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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  November 5, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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who has voted? >> [applause] >> wow. not great. >> it is not as important that they think about voting for me as it is that they think about voting for themselves.
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both candidates are making a final push in big battleground states including right here and we have everything you need to know if you want to vote early. a scam so good, people here in the bay area are handing cooks their dibit cards, what you need to know so you don't become their next is victim. turn back your clocks this weekend. if they don't do it themselves, daylight saving time ends, hour of sleep. >> i always get nervous that my phone won't change itself so i wake up in the middle of the night and i google what time is it currently? >> i've done that and on this schedule we should do that. >> my phone is always right because you never want to take the chan. we know what time it is 7:00 right now on a saturday morning thanks for waking up with us,. >> so happy that lindsay baked apple crisp for everybody this
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slice of apple crisp i've got. deborah hasn't had any yet because she says she's swearing off sugar. >> i don't know. i'd give it another hour. i'd give it another hour until she totally caves. >> i made it for halloween. >> i over did it. >> i overdosed on sugar. >> how many people over did it seriously. here is a look right now from our river gate power cam overlooking davis island in tampa. sun is rising today at 7:4 will be up days of daylight saving time we're moving the clocks back. your weekend planner looks like this. there is a cold front moving through the area that doesn't really mean colder weather, what it will mean is some dryer weather and maybe a degree or two cooler. so for today more seasonal than what we've seen over the past week or so normal temperatures this time of the year are in the low 80s to around 80 degrees so 83 today, 82 tomorrow, and it will be breezy
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around the rest of the bay area are in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees that's our warm spot in st. pete, 70 in sarasota 71 but it's a little bit cooler as you head up to the north 61 in crystal river 64 in brooksville and then today our temperatures will be in the low to mid 80s all across the bay area. if you're heading out to the st. pete food and wine festival it will be a fantastic day with temperatures again cloudy skies pleasant and breezy and it goes today from 1- 5. i'll tell you whether you can expect any cold weather coming up in your seven day forecast in just a little bit. guys? deborah thank you. days before america votes and neither candidate shows any sign of slowing down. >> certainly not both hillary clinton and donald trump have rallies planned for florida this weekend and there's a lot of them. you can see donald trump at florida state fair grounds starting this morning.
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trump looks to take the lead in the polls and secure undecided voters before tuesday. he and runningmate mike pence will focus on big battleground states including north carolina and florida. many political analysts say trump needs to win florida to win the white house. and hillary clinton will be in south and central florida. her runningmate tim kaine will speak in sarasota at 4:45 and helping her on the trail will not just be presidents clinton and obama but also jay john bon jovi, who will host a get out the vote performance for clinton in st. petersburg today but remember this weekends rallies in the bay area are free to attend but you do need to reserve a ticket so check out our website a new poll shows hillary clinton picking up momentum 47- 43 per from but it's still considered a neck and neck race. >> the eelectoral map is tightening over the next couple days. here is abc with more on the
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>> [applause] >> wow. not great. but you're saving it for november 8? >> reporter: the race for the white house down to the wire and every last vote. hillary clinton and donald trump on a campaign bridge through battleground states. >> back in new hampshire, get out and vote. >> donald trump trying to pry the granite state into his column, with his outsider credentials. >> we are going to washington d.c. and the swamp. >> hillary clinton and pennsylvania pleading for undecided voters. >> it is not as important that they think about voting for me as it is that they think about voting for themselves. >> clinton drawing on her reserves, spanning out across the map. bernie sanders in iowa, vice president joe biden in wisconsin, and president obama in north carolina. >> her name is hillary clinton and i need you to vote for her.
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his children out there too campaigning for him. a new abc news washington post national tracking poll shows hillary clinton picking up momentum, 47-43%, still a neck and neck race. >> and for clinton, the wow factor, get out the vote concert by jay z, and for mrs. clinton, the surprise guest, mrs. carter. abc news, washington. >> clinton campaign aids say they believe they are winning already in florida by nearly 200,000 votes. the trump campaign calls the race a toss up. the counties to watch on election night will be the 19 along the i4 corridor between st. pete and daytona beach. that area alone includes 2 million democrats, 2 million republicans and 1.5 million people who aren't registered to a party and this area will
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or blue. the number of early voters in florida already exceeded early voting totals compared to 2012. of the 12.5 million registered voters in florida almost half already cast a ballot and voting between republicans and democrats is now just about even and another million unaffiliated voters have already cast a ballot. >> it's all about making it convenient for the voters. we know people are busy and people have jobs, people have kids, schedules and i think honestly we're very lucky to have this much that early voting so we have that luxury of being able to go when it's convenient for us. >> well time is running out if you want to voterly. just before the election day on tuesday, early voting ends today in eight of the 11 bay area counties. if you live in hillsboro, pinellas, or polk county you have until sunday to early vote. we've got you covered too if you want to get that done this weekend go to 2016 check out all of the early voting locations and times
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check out the times and places for this coming election day on tuesday. right now the department of homeland security is working with election officials across the country about a cyber security threat. they are concerned this morning about hackers on election day. the homeland security says even if there is abroach it would not affect the outcome of the election. and law enforcement agencies nationwide are on high alert after intercepting conversations about a potential al qaeda attack. they are focused on targeting new york, texas and virginia but no specific locations within those states were mentioned. the u.s. is taking the threat seriously but haven't been able to confirm credibility. the deputies warning us the credit card scammers are just settling know the bay area and of course they are after your cash. detectives tell us the elderly are getting targeted in what's even more scary is they have all of the victims bank information before they even show up to their front door. take a look at the surveillance
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out of a pinellas county grocery store. this just after she used a stolen atm card to drain the account and the scam starts with a simple phone call. >> when they make contact with the victim they tell the victim that there is a problem with their credit card or debit card and that they will respond to their home and take their debit card and pin number from their possession and have a new chip card sent to their home to prevent fraud occurring. >> hillsboro county has one case and pinellas got more last week. detectives believe there are a lot more victims too. they urge everyone to know bank employees do not show up at your house and if this happens, call law enforcement. a warning this morning about crooks like this right here, porch pirates who steal packages right from your front porch, deputies say thieves are striking earlier and more often this year. polk county sheriffs deputies invested 39 reports of stolen packages last year.
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dream deputies want to remind you to shop and ship smart. track your packages and if it's something really expensive or important make sure you select the is signature required delivery option. and if you are never home when the delivery truck comes around consider sending your packages to your work. >> just make sure that the company that's delivering it for you is very specific and you make sure that they put it in a very safe location. >> if you suspect someone whose stolen a package from your porch call not only the delivery company but the police too. so imagine this. you're living next to a dump full of trash and wild animals. yeah, people in newport richie say that's exactly what's happening in the neighborhood there. the property owner has been dumping tree mulch for years and it's not only become an eyesore but now it's attracting insects, snakes and other wildlife into the nearby neighborhood. he says the owner trucks in the stuff a few times a week
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debris hills. >> i respect the mans right to his property and to do what they want but there's a limit when you taking away the property value of another homeowner. >> we reached out to the pasco county code enforcement investigating the dump site and anyone dumping this type of material would node to obtain a permit or aprove they are outing it for agricultural purposes. at this point the property owner has done neither at this point. coming up next, starting your holiday weekend? believe it or not it not too early to do so. here is paul.and there's deborah. >> here i am. >> surprise. >> this weekend a cold front has moved through doesn't mean much in the way of cold air but maybe dryer air.
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the countdown to christmas is on just 50 days from today. >> wow. and this morning, abc action news is helping you save money. here is how to boost your buying power this holiday season. >> reporter: start now. >> all right tampa bay shoppers you've got this. >> plan, strategize, look at all options. >> go ahead and make a budget, writedown a gift list and start researching those prices. >> november is a great time historically appliances. >> timing is everything and it's not too early, because retailers are known to inflate original prices during the holidays to make a december discount look deeper than it really is. usf marketing expert rob hooker says watch out for the black friday bait and switch. >> they can bundle certain packages maybe a keyboard that comes along with a tablet or hdmi cables maybe they charge more for those. >> when you do go mall hopping
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your phone so they can price check what is the real price and what is really the best price. price sites like and nexttag will help you save money. just type in price check into the app store and several free price checking apps pop-up. these will give you the best price. >> you're more empowered as a consumer than ever before. >> for off brand tv's wait until black friday for major brand name electronics wait until cyber monday and for video game systems you won't find deals on the new stuff you will find discounts on the old consoles. just remember this. don't be afraid to negotiate. >> everything is negotiable in stores and now with more and more transparency given on loin shopping and so forth, that's probably even more so. >> thanks, paul. maybe i'll get myself that playstation 4 after all this christmas. here is one you'll want to wait to buy though gift cards. you'll find better deals on gift cards in december.
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>> if you're flying for thanksgiving you'll be one of about 27 million people packing airports the day before and after turkey day. and just so you know, the day before thanksgiving and the sunday and the monday after thanksgiving, those are the busiest days to travel. >> busiest without question. >> definitely want to avoid the airport if you can. >> yes. >> flierly. >> wow. >> rather be eating a turkey sandwich than waiting in a terminal. >> actually if you flow on the holidays? >> yeah and if you can get an early morning flight then you really don't miss the at all with your family. >> good way to do it. here is a look from our river gate tower cam in tampa overlooking bayshore boulevard. it's a nice start to the day and we did see a cold front that is moving through the area now, but it's not really bringing much in the way of cooler air. what we can expect though is some dryer air and it will be more pleasant this weekend, so not cold, dryer meaning a little less in the way of humidity and we will see seasonal temperatures through
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temperatures in the low to mid 80s instead of the mid to upper 80s as to what we were seeing so current temperatures right now in tampa 68 clear water 69 st. pete 70 and breezy. we do expect breezy conditions to continue throughout the weekend. current temperatures around the rest of the bay area in the mid 60s'most part, 61 is our cool spot up in crystal river. now take a look at the rest of the state. really not much in the way of cooler air has moved in at all either that cold front is moving down the state. what we are seeing though is a difference in dew points and all you need to know about dew points is the measure of the moisture in the air and how humid it is so when you see dew points in the 50s it's pretty dry so we're seeing that dryer air starting to move down there and that will continue to sing down to the south as we head through the next several hours. certainly no rain on titan doppler radar. we don't expect to see much in the way of rain for the next several days, so if you're
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looks pretty awesome. 83 degrees today with a mix of sun and clouds dry, pleasant and breezy conditions today. lots of activities happening around the bay area. your day planner 83 mild start in the morning dryer air filters in by afternoon and then very very pleasant this evening, speaking of this evening if you're heading out to see the tampa bay lightning take on the new jersey devils the puk drops at 7:00 p.m. so heading out probably in the lower 80s and then going into the starts and 70s rather and then 70s as you leave the game. when you get home from the game though, make sure to set your clocks back because guess what daylight saving time ends tomorrow at 2 a.m. so you'll fall back and enjoy an extra hour of sleep. i am really going to enjoy that. if you're out boating winds out of the northeast 15 knots seas two to three feet with a moderate chop on the bay and that gulf temperature has gone up actually a little over the
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the st. petersburg pier. partly sunny dryer and pleasant very very comfortable conditions today with a high of 83 and overnight tonight 64 degrees another pleasant evening. here is a look at the seven day forecast not a whole lot of changes in store at least not changes from the weekend. our temperatures will stay in the low 80s, seasonal this time of the year and you don't see much in the way of rain in the forecast until just a slight chance by the end of the week. guys? >> deborah thanks. still ahead understanding open enrollment for obamacare. >> thanks we'll clear up the one main point of confusion, people are still struggling with, you're watching abc action news weekend edition and we're back after this quick
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you can't always be by your tv to catch up on the news and that's why we've got you covered with the abc action
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welcome back you're watc edition right now open enrollment is under way for the affordable care act and there's still a big problem. >> we are here to help you navigate through the confusion. >> reporter: three simple words describing the decision to take a new job. she's now a certified healthcare navigator a job created to help people understand the affordable care act, also known as obamacare. >> so compelled i believe in this program, i believe people
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this year she's helping others and at the tampa enrollment assistance center. >> it's tough because you want to make sure they get the right benefits they are entitled to. >> on average each navigator spends two hours with each person who walks through the door. >> we have people from last year already calling, inquiring about hours of operation. >> four years since the program launched people still need help, something the navigators welcome. the government has tried to make the website easy to navigate, everyone can apply but there's one main point of confusion and that's when consumers call doctors offices. >> tell them that they have obamacare, there's no such thing as obamacare. it is florida blue or aetna or whatever the insurance provider is. >> navigators stress you have to name your plan. if you don't the person on the other end may not realize you're eligible for coverage. here is exactly what you should say when you call. >> name the insurance provider
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>> already nearly 1.7 million floridians have signed up and while in this state coverage is up about 19% navigators say the savings under this act might be well worth it. she's committed to help as many as she can. >> it is getting back. >> abc action news. still to come on abc action news a couple important food recalls you need to know about. >> two things you may have in your home that can make you sick we'll tell you all about
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welcome back to abc action news this saturday morning. 7:30, top stories we're watching for you right now, both presidential candidates are making last minute pushes for votes. you can see donald trump at the florida state fair grounds this morning, his event starts at 10. it is one of a handful that he has planned in battleground states this weekend. hillary clinton will be in
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weekend while tim kaine will campaign in sarasota and st. pete. heavy hitters also are helping clinton on the trail this weekend include both presidents clinton and obama as well as jay z and jon bon jovi. he will host a get out the vote performance in st. pete this afternoon. early voting ends in many florida counties today including eight counties in the bay area but if you live in hillsboro, polk or pinellas you have until tomorrow to voterly. don't forget about the time change this weekend thanks to daylight saving time we get extra hour of sleep. most cellphones and computers do change themselves but you'll have to change your stove and microwave clocks and don't be surprised if you're extra moody when you wake up on sunday. apparently the extra hour of darkness at night can cause depression. what? that's according to a new study from the journal of epidemiology. >> see she can say that word. i can't say it. i just tapped out when i saw it
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typical. a lot of good things going on today the art on 12th in channel side district this morning that's free. a lot of good art vendors and things like that happening and if you're in st. pete a lot of good things happening. >> food and wine festival we'll give you a forecast on that coming up in a little bit and of course the lightning game is tonight don't forget about that. here is a live look right now from circles in apollo beach it looks like a beautiful start to the day. a little breezy out there but nice conditions and a little dryer air moving in why? well, we've seen a cold front move into the area, but it's not really going to bring cold weather. in fact take a look at your current temperatures right now certainly not cold but we're in the 60s or mid to upper 60s around much of the area the warm spot is st. pete at 70, sarasota 71 and cool spot crystal river at 61. here is what we are looking at looking at dryer air so this is a look at the dew points this
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points in the 50s that's when it starts to feel comfortable so that's going to start filtering down to the south so it will be a very very comfortable afternoon so your day planner looks like this 83 degrees partly cloudy skies and breezy after a mild start that dryer air moves in and a very very pleasant evening, so if you're heading out to the st. pete food and wine festival in north straw park it looks fantastic it's 1-5 today temperatures will for the most part be in 80s partly cl fantastic day. so 83 degrees is our forecast high partly sunny, dryer, and breezy and then overnight tonight 64 degrees, mostly clear and a very pleasant evening. winds out of the north east at 5-10 miles per hour. now your seven day forecast looks like we don't have much in the way of changes from today but it will be changes from what we've seen in the
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the 80s. guys? >> thank you. we're learning more about the two new york police sargents shot in a gun battle in the bronx. sargent paul died from his injuries yesterday. he was 41 years old and a 19 year veteran of the force leaves behind two children. a second sargent, 31 year old emmanuel kwo was a nine year veteran of the force shot in the leg and is expected to be okay. the suspect was killed in that gun battle. we're learning new details in the case of a miss carolina. the woman claiming todd coalhep lured her to the property for a cleaning job and says he shot and killed her boyfriend who went with her to that job. yesterday, police found a body on the property but have not identified it yet. a florida teen faces felony charges for killing his own grandmother apparently, during an argument over beer. investigators say dylan brougham got into a violent
7:33 am
the woman told police her grandson repeatedly punched her in the fates, kicked her, put holes in her walls and she ended up in the hospital and then died after the attack. a health alert from the centers for disease control the abc just announced the first u.s. cases of a drug resistant infection. the cdc says 13 people now have the infection and it can be deadly. and has a high likelihood of causing outbreaks in healthcare facilities. four people that were infected have died but their exact cause of death a consumer alert right now, money con els fine ice cream is recalling certain flavors because they could make you sick. the company says seven flavors sold by the pint could contain listeria. mcconnell is sold at stores like whole foods and fresh market. all the details on this recall including the flavors in the sell by dates rhiannon ally available right now on our free mobile app. a possible listeria contamination also forcing another company to recall premium norwegian smoked salmon
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packed bags like the one you'll see here on the screen. the florida department of architecture catching the listeria before anyone reported getting sick, of course all of the info you need for this recall is on our abc action news mobile app. when a storm strikes or pipe bursts you trust your homeowners policy to pay for proper repairs. eye team first exploits problems with a new insurance trend sold as a worry freeway to handle these claims. this morning she shows you isolated incidents and in some cases the results are devastating. >> reporter: katie morales believes her boys are safer in the backyard than inside their own home. >> its just been a nightmare that seems to not only never end but continues to get worse. >> a nightmare that start with
7:35 am
floor. >> chris and katie filed a claim with their insurance company florida peninsula. then, they found out about a clause in their policy. >> had either one of you ever heard the words "managed repair" before? >> no, and i didn't know that was part of our policy. >> multiple insurers added managed repair to their policies in recent years. they sell it as a way to protect policyholders from fraud. >> you take the time and hass contractors. >> through managed repair insurers force homeowners to go with one of the companies preferred contractors. according to a youtube post florida peninsula says many of their 1700 customers who have used the program give it rave reviews. >> really our house turned out better than it started before the flood. >> but we fount dozens ofhomeowners who complained to the state about managed repair programs gone wrong. >> you can see how all of the
7:36 am
room. >> tampa attorney represents 10 families including the morales' who blame managed repair with various insurers for short cutting repairs. >> they don't is know they have it in their policy until they have a claim. >> she represents the morales family in their suit against florida pen independence had. >> the floors are getting worse really every day. >> the morales' own engineer concluded the contractor failed to dry the sub floor before laying down the the report also blames the short cuts on both buckeling and potentially dangerous mold problem in four year old madden's room. >> he's no longer able to sleep in here or play in here. >> the couple moved their youngest son out of the bedroom months ago. >> we're angry, we're upset, we're inconvenienced. >> florida peninsula refused to go on camera. instead the company issued a statement denying the buckeling
7:37 am
serious drainage problem causing excessive rain water to drain and remain under their home causing moisture build up not related to the claim. florida peninsula sent its own engineer to inspect the house, after the morales' complaint and that report cites the home ventilation for the mold and buckeling. >> that's all from the moisture. >> chris and katie contend there are no mold and flooring issues anywhere other than where repairs were made. >> what is it >> we just want our house fixed. >> once an insurer denies wrongdoing there are few choices for consumers. they can turn to the state for mediation but it's not binding and they can also hire an attorney and go to court. taking action, for you. well, coming up you probably use this on a daily basis i'm sure you do but did you know that facebook could be a way to make some money? >> coming up next we'll walk
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facebook marketplace.
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happy weekend in tampa get your dancing shoes on and head for the flow music festival and it includes what in bands, in downtown tampa, opera tampa will perform live in tampa and admission is free and the concerts start at 3 and in joy the fall weather with an outdoor festival at the artisans marketplace. community calendar is brought to you by the center for the performing arts. 7:41 you're watching action news weekend edition. exciting news out of orlando. have you noticed that giant
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going to be. the main attraction of universals new volcano bay water park set to open next summer. the video promises the park will be like anything you've ever experienced. it sets the bar pretty high. it's going to feature dozens of attractions and you won't have to stand in line too long to experience any of them because they have this thing the park will handout special bracelets to each guest and it's going to let you know which rides have the shortest wait times and which ones don next year tickets will be available starting very soon, november 15. caught on camera, you have to see this to believe it. a worst case scenario for anyone on the beach let alone the surfer, who rides a wave over top of a shark. yeah, well, one of them like i said, rides right over top of it and i like the boogy board as much as the next person but i have my limits.
7:43 am
them. >> he will swim right into it. >> oh, my god. >> they are saying they should warn him. yell, you know, wave your hands whatever. the scary scene they are playing out over the coast of australia. now thankfully, no one was hurt. but you know, come on. let the guy know, right? some of the world's best competitive skydivers are gathering right here in the bay area this weekend. this is a kind of skyd first ever wing suit flying world championships are under way right now. the new event has jumpers loafing a plane higher than 12,000 feet and then they do acrobat ices on their way down and try to stay in the eras long as possible before deploying their parachute and it's free to go and watch. what a fun event, skydive city from 8:00-8:00. spending your entire
7:44 am
sell items from your computer. this is how you earn quick cash and why facebook site is different from craigslist. >> reporter: want to sell old stuff? well you can always hold a yard sale but that's a ton of work and then there's craigslist but that opens you up to all sorts of creepy people but now, there's an easier, safer way on facebook. >> mary jane, like so many moms, has too much children's clothing and shoes. >> i have lots of items of taking up too much space at home. >> she found a local facebook sale group, and was stunned by how fast she made a deal. >> i sold my first item a few weeks ago, i sold a couple items i was getting ready to throw away. >> more and more people are buying and selling on facebook. it's easier than ebay with its rules and fees and safer than craigslist. >> i'm leary of craigslist. you hear about all of the dangers, strangers.
7:45 am
she's currently unloading-- >> a chandelier. and we have clorox. >> of course you can always hold a yard sale but something like these tin toys might get you a couple bucks if you had a yard sale. you could bring in a lot more money selling them on facebook. >> so sheila showed how to sell successfully. first search for a facebook yard sale or facebook buy, sell, trade group or facebook ma member to let you join. here is one near her. >> i'm selling some boots. >> next she says post several crisp instagram style photos and a good write up. >> you take good pictures and you post it out there with really good descriptions. >> people checking facebook every 10 minutes you should find a buyer soon and then make sure they are safe. >> you can hop on to somebody's profile, you can get a little idea who they are, where they are. >> if they check out and a grow
7:46 am
station. mary jane was nervous but-- >> made sure we went to a public place. >> she made her first facebook sale. sheila made several hundred dollars this year turning her trash into other peoples treasure. >> if there's no facebook marketplace or selling group in your neighborhood expand to your county or the whole tampa bay region. chans are you won't have to travel far to find one or waste your money. abc action news. >> i've got this fooseball table i really could-- so we'll see. you have to have a couple items lins any. >> i do. actually i do sell stuff quite often on sites lick that but it's patience. you know, it's interesting. >> i don't have the patience to do it. i have a house full of stuff i could sell but i just don't have the patience to do it. i'd like to hire someone to sell everything for me. i probably wouldn't make money doing that. >> let's chat during the break. oh, look at this a beautiful shot from the river
7:47 am
davis island and harbor island as the sunrises right about sunrise right now but this time tomorrow, sunrise will have already happened about an hour before. that's because of daylight saving time we'll talk about that in a minute. first we'll talk about our gulf forecast which is actually pretty fabulous today. by 10 a.m. 75 degrees by noon 80 and we'll top out at about 83 degrees and even though we had a cool front move through, well, it doesn't mean much in the way of cooler weather, although it will feel a li is moving in, so it's going to feel less humid and a very very comfortable weekend and then through out the work week seasonal temperatures ahead so here is a look at your current temperatures right now in the mid 60s pretty much all around the bay area a little warmer along the coast 70 in st. pete 71 sarasota and our cool spot in crystal river is at 61 degrees as we widen out we can see the rest of the state not really a lot of cold air even up to the north, gainsville at
7:48 am
cold air really isn't scheduled to move into our area but what we are seeing is some dryer air, so we're looking at the dew points here when you'll see a dew point in the 50s that's pretty comfortable so you'll sew that dryer air slowly sinking down to the south and that the story through the next several hours. titan doppler radar shows us, well no rain on the radar scope and in fact we don't expect any rain for the next several days. highs today around the rest of the nation, really very warm and the reason w to the north but as we head through the week, we're going to start to see a jet dip in the jet stream and that allows possibly some cooler weather to make its way into our area as we head into next weekend. here is a look at your day planner for today 83 degrees a mild start dryer air and very pleasant for the afternoon and then tonight, don't forget daylight saving time starts tomorrow morning, so set your clocks back tonight before you go to bed you'll get that extra
7:49 am
knots and it could be a bit breezy out there, seas two to three feet with a moderate chop on the bay and inland waters because we will be breezy throughout the bay area another kind of nice thing about this cold front. so 83 degrees partly sunny skies dryer and breezy with that northeasterly wind, and then overnight tonight our lows drop to 64 degrees, mostly clear and pleasant and it will be a fantastic evening and again, winds out of the northeast 5-10. y will be in the low 80s as we head through the work week we really don't see much in the way of a chance for rain until the earned of the week. now that's when the possibility exists that we could see a cold front as that little dip in the jet stream makes its way to us. guys? deborah thanks. still to come if you're locking for a job now might be the best time to apply. >> coming up next we'll take a look at the five retailers hiring the most employees right
7:50 am
point. right after the break we'll take a lock at which has the most, which ones are the best about telling you about their
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7:52 am
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well this mornings consumer alert instead of telling you about a recall today we'll tell you how to avoid one in the future. action news anchor laura harris has a look at which cars have the fewest recalls over a period of time. >> reporter: i know a lot of time you watch the news and hear about recalls on different cars but today we're telling you about how to avoid a recall in the future. which cars have the least. information from the national highway traffic safety administration from 1985 through last month to come up with these new rankings. the car maker with the lowest recall rate is porsche, obviously that's a pretty expensive option though but kia, mazda and gm are also up there for having the fewest number of recalls. the car maker with the most recalls is volkswagen followed by chrysler, honda and hundai. when recalls do happen, the study found test had historically lets you know
7:54 am
company hasn't had many recalls because it hasn't been around for very long. gm and nissan are also in the top five. mazda and mitsubishi have been the lowest for lting you know about recalls. 7:54 and ahead of the holiday season we're taking a lock at whose hiring in case you still node a seasonal job. retailers are expected to hire 740,000 seasonal workers this year, according to a recent survey. your best bet for a job are at sometimes those seasonal jobs become permanent positions. and the holiday shopping season is definitely here. amazon is already revealing its black friday deals and new discounts every day on things like clothing, toys and electronics. the sales are at different times and some only last five minutes, and they will continue until december 22. okay, iffy looks too good to be true it probably is.
7:55 am
popping up all over social media. this is what to look out for so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: before you start planning black friday shopping we have a warning that concerns a 50% off discount coupon popping up all over facebook and people are signing up for and even trying to use in stores. we all know that black friday weekend means big sales so it seems logical stores would vq pons for even more money off so ju kohl's, 50% off at target. these two coupons are going viral on facebook this week. only problem? they're fake. that 50% off should be a red flag, no store can offer discounsel that big on everything. the coupon links to a website where you're asked for personal information, kohl's and target have nothing to do with this and won't honor it so avoid the urge to sign up. >> some florida stores do vq pons for extra money off but
7:56 am
it won't be on facebook so don't waste your money. abc action news. the faa is giving walt disney parks clearance to fly drones at their theme parks in orlando and in california. the waiver is good for four years but can be cancelled at any time. disney asking for the clearance for entertainment purposes. abc action news returns in just an hour after gma coming up the middle of the night complaints about calling in all hours of the day and night and we've got a way to stop them for good. plus, lose at least 40 pounds and keep the weight off for good. we'll have a woman who did just that, live in the studio, the one thing she added to her diet helped shed that extra fat. plus she will stir up a low fat meal that can easily make this weekend but first, here is what's coming up on good morning america. >> good morning coming up on
7:57 am
election day. hillary clinton making the final push for votes rolling out the red carpet in ohio plus donald trump chris crossing the country hitting 10 states doubling down on his attacks against hillary clinton and we'll break down the numbers on this final weekend and election day cannot come soon enough for so many people suffering from the election stress disorder. i got together a group of clinton and trump supporters in battleground state of pennsylvania and we got them to meditate together. we'll tell you outcoming up on gma on a busy saturday morning we'll see you soon. well it should be a beautiful weather weekend here is a live look from apollo beach a great day to be outside because temperatures will be in the low 80s. we did see a cold front come through but it really didn't bring us any cold weather just a little dryer weather so here is a look at your seven day forecast temperatures in the low 80s for saturday and sunday and actually all the way through the work week and dry conditions too until we head
7:58 am
lots of activity. >> a lot of stuff going on so it is a nice day to get out there. >> the art festival on 12th street channel side district starts at 9:00 a.m. that is is free, just go walk through, see the vendors and enjoy the arts. >> i think there's a market in clearwater as well. >> and st. pete food and wine festival at north straw park from 1-5 so that sounds great. >> it's a beautiful day so get
8:00 am
good mor good morning, america. new overnight, the final push. this is the last weekend of the campaign. hillary clinton getting celebrity support overnight from beyonce and jay z and the pantsuit squad. ? they're singing her praises. can she make history? >> a glass ceiling to crack once and for all. mad dash. donald trump's whirlwind tour, ten states in three days. taking aim at clinton's celebrity endorsements. >> i didn't have to bring j. lo or jay z. the only way she gets anybody. i'm here all by myself. >> all this as a former "people"


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