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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 6  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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killed 13-year-old nicole lovell. crews spent much of sunday searching a pond at virginia tech and plan to pick that search back up in a matter of hours. they're looking for evidence in connection to lovell's murder and abduction. two virginia tech students have been arrested in connected in lovell's death. david eisenhauer of columbia, maryland was arrested on saturday and is charged with felony abduction and first degree murder. natalie keepers of laurel, maryland is accused of helping eisenhauer dispose the body. the disappearance of nicole lovell is a story we've closely been following since last week. lovell was first reported missing from her home last wednesday in the lantern ridge area of blacksburg. her body was found on saturday in surry county, north carolina. that's just over the virginia state line. the two people in custody this morning-david eisenhauer and natalie keepers- are engineering students at virginia tech.fellow students say they're upset and disgusted by the allegations against two of their classmates. molly simon "i felt safe before, but to think about a little thirteen-year-old girl being hurt by someone my age is mindboggling."chris lattaman "they're not representative of the engineers this school. the
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are so much that."virginia tech's president timothy sands wrote an open community letter on saturday, reassuring students and saying there are counselors available on campus. reaction to the discovery of lovell's body along route 89 in surry county has surprised residents there. amber roberts reports family and friends are devasted about the death of lovell.the small community is in far as i feel, the restaurant and country store, the news spreads quick.we saw the officers going by.on saturday, officers found her body in this area.two people have been arrested in her death.david eisenhauer charged with abduction and murder.natalie keepers is accused of
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students at without bondboth are in jail without bond students at blacksburg middle school where nicole attended will head back to class this morning. grief counselors will be made available for students. according to the school's website, parents can call ahead if they are concerned about their child. they also have tips about how to talk to children about traumatic events. since nicole lovell's disappearance on wednesday,
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received around 300 leads, and they're still looking for more information. if you have any information on the disappearance and death of nicole lovell, or information on david eisenhauer or natalie keepers, the number for the blacksburg police department is on your screen right now. that's number is 540- 961-1150. we will also continue to monitor the latest developments in the case when we're not on the air -- you find the latest information on our website, virginia first dot-com and on our wfxr news facebook page. more trouble for roanoke's stefano's on the market. the restaurant announced last week it was shutting its doors for good, but reopened over the weekend for a private party. during that party, roanoke police were called after a man was hit the arm with a beer bottle during a fight. crime tape was placed around the building on saturday, but had been ripped away on sunday. police say the man left the party with minor injuries. no word on if any charges have been filed. a hot bowl of soup can make a huge difference in the life of senior citizen, especially
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like meals on wheels can't make their deliveries. this week the local office on aging is holding their annual "soup for seniors" collection drive. wfxr's paris holmes is here with how they hope to collect 42-thousand cans this year. good morning kyle and good morning january. 42-thousand cans can feed the over 3000 seniors that the local office on aging serves with their meals on wheels program. this week's soup drive is a collaboration with aarp and joining from there is brian jacks. thank you so much for coming. this week, february 1st through the 5th, the local office on aging is colleting canned soup and crackers for seniors. the annual "soup for seniors" collection is a collaboration with the aarp. this year's goal is 42,000
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residents. some preferred items they need arecanned
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fruits low sodium crackerscanned meats like tunafish a cold front enters the region today...sliding south to the after months of hearing from voters in iowa will have their the first big event of the season...we will preview
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happening on thursday --- you can learn about the pork industry across the commonwealth. the virginia pork industry conference will take place from 8-30 to 4-30 at the paul d. camp workforce development center. you'll have the chance to learn about new developments in breeding herd management, and other new developments. head to our website, virginia first dot-com for more information are you interested in keeping your vineyard safe from pests and other pesky problems this growing season? early mountain vineyards in madison, virginia will host a vineyard workshop on february 16th. virginia cooperative extension specialists will review pest management guidelines and have information on the 2016 growing season. we've got all you need to know online at
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speaking of wine.. people enjoyed it during this weekend's international wine festival at the taubman museum of art in downtown roanoke. the event featured more than 30 wines from countries like chile and argentina. they also enjoyed food and a live band. this is the third year the museum has held the festival. organizers say each year the selection gets better and continues to offer something for everyone. wfxr news is your local election headquarters.... the presidential candidates have made their last minute pitches to iowa voters... now it's up to iowans to decide their favorite candidate at the caucuses tonight. fox news correspondent caroline shively has more from des moines. :00-:05"14-:19:23-:28 30-:41:47-:591:06-1:12shively says: "this race is so tight on both sides... iowa is still anyone's game." it appears republicans and democrats are fighting for the future of their political parties in the hawkeye state. with the campaign down to the wire... donald trump doesn't seem to regret skipping out on the fox news debate last week.trump says: "people respect the fact that i skipped the debate because i wasn't treated right." there is one candidate though the republicans are set on defeating.cruz says: "we
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and defeat hillary clinton. clinton thinks she's the best candidate to beat the g-o-p. clinton says: "on the republican side, you hear a lot of the same and, particularly, when it comes to the economy. this is one of the biggest dividing lines between me and the republicans. but it's starting to look like vermont senator bernie sanders could take iowa away from hillary clinton...bernie says: "a poll done by the des moines register 8 months ago had us 41 points behind. we have come a long way in 8 months." analysts say a bernie sanders win in iowa could be a huge setback for the clinton campaign.hume says: "maybe the firewall hillary clinton claims to have will hold but boy i wouldn't bet anything i own on that if bernie sanders wins these first two states." shively says: "after today... the focus turns to new hampshire... their primary is just eight days away. in des
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a cold front and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. this weekend's weather made many people trade in their snow plows for shorts. in just a week's time the weather has changed dramatically. w-f-x-r's charlie cooper shows us how some people are enjoying the spring like weather. 25-29 this is great it's like black diamond in the middle of roanoke. from black diamond slopes-- to black ice-- to black pavement all in a week's time. last week one of the most significant snow storms had people hiding indoors--i just went home early and
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it feels like the first day of spring. outdoor enthusiasts like jordan turner enjoys the unpredictable weather. it's one of his favorite things about living in get a little bit of everything and it seems like we're getting a little bit of everything of time so it's nice. but being able to go for a jog with his pup or bike riding by the river comes at a cost.the snow men are gone at this point, no more snow ball more snow ball fights but 40 degrees up from last week means he at least gets to swap his snow shovel for shorts. in roanoke, charlie cooper wfxr news. vdot crews across the commonwealth say the recent snow storm has cost them anywhere between 75 to 2- hundred million dollars. the state budget for the storm was set at 2-hundred-2-million
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storm was an all-hands on deck type of event and that a maintenance account is also set aside as well. most teenage girls do not have a problem finding something to do on a saturday night... but this weekend one group gave up their nights on the town to help on good day virginia, we will see how their sacrifice could help comfort some children in one of their neediest times. some girls (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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some girls in a church in greensboro want to make it less intimidating for children to interact with police. they donated dozens of teddy bears that will ulimately go to children in need. amnder roberts reports. :00there are so many things these young girls could've been doing on their saturday night but instead they're here...spending time and money for a good cause.mos 1 says: "it's important to show people how much we care" these are just some of the youth members with oak ridge united methodist church. and on this girls' night out their handing out these bears. nats "thank you"like that i learned that giving back to the community you do it in the right way and have the right people around you" each girl spent their own money buying and creating one of these a build-a-bears. then, they gave them to the greensboro police department. mos 1 says: "a really big part of our
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favorite parts of our church." the department plans to donate the bears to kids who they interact with while out on the job-- kids who are less fortunate or children who go through a traumatic event. these girls know someone in need will take good care of these bears. mos 2 says: "it makes me feel really good because i love him and i've only known him for a couple of hours but i hope that they love him for the rest of their life." the church's youth minster hopes the girls will aim to impact their community....daily. betlej says: "service and outreach and caring and loving their community becomes a part of their everyday life." in guilford county, amber
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a cold front enters the a cold front enters the today...sliding south to the northcarolina/south carolina border by midnight. this front returnsnorth as a warm front late tuesday night followed by
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thank you thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's i'm tara wheeler and i'm kyle benjamin. happening today in roanoke: a new trial will begin in the murder of waynesboro police reserve captian, kevin quick. six alleged gang members are accused of abducting and killing quick back in 2014. a federal judge in charlottesville declared a mistrial after a defendant shared a list of personal information about potential
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expected to last about a month. in pittsylvania county:state police are investigating a deadly crash that killed a man from lynchburg. it happened at 10-30 saturday night on route 40. officials say cameron long was driving when his car crossed the center line, ran off the road, lost control and overturned. police say long died at the scene. virginia state police say alcohol and speed are *not* factors in the crash. new this morning: we have a traffic alert for drivers in botetourt county. a pipe replacement project has the northbound side of route 11 off interstate 81 at exit 150 down to one lane. a vdot camera showing you a live look at the area right now. the closure happening from 9pm to 6am, every day, through thursday. give yourself a little extra time if your morning commute takes you in that direction over the next
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down and use caution. an update this morning to a murder-suicide investigation in eastern virginia. family members say 26- year-old cameron dooley struggled with mental illness. the family believes that his forced move from his grandmother's home in chesapeake may have triggered the deadly shooting last week. police say dooley killed his grandmother, parents, sister and brother before killing himself. a vigil was held over the weekend in chesapeake to honor the victims and show support as well. wfxr news is your local election headquarters.and iowans head to caucus sites across the state tonight... presidential candidates wrap a big weekend trying to get out the vote. a presidential campaign that's delivered many surprises may deliver more in just a few hours......setting the tone for the rest of the primaries. reid binion reports. presidential candidates made one last big push in iowa this weekend......ahead of the
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...bringing out the family.... "hi, iowa, i'm ivanka trump." ...and the fame... "so let's try one more time to get trump, let's call donald duck to come meet with cruz and debate." frontrunners trump and cruz - taking shots at each other in the sunday talk shows.... presidential candidate "look, ted cruz is a total liar. i've always opposed obamacare." i don't even know where he gets this, but he's a liar." presidential candidate "donald engages in insults. because he can't defend his substantive record."a recent des moines register/bloomberg poll shows trump five points ahead of cruz......but with many other g-o-p contenders in single digits, scooping up other candidates' supporters could be vital.the same poll showed hillary clinton with a three point lead over bernie sanders......but if martin o'malley supporters can't bring together 15 percent of the vote at any given caucus site......the clinton and sanders camps will fight for those votes to push themselves over the top. presidential candidate "for those of you still thinking about this, weighing your options, i hope i will be able to persuade you."on both sides, it's a battle between enthusiasm...
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...with trump and sanders riding a wave of non- establishment fervor...while clinton and cruz leverage highly organized campaigns on
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virginia has virginia has another case of the zika virus.... plus the virus could have an impact on the upcoming olympic games... we will have the details when good day
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one of the two people in virginia to have contracted the mosquito-borne zika virus, is a student at the college of william and mary in williamsburg. college officials say the student contracted the virus while traveling in central american over winter break and that the student poses no risk to others on campus. the zika virus is now effecting international events.... olympic organizers in rio de janeiro are having to prepare for
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correspondent, kelly wright, has more from washington. :19-331:27-1:3 outbreak is now taking center stage.... with olympics preparations still underway in rio de janeiro, brazil. a test event for the summer games was supposed to be a time to get excited for the events ahead... but the virus is stealing the thunder... with questions over health safety.nascimento says: "so, actions are being taken with special vehicles, with informing the community. so this is work that has been done so far and we will continue on the way to the games. so we are sure we're going to be safe." the south american country has been hit the hardest... with more than a million cases of the virus. a zika carnival in rio de janeiro on sunday is helping inform many about the dangers. pregnant women face the greatest risk if they contract
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scare away others from traveling to brazil to see the olympics. teixeria says : "it's very important for pregnant women to understand that this is a difficult moment but i don't see why the rest of the people from all over the world cannot come to brazil." other latin american countries are also trying to combat zika. since mosquitos spread the virus... nicaragua is pushing a cleanup campaign and standing water.rivera says : "well, the objective is to eliminate breeding places for zika and epidemic and to keep the international olympic committee assures athletes the games will still go on... but is urging prepared and use protection against mosquito in washington, kelly wright, a new general assembly bill may make it easier for students in the commonwealth to transfer colleges and get an education. the bill would require all public colleges and
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number of credit hours for a bachelors degree. it would also require the same number of credit hours for the an associates degree at community colleges. the bill has now been referred to the committee on education in richmond. s
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south to the north carolina/south carolina border by midnight. this front returns north as a warm front late tuesday night followed by a strongercold front wednesday. today...mostly cloudy. numerous showers...mainly this afternoon.highs around 60. west winds around 10 mph with gusts up to20 mph. chance of rain 60 percent. .tonight...cloudy. a chance of showers in the evening...then a chance of drizzle with a slight chance of rain after midnight.patchy fog after midnight. lows around 40. light and variablewinds. chance of rain 50 percent. .tuesday...cloudy. a chance of
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highs in the mid 40s. light and variable winds.chance of rain 40 percent..tuesday night...cloudy with a chance of rain and drizzle. near steady temperature in the mid 40s. southeast winds around 10 mph.chance of rain 40 percent. .wednesday...showers. not as cool with highs in the lower 60s.southeast winds around 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph...becomingsouthwest in the afternoon. chance of rain 80 percent..wednesday night and thursday...partly cloudy. lows in the upper30s. highs in the lower 50s..thursday night through friday night...mostly clear. lows in themid 20s. highs in the mid 40s. .saturday...mostly sunny. highs in the lower 40s. .saturday night...mostly cloudy. lows in the upper 20s. .sunday...mostly sunny. highs
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather virginia 24 hours a day. the three point show in basketball can turn a game around in an instant.and when you think of great 3 point shooters in college history you need to look no further than blacksburg native doug day. keveney martin reports on how the sharpshooter is giving back to his hometown. 01-0540-45 doug day is best known for his accuracy
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local shapr shooting legend is years removed from his playing days at radford university, he still spends most of his time on the hardwood, but now as a coach for his alma mater blacksburg high school...on december ninth radofrd university honored the number 20 jeresey that was worn by the 6'1'' sharp shooting guard doug day ru from 1989-93 making him the first men's basketball player and just the third student athlete ever to
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the dedmon center.doug day "it was always a goal mine to play college worked really hard to try to of the biggest things here close to home was that great universtiy, but family the chance to come and every game."day grew up just the blacksburg virgnia. blacksburg high school. today, doug still dons blue with pride, of as a player he is the bruins basketball coachto raise a family and to be here. its a great community athletics and sports they rally around sports team and players. it was just a dream come true to play here and come back and coach here as during doug's playing days he for his sharp shooting at graduation from ru his 401 three-was the most in ncaa division 1 history...the record has since been broken several times including a pair of local shooters - curtis staples and jj redick - but who win if the three met in a game of horse?that would be a tough one any time your a competitor and you want to play you would say you are going to win that battle. it would be kind of intersting to see. jj is in his prime right now so i don't get to shoot as much as jj does, but i would
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up next on good day virginia, we will meet a pastor who has a lot of good memories about the carolinia panthers...after the break, we will see how he is using those memories to try and fight off the effects of alzheimer's
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one of the one of the oldest living carolinas panthers fans - is getting ready to cheer her team on during the superbowl. mary ward says - her great grandson turned her into a fan. the 95-year old fell in
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pose made famous by cam newton. "i just love them all but cam is who i cater too. cam and that davis. he's a good player and he's a good sportsman."ward says she most likely will watch the big game with family and may wear that jersey for the occasion. an alzheimer's patient in north carolina is hoping his love of the panthers will help him fight the disease.not by playing ... but by keeping up with the stats .sarah blake- morgan has the story. :00:14-:201:25-1:30spend just a few minutes with peter setzer...natsotquickly learn
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exuberance.."this is the man who loves the carolina panthers.: "i read everything that the charlotte observer writes about the panthers."just read them, he cuts them out...natsottaping the the back of his bedroom door.: "here is cam fantastic!" setzer reads these articles again, because if he doesn't, : "about a year ago, i was mild alzheimer's and of course blow."setzer's in its early stages.he hopes to keep it that way.person who's diagnosed with alzheimer's will and my to slow that down." the former list of things he does every disease down. natsot: "about a games"his favorite is panther stats with his : "i'm going to go down fighting everything i can to prolong peter is undergoing experimental treatments and joy henderson, peter's daughter, that helps with her dad's diagnosis.: "my hope is always remember to call me on game day and talk about the my hope is that he'll always when i call him and i hope he'll always know who his grandson is."for many with alzheimer's, uncertainty is the only thing they can see ahead.setzer is just looking forward to adding
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it."wouldn't miss it." a cold front enters the region today...sliding south to the northcarolina/south carolina border by midnight. this front returnsnorth as a warm front late tuesday night followed by
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