nasa has special message for anybody that ever wanted to go to space. >> we want you to apply for
9:50 am
nasa's astronaut program. >> julie: took to instagram and twitter with be an astronaut and selects qualified candidates from a diverse pool of u.s. citizens. applications will be accepted december 14th through mid-february. tonight the torrid meteor shower will peak. it is known as halloween fire balls. really known as that? one of the longest showers. shiri, break it down for you. >> daniel: break it down, nap town. got all of this going on. >> shiri: best way to do it with a graphic, guys because torrid meteor shower is long one and two peaks. first peak tonight going to be a little tough to see because we got clouds coming in. it is fire balls which are really bright meteors and sense we have clouds in boston, you got a second chance to see it with second peak of the torrid meteor shower next week so week from tonight and hoping to have
9:51 am
better viewing there and came in this morning and definitely saw one of the fire balls and like what is going on. so i had to check out the space weather forecast when i got to work. >> daniel: space weather forecast. learned something new. never heard it said like that. all right. thank you so much for joining us this morning. don't forget the fox25 news this afternoon at 5:00. >> julie: see you tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. have a great day. okay, so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios" well, right now for a limited deal from fios. the 100% fiber optic network. internet and wi-fi available from 50 to 500 megs. so whatever speed you need, fios has it. tv and phone starting at $79.99 a month. and get $300 back with a 2-year agreement. this is your last chance. offer ends november 7th.
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