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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 15, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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skateboarder is flying like a broom. the moment he hits a heck in a road. hungry lions spot a rhino stuck in the maybe think -- >> maybe we'll take a chance. >> see why they're about to lose their lunch. oh! >> it's st. paddy's day rowdiness.
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from some young pranksters -- >> do you copy? >> yes, we copy. >> the high setup that makes fortune telling a cinch. >> one of your favorite trips to france? >> how did you know? >> you never know what's lurking around the corner. we'll start first in russia. this fella on his skate board, a little kick push. this has his friend recording. he is in the car following him and he's moving and grooving. comes around the corner and -- >> oh, wow. >> he has -- okay. >> what do you expect? you're long boarding on an open road. you don't think there's going to be traffic? >> and he went around a blind corner as well. >> and swung wide, too. >> doesn't matter what you're on, skate board, motorcycle, bicycle, same thing will happen.
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the skateboarder you can hear him moaning. he was wearing a helmet so he will be okay. does have scrapes and bruises ancon cushion but it would have a lot worst. this motorcyclist is taking in the view and he spots a -- no, no, no, no. >> the taurus was driving on the wrong side of the road. >> yes. luckily the person driving the car saw the motorcyclist. this could have been tragedy. >> it's easy to happen because there are some really quiet roads in new zealand, you're getting hypnotized, haven't seen anybody for half an hour, oh, wait, other side. >> guilty. >> i don't drive in england anymore. >> i did that in japan. . >> this looks like the beginning
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what you have here is a black rhino in the cougar national park. this poor creature is stuck in the mud. this isn't a rescue video. this is an opportunity for three lions lions. >> you see the three lions and compare sizes, it's not a fair fight. but these lions decide, maybe we'll take a chance. even though that rhino is stuck in the mud, they're still a little intimidated. >> it will so exhausted if it can get itself out. >> i wonder if that is just the little extra motivation to get out of it. >> the rhino gets out. >> run, guys, run! >> after that, it wasn't really even a contest and eventually the rhino is like -- anybody else? and walks off to applause. now, this next video comes to us from australia, imagine that, a baby alligator being
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as it hatches taking its first steps. this is at the australia reptile park, it's still cute. >> we need some pop music. >> they start opening doors. >> that's incredible that that thing was jammed in that tiny little egg. its head looked like it could barely fit in the egg. >> a face only momma alligator could love. >> foamy in the mouth. as many have noticed thanks to the trance lucency of my complexion, i'm a quarter irish. much like everybody else, i will be full irish in a few days. we'll get hundreds of videos much like this one -- >> [ bleep ]. >> yeah, we can see where this
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being thrown around and all the idiots are going -- yeah! this is in chicago at the st. patrick's day a few days ago and the situation just continues to escalate until stupidity becomes stupidity. >> we see somebody being pushed through a window and then -- he is almost like awake and knocked awake at the same time. he is there on his knees and just trying to figure out which way is up. >> what's crazy is when he hit that window, he came out swinging, but, wow, he didn't make contact in time to defend himself. >> no. his chin made contact with the fist of the other guy. i think that's the guy that actually pushed him as well. somebody else comes up to that guy and recommendation, leg it. which he then does. apparently that's the front window of a chicken plant.
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they did confirm it. st. patrick's day is fun, but let's have fun. don't punch anybody in the face or head butt anybody or kick anybody or do any of this. that would be great. check three. >> this could be textbook training for firefighters. of course they roll up -- yes, indeed it is on fire. these guys know exactly what they're doing. they pull that attack line right off. they get the line charged. lots of communication going back and forth between the captain and the initial firefighters in there. they get their protective gear on and boom -- >> is it just the front area? >> it's just the front area. reports say this house had previously burned already. thankfully it is unoccupied, it's boarded up, firefighters
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they can't officially get the front door open instead they fight the fire in the front room from the windows, get that extinguished and make their rounds through the house. there was nobody in there and nobody injuries to firefighters. that's as textbook as it gets. now let's go to kaz ek stan where things are a little bit different. we have a report that this lady on the third story is suicidal, got in a fight with her boyfriend and she is climbing out the window and is sitting there. police start cliemg up the side of the building to get to this woman. >> that officer is so brave because he has no protective gear. he is just taking action. >> these cops are being praised and also being jeered as well because once they get there, there's really not much they could have done to stop her from jumping should she chose to do so. >> i could see why they probably
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somebody professional got there because all three of them could have fallen. >> they manage to get themselves safety. this dude has one heck of a challenge ahead of him. >> today i am going to go and eat a sock. >> he's gotten clever with this, though. >> see how he whips it up to attempt to get it down. plus, a pilot enjoys a over. the sun that will have you holding on extra tight. three new mediterranean inspired dishes. savory shrimp scampi saute ed in a mouthwatering garlic sauce. and flavorful new! chicken piccata. all under 575 calories. only at olive garden. seresto makes it easy to help protect your dog or cat from fleas and ticks. with the performance you expect from a monthly topical in a non-greasy collar... seresto kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. seresto
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[ announcer ] cortizone-10 eczema re closed captioning provided by -- cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. this guy, antonio is pulling some stunts rather close to the ground. he does a real tight left hander, levels out. he's got a buddy in formation behind him and then rips it over, but he's barely got any altitude. in fact, watch when he flies over some people's heads right about here. it's almost like they could have reached up and grabbed that antenna on top of his sleeve. >> no joke. >> man, how close is he to the ground?
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>> don't know how close he is exactly, but it's just -- the whole time i'm thinking to myself, don't forget that your controls are upside down, they're on backwards, you know? in order for him to go up, he has to push down. >> you see towards the end of it when the light hits his face, how red his face was. all the blood was going through it. >> this is all muscle memory, lots of practice, lots of skill, he is the youngest member of the performance team -- in argentina. >> if you get it wrong, the only thing you land on is your head. >> i hope your wig would be secure when you would do that fly-by. does a pug love a hair dryer?
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>> yes. >> i don't think so. i don't think it's enjoying that. >> of course it's loving it. look at it, it's licking the air. >> that's called freaking out. >> that's like a dog sticking its head out the window. this is the next best thing. >> if the dog loves it, okay. i love you, boo boo. it is march madness time, and i think some schools need to draft this cat. oh! i believe i can fly >> i want that cat in my bracket. >> yeah, just need to get his dunking work done and he'll be fine. >> through football season, i told you guys, i don't sit. i'm a sore winner, i'm a sore
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this guy is proof as to why i don't sit. >> today i'm going to go eat a sock. >> that's right, he is going to eat a sock because he posted on twitter the renegades beat tsm here, i'll eat a sock. tsm is playing. >> i'm a man of my word. i'm going to go ahead and eat a sock. >> it is a ewe, sock. >> he has gotten clever with it, though. >> that seems like a plenty good amount of sock. >> he is going to chop it up, add garlic, olive oil and mushroom. >> doesn't matter, that's the thing, it's still been all over your sweaty, stinky foot. >> credit to him for going through with it. >> think about the elastic, though, in the sock. the rubber, that kind of stuff, the toxins that are burning out of that. >> that stuff doesn't cook down. >> no. that's why you grate some cheese on top. >> i think it will taste just fine. it's the texture.
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>> he is halfway through the plate. >> look at this! i think he may have discovered some new -- >> no. not so fast. >> you can't chew it. you have to swallow it like it's a pill or gum or something and you can't let it clump up in your mouth then it turns into this gigantic mess that's difficult to deal with. >> i wonder if this will give him the runs. >> still have some stuck in my teeth. fireworks plus a rocket launcher equals -- but see how explosive it gets next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> water! >> a day at the beach gets interrupted because there's a visitor nearby. a mad dash to flee before an attack. >> no, no, run, run! plus, dad has something to show the kids. >> they have something new to play with. >> why this surprise wins him the title of --
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jelly belly jelly beans. the orig in promotional considerations provided by -- get real. get jelly belly. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. it's still spring break in some parts of the country, so when you go off to the beach like in hollywood, florida, and you see water like this, you're thinking yeah. here is the reason why there's not a whole lot of people in the water -- i see a fin! >> shark! >> no, no. >> run, run, run! >> there's no running you're in water. >> swim, swim, swim. >> the equivalent of run, swim! >> yes, those two people have gotten the message that there's a visitor nearby.
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poking out of the water. some of the beach goers think there's more than one, maybe two sharks. [ bleep ]. >> but once more and more people see those fins, the message becomes more and more clear. >> get out of the water! >> oh, because they're further down the shore, so they didn't hear it. >> right. like telephone, people start relaying the message of shark -- >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> now you start to see people really getting the message that, oh -- >> here is the bummer, you're on vacation. you just saw the shark in the water you get out. do you go back in? >> no! >> this could be your first day at the beach. >> it is hollywood, you save that for the prequill. >> no, you don't go back in. you go to the beach, sit there, some of you work on your tan, some of us play volleyball, then
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jump, jump, jump around. when it comes to being a dad, scotty hawk is winning. look what he did for his kids. this is their cabin. as you can see to the right, that is a slide daddy had installed. the kids are about to find out that they have something new to play with. >> greatest dad ever! >> he has five kids. youngest too small to go down
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the kids that are up and mobile and can walk -- >> what's up there? >> they have a loft in their cabin. as you can see, it comes from that loft down to the floor. that is nine feet long. >> oh! >> this is great. >> dad is no dummy. goes up to the can, wants peace and quiet. go on, kids, run up and down the kids, exhaust yourself, around 6, 7:00 p.m., the house is quiet because you're all tired. >> scotty is a fitness guy so he says this is a great way for the kids to get exercise and burn off energy. i think you're right. the cool thing is he does take us up stairs to see what he and two guys helped him put in created. up at the top of the stairs, that is a play house they installed. the play house is the entry and the slide is in the play house, but dad also takes a trip down -- >> ah, that's cool! >> and there you see mom holding the baby. you see her going down the
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he says it took six months from conception to the completion of this product. you want to check out his blog and see how he put this full thing together or where he ordered it, go to our website or check it out on our mobile app. let's do this! >> teaming up with betweens to pull a magical trick. >> was one of your favorite trips to france? >> how did you know?
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this is miss jamie and she is making a giant pop tart, the big, hue money gous version of the wild berry pop tart. she will mix flour, butter into her mixer, add milk and she will mix that up and knit out into one big pastry. next you have your fruity filling, she is using strawberry jam and grape, eggs, nix that up. that goes around the outer edges of the bottom layer. >> to keep it all sealed >> yes. >> this is actually looking quite accurate. >> it is. especially with the vent holes. >> details, my friend. pop it in the oven. you can't have a pop tart without cool frosting. water, powder sugar and food coloring. >> wow, that looks like she just
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>> it's cool. you can have that and say, what, breakfast. give me a break! love at first sight. [ laughter ] . [ crying ] right back. >> for more magic, he is not by himself this time. he added more people to the team, overenthusiastic tweens. >> let's do it. >> they teamed up to prank
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>> the kids, they have microphones, they have walky talkies, they have cameras. they get their social media handle. then he does a little stalling because the disney kids are now scrolling through their instagram and twitter or whatever trying to find things they've been up to. it's amazing that people don't put that together. >> was one of your favorite trips to like france? >> was one of your favorite trips to france? >> you like movies? >> "faults in our stars," does that ring a bell? >> did that make you cry? >> yeah. >> that's what that five indicates, crying. >> good thing you love kit cats. >> oh my god! stop. i'm done. >> she is buying it. are you kidding me, she is sold! >> he is talking about the random stuff. you line them up and get really
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>> it proves how much we put on social media. >> we overshare. >> i have a friend who posts a selfie everyday. i wonder what else she would -- >> let's talk about -- >> ask if she's french. >> are you french? >> how do you know that? >> based on the three. >> is it wrong that i'm thinking of ways to hustle people with this? >> my buddies say magicians are con man with a conscious. >> if you want to see the entire video of cyber stalking, we'll stick it up on our website at that's our show for today.
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hello, america and welcome to "the view." i am in such a great mood because last night was the bachelor finale. as you can imagine, it was incredible. ben higgins who we all know and love was actually in love with two women and i'm going to give you a quick recap as to everything that happened. i knew this was going to happen. i am so -- first, congratulations. oh, my god, you're so beautiful. i can't. i'm like mad. >> i saved the final rose for you. >> don't, not in front of your new fiance.


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