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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 6  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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campaigning in thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's monday february 29.... leap day.i'm january i'm kyle benjamin.
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election headquarters. and most of the nation's political pundits will have their eyes on radford university today. republican presidential front runner donald trump will be making a campaign stop at the university this afternoon! wfxr's paris holmes is outside the dedmon center as students and officials get ready for today's event. good morning guys,doors open here at the dedmon center at 10am, with the event expected to start at noon. as you may expect security is tight. federal and local law enforcement agencies are here making sure the area is secure. parking will be tight here with university officials encouraging attendees to take public transportation as well as possibly carpooling.this event comes ahead of super tuesday, which is tomorrow and right now trump is leading in the polls in virginia with 37% of the vote closely followed by sen marc rubio with 22 %. now this weekend candidates have been turning up their criticism of each other. here is a little bit of what they have been saying. you know little marco rubio this guy that, he's going around he's going crazy he's number two or three in florida he's a senator he's twenty two points behind if he ran in florida today for an office he couldn't run for dog catcher. calling me little marco. i'll
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don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5'2. have you seen his hands? you know what they say about men with small hands -- you can trust them, you them, you can't trust themit will certainly will be interesting to hear what trump has to say today. again the event starts at noon and assoon as people start lining up today we will they want to hear from any of the candidates. if you still want to attend today's event --tickets may still be available go to donaldtrump dot com to
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paris holmes, wfxr news. rubio made his coments yesterday in salem where more than 23 hundred people packed the bast center on the campus of roanoke college. the florida senator spoke for around 30 minutes, first focusing on his foe - donald trump. after highlighting the shortcomings of his republican and democratic rivals, rubio discussed his platform for change. the biggest approval from the crowd came when rubio talked about defending the constitution, protecting second amendment rights and keeping suspected and convicted terrorists out of the country. "we're in a lot of trouble if we keep doing what we're doing now, under barack obama. you are going to be the first generation to ever inherit a country thats worse off than your parents" your parents"worse off than a country thats to ever inherit first generation to ever inherit a country thats worse off than your parents" rubio says he was saving the best for last with the late night stop in salem after cricrossing the commonwealth.
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expected to hit atlanta, knoxville, and oklahoma city later today. on the democrat side, h illary clinton is far ahead of bernie sanders in three key states ahead of super tuesday. that's according to a new wall street journal poll new wall street journal poll released sunday night. it shows clinton leading by about two-to-one margins in texas, georgia, and tennessee. those three states are among 11 others holding races this tuesday. clinton is going into the contest with two back-to-back victories behind her, that includes her win in the south carolina priminary on saturday. the polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. on looking for information on where you can vote, head to our website virginia first important note: under virginia law, voters are required to bring a photo id to the polls. happening this morning. we're expected to learn more details about a weekend officer-involved shooting in roanoke county. this was the scene friday night at the police say the suspect was waving a gun in the parking lot while wearing a bandana over his face. when authorities confronted the man, one officer opened
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the suspect later died at the hospital. we'll bring you any new information from that news conference online at virginia first dot-com and tonight on wfxr news first at ten. people across the commonwealth are mourning the shooting death of a police officer in prince william county.two other officers were injured, but the death of ashly guindon is hitting the community particularly hard.she died on her first day on the job.kelly wright has the story. :00-:05:18-:281:24-1:37 it is with amazing grace that the community of prince william county paid tribute to officer ashley guindon. the 28-year old was on her first patrol when she and two other officers responded to a domestic violence call. hudson says: "we strive to support our community and make it safer, and in so doing, we sometimes have the very unenviable task of dealing with true evil." an army staff sergeant is under arrest. 32 year old ronald hamilton is charged with the murder of the young officer. she had an undergraduate degree in aeronautics and a masters degree in forensic science. a chaplain tried to comfort the crowd... which included guindon's mother.i/i unid chaplain says: "to the divine and holy one that is in
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as one people, with a broken heart. two other officers who responded to the call with ashley were also shot... and are currently hospitalized. "our thoughts and prayers to dave and jesse families as they continue to recover from their injuries, please keep them in your prayers as well." the original call to police came from crystal hamilton. she was the wife of the
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coming up in our next half hour, we will hear from one of officer guindon's teachers... he says what she wrote in her yearbook is causing him to miss her even more. people in appomattox county are still recovering after last weeks e-f-3 tornado with help from volunteers. here's what's happening there by the numbers--groups served 820 meals on groups served 820 meals on saturday.189 volunteers visited two hundred homes. they covered 19 roofs. vdot will pickup debris like brush and tree limbs -- until march 15th.the county will handle garbage pickup- but you'll need to take large pieces of debris to the county landfill. for details on how the trash pickup works- head to our website- virginia first
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wfxr's charlie cooper visited evergreen baptist church where a service was held to help the community get through this dark time. 00:01:00-00:05:0000:56:-00:59 1:12-1:17 this past week evergreen baptist church has served as somewhat of a service center allowing volunteers and disaster relief workers to come in and just take a break. the paster says throughout all this he's been trying to restore a sense of normalcy back into the commujity. one the reasons he decided to still hold sunday service.inside of evergreen baptist church --voices and hands lift in worship. the church is one of the only things still standing after a tornado ripped through the community surrounding could have been so much worse and we want to take some time and say lord thank you.their service is a way to help people cope with the tragedy. just coming into the area is going to be traumatic so were going to talk through a little bit of that of how not to hold in those emotions but share them.for people like mike floyd whose family lost everything-- this ministry means the world.the people here are unlike people in most communities-- they come together. the stuff that we have out there it's just stuff. we're left here on this earth as christians to share that love and show that love. we're just overwhelmed with the level of support that came in so i just want to thank everybody for that. thankful that they have each other to lean on. in evergreen--
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a cold front we should have a better idea about the economy today... we will get some key data from the government. we
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break... the break...preview after we will have a the government. key data from economy today... idea about the have a better we should have a better idea about the economy today... we will get some key data from the government. we will have a preview after the
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have you ever dreamed of keeping a small flock of chickens? if so -- we've got some information for you
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the virginia cooperative extension is hosting a workshop for beginning poultry growers tuesday, march 8th at six p.m. those attending will be taught about nurtition, egg and meat safety, and management. if you are interested in the class, we have details on our website at virginiafirst dot com, just click on the ag life tab. coming up this week in business ... the labor department will release the february jobs numbers ...... and investors will also be watching the release of several other key economic reports. maria bartiromo has all the details in the business week ahead.details in the has all the maria bartiromo has all the details in the business
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00-19 :20-:34:41-1:07 i'm maria bartiromo on sunday morning futures on the fox news channel with your look ahead to the week in business, where the big story of the week of course is super tuesday where 12- states hold primaries and caucuses for the presidential nomination. donald trump is in the lead on the g-o-p side and his son donald trump junior joined me this weekend to tell us why. trump, j.r says: "we're not going to be taken advantage of. we're gonna make it an even playing field. we're going to give americans a chance. we're going to bring jobs back here. we're going to give american manufacturing an opportunity to finally be successful again. we're going to put americans back to work and we're going to start worrying about americans first. not everyone else and everyone else's feelings." former house speaker newt gingrich also told me sunday to expect a very strong showing from trump.gingrich says: "cruz will come out in maybe the texas, arkansas, and minnesota. at the present time, rubio might win minnesota, which i think the only place he has any hope. everything else, trump's going to win. you take that momentum and look at the fact that rubio is currently 20 points behind trump in florida, his home state, and you ask yourself, what's the base for this stop trump movement going to be?" also this week several important economic data points out on economic growth. monday, the chicago purchasing managers index, followed by tuesday's i-s-m manufacturing index and thursdays factory orders report will give us an update on what has been a weak industrial side of the economy. then jobs in the spotlight after wednesday's a-d-p report and the labor department's monthly jobs report out friday. expectations call for 190,000 new jobs created in february with the unemployment rate holding steady at 4.9 percent. join me every sunday live on the fox news channel for sunday morning futures at 10 am eastern. and for all of the latest in business and the economy, join me weekdays on my morning program on the fox business network. mornings with maria is live 6-9 am eastern. check your local listing or visit fox business dot com slash channel finder
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in this morning's local good news report-dogs and their owners shook off the cabin fever and headed outside.the beautiful weather yesterday had lots of people leaving the jackets at home. we stopped by the salem rotary dog park. there- dogs and their owners got a break from the colder temperatures- and headed owner says- it's a nice change from the winter- when she and her daughter had to stay inside. not too much cause my little one right here, she has asthma so we just decided to come out
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to be outside- you can see the dogs were having a good time
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mid atlantic region today...movingthrough the mountains this morning...then east of the blue ridgeby afternoon. weak high pressure moves in tonight...followed by another stronger cold front late tuesday into wednesday.. .today...partly sunny with a slight chance of showers this morning...then sunny this afternoon. highs in the lower 60s. westwinds 15 to 20 mph. gusts up to 40 mph this morning. chance ofrain 20 percent..tonight...clear. cooler with lows in the mid 30s. west windsaround 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph in the evening...becominglight and variable..tuesday...sunny in the morning...then becoming partly sunny.highs in the mid 60s. southeast winds around 10 mph...becomingsouth with gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon. .tuesday night...cloudy. showers likely...mainly after midnight.lows in the mid 40s. south winds 10 to 15 mph...becomingsouthwest 15 to 20 mph after midnight. gusts up to 35 mph. chanceof rain 70 percent..wednesday...mostly cloudy with rain showers likely in themorning...then partly sunny with a slight chance of rain showersin the afternoon. much cooler. near steady temperature in the mid 40s. west winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. chance ofrain 70 percent. .wednesday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly cloudy. much cooler with lows in the upper 20s..thursday...partly sunny. highs in the mid 40s..thursday night...cloudy. a chance of rain in the evening...thenrain and snow likely after midnight. lows around 30.
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percent..friday...snow likely in the morning. mostly cloudy with a chanceof rain. highs in the lower 40s. chance of precipitation70 percent. .friday night...partly cloudy. a chance of rain in the evening.lows in the upper 20s. chance of rain 40 percent. .saturday and saturday night...partly cloudy. highs
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. it was a busy weekend at the box office... but could anyone beat deadpool.... and did eddie the eagle soar?that
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oscar-winners weren't the only movies on fans' minds this on fans' weren't the only oscar-winners weren't the only movies on fans' minds this weekend, as plenty of people headed to theaters. but could stop any eagle from crashing.david daniel looks at box office estimates for the top five films "eddie the eagle" opened in fifth place -- the underdog olympics story made six-point- three million dollars. "risen" fell just one spot in its second weekend, landing in fourth place with seven- million dollars. "kung fu panda three" is up to 128-million in domestic box office after a third-place weekend worth nine-million dollars."you!""just shut up and stay out of my way." despite atrocious reviews, "gods of egypt" managed a second place debut, grossing 14-million dollars."your crazy matches my crazy, big time." "hmm."nothing came close to stopping "deadpool" from taking its third straight weekend title! 31-and-a-half million dollars gave the raunchy superhero flick a domestic total of 286-million.
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a cold front will cross the mid atlantic region today...movingthrough the mountains this morning...then east of the blue ridgeby afternoon. weak high pressure moves in tonight...followed by another stronger cold front
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remembering an and friends talk about a virginia police officer who was killed on her first day on the job.:26 a kid dedicates her life to community service is killed on her first day on the job. it's just not right. heroic efforts for super tuesday. candidates criss cross virginia and the country as they prepare for the biggest day for this year's presidential campain.and a suprise winner at the oscars....we will have a rundown on who brought home the academy awards. thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's monday february 29.i'm january keaton and i'm kyle benjamin. wfxr news is your local election headquarters.
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hours until super tuesday here in the commonwealth.happening today in radford, republican presidential candidate donald trump will speak at radford university. here are those details if you're heading to the event: the rally gets underway at noon at the dedmon center on campus. this is trump's second stop in the commonwealth in less than a week. wfxr news does plan to livestream the rally on our website virginia first dot-com. wfxr's paris holmes is at radford university this morning. she's got more details on trump's visit to southwest virginia. good morning guys, doors open here at radford university's dedmon center at 10am. the event itself is expected to start at 12 noon. parking is limited so university officials suggest visitors carpool or use other modes of transportation. those attending today should be aware that backpacks, bottles, and cans are not allowed. also they say signs are allowed but they cannot be on sticks or poles. as you mention trump is making this appearance ahead
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super tuesday and the march primaries carry plenty of weight in deciding who becomes the nominee from each party. so how much weight does virginia carry? there are 49 republican delegates 95
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superdelegates at stake. a new public poll projects donald trump and hillary clinton to win in virginia. other key states in super tuesday primaries include:alabama, vermont. the polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. on super tuesday. if you're looking for information on where you can vote, head to dot-com. one other important note: under virginia law, voters are required to bring a photo id to the polls. essentially super tuesday represents a key crossroads in the primary race.595 delegates are up for grabs for g-o-p, 865 for the democrats.... judging from the ramped up rhetoric, the candidates are feeling the pressure.reid binion reports. 00-:05:54-:59sen. marco rubio / presidential candidate "donald is not gonna make america great he's gonna make america orange." republican presidential candidates -- turning up the insults ... less than 24 hours ahead of the biggest single
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now to news making headlines across virginia. the man accused of killing a virginia police officer and injuring three others will be in court in a matter of hours. police member of the army who works at the pentagon. officers were responding to a call at a home in woodbridge on saturday when hamilton opened fire. a community vigil was held on sunday night to honor the life of 28-year-old officer ashley guindon. she had just been sworn in one day before the shooting. officer quindon was raised in new hampshire.rhondella richardson has reaction from some of the people who knew her best. there are flowers outside of the merrimack nh home of 28 year old ashley guindon, the police officer killed in
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prinicpal ken johnson remembers guindon as a cheerleader before high school and a u-s marine afterward. her final year book thought reads "live for something rather than die for nothing." "the irony is a bit overwhelming. a kid who gives her life to community service only to have it taken away the very first day.that's just not fair."sworn in to the prince williams county police dept on friday.ashley guindon was shot and killed the next day responding to a domestic violence call on her very first shift, the night shift. "they approached the front door of the home and the subject inside the home, later identified as the accused, opened fire."32 year old ronald hamilton/of woodbridge, virginia has been arrested for capital murder.he's accused of killing guindon and his own wife and accused of shooting two other officers.merrimack nh police this morning lowered its flag and escorted guidon's mom and aunt to the airport for the trip to virginia.the police dept's sign offers its support to the family,"it's horrible. it's an absolutely tragic thing for any police officer to have to deal with." two communities greives the
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anybody die." there was at least one big surprise at last night's academy awards... we will tell you who the best picture when good day virginia continues. continues.virginia picture when who the best will tell you awards... we academy awards... we will tell you who the best picture when good day
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the oscars were awarded to the best and brightest stars of the year last night.leonardo dicaprio finally won an academy award for "best actor"... and chris rock treating the audience to girl scout cookies and social commentary.michael tammero takes us to hollywood for a
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:10-:21:41-:46:54-1:001:10 the big winner at the 88th academy awards was "spotlight" picking up the best picture oscar, surprising many. rock says: "it's the 88th academy awards, which means this whole no-black nominees thing has happened at least 71 other times..." but it wasn't a big surprise that host chris rock hit the diversity issue out of the gate, spending the first 10 minutes of his opening monologue on the topic, using humor and frankness to make his point. the show continued to punch the subject with skits and other funny and serious moments throughout the 3-and-a-half-plus telecast. dicaprio says: "thank you to the academy thank you to everyone in this room..." in the lead acting category, both frontrunners didn't disappoint as leonardo dicaprio won for "the revenant" and brie larson took one home for her role in "room"larson says: "i'm in love with my life, by phases, easy -- i'm in love with my life"dicaprio says: "what about it? it feels amazing." vikander says: "thank you so much, the academy for this incredible recognition..." in the supporting acting categories, the danish girl's alicia vikander won as predicted, but "bridges of spy" mark rylance snagged it away from sentimental favorite sly stallone. mad max: fury road was a big winner, taking home 6 oscars. fellow pixar characters buzz and woody presented the blockbuster "inside out" the best animated feature. biden: "performing her oscar-nominated song "till it happened to you..." and vice president joe biden introduced an emotional performance from lady gaga singing "till it happened to you" smith's 007 title song "writing on the wall" grabbed oscar gold. in
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fox news. in health news this morning: atrial fibrillation is a common heart problem that affects about two and a half million people in the united states. the condition causes the heart to beat erratically and increases stroke risk. as wfxr's becky freemal reports, it can be especially scary if standard medicines fail. meet one man who's using a drug-free alternative to make sure he doesn't miss a beat! there isn't much that slows 81-year old john kocevar down. kocevar says: "as you grow in age doesn't mean you have to be less active." a few years ago john noticed that his heart was beating out of synch. kocevar says: "the heartbeat can go up to hundred-some, hundred thirty, hundred forty, maybe even higher and i didn't find it real pleasant."john went to cleveland clinic and was diagnosed with
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a cold front and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. oprah winfrey has lost more than just weight on weight watchers.... we will explain why it has cost her tons of money.that story is
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the so-called "oprah effect" hasn't worked yet for weight watchers the latest t- v ads for the company, media mogul oprah winfrey says she's lost 26 pounds. friday, shares of weight watchers plunged almost 30-percent...after the company reported a surprise 11- million-dollar quarterly loss. and winfrey saw the value of her stake in weight watchers drop by more than 27-million dollars.the weight managment
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