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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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goo good morning, america. breaking news, a deadly plane crash. at least 75 people killed after a flight carrying this soccer team plummets to the ground. at least five people make it out alive. emergency responders sea state of emergency, mass evacuations as dozens of wildfires tear through the southeast. >> if you are a person that prays we could use your prayers. >> an aquarium with more than 10,000 animals abandoned as orange haze surrounds resort after resort. the growing fires threatening dolly parton's theme park. 100 homes burning as firefighters pour in to battle the blazes. new details about what may have turned this honor student
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slashing people injuring 11. >> he was trying to hurt as many as he could. >> the hero officer who stopped him and new clues about the suspect's past. the message he left online. and breaking right now, the abc news exclusive. the abducted supermom's husband speaking out for the first time to "gma." why he says nothing could have prepared him for the moment he finally saw his wife calling the reality more shocking than anyone who imagine and his message about what he calls rumors, assumptns about his wife. the stunning new details about the kidnapping only on "gma." and and good morning, america. we have a lot to get to this morning including that impassioned plea from sherri papini's husband. >> we heard from him. he said officers warned him to brace himself before he saw his wife. what an incredible ordeal she went through.
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also get to those terrible fires. here's an incredible image coming out of tennessee overnight. they battle those blazes in burning all across tennessee right now. we begin with breaking news, plane crash in colombia. 81 people on board including a soccer team. at least five made it out alive. now emergency responders are on the scene and abc's david kerley has all the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. it is amazing. we are talking about survivors is this small jetliner went down and where it went down. emergency crews carrying the handful of survivors of the jet crash into local hospitals. remarkable considering this, the wreckage in the mountainous area around medellin. with just six survivors, rescue crews expect to start the recovery of the other 75 people who were on board. many of them members of that brazilian soccer team on its way to a tournament.
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nearing the end of a long flight from southern brazil and low livia to colombia. it circled near medellin and the crusade they had an electrical problem before it went down. video was taken of the soccer team, the chapecoense, before they boarded and on board one of the players, alan ruschel posted pictures with his teammate. ruschel reportedly one of the survivors. the team posting a statement, may god accompany our athletes, officials, journalists and other situation. see, at least one of the players reportedly in the hospital and it was really a cinderella story for this team. it's regional team. they were going to finals and beat some very powerful teams to get to this, the investigation starting at daylight, george. it's a tragedy for this team from brazil. >> it certainly is. remarkable, david, that anyone could survive a crash like this. >> reporter: yeah, you know, it's remarkable. we don't know much but depending
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that's how some people can survive and others perish. you know, part of the aircraft could break off and actually land softly and the other part could be destroyed. so it's really -- it's truly to know what happened but there are a lot of factors that could play into why these folks survived. >> david kerley, thanks very much. no you to that breaking news, right here at home, dozens of wildfires threatening the southeast forcing thousands to evacuate overnight from popular tourist spots like dolly parton's dollywood as winds there up to 60 miles spread flames and destroy so many homes. abc's rob marciano has all the latest. good morning, rob. >> for weeks we've been reporting on the extreme drought, the fires and the rain that was finally to come last night but before that happened the winds cranked and the fire spread. >> huge fire. blown out of control right now. >> reporter: overnight wildfires raging across eastern tennessee. burning at least 100 homes. >> yeah, it's time to go.
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area's biggest tourist attractions, dollywood. >> if you are a person that prays we could use your prayers. >> reporter: the popular tourist destination turned into an orange armageddon. smoke and ash filling the streets downtown. owners trying to protect hotels and lodges already lit up with holiday lights. more than 10,000 animals are trapped at ripley's aquarium of the smokies. the fires fanned by strong winds up to 60 miles per hour and the southeast' decade. >> conditions are extremely dangerous. stay off the roadways. >> reporter: motorists fleeing downtown gatlinburg as authorities order a mandatory evacuation there in oh, my god. it's so hot. >> reporter: the fires spreading quickly. ground crews struggling to put out the flames. aerial firefighters not allowed to fly due to the dangerous conditions. so far only minor injuries on evacuation. we hope that holds true
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burn. rain helping things just a little bit. we'll get another round of rain as we go through time. still burning this morning. as the streets are wet, that's kind of surreal. geers gatlinburg about to get out of the heavy rain as it moves towards the north and east, 3 to 4, maybe more inches of rainfall coming later today. that will put out some of these fires but there's also a severe threat with this. we'll talk more about that in about ten minute. >> thanks very much. we move on to that rampage at ohio state university where a so mol shot down by a quick acting police officer. abc's alex perez has the latest of the. >> reporter: good morning, george. authorities are crediting that quick thinking university police officer with saving lives and investigators are now hunting for any evidence that could help explain why the suspect did this. overnight investigators searching the home of an 18-year-old ohio state university student who police say carried out the violent
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ohio state university. according to the school newspaper this is the suspect's photo. identified as 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan. the rampage starting early monday morning unleashing chaos and fear. the university texting students to run, hide and fight. it was just before 10:00 a.m. when authorities say a male suspect in a car deliberately jumps a curb and plows into pedestrians. >> this is osu. several pedestrians. >> reporter: the driver then exits the car with a butcher knife in hand and starts slashing people near the engineering building watts hall. >> we got a man with a knife running around cutting people. >> reporter: meanwhile, students learning about the news on social media took action. some locking themselves in classrooms, piling chairs to barricade the door. >> once we barricaded the door everyone sat in the corner trying to stay away from the windows. >> it was terrifying at first. you don't think it's going to
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get really scared when it does. >> reporter: one minute after the stabbings began campus police officer alan horujko arrives. officials say when artan refused commands the officer shot and killed him. >> yeah, i need medics at the macquigg lab as soon as possible. >> reporter: they raced in to treat the wounded and jacob bowers who was across the street watched in shock as the attack unfolded. >> it looked like he was trying to hurt as many as he >> reporter: in all 11 people were injured. the good news here this morning is that authorities say none of those injuries are life-threatening. amy. >> that is certainly good news, alex, thank you very much. investigators are now looking into the suspect's background and his posts online as they look now for a motive. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with more on that. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, amy. authorities this morning say all signs point to ab attack inspired by terror propaganda carried out by a young man who
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>> abdul razak ali artan, cum laude. >> reporter: it was five months ago that abdul razak ali artan graduated with honors before going on to ohio state. >> so many people who are flipped by isis propaganda remotely look like they're leading successful lives. >> reporter: but just minutes before the attack, law enforcement officials tell abc news artan posted this message on facebook. i can't take it america, stop interfering with other countries especially the muslim ummah. if you want us muslims to stop carrying out lone wolf attacks, then make peace. >> it certainly looks like this individual had some sympathy for terrorist groups overseas. >> reporter: artan had only started at ohio state this fall. he was recently profiled in the campus newspaper "the lantern" blaming the media for making muslims feel scared. >> his main concern was is it
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oval before class? >> reporter: artan and his family lived near the campus where neighbors said there was nothing suspicious about him. >> very astonishing. you don't know what people are up to now. >> reporter: as police surrounded the apartment, family members left in tears. isis has been urging its followers to carry out attacks using a vehicle and over the holiday weekend they put out a new video showing how an attack with a knife can instill terror, even as isis loses territory in iraq continues to instill terror around the world. >> all right, brian, thank you. >> we move on to that breaking political news overnight, president-elect trump nominates a prominent opponent, tom price to be his health secretary. as trump unleashes new twitter attacks on reporters calling out his baseless claims on voter fraud and tom llamas is covering it from trump tower. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, just moments ago, congressman price accepting that nomination and
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saying last night as he left trump tower very important announcements would happen today. this as you mentioned president-elect trump back on twitter attacking journalists pointing out he's making baseless allegations of voter fraud. overnight, president-elect donald trump unleashing a twitter tirade retweeting attacks on a journalist after trump claimed voter fraud but provided no proof of voter misconduct. retweets like this one,ha did not suffer from millions of fraud votes? trump is furious about green party candidate jill stein's recount in three battleground states calling the effort sad. >> what we have are predictors that if tampering took place, that it would be most likely to be discovered in the three states where we are looking. >> reporter: but many are wondering why the president-elect tweeted this baseless claim. millions of people who voted
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on monday his team pointing to this 2012 pew study which said more than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters. but the primary author of the study quickly clarifying. i can confirm that report made no findings re: voter fraud. we found millions of out of date registration records due to people moving or dying but found no evidence that voter fraud resulted. >> i think it's most unfortunate that the president-elects problems with our system and that's feeding what i call this conspiracy theory. >> reporter: back in trump tower, the president-elect busy shaping his cabinet. overnight transition sources confirming he's expected to name congressman tom price, a georgia republican, who started his career as a surgeon and has been a staunch critic of obamacare as the next secretary of health and human services. trump also considering retired general david petraeus for secretary of state.
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>> the one time director of the cia forced to resign after he leaked classified information to his mistress. trump tweeting about the petraeus meeting say he, quote, was very impressed. now, a top aide to president-elect trump tells me general petraeus is also being considered to head up the department of homeland security. and later today, mitt romney will again meet with president-elect trump. this will be the second round of meetings for the one-time trump critic. karl and, jon, extraordinary public jockeying for secretary of state job. the two main contenders it appears, mitt romney and rudy giuliani. it seems like trump is intrigued by romney but his staff not so much. >> he's facing open revolt by members of his staff like kellyanne conway, really do not like the idea and made it clear. but the controversy between those two, between giuliani and romney has opened up the possibility of a third kate and
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yesterday. bob corker, the senator from tennessee, foreign relations committee will be there today. i'm told general allen is also in the mix. if he goes that direction and chooses a general for secretary of state you have the prospect of three generals on his national security team, mattis, a leading contender for defense, flynn at national security council and possibly petraeus. >> if he picked those they would need a waiver from congress. meantime, you do have this pick this morning, congressman tom price, orthopedic of congress to head health and human services. it shows the real influence of mike pence. >> pence and price were very close in congress. both served in the house together and this is clearly showing the influence of pence. price is somebody by the way who was both a prominent critic of obamacare but actually wrote a plan to replace obamacare, no the simply one of those that said repeal. was also replace. >> a strong supporter of donald trump going back to may. >> absolutely. >> jon karl, thanks very much.
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charleston, south carolina, shooter, dylann roof, he's accused of killing nine in a church. a judge ruled he can act as his own attorney and abc's steve osunsami is in charleston with all of those details. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy this. is et issing up an ugly situation at federal court in charleston where dylann roof could now question the relatives of the victims he's accused of murdering. it's a stunning development in the trial of an accused mass murderer who policeay called for a race war. a federal judge in downtown charleston is allowing 22-year-old dylann roof to act as his own lawyer as long as his old defense team continues to sit by his side. roof began representing himself monday, still dressed in his prison jumpsuit saying very little as prosecutors interviewed potential jurors. he objected to one, the only juror of the day who was african-american. roof seen here at his arraignment is pleading not
7:16 am
he's seen here on a surveillance camera walking into the emanuel ame church in june of 2015 where police he gunned down nine black worshippers at a bible study. police later found roof's white supremacist manifesto along with pictures of him at confederate grave sites holding the confederate flag. >> the danger is that someone like roof wants to make a statement and that's going to be the judge's job to make sure -- he's got the right to represe right to make a mockery of the courtroom. >> reporter: it was just last week that the judge in this case even ruled that roof was competent to stand trial. jury selection in the case will last another two weeks. amy. >> all right, steve, thanks so much for that. michael. >> all right, thank you, amy. now to something you don't see every day. a bizarre incident at a houston airport. that right there is a passenger running along the tarmac after jumping from the plane's emergency exit and linsey davis is here and linsey, i have to
7:17 am
that in a hard one to believe. the kind of stuff typically reserved for hollywood and nightmares which is why passengers were stunned when a fellow passenger popped open the emergency door and the question this morning is why. passengers on this jet were stunned. >> the lady on this flight just opened the door and jumped out. >> reporter: the flight landed in houston from new orleans but not at the gate. the emergency door gone. as well as a passenger. she was seen spotted on video the tarmac toward the terminal. but authorities quickly realized this is not a threat, but a medical case. >> psychiatric problem. airport response team 92. >> reporter: the woman was hospitalized overnight. >> frankly it's been a fear. i always watch the emergency doors and, you know, it's pretty frightening that somebody could do something like that. >> reporter: now for those worried about it happening midflight fear not, the
7:18 am
the plane is midflight. when it is in the air at altitude and when it's traveling at a high speed the cabin is pressurized and it's that pressure that makes it impossible to open the door but still a fearful moment for a lot of people on the plane, yeah. >> thanks very much. back to rob. >> you mentioned the severe threat today. we had it yesterday. video out of grundy center, iowa, one of ten tornadoes reported. another in louisiana and another severe threat today with another system. this one actually looks t b were threatened yesterday namely eastern louisiana, mississippi get nothing alabama, tupelo, jackson, really right in the heart of it. you'll be in the threat for not only tornadoes but strong winds also. all with this system that moved through gatlinburg in the way of rain. it's getting up into the northeast. new york, philadelphia, 1:00 p.m. i think it will rain heavily. tomorrow another rain coming into the east coast as well. around the same time. northeast has extreme drought too so we'll take the rain. time now for your tuesday
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walmart. good morning for us, warm and humid this afternoon. low 80s, a few pockets of mid- 80s across the interior. we'll pick up a good wind today south to southeast. we'll have gusts up to 20. similar to yesterday, in fact a little stronger. as the front parole office organ -- front approaches on thursday we'll have a line of showers. we are looking for cooler
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overnight lows cooling back downin the 50s. coming up, the husband of that kidnapped california mom speaking out only to "gma." we have the stunning new details and what he's saying really happened during her terrifying ordeal. the sheriff at the heart of that investigation joins us live. take a look at this crazy scene playing out in a parking lot. two women crashing their suvs. whoa. we'll tell you what sparked the road rage when we come back. crohn's disease. my e but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
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you can configure it in so many different ways, it just, i don't know, it feels really cool. i feel like i'm in the future. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. and good morning everybody. we're seeing some slow drive times southbound on dale mabry. captain al is flying over a crash gaither high school. what's going on out there. >> good morning janelle, at least four vehicles, maybe five involved in this chain reaction accident on the inside lane of southbound dale mabry just approaching gaither high school between van. you can see hillsborough county fire rescue is on scene. only one lane getting by and about a half mile backup
7:24 am
to the veterans expressway moving quick they are morning, 22 minutes from van to 275 on the veterans. 28 minutes, almost a half hour to make that same drive. u.s. 19 at curlu, ivan's back
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7:26. good morning, first let's take you outside and show you current conditions. we are clear out there, but notice a little haze, more humidity on the way back to low 60s. we're in the mid and upper 60s. this is out there in brooksville, my goodness obviously a bad reporting there, it's not 147 degrees. 80 degrees by later this afternoon. it will be muggy and feel like early fall as opposed to december at this point here. we'll have an actual heat index this afternoon. low to caller along the
7:27 am
mid-80s across the entire y. we are going to cool things off. it is almost december. we need a front to do that and it is going to come in with a few showers on thursday. about 30%. then we'll clear things out,
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it moisturizes dry, itchy, rough, skin. for immediate relief and proven 48-hour moisture. for healthier-looking skin... ...look for eucerin, now in the red cap. welcome back to "gma." you're looking at the scene thereafter deadly plane crash in colombia. aircraft with more than 80 on board including a soccer team went down. somehow five people made it out alive. emergency responders and in answers about what went wrong. also right now, tennessee is in a state of emergency as dozens of wildfires rage through the southeast. thousands forced to evacuate overnight as the flames threaten popular tourist spots and 100 homes burn. firefighters are on the ground there battling that blaze. and donald trump set to meet with mitt romney once again today as the president-elect narrows his choices for secretary of state. romney is one of the leading candidates along with former new
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netflix lovers. maybe your show is "gilmore girls," george. okay. or "stranger things." >> i love "stranger things". >> binge-watching could soon become more expensive. >> no. >> nobody wants to hear that. we'll tell you why. >> and we'll pay it probably if bad news with a smile. we begin with exclusive new details about the missing california mom found alive on thanksgiving. her family is now speaking out. we're going to hear from the sh abc's kayna whitworth is in redding, california, with the latest. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, george, good morning. today we are hearing from keith papini, sherri's husband for the first time since she was released. he gave "good morning america" an exclusive statement and in it he talked about how authorities told him to brace himself before he saw his wife for the first time because she was in such grave condition after being held captive for 22 days.
7:32 am
opening up about the ordeal saying my first sight was my wife in a hospital bed. her face covered in bruises ranking from yale low to black because of her repeated beatings. the bridge of her nose broken. it's been six days since sherri papini was found bound on the side of a california highway. she had been missing for three weeks. now her husband keith says when he first reunited with sherri, she weighed only 87 pounds. her had been chopped off. she was thrown from a vehicle with a chain around her waist attached to her wrists and a bag over her head. authorities are searching for the alleged captors papini described as two hispanic women. they say they are armed and dangerous driving a dark colored suv. keith also thanked the community and police all for hair help adding that any speculation that this was anything other than an abduction is flat out wrong.
7:33 am
and disgusting. i understand people want the story, pictures, proof that this was not some sort of hoax, plan to gain money or fabricated race war. i do not see a purpose in addressing each preposterous life. sherri papini called the mayor of her hometown with an emotional thank you for the community's support during her trying time. >> overjoyed. just that she was able to talk and give thanks and sherri, of course, was tearful on the and then i'm even talking about now i'm getting tearful. i mean, there isn't anything better. >> thanks to kayna whitworth for that. we're joined now by shasta county sheriff tom bosenko. thanks for joining us. pretty chilling description from sherri papini's husband, bruises all over her body. broken nose. her hair cut off, branded. do those details conform with what you know right now? >> yes, i was familiar with those details. we had not released them yet to the public.
7:34 am
vehicle. there was earlier reports she had been dropped off. was she, indeed, thrown from the vehicle? >> the information that we have received so far from our investigators that she was released, dropped off there. we did not have information that she was thrown from the vehicle. >> so you didn't know about the chain around her waist, a bag over her head? >> we did know about her restraints. >> and i know you ms. papini yesterday. what more have you learned about her ordeal? >> our investigators did an interview yesterday with her, a follow-up interview from thanksgiving day. they spoke to her for several hours and then in the late afternoon, early evening they were going over her interview and planned to interview her again today. >> and her husband's statement
7:35 am
activity. people questioning this suggesting it may have been a hoax. you still have no reason at all to doubt her story? >> absolutely none. so far we are still investigating this as a kidnapping/abduction and everything that she is providing us thus far is indicating that. >> and what kind of leads do you have about what the possible motive may have been for this abduction? >> we currently don't have a known motive or abduction. we don't know if it was targeted to her specifically or a random abduction. >> and you know some have pointed to past online postings that under the name of sherri gray, her maiden name which included negative comments about hispanics. have you been able to run that down and determine whether it had any connection to this at all? >> we are familiar with that posting that is about 13 years
7:36 am
looking into that, as well. >> are you any closer to figuring out what may have happened here? it is such a strange story. >> this is definitely a unique occurrence, it is our -- our investigators are still working the case as they have been since november 2nd and then, of course, with her release on thanksgiving day, they've worked throughout the thanksgiving holiday and the weekend and find more answers to the many questions that we have, as well. >> based on what she told you, are you searching for two hispanic women who may have been driving an suv? >> yes, that description was provided by ms. papini of two hispanic female adults armed with a handgun driving a dark suv. >> sheriff, thanks very much for your time. >> that's all we have at this time regarding the description. we hope to have a little bit more later today.
7:37 am
let's go to michael. all right. thank you, george. coming up on our big board a delta passenger banned for life after his pro-donald trump tirade goes viral. is the punishment going too far? we'll talk about that when we come back in two minutes. ? ? what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision.
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welcome back. time now for our big board and we're breaking down more of this morning's top stories. dan abrams here at the table. announcing that lifetime ban for a passenger after he was caught on tape going on a pro-donald trump tirade aboard a flight last week. take a look. >> donald trump. baby. that's right. this man knows what's up. we got some hillary clinton [ bleep ] on here. it's your president. every [ bleep ] of you. if you don't like it, too bad. >> all right. so all caught on camera there,
7:40 am
planes but the question is can an airline ban someone for life for something he or she said? >> sure. the bottom line is airplanes are different. it's a private company, first of all, and, secondly, the rules are different on airplanes. remember, all the things that you're told to do and you have to do and, you know, you talk a particular way to a flight attendant, can you have a federal marshal waiting for you when you land so the bottom line is the rules are different on an airplane and it wasn't that he went to the voting for donald trump and banned him. the issue was the way he conducted himself, the language that he used and the fact that other passengers on the plane could and probably were incredibly offended and maybe even frightened. >> threatened. >> by what he was saying. >> there are a lot of people out there. what about your first amendment many rights? does he have any legal action towards the airline. >> look, we always have the possibility that someone sues. it would be a frivolous lawsuit at this point.
7:41 am
kick him off the plane. meaning you can't falsely yell fire in a crowded theater, right. that's sort of the classic example that says there are limitations on the time, place and manner for how and where you can say things and yelling and screaming and using curse words and seemingly threatening on a plane does not invoke -- >> interesting he was not kicked off the plane, just banned from future flight. >> he was taken off then put back on. the question is do any of the other passengers end up saying i felt threatened. limited damages there. >> i didn't even think about that. thank you, dan. now to that playboy model at the center of another legal case of body shaming. dani mathers is now pleading not guilty to invasion of privacy after taking a photo of a nude 70-year-old woman at the gym and posting it on social media. sunny hostin joins us now. her attorney has this to say about his client. take a listen. >> dani very much regrets what happened.
7:42 am
behavior and we're looking forward to resolving this case in a very fair manner. >> all right, sunny, the photo is out there. she apologized. the attorney apologized. but she pleaded not guilty so what's the strategy for her here. >> well, i don't know what the strategy is because this was despicable behavior, right? i think we can all agree this was just disgusting so sorry didn't going to get it, michael, in this case. i mean misdemeanor, a count of invasion of privacy she's been charged with punishable up to one year in prison plus a pretty hefty fine and this is sort unusual. these invasion of privacy charges are usually charged and filed against peeping toms so this is an unprecedented use of this kind of law for this kind of body shaming behavior, bullying and prosecutors are sending a message to would-be bullies this kind of behavior won't be tolerated. she's being made an example of. >> it's interesting. the prosecutor said, okay, body shaming may not be a crime but invading someone's privacy to do
7:43 am
is this just the tip of the iceberg with social media the way it is? are we going to see more cases like this. >> i think we are going to see more cases. i mean, some states have now increased penalties for this kind of secret photo taking. in new york where i'm sitting, amy and where you're sitting you can be punished for up to four years in prison. they've made it a felony here so this is the tip of the iceberg and prosecutors and i think our society is saying body shaming is no -- is just not news indeed. sunny, thanks so much for that. up next hollywood heavy hitters embracing a new role. not on the big screen but in ads. this week three new fashion films premiere online all combining big stars like john krasinski, sienna miller, sacha baron cohen with prada and burberry. larry hackett is with us. i had to look up what a fashion film is. is that a big commercial, larry?
7:44 am
the old rules are changing. it used to be completely unshakable movie stars didn't endorse things, they were on top and that's the way the world was. the fact of the matter is the one commercial getting a lot of attention and has for a couple of years is matthew mcconaughey for this car company. he became famous basically for his character on "true detective." he won an oscar and he's playing it in these commercials. these are for people who have really kind of firm public feelings about things and the idea their sullied by making commercials. if you're doing fashion by the way it is pretty groovy. people want to be in fashion ads and been doing these ads in magazines for years so the idea that now they're moving pictures is only going to be good are to the people who are in them and good for the fashion companies. >> well, i haven't heard groovy since "austin powers." >> that's why i'm doing it, michael. >> you mentioned matthew mcconaughey. a lot of stars at one point didn't do movies and television now. some doing television and these
7:45 am
cheap so how lucrative is this for the celebrity. >> you can make millions and millions of dollars. jim beam with mila kunis and benicio del toro and heineken and matthew mcconaughey and the car company and emirates with jennifer aniston. it's worth it. you're trying to get your products in front of people and change their perceptions. for the stars they're fully confident, they make money and people still love them. and it works out. what endorses about. both benefits from this relationship. >> all right. we appreciate it. larry, sunny, and dan, thank you so much for joining us. coming up in two minute, binge-watch alert. why watching your favorite shows online may get a lot more expensive. what was behind this incredible road rage incident? that is coming up. ouch.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
that's a scene from netflix "gilmore girls" reboot and so many are binge-watching it this week but now guess what, you could face a tax for using streaming services like netflix and amazon. look at the look on your face, george. very upset. >> does not seem right. >> we have the details. >> i mean it. this is my stress relief. do not make my stressful. >> reporter: bad news "gilmore girls," binging on netflix might not become quite so chill. dozens of cities across california are considering taxing netflix and other video streaming services. >> jeepers, terry. this is bad. >> reporter: maybe for kimmy, not for municipalities looking to recoup cash lost by all those cord cutters. their argument we're taxed on cable tv subscriptions so why
7:49 am
with 47 million netflix subscribers in the u.s. a potential tax pot of over half a billion dollars a year. >> these cities are trying to use a decades old utility tax to take a tax out of your websites and apps such as netflix and hulu and possibly others. >> that would be bad. >> oh, a disaster, ma'am. >> reporter: netflix tells us it's a dangerous precedent. >> it's a slippery slope. if you're going to say a website or app such as netflix or others utility. >> reporter: pasadena considering a 9.4% levy. >> how much w >> how much will it cost. >> unacceptable. >> reporter: some in chicago say filing a class action lawsuit after their city imposed a 9% tax on streaming services last year. in pennsylvania, it's 6% statewide. >> tell me what to do. >> voters are on the side. i think the law is on our side and we'll see what happens. >> i feel like that story had a
7:50 am
it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> ah, all the shows i love to watch. >> clever piece but i guess a lot will depend on what the tax goes for. >> state to state, right. >> city to city and whether people 1230r it. >> i can afford a dollar a month -- >> i just want to watch "gilmore girls." >> give us the buck. >> and coming up, we've got professional athlete gabby reece. she's here. she's live streaming and the holidays. >> here we go. five seconds. coming up "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible. if you want to sell your car carmax will give you seven days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso.
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rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena?. "see what's possible." welcome back to "gma." we have talked a lot about the severe weather and the needed rain with these big storms rolling through but look at the snow out of north dakota. business market, slowing down there on interstate 94 with problems on the interstates. there are over 17 inches of also in salt lake city north of that town seeing similar amounts in bountiful, utah, certainly bountiful snow amounts, 30 inches and building a snowpack and winter storm warnings up for parts of western colorado as these two storms slowly make their way to the east and we will take that snowpack.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by new drug-free
7:56 am
live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> 7:56 on this tuesday morning, i'm dan shaffer. hillsborough county deputies are investigating what was stolen from a tampa gun store early this morning. around 3:00 this morning, someone broke into the tampa arms country west of dale mabry. it appears the burglar drove through the front and went inside. deputies hope summers cameras caught the suspect on video. let's get an update on traffic. we have a crash reported on 275 northbound right afternoon 54th avenue north in pinellas county. i did see some emergency vehicles heading north there. looks like they were looking for the accident, didn't find anything, traffic slow but
7:57 am
watch tout for that. treat that as a four-way stop and in hillsborough southbound dale mabry this crash around gaither high school causing delays southbound on dale mabry and further south in gibsonton, northbound u.s. 41 right after sims road at beach avenue. lets check in with action air 1 flying over a crash on nebraska. captain al good morning. >> hey, area, southbound nebraska avenue, a couple of vehicles came together right there. this is about midway between fowler and fletcher avenue at 122nd avenue. you can see hillsborough county sheriff's deputies on scene, but only one lane taken southbound, not creating a huge backup. it has been a warm morning so far. in fact, as we check in on the conditions this morning, first morning we haven't seen 50s anywhere, even our colder spots
7:58 am
we're already looking at temperatures at 70 degrees in tampa. we're going to continue to climb to 83 by the time we get spot afternoon. that's well above average for this time of the year. more humidity is going to feel like it's above the actual air temperature. i'm going to do that with a gusty wind out of the south. at least that will help a little bit. wednesday staying warm and humid, then the front comes in with a few showers thursday setting us up for a nice friday
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morni good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight a deadly plane crash in colombia just miles from the airport. 81 on board this flight carrying a soccer team. at least five people make it out alive. emergency responders searching for more. the latest from the crash scene. also this morning, wildfires rage through the southeast roaring right up to resort towns in tennessee and the doorstep of dollywood. thousands evacuating overnight. homes burning. >> if you are a person that prays we could use your prayers. >> as firefighters rush to battle back the blaze. shocking confession. "westworld" star rachel wood revealing she was sexually assaulted. the searing personal letter she posted and why she's breaking
8:01 am
gabby reece is here to shape you up. it's our transformation tuesday and we've got the three moves you need to stay fit this holiday season. as we say -- >> good morning, america. ? ? and good morning, america. we have a lot to get to this tuesday morning. very special tuesday. >> it is, indeed. we know that cyber monday shopping broke records. well today is what's known as giving tuesday. and record breakingou they're rolling in right there at the command center at nasdaq. they are tracking all the giving live as it happens. >> that is awesome. and speaking of giving, we are giving you something we all could use right now, a great workout this morning. gabby reece is here for a special transformation tuesday which is already livestreaming right now so make sure you check it out. she has all these great moves for you to shape up just ahead. >> gabby, we love it. once the workout is done,
8:02 am
was i wrong? launching our great american christmas cookie search. we're looking for you. our viewers to share your favorite cookies and the stories behind them. we all have ones that we remember that touch our heart and we're going to share all of the recipes along the way. you could end up right here on "gma" with your christmas cookie. >> cannot wait for that. we got to get the morning rundown from paula faris. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news in eastern tennessee, thousands of people have evacuated as ragin areas near great smoky mountains national park. dozens of home, hotels and other buildings have burned including a chapel that was destroyed. the flames fueled by heavy winds and dry conditions trapped visitors in hotels with trees blocking the way out. we talked to one man on the phone as the fire approached his hotel in gatlinburg. >> we're on the first floor because they had to break the windows on the upper floors
8:03 am
the smoke like so bad, like we were on the ground, like we were flat because you had to lay perfectly flat on the ground or the smoke was like just too thick. we had masks but it was even too thick for the masks. >> and the fires just stopped short of dollywood theme park. no serious injuries have been reported. also breaking overnight an airline disaster in south america. a plane carrying a soccer team from brazil crashed in western colombia killing at least 76 people on boar that investigation for us this morning. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it is remarkable that we're talking about survivors, six of them of the 81 people on board this smaller jetliner which was on a very long flight from bolivia all the way up to medellin, colombia. it was near the airport, circling, the crew reported some kind of electrical problem then it disappeared from radar and crashed. on that aircraft was a soccer team, a regional soccer team from brazil, 22 members, 22
8:04 am
tournament there in medellin. we know at least one of the soccer players has survived and is in the hospital. crews expected to be at the crash scene later today, paula. >> six survivor, david, thank you. classes resuming at ohio state university one day after a somali born student drove a car onto a sidewalk and started slashing pedestrians with a butcher knife. 11 people were injured before he was killed by an officer. investigators say moments earlier he posted a message criticizing u.s. attacks on muslims. in politics president-elect donald trump is meeting again today with mitt romney who apparently is till being considered for secretary of state despite vocal opposition from trump loyalists. now, retired general david petraeus is also up for a cabinet position after an hour-long meeting at trump tower and trump has named georgia congressman tom price as health secretary. price is a trained surgeon and a staunch critic of obamacare. health officials near san
8:05 am
whether a free thanksgiving meal is to blame for the deaths of three people. the meal was sponsored by a church and was served to more than 800 people. and we do have exclusive new details this morning from the husband of the california mother found beaten on the side of a highway thanksgiving morning through weeks after she vanished while jogging. keith papini says when he saw his wife sherri after the ordeal she was covered in bruises, had a broken nose and was weighed just 87 pounds. he says that all police are searching for two kidnappers. and dramatic case of road rage to show new southern california. two women crashing their suvs into one another after apparently fighting over a parking spot. ladies, let's play nice before fleeing the scene. one of them crashed into a fire hydrant leaving behind a geyser of water. finally, everybody, remember that fun childhood game hungry, hungry hippos with the little
8:06 am
the real-life version is a little more dangerous. the man driving through a national park in south africa came upon a hungry hippo which tried to take a bite out of his truck. the driver was left with extensive front end damage, a very unusual insurance claim. he made the mistake of trusting that the hippo was friendly towards humans. >> yeah. they're usually not. usually not. >> only with those little marbles. >> angry hippo not other animal in africa. >> children, they're very dangerous if you don't know. and adult, as well. they're dangerous, don't give them. >> a hippo attacked a car. >> good luck with that insurance. good thing he had it on tape in love the sweater. >> thank you, i like your sweater as well. all of you look lovely this morning. don't want to you feel left out. thank you. "pop news" time, everybody. excited about today, i am. a little taste of a highly anticipated remake of one of our
8:07 am
lifetime has released a new trailer for its reboot of "beaches." >> oh, no. oh. >> i know, i know. giving us a glimpse of idina menzel and neal long in the roles originated by bette midler and cece bloom and barbara hershey. she has a tough act to follow. "wind beneath my wings" hit number one on the billboard chart 1989 and won record of the year and song of the year at the get ready for a good cry, "beaches" premieres in january -- >> i'll let you two enjoy this. >> i cried so much with that movie. i couldn't even console myself. >> is that a woman thing? >> apparently. you don't appear to share -- >> we just had a moment. >> it is classifying. i recommend both the original and reboot on lifetime. also i'm very excited to say this. speaking of 1989, that year was the last time this guy, one of
8:08 am
the '80s -- ? never going to make you cry never gonna say good-bye ? ? rick astley toured the u.s. and it appears he'll never give you up. the british pop star is launching a u.s. tour that follows the release of his album just released this year called "50" because that's how old he is. he'll do 18 shows an the u.s. kicking off in january on the 21st starting in vegas ending a month laettner boston get ready to be together forever. tickets go on sale on rick's fa 10:00 a.m. eastern. if you are too young to know what i am doing right now break out your hair spray and shoulder pads and google him, you will not be sorry. >> very excited about this. >> i am. i am a late '80s kind of gal. >> quiet for a long time. >> what? >> he went quiet for a long time. >> he has done little things here and there and on his last album he not only sang,
8:09 am
instrument so he is a true -- >> this song here -- >> i mean download it on your ipod. my kids are watching and going, mom, please. finally december 1st just around the corner for those of you counting down the days to christmas perhaps this diy project is for you. there's a food blog in the uk called so wrong it's nom. i found out it's like so wrong it's nom like nom, is that cookie monster. >> yeah, so on this blog their instructions for a make your own cheese advent calendar. >> is it refrigerated. >> you make your own and choose to refrigerate or not encouraging a different type of cheese for each day as we close in on christmas. if you are afraid your skills
8:10 am
you take the chocolate cheese calendar, you eat the chocks, you fill it with your different cheeses, put it in the fridge and each day -- nobody is with me on this. i really thought this was -- >> lara enthusiasm. >> it is nothing like talking about eating a complete chocolate calendar and then getting to the cheese and then the -- >> rick astley and cheese. >> is thisot wine. >> we need wine. >> there's always wine. >> cheese, chocolate, wine and our transformation tuesday. all right. we've got the simple moves to help you stay in shape during the holidays. >> after your cheese and chocolate. "westworld" star evan rachel wood revealing her secret struggle and why she's breaking her silence now. m thinking? lights! some help.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
i know things will work out the way they're meant to. >> the star of "westworld" evan rachel wood and posted a letter on twitter about surviving sexual assault. paula faris here with the details. hey, paula. >> good morning. evan rachel wood said she was raped twice many years ago. for a long time she didn't want to reveal it but given what's happening in today's society she feels she could no longer stay silent. evan rachel wood saying she will not be >> when will you be back. >> reporter: "westworld" star evan rachel wood sharing a deeply personal secret saying she survived sexual assault. the 29-year-old actress who first alluded to a history of abuse in a "rolling stone" interview tweeting a lengthy confessional saying, yes, i have been raped by a significant other while we were together and on a separate occasion by the owner of a bar. >> reffen. >> reporter: wood says what she experienced took a toll on her,
8:16 am
22. but the mother and actress now saying i am still standing. i am alive. i am happy. i am strong but i'm still not okay. wood saying she kept quiet until now because she didn't want to be a sob story and didn't want to be accused of doing it for attention. or told it wasn't a big deal or that's not really rape. >> i think it's a pretty powerful moment that we are experiencing by having evan speak so be two of the most painful experiences of her life. >> whatever you say. >> reporter: the actress is currently starring in hbo's "westworld," her character dolores, a robot often the victim of violence telling "rolling stone" using her demons to create on the show is how she makes peace with her past. >> she wanted to speak out about it so that it wouldn't be something that someone else would share. i think she wanted to control
8:17 am
"westworld" encouraged her to speak out about her past. >> reporter: wood now one of many celebrities from lena dunham to amber tamblyn to lady gaga opening up about sexual assault in hopes of helping others. wood saying, i don't believe we live in a time where people can stay silent any longer. i certainly can't. not given the world we live in with its blatant bigotry and sexism. she is still not okay but she believes it's important for survivors to know to own it and the pressure to get over it will be lifted. she adds not that she's not over it, george, it's that she's never going to be the same again but a very courageous admission on her part. >> and will help a lot of people. thanks very much. upstairs to michael. >> thank you, george. professional athlete gabby reece is here. live streaming her workout all morning and she'll help you revamp your workout for the holidays. that's just ahead. so stay right there. we'll be right back. (chuckle)
8:18 am
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back now w back now with the "star wars" exclusive. we are just weeks away from the premiere of "rogue one: a star wars story" and until then, though, fans can channel their own force with a fashion meets
8:22 am
parent company disney. our audience is rocking the force for fashion t-shirt as valuable at target. you can join in the fun by using the #forceforchange to share your inspiring stories. liam, how does it feel right now. >> it feels good. >> do you feel the force. >> yes, i do in all right. and we got a rebel. she's a rebel with a cause. and i love it so great to have you with us. good morning, 83 which is well above average for this time of year and some will be in the mid-80s. we will have the heat index out there which is impressive for this time of year. a lot of us do not like warm and humid temperatures that we will fix that with the front on
8:23 am
are and friday we will call back down to the mid-70s and friday and saturday another system moves in for sunday. . you've been putting everything . through the work. >> they've been working hard. >> i saw it. they worked really hard. >> he did.d. >> my guy over there is sweating -- i haven't seen a person sweat like that so much on demonstration in my life. you've been sharing your tips. this time of the year, it is rough because this is when the midsection starts to pile on. it's more than your die sdmret first of all it's cold, it's stressful. you know, people's schedules get crazy, parties, eating, drinking. can we keep it moving during the holidays but on the actual days let's enjoy ourselves so it's an easy way to go. >> and you can judge from the reaction, everybody here enjoyed themselves on thanksgiving? they're like, whoo. >> you're an ambassador of
8:24 am
here. and what can you do to be both fit and relaxed at the same time. >> this is something that's important. so, for example, ladies are doing squats and you'll see everybody here has a teammate. none can be successful on our own, not even you, not even me. we need somebody to check in with. using the fitbit you can track your progress and check your heartrate. they were doing something getting the heartrate up, and put them in recovery mode and check, how high did my heart rate go and they can log it so they can check your progress, their resting heart rate. the relax part is critical. for example, this one i'm wearing, the charge 2 has an app for breathing. so let's say you're sitting ott your desk. ding, you just breathe with it because think about it, we can go three days without water, 30 days without food and three minutes without air. we need to breathe and relax and
8:25 am
stressful stuff. >> that's what we forget to do. breathe, take it in. take our time. you've had them doing squat, lunges. >> they're working on their butts, their glutes, but simultaneous let's go back to squat jacks and get cardio so now they're burring calories, get the heart rate up but you don't want to stay there but recover and get them to recover into the lunges. go ahead and evacuate and lunge and put their airports up. stretching and open the body. all of you at home in we've got to get opened up. >> let's try our abs here. what do we got here? >> a lot of times people say to me, oh, i want to get six-pack abs. okay. >> i think we all want them. >> it's sort of a myth. it's an abdominal move will get it. it's food and think about this. look, emily, for example, if you touched underneath here their abs are on. but they're working on balance ech as we age, one of the most
8:26 am
our own two legs. he's firing his glutes. back to the fwluts. don't kill yourselves. and back so now they're doing four things at one time. so it's about saving time and getting as much done as you can. now in the beefcake section. >> our arms here. >> this is what michael wanted to do. three-quarters of your arm. will stand up. bicep curl so now you're incorporating all these moves in one time and get things done in 30 minute, 45 minutes, about workouts but get a teammate. get through these holidays so when you get into the new year, you've got it. >> 35, 40 minutes with a teammate. do it at home. thanks 20 gabby reece and our sponsor fitbit. we'll be right back. "gma's" transformation tuesday is brought to you by fitbit. find your fit.
8:27 am
this is abc action news. >> good morning, we're be said there is a crash just be on the corner there. we were great porting a class test crash earlier. there is slowdown from the sun shines, to howard franklin and the average speed at this time of the morning we are in the green. the southbound is in the green. we are still watching the crash in dips into northbound 41 just right around symmes road at
8:28 am
and hopefully the crash will be cleared shortly. this drive is looking a little better and that is clear now taking 25 minutes 1:35 75. thanks, look at the shot here coming out from this and in the gorgeous blue sky. clouds in the sky and warm and humid. there will be a few clouds that will stay dry today and it is 70 degrees. we did not go below 60 in any spots and sets us up for 83 today which is well above average. we had no humidity and the humidity out there will continue to be high over the next few days. we will have sticky conditions and 82 at the airport. plenty of midshipman 80s among
8:29 am
slightly cooler there as we drop into the 60s. this got comes in on thursday and it will bring some showers and the dry weather will come back beginning on friday nice and cool, 50s at night and 70s
8:30 am
? [ ch ? [ cheers and applause ] and welcome back to "gma." what a great audience. let's welcome our audience here again this morning. >> look at the shot of us. look how low my chair is. >> what happened? >> i'm at the kids' table. ki come to the adult table? i'm going to come up. now i'm good. thank you. hi, everybody. [ applause ] >> you know, we have a very enthusiastic happy audience here, but how many of you have ever been so angry that you felt
8:31 am
>> oh, yeah. >> it reminds me of the scene from "office space" you know what i'm saying but there are things call rage rooms where you go in and you pay to just smash stuff. there we are. "office space" right there and just smash stuff. [ applause ] but they're springing up around the country, canada, as well. >> spontaneously every once in a while. >> here at "gma" but i'm curious, would you pay money to go somewhere jus >> 100%. >> really? >> yes. so cathartic. >> i do -- >> better doing that right there. >> i love watching it, i felt better. watching people get their rage out feels good. no one agrees with me? >> well, for me, for me -- the tennis court is my rage room. go out on a tennis court when i can -- >> i won't play against you. >> i pay pore court time. you got paid to be the rage room on the football field. >> yeah. but that was a different -- that
8:32 am
>> it must have felt good. >> feels good -- >> it felt good to hit somebody and hear them go uuhh. >> i want to hit an inanimate object. >> you were a little too excited. whoa, robach, calm down. >> this whole table needs to learn how to meditate. >> he's the only one that said i would not need to swing a 20 to 500 bucks. that's a custom experience. make the room however you want and they have couples, couple rooms. >> that's dangerous. >> they have -- they videotape it so you can take it home and watch you get your anger out. >> do you know what you get for 500 bucks. >> what do you get? i'm pretty sure you get whatever you want for 500. >> i have an idea. i think it's funny. >> during the election they destroyed a lot of mannequins of the candidates, by the way. no, i'm just saying people were
8:33 am
>> keep it in the rage room. >> but what if you went in with your spouse and did the couples package and had their dummies set up as you?s not >> that's not good. >> you might need to go to therapy. >> you may need to learn to meditate like george. >> all right. so we'll go from rage rooms to a really cute video. how about that? we can all feel happy right now. [ applause ] in fact, this is one of the cutest. aidan seems his goggles at the water park. take a look at what happened. >> what do you mean. >> i need my goggles. >> where are they? >> um, somewhere. >> open your hand. >> what do you need? what are you looking for. >> my goggles. >> where are they? >> i don't know. >> i thought you had them. >> oh. >> one of the reasons why i
8:34 am
we've all done something similar, right? looking for something and it's in your hand the entire time. >> sun glasses on your head. >> sunglasses. >> phone in the back pocket. >> we've literally been talking on it. i can't find my phone. >> wow. >> the stressful week. i kneed one of those rooms. >> cute when you're 8. when you're our age it's not cute. >> yeah, now we start thinking. ready for a special guest. let's welcome our special guest. smith in "collateral beauty." please welcome naomie harris. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> hi there. >> hi there. >> hey. hi. >> nice to see you. >> hey, guys. >> from money penny to now working with will smith.
8:35 am
>> oh my gosh. it was a nightmare. it was a real nightmare. no, i told will this story about how i -- in one of the first movies i had ever done i turned up at the premiere and replaced by another actress in the movie and so i stupidly told will this story so in between takes he would say to me, you know, you're going to be replaced. you're going to go. you're going to turn up at the cinema and it's going to be role. that was my life on set with will. >> big brother. >> yeah, he is. he loves to torment me, it's great. >> you've always wanted to be an actress. >> yes. yeah, i've been acting since i was 9 years old. >> what was the inspiration? >> 21 years. >> i don't know where it came from. i just always spent hours in front of like the mirror trying to make myself cry, pretending i was different people. doing different accents. i don't know. my mum just started thinking i
8:36 am
>> you say you sat in front of mirror to make yourself cry. i watched a movie last night that made me cry. there's no replacing you in this movie, by the way, will -- there's no way he can do that. really it's a great film. [ applause ] >> incredible film. >> it's like -- it's the perfect holiday movie because it reminds us about the importance of family and love and connection and, you know, it's really inspiring. really beautiful. >> and making the most of every minute. >> ye >> really celebrating the time you have instead of worrying about what you don't have. >> you guys want to see a little bit of it? >> yeah. >> trying to fix my mind. >> you lost a child, howard. it'll never be fixed. >> wow. [ applause ] >> i know, and, yes, that is very deep and this is an emotional movie but i promise
8:37 am
you want to go and sort of enjoy each moment. so thank you for a terrific performance. >> thank you. >> and i understand that we share a bond. >> we do? what? >> "the hills are alive." >> oh. oh, my gosh. yes. the best movie of all time, right? it really is. >> look, i cued this up for you. in hopes you might sing with me. >> do you want to do a sing-along? should we? [ applause ] ready, one, two, three. ? the hills are alive ? >>oh, no, it's just me. >> she'll go on on her own. >> that made my morning. thank you very much. i love it. >> happens to me all the time. i would like to say that i
8:38 am
have inspired you. you watched that movie as a kid. your performances are so layered and different as are julie's always but do you think -- is she one of your main inspirations. >> i think so definitely. i watched that movie like all the time as a kid. >> i can tell by your beautiful singing. >> i was waiting for you to just go with it and then i would join in later. i have such a terrible singing voice. it's awful. i wish i had gotten that from the movies, learn how to sing. more james bond for you? >> i hope so. i really hope so. james bond fans, i really hope so. there's no news so far. no news if daniel is coming back or what's happening so -- >> i bet he's coming back. >> i hope you are too. >> thanks for coming in today. "collateral beauty" hits theaters december 16th. coming up our great american cookie search.
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8:41 am
all all right, folks, came here from all over the country.
8:42 am
people have to drive. back here on "gma" with millions hitting the road there's new technology at your local gas pump to help make your jumpny a little bit more fun that we're having right here. yesterday i got to try it out. take a look. with nearly 90% of americans traveling stops at the gas station are frequent but our sponsor bp fuels is bringing more fun to your local gas station with an interactive gas pump they call miles. >> we know that consumers us that pumping gas is not their favorite thing to do and so we thought we'd try and break out some angulo and engage with interactive interactive customers. >> he's playing country music. now he's talking to me. >> pick a pandora station to play. >> you have five different genres to choose from. >> we'll go with rock. beyond that playlist there is news headlines and my favorite weather updates and more fun to be had.
8:43 am
do photo booth. i think we should give the photo booth a try. >> let's have some fun with that. >> stop laughing. i like it. a good look for you. >> thanks, miles. all right. not a very appealing picture but you can text it to your friends. these folks are sharing their anniversary. how many nears? >> two years. >> you love him. he loves you. i love that. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you for having good morning, warm today into tomorrow and then a front on thursday and that will call us to average temperatures which will be mid-70s. lows will cool off at the end of the week as well into the 50s. so, who doesn't love christmas cookies?
8:44 am
hat here at "gma" we are launching our great american cookie search. jesse palmer is here to explain the details. hi, jess. >> hey, lara, that's right. we love cookies in this country. you know the average american eats nearly 19,000 cookies over their lifetime and the best of them are usually eaten during christmas. so our mission over the next two weeks is to find america's top christmas creation. ah, christmas cookies, the most delicious part of the season. from the gooey chocolate chip to the mouthwatering sugar cookie consistently the season's most popular. and, of course, his holiday highness, the always tasty gingerbread man whose consumption increases 1,000% this time of year. peanut blossom, thumbprints, mexican wedding cakes, the types of christmas cookies and recipes to make them are endless.
8:45 am
great american cookie search scouring the nation looking for the best cookie creation and we want you to share your story using the #gmacookiesearch. no matter which is crowned the top, we can agree the only opinion that matters is that of st. nick himself. all right of the so here's a fun fact, santa claus eats over 300 million cookies on christmas eve. that's if he visits 500 million households worldwide and takes two he has an unbelievable metabolism. he shouldn't be the one having all the fun. let me bring over cookies for yourself. >> thank you, jess. thank you, pal. >> we have cookies here. just i little game for everybody. these are our -- your three favorites. >> yes. >> but mixed up so we have to guess which is -- let's just guess which is george's. is it the jelly filled cookie?
8:46 am
what do you think for george? we're going for george -- jelly. i picked jelly. >> he picked up and only eating the jelly cookie. that was kind of obvious. >> what is your favorite? >> crispy chocolate chip. >> really good. >> and amy. >> i love the sugar cookie because i can make them with my girls. >> and decorate. >> these, my mom made always for us. their the peanut butter -- >> yummy. >> nice. >> please feel free to pass them around the audience and talk to you, the viewers about, please, we want to see your recipes. send us your original recipes g to our website, on yahoo! watch for live events over the coming days on our facebook page. it's all a part of the great american christmas cookie search. bring it. the more creative, the better. we will really want to know. in the meantime, we'll snack with the audience.
8:47 am
emeli sa
8:48 am
8:49 am
we are bac we are back now with emeli sande, her debut album broke a beatles record and now she has a new hit album out called "long live the angels." here's one of the songs off it, "breathing underwater." ? ? ? i believe i ? i believe in miracles 'cause it's a miracle i'm here ? ? guess you c ? guess you could call me spiritual 'cause physical is
8:50 am
? and it's safe to say the storm's gone away ? ? and i'm dancing on the morning after ? ? yes i'd love to stay but my home is the other way ? ? and i miss the love and laughter ? ? something like flying hard to describe it ? ? my god i'm breathing underwater ?hing l ? something like freedom freedom my god i'm bre my god i'm breathing underwater ? ? every moon
8:51 am
knows who you knows who you are you know ? ? so ever it gets too dark you never are alone ? ? and it's sa ? and it's safe to say we surrendered a day ? ? to pay back all the love you borrowed ? ? and hope th ? and hope that i had survived yesterday and today is jealous of tomorrow ? ? something like flying hard to describe it ? ? my god i'm breathing underwater ? ? something like freedom freedom
8:52 am
? something l ? something like flying hard to describe it ? ? my god i'm breathing underwater ? ? something like freedom freedom my god i'm breathing underwater ? underwater ? [ applause ] "gma's" "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax.
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8:55 am
how how incredible was emeli sande. "the new york times" called your new album a clear accomplished cry from the heart. this album was a labor of love for you. >> yeah, i mean it was definitely an emotional journey for me and feel it was journal entries. everything in it and i hope people can connect with it.
8:56 am
great. >> fantastic. >> thank you for coming in. you did touch us this morning. have a great tuesday, everyone.
8:57 am
live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. good morning everyone, we have a serious crash with injuries involving a motorcycle at south on us 19 on us 1976 avenue and one southbound plague -- lane is blocked. you might want to take 49th st. instead that we are also hearing reports of a couple of other crashes, when it park boulevard and also parking voucher so you may want to avoid the area altogether. all three of the crashes happen within the last half hour or so. heading to the bridges it's pretty typical for this time of mourning. study across the bridge and no crashes of breakdowns. this is your drivetime, 13 minutes and courtney campbell
8:58 am
already in the low 70s. a nice shot out there and the camera showing a lot of blue sky but later on i believe we will have more clouds cumulus clouds building up. it's not moist enough to get showers and storms but it will be humid this afternoon. the 70s will be replaced by 80s and highest low to middle 80s and it will seem warmer than that so we will turn the corner in the other direct need a jacket or sweater for a few days. by the time we get to the thursday or friday timeframe the front will move in and even then temperatures will go back to average and it will be about 75 so we will cheat the thermometer by several degrees with temperatures around 83 and a mix of sun and clouds. checking on the extended forecast there is the front on
8:59 am
handset 30% and then we fall back with overnight lows in the 50s and highs in the mid-70s heading through the weekend.
9:00 am
live from the station taking action for you this is abc action news. a brazen smash and grab overnight at a tampa gun the clues investigators are using this morning to track down the suspects. >> as wildfires rage overnight, thousands are forced to evacuate eastern tennessee. coming up, we're taking a closer look at the devastation. >> new developments in breaking international news, another survivor found after a plane crash kills dozens including members of a brazilian football team, what may have caused this flight to go down. >> right now hillsborough


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