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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking on eyewitness news this morning, overnight, people in the panhandle had to take cover from a twister that damaged homes and not out power leaping family standing in the rain. tracking the line as it was south now already putting parts of central florida under a tornado watch. >> wrecking overnight, a drive- by shooting -- breaking overnight, a drive-by shooting sending 4 people to the hospital. what police are telling us about the search for the gunmen who got away.
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we will get to breaking news in a moment. but the weather is the big story today. >>certified meteorologist brian shields over and severe weather center 9 or tornado watch was county's for 4:00. the rest. all of us have a severe weather threat for later this morning through the early afternoon. officially, the trainer watch a bit -- up until 10 am western zones, marion sumter county, -- you can see why, look at your screen. there is a line of rain and storms we have a watching all throughout the night. from georgia north florida, now into the gulf of mexico. these are the storms we need to watch out for any signs of rotation as they, sure. warnings out, to the north of us, near the gainesville area to give us an idea of some vigorous nature of these storms. lightning, gusty winds as they move in and a couple of light showers pulling into marion county.
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you see heavy rain and lightning just to the northwest of marion county. that will move in this morning. here is your timeline. important today. 8:00-10:00, storms and the western zones right on track from what tom terry will show you as well yesterday. we was the storms in the western zones first and from 10:00-2:00, cross i 4, pulling into the central zones and 2:00- 4:00, we will pull off to the east coast and after that, we will start to see clearing. updating the timing of all of this also we will show you the rain and storms moving in and go over the severe weather threat for today. a busy doing -- morning. 6:02 am. >> thousands are without power now in the panhandle after a storm system hit overnight including a confirmed tornado in pensacola. >> janai norman has been watching the updates coming into the newsroom. emergency officials say an
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worst of the damage. >> reporter: for more than two hours now i've been watching pictures and video showing the heavy damage to three buildings where we have learned at least two dozen units were destroyed and we are getting a look at the work crews have been working on in the aftermath of the stores. dark video shows homes flattened in pensacola overnight. here's a look inside a home on scenic highway devastated by tuesday storms. overnight, we haven't checking for updates out of escambia county and all of the panhandle where more than 6000 people were still without power until the early morning hours. >> what is it like?. >> horrible. >> reporter: getting updates from escambia county officials who report apartments caught the brunt. pictures of shelters opened inside a pensacola church for residents who could not go home and drivers were urged to stay off of i 10 were fhp shut down about 25 mile stretch of road.
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bridge reopened after the storm blew over a semi causing backups for more than two hours. escambia county leaders are planning to give an update and 9:30 this morning. i'm watching for more updates. so far we have not seen too many reports of injuries in florida. i will keep you updated as we get more information about the confirmed tornado. jamie? before the storms get here, download our wftv weather app on your smartphone and tablet and track the weather wherever your day takes you it is free in the apple store. deneige broom with a look at the roads. >> i 4, maitland no construction in the area this point. they cleared out the cones near 43 -- 436 -- 4361 hour ago. good about the russians no issues a cross i 4 this morning. a christmas, a crash stable 520, easter colonial drive with one was found lane. earlier it was two lanes have
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if you need the alternate, taylor creek wrote, colonial drive. breaking news in volusia county. locked down listed for bethune- cookman university students because of gunfire. >> police looking for a drive- by shooter. eyewitness news is morning kimberly eiten life with the first reports of gunshots tardy coming in. the location may be the only connection to the university. >> reporter: we are asking police if any bcu students were involved in the shooting that happened at this intersection but the lock down likely went into place out of an abundance of caution with bcu campus less than 1 mile away. the alert went out after midnight telling students to stay indoors in daytona beach police search for shooter. someone open found in two locations hitting two victims. the first reports of gunshots came from sheridan and wilson avenue.
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later near cypress park outside the athletically center. these may have an drive-bys. i have been waiting for officers to cover. multiple alerts came across the bcu system having a timeline of what happened after the shots as officer search for the gunmen as set a perimeter between palmetto avenue and victory road. the firm a and morning -- the perimeter lifted this morning with no arrested asking police if they know who they are looking for an asking about the victims. how they are and what connection if any they had to the gunmen. live in volusia county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. altamonte springs mother accused of murdering her own son is scheduled to face a judge this afternoon. yesterday, police arrested virginia arteaga after they found 29-year-old blake howard shot dead inside the shower. they were initially responded to a welfare check. neighbors tell us they were
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she recently lost a lot of weight. >> i saw the crowd of people standing. i'm so sorry. i was worried for her. i'm sorry i did not pursue it more. >> police are working to figure out what may have led to the shooting. arteta's court appearance scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon. we will let you know what the judge decides on eyewitness news at 4. the mother of missing baby willow is still in the orange county jail and $50,000 bond. orlando police say leads are dwindling in the search for the baby. susan richardson is facing child neglect and abandonment charges after investigators say she abandon the baby after giving birth last monday. legal analyst says proving charges will be tough if officers do not find out what happened to the baby. formal charges if they are not found in 30 days, richardson could walk out of the jail without posting bail. this morning, donald trump is celebrating a decisive win in nevada's republican caucus,
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the race for the gop nomination. the latest results show trump has the support of over 45 percent of gop caucus goers in the state. senegal marco rubio of florida was also republican establishment favorite is in second place ahead of senator. ted cruz. it is really only by a small margin. in his victory speech, trump hinted that he could wrap up the nomination in a couple of months. of course if you listen to the pundits, we were not expected to win too much and now we are country. >> trump tells supporters a plan -- plan to keep guantanamo bay open hours after overland -- obama plan to close it. carson and k-6 at the bottom of the pack but they bowed to march on to super tuesday. democratic contenders hit the stage for town hall in south carolina last night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders
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before the south carolina democratic primary where african-american voters make up half of the electorate. clinton will hold events in south carolina, sanders a missouri. florida primary is march 15. none of the republicans in the florida legislature has endorsed donald trump yet. what that could mean for the gop on a black -- on a blog. candidate with an arrest history tells us is passed should not stop voters from supporting him. we cover the case in 2010 when josi colsn was put on probation for alleged witness tampering. he was saying accusations were misunderstandings. he also tells us he wants to serve the community with the people as his platform. >> who are people to judge me? only god can judge me. >> we uncovered drug charges and stalking accusations against him. he tells us two marijuana
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all medical condition he no longer has an stalking completely dropped. in the last few minutes, we have been getting video damage left behind by a line of strong storms that moved through the south. that is what a sister -- twisted -- a twisted into a fitness gym and louisiana. the problem is the band is what is causing our way. >> we need to watch for that as we go over the next couple of hours. one hour or two away from western zones. to the northwest a marion county near gainesville, there has been severe thunderstorms over the last few hours. there is a line draped near tampa, st. kitts, that will punch in this morning to the early afternoon. all under the risk of severe weather. i 4, north and west is a high risk. brevard county, watching out for isolated rotation in some
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will be possible through this morning right to the early afternoon. things will go downhill in orange county. the timeframe again especially by 10:00 we was a rain storms working in through the early afternoon. later today, look at 6:00, eventually some clearing. today is the day for sure to have the weather app with you. at the bottom of it there is an alerts tab. toggle on watches and warnings you want. type -- toggle on tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warning for today. our show you the movement of the rain and storms on future track. stay tuned. it will be at 6:17. right now 6:11 am. >> backups because of the crash on state road 520. it is westbound east of colonial drive. you can see the color red building because people are approaching and stopping because of westbound lane closure. alternate could be taylor creek to get you to colonial drive
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a spot of construction in volusia county, i-95 northbound and southbound pioneer trail have one lane blocked in each direction. federal lawsuit claiming your utility may have inflated the power bill. the money collected for an expensive project that was never built. the latest case of the zika virus is an seminole county. we are asking what is being done to keep the virus from getting into the local mosquito population. >> planning to get back to it. >> yes-man -- yes, ma'am. emotional day for sergeant. who says she was run over by
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6:15 am. take a look at the storm system that brian shields has been tracking all morning also crossed over louisiana yesterday. this video shows the damage an rv park in st. james parish one hour west of new orleans, two people died, seven others critically hurt. witnesses reported seeing a tornado but that has not yet been confirmed. brian is monitoring the tornado right now. we are to come in -- two minutes away from his next update. pay close attention to the forecast. 18-year-old accused of trying to kill in orange county deputy will stay in juvenile death benefit after court yesterday from the sergeant. who was nearly killed was overcome with emotion. >> he tried to kill me.. >>sergeant. marcy pierce was at ortiz is hearing in juvenile court yesterday vicki turned himself in monday. he was on the run. investigators said he hit peers car -- with a car last week when she tried to take them
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charges that she heard from the tech -- head to toe with a fractured foot and acidity head injuries. >> i strive really hard to take care of people everyday. i do my best in my guys to the arrest. >>sergeant. pierce also said as soon as she is better she is getting back to the job that she loves . ortiz meanwhile the stay locked up in juvenile detention center for at least three weeks until the trial for berkeley. 9 investigates found a lady lake police officer accused of writing bogus tickets incomplete reports and lying to get out of doing work has resigned. paul athlete fired from the mascot police department after he allegedly put a juvenile in a cell at the adult jail after calling his wife while he was supposed to be on patrol. he was hired at lady lake pd where he was written up for using a police search system for personal use. he faced several accusations of not doing the basic duties of his job. he quit the four he was five. 48 hours after a water main broke in ocala, families still need to boil water before using
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look at the pictures of crews standing next to a massive hole on south e. 17th st. after a water main broke on monday. the road was repaired and all 30 homes have water again but the water has not been cleared to use yet. we will let you know when it happens. tonight hopefully spacex will launch the first rocket of the new year here in such a florida. >> how can i market scheduled to blast off the cape canaveral air force station at 6:40 6 pm. the rocket will carry a communications satellite into orbit for a company based in europe if it does left off, watch it here on channel 9 and . big emphasis on if. >> this band moving to use that will move through quickly. >> it will take a lot of the day and should be out by launch but the winds will be an issue and watch out for the sky cover. a few obstacles to contend with.
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and storms that will move in. early warning dopler 9 hd, on your screen now and you can see green working into marion and sumter county's may have a spritz. action to the northwest. severe storm warning for the gainesville area. the aggressive line of rain storms pulling by that yellow shading you see but that life pole -- line pulling to the gulf of mexico. lightning with it as well. strong at least. heavy rain is gusting -- gusting winds threat of rotating storms and isolated tornado. for one hour away from pulling into the western zones. a tornado watch is up. western sections, marion, sumter counties until 10:00. we have isolated tornado was the day and the severe weather threat. winds gusting over 50 miles an hour and some storms. 60s, 70s by now.
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warm day but rain storms will be arriving as we go through the day. especially later. a little sun in cocoa beach but later in brevard county to the mid-afternoon, best chance of storms. we will go through it slowly. 7:00 this morning until 9:00, 10:00, western zones seeing rain and then by 11:00 cross i 4 going slowly through the lunch hour and by 1:00, widespread rain storms around and we will -- it will move through slowly so you can plan your day. by 3:00, i 4 south and east and then after that, starting to move out of the picture left over showers southern zones, late this evening. then quickly clearing skies and turning much cooler. 81 today, storms arrive and a strong to severe. just covered that for you. you see the numbers, 70s and 80s in the outlook today and tonight it is actually going to turn very chilly as we clear
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tonight, a few 50s but, again, we will turn a lot of sunshine into the forecast through the weekend. by tomorrow, in the 60s for highs a little bit cooler and again plenty of sunshine moving in. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view , today is the day to watch with covering this for you for the tornado threat today, gorgeous tomorrow but chillier, breezy, mid-60s friday. and into the weekend, still a bit cooler saturday, 66 and tons of sunshine, sunny skies sunday, perfect, high of 71. at the bottom of the hour, we will update the storm timeline for you and show you the rain and storms as they get closer to our western sections. see you in a few. 6:21 am. looking at a crash with deneige. >> christmas, easter colonial, a westbound lane is reopened. keep in mind you may have slowdowns try to get through the area while they clear the
6:22 am
volusia county, heads up from troopers there is a debris on the road on i 4 westbound from saxon to dirksen drive in volusia county, keep your eyes open for that as you had westbound. -- as you are heading westbound. i 4, colonial no issues into downtown orlando. i will let you know if something pops up. the use of car owners facing a recall of potentially dangerous air bags. the researcher just released that shows why the risk is even greater for florida drivers. new pictures showing the damage a tornado caused in the panhandle overnight. coming into the newsroom, putting them together for you right now as we tracked that very same system headed to us to central florida. >> looks like it will go higher next week. >>the flu making hundred six
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is -- because of poor car crash near orange blossom trail americana boulevard. state troopers said he has been in the country seven years without a drivers license. 42-year-old brett adams died in the crash. many of our colleagues and loved ones have been out with the flu this week. >> the health department says flu cases are on the rise, local origin case any are tell us they had seen huge spike in patients in the last couple of weeks. doctors in florida hospitals say they cannot explain why the flu is late this year over the last week they have seen record 940 cases. if you have not gotten the flu shot yet, doctors say there's time. we posted a link for information on the vaccine on . click on web links on the home page. we will keep an eye out this afternoon for the update on the spread of the zika virus and central florida. the florida department of health announced yesterday the case popped up is a morrow county -- solano county. bring in the state -- seminole county, 29, brevard and a
6:27 am
they are all travel related local mosquitoes have not tested positive for it yet. do your part by hoping to get rid of any standing water around your home. oia tells us they are spring for mosquitoes were often so they do not bite travelers who could be potentially effective. school resource officer used a taser on a child to break up a fight at in orange county middle school. >> why parents are outraged of the shares office reaction. -- sheriff's office reaction. a bit out of the panhandle where tornado touchdown overnight. pictures into the newsroom showing how strong winds were. tornado watch for some of us in central florida, plus a minor -- line of rain and
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him -- 6:30 am on line of storms headed our way the national weather service issued a tornado watch for marion and sumter county's. notice the information at the top. we want to keep you informed. >>certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather
6:31 am
you are putting it in the i 4 corridor between 10 am-2 pm. >> late morning, early afternoon we will go over the timing. tornado watch to marion in sumter counties until 10:00. all of us have the risk of severe weather throughout the day. you can see it yourself, the line of showers and storms are starting to work in or closer to our western tier now. we see warnings north florida and one severe storm warning near the gainesville area. just what the marion county. if you do not get a warning today, we are talking about heavy rain working in and gusty winds. getting close to marion in sumter now. and it will be sweeping through for the rest of us. 60s, 70s outside this morning and it is warm and stay warm today. the greatest threat and storyline today will be the potential of stronger storms
6:32 am
here is the timeframe for you go into it slowly to plan ahead if you're thinking about the kids at school are working outdoors, eight-10:00 arriving in western zones. shortly starting to pull into the western zones. from 10:00-2:00 a cross i 4. that is the best bet. widespread rain, thunderstorms 10:00-2:00. from 2:00-4:00, moving to the coast, coastal brull -- volusia, brevard county. after that, 5:00, 6:00, totally clearing out and we will see clearing skies moving in for tonight and chilly weather. coming up, we will go over the severe weather threats we can expect and updating future track because i want to show you hourly how the rain and storms move in. it will be busy and i will take you through it in the next half hour. 6:32 am.
6:33 am
homes in pensacola. we showed you damage from a storm that blew over a semi shutting down part of our ken bowers. >> janai norman has a watching the latest out of escambia county. thousands don't have power. >> reporter: more than 6000 people were without power but we showed you 30 minutes ago crews working to get it restored. right now many roads are still closed until crews can clear out power lines and free. a better look of the situation on roadways in pensacola where these are new pictures showed debris and trees littering the ground. i've been checking severe weather updates on twitter showing the damage in the panhandle after storms rolled through tuesday night. this week in my beer, i found these pictures showing how strong the winds were from the confirmed tornado that touched down in pensacola. you can see a tree that was uprooted in a semi blown over shutting down part of i 10 for more than two hours. this video shows were some homes were flattened in the
6:34 am
as we told you 30 minutes ago an apartment complex caught the brunt of the storm. we have learned about two dozen units were destroyed and residents were evacuated from a many of them taking shelter in churches that opened their doors overnight. brian tells me the national weather service issued more than 20 weather alerts for florida overnight. i'm continuing to watch for weather updates on twitter out of the panhandle and we will keep you updated as we get more reports on the damage there. checking the roads with deneige broom watching what's going up for the commute. >> i 4, lake mary, we are seeing volume building toward downtown orlando direction anybody headed toward longwood, maitland or downtown orlando, sing westbound delays building. nothing out of the ordinary at this point. we have reports of debris on i 4, volusia county, troopers say a 4 mile stretch in between saxon boulevard and dirksen drive westbound, there is debris scattered along the roads. if you are headed in that direction, make sure you keep
6:35 am
could see some swerving to avoid debris. attorneys for millionaire convicted of killing his wife are try to get him out of prison after a judge granted him a new trial. bob ward is serving 30 years for shooting and killing his wife back in 2011. last year he argued he had an ineffective counsel because his lawyer did not object to video of him in a holding cell. here's the video. it shows not telling investigators what happened or letting them test gun residues on his hands. prosecutors plaited and inferred his silence meant guilt. >> in my estimation they have a very strong case without comment on his right to remain silent. >> wards attorney is asking for bond saying his client is presumed innocent and should be freed that the state has already filed an appeal. in 18-year-old convicted killer from marion county will spend the rest of her life behind bars.
6:36 am
lowered her ex-boyfriend -- lured her exported to a house where she and a group of others beat and shot him.. sentence. has been sentenced. she was sentenced to life in prison in 2012 when a judge crime. a convicted killer central florida will stay off death row longer thanks to the recent ruling from the us supreme court striking down florida's death penalty. yesterday a judge granted the state of continuous and anthony was case who was convicted of killing johnson's in melbourne and 2011 -- 2000. he was sentenced to death once but decision was vacated due to -- only appropriate sentences life in prison. parents are asking questions about how a school resource officer handle the fight in an orange county middle school. >> we found out the officer used a taser to break up a fight monday at will flick middle school in apopka.
6:37 am
present the officer did everything right. one parent tells us taser should not be used on the student. >> i don't think you should have to take a child. adults are strong enough. >> two students arrested in the fight an arrest report show only one shot by the taser after disobeying the officers orders officers say the probes whenever police. asking to present they have any leads in the search for a semi truck driver who hit a 16- year-old woman and took off. sky witness 9 flew over the scene yesterday at the corner of sam lake road and kings point pkwy. troopers say the truck driver ran over baskets as she waited to cross the street. they said the driver initially stopped but then drove off when paramedics arrived. at last check, baskets was listed in serious but stable condition. apple expected to tell a judge this week that the fight with the fbi over iphone encryption should be handled by congress and not the courts.
6:38 am
apple. the fbi is asking the tech giant to help them unlock the phone san bernardino shooters syed farook. apples is doing so would set a dangerous precedent and will put iphone and ipad users at risk for data breach. sheriff's office report shows nothing appeared out of place for supreme court justice antonin scalia where he was found dead. he was found dead in a suite. three pillows were stacked to lift his head and they say one covered his eyes but did not appear to affect his breathing. they say his bedcovers did not show any signs of a struggle. things are looking up at clean it up. officials with the st johns river management district say nato plans are continuing to expand in the lake. they say it is because of restoration projects aimed at improving the quality of the legs water. lake apopka is the fourth largest lake in florida. melbourne residents will have to drive carefully this morning after being thrown off
6:39 am
lee would force community located off of wickham road between eue gallie blvd. in aurora road and that is where the county shut down traffic to make improvements. many drivers said they did not realize until they were forced to turn into a residential neighborhood to get around it to the city says they are considering adding additional signs enclosures. speaking of storm water. >> 6:38 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. watch the forecast. >> could be heavy-duty jacks tornado watch for marion a sumter county central 10:00 this morning. that may expand to include the rest either way we have an isolated risk of severe weather. try now but the rain and storms just back to the northwest. you can see it. severe thunderstorm warning near gainesville over the next few minutes and if you do not get severe weather, we will see heavy rain in this line, gusty winds and we will see lightning as well. severe weather threat including all of us even brevard county in osceola for later today. the risk are higher in the
6:40 am
strong to severe storms are a possibility for today. keels elementary, we will see clouds quickly building and rain and storms, late morning or early afternoon. even around school bus pickup times, the chance for a few storms before they quickly zip to the southeast. have our weather app with you. it has an alert staff to toggle on, tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warning so they will alert you to let you know exactly what is going on. the app is free. search wftv in the store. and main weather, the updated future track i will show you line of rain and storms coming in and what it means later this week and into the weekend. 6:40 am. deneige. >> we have another crash that popped up, woodbridge lane,, woodbridge lane, jeron hamm wrote before you get to the intersection of silver star. one lane blocked because orange
6:41 am
and we could see delays on silverstar because of a crash. troopers want to remind you they spotted debris i 4 westbound from saxon boulevard to dirksen drive, 4 mile stretch. if you see that on the road, keep that in mind. central florida attraction opening the gates for free today. free admission will say the holy land millions. >> i do not think i should have to pay. i think they are thieves. >> why more than 100 people celebration are spending their days in the dark with their homes covered by blue tarps. police are's -- are looking for suspects near bcu campus for two shootings. we are asking police if any
6:42 am
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6:44 am
6:45 am
students in bethune-cookman university waking up to warning. >> the suspect in two shooting near the campus is still wanted. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten live in daytona beach for us. officers searched overnight for the common. >> reporter: -- for the gunmen. >> reporter: mucus he left over crime scene tape as the search continues for the person who opened fire here on sheridan road getting two people setting parts of bcu in landau. students alerted to the inside as police launched a manhunt 1 mile away. it started before midnight after reports of gunfire at sheridan and wilson. one person with it. minutes later a second report of more gunfire and another victim near cypress park.
6:46 am
athletic league we're told. alerts email costs the system giving a timeline of what happened at -- officer setting a perimeter breaking down the search two hours later with no arrests. as they look for the shooter we ask for information on the suspect and victims. 13 students have been shot over the last year. most off-campus. my first question to police will be if there is a connection to the school other to campus. live the bush, -- volusia county kimberly eiten eyewitness news this morning. residences over sawicki up in darkness is morning and saying blue tarps or plywood over the windows. condos have leaky roofs causing damage. problem. residents who live in a condo say they have in dealing with the lakes and water damage for years. homeowners are national weather service possible to damage in
6:47 am
is responsible for fixing any damages to the outside of the condos likely keepers. lexin capital want to residents to pay an assessment fee which they say as part of the contract they signed. for some residents, they could mean $40,000. >> this is a wonderful view. it is all boarded up and dark as night. i do not think i should have to pay. i don't think anybody should lexin says it's unfair for residents to solely blame it for the problem and will share responsibly for repairs with the condo owners. wise county school officials will begin holding open meetings to discuss the newly released school grades. a were released last week based on the controversial is a test. officials will hold nine meetings to explain how grating has changed. for a full list of the meeting times click on the web links on our home page.
6:48 am
next week. this week state officials hope to avoid the problems they faced last year. the education department says it has fixed bugs, tested systems that had students take practice exams. leaders are try to stay optimistic but they say may have noticed issues during the practice sessions. we posted a poll asking parents about the testing on let us know what you think . it is on the home page. 6:47 am. a lot to get through with brian. >> classic set up of the line of the gulf of mexico and if you don't get warning, talking heavy rain, gusty winds. the tornado watch is up for the western tier. some rain just now working in. we will see signs of rotation and some of the storms but that is what i will look out for. if any warnings are issued, your app will let you know and i will let you know here on channel 9 and rusty will be on
6:49 am
heavy rain north of meeting county by gainesville area, the warning expired but you see the line stretching all the way into the gulf of mexico. lots of lightning and heavy downpours. we are saying rain edging into marion and sumter counties. lake county me get showers. tornado watch out until 10:00 marion sumter county. follow a set of flight risk to native hide -- highest rate gusty winds over 50 miles an hour and storms -- and storms. 60s and 70s around and legal throughout the day, deland rain and storms are arriving through the early afternoon and we will get clearing moving in. timeframe, 7:00 this morning western zones, rain and by 10:00, already approaching i 4 at this point and sliding through i 4 by midday. after that, by 2:00, i 4 south and east will move through slowly so you can get a handle
6:50 am
by 4:00, finishing up. southern zones, eastern zones, a couple left over showers and storms and then after that, clearing out quickly, cooling down for tonight. today, storms arrive, strong to severe, temperatures around 81. as we get for tonight we will see the clearing and cooler weather. 70s, 80s on the way for today. in for tonight, clearing out, 40s and low 50s around. it will be chilly when i see you tomorrow morning, tomorrow itself we get the payoff, a lot of sun with temperatures in the 60s. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view , again, we covered the severe weather threat moving west east today and tomorrow, although sun works in. 67 thursday. 65 on friday. the weekend is gorgeous, chilly nights, great days. 66 saturday, 71 sunday, we will update the stories coming up in a couple minutes at the top of the hour. 6:50 am here's deneige. >> a crash and 95, brevard
6:51 am
of tedium parkway tedium pkwy., rockledge possibly one lane blocked not causing too many issues at this point. i will update you in the next seven minutes of the causes slowdowns. would richard -- woodbridge lane, off to the site. orlando police are looking for a carjacker. >> what police say the gunmen did before stealing the victim's car. sun is rising meaning we are getting new information about the damage tornado caused in the florida panhandle. new homes riding on the inside and owners blamed affected stucco on the outside. coming up on tv 27, action five
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
new from overnight police are working to find a pan they say car jacked someone at gun point. that suspect walked up to the victim on cinter lane parkway and pointed a gun, demanded his car and left the stolen car is a tan 2007lexus es350. later today a mother
6:55 am
son is scheduled to face a judge. yesterday police arrested the 59-year-old after finding blake howard shot and dead. police are working to figure out what may have led up to the shooting. the court appearance is scheduled for 1:30. your criminal 6:54. dodge has issued a recall for the dart but one lake county driver said the brakes on her car failed two days before she ever got a notice of the danger. yvonne hill said she is lucky to be alive after she drove into a busy intersection when her brakes failed last wednesday. hill said she only got a recall notice about the problem two days later and when she read it all it said was that the parts to fix the car were currently not available. >> offer people other cars until you can take care of the problem. >> chrysler said they would send exercises customers a
6:56 am
been seven accidents and two injuries due to the problem. sciencists say they have new information about what causes air bags to explode. the testing coalition has been investigating them for the last year. they say a combination of moisture and the compound use in the bags makes them more likely to explode. they found that the inflater set up may let moisture seep in under very humid conditions. new, a federal lawsuit has been filed against two of florida's largest power companies that challenges nearly two billion dollars in fees charged to customers for nuclear projects the lawsuit was filed monday against florida power and light and duke energy. it claims that 2006 law that imposed the fees for nuclear projects is not constitutional. there is a new group of phone scammers targeting residents claiming to be with the utility authority. they have received reports of
6:57 am
collections agent. that person claims the person owes money and they must pay up or loose service. one customer lost $1,200. more than 30 employers will be at a job fair this morning. job news usa is hosting the fair near sea world. it starts at 10:00 a.m. people should dress professional and not bring children. we put a link on the website. just click on the button on the home page. in the next few hours you can get in to the holy land experience for free. if you plan to go you may want to give yourself extra time. in years past thousands have flocked to the attraction causing back ups. we have seen the lines before. hundreds usually have to be turned away after it fills up. the charity day lets it keep its tax exempt religious statues. it opens at ten. the storm system we are
6:58 am
at least three people in louisiana and mississippi were killed in the tornadoes and that severe weather. more than 30 were in the hospital. the national weather service said at least seven tornadoes hit. one touched down in pensacola. we expect to learn more as the sunrises. we reported the storm knocked out the power for more than 6,000 people. not many reports of injuries in florida. >> i have been looking at the images of the damage for a few hours and you would have thought there would be more injuries. we know a big rig driver was injured when the wind blew over his truck shutting down the highway. about two dozen units at apartments were destroyed. no injuries were reported. crews are working to restore the power and remove power lines and trees from roadways.
6:59 am
track for this system. >> thank you. we are watching the rain and storming getting closer. now through ten. starting it work into the west to give you that time frame. then midmorning, early afternoon. that's what we will see them working across i-4. that's when we will see the heavy rain. heavy storms and isolated severe threat and then two to four near the east coast and after that they will start to pull away. isolated severe weather threat for today. if any warnings issued we will let you know. rusty will be on tv27 and have your tab set on your weather app. the rest of the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view, a lot of sun. by tomorrow. it'll be beautiful but cooler. cooler weather through saturday a lot of sun. 70s return by sunday. stay weather aware as we go throughout the day. the time is 6:59. a couple of crashes out there. apopka, vine land at torry
7:00 am
you will start to see delays and then we have a crash, 417 southbound. just before lee vista boulevard. this isn't seeming like its causing to many did he lace. keep it in mind. some people in central florida say their new homes are rotting on the inside. what could be a billion dollar problem. >> your complete local news continues now on central florida's tv27. good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's huge win in nevada. >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> record turnout. trump relishes his victory. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> marco rubio second and less than a week from the super tuesday showdown, donald trump and marco rubio are here this morning. oh, my goodness. holy cow. deadly storms tear through the south. 27 reported tornadoes across the


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