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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 26, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> jason: good morning. it is 8:00 now. thanks for joining us on "good day, virginia". i'm jason caterina. it is very cold temperatures in the 20s and 30s. but when you factor in the winds it knocks it down into the single digits and the teens in the western half of the viewing area. a touch milder so to speak as you head off to the east with the temperatures in the 20s and 30s. gusting winds continue throughout the day today and finally subsiding as we go through the overnight tonight. temperatures start to warm up over the weekend as well. but unseasonably cool today.
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30s and low to mid40s. it does get much better as the next couple of days. all the details in the full forecast in just a couple. "good day, virginia" returns right now. >> surveying the damage. the governor gets a look at how lives were changed by the deadly tornado. >> it's really sad to be there with family and friends walking throughout debris. >> kyle: and final impression where the republican candidates try to knock off the front runner for the tuesday prime easier next week. and then the details of one canckidate's disappearance in roanoke val -- candidate's disappearance in roanoke valley. >> kyle: and thanks for joining us on "good day, virginia". we appreciate you guys inviting morning. it's a responsibility we take seriously so thanks for making
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on this friday, february 26th. i'm kyle benjamin. >> january: and i'm january keaton. and galax was hit with the ef-3 tornados so winds reached 150 mph. the designation is no comfort to residents who will continue to salvage anything they can this morning from the destroyed home. >> kyle: the tornado killed one man, keith harris. we spent time there to survey the damage. the governor visited people in the white pine drive area and many people lost their homes in the storm. the governor said he just can't believe the devastation. >> just homes flattened for miles. foundations the only thing left. it's sad to be there to see family and friends walking through the debris and all you have is the cement foundation and they're walking through trying to find a momento. it's hard. >> reporter: after tearing through the governor will head
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storm killed 2 people including an 8-year-old boy. >> many people are still without power and shelter following the tornado. the american red cross set up two shelters. one in the community center and another in pamplin. they say they're happy for the work the red cross shelt ser doing. >> i'm happy here that are so good and keened, especially like this. >> they say they'll keep the shelter open for as long as people need to stay. >> many people are asking what about their pets! many shelters don't have room for them. the officials releasing options and peoplepeople can contact the number on the screen there. if you need information or someone you know needs information regarding how to shelter your pets right now.
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people to avoid damaged areas to minimize risk with structural damage and wind gusts are a problem so keep an eye out for loose winds, downed power line and light debris that can be picked up and thrown through the area. there is a help line established. if you have questions or need assistance call 434-352-4367 and go to organizations through the region are doing what they can to help the victims. kristen spent time with a pit crew in danville to find out how they're lending a helping hand. >> reporter: members of god's pit crew visited 3 dafrnt areas to assess the damage. the next step is delivering assistance to the victims. as virginia's tornado victims try to begin the process of picking up the pieces and rebuilding, members of god's pit crew are figuring out what they can do to help. >> once they decide this is where we're going, we have to decide what equipment and we
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skid steers and products. >> the most we've ever been to respond to the disaster, especially tornados, we hear one repeating thing over and over. we never thought it would happen here. it's scary when it gets really close to home. >> reporter: director randy johnson says they plan to go to the county to assist tornado victims. they'll start by bringing producters like water and toiletries to those in need and cleaning up downed trees and other debris. >> ride nought sending out 3 tractors cars and most loaded with equipment and sending one truck there and once things get settled, as much as they need that we have. >> johnson says volunteers likely spend several days and try to figure out the long-term. >> and then it is going to see everything that destroyed and their lives shattered.
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clean up and deliver supplies. for "good day, virginia", kristin, wfxr news. >> jason: well, it is friday. take a look at the weekend with the temperatures on the uptick and looking good with lots of sunshine in the roanoke valley and won't even need a jacket by the time sunday rolls around. and it is going to come in for mid60s and lots of sunshine and lose the wind overnight into tomorrow and so the sunny skies will feel very nice for the next couple of days. 65 by sunday and it fools fantastic and that is shorts weather for some of us. mid40s do it in new river valley and temperatures
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up in the highlands chilly dead and milder tomorrow with the sunshine in the 50s and low so a gorgeous weekend and good chance to incur the storm damage and do be careful with gusty wind and we'll see you in with more. we now know where marco rubio rally will be held. it will get underway at roanoke college in salem. doors open at 7:30 and definitely need to rsvm. to learn how go to our virginia >> kyle: as we head into the final weekend before super more from washington.
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stake on super tuesday and the debate last night maybe one final chance for some of the other candidates to try to knock donald trump off of his drive. >> and if hadn't inherited 2 million dollars. and watching. >> and on the attack there may have been 5 candidates on the stage but encreasingly becoming the 3 man race and piled on donald trump employees >> i watched him repeat 5 times 4 weeks ago. >> ask donald, if you want to be liked in washington, you have to be >> you have the combination of factors. >> there were questions about
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building the southern border wall and mexico to foot the bill that drew the expletive from mexico's former president. >> how will you make them pay for the will? >> i will and the wall just got 10 feet taller, believe me. >> reporter: at times it seemed to spiral out of control edging out between ben carson and kasich. >> can someone attack me, please? [ cheers and applause ] >> and this debate last night in texas because of all the super tuesday states, texas is the largest with 155 delegates in play. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> reporter: ben carson with quite the zinger. join us sunday night at the local election headquarters for the presidential primary special that starts at 7 p.m.
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>> january: coming up on "good day, virginia", more trouble for the company making potentially deadly air bags. coming up on "good day, virginia", we'll tell you why some are accusing takata of a cover up.
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>> future farmers of america week in virginia ends today. it's the end of the long week
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future farmers strutting their stuff and showing what they're capable of. the first ever ffa and 4h youth expo happening and have a couple of the future farmers of america group with us. mason summers and david spencer are juniors. you get to get out of class and talk farming which is important to both. >> yes, it's very important to advocate for agriculture. >> kyle: which is good because i know a lot of farmer jobs have gone away and small have been consolidated. you're a third generation farmer and you want to get back into it. >> yes, sir. >> kyle: why specifically do you want to get back into farming? >> it's a great thing to get into and you need to feed the growing population the world has. >> kyle: the country will continue to grow and the world will continue to grow and we
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men to help do that. now you, specifically, you have a bit of an interesting story. your family are cattle farmers. you raise beef, but you've got 100 chickens of your own? >> the beef cattle has been something that's been in my family from my grandfather but the chickens are something i took an interest in as a young boy and as i got older and into agricult are with my supervise experiences i like to expand my interest and just grew that business. >> reporter: and you did your project related to poultry as well. >> yes, i have poultry vegetable production. i have a half acre i grow every year. >> kyle: by yourself? >> yes, sir. >> kyle: what do you plant? >> the usual stuff like green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers. >> kyle: if you have your own farm in the future, do you
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vegetable-based production or feed livestock? >> probably more vegetable production and produce. >> kyle: anything specific you like to grow? >> i like to grow lettuce. it's a good market that sells pretty good and it has a long grow season. >> kyle: i had noeno idea there was a wide growth season in lettuce. you certainly learn a lot in future farmers of america. did you learn that? >> i learned that in intro to ag and it's probably help me a lot. >> kyle: 5 years, what do you see for yourself? >> go to virginia tech and statisticalstudying agricult and you are maybe going into farming. >> i'd definitely like to go to college and get a degree in poultry science. not sure yet if i want to become a poultry farmer or work in the poultry industry. it's not only important for the farmers but also important that they have someone that's a voice for them to advocate for them. > kyle: thank you for
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change your thinking about buying your next one. forward to? tell us about the career development events you guys have takent part in? finally.. you guys were involved in a supervised agricultural experience -- tell us what that's all about? >> jason: looking out over the roanoke and regional airport. almost past dmv. we'll have the sunshine eventually but we have to get these clouds on out of here first. the temperatures around the region very, very chilly and 20s and 30s right now plus we still have gusty wind right here in the star city of 32 . 14 mph wind and the pressure
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low pressure scoots off well to the northeast and that will continue into the weekend. the hourly planner for the day know it's chilly not only temperaturewise but wind and colder and lots of clouds out around blacksburg. off in the distance with that snow shower action in a couple of minutes. deal with that for awhile longer and lose that moisture feed in blacksburg valley and talking about the unseasonably cold day. the wind is calm for us and the pressure on the rise and as we go on through the day today the temperatures should make it
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we go on into but 20s and 30s and back to 25 mph wends in hot springs and whitfield at 25 miles per hour and 25 in galax and this is the steady wind and not each wind gusts whipping stuff around and that does take a big chunk off of many of the temperatures and down to the teens in lewisburg and hot springs right now and 22 and what it feels like here in the star city. you can see a bit of that snow shower action. some of the snow showers we were looking at out in blacksburg right now. now off to the north and west. you can see the snow showers continuing. that's moisture off the great lakes. then it is going to that lake effect with lake michigan and
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the fetch there with that direction of the wind but it is reeding up and dumps the snow on us or at least the western-facing slopes. as the wind shifts direction thal wind down as we head on into the afternoon and have a beautiful friday sunshine wise. obviously very chilly out there and the valley near 40 today but feeling like it's well done in the 30s and maybe even the 20s in spots due to that gusty, gusty wind. now improving conditions the next couple of days and the weekend looking very nice for us. look at this. near 50 tomorrow with lots of sunshine around and lots of sunshine on sunday. take the jacket off and leave it home. 62 for you on sunday and then staying in the 60s as we head through monday and tuesday! >> don't leave it home if you're going to be out all day into the night because 34 at night! >> kyle: and the car washes are going to be booming this weekend!
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>> kyle: yes, sir, we could do that. this morning's local good news segment, as we told you all morning people are helping one another and the high school football team is getting in on the action and lending a hand. >> january: the team's motto is "power of one" and they swapped the pads and helmets for shovels and gloves to clear debris. >> these are our people. >> the high school football coach doug smith. he's driving one of his players to central baptist church, one of many buildings devastated wednesday's ef3 tornado. he and the team are trying to save what they can and piling up what they can't. they're taught to take the hits and the broken glass has these a bit shaken.
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and did we just see this? >> though they're in shock, they're rallying around the neighbors as the neighbors rallied around them. >> we decided to give back to them. >> giving back. one of the lessons coach smith has been teaching all season. >> down the road in life they'll run into problems and they need to know it is not all about them. it's about other people. >> and now for the high school football players, it's a lesson learned. paris holmes, wfxr news. >> and lawmakers are accusing takata of faking test results with the exploding air bag issue. the report site out of the past 12 years and they argue that data to hide problems. the national highway safety administration says the bags could explode sending metal fragments flying. the inflator involves 14 vehicle manufacturers in
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well, it's time to break out the flip flops, beachwear and sunglasses!
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at the icy i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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everybody! folks will bare all in support virginia. as you know it's taking place and all part of the new river polar plunge and joining us now with more on the event is matt >> camari.
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thanks for joining us again and coming back and staying with us sdpied ourselves. and with folks getting wet. and we have our chef here today and sticking around for the pancakes. i think people are nuts! first tell people about it if they don't know. >> the polar plunge is exactly what it is. we're jumping in the river in february. it's an exciting event and the eye plunge in virginia beach and that's equally as cold. what people can expect with the fun time supporting a great group of athletes here in the roanoke valley. the new river valley and across virginia. >> january: this polar plunge, you say people are jumping in the water but doing it for a good cause. how did all of this start and the plunging happen? >> we have 4 polar plunges. the one that is our largest is in virginia beach and raise over a million dollars there every year and next year is
8:28 am
we've been doing polar plunges for awhile and it is a great partnership with the city police department and they support us in everything we do but it's grown. right now over 600 people are registered and we just checked and over 46,000 dollars raised so far. the goal is 60,000. we do expect money to come in tomorrow and everyone has time to fund raise all day today but we expect to hit it. >> january: these aren't the questions my producer gave me to ask. i have to know this myself. one, do all the people jump in? do you just run in at the same time? how does it work? >> we use the landing specifically at the park which is a boat ramp so we ask teams to line up by team or group and have very few individuals that come by themselves, but if you're in there as a group, we ask you to slightly jog, not run into the river. just because people can -- it
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team go in and have swift water rescue guys and last year chest deep >> and we have bots in the water and waiting to rescue folks. >> january: i'm going, tom, i'm going. how can people get involved if they want more information on thou go out? >> and all the info. $100 to get a t-shirt and $300 to get a towel and taking registration until we plunge. >> january: thanks for coming up. and we'll put this on our
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take >> it's just after 8:30 this friday morning. temperatures in the 20s and 30s and when you factor in the wind it takes it to the single digits and teens in much of the region. please, bundle up. if you have to be driving around. give the trucks a nice big berth as winds continue and finally subside as we head into the weekend and the weekend is great. details in a couple of minutes. "good day, virginia" returns right now. >> thanks for staying with and i'm kyle benjamin. we now know the name of a missing man who was found dead after wednesday's tornado in
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county sheriff's department says 78-year-old edward harris was killed. police say his home was destroyed by the tornado. seven others in appomattox county were hurt including harris' wife. people all across appomattox county say they're lucky to be alive following wednesday's deadly tornado.virginia state police say the tornado destroyed 20 homes in appomattox county and damaged at least 100 other buildings. the nws estimates the tornado cut a 400 yard wide 13 mile long path of destruction along route 460those who lived through the tornado tell wfxr news its something they will scary- scary for me i was really scared and the dogs got and he was shivering, and im pouring, pouring down raining on me i had glass and dirt and roofing stuff and insulation all in my hair and all over me all down my neck it was just i
8:34 am
again. the appomattox county tornado had estimated maximum wind speeds between 136 and 165 miles per hour. officials say the storm's path was around 13 miles long and 400 yards strong northwest winds will continue to generate upslope snow showers west of the blue ridge through this morning. high pressure buildstonight...moving to the southeast coast by sunday returningtemperatures to at or
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this weekend is for all boating enthusiasts in the roanoke valley. the 20-16 roanoke boat show kicks off at the berglund center today. wfxr's paris holmes is there now with a look at some of the best boats in the roanoke valley. the 42nd annual boat show is happening at the berglund
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event is a unique once a year opportunity to see every dealer on smith mountain lake. customers compare products by touching and seeing what the dealers have. the boat show is at the berglund center friday through sunday. admission is free on friday and $7.50 on
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kitchen next on good day virginia... amy carter from sarah's place restaurant is making some pretty elabortate
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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amy carter is from faris and she's making very unique pancakes. these aren't your regular momma's pancakes. >> these are canoli pancakes and the batter has orange in it, blood orange in it and that's really good. it is a good twist. online you'll be at virginia first and able to find the recipe and the whole wheat pancakes and go down or truthfully, guys, if you have a good pancake mix, use that. >> january: it doesn't have to be homemade. so we have your pancakes started. >> january: they already smell delicious. what you want to do is make a cannoli filling and use 2 cups of ricota cheese and always put this kind of thing on the blender because you want nice and smooth. >> you can use low fat. >> that's what this is. the low fat.
8:42 am
you can use stevia if you like to because that's about a cup of minichocolate chips. and a teaspoon of vanilla. i do a pinch of salt that counteracts and then you'll do the zest of your blood orange. >> and just don't try to cheese grater, note to self. >> and they have them at wal-mart and it's really worth having the pan. and you just put the zest in there to brighten it up and no big deal. turn it on the and mix it up for just a little bit and that's all you have to do. >> that's a pretty simple filling. >> very simple. >> and the pancakes and the trick about pancakes. people ask when do you know to flip them? when the bubbles come up and they stay open. >> yeah! i learned that a long, long time ago. >> my dad was pancake king and taught us thou do pancakes when
8:43 am
>> he was the king. >> he was the king and let us get these done real fast. and they're cooking. >> you have the >> and it is and it's a grapefruit. >> you just put it on. >> and i'll step in and do my master job here. >> and just blob it on? >> blob it on. you want more? >> as much as you want. this is for you to try. >> and we'll just do one more. and here we go. >> just spread it around a little bit. now if you bring up the syrup
8:44 am
butter, you really don't want to try it out. >> january: i just eat it like this? because i'm look for example something sweet. so trying to have a grand old heart attack. >> when you do that, it covers up the taste of the orange and the case of the cannoli mix. >> amy carter from ferris place restaurant, this is amazing! >> and it is with ricota cheese and an orange.
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than 5 minutes, guys. >> jason: it's 8:47. here's a live look outside of the building here looking down towards the roanoke blacksburg regional airport. lots of clouds to start the day. you can see some sun trying to peek its way on through and see some good sunshine as we head on into the the afternoon and the weekend looking totally suny and much warmer than it's been the last couple of days. also, thankfully, a lot less windy as we head into the weekend. right now in roanoke the temperatures in the 30s and talk about the rates reetreal quick. take a look. the race down in atlanta this weekend. it's the folds of honor
8:48 am
wfxr and the weekend looking fantastic for the race with the sunshine around. nice and mild and should be a great day for a nascar race down there in atlanta. let's get back to roanoke here. the temperatures in the 30s with the west/northwest wind and taking a big chunk off of that temperature as we go through the day today. not going to warm up all that much and maybe hitting 40 for us which is 12 below normal. you can see off in the distance there is a snow shower action certainly hampering reduced visibility quite a bit. as you look off in the distance, a breezy and chilly day around the new viver valley and the temperatures only in the 30s for the highs. when you factor in the winds, way down in the 20s for us. 34 right now in lynchburg. the wind is calm so still feels like 34 . the temperatures will make it into the 40s today and rebounding very nicely as we head on into the ash now or the
8:49 am
the weekend afternoon is looking great for us. the temperatures around the region in the 20s and 30s and the wind advisory allowed to expire on time at 7:00 and still dealing with very gusty winds and blustery conditions and that's taking a big chunk off of the temperatures with 22 in roanoke. 4 what it feels like in hot springs and the wind lighter in lexington and lynchburg and mountain lake so the air temperature very similar to what the actual temperature feels like because the wind is either calm or very light. still some snow showers out there and the snow showers we're looking at off in the distance out in blacksburg. you can see that feed coming in off of the great lakes. that is some far-reaching moisture for us in between with the high pressure off to the southwest and you have that ringer action going on where the pressure gradient is very tight and pulling a lot of wind out of the northwest and
8:50 am
lakes and that is firing off many snow showers with the moisture down to the mountains and riding up the western side of the mountains and producing snow showers. as we head into the morning hours and the later afternoon, the wind will shift and that will get rid of much of that action for us as we head on through the later afternoon. the rest of us should be seeing some pretty good clear skies as we head on through much of the day today. look at this. clearer skies as we go through the overnight and throughout the day soted as that area high pressure settles right in for us. as it moves past into the day on sunday develop a southerly flow out in advance of the cold front that's off to the west and that will push into the nice mild air force and the temperatures in the 50s and low to mid60s by the time we hit sunday. the cold day on tap for today. 30s and 40s feeling a lot
8:51 am
winds and near 50 tomorrow and 60s on monday and fantastic weather for the next few days and deserve that after this week. >> a nice preview of spring. thank you, jason. we're getting ready for the second race of the 2016 nascar season. got more information on our website, but up next on "good day, virginia", we'll take a look
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8:53 am
speetway and what to the cars and stars of the nascar sprint cup series head to atlanta motor speedway...some drivers are looking for a strong showing
8:54 am
500- >> and some drivers are looking for a strong showing after a disappointing showing. one team is already making some big changes. as we continue our season-long racing coverage here on wfxr, we'll bring in my dad, rick benjamin and we need to talk about stewart's racing. he hurts himself in the off season and doesn't get to run in his final daytona 500 and don't really know when he's coming back. >> we don't and it's very disappointing certainly for tony and chevrolet and the whole race team. the move with ryan vickers in the car and i think a great one. i'm surprised they don't use him until tony is ready to return and we don't know when that will be. is it later in the summer but it's a tough situation all the way around and if driving the 14 car but for tony stewart, the worst run of luck after the
8:55 am
and when he was injured a couple of years ago and in where the other driver was killed on the race track, now this injury and just makes you wonder if tony will say guys, i'm done now and just turn that over to ty dillon or ryan vickers and moier drives it full time in 2017. it is just a strange situation and still an unknown factor. i think stewart will have a good year but for tony it is just definite stating for him. >> and we sort of recently expected him to do what gordon did and win one of the final races for his career and the championship but looks like that's not an option. as far as stewart goes basically the tale of two cities. harvick and bush the championship contenders and danica patrick can't find her way out of the 4th turn and tony stewart is struck. >> and a lot on of people with the race team and others in the garage area. tony can't drive in the set up
8:56 am
way harvick and kurt bush are able to drive it and danica hasn't figured it out at all. do they come up with something for tony? does he get the kyle busch opportunity to come back from the injury and make points and everyone in sports hoping that's what happens but don't know at this point. >> reporter: starting next week the lower down force package will come back into effect full time at the mile and a half and the one mile race track and short track as well and he has a lot of horse power and the lower horse power cars and that is a reason he struggled a bit
8:57 am
>> a lot stewart hoss ra et ready to make it through -- ready to make it through the season without tony stewart. they'll switch from ford to chevy in 2017 and at the atlanta motor speedway announcing dylan and brian vickers will split time until stewart comes back. he doesn't see his doctor again until early march. vickers is back in the car next week in las vegas. and thankfully the weather looks great in atlanta. they had weather issues the there guaranteing good weather. >> it looks like it. the forecast for sunny skies and the temperatures in the 60s. it should be a great race. >> the forecast here as well should be a nice weekend.
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you enjoy your time as well. . >> maury: this february on maury, the future of these relationships -- on the answers. expect -- >> how can dow this to me? >> maury: -- the unexpected. c.j. is a desperate man. this nightmare i live every day. >> maury: he suspects molly was leading a secret double sex life. both of the times she got pregnant -- >> that was my business, not his. >> maury: today, he's praying he's the real father of not one, but both of they are children. two dna tests could make or break this man. and er h man, devonte, is the father.


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