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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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heartache & hope. sot " within a blink of an eye my house was gone" volunteers pitch in - salvaging what's left - after a tornado tears through. *and* recruits neededsot: "we want you to come inside, see what we do"one local police force - is putting citizens to the test.*then* heart heroes. sot: "???"a whole school - classmates - with congenital heart disease. thanks for joining us first at ten - i'm bill wadell. right now - police are working to sort out details - of an officer involved shooting in roanoke county. lets get right to sophia borelli - live on electric road. bill - there are a lot of police officers here - trying to figure out exactly what happened - right behind me in the area of the walgreens parking lot. a roanoke county police spokesperson says... someone called 9-1-1 - just after 7 tonight. the caller told dispatchers - a man with has face covered by a bandana -
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walgreens parking lot - here on electric road and brambleton avenue. authorities say - when confronted - at least one police officer opened fire - hitting the suspect. that man - was rushed to the hospital - there's no word on his condition. /update no officers were hurt. again - a spokesperson is calling this an officer-involved shooting. this stretch of electric road near brambleton - is expected to be closed for a while. live in roanoke county, sophia borrelli, wfxr news. a long weekend of cleanup ahead - after a tornado tore through one part of appomattox county. forecasters say - the path of destruction - is longer than they first estimated. w-f-x-r's charlie cooper tagged along with college students - helping families clean up - after the
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9:17-14:06 22:18-27:1841:20-46:08 55:16-59:00 track 1this quiet community is now roaring with crews helping to clean up the mess.. a tornado left behind in appomattox county. david johnston- liberty studentwhat kind of good is it if we're going across the world to help people when we have backyard that we can help and support. track 2david johnston goes to school street from where disaster hit, he and other liberty university students say lending a hand in this effort just makes sense. liberty university studentthe fact that appomattox was so close to liberty university was like it was hands down like help they're like our next door neighbors. david johnston- liberty university studentit's not about trying to be a good person but just basically living selflesslessy not selfishly. charlie cooper reportingbut amidst the rubble and clean up efforts, some families are
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certain items. for some it's for memory sake and for others these are things that helped save their life during this tragic event. sharanda totty- next thing i know within a blink of an eye my house was gone just ripped up and gone. i don't know what took over me and i know it was god that took over my mind and my body and literally threw me under this mattress. that is literally the kept me and my baby girl alive.track 3which is why it's the one thing she's asked crews to but there's something more students hope to leave behind. salina mcnutt-liberty university studentjust a message of love. that college students and christians our age really really do care do anything that we can to show love. track 4love and strong sense of unity. in appomattox, charlie cooper w-f-x-r news. area for tech commands the liberty university students will continue to help in cleanup efforts throughout the weekend along with law enforcement and other crews helping to put the community back together. reveal 1officials in appomattox county - say they are overwhelmed with the amount of support being offered. individual volunteers are no longer needed. with insured disaster relief agenices are being registered and deployed. reveal 2two shelters are still open - at the appomattox county community center - and the pamplin fire fepartment. contractors called in - must register at the old thomasville furniture building - before being allowed into
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the national weather service - releasing new details today about the tornado. taylor - they say the path of
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in danville - we now the know the name of a man - who was shot and killed this week. police say 23-year-old devontaye johnson died - after he was shot. officers tell us - they were called to a home on halifax street - early wednesday morning. no word yet - of any arrests in the homicide case. tips can be called in - at the number on your screen. in pulaski county - a man is
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shooting another man. police say - chadwick metz shot someone along 6th street southwest in pulaski - last night.officers say - metz lives just a block away from where the shooting happened. police caught the 27-year-old - as he tried to drive out of the neighborhood. mets is being held without bail. the shooting victim was flown to a hospital - but authorities described the injuries as non life threatening. lynchburg police department is looking to recruit locals for their citizen's police academy - that kicks off next month. it's an eight week crash course where people can learn more about what officers do everyday. they'll learn everything from gang prevention to animal control. participants will also go out to their firing range to see the qualification process that the men and women and blue go through to become officers. 00:00 there's a lot of misconceptions about policing all across the country. there's a lot of negativity towards policing. we want to have a strong community here in lynchburg. we want you to come inside, see what we do, see how our equipment is used
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to know the real story behind what goes on here in the hill city. there's no cost to participate in the citizens police academy you just have to be 18 years or older. the academy starts march 17th. a piece of history - is being restored in danville. the last confederate capitol marker - is at the historic home of major william t. sutherlin. after 7 decades - the sign is being restored. that work will start march 4th. the danville museum of fine arts and history - is located in that home - on main street. with super tuesday less than a week away, clinton supporters have officially opened an office in downtown roanoke. senator edwards, along with many clinton supporters gathered in their meeting space - which will be busy in the next few days. edwards says to help clinton win in this tuesday's primary, they will rely on old fashion phone calls to remind people to
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senator john edwards/ 21st district: "the idea is to just get the word out thing is getting publicity that on tuesday is election day and be sure to come out to vote because if you don't vote, you can't complain."while clinton supporters are working the phones.... two republican candidates are bringing their campaigns to southwest virginia. marco rubio is stopping by roanoke college sunday night. doors open at 7:30 - the event slated sto start at 8.rival donald trump - is coming to radford university on monday. that rally is set to happen at noon. tickets are available to the public for both events - we have all the details on virginia first dot com. and the numbers are in - from pollsters who have been working the phones at roanoke college. donald trump - holding a firm lead. ted cruz and marco rubio - battling it out for second. on the democratic side - hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders - 50 percent - to 33 percent. more than 800 likely voters - on both sides of the
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the poll before super tuesday. we have the full breakdown on virginia first dot com. battling zika. coming up - what commonwealth leaders are doing - to prevent the spread of the virus. plus - heart heroes. ahead at 10 thirty - how a local school is rallying around 6 students - with the same heart
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a dip in the jet stream over the mid-atlantic continued to keep conditions cool and windy on friday. one final wave is set to move over southwest virginia tonight, but once that clears out conditions will quickly improve. that overnight disturbance will keep skies partly to mostly cloudy friday night, but only a handful of showers are expected in the highlands. lows will fall to the 20s. it looks to be a fairly quiet and nice start to the weekend. highs will bounce back to the low 50s around the piedmont and the mid 40s west of the blue ridge mountains.surface high pressure is forecast to
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that will send some refreshingly warm air our way on sunday leading to highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s. our next shot at sunday night - monday morning. a weak cold front will spark scattered showers over areas along and west of the blue ridge during that time frame, but the piedmont will likely stay dry. the general southwesterly flow will keep high temperatures a through tuesday. on wednesday, a stronger system will likely send widespread precipitation to the region. the intensity, timing, and even the precipitation type with this system still need to be determined, but the general message from the models is
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new jobs are coming to staunton. the governor's office says - graphic packaging international is investing 20 million dollars into their operation. the company specializes in food and beverage packaging.the company already employs 170 people in staunton. the governor's office - also unveling the creation of a statewide task force to prepare and prevent the spread of zika virus. this group will be responsible for
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throughout virginia - to organize mosquitto surveillance - and control programs. the mosquito season starts in may. make it rain. up next - the breakthrough in weather technology - and how it's
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always a hot topic for farmers. it's a huge factor - in the way - many make a living. we - cannot control the weather. but as jon jensen shows us - some experts in the united arab emirates...have found a way to make it rain. :48-:53 at a remote airstrip outside abu dhabi, new zealander pilot mike anstis is setting off to do something most would consider impossible in a he's hoping to mike is cloud seeding.he does it by firing salt compounds into the air to rainfall.: "on the wings of the aircraft, we've got flares, which... when we fire the flares, it burns, and it emits a smoke." that smoke then attracts water bigger droplets.the flares are only effective if launched from inside certain thick clouds. "if you don't like turbulence, definitely not the flight for you, because when you're cloud seeding, pilots like mike here, they don't avoid storms; to the heart of
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around in the wind -- side- to-side, up and down. "oh wow, we're dropping." "there is a calculated risk associated with to know when it's time to bail out."scientists at the country's meteorology centre track the flight.they started cloud seeding 15 years ago to help sustain a growing population in the u-a-e, one of the world's top consumers of water.last year, they flew more than 150 flights.each costs around five-thousand dollars, but they say it's cheaper and greener than operating desalination plants, u-a-e's main source of fresh water. "our material that we use... it's environmental. small, small amount that is not affecting the environment." ...and it may be working.back where mike first fired flares, a heavy downpour pounds the plane. "did you just "it's a natural rain, but we're trying to increase it."scientists are still studying how much water cloud seeding makes and the long-term effects on mother nature....but in a region where annual rainfall is just around three inches, rainmakers like mike say this may be the best way to sustain life in the desert.jon jensen, cnn, somewhere over the u-a-e somewhere over jon jensen, cnn, somewhere over the u-a-e the u-a-e somewhere over jon jensen, cnn, in the way to sustain life in the desert.jon jensen, cnn,
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still ahead in our local good news report - how students at one local school are coming
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of fellow students - battling congenital heart disease. and the republican frontrunner picks up a big endorsement from a former foe. we'll have
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in the final days of heart month ,one local school is raising thousands of dollars for their own students. this year, thomas jefferson raised money to honor six classmates... all overcoming congenital heart disease. w-f-x-r's sophia borrelli was there to see all of the support. nats of kids screaming: codey, codey, codeya room full of kids chanting cool for any grade schooler. but it's this
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it's also followed through caleb carroll/has had two heart surgeries: "i like them caring about me."caleb carroll heart surgeries. caleb carroll/has had two heart surgeries: "i was growing and so the patch got smaller and so me open again, and enlarge the patch so that's what they did a month ago and recovering from that."ronda carroll/calebs' mother: "he is totally normal, to look at him, you would never know what he has gone through and he is very active and it him down one bit."to raise money for the american heart association, the kids at thomas jefferson elementary jump rope. nats of pogo stick standup: the kids don't just can get on a trampoline stick as well. in three years, the school has raised over forty thousand dollars for the american heart sue moore and marie goshorn/teachers program: "they are so excited to show off and do all these fun things, so it's also just a reminding them how good for their heart jumping rope is and they are getting in shape and they are just getting so active, i love it."teachers and students at the school have been bouncing at the event for 16 years.bouncing so that students like caleb can recover because if not... caleb carroll/has had two heart surgeries: "then i'll be right back in the hospital and that's no fun."but much fun was had today as the their way to helping their classmates. in forrest sophia borrelli
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organizers for the event say the students were able to practice jump roping weeks before the event starts. four people are dead and 14 others have been injured - after a shooting in kansas - that has been linked to workplace violence.authorities say the gunman stormed a lawn care company in harvey county, kansas - around 5 p-m local time - where he allegedly shot two people.moments later - police say he opened fire at excel industries - were he worked - and clocked in - earlier that morning. earlier president barack obama spoke about the shooting - fearing these types of incidents - are becoming routine. obama: i felt that it was to say something today because somehow as i said before this becomes routine, these sort of mass shootings that are taking place. we cannot become numb to this. police say the gunman was shot and killed by police.authorities say his victims - were randomly
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a large fire broke out at a gas station's convenience store in charlotte, north carolina earlier today - leaving the building engulfed in flames.flames were seen shooting from the roof of the circle k convenience store this afternoon.that caused firefighters to have to scramble - to get off the roof of that building.officials say the blaze was under control - in just half an injuries were reported as a result of that fire. the blaze is still under investigation. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump picked up a major endorsement today - from a former presidential rival - new jersey governor chris christie. this follows last night's presidential debate - when trump faced attacks from marco rubio and ted cruz.steve nannes has the story. :20-:25:44-:481:05-1:10 1:16-1:22 new jersey: "there is no than donald trump."the billionaire frontrunner received a major boost on friday in the form of an
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governor chris christie... in what could be a pivotal moment in this race. presidential candidate: this was an endorsement that really meant a christie, a former gop contender in the race... trump gets a ready attack dog who says he's prepared to hit the road. new jersey: "turn away from from washington, dc, and turn to a professional strong leader. that's who this man is." christie's relentless attacks on marco rubio are largely credited as among the reasons for the florida senator's poor performance in new hampshire. presidential candidate: "i thought he was going to die. good going, chris." christie's endorsement comes just one day after trump butted heads with rubio and senator ted cruz at the cnn debate in houston. presidential immigration wouldn't be hiring presidential candidate "now presidential candidate "no, i'm not repeating..."back on the campaign trail on friday... cruz tried once again to tie trump to democrats. presidential candidate "donald trump, like hillary clinton, is a rich new york liberal"while rubio got personal... presidential candidate "he asks for a full length mirror - i don't know to here - but he wanted a full- length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet." trump fired back at the
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watched a part of his little act. he's a desperate guy. and he's a desperate guy. watching him over the past couple of weeks -- he is not presidential material"the republican candidates not mincing words... less than a week from from super tuesday. in washington, i'm steve nannes it's another firday night filled with big sports news... we've got you covered tonight at 11:00 on virginia sports live... sports director jeff archer joins us now with a preview of what you can expect to see... :01-:07:19-:25jeff archer: "it's a friday night whcih means it is time for virginnia sports live 11:003. to give you a preview of what we'll be talking about i'm joined by mike barber with the richmond times dispatch. uva has a big home basketball game against north carolina. give us a little rundown of that game
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to come away with a vcitory against the tar heels."think you're looking at two teams that play very different styles of basketball. wants to get up and down the floor, lots of possessions. score a lot of points. that's not what to do. slow it down and play think the team that cpontrols the tempo has a huge advantage home, i like their chances to slow down the basketball, get that's what they do. if their really good chance."jeff archer: "as for what a win mean for uva's postseason chances in terms of seeding, we'll talk about that coming at 11:00 on virginia sports live. we'll also have much more from the odac men's basketball tournament. and there was a title up for grabs in high school basketball. we'll ahve all that and much more tonight at 11:00 on virginiia sports live. guys we'll go ahead and give it back to you." up next - the price of a stamp is expected to change again. we'll tell you how much it will cost to mail a letter. and a big new discount is on the way at j-c penney.we'll tell you how the department
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stream over the mid-atlantic continued to keep conditions cool and windy on friday. one final wave is set to move over virginia tonight, but once that clears out conditions will quickly improve. that overnight disturbance will keep skies partly to mostly cloudy friday night, but only a handful of showers are expected in the highlands. lows will fall to the 20s. it looks to be a fairly quiet and
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the piedmont and the mid 40s west of the blue ridge mountains.surface high pressure is forecast to develop over the deep south
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refreshingly warm air our way on sunday leading to highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s. our next shot at rain arrives sunday night - monday morning. a weak cold
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showers over areas along and west of the blue ridge during that time frame, but the piedmont will likely stay dry. the general southwesterly flow will keep high temperatures a good 10 - 150 through tuesday. on wednesday, a stronger system will likely send widespread precipitation to the region. the intensity, timing, and even the precipitation system still need to be determined, but the general message from the it will be a rainy midweek, followed by a cool end to the
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spring is just around the corner - and experts say - this is usually a good time - to improve your finances. gerri willis has some tips.
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perfect time to take stock of your finances. making changes before the end of the tax year can help you can make the most of your money.your first step is to clean up any bad credit. gibbons says: it's really important that your credit score is, b that you try to boost it to get it to that 740 level or higher, and that you check over your credit reports pretty carefully with a fine tooth comb to look for errors." next, let your smartphone work for you. jump on the paperless bandwagon.gibbons says: there's evernote for example for your files, for your receipts, for your photos. there's coupon sherpa for all of your coupons that you may have in a folder for example, those newspaper clippings. you don't need that anymore. there's manilla for your bill payment system a lot of folks are taking advantage of take out equity for home improvement projects to boost the value of their home. gibbons says: a lot of people that renovating the kitchen gives them the biggest bang for the buck, but zillow data actually shows that renovating the bathroom is going to give return on your investment. so, take a functioning toilet, turn it into a bathroom.say goodbye to any failed stocks or investments. while you're holding on to the stinkers you're missing the opportunity elsewhere. gibbons says: is your portfolio a little bit out of whack? are you too heavily weighted in certain sectors you should be reallocating your portfolio a couple times a year but i would actually take a more serious we have been up
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information about you is kept on every credit report. if you're looking at changing your mortgage or getting a loan, check every credit reference agency - including experian and new york, gerri willis, fox business. the u-s postal service says the price of a first-class stamp - is about to go down. the cost of mailing a letter now costs 49 cents - but will soon drop two pennies - to 47 cents. in 2014 - the u-s postal service was allowed to increase stamp prices - as long as they went back down. commercial mailing prices will also decrease.the stamp price change is expected to go into effect - april 10th. putting the penny back in j-c penney - the department store is starting a new campaign - selling certain items for only one cent.the "penney days" promotion launches sunday - and will offer those who buy
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the second item - for only one penny. the camapign will run all year - featuring different items in its private label collections - available for one cent. experts say there are certain foods - that can help make your mind sharper.we'll tell you what to eat to boost your brainpower. and seeking a cure for cancer - what the vice president did today - to support the white house's one-billion dollar initiative. oh my gosh stephanie, we're like so goth. we're like goth, goth. (knocking on door) honey? i'm dying my hair mom. hair dye? no, not in my bathroom. relax mom. honey, just let me in.
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tiffany! no! tiffany!!! it's just purple. teenage daughter? get scrubbing bubbles. kill 99.9% of germs and destroy dirt and grime. you only need scrubbing bubbles disinfectant cleaners for 100% problem solved. we work hard so you don't have to.
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considered good for your health in more ways than one - but experts say certain foods - can boost your brainpower. mary moloney reports. the bad news... as we age our brains can sharpthe good news.. we can improve maintaining a healthy brain by adding "smart" foods to our diet like.. blueberries... studies show that blueberries may be effective in improving or delaying short term memory loss. broccoli..a great source of vitamin k, known to enhance cognitive function and improve brainpower.a protein source linked to a great brain rich in omega-3 fatty acids. for brain and heart health, try eating two servings of fish weekly. whole grains.... a diet high in whole grains can cut the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol. this can reduce your risk of plaque buildup and enhance blood flow, offering a simple, tasty way to fire up brain cells. nuts..nuts are good sources of vitamin e-- which has been linked in some studies to less cognitive decline as you age. and even chocolate..dark chocolate contains natural stimulants like caffeine, which can enhance focus. fast-food chain subway has announced it is adding antibiotic free chicken to its
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fast-food chain fast-food chain subway has announced it is adding antibiotic free chicken to its menu.subway claims it is the first fast-food chain - to sell this kind of chicken in all of its stores.mcdonald's made a similar annoucement a year ago - but has yet to implement the change. chick-fil-a says it is about a quarter of the way to its goal of eliminating antibiotics - expecting to be completely antibiotic free by 2019. subway's antibiotic free chicken will be available march first. vice president joe biden met with experts today in salt lake city - to discuss the white house's one-billion dollar initiative to cure
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discussion was held at the huntsman cancer institute.the efforts to find a cure for a cancer are personal for biden - who lost his son beau - to brain cancer - last year. "if this could the replicated throughout the country and world, i honest to god believe we would make exponential progress."experts at the huntsman institute's cancer research center - are working on a test to detect genetic mutations - in the d-n-a of cancer patients.they say this may be able to help doctors create better persoalized treatments - for patients. the centers for disease control and prevention say this year's flu vaccine - appears to be working pretty well - so far.the c-d-c has determined this year's flu vaccine - is almost 60 percent effective - which means this year's flu shot - is among the most effective - in recent years.last year's flu shot was determined to be far less effective - only cutting the
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police in california were led on an unforgettable chase. we'll introduce you to one
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some neighbors in california - say they were shocked to see what they thought was a unicorn - roaming around on the loose.what they saw didn't turn out to be a unicorn - but this pony did lead police - on a wild's patrick nelson with the story. :08-:13:41-:451:31-1:36
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she looks more like something you'd find in a fairytale-- than on a farm.she belongs to five year old tatum boos ."i love my pony.//butted to//"she likes apples and carrots."the horn on juliette's head makes a child's - she appears to be a real life unicorn that makes a living posing for pictures. but wednesday she had other ideas. "she got afraid and then she pulled it out of the guys hand and then she people driving down avenue 12 in madera 1-1 with an unlikely story--"the calls were unicorn running around out there on the roadway."mythical creatures-- people don't see lived up to the legend. califonia highway patrol and area residents on a chase that lasted more than three hours. "she was running a muck in a couple of orchards with some white blooms so she kind of blended in with the scenery as well and she's not real tall so she turned out to be stealthier than we imagined." and heartbreaking for juliette's best friend.and then we had to catch her in the dark."with the c-h-p helicopter shining its spotlight-- in on her horse, shady.friends of juliette's. "they had met before and i kind of just my horse and she followed and luckily we had another ranchos resident to help get us on the her into a closed spot.""the call came out "the unicorn was in custody" and i think as tense as the situation was i think it was the comedic relief that was needed at the time and i laughed and i thanked god.' with nobody hurt it's a fairytale ending for this pony-- but according to some explaining to do."she gotted a time out because she was being a bad pony." bad pony." she was being a
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a bad pony." that was patrick nelson reporting. some might say today has been a bit nutty.find out why -
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certainly the day to get cracking!that's because february 26th is national pistachio day. the tree nut has been grown in the middle east for thousands of years - but has only been in the u-s since the late 1800's.experts say pistachios - are a good source of protein and fiber - as well as vitamin b-6, copper and manganese. coming up on virginia sports live... we virginia sports coming up on virginia sports live... we discuss what a win for uva against unc on saturday would
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barber:patrick henry grad and current radford player cam jones talks talks about how his early struggles made him into the player he is now... cam jones: "i thought it was going pretty bad. coaches stuck with me, blieved in me. helped me work on my game. watched a lot of film."and it's tournament time for basketball... highlights from the odac men's tournament quarterfinals along with high school region championships are all next... virginia sports live, starts now. it's conference championship time around the commonwealth with several area teams looking to bring home a title this weekend...a win tonight earns you bragging rights and
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state championship... and tonight we start with those vikings of northside, facing a very talented spotswood team... northside fans showing somme love and showing off the fat heads...1. the vikings going to work... carlos basham with the block... nick price drives... misses... but basham rebounds... misses... rebounds... scores... that's good determination...2. things looked bright for northside... as in george bright... the senior bgans home the 3 for the lead3. here is one of their super sophomores... shey webb the steal.. the pass ahead to basham with the finger roll layup... vikings up 5...4. here is their other super sohomore... price drains the 3... he is one to keep your eye on in the future...5. webb says anything you can do


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