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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 5  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the whole world in his hands . as the rain makes it way to virginia, storms are already pounding the deep south pounding the are already virginia, storms as the rain . . as the rain makes it way to virginia, storms are already pounding the deep south leaving at least three dead and dozens of homes destroyed. roanoke police are continuing to piece together what happened after a person is found dead inside this home. "my dad came from president. guess what? no one's asked for my birth certificate. maybe it's the color of my skin." and a war of words on the campaign trail as the push to super tuesday inches closer and closer. good morning, it's
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good morning, it's wednesday, february 24th. thanks for starting your morning with good day virginia. i'm january keaton.kyle benjamin. we'll get those stories in just a moment, but first-- a developing story just in to our newsroom. danville police are investigating an early morning homicide.shortly after midnight, officers responded to a home on halifax street. they found a man with gunshot wounds. police say firefighters pronounced the man dead at teh scene.police sent the body to the medical examiner's office to pinpoint the cause of death. as jason just mentioned, the rain were expected to see later today is coming from the deep south and that extreme
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toll on the southeast. new this morning: at least three people were killed tuesday night across the deep south in mississippi. around 1-hundred trailers were damaged when a tornado slammed through a mobile home park. in the past 12 hours, there have been at least 15 reports of tornadoes in louisiana, mississippi and alabama. those states are all under state of emergencies right now. high pressure will remain wedged south along the eastern slopes ofthe appalachians into tonight allowing periodic rounds of rain ordrizzle. on wednesday...a strong storm system...currently locatedin the southern plains...will move through the region from thesouthwest bringing gusty winds...heavy rain...and some thunderstorms. for the remainder of the week...canadian highpressure will build in bringing much colder temperatures alongwith
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we're waiting to find out more details as police investigate the death in northwest roanoke. roanoke police say they found a man dead inside a home in the 5-hundred block of westwood boulevard, just before 5-o'clock tuesday night. police say they are still gathering facts. right now, we don't know the name of the man, or if police are questioning any specific suspects. anyone with information is asked to call roanoke police. in henry county: a man is in jail for allegedly beating another man with a baseball bat. police say benny stone
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philpott dam road saturday night and hit scottie rose in the head several times with a baseball bat. rose was taken to the hospital for treatment. stone is charged with malicious wounding and other felonies. a man is in jail this morning in salem without bond after police say he sexually assaulted a child.36-year-old julio deleon, the second faces several charges including rape and taking indecent liberties with a child.salem police tell wfxr news their investigation started roanoke county's department of social services tipped them off. at a meeting last night in botetourt county, leaders unanimously approved the lease of the botetourt center at greenfield. but also at the meeting, activists offered a last minute proposal to try and stop the continued move of two historic slave houses. wfxr's kristen eskow spoke to both protestors and county leaders.. about this hot button issue :13-:18:23-:281:07-1:12 as crews move one of the historic slave dwellings to a new location at the botetourt center at greenfield...those who want the houses to be kept where they are - are making their voices heard to the
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coon: "i sat there in my car and i cried. i absolutely cried to see that the slave dwelling had been moved." clinton: "we set aside an approrpriate area and an appropriate standoff distance from the industrial building, the shell building, and they can share the same site." stephen clinton is a former botetourt county supervisor. representing the friends of greenfield preston plantation and arguing for a stop work order, he has proposed a deal to the board - that would include a payment to the county of 40 thousand dollars raised by the group. that would go towards moving the buildings back to their original location - and redesigning construction plans to accommodate the buildings. then, over a three-week period - clinton says a collaboration panel would meet with the board of supervisors to try to come up with a new solution. at the end of that period - the group would offer at least 100 thousand dollars more to the county to also go towards stopping the move of the buildings. leffel: "the cabins were listed on the national historic registry in 2011. and that would've been a good time to start doing something for them."board of supervisors chair jack leffel says he understands the concerns of those in botetourt county interested in preserving history. he admits finding a balance between economic development and historical preservation - is not an easy process.leffel: "their money offer today was to help pay for the funding that is going to, will have to be spent for the movers to delay. it's not taking care of the 300-some- thousand dollars that we already committed to it."for good day virginia, i'm kristen
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we all know distracted driving puts motorists at greater risk of getting in an accident, but can strong emotions do the same? wfxr's taylor kanost joins us live in the studio with more on how virginia tech researchers hope to use this information to reduce your
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about five years ago, the virginia tech transportation institute studied the driving habits of more than 3,500 volunteers across the united states to see if they could determine what is most likely to cause a car accident. not surprisingly, researchers found the chances a driver gets into accident more than double when they are distracted by a cell phone, using a touch screen menu on a vehicle instrument, or by reading and writing. drivers are also 13 times more likely to get in a wreck while traveling well over the speed limit. what may surprise you is drivers are nearly ten times as likely to get in a crash when they are observably angry, sad, crying, or emotionally agitated. researchers had previously hypothesized this was a factor in crashes, but this is the first time a study proved how much emotions impact our driving habits. we are finally at a stage where we have a sufficient amount of data in terms of actual crashes where we can estimate the risk of a crash. it's no longer the risk of maybe potentially being in a crash or almost being in a crash. it's the risk of an
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also the first of its kind to compare the risks of sober and alert drivers to those drivers who are not sober. believe it or not, even though the participants knew they were being monitored, a number of drivers were caught driving under the influence of alcohol. on the other end of the spectrum, the study found factors like applying makeup or following a vehicle too closely actually had less of an impact on accidents than anticipated. researchers plan on spilling over this data for another ten years to help policymakers improve driver safety on the roads. reporting in the studio, taylor kanost wfxr news. nevada declares a winner in last night's gop cacuses. who came out on top in the silver state. and while the republican candidates battled it out in nevada, bernie sanders didn't get the warm welcomed he hoped
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high pressure will remain wedged south along the eastern slopes ofthe appalachians into tonight allowing periodic rounds of rain ordrizzle. on wednesday...a strong storm system...currently locatedin the southern plains...will move through the region from thesouthwest bringing gusty winds...heavy rain...and some thunderstorms. for the remainder of the week...canadian highpressure will build in bringing much colder temperatures alongwith
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wfxr news wfxr news is your local election headquarters. new this morning: cnn has projected that donald trump has won the nevada republican caucuses. it's now his third straight victory in the g-o-p race. trump now has a wide lead over the other republican candidates in the delegate count. the two candidates left fighting for the democratic nomination are focusing on south carolina. bernie sanders aimed to dent hillary clinton's support in the palmetto state, as he faces pressure to change the dynamics of a race that's starting to trend against him. mary moloney is on the
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republican voters turned out in big numbers --reportedly overwhelming the nevada republicans caucused -- the democratic candidates for president held a town hall. presidential candidate: "we have been dealing in the last seven years with an unprecedented level of obstructionism against president obama." bernie sanders accused donald trump and others of forming a "racist effort" to delegitimize the president presidential candidate: "my dad came from poland. i'm running for president. guess what? no one's asked for my birth certificate. maybe it's the color of my skin."sanders is under pressure to improve his standing among minorities before south carolina's primary which could tilt the momentum of the democratic white house race toward clinton. presidential candidate: "we have serious challenges and i think it is important for people, and particularly for white people to be honest about those." sanders is taking an increasingly tough line against clinton.reiterating his call for clinton to release transcripts of paid speeches that she made to wall street banks presidential candidate: "i"m happy to release all my paid speeches to wall street. here it is chris - there aint none." presidential candidate: "if everybody does it, and that includes the republicans -- because we know they have made suggest voters struggle with she's continually faced scrutiny over her handling of the benghazi attack and her private email sever scandal. she says if elected -- she will not lie. presidential candidate: "the facts are that every single time somebody has hurled these charges against me, which they have done, it
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bernie sanders made a stop in virginia on tuesday ahead of the march 1st super tuesday primary sanders stop in norfolk was met with boos from the crowd when he spoke about hs competitor, hillary clinton. the vermont senator also told the crowd his agenda aims to pay workers a higher minimum wage, provide pay equity for women, and reform the criminal justice, immigration and campaign finance systems. sanders trails hillary clinton
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based on an average of two polls conducted earlier this month. virginia is one of 11 states that will hold democratic primaries or caucuses on tuesday. next in our ag life report: turning a future farmers of america project into money for school!experts at virginia tech explain how!you're
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it's future farmers of america week- aimed at letting aspiring farmers show off their projects. wfxr's sophia borrelli spoke with students at virginia tech on how to turn projects into money for school. 0:17 - 0:240:44 - 0:490:55 - 1:00these are the faces of past f-f-a leaders. an organization that promotes leadership, public speaking and has a whole lot of history right here in the state of virginia. hoping to join those faces is zach jacobs who says he wanted to join because of family ties. zach jacobs/2014- 2015 ffa state president: "my dad was in the ffa growing up, so i figured that i'd give it a shot and it was something i really enjoyed."zach was last year's state president for ffa and now he is a freshmen at virginia tech but dreams of becoming a cattle farmer. zach jacobs/2014-2015 ffa state president: "be able to help feed my family as well as others around me too."he says f-f-a helped him prepare for college and professors at virginia tech agree. susan sumner/associate dean, college of agriculture and life sciences: "students that are very active in ffa really like agriculture, they have found agriculture as a passion and coming to virginia tech, they can do even more hands on work with the facuty."standup: "students say the leadership skills they learn in ffa can translate into any major they pick in college."zach jacobs/2014-2015 ffa state president: "used to be focused
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brand and focusing on agriculture in general and people with an interest in the industry and so with that, we are able to find careers of all over."zach says he hopes to continue to give back to an organization that has given him so many opportunities. in blacksburg, sophia borrelli wfxr news. the f-f-a state conference will be taking place at virginia tech in june. 2016 marks the 90th year of the state convention. a touching act of kindess by a starbucks employee in
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viral. ibby piracha who is hearing impaired first shared the details of the gesture on social media. he says the cashier at his starbucks wrote him a note, saying she's been learning sign language so he could have the same experience at starbucks as everyone else. piracha spoke to a reporter through an app on his phone- saying the note warmed his heart. piracha : "the note made me happy."reporter says: "he then said to me"piracha says: : "i felt happy that she learned to sign asl to speak with me." piracha says he goes to that starbucks about three times a week and loves his experience there.
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wednesdays every week right here on good day virginia.but, have you heard about the wine workout?we'll tell you more when we come back in two
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every wednesday right here on good day virginia, i bring you workout wednesday.this
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video is going viral. evan schreiber shows us how a mom in california created the wine workout. as a mother to a toddler, 24-year-old april storey knows her time is limited.and like many mothers know... healthy living can be a struggle.home with her daughter brielle and her husband levi on monday... the busy life was on display. but what resulted... has now been seen by roughly 25- million people worldwide.the 15-second video posted in january now dubbed "the wine workout.""i was getting ready to do a workout, and i saw the wine there and i'm like, 'you know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video.'"storey tells me this is her life. simple... every-day home exercises.not necessarily always the wine that was just one of the dozens of non- alcohol included workout videos she's posted."so that's what facebook is for, right? just sharing all the things that we're doing every day." that sharing spread worldwide. one post from former star trek actor "george takei" saying "quit wine-ing and work out" to his nine million followers. posting the video with a slightly different music variation."most of the comments have been positive. there have been a few negative reactions about her hurting herself - falling on the wine. but most of the people have been doing like what i'm doing, and sending back their own videos and pictures." quick "they were making their own videos. they were doing different things with it."no matter the number of re-
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both positive and negative -- storey is hoping they all get the message."what i want to show people with my videos is that fitness is something you can do every day, you can do it anywhere, and you can use anything."in this case... just
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corkscrew.forget the high pressure will remain wedged south along the eastern slopes ofthe appalachians into tonight allowing periodic rounds of rain ordrizzle. on wednesday...a strong storm system...currently locatedin the southern plains...will move through the region from thesouthwest bringing gusty winds...heavy rain...and some thunderstorms. for the remainder of the week...canadian highpressure will build in bringing much colder temperatures good morning, it's wednesday, february 24th. thanks for starting your morning with good day virginia. i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. police departments in the region are cracking down on red light runners. it's part of the blue ridge transportation board's effort to make everyone more
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red light runners cause hundreds of deaths and over 100 thousand injuries each year across the county and the roanoke valley is no exception. roanoke police say there haven't been any deaths this year so far or in 2015 but there have been several injuries. they say most people run red lights because they are distracted by their cell phones or they simply believe they can make the light before it turns red. friday they are focusing on red light runners because they want to bring to attention to this problem because it's one for the most dangerous mistake you can make on the road and most the time it's the person not at fault that gets hurt. the driver is protected by the engine block. the one who runs the red light has all that mass in front of them, the wieght of the vehicle, the engine so as a car's travelling and t-bones another vehicle whats the first that other party is hit with the front end of that car. officer clark says
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other campaigns throughout the year similar to this one thoughout the year. those will focus on other issue like texting and driving or those who disregard stop
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now to stories making national headlines this morning. the obama administration has offered up a plan to close guantanamo bay... seven years after the president vowed to shutter the facility. though the broad outlines of the administration's closure plan have been known for months, tuesday's announcement contained a few surprises about the strategy for emptying the military facility. andrew spencer has more on the pla and reaction from
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new this morning: family members of sandy hook shooting victims are filing a lawsuit against gun-maker may remember that twenty children and six teachers died at the school in newtown connecticut-- fired almost 200 rounds from could make history if it goes to trial--- currently a 2005 federal law grants gun manufacturers immunity from any lawsuit related to injuries that result from criminal misuse of their product. the c-d-c is investigating 14 new reports of the zika virus that may have spready by sexual contact. several of the cases involve pregnant women. zika has been confirmed in virginia and 22 other states. the world health organization says as many as four million people will be infected within the next year. with the recent troubles in flint, may be
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water?next on good day virginia: how you can test it yourself! and your favorite candy bar could be under a recall! the information you need.
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virginia. the situation with water supply in flint, michigan may have you wondering how safe the water is from your own faucet at home? seth kovar has some tips for how you can safeguard you and your family. the water crisis in flint, michigan may have you wondering -- are there
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water at home?experts say there are things you can do to empower yourself:start by calling your local water supplier and asking for their latest consumer confidence report --if you get your water from a private well look for information on the e-p-a's website.if you see lead levels above 15 parts per billion -- call the supplier and demand action.if you want to test your water yourself -- your supplier may come out and do it for free.if that's not an option you can get a testing kit from a home improvement store.if you do that -- make sure to use "first draw water" -- the very first water to come out of your pipes after sitting'll then send samples off to a certified lab -- you can find a list on the e-p-a's website. while you wait the c-d-c has instructions on how to protect yourself from potentially dangerous levels of lead.for health minute i'm seth kovar. new this morning: virginia based mars candy virginia morning: new this kovar. new this morning: virginia based mars candy company has issued a massive recall. the recall includes millions of mars, snickers, and milky way chocolate bars produced in the
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said people here in the u-s should check packaging for plant locations and a best before date. the bars under the recall have dates between june and october 2016. october 2016.between june and
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70 years in the making.. next on good day virginia: one veteran's family receives honors they say were long overdue. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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after his service, a indiana world war two veteran's family receives the honors they say were long overdue. fox's james gheradi has the story. ""a german artist drew this of my father in 1945." tucked
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suitcase... in an attic... were plenty of pictures of valerie johnston's dad... johnston says: "i've had these for quite a while." what there weren't though... were his service medals from two wars... johnston says: "i'd heard from my brothers, talking about he'd gotten the silver star and the bronze star but i didn't know about all the other stuff." so in september she wrote a request to senator joe donnelly... asking him to help find her father's distinctions... either lost over time, or even never rewarded.donnelly says: "guy woodhouse received so many awards for his service to the united states that we had to build a special box to hold all of them." nearly 70 years after his service in world war two and korea... the family of master sergeant guy woodhouse finally received the 13 decorations and service medals this hoosier hero had earned... woodhouse says: "a couple things i do know, but there are some things he wouldn't tell me either." woodhouse died in 1989... taking with him the many stories that had earned him a bronze and silver star, the four injuries getting him a purple heart, and the time he'd spent as a german pow.donnelly says: "if you put a definition of a hoosier that would be it." johnston says: "my dad wouldn't want all this recognition. he was a very humble man. he never talked about it to me." and now, 70 years later, it's official... woodhouse is one of indiana's most highly decorated war heroes. sacrifices though only the family of a hoosier hero will understand...donnelly says: "i asked her oldest brother one time about his dad
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