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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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put a lot of love into it."how one celebrates black history month - with some soul food. *and* all aboardreally special"a day - just for train enthusiasts- before an iconic locomotive - takes to the *then*help wanted.sot: "we also go out and install smoke detectors."the need for volunteers - who help families - everything to fire. phenominal weather - for mid february. the recent freeze and big warm up - creating quite a few new potholes across southwest and central virginia. thanks for joining us - first at ten - i'm bill wadell. we hope you enjoyed some time outside today - change is on the way again. taylor is tracking some rain and the possibility of flooding in some spots - but first - kirsten eskow is live in roanoke county.kristen - some folks - finding their roads - a bit bumpier than they were last week? well bill - it certainly was an unusually warm day for
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roanoke valley. we found plenty of people the warm weather while we can - and also found a few potholes forming on the roads. :09-:13:25-:30:37-:41:49-:54 it's a busy day at the salem dog park - where furry friends and their owners advantage of the warm weather - while they still have the chance.derek trull: "i didn't expect this today. i thought it was going to get up in the 50's, but the 60's is even better."mark childress: "i hate cold weather." others like mark childress and his dog paws brace the cold and visit a bit more regularly - but on this warm day - paws has had more playmates than other times recently.childress: "it's been extremely busy today. there's been 20, 30, 40 dogs today, and it's not usually that many here."but with the drastic change in temperatures - also comes some problems on the road - with potholes opening up.alan parsons: "over to roanoke, they're just, you can't miss them. they're everywhere."if you come in the road - aaa recommends drivers slow down - and avoid hitting the pothole - if they can do so safely.jackson means: "especially in like a tight, city setting it's a little nerve-wracking to try to avoid bikers and potholes and
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you always wonder about your tires and your car in general." and bill - vdot says if you come across a pothole in a city or town - you should report it to your public works department. outside of cities and towns - vdot crews work to repair potholes. vdot has a phone number and website where you can report pothole sightings - we have that information on our website - virginia first dot com. live in roanoke county - kristen eskow, wfxr news. kristen thanks. taylor - you're saying we should have a jacket or umbrella ready
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in henry county - one man is locked up - another on the run - after a shooting.deputies say - a 43-year-old man drove himself to the hospital - after he was shot in the leg this morning. it's unclear exactly where this shooting went down. the henry county sheriff's office
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up tonight - charged with attempted malicious wounding... using a of a firearm during the commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. the man on the right - danny henley - is still on the run - wanted on similar charges. if you know where henley is - call the number on your screen. in roanoke - train lovers made their way to the virginia museum of transportation today - for train lovers day. there was one particular train that stood out the most --the norfolk and western train number 21-56. built in 1942... it's the last of its kind left anywhere in the world. people also enjoyed model trains and locomotives, as well as train rides. the director of the museum said it was an opportunity to teach families about the area's rich railroad history. fran ferguson- development director, va museum of transportationthey just love to get and see the real things they watch a lot of trains on television but to
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special.train fanatics... will have a chance to ride our area's most iconic train - in just a few weeks. there are ten excursions planned - on the class j 6-11 steam passenger locomotive. the second excursion - from spencer to asheville north carolina on april 10th... has sold out!tickets are still available - for other excursions in april, may and june- with stops in lynchburg and roanoke. a link to check out tickets - is on our website - virginia first dot com. in lexington - many are remebering master trooper jerry hines. virginia state police say - hines was shot and killed on this date - back in 1989 - during a traffic stop along interstate 81. in campbell county - firefighters were called back to the scene of an old plant - that rekindled this afternoon. this is video - from last week - when crews were first called
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plant in brookneal. the snow and rain we've seen - still not enough to extinguish the smoldering fire. dispatchers tell us - crews were called back - to extinguish hot spots. still no official word - on what sparked that fire. in blacksburg - a celebration of black history month - with a side of soul food. w-f-x-r's charlie cooper takes us inside saint luke and odd fellows hall - where visitors learned about african american dishes and the rich history behind them. 00:21:12-00:26:16 00:40:18-00:45:17 jessie eaves- member, blacksburg museum cultural foundation committeei think food is a common denominator because everyone has to eat and when we cook soul food you put a lot of love into it. track 1that love was felt and tasted at the blacksburg museum of cultural foundation's soul food sampling.jessie eaves- member, blacksburg museum cultural committeewhen we initially started soul food it started
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blacks then didn't have the best choice cuts of the meat so the women of the day made the best use that they could out of the ham hocks.track 3jessie eaves grew up on soul food so did joann price and richard wade who say it was often what brought people together. joann price- member, blacksburg foundation committeeneighbors across the street. if my grandmother, mother needed some sugar go down to anny's and get some sugar.track 4 favorites like pound cake and sweet tea.joann price- member, blacksburg museum cultural foundation committeemy grandparents tehy didnt have no recipe. they just cooked the stuff.jessie eaves- member, blacksburg museum cultural foundation committee you just sort of go by taste and i think that's what soul food is about. it's a lot about that special taste.track 5a taste unique to black history. in blacksburg, f-x-r news. party goers - raising a glass tonight - at the big lick cocktail classic. a party - that supports sustainable agriculture.the marti gras party is happening right now - at patrick herny hotel in downtown roanoke. there are craft cocktail tastings... cajun cusine and music... by the fat tuesdays band. money
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local food - a non profit that brings locally grown and raised food - to families in the ronaoke valley. "it's not really about raising the money. it's the raising awareness and finding poeple that can kind of become a brand advocate for that organization is even more important because then they support them throughout the year, not just tonight."the cocktail classic... continues until 11 tonight. w-f-x-r... is a proud media sponsor. and across town - dinosaurs have taken over the berglund center. there are more than 50 life-sized dinosaurs - at jurrasic quest. kids - and their parents - got to check out these prehistoric animatronic creations - up close. kids enjoyed seeing the exhibits and other activities like arts and crafts - but organizers say - even adults - get in on the fun. :00-:04 only"i think we have more adults that's into it more than the kids. so i mean, it turns out pretty good. i parents come through that
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check out jurassic quest. it's open from 9 - to 7 tomorrow. tickets range from 14 to 23 dollars. we are your local election headquarters. hillary clinton - out on top - in the nevada democratic caucus. voters - supporting trump in the south carolina primary. ted cruz and marco rubio - battling it out for second. just within the last 90 minutes - jeb bush announcing - he's out - suspending his campaign - after another night of low voter support. we'll have a full report on both key races - ahead at ten thirty. ready to help. coming up - we meet the men and women - who answer the call - when families are the victim - of a house fire. and... it's calm outside our studios right now - but rain is on the way. taylor's here - tracking the changes for
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southwesterly some seasonably warm air our way and bumped temperatures well into the 50s and 60s on saturday. high pressure kept the area dry, but that changes on sunday. spotty showers will first develop out west saturday night. for those don't receive rain, it will be
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move through on sunday and give all of southwest and central showers. the timing varies a bit on the models, but most bring rain to areas west of the blue ridge beginning sunday morning, and then push the rain to the piedmont by sunday afternoon. rain totals will mainly range from .25 - .75" with a few spots climbing up to an inch. this probably won't cause any flood problems, but it's going to saturate our grounds which will cause us trouble later in the week. other than a few areas of drizzle, it looks like we will get a break from the rain on monday. virginia will begin to cool down though
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to help develop a few storms that will eastern u.s. with precipitation tuesday through thursday. the forecast for this time frame is very challenging at the moment weather models are all over the place with the track and timing of these storms. most models point to the first wave of moisture arriving tuesday morning. that will be around the same time a wedge develops in southwest virginia. if that wedge is strong enough to drop temperatures below freezing, then we are in line for some most models do not cool us down that much, but remember that the models greatly the strength of the wedge last week that caused our ice storm. there's also a less-likely scenario that this
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the blue ridge tuesday morning. despite all the training.. lessons and prevention - house fires still happen - just about every day in our area. good day virginia anchor kyle benjamin introduces us to the volunteers - who answer difficult calls - helping families who lose their possessions - and sometimes
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"they have so many different volunteer opportunities. you can find something that fits your purposes and rose says he and his wife helped run shelters in kansas for people stranded in a blizzard once, but his most interesting service happened overseas."i went to afghanistan, iraq, and kuwait for four and a half months in 2009. sending emergency communication messages between the families back home and the command over in the warzone to get folks emergency leave."now rose teaches disaster education classes for civic groups and schools. he the community."we also go out and install smoke detectors in neighborhoods where fires are the biggest problems in our communities."regional volunteer officer betty whitaker says the lifeblood of their organization."94% of red cross does is done by volunteers, so without them our mission won't be done within our communities."while that mission includes blood drives and emergency preperation education, the majority of the red cross's efforts is in helping people after a life altering event. "when a disaster strikes, our team responds with emergency relief to those that are affected by the disaster with clothing, food, and shelter." and in the eyes of the red
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to be natural."we respond to probably a single family fire almost daily, so it's very important for us to be in the community talking about fire safety, and tips and ideas of things they can do to prevent a fire from happening."in roanoke, kyle benjamin, wfxr news. our fire prevention week stories - look for the special page on virginia first dor com. we also have resources to help your family prepare and prevent - a fire or other disasaters. a new use - for old silos. next in ag life - how these
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the country - communities are struggling to figure out - what to do with old silos. audrey esther - of our sister station k-o-l-r... shows us how the huge silos for grain -
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missouri. allen kunkel/ jordan valley innovation time.they're dilapidated. past..are today owned by baker/ missouri state university - our real challenge has been over the years is to figure out what to do with them. david geiseler has an idea that he says could also revolutionize urban farming . david geiseler/ vertical innovations - grow lettuce, primarily leafy greens inside of a concrete grain elevator. specifically these grain elevators, using advanced hydro and aeroponic vertical growing methods..specialties of his soon-to-be startup company. david geiseler/ vertical innovations - it's too exciting of a project for us not to try. excited too and to lease vertical innovations the 21 silos once part of the old mfa facility. allen kunkel/ jordan valley innovation center - it was a good take an ag facility and turn it back into an ag that will also provide hands-on research and learning opportunities for students and staff. missouri state university - they're going to be doing some things that are very, very innovative. and if successful could be beneficial to other communities with similar
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- what better benefit can you provide to people than a sustainable food source that is healthy. that is they have any concerns over where their food all they really have to do is look up in springfield missouri and there we'll be. but first, geisler's company needs to cleanup the site and do a feasibility study with a test run in just a couple silos david geiseler/ vertical innovations - ..and then really see what that thing can do operating at allen kunkel/ jordan valley innovation center - time will tell how successful this project will be but it's an exciting opportunity to take these facilities and put them back into production. into production. put them back facilities and take these facilities and put them back into production. record breaking turnout. up next - new numbers - from the south carolina primary, and nevada caucus. plus - an annual ice bowl - without ice. how one group is using disk golf games - to
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. we are your local election headquarters. hillary clinton - and donald trump - the big winners of the night. ted cruz and marco rubio - in a dead heat for second. the republican field shrinking - with jeb bush suspending his race. caroline
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0:08-0:200:41-0:480:55-1:02 1:09-1:14donald trump becomes the first candidate to win back to back races this political season. taking the top spot in new hampshire, and now south carolina.trump says: "there's nothing easy about running for president. it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. when you win it's beautiful." but texas senator ted cruz is still fighting near the top of the pack... as the winner of the iowa caucuses, he's the only candidate to beat trump so far. senator marco rubio making a strong showing in south carolina....on the heels of two major endorsements, from governor senator tim scott. jeb bush making the decision to suspend his campaign after the results.bush says: "i remain optimistic that with the right kind of leadership that work to make america's best days are ahead." on the democrats' side...takes home a win in the nevada caucuses. clinton says: "i thrilled and so grateful to all my supporters out there." senator bernie sanders congratulated
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says he's to future contests. sanders says: "it is clear to me and i think most observers that the wind is at our backs." tonight in local good news - botetourt county saw it's first ever disk golf ice bowl. amateurs and pros came together to play rounds of disk golf to raise money and collect non-perishable foods that will go to the rescue mission. it's called an ice bowl because it's usually played in the dead of winter. participants got lucky today however with the warm weather. organizers say they changed the game a little bit since it's usually played in the cold, but the purpose of the ice bowl remained the same. dustin owen- ice bowl director it does change up the sport in the aspect of frisbees fly but the intent to help out a local charity is still right here in the heart of it.disk golf ice
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originially started as a way to unite disk golfers around the world and have them give back to local charitable organizations. two new york city police officers are recovering after an early morning shooting. city officials say the two cops were injured during a chase and shootout. the suspect reportedly crashed his car into a patrol vehicle, then tried to drive away. gunfire was exchanged and the two plain-clothed officers were hit. both are said to be alert and talking, at a brooklyn officer was shot in his vest--the other shot just below his vest, in his hip.the suspect - last reported to be in critical condition. thousands come together to honor the life of justice antonin scalia.scalia died in his sleep last week while on vacation in texas... after serving nearly thirty years on the nation's highest court. the justice's service was held at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception-- the
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north america. the windy city - living up to it's name. coming up - why people in downtown chicago - had not choice.. but to clear out. . plus - one expensive leak. the design flaw - that's led to lots of problems - at the
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southwesterly winds pumped some seasonably warm air our way and bumped
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pressure kept the area dry, but that changes on sunday. spotty showers will first develop out west saturday night. for those don't receive
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pressure will then move through on sunday and give all of southwest and central virginia rain showers. the timing varies a bit on the models, but most bring rain to areas west of the blue ridge beginning sunday morning, and then push the rain to the piedmont by sunday afternoon. rain totals will from .25 - .75" with a few spots an inch. this probably won't cause any flood problems, but it's going to saturate our grounds which trouble later in the week. other than a few areas of drizzle, it looks like we will get a break from the rain on monday. virginia will begin to cool down though stream sinks south. this jet stream dip is going to help develop a few storms that will douse the with precipitation tuesday through thursday. the forecast
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the moment because the weather models are all over the place with the track and timing of these storms. most of moisture arriving tuesday the same time a wedge develops in southwest virginia. if that temperatures below freezing, then we are in line for some not cool us down that much, greatly underestimated the strength of the wedge last storm. there's also a less-likely scenario that this first wave of moisture dumps
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tuesday morning.commands the windy city - living up to it's name.check out this storm damage - reported all over that area. a gas station canopy knocked down. trees down too - some branches punching their way through a roof - into a home. there were even problems at a highrise construction plywood and debris flying - breaking nearby windows. and - a design flaw - being blamed for flooding damage at vikings stadium in minneapolis. water has been seepeing through specially designed snow gutters.many of
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stadium - are being removed so repairs can be made. it's expected to cost around 4 million dollars to fix that leak. the virginia tech hokies men's basketball team has had its highs and lows. but through it all they have been fun to watch. this afternoon they were back at the crib for another game. coming up we have highlights and kevaney martin's post game wrap up of the hokies game with the seminoles. this and so much more coming up on the
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virginia virginia tech head coach buzz williams has a little beef with the acc. for the month of february, the hokies only get to play at cassell coliseum 2 times. today is one of the games as they host florida state. tech needing to make the home games thanks to the acc.another sell out at cassell - hokies hosting seminoles1. just 40 seconds into this one the hokies would take the frsit lead of the game off this justin bibbs dunk 2-0 vt would be their only lead until late in
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meantime fsu and dwayne bacon got rolling...finger roll...two of his 22 on the night fsu up 13-43. lets jump ahead to the sedcond half...seth allen getting going here he is with the pretty fnish...52-46 fsu4. fsu's xavier rathan-mayes with teh hang time 54-48 noles 5. devon wilson makes it a one point game with this reverse lay in with six minutes to play...6. allen would leave the game after suffering a cut over his leftbut after getting bandaged up he returned adn got cooking ..coast to coast finish and that will give the hokies a 67-66 lead ...only their secodn of the night7. vt wouldnt look back from there ...justin robinson with back to bakc baselien is the second of the two 75-69 hokies 8. and who else but allen to put the nail in the coffin ...draining the three
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an 83-73 win today. 5 players hit double figures led by seth allen with 23 points. our leading scorer kevaney martin was at the cassell and gives us a post game wrap up that takes the cake. 01-0526-3041-46win a battle take a bite. know the battle and how you are it's ok to celebrate when you win. that's he message buzz williams gave to his team after their 10 point win over florida state. there six acc win of the seasonwin a battle take a bite. that was the core of it. the background is a long story. the core of the story is what is the battle and how are we
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and then when we win that take a bite and celebrateit's a great win. its just a step. it was like the message you can take one bite of the cake because you can take one bite at a time so its a great win and its a great start we want to was a group effort tonight with five players scoring in double figure seth allen leading the with 23 point reporting in blacksburg kevaney martin wfxr sports. thanks kevaney.staying in the new river valley area.........the radford highlanders fresh off their win over liberty thursday hosting the high point panthers in a key big south game.-radford brando holcomb rebound and score-highladers on the fast break cam jones to justin cousin -highladers former ph star cam jone drives and scores. he led ru with 22 -high point miles bowman junior rebound and score....bowman and john brown each scrored 17 to lead the panthers. this game would go to high point 75-72 staying in the big south, the liberty flames trying to bounce back after having their 7 game winning streak snapped by radford thursday......are at the vines center taking on presbyterian.liberty-evan maxwell of the miss...dunk liberty maxwell back to back dunksliberty john dawson triple
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hose-desean murray presbyuterian get the win tonight beating liberty 79-73. the first half of the liberty flames double header featured the ladies as they hosted coastal carolina. liberty has won the last 45 meetings.....infact flames head coach carey green is 37-0 against his alma mater coastal-nicole issacs triple liberty-kately adamscoastal ced gibson tripleliberty mikayla sanders that is 100th
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hits the triple from beford 20 points coastal carolina beats liberty 58-51 snapping a 45-game losing streak to liberty with its first win over the lady flames since february 19, 1996. liberty's 21 game home conference winning streak is history as well. more big south play...women's style....this is from radford....the highlanders hosting longwood on senior day.-longwood eboni gilliam scores-radford janayla white scores....she scored 17 -radford jayda worthy scored she also had 17 for the highlanders.-radford sydney nunley scores the highlanders win their senior day game 80-64 over we are not done with hoops we go to south roanoke county where a pair of high school conference titles were up for grabs. plus we head down to daytona where a race winner is
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stick and stay please. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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a few conference titles were on the line tonight. in boys conference 32, knights were at home taking on abingdon. both teams are locked in for the regional tournament. but it is big because the winner gets to host a regional game. the title belt for the knights fans!cave up 14 at reccess knight broady hicks to his homie mason reyer....triple. triple play for reyer...first the steal....then the drive bye....and then the scorejake furrow....hoop and harmthe future liberty flame....hicks...triple. the knights take the conference title beating abingdon 68-50. staying in south roanoke county, the girls conference hidden valley hosting
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sadler...tripletitans sadler breaks up the pass...gets rewared with a buckettitans hailey singleton scoresbruins tori shimozono tripletitans more d....sadler hidden valley takes the the hidden d....sadler titans more d....sadler hidden valley takes the conference title beating blacksburg 57-29. we have a lot of daytona 5oo coverage for you tomorrow, our coverage actually begins at 11:30 with the 30 minute "big race" special... and of course, they actually drop the green flag at 1:00... with more on a reunion today between car and's our man on the daytona kutcho not so stubborn after all. up
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old donkey. finally tonight..a teen in
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international headlines - with his pet donkey ... this 14-year-old- causing quite the stir ... after he trained his pet named -- rihanna -- to jump over obstacles. at first the teen was using the donkey to run errands for his late grandfather. then, one day she jumped on her own accord stretch of water. and the rest was history from there. although, the animal is not as popular as the human singer ... the pair is still a big hit among the locals in their
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nile delta. an orange during a zombie apocalypse." step 1, apologize to your best friend. you don't have to do this. i haven't turned, jake. - i'm still your best friend. - ( gun cocks ) remember that time when we went to basketball and we were awesome? - ( growls ) - i'm sorry, buddy. ( gunshot ) announcer: step 2, eat the orange. jake: that's a good orange. announcer: this has been "how to eat an orange


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