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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> you can see the video that shows frederick torres getting into the park through what appears to be an employee entrance with some sort of a badge even though he was fired the day before. >> reporter: the universal orlando security video shows fired employee frederick torres going into what appears to be the employee entrance just after 7:00 am on new year's day. it appears he shows some sort of identification to someone at the gate then walks in. more than two hours later, according to the video time stamp, security video shows the manager torres had a disagreement with the day before which led to his firing being chased. and torres is the one who was chasing him. it's still unclear howtory is was able -- how he was able to get in after being fired. universal said his id and access cards had been deactivated. more than one witness told orlando police that
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saw the disturbance laughed it off at first. but a tourist knew better and started taking photos of the two after she saw the she photographed the two men with another security guard separating them before the stabbing. we asked universal whether any changes, personnel or otherwise, were made over the security accusations, and we're told universal doesn't talk about security issues or human employees were told to wash away the blood stains before the scene was secured and examined. the the more shows after the stabbing, torres told an orlando officer he couldn't lose his job, he wouldn't be able to eat. the officer told him losing a job is better than being in jail and torres responded that at least he could eat in jail. his trial is set for next month.
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detectives have taken over the case of a man whose body was found buried in the ocala national forest. he was report the missing in january. the case is being handed over to the putnam county investigators . the family of a teen who disappeared wednesday is visiting their son at the hospital in critical condition tonight. a driver ran into him, and when emergency crews rushed him to the hospital, they couldn't identify him. that family and police searched everywhere for the 16-year-old. >> day turned into night, night turned into day, and he wasn't there. i didn't know what to do. >> when we put his picture on our news, a nurse called our station and we conferenced her
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they brought the family to the thopt id their son. he is in a coma tonight. a certified nursing assistant was accused of posting naked pictures of patients on social media. >> it happen -- more than a year and a half later, that nursing assistant's license has been revoked. >> reporter: officials told me they're committed to thorough and objective investigations. in the case of this facility, it took more than a year to read through the records and conduct all the interviews to get to the bottom of the allegs. just steps from the ocean, seaside manor is the perfect spot for an assisted living facility. eyewitness news uncovered a problem. >> it's a sick that does that. >> reporter: george lives next
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hear about the accusations until we told him about this final order from the department of health. it accuses assistant benjamin gerardino of taking pictures of two patients while they were naked. the assistant is also accused of posting them on a social media site. he was accused of taking the pictures around christmas in 2014 but the department of health did not find out about the allegations until the agency for healthcare administration told its fshls the follow -- officials the following march. the state finally revoked his license. this is not his first time in trouble in. 2009 he took a plea deal in a burglary case. he was also the center of a child abuse case which was eventually dropped. seaside manor's attorney said they conduct all required background checks for employees. we also tried to figure out when he stopped work
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other facilities. a jury found two people guilty today in orange county for their involvement in a dogfighting ring in 2014. renaldo bell and mona er -- cumberland was sentenced to one guilty. 30 dogs. producer say they were used for fighting. bell testified he was only at the home to buy marijuana. >> he's going to appeal his case. he's upset. and i'm assuming he's in somewhat shock. he's never been to jail. >> prosecutors pointed out
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arrested but they avoided jail time by taking plea deals. deputies are waiting for a report from the medical examiner's office which could help them decide whether to charge a mother whose newborn was found dead . investigators say there was a warrant for her arrest for violation of probation. two high school students got caught up in the sex trade. investigators say one of them was introduced to prostitution from her after school job. >> it could be my granddaughter or your granddaughter or daughter that is involved in this. >> investigators are looking for more potential victims of this guy. he is behind bars on human trafficking, child pornography. investigators say he manipulated the teens into
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>> the men who had sex with these juveniles, we will absolutely arrest them. and they will also be subject to human trafficking charges. >> investigators say one of the biggest challenges is how easily traffickers can market and 60s young women by just posting a picture online. it is the last weekend of bike week . there have been a handful of crashes and fatalities. bikers worry about cars are on the road but are happy with the big police presence. >> the police made it where you can go on one block and cars can go on the other. map teachers are about to head monday school officials will sit down
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first time since last month's impasse. the teachers organization will bring in a new proposal. teachers say they're being paid less than teachers in other districts. recording this weekend's central florida spotlight. martinez said tuesday's primary in florida could help nail down donald trump's bid for the nomination and put an end to marco rubio's race for the white house but he's not thrilled about that. >> it's a very important election. i fear that a donald trump nominee would take us to a historic defeat. and i worry about that. >> you can watch more of what martinez and our analyst have to say about the florida primary at 12:30 tomorrow.
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dollars on a fly-over to ease congestion. but some business owners didn't want the bridge you see behind me. their 3-year long court battle against the state just ended. >> reporter: i business owner going up. but you can see the now the state has to pay out more than a million dollars in a lawsuit settlement. the owner of the property off of 1792 wasn't happy about the proposal to put a fly-over at 436. he claimed in the suit in federal court that the bridge would adversely impact all property surrounding the intersection and future development and redevelopment of the area. the department of transportation officials wanted the fly-over to ease congestion at the intersection. the owner
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bridge was built, businesses wouldn't want to move into the area. if dot spent $21 million in construction costs alone. in january of this year, both sides came to a settlement to get the federal course to dismiss the case. if dot agreed to rebrs them for their legal fees. leaders say that money was already set aside for landscaping work before a settlement was reached. fdot will have to put up four signs at the intersection to let drivers know where they can find the hili property. >> we were unable to reach the owner of the property for comment. an orange county man wants to build a mosque in windermere.
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have happiness. paradise. >> the concern people have about the plan. and the city of orlando wants all of these big downtown buildings to go green. >> with winter temperatures just a memory, i'm focusing on this next storm system and rain
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women.
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because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. orlando is working on a new ordinance aimed at making buildings downtown green and efficient. >> some worry energy efficiency will force some folks out of the downtown area. >> reporter: we found out this would impact any building over 40,000 square feet, including all the buildings that make up the downtown skyline. they would be surveyed for energy efficiency. and low scores would be audited by ouc.
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worry low scores could mean higher rents for tenants and residents. >> reporter: this city wants to become one of the greenest cities in the country. instead of focusing only on city-owned buildings, city hall wants to hold high rises and other buildings to more sustainable standards. >> it's about providing data and information so people can better choose what apartment complex or office building they'd like to operate in. >> reporter: the ordinance will require around 1,100 business owners to disclose their rating to the city each year. and if it's below 75, take steps to contribute. the energystar process and audits are free, and retrofits wouldn't be required. but some worry the shame of a low efficiency score may prompt improvements to trickle down to
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>> it's obviously important to keep being a green city. but we have to take into consideration whether or not the people are capable of paying higher rent. >> reporter: leaders are still working out the kinks. but they hope to have something in place by may. >> "the freedom for private property owners to operate without unfunded mandates will ensure doing business remains competitive and desirable." we posted their list of concerns and the draft ordinance on our website. the average rent in orlando has increased by 3% from february to march. this continues the trend. some people don't want a mosque near their home. a man is
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this piece of land just outside of keen's point. the land is zoned residential and the owner is trying to convince the county to allow a zoning change to let the mosque be built. folks say it's not about what's being built there. they just don't want the extra traffic and noise. >> this is single family dwelling. this is what we want to concentrate on. we each have two acres. and we enjoy our peace and quiet. >> the neighbors did fight a baptist church and lost that fight. a community meeting will be held next wednesday at 6:00 pm. we posted more information on our website. in volusia county, the
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make an announcement on a homeless shelter. the county did not go with the city's plan for a homeless shelter. we'll let you know what happens. in lake county, community leaders will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new track and field for people of all abilities. it is t feature a custom designed surface that can accommodate wheel chairs and other devices making it acceptable to anyone. firefighters are still working to put out a fire that crews expect the road to be closed for the rest of the night. the sfier 90% contained -- fire is 90% contained. and we certainly do need some rain. >> yes, spring break in full swing. perfect weather so far. but rain has been in short supply.
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soccer. orlando city taking the pitch. 78 degrees in downtown orlando. temperatures hovering in the upper 70s. mid-70s by 10:00 tonight. still some low 80s to the west. down into the lower 70s. a very warm day today. 85 in orlando. we'll continue with this warmer pattern. i have another front more toward wednesday of next week. overall this pattern will stick around for the foreseeable future. we have the clouds rolling through. rain-free across central florida. this low pressure system to the west is going to lift to the north. we'll drag some of this flood across the deep south. that pocket of moisture, we're gonna
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that into our backyard. ten% to 20% coverage. we'll call it widely scattered10% to 20% coverage. we'll call it widely scattered. sunday right now forecasts still at odds, whether we got good coverage or just a few isolated showers. i think the truth is in the middle. 50% rain coverage tomorrow. scattered showers over the interior moving toward the east coast. if you are headed over to daytona, cocoa beach, sunday evening, it'll be wrapped up by then. heavier downpours along the east coast sunday night. more indicative of early summer. drying back out next
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apopka, great weekend for the fair going on over there. a warm afternoon tomorrow with more cloud cover up and down the coast. upper 70s and mostly cloudy skies for cocoa beach. 84 in orlando tomorrow. about a degree cooler than today. there's your 5-day. the weekend always in view. 84 and 85 with a better chance of rain late on sunday. monday showers move out, and we're back to the good old fashioned chamber of commerce for spring break. many more events at >> and we gotta spring forward. deputies are searching for a man accused of inappropriately touching a woman and attacking her friend who came to her rescue. >> he was beaten so badly, he
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orlando city hoping for less drama and more goals here at the citrus bowl tonight. on sunday they needed every last second to pull out a draw against real salt lake. tonight it's the chicago fire in town. they were awful on the road last year. didn't win a game away from home in 2015. their only road trip to the citrus bowl last year resulted in a 1-1 draw. tonight orlando city will have a new face on the field. antonio nocerino will start the game and has impressed in practice. he will not be joined by kaka. the captain will miss a injury. >> we need to be switched on for the attacking play. they got some quick players. we need to be aware of that. but mostly about ourselves. we need to pick up points at home.
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season premiere of orlando city insider. interviews with the teenagers the coach, and a look back at the season opener. starts at 10:35. college hoops now. florida taking texas a&m. the steal and the flush, ties the game at 45. with a minute to play, daniel house puts this one away. aggies take it 72-66. saturday night san antonio and oklahoma city trying to keep pace with golden state. you can watch the spurs and thunder right here on channel 9. the kickoff about 30 minutes away. we'll have the highlights for you. >> enjoy the game. perfect night. good luck to orlando city. and thank you for watching
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>> world news is up next. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early
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approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. we're going to make sure i'm hillary clinton and i
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ncy reagan breaking news this friday night. the new fights breaking out at a trump rally. both outside, and inside. the clashes captured on video. >> get them out of here. >> the new security concerns after the assault earlier this week. as trump's republican rivals mount a last-ditch effort to stop him tuesday night. celebrating nancy reagan. the former presidents. he first ladies sitting beside one another. the laughter among them. the candor from nancy reagan's children. and diane sawyer among those remembering mrs. reagan. the deadly flooding. hundreds of rescues. states of emergency. and the two storms hitting this weekend. the urgent manhunt right now. a brazen escape. an american city.


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