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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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continues! >> jason: 8:00 now. good morning! thanks for joining us on "good day, virginia". i'm meteorologist jason caterina. a few rain showers trying to make the way across the region and then it's going down to the rain shower action. even though the radar is showing it here in roanoke, nothing showing up on surface observation for the street and then it is going to the sprinkles here and there and the very good looking afternoon
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60s. then it is going to another mild one later today and tomorrow before things start to turn cooler the rest of the week. all the details in the full 7 day forecast coming up when "good day, virginia" returns right now. >> campaigning in the commonwealth. bradford university prepares for republican presidential front runner donald trump this morning. and former senator marco rubio making his pitch to the voters before super tuesday and the primary. >> donald won't make america great. he'll make america orange! >> and lifting another spirit. the people hit hard by last week's massive tornado give thanks for being alive. thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's monday february 29.... leap
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wfxr news is your local headquarters. and most of the nation's political pundits will have their eyes on radford today. republican presidential front runner donald trump will be making a campaign stop at the university this afternoon! wfxr's paris holmes is outside the dedmon center as students and officials get ready for today's event. good morning guys,doors open here at the dedmon center at 10am, with the event expected to start at noon. as you may expect security is tight. federal and local law enforcement agencies are here making sure the area is secure.parking will be tight here with university officials encouraging attendees to take public transportation as well as possibly carpooling.this event comes ahead of super tuesday, which is tomorrow and right now trump is leading in the polls in virginia with 37% of the vote closely followed by
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been turning up their is a little bit of what they if you still want to attend today's event --tickets may donaldtrump dot com to
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rubio made his coments yesterday in salem where more than 23 hundred people packed the bast center on the campus of roanoke college. the florida senator spoke for around 30 minutes, first focusing on his foe - donald trump. after highlighting the shortcomings of his republican and democratic rivals, rubio discussed his platform for change. the biggest approval from the crowd came when rubio talked about defending the constitution,and protecting second amendment rights. but he couldn't help making a colorful remark about the frontrunner. , he says that i sweat all the time, it's hot in here am i sweating? he doesn't sweat because his pours are clogged by the spray tan he uses. donald is not going to make america great, he's going to make america orange."" rubio says america
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orange."" rubio says he was saving the best for last with the late night stop in salem after cricrossing the commonwealth. rubio's campaign is expected to hit atlanta, knoxville, and oklahoma city later today. on the democrat side, h illary clinton is far ahead of bernie sanders in three key states ahead of super tuesday. that's according to a new wall street journal poll released sunday night. it shows clinton leading by about two-to-one margins in texas, georgia, and tennessee. those three states are among 11 others holding races this tuesday. clinton is going into the contest with two back-to-back victories behind her, that includes her win in the south priminary on saturday. the polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. on super tuesday. if you're looking for information on where you can vote, head to our website virginia first dot-com. one other important note: under virginia law, voters are required to bring a photo id to the polls. happening this morning.
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officer-involved shooting in roanoke county. this was the scene friday night at the walgreens on brambleton avenue. police say the suspect was waving a gun in the parking lot while wearing a bandana over his face. when authorities confronted the man, one officer opened fire, hitting the suspect. the suspect later died at the hospital. we'll bring you any new information from that news conference online at virginia first dot-com and tonight on wfxr news first at ten. a cold front will cross the mid atlantic region today...movingthrough the mountains this morning...then east of the blue ridgeby afternoon. weak high pressure moves in tonight...followed by another stronger cold front
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last week was devastating for
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virginia... we will see how volunteers are helping them recover from the massive tornado. people in i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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appomattox county are still recovering >> welcome back. people in galax county are recovering after the strong ef-3 tornados and here's what's happening in the county by the numbers. groups dished out 820 meals and 189 volunteers visited 2200 homes and covered 19 damaged roofs with tarps. the virginia department of transplantation will pick up debris like brush and tree limbs until march 15th but they'll handle garbage pickup. and then large pieces of debris and we'll need to take that to the county landfill. for details on how that trash pickup works and other resources available for you at galax county, head to virginia and spending time at the baptist church on sunday. a service there to help the community get through the recovery period. >> reporter: this past week evergreen baptist church served as somewhat of a service center allowing volunteers to come in
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the pastor said throughout all of this he's tried to restore a sense of normalcy back into the community. one of the very reasons he decided to still hold sunday service. >> inside voices and hands lifted in worship. it's one of the few things still standing after the storm surrounding it. >> it could have been so much worse and we want to take some time and say lord, thank you. >> the service is a way to help cope with people in the area. >> it's going to be traumatic so were going to talk through a little bit of that of how not to hold in those emotions but share them.for people like mike floyd whose family lost everything-- this ministry means the world.the people here are unlike people in most communities-- they come together. the stuff that we have out there it's just stuff. we're left here on this earth as christians to share that love and show that love. we're just overwhelmed with the level of support that came in so i just want to thank everybody for that. thankful that they have each other to
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charlie cooper, w-f-x-r news. a local credit union is also helping credit union is a local credit union is also helping tornado victims also helping tornado victims in appomattox county. here to tell us more is blue eagle credit union, marketing specialist andrew alegre. andrew, why did you guys feel the need to
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tell us the items that are most needed? how can people donate if they want
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>> jason: 8:19 now on monday morning. a look out of the roof and the light rain reported at the airport, as a matter of fact, here in roanoke. we'll have a nice day once this front makes its way on by with a few spotty showers for some of us. but most of the action has dried up. see that north/northwest wind indkailting the cold front maymade its way by. in advance of the front the winds out of the south and seen a few showers in
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in lynchburg winds out of the south/southwest in front of the front or in advance of the front and the winds shifting more to the west once the front goes by and the temperature at 50 for now in lynchburg. a pretty decent day albeit a breezy day but sunny skies for the leap day. warm, too, with temperatures well into the 50s and the 60s. a widespread rain as we head on into the midweek portions for the week front that makes its february. and much below that as we go through all way into the weekend. 20-25 mph winds and same story up in hot springs and even gustier winds at 30-40 mph in spots. so if you are driving up and down 81 today, please make sure
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steering wheel and give the trucks extra space there as the cross winds buffet things around quite a bit. temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s as we update a couple of those temperatures. 48 in lewisburg, 45 in martinsville and 50 in smith mountain lake and danville and 48 in hot springs currently. a couple of very spotty showers and this front looked a lot more impressive making its way towards us and disrupting with that shower action left over and that spotty nuisance showers before the clouds come out again and that decent day with the high in before that and expect gusty winds through the day. the front getting blown apart throughout the day on our monday leaving us with lots of sunny skies and that sun not going down until after 6:00 this evening and still have time to enjoy as you head home from work. make sure you take the
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despite the fact it's cloudy now prentplenty of sunshine later on and want those for the ride from work. spotty clouds trying to pop on up with that shower action late in the day and the cold front making its way through with heavy rain showers before things start to dry up heading into our wednesday but it will also cool down significantly and in the wake of that front. do expect cooler temperatures the rest of the week so hopefully you can enjoy your monday or tuesday. don't forget to make your voice heard tomorrow. shouldn't be weather problems to get out and vote, especially the first half of the day though there will be some showers late but nothing really keeping out there. >> vote early but only vote once. >> january: this will end up well for you. go to the latest website for the weather, news and sports at
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local good news report, dogs and their owners shook off the winter cabin fever and headed outside! the beautiful weather on sunday had plenty of people leaving jackets at home and we stopped to give belly scratches. and dogs and their owners got a break and one owner said it a nice change from the winter. >> not too much. my little one has asthma and decided to come out today! >> reporter: the dogs clearly very happy with the decision to go outside. everyone had a great time dogs like to run and frolic and flop. >> mhmm. >> busy weekend at the box office. could anyone beat deadpool?
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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>> kyle: well, the oscar-winning films are not the only ones on people's minds. plenty headed to the theaters. >> january: but they couldn't stop an eagle from crashing into the top 5. daniel looks at the top films over the weekend. >> reporter: eddie the eagle opened in fifth place with 6.3 million dollars. risen fell just one spot in the second weekend landing in 4th place with 7 million dollars.
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million in domestic box office after a third place weekend worth 9 million dollars. >> you! >> just shut up and stay out of my way! >> reporter: despite atrocious reviews, gods of egypt managed a second place debut grossing 14 million dollars. >> your crazy matches my crazy big time. >> nothing came close to stopping deadpool from taking its third straight weekend title. 31.5 million dollars gave the raunchy super hero flick a domestic title of 286 million. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> january: loving that deadpool! >> kyle: they really are. >> january: still breaking in the top 5. >> kyle: i'll have to catch it on itunes later. it's hard to find a baby siter and 7:00 on a friday night i'm ready for bed! >> january: i don't even have a child and i'm like 7:30? it's late! >> kyle: thankfully the sun staying up later will help but the middle of winter it's like what time is it?
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>> january: time to go to bed! is true. baby sleeps! >> january: all right, speaking
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prod >> jason: 8:30 now. the nuisance showers making thed way across the region. not reaching the ground but a few showers on the surface observations and will find clearing skies in the wake of the frontal boundary and things looking much better as we go through the afternoon.
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high temperatures for many of us back in the 60s today and tomorrow. but things will cool down after that. details in the full 7-day forecast coming up m just a couple of minutes. "good day, virginia" returns right now. thank you for choosing good day virg >> january: welcome back, everybody. 8:30 on monday, february 29th! yes, leap year! i'm january keaton. >> kyle: and i'm kyle benjamin and i'm also out of leap day jokes. >> january: he's been making them every half hour like clockwork! >> kyle: i ran out. >> january: and we're less than 24 hours away from super tuesday here in virginia and elsewhere in the country. happening today in ranford. republican presidential front runner donald trump is speaking
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to hustle up and get there and get there because the queueis getting quite long. this is trump's second stop in virginia in less than 7 days. wfxr news has plans to live stream the rally on the website. so at noon pop over to to listen to the donald. and this morning more from southwest virginia. >> hey, good morning, kyle. doors open at 10:00 and then it is going to be super excited and then it is going to see with what donald trump has to say this afternoon. the officials came out and reiterated the importance of knowing no bottles, no cans, no book bags will be allowed. someone came in with a pocket
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not allowed and even umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadium today. if you're coming you want to leave all those things at home. and parking is tight and take carpool or public transportation and again doors open at 10:00 and it starts at noon and try to get tickets at reporting from bradford, paris holmes, wfxr news. >> kyle: donald trump's family is on the campaign trail today. eric trump, the vice president of trump industries spoke with us. he said they're still pretty excited to see his father doing well. you can catch that entire interview we did on our super tuesday coverage. >> i think you'd be lying there are so many people and have been effectively rehearsing the position and the interview
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and that's what senators and governors and everything else do and he entered the area and totally into the politics and the message is obviously resonating and everything he touches turns to gold whether it be real estate or anything he's ever done turns to gold. just one of the guys that's got unbelievable intuition and making it a success and just this is another great example of that and, again, as i consider him my best friend. >> january: and you can catch that full interview with eric trump on the polls will be open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow, super tuesday. if you're looking for information on where you can vote head to our website, and don't forget virginia law requires you to bring a photo i.d. to the poll so don't leave your wallet at home. >> kyle: super tuesday represent a key cross road in the presidential primaries.
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democrat side. ramped up rhetoric the reed binion reports. >> donald's not going to make america great. he's going to make america orange! [ laughing ] >> reporter: republican presidential candidates turning up the insults one day aheadst biggest single primary race and donald truffle taking fire sunday for deflecting questions about whether he'd disavow support from kkk leader david duke. >> would you say unequivically you condemn them and don't want their support? >> i don't know what group you're talking about. >> okay, i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here, but. >> honestly i don't know david duke. >> reporter: trump pointed out on twitter he disavowed david duke on friday. >> okay, i disavow, okay? >> reporter: rubio and ted cruz pounced trying to slow trump's momentum going into super tuesday.
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refused to criticize the ku klux klan. >> donald trump as the nomme mean hillary probably wins and we lose this country. >> reporter: donald throwing in responsibler attacks. >> i don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who's 5' 2". you know what they say about someone with small hands. >> a somewhat more cordial tone for those with the big win in the south carolina primary. clinton saving the most pointed attacks taking direct aim for donald trump's campaign slogan. >> we don't need to make america great again! america never stopped being great! >> and now to news making headlines across virginia. the man accused of killing a virginia police officer and injuring 3 others will be in court in just a matter of hours. police say ronald hamilton is a member of the army who also worked with the pentagon. officers were responding to the
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saturday when hamilton opened fire. a community vigil was held sunday night to honor th of 27-year-old ashley glendon. she was sworn in just one day before she was killed. >> jason: let's get you up to date for the first half of the week here. temperatures remain nice and mild for us as we go on through today and tomorrow. however a second stronger cold front makes the way through tuesday evening and that's cooler temperatures. ahead of the week with the roanoke valley and heading on through central virginia and solid run towards 70 tomorrow and cooling off towards the nitsds of the week to the south side tomorrow and back in the 50s as we head into wednesday with a few showers lingering. heading into the new river valley temperatures high for today and tomorrow in the 70s and cooler turn dropping almost 20 in spots as we head into
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on wednesday same story as we head into the showers with windy conditions today and much keeler weather as we continue into wednesday and look at the complete 7-day forecast in just a few minutes. january? >> january: look forward to it jason. thank you very much. at least one big surprise at last night's academy awards. who the big picture winner was when "good day, virginia" continues.
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stay with us. awarded to the >> the oscars were last night. my wife's phone went off at 12:02 with the alert that leo won best actor and i woke straight up because the cnn alert sounds like there's a tornado coming. >> january: really? >> kyle: i'm not kidding. >> january: i didn't know there was such an alert. who won the oscar alert? >> kyle: breaking news! >> january: wow! the things you learn! >> kyle: i was quite surprised and had trouble going back to sleep. anyway, leo finally won for best actor! >> january: and well deserved. he's a great actor. longlong time he needed to win that oscar. chris rock treating people to girl scout cookies and a little political xhntary. we have a look. >> spot-- commentary. we have a look. >> spotlight.
8:42 am
spotlight with the best picture oscar surprising many. >> the 88th academy awards which means this whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. okay? >> reporter: it wasn't a big surprise that host chris rock hit the diversity issue out of the gate spending the first 10 minutes of the opening monologue on the topic. using humor and frankness to make his point, he continued to punch the subject with skits and other funny serious moments throughout the 3 and a half hour plus telecast. >> thank you to the academy. thank you to all of you in this room. >> reporter: in the lead acting category front runners didn't disappoint as leonardo won for the revinant and bri larson took hers home for the role in "room." >> i'm in love with my life by phases. i'm the love of my life! >> what about it?
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>> it feels amazing. >> thank you academy. >> and they won as predicted but snagged away from the sentimental favorite sly stalone. >> and it is that single stinct. >> and the oscar goes to inside out! >> and buzz and woody presented the blockbuster inside out for best animated feature. oscar-nominated song, what happens to you. >> reporter: and vice president biden introducing lady gaga singing "what happens to you." the 007 title song "writing on the wall" grabbed oscar gold. amazing experience! fox news.
8:44 am
see morgan freeman go up and snag some of the thin mints? >> kyle: chris rock spent over $63,000. joe biden dropped a 20 to buy a box. >> jason: nice! beautiful afternoon after some clouds and a few showers this morning. breezy and mild this afternoon
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details >> jason: 8:47 now. a live look at the studio and see blue skies mixing in with the clouds. we'll find more in the way of blue skies as the day wears on.
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through the region right and with that little bit of extra showers mainly with the nuisance variety but a better looking day now that the front is passing by. 53 for you here in roanoke. the wind still strong and the northwest at 15 mph and that will continue throughout a good part of the day today with gusting winds for much of the region as a matter of fact. hang on tight with the sky starting to clear in blacksburg. see the showers moving through there but from blue skies and can see a lot of sunshine starting to peek on out and find more of that as the day goes on as well. in lynchburg currently the temperature at 50 . winds still out of the south/southwest and that front not making it through just yet and find that front moving through and winds shifting into the west and spotty showers and leap showers and otherwise a more widespread rain as we head towards tomorrow evening with another stronger cold front
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and you can certainly see that will usher in some much cooler air as we head into the middle of as well temperatures should be in the low 50s for highs but 20 mph and same in hotsprings which seens 10-15 mph winds and higher gust temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 56 around smith mountain lake. 48 in martinsville. 49 in witville and also lewisburg and spotty showers even just 10 minutes ago. see how much the showers in the roanoke valley and new river valley dried up as it made its way into dryer air. look how impressive that front went off to the west and see it hits the mountains and starts to break up and dry out and the rest of it dries out with the
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and quickly building back in behind this frontal passage bringing in not only windy conditions but clearer skies into the afternoon. see that here on the future cast. looking mainly sunny as we head through the region and right on into the afternoon and early evening so make sure you take the sunglasses with you this morning. you'll need them. quiet skies as we go through the evening and overnight we'll start out with a lot of sunshine on our tuesday. clouds beginning to work in as we head later in the day with a couple of spotty showers possible. most of the rain will come through as we have with a longer, stronger cold front. for today in the roanoke valley looking great. we'll find plenty of sunshine. breezy conditions but temperatures in the low to close to mid60s around much of the roanoke valley. we'll keep it warm for tomorrow before things take a turn for the cooler as we go on through the middle of the week and beyond. >> that weekend is looking really good! like you said we've been batting a thousand for the past couple of weeks.
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>> as always head over to virginia we'll stream trump's speech from bradford. the decorations can create a big mess in your home. fortunately our organized in 60 seconds gurus have ways to help cut the clutter. >> hi. i'm your clutter coach with the organized in 60 seconds tip of the day. if you're like me and love every holiday, you're bound to have tons of decorations for every occasion. here are a few quick tips to help organize all of your decorations. stard by dividing youra - start by dividing by how they are themed and design amy in their own color tote. label what holiday and keep it
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decorations aren't spread &-`throughout our ome.&-`each oliday, ake n ffort o &- the so-called "oprah effect" hasn't worked yet for weight watchers sales. >> kyle: the oprah effect is
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watchers. >> january: and the latest media ads, oprah winfrey says she lost 26 pounds. well, friday shares of weight watchers plunged almost 30% after the 11 million dollar quarterly loss and winfrey saw her stake drop by 27 million dollars! >> kyle: ouch! the weight management company brought her on as the face in october. the number of active january 2nd. >> january: but don't take up a collection for winfrey just yet. she's still reportedly worth more than 3 billion dollars! i think she'll be all right. like 15 cents. >> everyone gets a carb and you get a carb and i get a carb. >> a carb! >> carbs are tasty! we like carbs here! >> january: well, too bad. so sorry. >> kyle: getting sunshine today, too. >> jason: a couple of spotty showers moving through and windy and right with the
8:57 am
for many of us. >> kyle: and the wind nothing to do with the politicians ahead of super tuesday?
quote quote
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>> january: again, low hanging >> maury: this february on maury, when men pay pennies in child support -- one penny every 3 1/2 days -- these moms demand they pay up. you can expect -- >> what can i do with $3? nothing. >> maury: -- the unexpected. emily says mike has given money
9:00 am
$8 in child support since she has been -- but his fiancee says even that is too much. >> because she had sex with her ex-boyfriend the same day. >> maury: three angry people. >> enough to park a car. >> maury: with a 4-year-old boy caught in the middle. is mike the problem or does she owe him $8? lakisha is furious ben doesn't support her. ben is giving his son one penny every 3 past days. $3. >> $3. >> she says he's the dad. >> look at these ears. what do you mean he's not the father? >> maury: he says the baby looks like an alien. >> does that look like me? >> maury: don't miss these incredible dna results. plus -- >> three times the diapers, three times the crying.


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