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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 23, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, the holiday rush already under way. highways packed and the airports are filling up on one of the busiest travel days of the year. the weather is making things worse in some parts with snow, hold for the holiday. overnight the president-elect touched down for florida or in florida, rather, for thanksgiving but not before meeting with "the new york times" where he retreated on some campaign promises. caught on camera the store owner who refused to be a victim fighting off an armed robber. and champions in the ballroom. the "dancing with the stars" finale wraps up with the best performances yet so who took
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trophy? trophy? good morning, everyone. happy thanksgiving to you. it may be early in the morning but the rush on one of the busiest travel days is already under way. >> hard to believe this early. winter-like weather will impact the 50 million traveling by road or air. this is just one of the systems. it's bringing snow, rain and ice across several states. >> your travel forecast in just a moment. first, take a look at this video. a lot of roads will a scene in los angeles, the 405 bumper to bumper doing as i've said before its own verse of the mannequin challenge. abc's janai norman has a look at the packed highways and airports. >> reporter: winter weather advisories and weekend travel woes. that's what millions of americans can look forward to as travel for the thanksgiving holiday is expected to hit a nine-year high. as usual whether you're preparing for takeoff or taking
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travel. prepared for packed terminals tsa hiring 1,400 new officers converting 2,000 others to full time and adding more canine teams. >> we're running a daily operation that focuses specifically on screening operations hour by hour at the top 30 airports. >> reporter: faster security lanes rolled out at airports in new jersey, atlanta, chicago and l.a.x. just in time for the holiday. >> we're seeing very happy faces and people coming through much more offset by the weather set to take the middle of the country by storm. winter weather advisories for parts of minnesota and wisconsin through this morning that could bring inches of snow. that same system packing a line of heavy rain and storms through arkansas and tennessee. that could mean delays or cancellations at airports from chicago to new orleans and slippery roads as millions prepare to travel. this picture from l.a. showing jam-packed traffic as the
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>> abc's janai norman there. some parts of the country have snow such as here in washington state. others seeing rain. let's get the forecast from accuweather's cam tran. cam, good morning. >> good morning, diane and kendis. for those heading out on this busy wednesday, if you're heading into the pacific northwest you could see delays thanks to rain and looking at major delays in the midwest as well thanks to a storm system moving on through that is going to bring in low as rainfall from chicago all the way to cleveland. down to louisville. we could see major delays and snow could mean slow going roadways across minneapolis and duluth. as for your thanksgiving holiday itself it is looking nice except for the northeast and pacific northwest. back to you. >> thank you. after days of nonstop meetings president-elect donald trump is taking a thanksgiving break at his mar-a-lago estate in palm beach. >> before leaving new york city he moderated some of his more
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change a hoax. and he's backing away from his threat to pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton. more now from abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: today as president-elect donald trump spends time with his family in florida for the thanksgiving holiday, questions over his business ties, campaign pledges and open cabinet positions loom. dr. ben carson one of many visitors spotted leaving trump tower tuesday just last week said he had no interest in a trump back in the mix and up for the housing and urban development secretary job. rudy giuliani also visiting trump tower but declining to talk about his desire to be a part of the administration. >> i was really here more in my capacity as vice chairman of the transition committee. >> reporter: some of the big issues mr. trump pledged to tackle once he became president he appears to be backing away from now softening his stance on prosecuting hillary clinton telling "the new york times," my
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whatever pow i have on the matter is to say let's go forward. this has been looked at for so long ad nauseam. >> if donald trump can help her heal then perhaps that's a good thing. i think he's thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president of the united states and things that sound like the campaign aren't among them. >> reporter: trump also dealing with questions about his business ventures in 18 different countries around the world. begging the question even from his own advisers, is there a conflict? democratic senator r blumenthal seems to think so. >> there is a clear conflict of interest between donald trump's personal business interests and his public duties. >> reporter: something else donald trump is not saying much about these days is the wall. he promised to build a wall along the southern u.s./mexico border, instead he's mentioned an executive action to investigate visa abuse. kendis, diane, back over to you. >> stephanie ramos, 57 days until inauguration.
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carolina nikki haley has reportedly secured a job with the trump administration. haley has been chosen to become the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations according to the paper there. she had been a contender for secretary of state. she has very little diplomatic experience. a police officer in detroit is fighting for his life after being shot in the head. wayne state university officer colin rose was patrolling an area when he radioed to s thefts of navigation systems from cars and suvs. a person of interest now being questioned. rose is at least the fifth officer shot on duty across the country since sunday. a suspect in the ambush-style fatal shooting of a san antonio police officer apparently got married the day after the attack according to documents which indicate otis mckane may have been trying to keep his wife from having to testify against him but the d.a.
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admissib admissible. funeral services will be held for the murdered officer next week. stocks have been rallies and major u.s. stork markets open at record highs this morning. the dow closed above 19,000 on tuesday. it's on a post-election rally being led by manufacturing and banks. now, one factor we learned that home sales in october were the highest since before the recession. it was a very personal message that president obama delivered to the nation's highest civilian honor. michael jordan was among those receiving the presidential medal of freedom. >> president obama said every recipient had touched his life in a very powerful way and helped make him who he is but while there were some tears in the room, the president lightened up the ceremony while talking about ellen degeneres. >> but it's like ellen says, we all want a tortilla chip that can support the weight of
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but i thought would break the mood because i was getting kind of choked up. >> the tortilla chip and guacamole and it breaks. they participated in a mannequin challenge as well. but the question now is how did it stack up against the cleveland cavaliers challenge during their recent visit. >> with the first lady. this was ellen degeneres haven't let me into the white house yet because i forgot my i.d. #notjoking. >> i like #presidentialmedal ofof freedom. she was obviously allowed inside but it seemed to get tricky there. >> tom hanks was honored and there the med said we have some great actors here, the guy from "space jam" and "airplane"
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kareem. kareem. a recall on gravy. video about the bus and the driver in this crash. the aloe vera gel that contained zero percent of the
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astronomers say this fireball is actually a type of meteor. it was seen all over the state and recorded here on police dash cams near ft. myers. pretty cool stuff. four workers in critical condition after a fire at a giant exxon mobil refinery in baton rouge hurt as they tried to restart a main unit after it
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gulf refinery in two days that has caused gasoline futures to jufrp nearly 1%. investigators in philadelphia are searching for clues after a man was seriously injured by an explosive package. they say the 60-year-old victim opened the large envelope which had been left at his door thinking it was medication. but when he opened it the package exploded injuring his hands and face. officials say that the incident was not terror related but it appears the victim was targeted. >> say it substitute for your thanksgiving dinner gravy. heinz is recalling jars of its pork gravy because it's mislabeled. it's really a different flavor that contains milk and soy. another consumer alert. apparently no aloe vera in this the store brand sought in several chains. bloomberg had it sold at walmart, target and cvs analyzed and found no trace of the plant.
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inconclusive. companies are on the honor system mostly. a large house and a treasure trove of gold was found. several gold bars were hidden throughout the house tucked away under furniture, even under piles of linen. the total weight 220 pounds' worth. that's $3.7 million. >> wow. >> the new owner stumbled upon the jackpot as he was preparing to sell the how thankful is he this morning that he did a little digging before selling it. >> when we come back caught on camera. would-be robber waving a gun. the surprising way he was taken down. the must see buzzer beater at a college basketball game. happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? um, shouldn't it be "spokes-crayon?" can somebody turn on the a/c? i'm melting here.
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make landfall tomorrow along the coast of either nicaragua or costa rica. thousands have been ordered to evacuate coastal areas. it wasn't quite on the same scale but traffic in hollywood slowed by a broken water main. it left dozens of homes without water. the pipe was about 100 years old and was scheduled to be replaced within the next few years. >> looks like a movie scene. today's weather, roads will be wet in northern california and northwest and from the gulf coast to the watch out for snow in the sierra nevada and the rockies and icy condition, as well, in the upper midwest. if you're flying expect some airport delays in minneapolis, chicago, memphis and houston. we have some new information and images this morning as investigators are taking a closer look at that deadly school bus crash in tennessee. >> ntsb officials are now at the scene as you can see there. the agency is looking into a number of factors including whether seat belts would have saved any of the five children who died.
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vehicular homicide. now, hours after the ntsb arrived on scene dozens of people filled a church to pray for those killed and the 12 children still in the hospital. abc's david kererley has more fm chattanooga. >> reporter: the wreckage of the school bus and the wreckage of families, 9-year-old ka dhoore jones among the five lost children. one mother complained about the driver before the crash. >> i've been since the first day. >> reporter: the 24-year-old driver only received his license in april. two months ago had an accident in his bus hitting a car. these two boys survived the horrific crash. >> he was turning real fast around the corner. >> and it feel like the world was turning upside down. >> we hit a mailbox and a garbage can then that's when the tree went through the bus. >> reporter: hundreds turned out renewing the call for seat belts.
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chattanooga. >> a water park ride that was the scene of another tragedy will shut down for good. the slide in kansas city now scheduled to be demolished. the son of a state lawmaker what was killed while riding it. the water park's operator says the ride will be dismantled onceance investigate is complete. a convenience store owner must be happy that this altercation didn't end much worse. there he is fighting off an armed robber. where the suspect pulls a second gun. still eventually the owner struggles with him. the would-be robber runs off and the owner was not hurt. plymouth, massachusetts, where the first thanksgiving has held has changed a lot but archaeologists now think they found the site of the original colony and where that historic dinner took place. the conclusive evidence was buried cat which indicates domesticated animals.
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because it was under an old septemb cemetery. a bull led police on a fuhr-mile trek. the 550-wound runaway made its way on to i-95. but police had to put it down, they say, for public safety. the owner of the slaughterhouse said the bull was being unloaded from a truck when it took off. never too early in college basketball for a bit of march madness but this too two small school. >> so the score was tied in overtime when you see an inbound pass, one dribble and he goes for the long shot. >> whoa. >> boom. >> it goes in. let's give some credit to elijah tillman. struck that three-quarter court shot giving his team the win. the fans went crazy. they emptied the bleachers. there's a para there's a parade. down broad street in philadelphia for him.
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one arm when you chuck it as hard as you can but aimed, shot, got it in. >> nothing but net. up next in "the pulse," new winner is crowned on "dancing with the stars." so who took home that coveted mirror ball trophy? is apple going back to the basics with a flip phone? how smart tech of them. ? ? la vie est belle la vie est belle, the eau de parfum. lanc?me. available at macy's, your fragrance destination. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps
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welcome to crock country. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. ? ? your wednesday morning "pulse" starting with the day that only comes twice a year, the crowning of a new "dancing with the stars" champ. >> it was a tough call since all three finalists got perfect scores, 40 out of 40 including james and sharna with their foxtrot and viennese waltz. >> calvin and lindsay did a good job, quick step and jive kept them alive until the end when
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place winners. >> of course, who took the top spot, that's the big question and you can probably guess by now it was laurie hernandez and val going home with the mirror ball trophy after their foxtrot and argentine tango. >> it's an honor to be able to get the mirror ball so i just hope that through this crazy journey whether it's gymnastics or dancing i can inspire others. >> i finally got some bragging rights in the household. >> a little competition with his brother maks. for laurie. she lost her grandmother just a couple of weeks ago so this is great, ended with a victory. do stay tuned for season 23 cast reunion later on "good morning america." the flip phone may not be such a dinosaur after all. a flexible display device from apple and diagram looks like a foldable phone. >> a hinge and screen that won't break under pressure. experts say it's still a ways
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c1 a deadly accident in tennessee reignites the debate over school bus safety. one local parent whose daughter's during crashed into a pond says the district is not it was a burning smell. >> the problem with galaxy phones could be bigger than first thought. pay attention even if your phone has not been recalled. >> i'm dan schaffer. >> and i'm deiah riley. authorities are on the scene of a crash at lundson, and we have a crew on the way.


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