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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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this afternoon we have confirmed a young man unconscious and in the hospital is a teenager apopka police are looking for. a call into the newsroom may have helped police connect dots. janine reyes live in ormc where we watched police arrived. those police officers arrived within one hour of the call me to the newsroom. >> reporter: we have been running the story of armando van dyke, 16-year-old popular police wanted to fight. they sent out a release overnight. a nurse called our newsroom saying an unidentified patient may be van dyke. in the last 15 minutes, apopka
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the confirmation when arriving at 7:00 this morning. ormc nurse who called the newsroom said a coworker saw the picture of van dyke on our newscasts and thought it was a wednesday. hospital staff thought the teenager. the patient was in an accident on a scooter. police were looking for the motorized scooter. police arrived at arm see a short time ago. in the last hour police have notified us and found the team and the end of the last 15 minutes they confirmed to us that teen boy is van dyke. working to get the accident report from fhp and the missing persons report filed in apopka a developing story and we will bring you the latest on eyewitness news tonight at 4:00.
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reyes, channel 9 eyewitness news. breaking news right now from orange county courthouse where two people accused of being involved in a dogfighting ring were found guilty. apocrypha -- apopka police rescued dogs in 2014. rinaldo bill, mona cumberland county within the past two hours. they are being sentenced now. both denied involvement but the jury did not buy it. we have crews in the courtroom and we have more for you later in the newscast. in the last hour law arrested a man accused of trafficking high school age girls here in orange county. the metropolitan bureau of investigations says it started working the case last month when a 16-year-old than 18-year- old girl reported what was happening to school officials. janai norman found out the amendment the girls through social media and acquaintances.
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>> reporter: especially because on the outside these more normal teenage girls who were going to school lived at home with parents and even had afterschool jobs but they say they wound up being trafficked for sex by this 23-year-old, martin thomas wright the third. >> we know in one instance he provided a drug to a teenage girl and after she lost consciousness and regained consciousness he claims to her he had sex with her and other people had sex with her while unconscious. >> ron explained he used a subtle approach with the young girls. developing a relationship with them and manipulating them into doing acts they were comfortable with. he would drive them to appointments and local homes, hotels with a witty gauge for sex and he would take the money and sometimes give them drugs and using physical force to control them. this is an ongoing investigation because director
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more high school age victims. i asked him about the overall effort to combat human sex trafficking which he says is a problem here in central florida. i found out one struggle for law enforcement is how traffickers are able to market and advertise young girls simply by uploading pictures to the internet. >> the number of websites that are for nothing except the commercial sex trade. of adults and for prostitution. that is very difficult to combat because there is no control over that. >> reporter: right now right is in jail held without bond on a number of charges, the most serious human tracking of a -- human trafficking of child which is a life felony for child pornography and other charges talking with law enforcement about their efforts and the science parents can be on the lookout for to help
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live in orange county, janai news. this afternoon a group of firefighters is monitoring hotspots in palm bay. we brought you the fires breaking news wednesday on eyewitness news at four along separately vote drives. flames damaged homes and damaged acres. for the next two days fire crews say you will see residual smoke in the area. it is another dry warm florida but we are tracking a chance for rain for part of the weekend. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. >> nice today. a gorgeous day. part of the weekend we could see storms especially late around saturday and updating data future track ahead for main weather. a lot of folks, by quick, it is beautiful -- bike week is beautiful. 80 daytona beach, winds have turned out of the south
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hit us up along the coast. sun up at 6:38 am sunrise -- sunset, rather, 6:31 pm. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 78 melbourne, covering the coastline, 81 now in orlando. 79 clermont i-77 the villages, it will be warm -- 77, the villages. warm. satellite radar picture, fair weather clouds will begin. clermont today, 4:00, temperatures in the mid-80s, 84 and near 80 by 6:00 and into the evening, gradually dropping off low 70s by 8:00. city by city, temperatures generally holding steady where we are now, along the coast, again 80, 81 daytona beach inlaid, 86 today orlando, clermont. mid-80s through kissimmee 86 ocala with a southerly component to the winds that will warm us up. dry today coming up we will
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track the warmer weather for yourself at /weather. former republican presidential candidate doctor ben carson says he and donald trump had buried the hatchet kit carson endorsed trump this morning in palm beach following last night's gop debate. kenneth martin reports the debate is being called the most polite gop debate so far. -- >> reporter: homestretch to what is being dubbed super tuesday number three. donald trump started the morning with an endorsement from doctor ben carson. the former rival trump once called a psychopath. was political stuff. >> reporter: trump and candidates in the race praise the chain gop debate. >> debates have been like vince mcmahon should have put them on because they were wwe. >> i felt good about the night we had and we will see if it pays dividends but i feel positive. >> no name-calling or
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>> the answer is not simply to yell china bad, muslims that, we have to control the borders. we cannot have people just >> reporter: candidates holding punches but it is this blow to a protester at a trump rally that has brought attention to out in his events. >> we have had some vilett people -- violent people protesting, not just people -- these are people that punch. >> what he stands for in says is not representative of american values. >> reporter: hillary clinton has her surrogates on the trail while she attends nancy reagan's funeral. today her rival bernie sanders has his sights set on north carolina, ohio and illinois. stacy believes he has a good chance of winning on tuesday. rubio, cases spanning their day and must win state of florida, ohio. trump said this morning he believes last night's debate should be the final one and it's time for the party tonight -- unite. it is time for the party to unite.
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central florida visiting the villages to convince residents why they should get his boat -- there wrote. doors open at 2:00 and you have to rsvp if you want to attend the event. live look in orlando fox news sean hannity hosting the q&a session and carly fiorina is a guest. faith assembly of god, curry ford road. the latest polls show cruz and 90 percent of florida not far behind marco rubio 24 percent and both well below donald trump who sits at 40 percent according to the polls. a 37-year-old man from orlando has died in an early- morning car crash along i 4. it happened shortly after 1:00 and winter park. fhp troopers say brandon lawless was thrown off of a motorcycle and crashed into the back of a semi truck that was stopped in front of him. troopers are investigating the case and waiting for results from blood alcohol tests. a person hitting killed by
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county. holly hill police said the train is now moved and is no street. right now police are working to figure out the name of the on the tracks. we will update you as soon as we find out more information. legislature. the big decision lawmakers are expected to make this afternoon about your money. the new push to put money behind the fight against the cup and how much help the shingles -- how much health officials want to spend.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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former first lady nancy reagan is being laid to rest today who died of congestive heart failure on sunday. she will be buried alongside former president ronald reagan after a memorial service later this afternoon. brandy hit has more. >> reporter: in love and inseparable, presidential photojournalist rogers centre captured images of nancy ronald affair. >> they were very touching and feeling and unabashedly so. whether a bus, train, an
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>> reporter: they are about to be reunited again when the former first lady are -- laid to rest. her important request is to be close as physically possible to her ronnie. >> when her casket is lowered into the ground, she will be as hands. >> reporter: 1000 guest attending the funeral service occluding michelle obama, hillary clinton and george w laura bush and a long list of guest from tom selleck, angelica houston, abc is owned diane sawyer. gary cities, john stables as well. even mr. t to join forces and became close with mrs. reagan and the just say no anti-drug campaign. >> what should you do when someone offers you drugs? >> say no. >> it was that strength, influence and leadership that inspired more than 5000 people to line up outside in the hot sun this week so they could pay respects. >> she met a lot i've seen her do wonderful things for the community.
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played every detail of the funeral from flowers to music. the foundation said she wanted it to be sure, suite and memorable. simi valley, california. rain falling and parts of the south this afternoon. this is the area dealing with deadly flooding. six states under flood watch this afternoon and state of emergency in louisiana and mississippi. steve osunsami is in greenville, mississippi with the latest. >> reporter: families across the south are waking up to a fifth day of historic floodwaters surrounding their homes. since money, five people have died, three of them drowned. the water stretches over several states pick this is new video thursday evening of what it looks like near shreveport, louisiana. subdivisions still soaking in the water. this morning the national guard is sharing these pictures of their excellent work this week helping to rescue more than 3500 families get at one point using black hawk helicopters to
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flash floods. in mississippi, the governor declared a state of emergency. here's the driver who should have turned around last night but did not and woke up to the floodwaters ended up driving deeper into them nurse first -- nose first. in greenville, mayor says it is worth that hurricane. >> last time we had what is agai was an 2008 when gustav hit us this is epidemic. >> steve osunsami abc news. health officials are pushing congress to approve more money to fight the cup. they are 50 cases in florida, including two more and osceola county. two other cases reported yesterday in miami-dade and broward counties and earlier this week in the state health was it -- health officials sexually transmitted case and polk county. all of the patients were infected while traveling. last month the president and congress to approve -- approve $1 billion in funding to battle the outbreak. summit county fire crews are now working to figure out how a home in longwood caught
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coming from the roof of a home on boyer street south of state road 434 last night. two people inside and only minor burns but they did not have to go to the hospital. a man accused of taking pictures of young girls -- up young girl skirts. scott barwin left jail last night on bond. police say he put his phone and a basket of a court of the girls last month at the publix store a meeting place in baldwin park. investigators say they were alerted by a shopper who had seen irwin taking videos and was working to find out if there was any more victims. working to find out the condition of a motorcyclist who was pinned under a car in a wreck. you can see both vehicles were badly damaged by fire. this happened on nova road, international speedway boulevard early this morning. right now police have not released details about what happened and we will let you information. the 39th annual tico warbird airshow started today in brevard county. skywitness 9 caucus b-29 super
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this is the only b-29 in existence still flying. this plane and dozens of others will fly at the annual airshow today through sunday. always a big event especially when the weather is nice. >> if you have not been out, it's great. great weather as well. that will hold true. watch out for sunday for a chance of a few storms but other than that, we should be looking good for the rest of today and for much of our saturday. diving into the weekend forecast that here's a look and downtown orlando, we had some scattered clouds and 81 80 deltona. yesterday. yesterday we hit 86 and will be 86, 87 in orlando. going throughout the day, looking at temperatures running in the 70s and 80s around 80 kissimmee, osceola county, 78 and two palm bay. villages.
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suddenly went keeping us warm the day. not as windy but still some dust up to 30 toward melbourne. melbourne. watching for hotspots, dry west. up to the afternoon, 77 hitting lunchtime, and we have numbers running in the 80s as we go throughout the rest of today. close to it, along the coastal sections. here we are in future track, this is 6 pm, scattered clouds looking good for orlando city, in action at the citrus bowl and nice tonight as well. we could see a little bit of patchy fog developing. on our saturday, mainly dry cannot rule other stray shower but it's really on sunday that is why we see a flareup of showers and storms from the front to the west of us to a 50 percent chance of storms on friday. seas running 3 to 4 feet 70s at the beaches to near 80, strong risk of rip currents in the forecast evidentially through the weekend.
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partly cloudy, warm, 86. 79 palm coast, 79 titusville. again, near 80 flagler, volusia and brevard. inland, some mid-80s. fog developing. a very nice night, watching for a bit of fog tomorrow morning. tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds, a stray pop-up showers temperatures in the 80s and most low 80s for tomorrow and it will become totally warm and we could see a hit or miss shower again developed by saturday afternoon. a better chance of that on sunday. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. one hour tomorrow night. do not forget about that, a sunday, 50 percent chance of scattered showers and storms by the afternoon, highs around 84. there is no cool air back behind the next system. we are going to stay on the warm side as we go throughout
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we do not get fronts like the winter. technically in winter but nonetheless, we was the 80s next week monday and tuesday and we will see the highs running in the low to mid 80s. vanessa? osceola county man claims literally melting. when the automaker said it was not a big day, he called action 9. what todd ulrich found about the millions of drivers who
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managers at the orange county landfill are considering testing the air quality inside people's homes after neighbors say the gas responsible for the houses. we have been telling you about the large amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas coming out of the we learned neighbors believe the gas is collecting inside homes and not leaving. a new draft of the landfills odor control plan calls for
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>> i have been looking forward for some complete solutions, not half-baked solutions. >> the plan also allows the landfill to continue taking so- called human waste solids conducted into the problem in the first place but it calls for any drop-off of the materials to happen before 3 pm. the landfill says that allows time to cover it up and stop the state. 15-year-old twin brother is recovering after a driver ran over both as they rode bicycles across the street. it happened yesterday when troopers say a woman driving a pickup truck turned out of merritt island high school. she panicked and hit the gas running over them. they were airlifted to orlando and expected to be okay. both wearing helmets at the time and the driver was cited for failing to yield. waiting on word about a court date to decide if a family dog will be put down after a serious bite animal
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jasper the pitbull -- euthanize the pitbull after declaring the neighbor. the victim was inside the home and mistakenly breached into the dog's enclosure. 24 dogs declared dangerous last year but none of those dogs was put down. orlando tourism is getting a boost from middle eastern travelers and realtors say they are seeing an increase interest looking to move to central florida. realtors are marketing properties in orlando as offering expedited visas to those who seek to think $500 and the u. s. emirates airlines flying from dubai to orlando late last year and brought 16,000 people per month. >> not just from india and the middle east but what we have found as far as the numbers from emirates is a lot are coming from other parts of asia. >> the expedited visas a congressional program designed to encourage investors to invest money in the u. s. residence fighting an overly high school in west orange county said they gave up their fight because it was just
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wednesday we told you the neighbors dropped all of their lawsuits. yesterday the attorney tells eyewitness news a chance of winning an injunction to stop construction just seemed to slim. construction underway and the district started in january and continued it while the proposed high school was in legal limbo. timber creek high school parents say they are worried that computers were infected by a virus because they followed instructions in a school newsletter. the newsletter sent to parents about bright future scholarships contained a link to a website that could infect computers with a virus by spokesperson says a missing more than the lake is what caused the problem. baseball coach. coaching donnie jones was five. ucf made the announcement after they lost it and eight -- aac game against too late. the coaches been with the team for six years but saying the expectations state lawmakers decisions
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make by the end of the day.
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his
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with us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. breaking news from orange county courthouse where two guilty. we told you about this at the path of the newscast apopka police rescuing two dozen people and rescuing dogs. julie salomone was in the courtroom when the verdict was read. any reaction from defendants? >> reporter: she was in tears begging the judge to give her time so she could arrange where her children while states that she will be sent to jail.
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trial. bell claims he did not go to the home at the center of the case to dogfight. he was there to buy marijuana is what he said in court and caught up in the bus where officers arrested two dozen dogs. mona cumberland did not deny her connection to the home where she lived at the time of the bust. she said she knew about the ring. the judge pointed out they both testified in court but he was not buying anything of what the defendants were saying. we will to follow the story and more on this coming up at eyewitness news at 4:00. live in orange county, julie salomone channel 9 eyewitness news. alive look outside a downtown orlando on this florida. of chance for showers in the weekend. what part is the question. here is certified meteorologist
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>> second of over the weekend much of the weekend is very nice. could see a stray shower saturday a better chance of storms once we hit sunday afternoon. how about this picture. sent in by corey. high clouds on eyewitness news this morning. watching beautiful sunrise shots coming in. orlando now, we showed you a picture from the suntrust camera this is lower and you can see the nice picture over lake eola, 81, winds out of the south at 11. sunset, 632. 81 winter park, 80 waterford lakes, topping out in the mid- 80s. lake mary, heathrow, longwood, temperatures in the upper 70s lake mary. a few 80s on the coast. daytona beach shores, daytona ormond beach.
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not looking good. -- now looking good 79 deland, scattered clouds again. similar looking day to the last couple of days and warm and mid- 80s. sunset after 6:00. the sun will go down and gorgeous for the match tonight, kick-off 7:00 orlando city at the citrus bowl. temperatures upper 70s to near 80 gradually falling throughout the match. it will be beautiful, pleasant evening. we will find tune the weekend forecast -- 52 the weekend for -- state lawmakers expected to send governor. scott a budget proposal for more than $82 million. we told you this with legislators reached a deal on florida's budget agreeing to fund dozens of products including health for the disabled. with time running out in the sessions of the senate could
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offer on a major education bill. a bill requiring colleges and universities to tell students at a time about tuition hikes is on the governor's desk. if approved, schools will have to notify students 28 days before trustees plan to vote to raise tuition or fees. the measure is a far cry from the governor's original proposal. he wanted to get rid of taxes on textbooks and hold the line and graduate school and professional school tuition. a statue of a confederate general representing florida and washington will be replaced. the statue of gen. edmund kirby smith has been years. two statues representing each state at the national statuary hall, governor. scott signed the bill to replace the statue. and entries coming off of shelves after nestli announced a recall. baby called frozen pizza products from the giorno, lean
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there may be glass and products. find if you have recalled products by checking the production code on the box and go to web links of to find a list of the codes. where you live could be keep you -- be keeping you up at night. cdc is warning you about a
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fda wants you to be on the lookout for chemical found in foods that could potentially cause cancer. >> acrylamide -- it forms when food is cooked at high temperatures. the estimate 40 percent of food has at least some level. >> experts say acrylamide is found in bread, cereal and copy. researchers are doing studies to find out how risky it is. they say you should do things like toast bread only to a light brown and drink dark roast coffee instead of light roast because the longer roasting breaks down chemicals. caffeine and noise can make falling asleep difficult but now doctors say too much light can make you lose out on sleep. in a survey researchers found that people who live in big cities tend to get more exposure to bright streetlights. that could cost about 30 minutes of sleep per night and people who work overnight shifts have a hard time sleeping while trying to catch up on sleep during the day. >> especially in shift workers
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home and trying to get sleep it is hard to do that if you see sun streaming through windows. >> doctors say light exposure interrupts circadian rhythm. the body's natural cues that falsely. how much would it be worth for you to watch a movie in the comfort of your home the same day it premieres at theaters. melting dashboards, local vehicle owner is calling it a risky. pays. action 9 is next. dry and temperatures climbing. tracking the heat and a storm
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the kissimmee man claims his dashboard is melting and is a huge safety issue. the automaker said it was not a
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todd aldrich found millions of cars that have the problem one company promising more bears and drivers are still waiting. >> his finger sticks to the dashboard. zach reddy says the dash in his 2008 nissan altima started melting when you're ago. it looks bad but that is not all. >> when we look into the direction of the sunlight i can hardly see the road. >> reporter: the glare onto the windshield can be blinding. >> it can be bad in a matter of seconds. >> reporter: after repeated complaints, nissan agreed to replace it only if he paid half , $1000. >> you are not going to be admitting to something and only paying half. >> reporter: of this complaint. a class-action lawsuit filed against the son. >> it feels like someone has poured molasses on the dashboard. >> reporter: stephen says his dashboard melted as well. inside this 2007 toyota camry. >> the dash began to devolve
12:42 pm
>> reporter: he calls it a safety issue. last year, toyota agreed to replace more than 4 million melting dashboards and older toyota's including stevens but he claims the automaker is not scheduling repairs. >> it's been one year and i have gotten no response back from toyota. >> reporter: a repair expert heard from many toyota and nissan owners with melted dashboards that automakers have not replaced that he recommend a temporary basics 50 -- 66. >> take a towel -- basic safety fixed. >> take a towel inlaid across the dash. >> reporter: we call and no safety issue and out of warranty paying to have to replace it as a goodwill gesture. >> i would say it was a safety issue before cosmetics. >> reporter: todd aldrich, channel 9 eyewitness news. toyota's extended warranty covers cameras, avalon, forerunner, sienna. 2004-2010.
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delayed but it will honor the warranties. a big push to try to convince movie studios to let you stream new movies from your home the same day they hit the theaters. you will have to pay for the convenience. the screening room service charging $150 to set up a box to stream movies and then you would have to pay $50 each time you view it each time, $50. officials hope by giving different studios 40 percent of profits, they would be inclined to get on board. martin manis a few days away and many getting their wallets ready. selection sunday is coming up this weekend. experts say fans expect to bet $9 billion on this year's ncaa men's baseball tournament. more than people bet on any other sporting event besides the super bowl. experts say office pools will cost $4 billion dropped in productivity at work during the first week. not at this workplace.
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>> if you pick villanova they say you will be in good shape here that's what they say. >> you are not partial at all? >> no. i just heard. time chain -- change we can, losing one hour theoretically. we will provide you tomorrow night spring ahead your clock and we follow suit. downtown orlando, lake eola, gordon park, 81 degrees. winds out of the southeast 14. great friday temperatures in the 70s and 80s. up to 81 deland, 75 new smyrna beach, 79 in clermont and winds coming in out of the south southeast at about 10-15 and higher gusts up to 30 in hour. scattered clouds here but it is high-pressure anchored offshore keeping rain and storms off to the west but that pattern is breaking down and we was he
12:45 pm
this afternoon beautiful altamonte springs, 80s dropping into the 70s by the evening. 3:00 on future track, scattered fair weather clouds mainly on the dry side for today looking good when you see tom terry later and mainly dry tomorrow. pop-up showers possible on saturday but billy by sunday that is -- but really sunday is what we face of showers and storms developing. 50 percent chance on saturday. beaches seas running 3 to 4 feet strong risk of rip currents for today and that weekend. partly cloudy, warm day, temperatures around 86, 10 above average inland where we will have more mid-80s and near 80 degrees along the coast. tonight, patchy fog developing, 50s and 60s on the way and heading into saturday, a gorgeous day. stray shower or storm popping up and a mix of sun and clouds. not as warm but still around 84 st cloud emissivity 8 degrees
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84 leesburg, 85 ocala. saturday is looking good, sunday sees a chance for scattered showers and storms. into the weekend, plenty of events, tico warbird airshow going on. check out for information on that. download our all new icflorida app. i put a forecast for the events going on across central florida. you can see what the shaking throughout the rest of the weekend forecast or getting into the forecast. the match this evening orlando city is looking good, the rest of the five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. 83 tomorrow, saturday is going to be a nice day. sunny, scattered afternoon showers and storms and no cool air behind it. 80s continue monday into tuesday. vanessa? forever family series anchor martha sugalski brings you the story of a teenager who knows what she wants from a
12:47 pm
to call her own. >> i want -- i'm fun to be around and i speak my mind. >> how old are you? >> 15. >> what you like to do in school? what is your favorite subject 6:00 much. >> besides lunch. science, math, intensive reading. >> what would your friends say about you? >> outgoing and i myself. >> what do you want to do when you get older? do have dreams? >> what we will do is when we graduate we are going to go to puerto rico and spend a few weeks there and then i'm going to go to college and study cosmetology, hair, makeup, nails and stuff. >> why is that important for someone who is 16 to have
12:48 pm
>> it is important to be adopted so you can have those learning, life, individual skill so you can learn how to properly take care of yourself. i'm going to be a part of something that i'm not going to get left behind and i can have that trust that i've always needed and wanted in life. smith to learn more about adopting trinity call the number on the screen or go to nine parents are breaking rules
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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stories were working on today for eyewitness news at 4:00. apopka police said they have found the missing teenager who has been missing for two days. 16-year-old armando van dyke riding a scooter to get to a fitness center but never made it found at ormc. we will tejano call to the newsroom may have helped police find the teenager. metropolitan bureau of investigation has arrested a man they believe traffic teen girls in orange county. 23-year-old martin thomas wright the third made contact with the girls to social media. at 4:00 we are asking investigators about their efforts to put a stop to human trafficking. survey reveals your kids may not what you posting certain pictures of them online. researchers found children are embarrassed and frustrated about the things parents post about them on social media. they surveyed kids from 250 families and found those kids simply want parents to follow one row, ask first before posting. >> i asked my kids for
12:52 pm
because they are aware and they will say is a going on facebook. it's a topic of conversation. >> experts say many kids simply do not trust parents judgment when it comes to the image of themselves they want to put out there. stocks up on wall street. a look at the numbers so far, closing figures tonight on channel 9 eyewitness news at 4:00. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work
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almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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food and music on the menu for people looking for something fun to do this weekend. este morning -- martin with icflorida's best bet. >> so much going on this weekend. let's get to it. family fun takes five this weekend when valiant air command present the annual tico warbird airshow friday-sunday at space coast regional airport and titusville. the three-day event highlights military aviation featuring some of the most famous trainer transport and farmer -- bomber aircraft to fly in combat. there's 500 demonstrations, flight simulators an airplane and helicopter rides. on the ground enjoy displays, kids carnival, autograph tent, food and souvenir vendors. one week away from st. patrick's day, but the partying for the green starts this weekend. the mightiest of mighty irish festival. the mighty st. patrick's festival at disney springs, one week long event celebrating everything irish.
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watch an irish dance troupe stepped but the best. sublime cuisine and craft beers and cocktails, i restore, face painting and more. after your voice returns, orlando city game, i hope so, it's time to let loose again. playing in second max -- second match in five days orlando city taking on chicago fire tonight at orlando's citrus bowl. experience a day of fun, faith and fellowship as sea world kicks off the music festival this saturday with a live performance by award-winning contemporary christian rock band mercy me. in addition to inspiring music from one of the most popular bands of its genre, gas can enjoy rides, shows and attractions. use of cool music event the family can enjoy and free. unwrap live featuring a band of players and vocalists performing contemporary jazz
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hits among artists scheduled to be up percussionist and vocalists sheila e, composer roy ayers and turntable legend dj og one. two performances of unwrapped live saturday night doctor phillips utter orlando. have a wonderful weekend. the forecast in case you have plans this weekend here is certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. >> i'm sorry. did not mean to cut you off. looking beautiful route much of the weekend. the match tonight orlando city at the citrus bowl, great, 86 is the high. warm and we do not have summertime humidity. 83 tomorrow, a pop-up shower is possible saturday. we spring forward one hour saturday night. sunday the day to watch for scattered showers and storms as the front pushes in but it is coming due west, not dragging cool air. in the 80s into next week. have a wonderful weekend. vanessa?
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channel 9 eyewit she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president
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achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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