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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 10, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EST

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>> reporter: abc news, new york. >> >> and donald trump's transition team has already held its first post-election meeting. sources say the group led by kris kentechris christie sat dop tower to work on the logistics of merging the campaign and the transition operations. they are also working on handover plans for government agencies and creating a personnel list for top administration jobs. >> the trump transition team launched its own officia featuring bios and platform positions for the president elect and vice president elect and links to apply for positions in the upcoming administration. there's a tab for anyone to share ideas on how they would like to make america great again. >> this morning, pollsters are still scratching their heads about the 2016 election. most thought the u.s. would be preparing to celebrate the first female president. instead, many supporters on both sides wonder how polls got
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here's marcy gonzalez. >> reporter: this is not the kind of history the pundits and polls predicted would be made in this presidential race. from the primaries up until election day -- >> if he wins every single one of our tossup states, he's still short of the 270 that he needs. >> reporter: most called the donald trump presidency nearly impossible, though the billionaire businessman received fewer overall votes than john losses to president obama, he cleared the threshold by claiming must-win battleground states like north carolina and florida turning traditionally democratic states and making crucial wins in the industrial midwe midwest. biggest group of supporters were white voters without a college degree, the democratic turnout turning out short fuelling trump's victory. >> there was 3 to 4 million
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yesterday in the course of the election. this election will have the lowest turnout percentage-wise in 20 years. >> pollsters looking at how they got to so wrong. while there's no clear answer, some point to the possibility of an unexpected change of heart by clinton supporters of the fbi looking into her e-mails, and others say there was trump supporters too embarrassed to admit to pollsters which candidate they were let's take time for light hearted election fallout. they come thanks to travel-related companies. >> first this from they asked if we all need a vacation from politics. the tweet says we can detox from the election by, you guessed it, booking a trip. >> preach. and spirit airlines is offering its go north sale. you can get 75% off flights to destinations in upstate new york, which spirit notes is just
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things, of people's anger this morning and trying to capitalize a little bit on the new president elect? >> trying to get bucks as well. >> all right, okay. all right, coming up, donald trump's family, new details we're learning about the children of the president elect and potential new rolls once their dad takes the oath of office. and how can the nation heal after this nasty campaign season? we'll look back on some of the race's nastier moments, but, first, a look at today's "world "world news now" weather
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mr. clean will clean your whole house and every room that's in it floors, doors, walls, halls he's so tough, he cleans 'em all mr. clean! the the sound of about 10,000 anti-trump protesters who flood the the streets of midtown,
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arrested. >> similar scenes in chicago where they marched closing down several major thoroughfares. anti-trump protests held in several cities last night coast to coast. >> fearworks set off as police used tear gas in attempt to control thousands of protesters. as we've seen with the protests, the next question seems to be, how will they eventually channel their anger after donald trump is sworn into office in. >> abc's juju finger on the pulse of the opposition. >> reporter: across the country tonight, stunned hillary clinton supporters mourning and raising their voices after winning the popular vote, being shut out by the electoral college. >> we are literally hiking up the canyons of manhattan following the protest. it's a smattering of black lives
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took to the stage to concede this morning, apologizing to her supporters early on. >> i'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country. >> reporter: the sustain at clinton's election night headquarters, one of devastation. supporters slowly trickling out as it became more and more clear she would not have the 270 electoral votes needed. the only person to take the elaborate stage, chair, john podesta. >> everybody should head home, get some sleep. >> reporter: a star studded backlash own social media, and chris evans tweeted this an an embarrassing nights for america. we let a hate monger lead our great nation, a bully setting the course. i'm devastated, and miley cyrus releasing a raw and emotional
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female president, and that's what makes me so sad. >> god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: after a hard fought race the highest office in the land is beyond her pioneering grasp. where does she go from here? >> she's been in the public spotlight for 30 years. first thing i would be telling her is hang out with your family, go on vacation with bill, stay out of the public spotlight, and as you begin to figure out, okay, how do i want to serve. serve is a part of >> reporter: for nightline, juju chang for new york. >> thank you. breaking news from seattle now where people are in critical condition following a shooting outside of convenience store. police say a gunman opened fire into a crowd hitting at least five victims. they believe this was the result of app argument and not related to the anti-trump protests going on nearby in that city. that gunman is still on the lose, and police are searching for who was responsible. we'll continue to keep you updated on the story.
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decided by a little over a thousand votes. republican kelly ayotte concede the race to governor hassan. the race cost $120 million and considered a staggering sum in a small state. she gained national attention after she said donald trump was a role model and backtracked saying she made a mistake. it is now legal to use recreational marijuana in three more states. voters in nevada, massachusetts, and california measures for the drug. that brings the total number of states up to seven with official results still pending in arizona and maine. in the meantime, voters in arkansas, florida, and north dakota approved the use of medical marijuana. the search continues for a northern california mom who disappeared while jogging. she was last seen more than a week ago. her husband believes she was abducted because her cell phone and headphones were found nearby. the sheriff says the husband had
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authorities. brad pitt cleared of wrong doing after an investigation by child services in los angeles. pitt was accused by his estranged wife of being abusive towards their son on a private flight, she filed for divorce after that flight doing it for the good of her family. closing the book on a particularly nasty campaign season. some of the lows and super lows. you're watching "world news
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? ? ? ? something like that, wasn't perfect. >> nasty is definitely been the word for this presidential campaign season. >> we could use the laughs because the nastiness left many now asking how does america move forward after moment like these. >> such a nasty woman. >> put half of trump supporters in a basket of deplorables. >> she doesn't have the look. she doesn't have the stamina. >> he tried to switch from looks
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who has called women pigs, slobs, and dogs. >> she's a world class liar. just look at her pathetic e-mail server or her phoney landing. >> it's not okay to insult people. it's not okay, and look at what he does. he calls women ugly. disgusting, nasty all the time. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she shows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. >> imagine, with me, trump sitting in the oval office come next january. >> the clintons are the sort of pest. we are the bright future. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong.
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>> proved over and over again. >> wrong. >> he -- >> you tried to act holier than thou, it does not work. >> i have a feeling i'll be blamed for everything that ever happened. >> why not? >> yeah, why not. >> but it's over now. >> yeah. but to relive it, oh. >> no, we don't ever have to watch that again. >> no, no we don't. >> plans are now in the works to up vail donald trump's new and improved star on the hollywd trying to be repaired from the election. >> exactly. he received the star in 2007 after the work on "the apprenti apprentice," and it was vandalized by a protester with a sledge hammer. the star has been mostly fixed, but it needs to dry before it can be polishes red. that process takes about two weeks. he did some investigation. janet did not do the walk in the
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>> maybe it's a what have you done for me lately? >> it was not happening here. all right. can't beat them, join them. >> you got to do the --
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not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ? ? ? ? everything and everyone. >> i know. the sun now? >> now the sun. >> topping the best seller -- >> it works. >> 1600 pennsylvania avenue will be home to a brand new first family. >> we're learning some new information behind the children of the america's president elect. here's abc's laura spencer. >> reporter: they are the real estate dynasty, now political power houses.
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to the white house. leading the charge is the first daughter, ivanka, a secret weapon on the campaign trail. >> my father, donald j. trump. >> reporter: introducing her father and advising him behind closed doors. >> we're proud of our father, what he's accomplished. it is amazing. i've been joking for a while that when we started even just this project, we said trump was >> reporter: she's a business tycoon in her own right with a multimillion dollar lifestyle brand, but in the days leading up to the election, she's distanced hef d herself from th campaign saving her brand from boycotte boycotters. >> i love this country. thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: with a big white house window, the trump oldest children now ready to charge into the family business. while dad takes charge in the country, and donald jr. might be eyeing a political future of his
2:57 am
brutal process, but there's that element that's just amazing to be able to touch someone in that way, and i've seen my father doing that. >> reporter: the two youngest, tiffany is applying for law school. >> if you do what you love, hold nothing back, and never let fear of failure get in the way, you pretty much figured out the trump formula. >> reporter: the baby of the family at 10 years old is the first white house son since jfk, jr. >> he asked me about >> reporter: now she can say the polls are over, and they are moving to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> he's taking it in stride. >> he's hopefully going to be awake during his four years because yesterday -- >> it was late. >> it was late. >> it was the middle of the night. >> poor kid. i felt for him trying to stay
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bre breaking news this morning on "world news now", anger in america over the election results. >> overnight protesters from coast to coast have been marching against president elect trump citing fear of what's to come, over, trump is calling for unity. just ahead, see how that message resinated with protesters here in new york as we hit the streets to find out. >> what's the next step now that candidate trump is president elect trump, it's time to get to business, and while his transition team is working around the clock, and awkward meeting awaits today with the current white house resident. the making of the man who is set to become america's 45th president. look at donald trump's unconventional road to the white house.
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from from abc news, this is "worlds news now." >> good morning to you all. breaking news this morning, a night of protest in cities across the country as demonstrators condemned the election of donald trump. >> starting here in new york city, an estimated 10,000 people descending on trump tower in midtown, manhattan, blocking streets and shut down traffic while expressing anger at trump becoming the president elect. at least 15 people, we're told, were >> similar scenes in boston where thousands streamed through the downtown area before gathering on boston common. >> police used tear gas in oakland, california. some protesters seen burning trump in trump in i haeffigy. >> in new york, there were several protesting sites, and the protests were still going in the early morning hours.
3:02 am
he won fair and square. >> no, that's not why we're here. it is not about losing or someone win and losing, but people here fighting for rights they don't feel like they have. >> we have to reach out to the people that are in the middle states to see what's the issues. how can we get together. >> i'm a republican. i'm a woman. i have never come out to a protest and never felt so passionately being wrong. as a hispanic feel safe. >> i hope there's kids at home who see they are not alone, kids in the closet, people who don't feel comfortable with their religion, those here illegally, hope to be citizens one day, and hope not to be assaulted or accosted at work on on the street, at school, people who see that this, what happened last night is not their america. and i hope people find that love will always win. it feels like it lost last night, but wins in the end, and just stand with it, it wins.
3:03 am
at us, we're not giving up. >> we're not leaving. we're not cowards. >> an interesting scene there, and that was at the trump international hotel and tower, not the trump tower. that was the smaller of the two protests, and still in the early morning hours, there was a line of nypd officers, a line of protests around the hotel, a sizable protest, and it's interesting because talking to the protesters, there was a different stance, unified under a common opinion, but others what they now perceive to be the trump voter and that represents a majority of the country, and for others, you know, you heard the men saying, rather than forming this opinion of what a trump means, he said the fact that half the country voted or more than half the country voted for him, we have to find out why that is and see if we can come together, and that's what the leaders are trying to portray. we'll see if they can find a way. >> that is the striking thing.
3:04 am
major cities, here in new york, chicago, seattle, and that shows the divide. not hearing about protests in many of the southern states at all. quite a few passionate sound bites there. >> absolutely. >> out of trump international hotel. donald trump is headed to the white house today at the request of president obama. >> and the president said we are americans first and he wants to ensure a successful transition. trump has slammed the president's questioned his birthplace and the president declared trump unfit for presidency, but he'll get the daily briefing as the president himself. >> as they come face to face in the oval office later this morning, melania trump meets separately with michelle obama. tom llamas gives us a look at how the extraordinary night unfolded for the trump family. >> reporter: the historic upset so breathtaking even the trumps
3:05 am
returns rolled in. staffers cheering as they closed in on victory, and then it was over, just before 3:00 a.m., president elect donald trump helping his 10-year-old son with his tie before leading his large family into a hotel ballroom, down the staircase on to the stage, greeted by a throng of supporters. >> i just received a call from secret she she congratulated us. it's about us. on our victory, and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign, i mean, she fought very hard. >> reporter: gone the bruising attacks of the campaign. the president elect gracious to the former opponent.
3:06 am
and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. i mean, that very sincerely. >> reporter: minutes after leaving the stage, trump taking a phone call from president obama, the president inviting his successor to the white house. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> reporter: in the rose garden, addressing the nation. >> it is no secret that the president-elect and i have significant differences. we are now all rooting for success in uniting and leading the country. >> reporter: also words of support and congratulations from both former presidents bush, neither of whom voted for trump. george h.w. bush wishing him well, quote, as he guides america forward, and his son, we pray for the success of our country and the success of our new president. tom llamas, abc news, new york.
3:07 am
time making preparations for the transition. the team already health the first post-election meeting. >> they'll meet again this morning, and the group led by nurmg new jersey governor chris christie worked on the logistics of operations and the team launched its official website there, they are working on handover plans for government agencies and creating a personnel list for a top administration jobs. >> hillary clinton is on track to win the the crushing defeat in the electoral college. >> clinton delivered a gracious yet emotional concession speech yesterday in a room packed with disappointed aides and suppo supporters many in tears as she spoke. >> this is painful, and it will be for a long time. i want you to remember this. our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we
3:08 am
america that hopeful, inclusive, and big-hearted. we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. i still believe in america, and i always will. if you do, then we must accept this result, and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance >> made a direct appeal to the women voting for her telling them nothing made her prouder to be their champion and encouraged little girls to achieve and pursue their own dreams. bernie sanders is willing to work with the new president. in a statement, the vermont senator said if donald trump is serious about helping the middle class, sanders and other progressives will join him. however, sandsers vowed to oppose trump, and quoting here,
3:09 am
and antienvironmental policies. elizabeth warren proposed a truce, and in a statement, she said the two have to put aside differences to help the working class, twitter rants against each other included warren calling trump a pathetic coward. i want to talk about wall street for a moment here because it is looking for a second straight day of post-election gains. fears after the trump victory did not come true. the dow jones gained 256 points, less than 50 off the august all-time high. bond prices fell, sending the yield on 10-year treasury notes above 2% for the first time since january. the patriots have a big game, but reporters have a presidential election on their mind instead when it was time for interviews. >> if you argue with your friends about the election at all, apparently the word is just to say seattle.
3:10 am
take that cue from the coach bill belichick asked about a letter he wrote to donald trump, which trump read at a rally in new hampshire monday. >> he said he's friend with the president-elect and comments are not politically motivated. he was asked repeatedly follow-up questions about the letter and belichick just kept saying, seattle. seattle. it's, like, you know, a new designer song. instead of panda, go seattle. seattle. >> so quarterback tom brady was did not have much to say either. >> talk to my wife. i can't talk about politics anymore. i think that's a good decision. made for our family. >> so atta rally on monday, trump described the phone conversation with brady in which he said the quarterback had offered his support. brady wouldn't confirm or deny that. >> seattle. >> seattle. >> i'm going to use that on you from now on. >> totally. jack, what do you think of the election? >> seattle. >> okay. there you go.
3:11 am
america's 45th president. >> kbyes. what we learned went into the making of the don. >> check out the behind the scene picks on instagram. you're watching "world news
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protesters have gathered to speak out against the election of donald trump and have gathered in numbers so large they've now shut down the 101 freeway there again in downtown los angeles, one of several cities we've seen protests tonight including boston, chicago, seattle, philadelphia as well as a few sites here in new york as well. we'll continue to monitor the situation for you. moving on to this morning's headlines, two marine fighter jet pilots managed to survive a collision. one pilot landed at an air station, the other ejected and sent a distress call and was rescued an hour later from the waters off the pacific. overseas, beginning of the end for isis, we're told, in iraq's largest city, that's one diplomats claim about the battle to liberate mosul. they said progress is made because of islamic states so-called call fate, but reports said isis is forcing thousands
3:16 am
be used as human shields. the first full day of liberations in the case of the a cincinnati police officer charged with killing an an armed black man in a traffic stop, saying there was no justification, and the officer said he feared he would be run over. jurors in georgia are in third day of deliberations in the case of a father whose toddler died after being left in a hot car. prosecutors say ross harris left the boy to die because he wanted accident. >> investigators are blaming a hot lightbulb falling on card board for this massive fire in western new york. plumes of black smoke filled the air over the steel plant in new york. more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene as flames spread to three adjacent buildings. no injured reported. the official cause, though, is under investigation. >> unbelievable all that caused by a bulb.
3:17 am
presidency 16 years ago, yet another creepy prediction from the show that's now come true. see what that episode's writer is saying about it. >> amazing. >> amazing. zblnk first, the making of donald trump the man and the president-elect, the most unconventional road to the white house in american history. you're watching "world news
3:18 am
3:19 am
bas based on the images, i don't know they're rolling with the changes so much after one of the most stunning election night upsets in american political history. >> that's right. donald trump's chances of winning were set to be a long shot, so how did he pull off going from a well-known businessman to a reality tv star to then 45th president of the united states? abc takes a look. >> reporter: donald trum >> i just received a call from secretary clinton. >> reporter: the 70-year-old presidential run beginning blocks away in june 2015. >> i am officially running for president president of the united states, and we are going to make our country great again. >> reporter: his road to the white house, thee most untraditional in history.
3:20 am
reality tv star as host of "the apprenti apprentice." >> you're fired. you're fired. >> reporter: hinting at a run many times. >> i'm really considering whether or not i can win. >> reporter: finally making it a reality, defeating 16 republican nominees in a long shot primary. accepting the republican nomination in july. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: it was the 1970s when the mogul started his business career, marrying his first wife, mother to his three children, and then extended to hotels, casinos, and resorts in the '80s, becoming a best selling author with the book
3:21 am
1990s with his 1990s with his divorce, the couple welcomed daughter tiffany, and with a number of bankruptcies there was a rebound for trump, bolstered by reality tv, and then 2005, married again, and this star-studded wedding attended by the clintons, and they became parents in 2006, trump's fifth child. the billionaire mogul always keeping eyes on politics starting the birther movement. trump during the 2011 correspondence dinner. >> tonight, for the first time, i'm releasing my official birth video. >> reporter: those jokes thought to have been enspired trump to self-fund his run for presidency. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. we have to get together. >> we heard president obama, hillary clinton, even bernie sanders saying they intend to
3:22 am
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time f time for the mix, talking protests today over the election of donald trump, some people are outraged, but more importantly, people are also change of the shape of the chocolate bars. they have triangles. >> those are awesome. that's great. that's the gold one. >> see the value vialleys? >> yes. >> they will be wider. >> what is that? >> now they are 150 grams, and the 400 gram bars have 360 grams. prices are going up, and they
3:26 am
>> protest! >> to the streets we go. >> outrage. seattle. >> the company is switzerland so go there instead. >> well, okay. seattle. come back to that. speaking of seattle, there's a guy in seattle called hot guy traveling the world for pizza. so phil duncan has made a living of sorts over the last year traveling around the world trying different pizza and posting photos. have a salad, phil? come on. man. >> yeah. he doesn't eat pizza all the time. that's deceptive. >> yeah. travels, posts pictures all over the world. they are popular on instagram. his favorite pizza, new york, but he had a killer one in malaysia he thought was great. >> people are tuning to to look at the pizza. >> yes, not the abs. >> nick's mom is getting ready for the holidays, early start on
3:27 am
a ban instituted in her house. >> what? >> the sign says, this room has been cleaned for the holidays and is officially closed until thanksgiving. she will only allow family members to enter if they are clean from top to toe, she said. the clothing has to be freshly laundered, showered, and no food or drinks permitted at this time. >> those kids will need therapy. >> it's not clear what the consequence would be if you break mom's rules. i'm not messing and, nick, you don't either. >> some nice equestrian music now because of the memphis grizzly and the mascot here. >> my pony. >> it is. he did this sort of a stunt, a strip tease, impromptu one. >> oh, oh. >> he's working it.
3:28 am
deserves it. oh, our eyes. >> the audience is completely mesmerized.
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breaking n breaking news on "world news now," protesters hope to have their voices heard. thousands in the streets snarling traffic, fires, refusing to accept the outcome of the presidential election. hear from a raert in teporter i middle of the anger. >> president obama and president-elect donald trump are getting ready to meet later today, but after spending months trading barbs on the campaign trail, can they see eye-to-eye? the legal crown growing over the president-elect. >> dozens of lawsuit that donald trump may face as well as that
3:31 am
finding that silver lining, the glimmer of hope that one celebrity's finding in the wake of donald trump's november surprise. it's thursday, november 10th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> could it be that four states legalizing marijuana? >> i'm sure there's a few people happy about that. >> maybe snoop was happy about that. >> fro sure. >> well, we'll just say they were a little angry in dozens of cities. >> passion out on the streets today. >> coast to coast. >> protesters took the outrage of the election of donald trump to the streets, estimated 10,000 people tieing up traffic in man hat p marching to trump tower where the new president-elect spent the night. protesters were arrested. >> a bonfire in oakland, california where demonstrators
3:32 am
police used tear gas to control the crowds of thousands. >> at the capital, they gathered at the hotel and whitehouse, and some in philadelphia and boston made the same point. >> a lot of people will be affected by the things that donald trump has already said, and, you know, we want to show them across the world we don't stand with that, and it's important for us to, like, be out here so everybody sees it. >> hurts my heart people i love are fearful of their lives and livelihoods. >> more than half the more than half the votes went to hillary clinton, and that's an important thing. >> several cities along the west coast in addition to oakland saw protests including seattle. large groups marched through downtown streets just as many workers were trying to make their way home. tension of the demonstration increased when a shooting took place there in downtown seattle. earlier, we spoke about all of this with our reporter.
3:33 am
>> reporter: well, at the moment, it's dying down, but in the height of it, you have several thousand people moving through the downtown core of seattle. this was at the height of rush hour. people trying to get out of town after getting off work were stuck in an absolute standstill because of the group moving through the city. >> were police prepared for this or did it seem impromptu protest? >> reporter: started as a rally there to hear speakers speak in protest of donald trump, but that quickly grew to several thousand and started moving. seattle police initially seemed prepared, but as the crowd grew and grew, it seemed like they were overwhelm at times, but they did do a good job of keeping the peace as we heard. no rortsz of violent, vandalism, or arrests. >> seem like the city is preparing for more of this? >> reporter: i don't know about more of this, but they are no
3:34 am
handled a lot of these things going back. >> it was not related to it, but you get a sense the shooting that took place, you get a sense the city was on edge when that happened? >> reporter: oh, yes. this happened just a block away from where the protests started, and it was at a bus stop just outside of the convenience store, and we confirmed from police that it was completely unrelated to the donald trump protests. initially, people were not sure what to make of things in seattle. thank you. >> not a problem. >> you see the scene there, five people shot at the bus stop that jeff was referring to in seattle, but unrelated to the protests. now, south of there in downtown los angeles, anti-trump protesters shut down a major freeway in both directions. further north, some high school students in berkley, california left class and marched to the university of california campus to protest the election.
3:35 am
sung in unison after walking out of their classes. teachers were told to let the kids protest and express concerns about the results of the election. president obama has invited his successor to the white house today in one of the first steps to aim for a peaceful transition of power. >> the president and donald trump have been openly and bitterly critical of each other. now they are calling for unity. here's the president and vice president biden meeting with staffers yesterday to talk about the election telling them to keep their heads up. from wa from washington. good morning. >> reporter: something they never imagined, welcoming donald trump to the white house as the next president. it's not going to be an easy meeting, well documented that president obama thinks donald trump is up fit to be commander in chief and donald trump promised to undo president obama's legacy, but today, president obama will put aside
3:36 am
yesterday. >> we are now all rooting for success in uniting and leading the country. the peace of transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. >> reporter: now part of the transition involves intelligence briefings. as president-elect, donald trump can now receive the exact same daily intelligence briefings as president obama. meeting in the residence of the white house today, f michelle obama and future first lady, melania trump. over the campaign, they said she likes michelle obama, of course we heard that after she borrowed the first lady's speech. >> it looks like hillary clinton will win the popular vote despite the loss in the electoral college. she struck a tone conceding to trump calling on supporters to accept the outcome of the election saying, quote, we owe
3:37 am
clinton also acknowledged her defeat was excruciatingly painful. as trump's transition team gets to work, he's facing the daunting task of filling out the cabinet and top officials, likely to include familiar names for attorney general and secretary of state. trump has made sweeping promises for his first 100 days in office including repealing obamacare. com of the congress, house speaker paul ryan called trump's victory the most incredible political feat of his lifetime and vowed to hit the ground running. mitch mcconnell said republicans are ready to work with trump to change the course of this country. world leaders react to donald trump's victory. one of the first to weigh in, vladimir putin. the russian president is looking forward to easing tensions with the u.s. once trump takes office. the president elect took
3:38 am
russian leader is looking forward to restoring fully fledged relations. the two nations have been at odds over russia's role in the syria conflict syria conflict. mexi mexico's conflict and the president-elect agreed to meet in the transition period. donald trump promised to build a wall along the border and make menti mexico pay for it. they'll discuss the relationship of the two nations, and they spoke in august as trump made a surprise visit to >> the election subplot of local kid makes good is playing out thousands of miles away. >> the town in switzerland is celebrating melania trump and her new roll come january 20th as first lady. the prime minister tweeted congratulations, and she's the second first lady born outside of north america. louisa adams, wife of john
3:39 am
>> and he's the youngest presidential son since jfk, jr. was in the white house in 1963. >> wow, somebody had presidential facts all lined up. >> maybe. just dropping a little knowledge on you. did i say that fast enough so it was not noticeable? >> you did. >> oh, it was a lot hotter the first time. >> i think. >> i don't know. coming up, what the simpsons presidency 16 years ago. simpsons predicted that prediction that came true. >> dozens of lawsuit president-elect trump could face even after being sworp into office. first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. eligibility? approaching medicare
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we're back we're back with live pictures there from downtown los angeles late at night there, early in the morning in east coast here, and you can see protesters have shut down both directions of all lanes on 101 freeway there. demonstrating against the election of donald trump. >> that's right. traffic there is backed up for miles, and authorities have not provided a timetable for when they think the highway will reopen, but quite a saep there in l.a. tonight. this was one of several california cities where anti-trump demonstrations were held late spoo the night as well as other cities around the country. we saw this in seattle, chicago, boston, here in new york. >> we are told that police there why los angeles started to make some arrests, taking some people
3:44 am
it is causing quite a nightmare there in los angeles. we're going to keep an eye on this. >> president-elect trump may face more than protests after being sworn in office. >> hillary clinton ran for president under the threat of investigation, and now it's trump's turn as he faces potentially dozens of lawsuits as well as the irs audit. here's brian ross. >> reporter: investigators and lawyers tonight say donald trump could find himlf dozens of lawsuits, even after he takes the oath of office to become president. >> would you state your full name for the record, plead? >> reporter: among the most serious lawsuits? allegations of fraud involving trump university with the trial set to begin later this month. students who paid the $35,000 fee claim they were falsely told by trump he personally selected them. >> these are people hand picked by me.
3:45 am
for the soon-to-be president. in the mess of the campaign, he took time off to promote his brand with a trip to the golf course in scotland, and later, opening a new hotel in washington. he and his children sought investments with controversial overseas figures, and ethics experts say the plan to let his children run his empire as though it was a blind trust is not blind at all. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> when we come back, how the simpsonsre trump presidency 16 years ago. >>ly ripa opens up why she couldn't s she couldn't smile for six
3:46 am
3:47 am
i watch news coverage all night last night, and it was especially interesting to watch the change in tone as the night progressed. they started out upbeat, but as the e came in, every anchor looked like a child slowly realizes that no one was showing up to his birthday party. ? ? ? ? >> it is the skinny. we're going to start with another creepy prediction from the simpsons a decade and a half into the future. >> so last month, we showed you how the show predicted this year's winner of the nobel prize in economics six years ago. well, now it turns out the
3:48 am
presidency 16 years ago. >> as we know, we've inherited a budget crunch from president trump. how bad is it, secretary? >> we're broke. >> the country is broke? how can that be? >> well, remember when the last administration decided to invest in our nation's children? big mistake. >> the breakfast program created super strong criminals. >> basketball taught them to function >> so earlier this year, simpsons writer explained why he predicted a trump presidency back in 2000 saying at the time, it was a warning to america and his idea of america going insane. >> just the fact he was able to predict -- >> oh, my word. >> the nobel prize winner and now this, i want to know what the lottery numbers are going to be, please. >> it is freaky. >> one celebrity looking on the bright side. >> in the wake of his personal election disappointment, the rap
3:49 am
for hillary clinton at the democratic national convention tweeted out the album cover of the music he turned to for solace. and while he focused on the obamas and the political successes of the recent past. >> he also appealed to his friend, drake, on hooking him up with property in canada. in the end, he found a silver lining, california's legalization of recreational marijuana. >> exactly. so there you go. while we're getting words of most accidental celebrity, the most famously undecided ken bone. bone. >> ken bone. >> ken bone. tweeted out a reassurance to worried americans congratulating trump and urging everyone to come together and move forward. >> here you thought you wouldn't get good use of the t-shirt. a month after ordering it. >> past the 15 minutes.
3:50 am
that? >> i hope. >> next to a stunning new insignificant from our friend and colleague, kelly ripa. >> the live host in the past openly credited botox to maintain her youth, but on yesterday's show during a chat with fox news anchor, megyn kelly, she admitted a year ago she got botched botox leaving her unable to smile for six months. >> what kelly pickripa does and ne to smile on tv. she said the worst part is it affected her good side, so for that many months, six months, she said she had two bad sides. i don't believe that. she doesn't have a bad side, but she says botox changed her life and cut her getting ready time in half. >> 16 seconds to camera three without smiling. ha-ha! >> you didn't even try.
3:51 am
>> i >> i tried really hard. >> oh, didn't work. timely, the celebrity photo bomb for sofia vergara. the "modern family" star shared this instagram with her 11 million viewers. >> the celebrity's very first world problem happened while the quarterback visited the set for a taping of he'll be in in january. >> okay. after showing off the vocal skills last week at the cma awards, this appearance on "modern family" mark his first ever acting role. >> no problems smiling, apparently. >> do you want to try again? >> can i cheat like this. >> yeah. i try not to make you laugh. >> if everybody else saw the dance moves just then, they'd understand why i can't keep a
3:52 am
it's not fair. kelly ripa could have used you. >> coming up, america's first lady in waiting. >> what we found out about the white house's next occupant of the east wing. you're watatching "world news now." u're watching "world news knew." from the first moment you met it was love at first touch and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals premium protection mom: ?oh hi baby? so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers
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? ? ? ? it'll be it'll be okay. >> a look morning, but we're talking about a different lady, the woman set to become america's second first lady born outside of the united states. >> melania trump grew up in a formally communist country and said she was inspired by the election of ronald reagan when she was a girl. here's more. >> reporter: melania trump decked in white taking a late night victory lap with her husband, donald, the 46-year-old
3:56 am
foreign-born f foreign-born first lady since john adams's wife, loisa. the road to the white house, neg but conventional. she met trump in 1998 while modelling in new york, marrying in 2005, and welcomed a son a year later. she said he was the reason she was largely absent from the campaign trail. >> my prior ity is our son, andi support him 100%. >> reporter: in july, greeted warmly taking the stage at but her words widely criticized for bearing striking resemblance to michelle's obama 2008 dnc speech. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. >> that your word is your bond, and you do what you say. >> reporter: after that, she kept a lower profile, but last week, hit the battleground state
3:57 am
her husband showing the voters her personal side. >> i'm an immigrant, and let me tell you no one values the freedom and opportunity of america more than me. >> reporter: revealing one of her biggest platforms as first lady will be combatting cyber bullying. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other. >> in this 21st century, what's going on, it's very hurtful to children, some adults as well, but we have to take care of children. kids. >> it is, but we have to teach them how to use it, what's right to say, what's not right to say, and because it's very bad out there, and children get hurt. >> reporter: abc news, new york. and she says overall, she'd like to focus on women's issues and children's issues when the family is not white house. >> meeting with the first lady later on this morning at the white house. >> all right. don't miss our updates on facebook at wnnfans
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making new making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, people filling the streets in america's cities protesting president-elect trump. >> crowds set fires, blocked freeways and gathered at trump's country. >> we're here this morning. >> i'm terrified. >> the trump tension rising as we're just hours away from the president-elect's oval office meeting with president obama. plus, lawsuits trump is still facing and reaction from overseas.


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