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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  November 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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. things are looking fantastic out there this morning. >> it's a great article day to go to the park with the kids. >> i think the same thing. at the most part because not only is it a beautiful cool start to the day so you will be sweating like nice and dry in the sun is coming up and officially the sun rose at 6:50 a.m. so it's just going to be getting warmer and warmer than the day. fifty-nine in lakeland. fifty in inverness. fifty-nine in sarasota and has a look around bartel and winterhaven upper 50s low 60s. brooksville 54 around tampa bay the temperatures are little more mild closer to the water. sixty-six in saint pete.
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tampa 66. we will be up to the mid- 70s i knew. we talk about it 81 today. no rain in sight. the humidity community is still on the low side. it should be pretty comfortable as he pushed through the day. as we head for the rest of the weekend i will have the seven-day forecast for you to do in the front ahead lingering across the state. i will let you know how that would impact our weather coming up in a little police investigating a shooting officer say a 20-year-old woman was shot near home on 30th avenue south. the woman is expected to be okay. police will be interviewing her as soon as they can. they still haven't told us anything about that and we will update you as soon as we get more information. president elect donald trump changing his tune about obama care. yesterday you told the wall street journal he was open to compromise after meeting with
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now obama urged him to protect parts of the law and trump says he may consider keeping the measure that allows young people to stay on their parents plans until they are 26 years of age. >> trumpet took -- protest continue in tampa and across the country. thousands of people speaking out outraged over the outcome of the presidential election. this video comes from downtown orlando last night. >> what do they hope to accomplish. they just don't want trump to follow through with some of the extreme plans he used during his campaign. >> we've heard their chance. the scene the anti- donald trump protesters take over american street but for the city of orlando it is personal. >> it's been a terrible year. >> towards says he saw hate
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shooting that he sees hate at the present electron. >> we are here supporting the equality of everyone. i don't think it has been forgotten. >> everyone is out here for catharsis. >> after the massacre people came together to mourn and in a way many say they are marching tonight for the same reason. >> between the gay community and the latin community to go through would have been here a few months ago around and let trump it is a tough pill to swallow it is unbelievable. >> less than six months ago the city was the host of the worst he crime we've seen in a century and those people need to know that orlando won't stand for that. >> margins were also back for a third straight day protesting president elect. they say they are exercising
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several blocks. some trump supporters she chanted back at them. some say they except a result of the election and time to move on others say it is not that easy. >> i'm sorry if they are not happy with the results but time for action. get it together for the next election. >> protesting is an to get them out but we are going to give a hard time about the poor decisions and choices he has made and the once he will continue to make. protesters said they voted on tuesday. the third night of protest in dallas and a small crowd of trump supporters and head on. police were able to keep both sides getting violent. police had to use flash bang grenades in portland on a huge crowd of protesters. police arrested more than two dozen people last alone after crowds got out of control and angry protesters -- writers caused causing more damage to the city. for the 3 million people together protest online to make and change .org petition calling on
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popular vote. they are asking that these over 12 voters cast their votes for clinton and set of donald trump. the electoral college cast their ballots on december 19th and almost always follow the popular vote in state vote but in the past some electoral voters change their votes. it is very rare when they do. president elect donald trump changing his tune about the protest those protesting is when tweeting love the fact that the small group of protesters have passion for our great country. just hours earlier he treated different message blaming the media and calling protesters very unfair. in california high school student is in big trouble heading out fake deportation letters to students. the student told the superintendent it was a joke. the district hasn't said that if the
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and other school things got violent. >> this girl comes up to me and she says do you hate mexicans and i said no and she said you support trump you hate mexicans. >> that growth is another student then punched her and through to the ground eating her with the body knows all because of her pro- trump post on into. a picture from the jacksonville area high school someone putting up signs reading whites only and colored on top of the water founded just like in the days of segregation. what we know about this is that many african-american students saying that the shocking site scared them. the school district says it is investigating and says this kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated. a fort lauderdale man doing what many people have threatened to do. he's leaving the u.s. before donald trump takes office. he says on fleeing to get away
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>> and amazing similarity between what hitler did and what donald trump acts and behaves like. if it flies doctor walks like a dock chances duck chances are it is a dock. >> the german native who says he has lived here for 30 years tell us us he is going to south america. a string of burglaries has many people in the tampa heights area on high how neighbors are working together now to keep the crooks out. >> michael lewis moved into riverside heights two months ago. since then he and his wife of spend their weekends renovating their new home but now that is on hold. >> this is part of the door. >> two days ago thieves broke into this backyard shed stealing hand saws and drills and other tools even his lawn equipment. >> it was probably about $2,500
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area seems to be seeing a lot more. >> this is the fourth break-in of it's kind on coral street within these two blocks. >> the rest of the device area isn't much better. this crime map shows nearly a dozen home and car break-ins since october. ryan jott went home is on the map to. >> they took three bikes and hopped the fence. >> both men say alleys that wander want to the neighborhood give thieves easy access they both have also added security cameras and alarms and the street is also bringing homeowners together in peace look. neighbors instantly warning each other about this issues people and activity. >> it makes you look at the neighborhood differently and just have your eyes open to who is walking around moving everything.
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pascoe county college student who's about who is about to become one of florida's newest lawmakers. what a gorgeous weekend we have out there today. we are starting off with temperatures on the cool side but we are going to be warming up to the mid- 70s. at 80 degrees. lots of sunshine and store no rain in sight.
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she's just alternate drink and his not graduate from college. >> this 21-year-old pascoe county woman the youngest person ever elected to orders house of representatives. i'll see that continuing a family legacy. >> that it was the best night
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life. >> amber mariano is part of it all. she just turned 213 weeks ago but is now the youngest person ever elected to florida's house of representatives. i caught up with her on face time to new hampshire for conference. >> you think voters would think you are too young to be doing this but everyone i met said you're doing this so young that's we need. >> mariano senior left to go to law school. she won by just 748 votes. >> balancing school work and doing all that is a lot to handle but the work doesn't here. for two years now to do the best i can for my community and west pascoe and i'm so honored to be able to serve them. >> she grew up around politics. her father jack just won his
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regarding mission now she outranks them. >> we didn't expect this opportunity to present itself so quickly but it takes years old she want to be the first woman president so it has been in her blood from way back when. >> she may be 21 but she already has a powerful friends getting endorsements along the way from governor rick scott senator marco rubio. a south florida woman says her caught fire causing quite a mess in her house. bedding night out there snakes down close all burned even the cover of the laptop melted. she pulled her phone in a bedtime and then the smoke is what woke her up. she actually went up revving and nearby cup of tea to put this out. >> i couldn't see. there was just white smoke and they look at the charger like
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it and i said that is not normal and there was no other reason there would be a fire next to my bed. >> is not normal but is facing a lot of complaints about exporting devices as we know. your kids get a hold of your phone for your tablet before you know it they bought something. for a lot of something think my daughter thought judge now certainly one company wants to reimburse you. the federal trade commission accused of a lot of making it too easy to make in game purchases on act. adding up to a whopping $86 million of unauthorized charges. amazon was now their parents that they are notable for refund. the ftc took similar action against apple and google two years ago. >> we have an app on my daughter's ipad that give you
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so it spells out 74402-year-old can't read. she knows her numbers but you can't read it so she can't can put in the passcode to buy whatever she's trying to buy. >> i might have problems with that. waiting for weather today. >> looking fantastic what a beautiful beach day we have. anywhere up and down the beaches are going to be great scene with manatee and sarasota county beaches. all looking fabulous pascoe hernando citrus. looking great. up and down i-70 five across five or if you're headed out to put county into orlando. dry roads. don't worry about any rain getting in your way of your headed around town today.
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there's nothing here. what happens as he moved through the day. nothing here. you get the picture. 4:00 we may see if you extra clouds but no rain out of it. you see the bit of green it to the north. this north. this is also see the frontal system that is part of the north. if you start to slowly that south and then sit on top of us tomorrow. it may increase in cloud cover but it won't cause any problem. by planning on throwing some burgers on the grill 77 degrees at that point down to 72 by 7:00. temperatures dropping pretty quickly after sunset. we have a chance over the next five days about a 20% chance of a little something developing here in the southwest region i pointed out is because the moisture even if this doesn't and it still on the low side of
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it doesn't the moisture is can i gonna come up north across cuba and then into south florida. the that the models are showing right now. so in the next weekend south florida may see some heavy rainfall will be across the area. at this point it doesn't look like a look at any of it but it's something to keep an eye of because of the general direction of the flow of moisture. again we are in hurricane season until the end of november. this is it too out of the ordinary processesf we will keep an eye on it. 61 is where we start the day this time of year and 79 is a typically and. we are above average as we are starting the day. we are called to the north around crystal river and 50 degrees. fifty-nine in bradington as well in as bartow and lakewood. temperatures will keep coming up with all the sunshine out there. highs near 80 degrees all across tampa bay. the frontal boundary the slow
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parks itself on top of us and that gives us a higher chance for rain and also extra cloud cover which brings temperatures down behind the front on wednesday the temperatures remain on the lower average side as a result of the dryer and cooler air. we warm back up pretty quickly thursday and friday. a fantastic weekend ahead just looking beautiful out there for today and tomorrow. the next seven days not too either. it is a dream most of it has winning lots of money. >> it doesn't buy happiness but it certainly helps. i had we have a warning about a certain scratch off ticket so you don't waste your money
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liberal want to punch at the box office weekend . rival is a sci-fi thriller about trying to communicate with aliens land around the globe. it's getting great reviews. almost christmas is that to duke it out with arrival for third place and the reality for shot in is a great.
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arrival looks interesting to say the least. check it out. if you find three winning numbers on a scratch off lottery ticket you win that amount of money. usually the answer is yes. >> you and that's all the way numbers you when. consumer reporter john leaving a lot of people unhappy . >> imagine scratching off lottery or sweepstakes tickets and realizing you just 11 million -- $1 million. that's it happened one man until he realized matched all the numbers it doesn't necessarily mean that you are weather. >> we all dreamed of having the publishers clearinghouse price patrol show up very unexpected
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received a scratch off ticket in the mail he couldn't believe it when he scratched three 1 million- dollar amounts showed up on the car. >> the three that matched said 1 million. he documented all. >> i have a picture from my phone. >> he said he felt a special trip to this post office just to have his entry examined and hand stamped to make sure it got the publishers clearinghouse. >> i said i think have a winner here and she said good luck. >> weeks later he said he received no confirmation just another chance to enter. we found similar complaints online. the prizes listed on the scratch card on the price you would win should your entry be chosen as
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amount does not guarantee your winning. item lines the want to chance to win a million. it stated in the fine print which is something steve said is not clear to him. >> i would say that fish is going on. >> publishers clearinghouse has done nothing wrong legally you wonder how many people look at these cards and think there winner. be careful and don't waste your money. >> i would be so mad. >> think of still to come on their smart phones looking at catching fire. >> this time it is not samsung. >> the phone one dad says burned in his foot -- in his daughter's pocket. a gender agenda reveal party gone wrong and mom's reaction is taking the internet i storm.
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president-elect trump appears to be changing his tune
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street journal he is hoping to compromise and said he would consider keeping some pieces of it like a mentor that allows people to stay at the parents insurance plans until the 26. protesters hit the streets for a third night speaking out against the election and president-elect trump. they join the thousands of others across the country and for the most part is that from portland protest were peaceful. more than 3 million people ha college voters to carry out the will of the popular vote and cast votes for hillary clinton instead of donald trump. the electoral college cast its balance december 19th. the changes that that's the chances that they make hillary clinton president-elect are slim to that -- to actually not. the weather is great.
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on downtown. >> so you have something for vegetarians. >> and then you have river festival. it's all there for you . >> the weather is just going to be fantastic for everything. take a look at this start to the day at the mainsail beach on anna maria beautiful waters out there in the golf. temperature about 72 degrees at two pretty comfortable. you actually cool off and getting into the water. 60 degrees in tampa 61 in clearwater 59 right now in sarasota. fifty-eight in springhill 59 in lakeland working great all
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and the humidity is still well. i will show you what was the higher chance for rain and lower temperatures as well. and donald trump has made two shocking announcements. >> one was his transition team and the other outlines details of his key >> president-elect donald trump has made his transition team and with that announced his first shakeup. trump is now named vice president-elect mike pence is the head of the team not new jersey governor chris christie who had been leaving the team for the last few months leading up to the election. governor christie released a statement saying i am proud to have a on run the pre-election phase of the transition team along with a thoroughly professional and dedicated team of people. sources familiar with the
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former aides were convicted lead depends been chosen as transition head. christie himself has denied wrongdoing over the bridge gate. he will serve as vice chairman doctor ben carson newt gingrich and general mike flynn. the announcement comes as trump sat down for an interview after meeting with president obama and he said he will look to keep certain asked act of obama care. far cry from what he p >> let me ask you about obama care what you said you will repeal the place. one your playset are you going to make sure that people with pre- existing conditions are still covered. >> yes because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. also with the children living with her parents for an extended period. we will very much try to keep that.
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they want to show you what is left of it. this girl's iphone six plus was in her pocket when her family held something burning and then they saw smoke coming out of the phone. apple is investigating and as you can imagine taking this variously especially after the massive send -- samsung galaxy recall. this snake attack detainers the firefighter but the snake bit him even after it had been detect -- decapitated. the firefight was hiking with the man said he didn't want anyone to get been so we took a kayak paddle and chopped the snake's head off. we picked it up to show the kids take a listen. >> the head turned and struck me on the finger here. it latched on and i swung it off. it took about ten seconds for the burning sensation to start
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unconscious. >> that's like when you cut off the head of a cockroach it still walks around for a bit. >> advance to. chickens -- and answer to. and chickens. i can't believe it took only 60 seconds for the sky to become unconscious. >> he got to the hospital got antivenom weekend. he's going to be okay but there is a lesson to be learned. many expecting parents these days post leverage and reveal party store families and friends know if you're having a boy or girl. >> have you been invited one. >> no i haven't. >> watch this one right here. a minnesota couples revealed left everyone confused. mom's reaction on the left is priceless. they were expecting either all
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clearly major mix up at the party store. they did do a do over the same day i think because they are still wearing the same outfit. here we go. another boy. >> how do you make that mistake of the party store. at the end of a stressful week people are looking for things to make watches this ugly sweater wearing dancer extraordinaire dances like nobody is watching but in all reality everyone is watching because this was on the jumbotron. she is going for it. and since then millions have you to dance on the internet. on that note we will move on with our show.
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still had president-elect donald trump vows to repeal the affordable care act. >> next what that means for you and your family and how soon realistically it could happen.
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and donald trump promises to appeal resident obama's signature health care law in his first 100 days. >> awesome small business owners are celebrating but other warn that millions might be left on
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obama care marketplace but even the experts admitting to us today they're not sure what the future holds. it was a repeated promise. >> this is so important. are you ready. we're going to repeal and replace obama care. >> hours after trumps when. >> hours after trumps when after students were getting got guided help to the health insurance marketplace for what's called healthcare navigators. >> this is definitely one of those and are using. >> jacobs has helped several students who are only able to get healthcare because of obama care and experts warn the will that's the law is it gone yet. >> there still penalties if you don't coverage. >> some small business owners in the tampa bay dreaming about no more obama care. >> they diane provides health care to 30 employees in her equipment
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facilitated higher medical costs. >> when you have to take your child to the emergency room and a half hours didn't is five or $10,000 that's crazy. >> healthcare experts say and and obama care might impact many students. for instance the affordable care act like that let young students stay on their parents health plans until age 26 and protected women for being charged more just because of their gender. >> there are popu >> for events like this on the campus of usf will continue through the open aroma . that is through january even though the subsidies that sometimes make this affordable for students not last through all 2017. trump trumpet is changes to know little bit since meeting the present earlier this week. he said he may consider letting people stay on for their parents insurance until the age of 26.
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holiday season take a closer look at what is missing and what is not the trunk of your car. >> over a third of new cars don't, with spare tires. the drawbacks of not having one . >> gloria recently released a new car that has no spare tire. she drives long distances by herself to see her family and was alarmed to learn she had to depend solely on her run flat tires in case of a puncture. >> it is a big concern of mine and it still is to this day. >> jean peterson this is one flat -- run flat tires have thicker sidewalls than traditional tires. of many factors they will support the car at speeds up to 50 miles per hour for distance of at least 50 miles aftermost flat. but he is a caution. >> they won't work for everything. so if you do have a ripped sidewall or you do have a large hole in the tire obviously you
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expensive than regular tires. depending on size some can cost as much as $300 each. there are also fewer models available that made it to be special ordered. where so mccormack is ditching this there for run flat tires. >> manufacturers are eliminating this there to lighten the load of the car and help improve fuel efficiency. the case of run flat tires it may also be because they don't have room in the car for spare tire. >> if you do get a you will be able to continue with your art -- on your way and will be wrestling with the jack. >> if you're buying a new car that doesn't come with us there and you want one ask. sometimes dealers can sell you a traditional air tire kit but make sure it's designed for your truck and fit securely. for a beginner holiday shopping a warning now about hundred of fig retail apps. they are showing up in apples
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this looks like look like the apple for footlocker but if you look closer you will notice it's missing a letter. other apps like this take advantage of rain neck admission of famous retailers that don't do anything. they don't even sell you anything. most or essentially junk apps and some contain malware that are intended to steal your information. toys "r" us is fighting backlash being open on thanksgiving with a 30 hour post- thanksging on things post- thanksgiving marathon. the open up at 5:00 p.m. on things and stay open throughout 11:00 p.m. on black friday. decision comes as some malls and retailers decide they will stay closed on thanksgiving. macy's will also be open on thanksgiving and kohl's will coals will open at 6:00. jcpenney has the all beaten out to their black friday hours and not only will be the best of it with eggs given but staying open for more than 31 hours straight. here's a look at their ad. their there opening at three in the afternoon on thursday and will
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10:00 p.m. it's been over a week since the faa gave disney world you should to fly drones to the theme park. now they are announcing in the christmas show featuring dozens of drones. this clip right here shows how drones will swirl into the night sky to form a christmas straight. the show will be at disney springs but disney hasn't said when. the company that makes splendid doing something donuts for offering a chinese off brand products in a similar yellow packet. don't change used to offer splendor but cut ties earlier this year. the splendid maker says investigators to more to 70 dunkin' donuts stores around the company asking for splendor after the cut ties but boys still directed them to the chinese product and sometimes and falsely indicated splendor was used in its products. the company says duncan donuts
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new markets seven -- smelling -- telling mark sunglasses. they can take up to 400 steps per charge. you can only get them from vending machines in venice beach california and they are $130 plus the cost of your flight. >> i bet that >> i'm trying to wrap my head around virtual reality. >> there is him. out there. >> i played a star wars game troubleshooting. >> where did he do this.
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realized that this this would probably overcome my life if i bought it. looking gorgeous out there. whatever you have in mind to do today outside the weather is going to be working in your favor. it is just gorgeous out there. as we take a look at the conditions across tampa clearwater and it is have 66 in tampa. sixty-three in clearwater and 66 right now in saint pete. lots of sunshine and a little bit of thin cloud cover over tampa which is being reported but again still lots of sunshine to warm us up today. the difference in temperature between yesterday morning and this morning is a bit higher. it is still a cool start but the temperatures are starting to come up both in the morning as well as through the afternoon. over the last three hours you can see we have been absolutely
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you won't have to worry about any rain across the state of florida. we have a frontal boundary to the north but there is no rain this weekend expected. we're going to continue to have cool mornings and warm afternoons with lots of sunshine in store. if you want to hang out in your backyard take to dip in the pool 81 is the high. not bad at all. get yard worked on kids can play the park. eight is looking fabulous. almost identical forecast for tomorrow. starting off in the low 60s and they around 81. the changes start to come at the beginning of the workweek. that is where we will see more cloud cover and slight chance for rain. a frontal boundary stalled out and parks parked itself on top of us. it finally pushes father to the south by wednesday and take a look at the temperatures. monday and tuesday the front is still on top of us but the extra cloud cover and the slight chance for rain to bring the temperatures down here by wednesday the front has pushed
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even with the sunshine we still only make it up to 76. thursday and friday we started to start to see the temperatures come back up into the upper 70s to about 80 degrees. look at the morning temperatures. there is no dramatic shift in the morning temperatures behind the front were still starting off near 60 in tampa. for our northern counties of that music may still see some upper 40s in citrus and hernando county and we may also see -- will likely see low across the remainder of the area. we were beautiful stretch of weather as we head into next week. this weekend nice and dry more of the same. if you like yesterday you like today and tomorrow. and over the next seven days of the low chances for rain monday and tuesday cause of the front trying to work its way to the south of us but it takes it's time and as a result it's going
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wednesday before we start to see the dryer air settling in. hundreds of thousands of sick people here in florida are now eligible for cannabis treatment. but not as soon as you think. >> will tell you the reason it could take months before patients get some relief
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it's a season of outdoor festivals on the 19th and 20th had the mainstream in downtown and central avenue in the and central avenue in the . on the second second -- in largo the armed forces history museum has the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. a special towards our planned and mission just $10. and tickets on sale neil for the red crossyour bright house. a huge victory for medical marijuana florida voters backing it with an almost almost as overwhelming turnout. amendment to gives sick already
7:54 am
houston that happens is up to lawmakers. >> passage means an estimated 500,000 liberty and may have access to medical marijuana products that these pills then those consumers will be registered and trapped through this website the state office of compassion use and i've learned getting your name on the list will take both time and action by lawmakers. >> lilly was will he was diagnosed with leukemia in august. she's only two years old. >> hopelessness. i times i can do anything. >> election night milling some relief may be in sight for lily. >> i'm still doing a lot of research on when it will be available to her. she needs it and from what i've researched in an oil type or form . even overwhelmingly approve the measure there is still a long road ahead before families can get their hands on medical marijuana products.
7:55 am
creating pacific rules and regulations for new patients. there's also a 90 day waiting period at the mercy doctor licensed with the state office of compassionate use. >> there is a world out there in florida we estimate 4,500,000 really really sick people who benefit. >> supporters suspect a newly qualified patients with access to cannabis by july 2017. it all depends on just how quickly. it all depends on just how quickly >> we needed immediately. underneath the past fast. players and doctors are calling for national football league to reconsider its panel marijuana. a study found 71% of players who used painkillers during their career became addicted. now not former players are calling a him and i felt to change its position marijuana. the players union is looking into it.
7:56 am
a generic version of the job will hit the market next month. the new drug mile and is putting out is supposed to sell for $300 for back up to. that is still a lot of money but it's half the price that people are paying now. last month we told you about another generic drugs that will be released next year but we haven't seen a price tag on that yet. a woman in wyoming says he was trying to make a meal when her salad dressing exploded. >> i was attacked by a bottle of salad dressing. it's hard >> her name is develop she took pictures to prove her story. she later found out the door the lynch salad dressing she was using been recalled due to a bacteria in the dressing that could make it mobile phone or spew out of the bottle. she says the dressing went everywhere and as you can see
7:57 am
walls. she estimates this salad dressing damage to be around $2,500. the rib festival event kicks off today. they also have music. >> it runs through sunday gates open every day at 11:00 30 -- $35 to get into their tomorrow. all ribs and beverages are an extra cost. >> doobie brothers performed today. more action news is coming up right after good morning america. we uncover a dirty little secret behind government recalls. see a doctor and get treatment all for free this weekend. we will let you know about a huge health fair that is open to anyone. 81 degrees of high today and we have lots of sunshine in
7:58 am
to feel good out there because the humidity levels are really low by our standards. tomorrow looks like more of the same. the next chance for rain holds off until monday and tuesday. and look at that ten to 20% and in the 70s next week . to be gorgeous. i think the only issue with the weather is just that you may have to use the sprinklers. >> i want to mention it begin fast that is -- vegan festival happening downtown and that's for you. see you back here in one
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good morni good morning, america. new overnight -- the post-election protests, demonstrations now turning ugly. police launching tear gas as president-elect donald trump shakes up his transition t changing his tune on obamacare? wildfires. the states of emergency. dozens of fires now burning the reward to theast. the reward to catch the arsonists and the health concerns for millions of people this morning. the police shooting caught on camera. an officer dragged down the street, struggling with the driver, the officer's gun going


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