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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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has been associated with corinne brown for years. she even lent her name and clout to the group to raise money. in the plea deal, one of the leaders of one door, carla wiley, admits to helping organize one door. she is along with two other people listed in the plea deal as a public official, and a person who works for that public official, way paying just one scholarship, and withdrawing about $290,000, using that for personal expenses. brown is not mentioned in the plea deal. but on page 5, it talks about a golf tournament featuring that public official at tpc sawgrass. that's the exact same time and same golf course that brown was featured at for one door as a fundraiser. there is so much more in this plea deal. and the questions it raises, still going
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laid out by federal investigators. an orange county deputy's widow is pleading with state lawmakers now to stop playing politics with families like hers. two years ago, her husband, deputy jonathan scott pine, was ambushed, shot, and killed on duty. his widow has been pushing for state lawmakers to pass a bill that would help first responders and their families. >> reporter: the state house has one more week to pass the bill that widow, bridgette pine, is pushing for. she is raising three children on her own, and upstairs at the lawyer's office, the emotions are still very raw. she is imploring that the speaker of the house show some leadership, some compassion, get the state representatives to do what she says is the right thing.
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deputy scott pine's widow, bridgette, and their three children are begging state representatives to do the right thing next week and pass the bill the senate passed unanimously to increase the benefits of first responders' families to $100% of their income rather than half. she believes the state house is using her husband's death as leverage to get the senate to give in on other state pension provisions. >> it's not about politics. it's about our life. if they had to walk in my shoes, they'd know how hard it is just in general. grief is a hard -- especially when you're dealing with children. but then having to deal with this on top of it, makes it harder. >> reporter: deputy pine was knished and murdered in 2014 by a car burglar in the dark of night. the burglar then killed himself. pine who left investment banking to become a
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retirement plan similar to a 401k. but he was only three years in when he was killed. his family gets half of his $43,000 salary. >> because my husband gave 100% of his life . >> reporter: her attorney who is also wftv's legal analyst says this is about justice. and first responders should not have to worry about what happens to their families when they end up in harm's way. the florida house unanimously passed a bill that would require law enforcement agencies that use body cameras to have standards for doing so. the bill doesn't require police to use the cameras but says if they do, they have to establish procedures for the use and
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the data they record. >> just that those are for the constituents and the officer. >> the senate is also discussing its version of the bill. when it comes to body camera policies, departments are all over the map. the urban institute says agencies are navigating in the gray space, which takes away from the point of the cameras which is to enhance accountability and transparency. florida pass the a law that video is confidential if taken in a home. tens of thousands of people are headed toward daytona beach for the 75th annual bike week . this is shaping up to be a big year for the businesses there. >> reporter: that's right. this is said to be one of the biggest bike weeks ever. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: the people out
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are here in the tens of thousands, and all of main street is rented out according to the convention and visitor's bureau, people hoping to cash in on this event. they say bike week brings in about $75 million to volusia county and surrounding areas. i spoke to daytona beverages, and they say that the sales usually double during this time. the biggest thing to point out is the sheer number of bikers that are here just and we get people even from canada. we spoke to one couple here from atlanta. >> it's totally a significant event. i just want to be a part television and see what's going on, and drink some drinks. >> reporter: and police want you to have a good time but they also want bikers to be safe. tourism officials told me there
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million bikers in volusia county and the surrounding counties as well over the next ten days. >> officials say thousands of people are packing into daytona beach. you can see the road charge r changes on our website. and we made it easy for you to plan your weekend. check out for a list of bike week events and a calendar. lawmakers could send a bill to governor scott's desk that would legalize full strength marijuana for terminally ill patients. the house approved the bill that would revamp a 2014 law that's been bogged down in legal challenges. the senate is expected to take a final vote on monday. >> this bill will make sure
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promise that we made in 2014, and that probably is the most important thing the bill does . >> they still have not been able to get marijuana because of a legal fight involving nurseries. the number of zika cases in florida continues to rise. another case was reported today in miami dade county. that brings the state total to 28 people now. six of the cases are here in central florida. so far all the cases have been travel-related. health officials sent another 500 zika test kits because florida has more cases than any other state. marion county sheriff's detectives are investigating a death after a tip led them to a body in the ocala national forest. the tip came in yesterday. and today investigators with the sheriff's office, ocala police, and the
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discovered the body in a grave. the medical examiner will now do an autopsy to determine the identity of the body. donald trump is bringing his campaign to central florida for the first time. we told you at 4:00 today, heel arrive for a rally at ucf at 2:00 tomorrow. angela jacobs has been following the precipitations. and campus police told you it will be all hands on deck. >> reporter: they are treating this like one of their football games which are always assisted by outside agencies, and if you look over my shoulder here, we'll take intou that palm tree -- you into that palm tree. it's just an example of the stepped up security measures inside and out. >> reporter: stacked blockades and pockets of security personnel around ucf's arena were the first indicators donald trump's rally is closing in. >> i seen like five or six big security guards walking, patrolling, just making sure that everything's okay.
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the republican frontrunner's podium in place. the stage still under assembly as equipment cases clutert main floor. outside we watched as a camera was added to this tree along the entrance, and two more at each corner across the street. police told us they were in back-to-back meetings all day preparing for what it called a massive undertaking. it means a full staff will be assisted by orlando police, the sheriff's office, and u.s. secret service to secure every aspect. reports of a planned protest we told you about interest this undecided voter who told us he wants to gauge the energy on both sides. >> everyone's got some opinion. usually pretty strong. >> reporter: officials told us no one will be allowed into the event with a sign pro or con
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>> reporter: we're told parking is free but only in select areas and garages. we have posted all of that information as well as street closures on our website. >> count on eyewitness news to bring you live coverage of the rally. we'll be streaming it live on our website starting at 2:00 pm. marco rubio is also making a campaign stop in florida tomorrow. rubio and suzanna martinez are holding a rally in jacksonville. city commissioner will resign because he would building a new house outside the city. >> leaders are working on an ordinance that would require elected officials to live in the city limits during their entire term. the issue was brought up by commissioner bill britt who is in the process of building a new home that lies just outside
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he could file an application to have his home annexed but said he doesn't want that, which means he will have to resign. a kid's dentist in clairemont has a past in ocala that many parents are concerned about. why he's still under investigation. >> and local nonprofits are joining forces now to help the homeless. the event that will give 25,000 food and resources. >> and the trial of the century. now a mystery knife found on oj simpson's old property is raising new questions. how investigators just found out a police officer has had that knife for years. >> a cold front has passed. now i'm tracking some cooler air for this evening. next an hour by
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this story has had people talking all day. los angeles police revealed today they are testing a xief that was reportedly found in oj simpson's old home in 1998, three years after simpson was acquitted in the stabbing murders of his knife and ronald goldman. a police officer has supposedly been holding onto that knife all these years, and nobody knew. >> and we're all wondering why. in 1994, the weapon used to kill simpson's ex-wife and her friend was a mystery. now the mystery surrounds that police officer and if this wild story might be true. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: the oj simpson trial was settled decades ago. today los angeles police revealed a new twist to the case.
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recovered possibly in connection to the simpson case. >> reporter: the police department says it just got the knife within the last month. >> land became aware of -- lapd became aware of an item that was recovered by a citizen at the rockingham property. possibly during the demolition. >> reporter: that was in 1998. police say they're told it was an off-duty or retired police officer working in the area. there for a movie job who claims a construction worker gave him the knife saying it was found on the estate. today they say the double homicide case row mains open. it was a saga that for many people started with the 2-hour broncos chase. >> no matter what this knife turns out to be, it won't lead to oj simpson getting prosecuted again. >> that's because of double jeopardy. police are still
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whether it is real. the gunman hopped in the suv with two women and child inside
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help serve an additional 5,000 students who are expected to arrive. but it won't be enough raise. it has been a few hours now, and there is no word yet in one palm bay neighborhood have seen a python or not. >> and the large nonnative snake was supposedly spotted in some tall grass near a home on elmont street this morning. >> i don't know where he went. >> reporter: because the snake disappeared, wildlife trackers will now have to wait for someone else to see the python before they can capture it and take it away. >> i hope it's not me. [ laughter ] >> they say the cooler sunny days are when you're more likely to see snakes. and you like the cool weather. look at this cool-down. yesterday in the 80s, today as much as 14 degrees cooler than yesterday! >> wow. >> due to a cold front from this morning, and some showers
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people even woke up. beautiful shot here. likes are -- laky, ola. the -- lake eola. temperatures at 74 in orlando. cooler air spilling behind the front. in the low 60s, palm coast. no rain to worry or plan around this evening. you can see this line here, that's our sea breeze. and these little plumes. green, those are smoke with some wildfires in southern polk county. but no rain this evening in orlando. lake davis, we'll be in the 60s through dinnertime in these neighborhoods and drop into the 50s overnight. a little cooler tonight than the last few nights. if you're in the villages, temperatures will be even cooler. just after 8:00 pm.
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morning lows, depending on your neighborhoods, low 50s in leesburg and clairemont, winter park and sanford. titusville, your early-morning temperature around 55. tomorrow we're looking at upper 70s in orlando. a little breezier along the coast. and temperatures not quite as room if you're going to the beach tomorrow. cocoa beach, low 70s, melbourne, palm bay. low temperatures in the upper 40s, low 50s, and tomorrow a lot going on this weekend. on, you can find out more about the central florida fair. this weekend will be in the upper 70s. if you want to go check out the seafood fest in grant, i'll be there! and temperatures will be in the upper 70s for that. looking at a really nice 5-day forecast. even if you like warmer weather. for sundays, orlando city soccer club home opener, 60,000 plus screaming fans at the citrus bowl.
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2:00 pm. the high is 77. warmer temperatures, tuesday 81, wednesday 84, even warmer bite end of the next week. we'll talk about that in the next half hour, and our increasing fire threat. eyewitnesses looked on in horror as a motorcycle exploded at a local drag way. here it is. 9 investigates what caused the delay in getting crucial help for the badly burned driver. two detectives are accused of violating department policy during a prostitution sting. what they're accused of doing that got them suspended. and organizers say it's an event that could change the lives of thousands in central florida. volunteers are reaching out to
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stow a big event that could change lives. it's called "he got up." organizers are hoping to bring 30,000 people to the citrus pole easter sunday -- bowl easter sunday. and you found out that 68 families live in motel rooms there. >> reporter: and this group says if they can get those
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to this citrus bowl on march 27th. they hope to offer them food, healthcare, even job opportunities . >> they have clean food, take a shower. >> reporter: everyone who lives here has to work and plan for permanent housing. he tries to move them on in about three months. a couple miles away, ortiz and his family have young pictures on this motel wall. >> when you moved in three years ago, did you ever think it would be that long? >> no. definitely not. >> reporter: moving to apartment and home is not easy. >> we gotta pay weekly. so it's hard for us to save money to pay for a lease the first sxhonth last month. >> reporter: volunteers are
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gather people like ricardo together on easter sunday and offer them help. >> we're set up for about 5,000 haircuts. we'll be set up for about 3,000 showers. >> reporter: not just showers, they'll have legal services for those struggling to straighten out their past. even bringing in this group of sex offenders living in the woods with no place to go. they'll be kept separate from the rest. ricardo is most excited about the employers who will be there to hire on the spot. >> come out on top and get a job. >> reporter: they're not just reaching out to the homeless living in these motels, they're also tracking down families who live in cars, and people living in the woods. during this process, they're also gathering an account to find out how many people in orange, osceola, and seminole are without a home. a former deputy fired for an affair on the job was fighting to get his job back today. we'll show you what happened when we tried to confront him about sleeping with
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>> alta monte springs wants to pay for a portion of your next uber ride. >> i've been trying to get in touch with a clairemont kids' dentist to talk about a criminal investigation going on here. why
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a dentist accused of badly injuring and even nearly killing patients in his care is still practicing tonight. and we found out he's also under criminal investigation for medicaid fraud. >> we got the recordings that show that dentist added under oath he was racing through appointments with kids to get as much money as he could from medicaid. >> how is that dentist still able to treat young patients? he still has a license. >> reporter: i'm still working to find out what kind of


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