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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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and there go all my defenses ? ? just leave it up to you and in a little while you're messin' with my mind ? ? and fillin' up my senses oh here you come again and lookin' better than a body has a right to ? ? and shakin' me up so that all i really know is here you come again ? ? and here i go here i go ? [ cheers and applause ] ? if i should stay i would only be in your way ?
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but i know i'll think of you each step of the way ? ? and i will always love you ? ? i will always love you ? ? bittersweet memories that's all i am taking with me ? ? so good-bye please don't cry we both know that
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? and i will always love you ? ? i will always love you ? ? and i will always ? i will always love you ? ? i will always love you ? >> dolly, we love you to pieces.
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>> dolly, we will always love you. and i am so happy to present this willie nelson lifetime achievement award to the one and only dolly parton. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> wow! [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much, thank you lily, thank you all these beautiful girlfriends of mine. pentatonix, and congratulations to all the winners.
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i would have cried, but i didn't want to mess up my eyelashes. i was doing my best. this is such a great compliment, a wonderful night for me. thank you for all of that. and now, for me to be receiving the willie nelson award, this is an absolute high for me. [ laughter ] having -- for willie to have a high achievement award, he's had some highs that border on historic. but enough of that. i'm very proud to receive this, and they asked me to hurry it up. they're saying they're behind. but you're talking about a lifetime, right? anyway -- i know how this goes.
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can. how about jennifer nettles as an actress? did you see her in "coat of many colors"? we're doing it again on november 30th. i'm so proud of you. i want to thank all of my fans and everybody for allowing me to see my little girl dreams come true. i have a few people i must thank. my uncle bill, and tess walker, and betty, many people that have helped me in my life. i had a big speech, but they won't let me give it. thank you so much for this wonderful award. have a wonderful evening. please welcome sharon stone. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> consider the mt. rushmore of male vocalist of the year awards that were awarded in just the this year, the category puts the spotlight on five of our leading artists. these are impressive nominees. >> dierks bentley. >> eric church. >> tim mcgraw. >> chris stapleton. >> and keith urban.
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>> and this country girl is honored to be asked by the cma to present the award for male vocalist of the year. and it goes to the cma award goes to chris stapleton. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> this is chris stapleton's second win for male [ cheers and applause ] ? >> well, if dolly was still back there, i'd give her my time. but tonight has been, i've gotten to be a fan so much tonight. what a wonderful night, what a
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i've cried, and just watching everybody, and the music i grew up on. and i want to thank everybody -- i love you too, sir. [ cheers and applause ] and it means so much to get to be a part of country music and country music, they're the best people in the world. country music people, all the fans. too. they're wonderful people, and i want everybody at home to know that. i want to thank my manager, all the guys in the band and crew, i can't do it without them. they bring it every night. i want to thank my wife. i want to thank my mom, who's in the audience, and my little sister, my in-laws. everybody, i'm telling you, it
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? >> congratulations, chris stapleton. coming up, ? ? ? blame it all on my roots ? ? i showed up in boots ? ? and ruined your black tie affair ? ? the last one to know ? ? the last one to show ?
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> look at this. 50 years, everybody. we're one big crazy family. and here's the thing. we aren't promised tomorrow. but we are so blessed to be here right now. don't let this moment pass without realizing what we got to be a part of today. ? when i'm sitting
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in some waiting room ? ? i'm gonna close my eyes and picture you ? ? today ? ? you keep brushing that hair back out of your eyes ? ? it just keeps falling and so do i i'm feeling like the luckiest man alive ? ? today ? ? and i don't know about tomorrow right now the whole world is right ? ? and the memory
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can get you through the rest of your life ? ? i know it won't always be like this life can change as quick as a kiss ? ? it's not over yet and i already miss today ? ? i don't know about tomorrow right now the whole world is right ? ? and the memory of a day like today can get you through the rest of your life ? ? and as the
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and time goes by ? ? when your hair is gray and so is mine ? ? i know for sure that you're gonna be just as beautiful as you are to me ? ? today ? ? bring on tomorrow i've got today bring on tomorrow bring on tomorrow right now the
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because the memory of a day like today ? ? can get you through the rest of your life ? [ cheers and applause ] ? >> not only has she won this next award twice, but she holds the record for the most awarded record in history fo for "fearless." please welcome back, taylor swift. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> hey, nashville. [ cheers and applause ] it's been almost 13 years since i came to nashville with a dream of being a songwriter and recording artist. i learned so much about what it means to be an entertainer from the remarkable arena tonight. that's just one of the reasons i feel so honored to present this award and be a part of this historic night we'll all remember. these are the nominees. garth brooks. [ cheers and applause ] luke bryan. [ cheers and applause ] chris stapleton.
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carrie underwood. [ cheers and applause ] and keith urban. [ cheers and applause ] and the cma award for entertainer of the year goes to garth brooks. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? [ cheers and applause ]
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very sweet. wow. it's cool. i got to start by thanking bob doyle, randy bernard, nancy, christy, rob, all those guys at william morris. laurie in the west coast, the road family, band, crew, i love you guys. you know i love you. the coolest could ask for, the love of my life, i love you very, very much. i want to thank god, the cmas, very, very sweet. thank you for a wonderful, wonderful run. can't do without the way they treat the people. if you had to wrap this up in one word or one name, ben farrell. sweet guy, people, tonight, this
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it couldn't have ended better for me. i get to take you home. but we are so damn lucky to be part of this thing called country music! [ cheers and applause ] >> here's to the next 50. good night! [ cheers and applause ] ?
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tonight a big proposed change to the florida ballot. >> it could keep your vote from being counted. >> next, a legal challenge and what it means for the election,
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it's just been a nightmare that seems to not only never end but continues to get worse. >> when water ravaged their home this family trusted their
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they now claim they are left in a dangerous home. we found out they are not alone. your vote not counted on election day? a new lawsuit that could put a controversial amendment on hold days before you cast your vote. good evening. i'm jamison uhler. >> i'm wendy ryan. first, abc action news reporter marisela burgos explains how a last-minute legal maneuver could change what goes on the ballot. marisela. >> reporter: the people behind th on amendment 1. they say the large utility companies are not being honest. voters in florida currently have a say in whether they want amendment 1 to pass or not. it is on the ballot but a new lawsuit may silence your opinion. the lawsuit claims the sponsors are trying to trick vote inters believing amendment 1 is a pro- solar amendment.
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funded by florida's big utilities and is a step backwards. >> reporter: the solar industries association says they agree with the suit. >> we agree this is a material deceptive ballot initiative. >> reporter: but supporters claim they only want to protect consumers. >> we want to safeguard those people who, a, need solar, and if they need solar, to have those solar panels properly installed. >> reporter: the lawsuit asks the state supreme court to remove amendment 1 from the ballot and to not count any votes already cast. consumers for smart solar defend amendment 1 saying this is just political grandstanding at its best to deter florida voters from voting in favor of amendment 1. and organizations like the urban league believe voting yes is the way to go. >> we look out for the consumer. the low-income people that come to us every day for services.
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>> reporter: we will wait and see what the florida supreme court decides on this issue. tomorrow people who oppose amendment 1 are going to gather on the steps of city hall at st. petersburg. days remaining in democracy 2016, and the race for president closer than ever. a daily track poll showing hillary clinton and donl doinl a dead heat each getting 46% of the vote, gary here in florida the latest polls also showing clinton and trump in a statistical time. now, with the race so close the candidates are pulling no punches, campaigning hard in these final days. today president barack obama urging minorities to vote for hillary clinton to protect his legacy. and donald trump calling on early voters in seven states who may have voted for clinton to recall their vote. these northern states, the only ones allowing voters to
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new tonight, despite the numbers showing our state too close to call with six days left, donald trump guaranteeing a victory in the sunshine state. >> in six days we are going to win the great state of florida, and we are going to win back the white house. that will happen. >> trump making three stops in florida today, in miami, orlando, and pensacola. tomorrow trump will speak to supporters in jacksonville, and his campai rallies a day by the end of the week. also today the kkk's official newspaper endorsing trump, his campaign immediately rejecting the endorsement. clinton also confident speak in las vegas. >> what would your life be like if he were in the white house? and the truth is we really don't have to guess. we just to have look at
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done. let's make sure that we win on tuesday and we trump love's hate. >> on saturday jon bon jovi will play a get out the vote concert for hillary. there's now an investigation into the burn vag black church. here you can see "vote trump" spray painted. officials are saying that fire is a direct assault on people's right at free worship. luckily no one was in the church at the time. a man in jail after police say he had sex with a 13-year- old boy, officers saying steven albertson used social media to meet one that boy j. a south florida mailman possibly facing
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mail in broward county. up to six bags full of mail were found sitting in a garage. that mailman could spend up to five years in prison. good evening everybody. temperatures right now primarily in the upper 60s to the mid-70s. there is a lot of warmth out there and the humidity is rather high, too. we are going to be waking up to temperatures in the mid six. it will feel even warmer. because of the moisture i think we are going to see patchy fog first thing in citrus, hernando, pasco, and maybe sumter counties. one last day of temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, then the changes arrive with a cool front on friday. how it impacts your weekend coming up. vandals trash a popular radio station. the damage so bad more than a dozen employees are now out of a job. michael paluska shows us why owners are shocked at what the
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their studio because the power is out, they can't pay the bills, they have their computers here. nothing was stolen, it was just tipped on its side and broken. then they went to the kitchen in the back, unplugged this fridge, opened up everything and let their food rot. >> absolutely destroyed our studio. >> reporter: this is what 444 radio in sarasota looked like a couple of weeks ago, the owner recording the aftermath left behind by a vandal on his cell phone. >> we're out. >> they stole our cash and broke 100% of everything else. >> reporter: they're both shocked to learn none of their equipment was stolen. >> i would have been okay, maybe a little better, if they would have just stole everything. >> reporter: however, $15,000 worth of computers, micro phones, mixers destroyed. >> we work hard and we've been working hard for a long time so this is tough. >> reporter: they have 200,000
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job. and now the radio station is off the air. >> mostly anger honestly. i've been depressed because this is basic while eve always wanted to do. >> despite losing everything they haven't lost their sense of humor. >> i was actually running for president and it all got sidelined because me and my vice president don't really have a platform to run from at this point. >> a woman in south florida will spend more than three she injected the man, promising the treatment would make it bigger but police say she was practicing medicine without a license. her sentence was part of a plea deals. she could now have faced up to 35 years in prison. a two-time canner survivor all before the age of 10, but when a local school told him to
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says they've had enough. >> tyler is a two-time cancer survivor. he was diagnosed with all leukemia. >> reporter: tim powers is proud of his son. while other kids were fighting to make the basketball team, tyler was fighting to stay alive. >> he spent a good part of his beginning school years in the hospital. some of his best friends were the children that he met while in the hospital. >> reporter: tyler, now in class president. and he has never forgotten those friends from the hospital who didn't make it. >> tyler wore his relay for life survivor shirt to school and was told that he had to take it off, he couldn't stay in school with that shirt on. >> reporter: faced with in a- school suspension, tyler changed shirts and returned to class. his father says the school went
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he is not alone. more than 60 students protested the new policy. >> it's about saving lives. and when you have a message this positive, who wants to stifle that? >> certainly if's cancer survivor, and even when i talked to the teachers, she said she would have listened. >> they made it clear the dress code is here to statement cameron polom, abc action news. a former facing charges for seeking bribes to admit students. the university asked state officials to investigate. he is charged with bribery. one of the leading causes of wrong-way driving is dementia. that's coming from fhp. after tracking cases for two years fhp says they caught a 76- year-old man with dementia
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through the exit ramp. when a storm strikes you trust your homeowner's policy to pay for proper repairs. i-team reporter jackie callaway first exposed problems with the new insurance plan marketed as a worry free plan. in some cases, however, the results are devastating. >> it's just been a nightmare that seems to not only never end but continues to get worse. >> reporter: a nightmare that started with a water leak in the master bath. >> and so it would run down the subfloor. >> reporter: chris and katie filed a claim with their insurance company, florida peninsula. then they found out about a clause in their policy. >> had either one of you ever heard the words managed repair before? >> no. i didn't know that that was
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added "managed repair" to their policies in recent years. they sell it as a way to protect policy holders from fraud. >> we take the time and hassle out of dealing with contractors. >> reporter: insurers force homeowners to go with one of the company's preferred contractors. according to a youtube post, florida peninsula says many of their customers who have used the program give it rave reviews. >> really, our house turned out better than it started before the flood. >> reporter: but we found dozens of homeowners who have complained managed repair programs gone wrong. >> you can see how all the floor is buckled throughout his room. >> reporter: this tampa attorney represents ten families who blame managed repair for shortcutting repairs. >> they don't know that they have it in their policy until they have a claim. >> reporter: she represents the morales family in their suit against florida peninsula. >> the floors are getting worse really every day.


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