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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  March 1, 2016 8:00am-8:45am EST

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a few showers making their way in later and then much cooler temperatures the rest of the week. i've got the details in the 7 day forecast coming up when "good day, virginia" returns right now. >> kyle: super tuesday. voters in virginia and 10 other states head to the polls to pick the presidential candidate. we've got team coverage bringing you the latest. >> and making a plea. the man accused of two high profile murder cases is ready to make a deal. >> kyle: and examining the evidence. roanoke county's police chief reveals more details about the a teenager shot and killed by a county officer. march first... super tuesday i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. super tuesday is here and wfxr news is your local
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the doors have just opened here in the commonwealth as virginians go to the polls to decide who they want to get their parties' nomination for president. paris holmes is at a polling precinct in roanoke was anyone waiting to cast a ballot? good morning guys, the polls open up this morning at 6am and when you walk into your polling place voters what to make sure they bring their i.d. one thing to remember today is that it's a dual primary. that means the republican and " i guess i'm just hoping who ever this is will just come if you plan on voting today and you don't know where your you don't know if you plan on
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so what is exactly at stake today? other than the actual election day in november, super tuesday is the most important day of the campaign.the latest polls show donald trump easily leading the national campaign. the c-n-n o-r-c poll shows he has 49 percent of the vote to senator marco rubio's 16 percent and ted cruz' 15 percent. here in the commonwealth, trump has a little less support, but he is still the front runner. in a cbs news poll, trump has 40 percent of the support as
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cruz's 22 percent. on the democrat side, cnn's latest poll gives hillary clinton a 55 percent lead over challenger bernie sanders 38% the cbs poll shows an even bigger lead for clinton in virginia... she leads sanders 59 to 39 percent. with warm and mainly dry weather in the forecast, mother nature shouldn't cause voters any trouble today across the commonwealth. however, nice weather during the virginia primaries hasn't always led to high voter turnout in the past. wfxr's taylor kanost is live in roanoke county to explain. hey kyle. you would think this warm weather would encourage voters to head to the polls today, but as you mentioned there really hasn't been much vote today.virginians will
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donald trump made a visit to radford university on monday. our chief political correspondent, bill wadell has more. 00:53 - 00:5701:05 - 01:13in a presidential race - far from boring. donald trump. "if i pick up new york or michigan, it's over folks. it's over." local supporters insist - donald trump - can solve america's problems. "are you ready to go vote tomorrow and sweep super tuesday for donald trump and make us the nominee." "his civility. its rests in what he is doing and what he will do to restore true decency to this country's
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democratic front runner hillary clinton campaigned in norfolk and fairfax yesterday. with her big lead in the race, clinton is focusing more on challenger donald trump than fellow democrat bernie sanders. campaigning in fairfax she made a veiled reference to the republican billionaire. hillary clinton/ presidential candidate at some point you into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. . bernie sanders did not make an appearance in the commonwealth yesterday. virginia first dot-com has everything you need to know to stay on top of super tuesday. for more on the candidates, or to find your
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polling location, head there and click on your local election headquarters. the last few weeks we have been sharing the inspiring stories of breast cancer survivors... up next on good day virginia, kathy york shares her families' story about what it took to fight this disease. this winter, you have the power to heal. because your purchase of vaseline intensive care lotion, supports the vaseline healing project. join us to help millions in crisis heal their skin. welcome aboard my starship.
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>> january: all right, welcome back to "good day, virginia", everybody! it's 8:13! this is the susan g. komen blue rinl foundation. it works to help patients fighting cancer, researching and all that stuff they do to try to make a better life for adult folks in the area. the last few weeks we've been telling encouraging stories of cancer survivors. you've been watching them on "good day, virginia" every week and today is no exception.
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we're joined by cathy york and her husband mark york. first thank you for joining us. i know it's early. >> thank you. >> reporter: we're glad it's in. >> i know you have breast cancer, but what type of breast cancer? >> triple negative. >> breast cancer. >> and can you tell us what that means? >> it's not drifp by hormones so it's the higher chance of recurrence and it is more aggressive. >> january: so it's more aggress and i have that is very -- it's scary. how did you feel when you were first told you have cancer? >> devastated at first. i had just lost my best friend in january of the same year in 2014 to breast cancer. >> wow! >> devastation at first, but it's -- it got better. >> reporter: how many years ago
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2014. >> i know earlier you lost the friend to birth control and give yourself a noefted park. >> it was scary and it looks like being punched but we have fortunately we lost michelle and it kind of waved the way for us. taught inside a handle there and she's been phenomenal. >> how do you keep her motivated and spirits up. >> it doesn't take fn for she xleemly strong and almost hard headed with oscar and that helps because she doesn't quit. soit's really helped. >> and as her spouse, i know it's important for you to have the subsidiary is the and everything. were there days you'd sometimes look go along swrrp and then
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they're usually on my drive to and from court. we're looking at the kit. you can't do that in front of them, but there are moments when you are alone and usually it was that commute to and from work that we had those moments. about they're few. that was early on in the very early few weeks where it was just this going on and what's happening to us as well and looking at it as he calms down and the whirlwind the first couple of months and then -- you get in the routine and have plant and calm down. >> the team is very and then may be facing this kind of devastating diagnosis. >> they can win. that's to do everything. be strong. be positive. and have a good support size. and it is -- you can wear it. >> how is that doing physically today? >> i'm well.
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i have 6 rounds of chemo. i had bilateral mafktectomy and ire month? >> and then we are out of extra
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york and >> and good morning. around 20 minutes after 8:00 now. a live look at the roof cam there looking out over roanoke. we've got blue skies and little bit of high thin cloudiness
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making its way in. all in all a very dent balcony and then it's 2 and a half weeks or 9 months or march,. i are spring and then it's up to oenoak where the wind is call for now. we have a wind advisory kicking off as we go to 9:00 and all the way into noon tomorrow. here's the temperatures around the roanoke valley today. climbing into the mid60s for highs filling off mety chilly with the overnight and the cold front making its way unbiased and as we head into the 7-8-9:00 tomorrow it the bring in cooler weather for the rest of the week. >> blacksberg right now beautiful scene the virginia tech camp aus!
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heading on through the day today why haven't temperatures so kloiding and at some point you could to which 70 greater. xwr and then it's then enjoy the day with the typhoon while you still can and then enjoy rackets the rest of the week with the temperatures on the way down. 30s and 40s right now and the temperatures warming up quickly with martinsville at 22 in lynchburg and 49 already in bloomfield and this and point we'll get then it's this then until noon tomorrow and up and down 81, 74 and 77. a lot of wind gusts as well out
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teem that happens and if it is going to the big conl straen and then it's pushed around with the winds. lots of sunshine currently in the satellite radar pictures and the high thin clouds make their way through overnight. more coming as we head out a little later in the day. see storm system and that's going to bring us rain as we go through the overnight and the showers bok on thort and then are you doing it by tomorrow morning? left with upslope snow shower activity. other than that should some clearing skies for the rest of the day and much cooler winy,? er temperatures will being and then we start to rebound and making it our way back in the 50s.
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then it's to just be happy about at this timed. >> and then let's going to the former forecast on the go and sports news and headlights.
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day, virginia", our >> january: hey, you came back! good! all right!
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this is still "good day, virginia"! we did it, kyle! all right, guys. this is still "good day, virginia". i am statistical january keaton. this is thomas dunn. you guys might recognize him, but if you watched the oscars this week and wished you could look as glamorous and as beautiful as some of the stars of the red carpet, ladies, of course, middle eastly because you look see the goim and then thomas has ways to get xrael inexpensive tapes on how lose and and then years passed with the style so minimal they wanted to grow feature. >> and margo robinson one best savify and then she wants wolf of wall street and she's just amising that very cam baning gown.
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showed you here today is some of the photing and it wasn't until the big flashes but flash. >> and really looking with the thurnt kiss and natural with that miefrt that's nice to go and when you look at jennifer robertson, she just looked amaying! julie, she doesn't grueb. i being and then and then you puto your skin and start stoplay with it, it's soft. >> oh, it is soft! like a gel but then dit appears. >> right! it gives us a doted sa? then you only need a tiny bit of had 're and then then and then
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and then this year on carpet. you know the and then leonardo dicaprio wanted his people to look really great. i think when it comes down to what do we show on the red carpet is minimal. minimum with the skin. a lot with the ground is and then it's the statement of fact and then we retained that sort of newt part of this year. >> we city and then it's going to the parch avenue. >> but and then it's future does thoen probably going to be like this one which is gundam and nearly naked. >> natural goodbyesing.
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it leaves a it iser skinl bow and then it's and and none then it's going to last for a long time. highly picked is stuff and it gets 5 callers there you and th me in-citiers is it then when we go to work during the day and the bar tonight -- >> that's examly point. >> i just move don the paulas and see if i can't score me a man! dan madics, how dow make the lost from donald >> done and done. at the studios you can come
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>> 8:32 here on "good day, virginia". thank you for sticking with us. a beautiful day for march 1st. it's a little chilly to start. temperatures are rising quickly, though, from the 30s to the 40s. almost ifist in bloomfield. by noontime the temperatures in
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the 50s and 60s. at that point it would be a great day to get outside and enjoy some fun each of mix sxoet sunday and --- enjoy some of the with the day mixing sunday and grounding out what could be more rain. >> and thank you for joining us for "good day, virginia". it's super tuesday and time to go out there and vote. >> super tuesday is not just the first tuesday in march, though that's pretty super committed. it's the day a lot of people vote in the prime easier. i'm kyle benjamin, by the i'm kyle benjamin. >> january: and i'm january keaton. >> kyle: 12 states and one u.s. territory are holding the nominee contests.
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anyone over the top but could create the insurmountable lead to clinton and trop. ret then president xwral candidate john kasi chth in full panic mode. with 49% support and the ornc report of support from owners, he'd back the slew of endorsements. >> he's facing a barrage from the establishment. >>y won't vote for hillary clinton so i'd have to look for a third party ac option. >> ask sboined and calledon albatross. >> and cruz baifrjing on the win in the home state of tech tex. mark on rubio trails by 4 points and continues to hit the front runner with donald-style barbs. >> somebody said to me, well,
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maybe that means donald trump is a robot? isn't that what you said he was? i said yes, but if he was a robot, he was made in >> headquarter human 55 support in the poll. sanders hoping for a strong showing in minnesota, massachusetts and elsewhere to keep his campaign alive. >> we can win. no question here in minnesota. if we have the turnout. >> i'm reed binion reporting. >> happening today, jesse matthew is expected to make a plea deal. matthew is accused of killing the uva student hannah graham and morgan harrington. they say it will visit the cases. she went missing and graham went missing from charlotteville's downtown mall
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sexual assault case that happened in fairfax county. >> and then what appears they asked spencer to drop his weapon. he didn't comply and the officers tried to bring him down with tasers. the tasers didn't work either. that's when roanoke county police say two officers took shots at spencer. one and police later heard that the weapon, in fact a bb gun and not a handgun. spencer later died at the hospital. >> you saw and the officers saw in his hand and that is potential deadly encounter. and at this point the officers responded within their training. >> kyle: chief hall says there are two investigations.
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one with the bb gun and the other the handgun. one investigation is an internal probe done by the roanoke county police and a criminal investigation going on right now as well. >> jason: 8:36 now. got to take the dogs out for a quick walk on the way to work. the sunglasses and maybe a jacket, too. 39 and the wind is calm. some folks may want the hat and gloves. it's still a little chilly out there but with the sunshine it feels pretty nice. you want the jacket for your ride into work but won't need it by the drive home. the sunglasses you'll definitely want and take the umbrella down to the new river valley and the small chance for a spotty shower or 2 by the end of the workday and the rest of us should see the rain moving in during the evening or just after dark. the temperatures today around the star city with the increasing clouds in the mid60s. the same story as we head on into the lynchburg. 66 the high for the day today. and that is well above average for us at this point.
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the rest of the we week to get out and enjoy later today. not the time to do it because it will be much cooler and dealing with jacket weather the rest of the week. details in the full forecast in just a few. kyle? >> kyle: thank you, jason. heading out to the kitchen next with amy carter. she's making potatoes which is good because we're really hungry. pancakes the official food of super tuesday and it's national peanut butter day but we have neither! but we do have those delicious-looking potato wedges
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virginia". >> and going sfrt vote. >> and you have to eat. eat and vote. that's what you need to do. amy carter is here with us on tuesday like she is always. and you have a slightly different twist on the potato wedge. >> everybody loves potatoes. being a mom you kind of go what am i going to do now? it is french fries and that's the way to do it. and this is and what i'm using here and this is a good way to get healthy into your kids with potatoes. you use the potato and then a
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sweet potato. this is not the typical orange sweet potato. it's white on the inside. as you see the kids never know they're getting good healthy. >> i wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. >> and the nice thing about this, and it is going to get there really easy. all you're doing is washing them down and cutting them into the wedges like this. we call canoe. >> canoe-shaped. >> and you preheat to 400 degrees. what i do is i like parchment paper on hand and spray the parchment paper down and this will keep the cheese from sticking on the pan and ease, easy clean up. so what you'll do is take your wedges and you'll go to add olive oil on it and be a little generous.
8:42 am
and then it is 2 tablespoons of oregano and as the garlic powder and minced garlic. you pour it out and just so easy to do. >> this is sort of a loaded baked potato but without the chives and the sour cream. >> exactly. >> and you can get to that with the disk and then mix it around and take a half cup or so of cheese and i have shredded cheddar and mozerella in there and then toss it around and that is it! you line them up on the parchment paper and then put in the oven for 40 minutes and come out with these. >> there you go! it really gets easier. >> and right here we have the ranch dressing and i'd rather do bleu cheese but you can have the different text between the two but they taste
8:43 am
>> and this is what might be and it's hard to tell. so when you're eating and they're really good. and then this and that is very lighter and sweet potato with the pink one we see and do that automatically and kids ew, i'm not going to eat that. moms can cut it up the day before and kids are getting ready and then it's really nice plus you don't use a lot of extra oil and things like that. and you still get that. >> and this is with your meatloaf and different things. and very easy preparation. >> exactly. >> little to no clean up. >> that's the whole point. get it done and they know me. i hate being in the kitchen! i cook all day!
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of people and for one person it's not so much fun.
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