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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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there is a live peak outside of her downtown orlando. we are watching a little bit of rain that will be coming your way. we do check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with brian shields, you are talking about rain but a return to the '90s? it is florida, let me get you outside this morning, it is going to stay warm today. by the way, sunrise time later, use caution with the kids at the bus stop, and yourself, sunrise 7:34, sunset at 7:32 because of that time change and we are tracking rain this morning watching showers on the move in orange county a new batch about
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very close to the airport we are seeing showers as we get over toward the hiawatha area, pine hills, paramore also some late showers popping up. volusia county about to move into barry, sanford covering volusia, lake and seminal counties there. and the rest of lake county a few showers moving from sumter all seeing a bit of rain this morning for the point being, have the impeller for a hit or miss shower even a thunderstorm as is ago throughout the early afternoon. 70s around now, a couple of 60s, 70 degrees in orlando. a hit or miss shower or storm. it will look better by this afternoon, this afternoon really warm, mid- 80s around we are going to get even hotter over the next 24 hours. we will track the bigger warm- up just ahead. let's hit the drive. i-4 at sam may grow from this camera you cannot see any issues here, but we did have a hit and run crash eastbound through here. keep in mind, i have but not noticing it on any of our cameras throughout the area if you do end up coming upon that as he troopers on scene give them some extra room to work. the volusia volusia county we do still have a crash, state wrote 40 at lake wynonna road, this crash does not look like
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off to the side it does involve three vehicles. sheriff 70s are also unseen there, too. investigators are working to solve three weekend murders in orange county, including the murder of a 15-year-old shot dead as he walked on the sidewalk. >> eyewitness news this morning, weather and traffic every 10 minutes' labor that happened early sunday. no one has been arrested in any of these cases? >>reporter:investigators are searching for suspects and two of their shootings, and that includes who gunned down that teenager as he walked past this wooded area. orange county, in less than three days and not a single suspect in custody. >> we need every bit of help we can get. >>reporter:on sunday, the aunt of 15-year-old antoine davis pleaded for the public's help in identifying who shot the teenager in the head as he walked across north lakewood avenue in ocoee. that happened just hours after deputies say someone shot and killed 33-year-old jones at silver hills apartments in orlando.
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investigators say a woman shot and killed her boyfriend in apopka. he found out investigators have not made an arrest. silence is standing between his deputies and finding the other shooters. >> we, in law enforcement, cannot stop the violence without the community's help. >>reporter:has for the teenager shot and killed here, we found out from investigators he had ongoing disputes with other boys in the area, they say they are talking with people hoping someone has information. county, janai norman, police arrested two people in maryland accused of shooting and killing a police officer in what police are calling and unprovoked attack. investigators say the suspects were near the police station when one of them opened fire killing and officer.
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of the suspects read the other ran off but was caught. a third person who is not an officer, was also curt in the crossfire. a gun man who shot two people during an easter egg hunt in palm bay is on the run this morning. police are trying to figure out what led up to the shooting at liberty park on saturday. they believe the victims were involved. the victims walked into the er and are expected to be okay. no one else at the easter egg hunt was hurt 24 hours from the start of what's being billed as super tuesday three, ted -- candidates are making their final pitches all across florida and for other states. eyewitness news this morning angela jacobs joins us live. many say this is marco rubio's last chance to stay in the race? >>reporter:that is being set for both rubio and john kasich, but john kasich is leading trump in his home state. while marco rubio trails here by double digits. >> the only one who has a chance to be donald trump, in florida, is me. >>reporter:marco rubio exuding confidence in the villages on sunday as he addressed issues of healthcare, education, jobs.
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behind front runner donald trump, in his home state. >> we intend to win florida, we plan to in florida. >>reporter:at one point, rubio caught attention of supporters. the outburst quickly subdued, comes after front runner donald trump made headlines for protested violence at his >> get them out! other primary candidates, this week, rubio did not waste the opportunity to decry the behavior fueling the controversy around trump >> the rhetoric and his rallies, what he is inciting people in terms of anger has not turned into violence. it's unfair, i think he's losing -- i think he loses if he's our nominee. i really do. >>reporter:the latest poll we checked as donald trump with 43% of support from florida voters. arco rubio and ted cruz are tied
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campaigning with john kasich and his homestay today to try to sway voters away from donald trump. ohio is also holding its primary tomorrow it's also considered a key state. he is not pushy -- he is not just pushing for john kasich, romney has been asking florida -- voters to vote for senator marco rubio. nearly 2 million voters those votes are expected to count for about half of the tomorrow's primary. the developments in the 2016 presidential race i downloading during election season, many people take to facebook to voice their opinions, and now have received more than 1 million reports, day, citing users violating its policy. those reports include allegations of hate speech, and attacks to individual characteristics. trained facebook employees review posts inciting physical violence before anything else.
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down his list about nominees to replace the late antonin scalia. right now, the top three choices are listed on your screen. an islamic extremist group is claiming responsibly for an attack on a beach resort that killed at least 20 people per that attack happened over the weekend at the rand resort in western africa bird report say the attackers opened fire on beachgoers. intelligence group which monitors jihadist websites as al qaeda is behind the attacks. we will be in touch with orange county deputy today to find out if they have any more clues in the death of a person his body was found in lake oconee. the medical examiner's office is try to figure out how and when the person died. the body was found yesterday morning on the east side of the
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traffic on i-4 and her downtown orlando is moving again after it was shut down for several hours last night because of a bad crash involving an overturned pickup truck. traffic was backed up for miles on both sides of i-4. you can see right here, and f1 50 facing the wrong way in the eastbound lanes, best to get to say the driver was driving recklessly, and hit a construction barrier and the driver was thrown from the truck when it overturned. he is in critical condition. the manicures and a deputy involved shooting at the wwe trading facility in orange county could find out today if he's copied them for trial. when they arrived in that facility in 2015, armando tarcher them, forcing them to shoot him. he told investigators he was shooting a reality show, and expected to be tased, not shot. agents are investigating the death of a woman who died from an apparent seizure while being held in a flagler county jail. 57-year-old kathleen feeler died yesterday morning, police arrested her on saturday on in
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the medical examiner's office is expected to perform an autopsy today. lake county deputies are learning how to handle situations involving people with mental illness. we watched as deputies role- played various scenarios such as handling a mentally ill person with a knife. debbie say the training helps them empathize with people who are suffering from mental illness. >> on a daily basis we come across people who are going through crisis. crisis means different things to different people. for some it could be they lost their job, going through divorce, whatever the case may be. >> deputies are also learning how to spot signs of someone who is suffering from mental issues and how to talk to them and get help. we are expected to get an updated and the progress of the i-4 alternate project. we have been monitoring all of those changes since work started last year, the massive project still has about five years to go. we will let you know what officials say today starting on
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new a check on that warm-up. >> heating up, for sure the next couple of days. even with some rain this morning, chance of showers today it will be really warm, 87 degrees today, 88 by t omorrow, a couple of us could hit 90 degrees for the first time this year, on our tuesday. on wednesday it still mid to upper '80s, the warm weather really not going anywhere we go throughout the week area down here in orange county you see some showers, winter park, rollins, over toward azalea park getting wet, right on the edge of bell belle isle, and again downtown orlando also seek some of the showers. we are seeing rain through lake county this morning, light showers. moving into volusia county to land also getting wet. have the abella for this morning as we are tracking a few of the showers. even a rumble of thunder will
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highs today about 87, as i mentioned tonight clearing out, but staying mild. coming up we are tracking the warm-up and another storm system on the way. troopers and volusia county devotees are still on scene of this crash and daily on springs right at lake wynonna road. it looks like they have been able to get this off to the side. the hit-and-run crash that was reported on high for near southlake road it was like that is out of the way. and so is our construction. looking pretty good in both directions on i for. -- i-4. more local companies are trying to help cure the homeless outbreak. our volunteers are using pedal power to help find a cure for diabetes. orange county capacitor ordinance that would force many
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. right now, three people are dead following a weekend of shootings across orange county. eyewitness news this morning's janai norman's life were a 15- year-old was gunned down on sunday morning. investigators have yet to make a single arrest for the murders? >>reporter:nancy, the family a 15-year-old antoine davis is pleading with the public's help in identifying his shooter. as this a makeshift memorial sits where the teenager lost his life.
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ongoing disputes with boys in the area of north lakewood avenue and ocoee where he was gunned down on sunday morning. that happened just hours after deputies say someone shot and killed 33-year-old jones of silver hills apartments in orlando. and the night before, investigators say a woman shot and killed her boyfriend in apopka. we found out they have interviewed the woman but have not made an arrest in that case or the two others. reporting live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. deputies are searching for a father on the run with his children. patrick earl scott, junior took off with 2-year-old paris scott and 4-year-old patrick scott the third on wednesday. japanese believe you left at his home in texas. right now texas rangers are searching for scots and the two children. the attorney of a two-time daytona 200 chomp -- champion accused of attacking a daytona police officers
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get those charges dropped. pushed officer gregory quinn. he tried to detain him after some sort of altercation with a woman at the intersection of main street and ocean avenue. this past weekend. orlando will need to become more energy efficient if an ordinance is approved. eyewitness news this morning uncovered a draft ordinance business and building owners to rating each year. if it's below 75, owners will need to complete an energy audit or retrofit the building to improve their score. >> this information is going to help improve the overall energy >> the energy star process and all uc audits are free, retrofits would not be required, but some fear a low efficiency score may result in families paying more for rent to offset energy improvements. restoration project for the everglades may soon get a permanent funding source if governor rick scott approves a bill. it would provide two and a million dollars a year for land preservation.
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2014. it provides $50 million a year for restoration for florida springs and $500 million -- $5 million for lake apopka. the first of six trials to settle hundreds of lawsuits surrounding faulty ignition switches. the switches can slip out of the on position causing the cars to stall, knocking out power steering, and turning off airbags. it has fix the problem, the trials come after an accident in new orleans two years ago. you want to hear this, nissan is calling -- recalling 50,000 cars because of a made between 2013-2015, nissan says drivers may have to put extra pressure on the brakes brake booster. injuries have been reported. in orange county, cruise over the weekend. two people were inside this house and the aging tree fell no one was hurt, this is a second time come in a week, the tree has fallen. tree removal workers say this
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in the area have been slated for removal. if you want to water your lawn in seminole county you will need to follow the rules. since a daylight savings time is taken effect, people living in homes with odd numbers street addresses can only wintered -- water on wednesday and saturday. even number 10 water on thursday and sunday. you cannot water between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. the 25th annual tour de cure has raised five and a $40,000 for the fight against diabetes. cyclists hit the streets of orlando on sunday traveling anywhere from 10 miles-100 miles for the american diabetes association. well, the world's largest entertainment mcdonald's is ready to start cooking again. >> the iconic mcdonald's on i drive has had millions of taurus opening in 1976 pretty close last december so the owners could remodel it.
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square feet, the new one is it will also be open 24 hours, depending on permitting it tomorrow. there you go. >> apparently they have a -- they have a build it yourself menu. they do everything out there. pastas, pizzas. >> face are positive? >> they do it all. >> gave another waffle have a waffle bar. >> i love how much we know about this. [laughter] >> i will keep you posted. again, with the time change this weekend is going to be tougher to get the kids out of winds out of the south is seven, sunup 7:35, use caution by the bus stops this morning. it will be darker longer, sunset 7:34. headache for me getting to bed.
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what you are prepared, have the umbrella. showers near webster, a few more in lake county we have been seeing that in northern orange from apopka right up there mount clemens getting wetter times this morning. nothing too heavy, but t raffic -- tracking shows on the east side now. back at the volusia county, deland, altona, lake helen, cassadaga seen some light showers right across i-4. take it easy on the driver some of the wet roads. 60s and 70s around, it is warm , for sure. winds out of the south, very gusty today. over 25 miles per hour and it will be a windy and warm day. with a chance of a few showers and storms. no huge system dropping and i will keep that rain chances -- rain chances 30% for today. later in the day we will start
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marion county near 80 by the time we hit 4 p.m. spotty showers and then stopping it at midday. in a hit or miss shower in the afternoon otherwise mainly dry after midafternoon and looking better into the evening hours. peaches, we are going to be choppy -- -- the beaches we are going to be choppy and intercoastal. 60s and 70s around. for today, 87, showers and storms, windy and warm. let's go over all of the temperatures. 86 today melbourne and palm bay, 84 ocala, 83 palm coast, kissimmee 87, again a 30% range and then tonight down in the 60s, it will stay mild, clearing out, partly cloudy skies. if the winds settle tonight little bit of patchy fog and then how about that? take a look at this for t omorrow, kissimmee 90 degrees, 88 orlando, 86 leesburg, it is going to be flat out hot on our tuesday forecast.
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weekend always in view. hot again on wednesday, 87, lots of sun tuesday and wednesday, by the end of the week we are going to watch out for our next storm system a 30% chance of rain on friday, better chance of showers and storms by saturday and then we will drop off into the 70s by the time we had sunday. we are at 5:51, let's get a look at i-4 i-4 right at central florida parkway these are your westbound lanes of traffic in the right here you have your eastbound traffic. seeing our the morning. all construction has cleared out. along 408 at mills heading into issues eastbound or was that we did just have a crashed pop up in paisley we are going to get more information about that and update you in the a crash between two patrol cars is under investigation, this morning, coming up what happened to the driver of a stolen car blamed for causing the crash.
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security lines are only going to get longer at the airport, it is bad timing for spring breakers. >> tsa staffing shortages and a
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pack -- travelers are contributing to wait as long as two hours. more than 140 million people are expected to fly during march and april. that means 300,000 more people a day going through security checks. >> one of the great tenses flying when nobody else wants to fly. for example on a sunday or saturday morning. >> you can also prepare ahead of time by checking online for tsa delays and get to the airport at least two hours before your flight. the orlando city soccer club is making way for the orlando pride as they headed to their first training session today. the women's soccer team will tom sermonic, this morning, we were there back in october when the team announced us star alex morgan, canadian male -- midfielder will join the pride, this is the first week of training, the first match a pril 17. you'll have plenty more on the prize first week of training on city insider that comes your way every saturday night at 10:35 on central florida's tb 27. practice starts today and tomorrow for golfers in the
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invitational this week. the competition will run thursday through sunday. the orlando will help put an end to -- magic will help put an end to homelessness. fan dual will donate one dollar for every tree with a hashtag rethink homelessness. it will run 5 p.m. tomorrow until two hours after the game. the european space agency has begun a first stage of a two-part mission to explore mars and hunt for signs of life on the red planet. >> take a look at this massive rocket. launch this morning it is expected to reach mars in october for the spacecraft is about the size of a large expected to join the rocket and in orbiter in may of 2018. you will not hear the roar of the pies at daytona beach this morning. >> like week is over for another year, why the event was the safest in years even though
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here comes those final pushes for candidates before super tuesday three. coming up, how once again donald trump is feeling everybody's fire. we are tracking rain that is working into seminal county right now from orange and a
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right now on eyewitness news this morning, orange county deputies are looking for the person who shot and killed a teenager walking on the sidewalk outside of his home. >> he did not even have his life left, they took him from us. >> the e-mails and a plea for information from his family. the personality, they don't love it so much, but that's okay. who cares? >> the republicans have been after me for 25 years. >> were just 24 hours before the florida primary, the candidates are crisscrossing the state taking aim at each other and fighting for votes. >> good morning, your time right now 6 a.m. on this monday, m arch 14. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes let's get over to certify meteorologist, brian shields with a look at some rain this morning? >> yeah, tracking light showers out there. is get you to the radar first. by apopka, zell would through


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