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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  ABC  March 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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8 points with 15 seconds left. guys, golden state at the top, san antonio in second. their head to heads will probably decide if it stays that way. the difference is four in the loss column. right now golden state six losses, san antonio ten. they meet three times and the clippers remain on the heels of oklahoma city. they'll be tied in the loss column if it stays this way, as lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers, top team in the east, third best record in the league, are at staples. mike breen and hubie brown will have that tomorrow on abc. cleveland leads the east over toronto, just two in the loss column. cleveland wraps up a west coast trip. >> mark: not playing their best basketball right now. reason to be concerned because they're a team that needs to play great basketball and could be a problem facing the cavaliers.
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>> mike: toronto in second, boston in third. what does this mean for the thunder as they come in here and quarter. this will count as a fourth quarter lead blown. got to get it in. no timeouts. morrow goes to the basket. misses the layup. aldridge the rebound, and the thunder will drop back-to-back games. the headline is san antonio 32-0 at home this year. they now are alone at third, 41 consecutive wins, a couple days shy of a full calendar year since they last lost at home. kawhi leonard, nine in the fourth, 26-point game and he's standing by with lisa. >> thank you, mike. kawhi, you guys turned it on in the fourth quarter. what was the difference down the
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stretch in in game? >> we p finally started to knock down shots. >> 26 points in the game but nine in the fourth quarter. what changed for you? >> like i said, i just started to knock down shots, got my rhythm going, my teammates found there. >> on the defensive end, how are you guys able to keep their stars, durant, westbrook, from beating you? >> we just competed the whole >> thank you. >> talk about the stars, lisa and what they did. oklahoma city's best players only one of nine from three. as a team oklahoma city only 17 points, shooting six of 18 in the fourth quarter. guys, thanks for letting me hang with you saturday night primetime. >> mark: it's been a pleasure. >> get you back to your normal partner. mike can deal with you the rest of the year on saturday nights. >> jeff: no rush. >> mike: with mark jackson, jeff van gundy and lisa salters, mike
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tirico saying so long from san antonio where the spurs win by 8 here on the home of the nba finals abc. the family of a man shot and killed held a vigil in his memory tonight. >> calm all week, but tracking a chance of wendy hates dirty lawn furniture. that' s why she uses scotts outdoor cleaner plus oxi-clean. it cleans all of wendy' s lawn furniture without damaging any of wendy' s lawn. scotts. it' s good out here. she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight
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for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. wendy hates dirty lawn furniture. that' s why she uses scotts outdoor cleaner plus oxi-clean. it cleans all of wendy' s lawn furniture without damaging any
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s lawn. s good out here. new information in a deadly shooting investigation. >> i just can't believe it happened to him. >> investigators have tracked down the shooter, a little more than 24 hours after they started searching. might be manzoni is -- mike manzoni is on 13th in apopka. the shooter cooperating with detectives. >> reporter: the family is having a small get-together after tonight's candlelight vigil. deputies have not arrested the woman you mentioned. we know she was the victim's girlfriend. and we're
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trying to find out why she doesn't face charges. >> reporter: tonight the family lit candles and remembered a man who leaves behind two young children. >> she was a nice person, caring, loving. >> reporter: enough to bring the victim's nephew to tears. >> it's all right. [ crying ] >> reporter: the victim's sister is shocked but not surprised that orange county deputies say her brother's girlfriend, williams, plugged the trigger. >> i always told him leave her alone before she kill you. >> reporter: we were there as deputies closed part of 13th and tried to figure out what led up to the shooting. williams cooperated with deputies and gave them a statement but didn't say what she told them happened in the shooting.
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victim, and she's not the victim. he's the victim. >> reporter: the get-together here is starting to wrap up now. but you can see the little makeshift memorial with the candles that the family got together to honor the victim. the sheriff's office is still investigating. they would not say whether they plan to charge williams. waiting for place to release the name of a man who died in a fiery crash on i-4 this morning. one lane was blocked for several hours. eyewitnesses spotted a driver speeding down the eastbound side. he lost control. brecreditvard county -- brevard
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county fire crews keeping a close eye on a brush fire area. the highway has since reopened. firefighters told us they returned a couple of times because of calls from people drive by the area. the -- driving by the area. 9292 troopers are also investigating a crash that killed two 24 year-olds. they died early this morning on merit island. neighbors say speed bumps should be added. >> a lot of people, a lot of turns. it's crazy that every day speeding. >> investigators say when he lost control, it went off the pole. six people are recovering
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a marion county gun range . a man was loading an antique shotgun when it hit the floor and fired, hitting six people, including four juveniles. the faa is looking into a plane crash in lake county that killed two people. it happened around south lake hospital in clairemont. people said they knew something was wrong. >> reporter: the view from his backyard saturday morning was hard to handle. >> i got emotional once i realized it was two and they were gone. >> reporter: a single engine aircraft crashed into a field behind south lake hospital. the crash kill twod people. >> i saw fuel drink. no fire or flame or anything. >> reporter: neighbors rushed
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over to help. they noticed the one victim but said it was hard to tell there was a second person on the plane because it was so mangled. >> almost like a car going back and a backfire. but it -- something wrong with it. >> reporter: investigators arrived around noon today . investigators released the names of the two people killed in that crash. dave sheehan and james cox. they were both licensed pilots. an orange county man is still in the hospital recovering from a brain injury after he was beaten up because he was in the wrong place at wrong time. investigators say he was beaten outside tavern at the creek on
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told us he just happened to walk up to another fight in the parking lot and was attacked. we checked with the brevard county sheriff's office, still searching for a father accused of take his children out of state without permission. deputies reached out to the rangers in texas hoping to find scott. they were taken by their father wednesday night. deputies say scott has a home in texas and they believe that's where he's gone. ted cruz has won nine delegates up for grabs in today's republican county conventions in wyoming. rubio and trump came away with one. the trump campaign remains on
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agents rushed to his side after a protestor tried to jump onto the stage today. trump isn't taking responsibility for any of it. >> go back home to mommy. >> reporter: tensions are flaring up. trump just finished scolding one protestor in dayton. then another leapt over the barricade. >> reporter: you can see a second protestor rushes the podium. the secret service flanks the candidate. >> thank you for the warning. it's much easier facility cops do it. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the trump campaign was already on edge today. after the melee last night in chicago. trump haters infiltrated the arena. >> trump is not welcome in chicago. and we're gonna make that clear.
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them thugs and communists. his rivals blame him for the chaos. >> he's created a toxic environment. >> reporter: today rubio was asked if she'd still support the gop ticket if trump is the nominee. >> i don't i don't know. getting harder. >> two people were arrested outside of a trump really tonight. police were forced to use pepper spray. rubio will make two stops in central florida tomorrow . tuesday can be a make or break day for democratic candidates as well is. bernie sanders is hoping to win ohio after his upset victory in michigan.
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hillary clinton is fighting to keep her lead. both candidates are in agreement tonight when it comes to their views on donald trump. >> the ugly, divisive rhetoric we are hearing from donald trump is not only wrong, it's dangerous. >> what our supporters are doing is responding to a candidate who has in many ways encouraged violence. >> hillary clinton is confident here in florida where she is enjoying a lead in the polls. high alert to make sure nothing gets out of hand for the last weekend of this year's bike week.
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bike weekends tomorrow. aimed at making guys better men. the 12th annual better man event held today in orlando. some famous faces took the stage. darryl strawberry was there, and kaka. thousands came to be inspired. >> we talked about take courage as a man. not running from fear. >> only 48 men first attended. today there were about 4,000. tomorrow you can share your input on the effects of standardized testing. many think overuse and misuse of standardized testing may be
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will be held tomorrow. nissan is recalling almost 50,000 of their leaf electric cars because of a brake issue. the problem seems to be the relay inside the car's electronic brake booster.s recall includes leafs made between 2013 and 2015. the investigation into what caused the crash that killed a driver and a deputy. and a massive oak tree fell on two houses, nearly crushing people inside. >> barely brushed on the back of the runway like an indiana jones movie. >> and the developing storm system that will bring scattered
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages,
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almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. workers have cleared most of a massive tree that fell onto two homes and crushed a bedroom. this one had been rotting for years. >> reporter: neighbors this morning realized how big this mess really was.
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>> it's down! >> reporter: he saw the tree fall. >> i look up and i hear deep cracking in every direction. >> reporter: part of that tree went through this home, which had been converted into apartments decades ago and sent debris from the ceiling and the roof raining down. upstairs had been the home of a couple for 21 years and they were in bed when it collapsed around them. a team tried to get things back to normal. make sure older trees get a checkup. >> there's a great opportunity there to call the parks and recreation and city of orlando, have them come out and give you an evaluation. >> i've been here 21 years and this happens. he comes up and says i'm homeless, man. how do
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>> that couple has found a on monday the city of orlando studied those aging trees. city works have had a list of trees slated for removal. experts are now investigating whether a piece of airplane debris found on the coast of africa belongs to malaysian airlines flight 370. a teenager found it in december but took it home. earlier this month another piece of debris washed up on the shore. state troopers are investigating what led up to a wrong-way crash in hillsboro
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deputy. a colonel says this loss is their worst nightmare. >> it drives it home to all the deputies. it could have been his car, anyone else's car. >> macbeth died at the scene. the deputy died at the hospital. a procession of police cars led his body to the medical examiner's office. drivers using 408 eastbound can expect delays overnight in orlando. troopers will be slowing down traffic to 417 for construction work. speeding fines will be doubled. construction is officially underway on a new middle school in the avalon/timber springs
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area. [ cheering and applause ] >> the middle school jazz band was there performing. we told you last year when the district approved adding the new school. community leaders held a ribbon-cutting for the miracle field. it features a custom designed synthetic surface that can accommodate wheelchairs and other devices, making it accessible to anyone including those with special needs. flash flood watches and warnings are up in six states as rivers continue to rise. people in states from louisiana to tennessee are racing to block the water, up to 2 feet in some parts.
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completely caught off-guard. >> you didn't even have time to throw sandbags in front of your door. >> flooding is still a possibility through tomorrow. in louisiana the national guard says this is the most widespread flooding outside of a hurricane that state has ever seen. serious weather. >> and we'll watch that storm system track over florida tomorrow. it will bring us some scattered rain but not the problems you just saw in louisiana. daylight saving time begins tonight. you lose an hour of sleep if you wake up at the same time. the clocks go ahead, 2:00 am. you'll get that hour back in the first weekend of november.
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cover, temperatures in the low 70s. at 10:00, sprinkles have fallen apart. we're dry through morning. for tomorrow, some scattered passing rain. it's not gonna rain all day. maybe a group shower or two. an isolated lightning strike, and is it's going to be about it. let's get you through sunday first. our temperatures will be 63 in deland. 66 in leesburg. we're gonna start the morning dry. no rain before noon. 2:00, scattered rain developing. yellows and oranges, those are isolated downpours. it'll be the kind of day where some neighborhoods will miss out on the rain. othersingly just get a little eight -- will just get a little bit. after 5:00, most of
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the rain will be near our beaches. some schools have started their spring break, and we'll be on spring break for the week ahead. so the beaches will be busier. watch for lightning and rip currents at the beaches. curry ford road, we have a slight chance for rain at noon, higher mid to late afternoon. temperatures at the 80s again . watching that rain mostly likely in the afternoon. balm bay, notice the 80s. a chance for a passing afternoon shower or isolated lightning storm. at the beaches, again watching for the rip current and lightning for the afternoon. the weekend always in view.
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through most of next week. tomorrow's 50% chance will be the wettest day. dry for the rest of the yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it.
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today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. let's start by spreading olive oil and garlic on our flatbread. then we add cheese; but what really makes this dish special are the florida bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes. when the cheese is melted and bubbly it's done. just cut and serve. and that's how easily florida flatbread with tomato and sweet bell peppers can become a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. another late one for the magic. >> the last late one. magic wrapping up a 4-game west coast
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the season sweep of the blazers. started out hot. oladipo from long-range. 11-2 run. portland responds with a 9-0 run of their own! mccollum, strong to the rack. right before the end of the quarter, gerald henderson nails it. portland hits six 3s in the 1st quarter. they lead 58-48 through the 2nd. daytona bike week wrapping up this weekend. and the 200 part of the unofficial chosing ceremony. no one injured. michael barnes, look over his shoulder. he's got some breathing room. the oldest required ever to win the daytona 200. and he didn't go directly to victory lane. he joined some of the folks on top of a school bus.
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the first two orlando city matches. hoping to celebrate more than just three goals and two draws. the offense was finished in the middle of the pack last year, rather pedestrian to start the 2016 campaign. last night hoornd city had a man advantage for more than an hour. they have been without kaka. >> i just thought our quality wasn't good enough. some of the decisions were right. the quality and the execution of the final ball wasn't good enough . the arnold palmer
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matt every the 2-time defending champ. this week, hanging out on the gold coast of florida. spieth looking to defend his title. gets this absurd eagle putt to drop . charley hoffman in the bunker. not an issue. chips in. also posted a 67 today. hoffman is 5 under. best facial hair in golf. also has a pretty good iron game. 7 under. 1 off the pace. everyone looking up at bill of. putter. posted a second straight 67. he'll head into the final
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about prevnar 13 today. danny white is shaking things up in east orlando. last week he fired donny jones and joy williams. as baseball coach, terry rooney could keep his name


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