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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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have two fires contained. >> this is in the same area damaged homes yesterday. tonight we have team coverage on our reporter has been out in the field all day with firefighters surveying the damage and the team in severe weather center 9 we some at work to check on their property. >> reporter: we spoke to one woman who left work to monitor the brush fire that was smoldering right near her home. it was just feet from her house and others. >> when we arrived in southeast palm bay fire crews from multiple agencies were zigzagging through neighborhoods housing hot spots left over from a 45 acre brush fire yesterday. >> they were also working to contain a new blaze in the area of quinton avenue and west berry street. >> i don't want to see anyone's
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burned but as long as if it stays in one spot and doesn't jump. >> crews did manage to contain the fire at terrance's home. >> the man's home was scorched in that earlier brush fire. >> this was full of brush. i started hearing the crackling. >> firefighters managed to fight back the flames and his house wasn't destroyed but still scarred from the intense heat. >> a bunch of units over there trying to clean up that area, get all the areas put out so we don't have any spread of anything going up in that area. >> and chief lynn martin said they will try to monitor the area throughout the night. >> we will be on guard for the rest of the night until we know this is all quieted down and we don't see or smell anything. but we'll be on guard for a while yet. >> reporter: there's still no word on what may have sparked
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conditions have been windy and dry and fire officials say if you have any brush or high grass near your home or tree limbs that are too low to the ground now is the time to clean out of that up. we continue our team coverage with chief meteorologist tom terry in severe weather center 9. tom, we could use some rain. >> that's right. you haven't had any at all county. we hardly had just a orlando. right now the winds south and east. that continues we've had a couple of fires earlier today. i don't see the smoke here in the last half hour but we had a fire south of lake topokalagon. around orlando we're an inch below average for the month. big flooding back to the west. we will get some of this towards the end of the weekend. i'm updating future track as you make your weekend plans straight ahead. >> we'll check back in. as the sunshine state take s center stage in the race for the white house central florida has become the hot spot for candidates. >> bernie sanders made a stop
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tough debate in miami. he spoke to around 4,000 people at osceola heritage park in osceola county. poll numbers show him trailing hillary clinton by double digits in florida. some say he lacks diversity while clinton is more in tune with women's issues and immigration. he said he didn't hurt him in michigan and won't hurt him here. >> they thought we were a fringe campaign going nowhere. we've won nine states, eight of them by large margins. we have momentum. we have a lot states coming up to do well. >> he's on his way to tampa. we are hours away from the republican debate in miami. marco rubio has only one won state and if he can't win florida on the 15th he might be finished. polls show ted cruz in points of rubio and both well behind donald trump in florida. christopher heath is live at the university of miami, the site of tonight's republican debate.
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he told you florida would reset the race but one campaign insider told you that reset may mean the race goes on without him. >> reporter: well, greg, almost a million dollars in florida will have already voted by the end of the evening tonight. last night marco rubio held a rally. only a couple hundred people showed up for that rally and those numbers have campaign insiders worried about the future for marco rubio. >> it has been up and down for marco rubio. a win in puerto michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. now with polls in florida showing him as much as 23 points behind donald trump be in trouble. >> it is going to be an uphill climb at this point. >> susan heffworth was a key figure in governor rick scott's he said rubio is facing long odds. >> it's just different when
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there's many other primaries he had to worry about without just being able to focus on florida. >> a candidate who focused on florida, ted cruz. today he picked up the endorsement of mike lee of utah. he said rubio should consider backing cruz. >> the time is at hand when we republicans need to unite behind one leader. >> rubio leads in over all endorsements but yet to translate into wins and receive the backing of jeb bush who ended his campaign two weeks ago. >> reporter: jeb bush has met with john kasich, ted cruz and marco rubio but not made an endorsement. the debate starts here in a couple of hours. full reaction and results at 10:00 on tv 27 and at 11:00 on channel 9. christopher heath, channel 9, eyewitness news. it's been more than a hour
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of a man that tried to lure a 9-year-old boy. he still has not been arrested. he approach include file -- approached the victim as he found his way to school. a man is accused of flashing a 15-year-old girl shopping at publix. a detailed description from the mother led to 28-year-old malik cook. a jury is listening to closing arguments in the trial of two people accused of dog fighting. they're among the 26 people arrested in 2014 after police say they broke assault operation in apopka. prosecutors showed equipment they said was used to train the dogs including a treadmill. bell claims he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. the
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with the man arrested but wasn't aware of what was going on. >> you want to make sure inch understands that i'm supposed to know what's going on with a grown man that usually does what to do it. >> four had to be put down, the we're working to find out if the jury will deliberate into the night. new at 6:00, the family of a 22-year-old shot and stabbed in his parent's osceola county home said they got justice. eric rubarine was murdered in his home. kathy belich was the only reporter in the courtroom. >> damon davis took his own defense. today he was quiet and respectful. >> prosecutors say damus shot
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for his life during a home invasion robbery. >> damus's friend, conrad sheaffer pled guilty, accused of stabbing him after he was shot until he stopped breathing. >> eric's loved ones asked that the judge read the impact victim letters to himself. john morgan read their letters and sentenced damus to life saying there was no reason for him to kill him. >> other than just to attempt to avoid responsibility for your evil. get fingerprinted and then thanked the law enforcement officers who helped save solve the case. investigators say the murder was one of 22 shootings in 15 days involving sheaffer who was 15 years old in the summer of 2013. >> i wish that he would rot in jail as long as he can and burn
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>> he's punishing himself because of his actions. >> damus's relatives caused an out burst in court last year when he was found guilty. today they sat silently. they insisted he was innocent. >> he killed two people. >> life was if only -- was the only legal sentence for felony murder and armed burglary. still he's expect today appeal. at the osceola county courthouse, kathy belich, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> conrad sheaffer also pled guilty to murdering a 17-year-old at a bus shop during that 15-day shooting spree. april 15th. >> that was such a frightening county. 9 investigates learned the fbi is interviewing more people as part of the investigation into the bogus charity one door for education with tieing to congresswoman corrine brown. the organization's website is now shut down. we were in
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about how donors were duped into raising money what they thought was for scholarships. the mother of baby willow who was accused of abandoning her baby has received visitors. prosecutors filed child neglect charges against susan richardson earlier this week. police say she abandoned the baby after giving birth near the willow bend apartments. our legal analysts believe that richardson's admission that she dropped the baby off at a random apartment door could be enough to get a conviction. >> the foundation of the state's case is her statement. she can't get around that. >> richardson's visitors include her long-time brother, another daughter, some friends and a pastor. a local man said he is fed up with what he calls nuisance neighbors. >> life has been almost impossible. i don't have any sleep hardly at all.
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steps he's taking to fix what police can't. >> plus, only eyewitness news spoke with the man shot outside a downtown club, next what he told us about the shooting from
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new at 6:00 a daytona beach man said he's fed up with what he calls nuisance neighbors he's taking matters into his own hands. check out this sign. it calls out his neighbors in front blaine tolison spoke with police today. blaine, you were threatened by some of those neighbors and that's why you're at the police station. >> reporter: greg, one of those next door neighbors did make threats of violence to my and our camera man, which is why the
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said the concerns about what a problem this apartment complex is has been heard. >> scum bags, drug addicts, hookers and losers are a few of the words that mike has for her neighbors on bradock neighborhood. he put a message on a sign with pictures of the people. >> i did this sign to prove a point and get it noticed that i'm not going to let my area turn into a ghetto. >> daytona beach police have been to this small apartment complex nearly 50 times in the last several months. in january police came here with the dea for a meth operation and arrested 13 people including the owner of the complex. >> he said he lived here for 10 years and said this property only became a problem when new management took it over last year. >> this is what we have to deal with. they're just scum bags and losers and low lives and bring in the trash here. >> he's calling on police to do
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>> i feel like i'm getting no help. it's like we're on our own. >> police say the apartment complex is still on their radar but daytona pd's beach side district captain said probable cause, especially in drug cases is a challenge. >> unfortunately sometimes drug cases turn in to be a long drawn out process and neighbors aren't happy but we're doing the best we can. >> reporter: i reached the owner by phone. he would not do a phone interview. he told me that he wants to clean his property up. live here in daytona beach, blaine tolison, channel 9, eyewitness news. at this hour there are still no arrests in the shooting outside of a downtown orlando nightclub. today only eyewitness news obtained cell phone video showing the victim falling to the ground as he was shot in both of his legs. from his hospital bed ryland lorelike
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his birth day when there was an argument. two men ran off and one returned with a gun and started shooting. >> he pulled a pistol out of the car and he was going nuts and stuff. i was the closest one to him. at that point i'm looking down a barrel. >> the victim suffered some dramatic injuries. his femur was shattered and bullets in his own leg. he said at least he's alive. tonight a court date has not been set to determine if a family dog will be put down after a serious dog bite. animal services intends to euthanize jasper after declaring it dangerous after biting a neighbor. the family said the victim was inside their home and mistakenly reached into the of more than 1400 dog bites in orange county last year only four were
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yesterday we told you that a neighborhood dropped all the the lawyer said the chance of the district started construction in january and continued to do the building while it was in legal limbo. we are working to confirm the condition of a worker who was shocked changing out a sign along colonial drive. he was not wearing a harness or hard hat. he was shocked when the strip of a casing hit wiring. he fell 35 feet to the grouped. osha is now investigating. tonight some timber creek high school parents are concerned their computers got a virus because they were following directions in a letter. >> the website took us to a page that warned us our computer
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a district spokesperson said the address should have been sanford leaders are looking to put a moratorium on murals. public art has been popping up on everything from factors to residential fences. city staff is working with the public art commission to create an ordnance to regular murals. it's still not clear what would happen to people who break the rules. some folks are not a fan of those paintings while others think it adds culture. >> state -- it's something to look at. >> it's only expected to last a few months to learn how to regulate public art. we've been enjoying the beautiful sunsets in area this week. >> some smoke still from the fires. it's an el nino year. right now 79 degrees. we went from a wet winter to a dry
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more like may temperature wise. the average temperatures you see here for each month were certainly closer to say the 15th of may. right now a fire threat the next few days still very high with the dry conditions. it's a bit more humid along the coast the further in you get the drier the air is. right now temperatures still chamber of commerce here, 80 degrees clermont and leesberg and tavares about 82 right now. baldwin park beautiful conditions for you, mid to upper 60s. easily back into the middle 80s tomorrow. the new american gfs model, one of the computers is in orlando, the super computer, showing 89 tomorrow. i think it's a little high but you get the idea. it's certainly going to be warmer than our average which is 77. daytona fantastic beach day again tomorrow. we're still
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in titusville as they start the war bird air show tomorrow. fantastic flying weather tomorrow and on saturday too. a couple of storms by sunday. look at the highs tomorrow in the upper 80s. to the west stormy weather conditions. by saturday the high pressure will break down. dry weather tomorrow. high pressure off the east coast finally giving room by state saturday into sunday. we will watch this approaching storm system, more of a southerly flow. very warm weather. back in the upper 80s this weekend. sunday late in the day scattered showers and a couple of thunderstorms possible monday. this will be a quick hitterer on the way. five day forecast with the weal -- weekend always in view, 86 tomorrow. we set our clocks ahead in time for >> spring forward. orange county leaders say
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for contaminated air of inside the homes of people living near a landfill. >> that's tonight on eyewitness
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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last. that's what ucf faces at the amway center this week. they just tipped off against tulane. the knights are down 11-8 early. florida opening the sec tournament against arkansas today. gators had an 11-point lead in the second half but with 70 seconds to go dusty hannah gets to the rim. goal tending. cutting the lead to one ful -- to one.
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high of 18 and then devin robinson. gators win and will face texas a&m tomorrow. the team busy prepares for chicago. the city held their final practice for tomorrow's game. lions and fire met four times last year. orlando city won twice, lost once and had one tie. they have a new coach this year. >> they're going to be very unpredictable. a lot of goals in their last game. the season premier of orlando city insider. interviews with coach, phil rollins and a look back at the season opener. that starts at 10:25 on tv 27. the pride starting training camp last week.
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she's retiring. >> thank you.
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tonight, the assault at a trump event. new images of a trump supporter going after a protester. the punch caught on video. and what that trump supporter said right afterward about what he'll do next. as ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich prepare to take on trump tonight. breaking news. the deadly storms hitting right now.


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