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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  September 8, 2016 4:00pm-4:43pm EDT

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>> i'm laura harris. and today on the now tampa bay. justice for the boy who was bitten more than a dozen times at day care. the woman who was supposed to be arrested. the excuse that she is gi >> when you look at his criminal arrest history there is the guy who chose to shoot it out with the detective last night. today we know that man was shot at least five times, maybe even more. the gun was stolen. serious problems announced for ford and mazda. they're so bad you will want to hear this even if you don't own one. it's 4:00. and the now tampa bay is on.
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we start with breaking news here. a woman arrested for trying to hire someone else to kill someone she knew. let's go live to clifton french. clifton, you're getting brand- new information on this from the manatee county sheriff's office. what do you know? >> reporter: yeah. paul, right now information extremely limited. all we know, this is a woman who was trying to hire somebody to kill her ex-husband. now, her ex-husband lives in sarasota. that is the limited information that we woman as she was leaving the sheriff's office here, being charged with this -- with this crime and being taken to -- to the manatee county jail. here is the deal: this woman's ex-husband has no idea about this plot yet. so detectives have asked us to hold on to video. they haven't released any information to us about who this woman is either. until they can tell her ex-
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to tasoon as we get word that h s been notied, they will give us more we're also going to ow you that video. we hope that tithi next half an an hour or so. so sometime in the 5:00 hour, i'm n, clifton french, abc action news. >> now to the story that you saw here first and only onthe t >> the arrest toddler covered head to toe in human bite marks while at d piu took. a t comments on facebook. so sad. nicole grigg broke the story when the mom felt she getting the run-around from investigators. >> reporter: i n g istory for a now, checking in to see if the teacher here at jay's bright learners has been arrested.
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a day after our d,aiwe found out -- nicole with abc action news. >> casey burke was arrested and she has bonded out on jail on one felony count of child neglect. burke had nothing to say to us. but from social media and the toys in her garage, it appears that she is around children. >> as a mom, you feel like it's yo >> reporte we were the ones to was bit a dozen times while der >> reporter: in an arrest from the sherifs a dozen kids alone at nap time to, out around other staff because she is around 1 and 2-year-olds all day long. >> where one to come rescue or comfort my son.
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investigation through dcf that could take weeks. i found two other reports of kids being left alone in december and april. the director told authorities then she fired that teacher. the day care hung up on us today on our repeated attempts for a statement. as for the boy, he was the hospital and given medication. and tonight, he is working on healing. reportg in brought inton -- brought inton, nicole grigg for the now tampa bay. >> thank shooting inswest texas high school. a 14-year-old freshman shot another girl and then took her own life. we're trying to figure out what happened wh is one. these are pictures from the school earlier today. the other girl is expected to be okay. the shooter moved to alpine months ago. ily alpine is about 70 miles from the mexico border. we're also told that while law enforcement was responding to
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acdentally went off, shooting her of information t his iss after he shot at ryan r us from the scene of where the shoot-out happened. ryan. >> reporter: gs, this is the sce where chaos night. this was a drug task force m up of four officers from ound the eaar they francis perry. they may stedp him, they started making demands, telling him to put his hands up and get out of the car. he went with some of the demands and th weapons and shot officers. you can see the evidence still on the ground here. there is broke glass on the driveway. over there we found one bullet
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leaning against the rv. the sheriff said it's a miracle that they'd officers -- that these officers did not get shot. perry died at the hospital this morning from gunshot wounds. he was a wanted fugitive. the sheriff describes it as suicide by cop. >> we didn't choose to shoot francis perry. he chose for us to shoot him. >> do you want to start down here? >> reporter: now, in his car, detectives found a trafficking amount of matches out in the open. the gun that he used on police, again, is a stolen .9- millimeter glock out of pasco county. this is how lucky the officers were. the car was right here. one of the officers was standing in front of the car where he could see the suspect
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stuck in thcrossfires. somehow miraculously he did not get hit. ryan raiche, the now tampa bay. >> wow. close call there, ryan. thank you. a victory for people trying to protect animals from abusive behavior. the hillsborough board of commissioners voting 6-1 to start an online registry that will contain the names, home addresses, and pictures of any other related information for people who have been convicted of animal cruelty. this is so they will be when trying to adopt more animals. the registry will go live, into effect november 1st. just in the last few hours, pasco county lifting the final mandatory evacuation orders for the last neighborhood flooded from hermine. you see all of theevastati g al later after the storm area. the bass lake area of new port richey moving from mandatory to volunteer evacuation orders.
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is salvageable. the most damage so far in our area is estimated at $89 million. in the meantime ther were other areas thatsaw flooding as well. citrus county, we're getting the numbers in from their -- ex properties there with damage. we're talking more$31 million. what is interesting though here is that there are 41 homes. they can't even get to because of the damage. because of all of the fallen trees or maybe there is still flooding in shay, it's hard to believe a week later, they're still seeing that kind of water. >> yeah. ithaven't had a ton of rainfall take a looat radar right now. and you can see just how dry we are. in fact a wider look here. u that we had, they have been ilatejust been t southern counties. a little in southeastern polk county.
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the temperature. the rain chances are going up. i'll help you to time out your golf for tomorrow or whatever else you have planned for the outside. i'll help you with that rain chance for tomorrow coming up in a bit. worst case scenario, your car gets stolen. thgive you the best chance to findthe person
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>> welcome back to the now
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9/11 terror attacks is now at ground zero after nearly 15 years. it went on display today at the national september 11th memorial and museum. the flag only flew for one night over ground zero and then disappeared and showed up across untry two years ago. an anonymous man broation outsi seattle t the flag mystery. the washington state patrol recently confirming it ground zero. >> no one knows ho ended up in washington state. lp people who are homeless, put them on an old aircra being proposed right now in san
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been done before. in 1989, for about two weeks after the earthquake in san fransco. >> a district, in we have dozens of if it takes a decommission aircraft carrier to do that, i think we should ider it. >> having them on a ship is a having them live in unsanitary condit a >> all right. homeless is a g bi san francisc wi this idea. is a waste of time. they're also asking how muthe r involved of getting ththe ship. it's a new tool in the fight against car thieves that an evidence factory. >> cars these days keep a digital record of almost everything. steve shows us how police are using that data to catch the bad guys.
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reunion in early march for this man and his two stolen cars. >> they were disgusting. so the one car they had for about six days, the other one for two weeks. >> reporter: police found the vehicles abandoned on a city street. and the thieves left behind quite the mess. >> there was a plate of spaghetti, chicken wings. >> reporter: the victim was driving one of the cars home from the police station when he discovered the bad guys also left behind >> when i got back in my car, my phone connected to the ford sync system and i wondered if. >> reporter: it turned out that all of the synced phone left behind a treasure trove of data so they turned that data into evidence. >> they can store everything from gps information, navigation data, such as saved
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>> reporter: ben is from berla corporation, based in maryland. they have come up with a tool that can mind a system for evidence. >> the things that can help law enforcement figure out what happened before, during and after a crime. >> reporter: police will not tell us exactly what they found but say it helped build a case against the alleged thieves. >> when we have that data and we compare it to our physician evidence, we compare it to our circumstantial evidence, it is that last puzzle piece that we need to close >> reporter: in this case, it brought alex peace of mind, knowing that his suv was capable of finding its own thief. >> the future of cars. right now a couple police departments across the country already have this technology. >> and success stories like these mean more could be following soon. all right. up next, yo people probably rob the bank for the money.
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couldn't handle being around his wife anymore. >> i'm not going to touch that one. >> the 70-year-old left the house -- wait a minute. he left the house and handed the teller a note that said i have a gun, give me money. they gave him $3,000. he didn't run off. he sat in the lobby of the bank they were looking for. he even said that he preferred to go jail than have to go home with his wife after their argument. >> you can get divorced. i have never heard of someone who would rather come to jail and commit a crime so they with their family. me and be that's never happened. >> they have libraries in jails. they have special programs like activities. it's almost like hisoing to an old folks home wow. want to know what the fight was over, though? >> what? >> what eye dryer. the couple has been married 33 years. his wife says that he wrote the
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if he is found guilty. he could get his wish. he couldn't go home for 20 years. >> i waso say he definitely doesn't want to go home now. >> there you go. >> he's going to lose every fight from here on ou we know that working out is good for us. it can be hard to get motivated to get off the couch sometimes. >> what if i told you that you could save money just by hitting the gym? that's a little more motivating. right? >> for me. >> the american heart association says the savings could add up to thousands of dollars. people with heart disease who work out weekly save more than $2,500 on average on their health care each year. but you don't have to have heart disease to save money. people without it save about $500 on average by getting in weekly exercise. >> yeah. it reae question. how long should you be working out? the american heart association recommends at least 30 minutes a dadays a week. that's any activity by the way that can break a sweat.
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much, you're not ready for that commitment, try harder workouts three days a week. we're talking running or swimming for 25 minutes and that will do the job. i try to go for a swim, especially with this warm, hot weather we continue to have, shay. >> yeah. i was going to say i break a sweat going to the mailbox. i'm wondexercise. >> it counts. >> especially with this kind of heat. 92 right now in 90 in zephyrhills. 89 in st. pete. yeah. no break from the heat and humidity today. certainly a steamy one out there. take a look at the main sail beach inn. gorgeous. plenty of people parked on the sand, trying to enjoy the beautiful weather. and a nice place to cool off in the gulf waters. temperatures in the low to mid- 80s. so take a look at what is ahead. we have an east wind. so we're still continuing to
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the state. our southern counties have been most likely to see rain over the last two days. that's continuing to be the case throughout this evening. so it's not to say that hillsborough or pinellas county will not see rain. high pressure in control to the north. that is steering the rainfall pattern and the winds as well keep us on the lower side of rainhaes. for tonight, just a few storms. then dry overnight. much like what we have seen lately. if you're planning to head out for a ro take a d the pool, things are looking good early wind pat of the day. into the afternoon, we will have showerand storms. they will edge a little fad i w chance of seeing an isolated storm in the afternn tomorrow. wn over the next wee
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at 4:00 coming up in a minutes. serious problems announced today foford and mazda. they're so bad that you will want to hear this even if you dobay will be back
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>> happening right now, mazda is dealing with involving millions of the cars. the rear hatch could actually fall on the driver. mazda is recalling more than 2 mithioe united states. pports, they can eventually brif they're corroded e cars.
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month. i nt you exacy what is causing more of these ford cars to be recalled right w. we're talking cars, suvs, even e problem with the door latch that coulcad door to fly open unexpectedly. could you imagine that happening to you started out wi of rsd smaller suvs. now they have added another one and a half million vehicles. now replace the latches which they will do for free. all of the vehicles involved in this recall are on our website right now. just go to >> thank you, laura. now to a revealing investigation today of credit card agreements. it goes way beyond the fine print. have you ever read one of these things. >> reporter: analyzed more than 2,000 of them and found they are written
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average adult reads at a 9th grade level. harry potter is written at an 8th grade reading level and the book of exodus is at a 10th grade level. laura, this is good news, credit card agreements are getteayoerdecan read the fine p >> exactly, if read the fine print. the consumer financial protti bureau started an effort five years to cut the length and complexity e contracts. back then the average now it's about 500 words less and will take most pple 20 s read it. >> reporter: thousands await the judge's decision in north it brought people together all over the world who say they are not leaving until the pipeline is stopped. why they say they're not protestersing > d many would argue it e of th
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off night with a rematf supebowl 50 minus peyton manning of course. the broncos hosting the carolina panthers tonight. kickoff is at 8:30.
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>> welcome back, everyone. happening right now, work continues at a cororsl l nirigh through north dakota. >> that is despite protests all over the world and a federal lawsuit that a judge will rule on tomorrow that could stop the project all together. the dakota accnorth dakota to illinois and runs through land native-americans consider sacred. threatens their water source. the now's todd walker traveled to north dakota and shows us protesters are not only trying to stop the pipeline in court but also on the ground. >> reporter: tomorrow a federal judge is expected to rule if construction of over the ridge nofar away from that is the confluence of the missouri and canon erleaving until e pipeline is stopped regardless
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anding still for more than a few minutes. deliver. >> reporter: chances are it's because she has enlisted someone else to carry food to the kitchen tent for her. that is for the dinner tomorrow night for a few thousand of her friends. >> i came up to do my part. now i'm taking care fmonth ago she came from north dakota and joinedhat is now native-americans gathering in 100 years to try to stop the dakota access pipeline from being built a few miles down the road. >> we're not protesters. we're water protectors. >> reporter: it is supposed to run underneath the missouri river upstream from the reservation. building permits for the line were improperly issued but mostly they're worried about the water and what happens to them if there is a spill. >> there will be a mishap.
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reservation his wholt th the ir >> it's the goth will get it no matter if it ruins lives an stop this pipeline. the's prayerall the world. rep they're not leaving. >> we have to get this pipeline again. >> we'ter. >> reporter:s re meals earlthis week a jusue a tempor order, stopping construction on the pipeline in a small section, but not in others which many y is ulby friday if continue. outside of canon ball, north dakota, i'm todd walker for the now. a warning for the thousands
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after itt technical institute shut down. the federal agency is now telling the students not to pay anyone for help consolidating their student debt. the debt of education says the students should work with the federal loan companies because they can often do that work free of charge. right now looking live at nasa tv's prelaunccoverage as we're counting down to a new mission in ed cyrus recollection. they are sending this to a astroid that they believe could impact the earth in the late 22nd century. scientists think the asteroid is four and a half billion years old. so it could hold clues about how the solar system was formed. if all goes as planned, and it looks nice outside right now, it will blast off at 7:05 this evening. i have tweeted out a link so
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ryan lochte has been suspended for competing as a swimmer for the next ten months. that includes the world championships next july. that is the penalty handed down by the u.s. olympic commity and usa swimming over the incident outside of the gas station in rio when he claimed to be robbed at gun point. he must give up any funding from the organizations and access to olympic training facilities. the three other sw suspension. tim tebow is back on the field. the former florida gator signed a minor league contract with the new york mets. here is video from practice on the diamond. he has gone from pro football to pro baseball. and he won't have to go far, considering he was playing for the new york jets when he was with the nfl. the 29-year-old's position listed as outfield. >> we wish him well. this will sound crazy. but three months and counting
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here is this puppy toy cheaper at toys - mart. they're hoping to get more of that before the holiday season. now, all toyysmar us. this egg, one which is also out of stock at wal-mart 2cents cheaper there than at toys r serve as a reminder that it pays to shop around.
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a florida man in the middle of a shark ti enzy. the two items ys saved his life. speaking of swimming, but this is not the scary kind, kids can get $10 lessons this saturday from a olympic gold medal lift. brook bennett will be holding the classes. i have the information on my facebook page.
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>> all right. imagine this, you're doing a little fishing in shallow water right in the gulf and the tide turns and suddenly your boat is
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then you see fins all around you. a fisherman found himself in that exact scenario. listen to this. >> it wasn't a big deal until, you know, i counted ten. and, you know, that they -- they kept getting closer and more aggressive. getting within a foot of me. >> what was going through your mind at that point? >>et o. >> yeah. that's steve mood. and obviously he is okay. he made it out with a for an hour and a half, he used his fishing pole to fight off the sharks. then he used the emergency alert feature on his cell phone to get in touch with 911 and eventually picked up by the coast guard. the e allows you to call 911 without having to use your password or finger print to unlock it. >> surrounded by sharks. >> help me. it seems like kids are always bringing home some sort
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average si ck for eight to ten timea . the germiest places in the school is the water acco pediatrici. >> cafeteria trays can also be a problem. make sure that your kids wash their hands with soap and water, even though they probably put up a fight about it. also, get enough sleep to boost the immune system on top of good nutrition and of co the staying active not a problem for my boys. it's the washing the hands. >> and all of that. >> yeah. coming up on the now tampa bay, you remember the disabled veteran beaten outside of a wal- mart with his own walker? today he is getting a great
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>> breaking news within the last hour much the man suspected of g an roina st. petersburg disabled been arrested. >> hard to believe here. as the now eric waxler reports, the it led to unexpected acts of kindness. >> reporter: when jeffrey came home from his appointment at the v.a. hospital, he had >> i felt chipping in a little bit to make his life whole again. >> reporter: that comes from the $600 from an anonymous donor named tom who said from one vet to another i hope this makes things bet. >> people need to know there are a lot of good people out there. >> reporter: but the news that he really wanted to hear from the police chief is the man they believe beat him with his
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is in jail. >> i can tell you ten minutes he is in custody. his name is harold stewart. we just arrested him in tampa. >> reporter: tips leading police to stewart came in after surveillance video showed this dodge durango leaving the wal- mart parking lot where the attack happened. >> this says a lot about the community. you mess with someone in our community, we're going to find them. >> reporter: he is recovering and he was worried he wouldn't be able to pay his rent. now he has $1,300 worth of donations and a renewed faith of the eric waxler for the now tampa bay. >> dozens of people are getting sick. they're getting hepatitis a because of an outbreak linked to frozen strawberries. today the cdc says tha maryland new york, north carolina, oregon, virginia, west virginia and wisconsin. thankfully not florida. at least not yet. nearly all of the patients interviewed drinking smoothies containing
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different supplier. they expect ad contagious and takes days to begin after exposure. this next story is crazy and random. a 38-year-old man confessing to a murder that happened 14 years ago. police were not looking for hi joshua odum walked into a ohio n arin was homesat t tanime d met him in april of 2002. they went back to his apartment and odom decided to rob and kill him so he could buy drugs. a friend later found him dead on the apartment floor. odom subpoena custody with the broward county sheriff's office. leftover rain and thunderstorms that was newton
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midwest. this is a picture from nasa of the storm when it made landfall near baja california, mexico. it is already proving deadly as two fishermen have died in that. the worried parents raced u.s. got -- the western u.s. got hammered at well. that is a nnel cloud right there. thankfully it of the state was dealing with flash flooding. hoping this hurricane activity is over for now. i circles in the tropics. i can tell you that. >> this got your attention right away. all it is is two areas of storms out in the atlantic. the great news with this is although we're watching it for any changes, right now it does not look like either are going to impact the u.s. so great news there. but, again, we will continue to watch it and let you know if ng the clearwater hyatt beach camera looking beautiful out there. clear blue skies. you can see the boats in the
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the sand. to a beautiful beach day with rain chances pretty much unlikely at our beaches throughout the day. as we look at futurecast, you can see how the moisture has worked its way across the state. it has been a east to west flow. most of the rain has been in the southern counties. most of the rain remains through tampa bay on south through the remainder of as we inov night, thinto ry here at miig tomorrow morning at 8:00, dry rns out t roads as we start the day. through the afternoon, though, right around 2:00, 3:00, we start to see more of the showers and storms eck this out they are farther north. we are starting to see the chances for rain for all areas for tomorrow. but the rain coverage is still pretty low. so right now outside with all of that sunshine and the heat and the humidity combined, it feels like it's 99 in tampa.
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city. it feels like 89 in avon park. the places that have had isolated showers, they have been small and much of an impact. we will have et lole of days, coverage of showers and storms. so great heading into the weekend. rain chances start to go up on sunday and monday. still pretty reasonable at only 40%. and we're keeping our highs near 90 degrees. our lows overnight will be in the mid to 70s. no dramatic change the next but as we get into the 7-day forecast, which of course denis will ve coming up on action news at 5:00, we will have higher coverage of rain coming up at 5:00. laura. >> thank you, shay. right now police just passing a long this video trying to find these three guys who broke into a radio shack. the store is in winter haven. the guys broke through the glass to get in on september 2nd, 4:20 in the morning. you can see them running
4:51 pm
items off the shelves. they even tried breaking into a safe in the back but came up unsuccessful on that one. >> space, a final frontier. >> everyone knows that, right? it all started 50 years ago today. the voyages of the star ship enterprise star trek premiered september 8th, 1966. and while it actually was not an immediate hit, a lot of since become an engrained part of movies and sci-fi conventions. it is on display at the air and space museum and they twehankin the inspiration. right now on the zika front, there are no new cases of the virus in tampa bay today. >> and there are 12 new travel- related cases in her parts of the state, including four women who are pregnant.
4:52 pm
tucson, arizona may have found a treatment against the zika virus. that company is called hsrx drs ugout of plant extracts. they say they found the same drug that works well against the flu also kills the zika virus. >> we believe it would be a treatment and hopefully would lead to a cured state we they would no longer have it in their body and we quickly rid it from the body. >> a lot of companies are racing to find a cure for zika virus. the company wants to run tests on people. if that works, they will ask the fda for an accelerated drug approval. people being evacuated from the cincinatti zoo due to some sort of threat. police are saying the threat was made by a phone call. what you're looking at are live aerial pictures. hopefully we will get a clearer
4:53 pm
reported as well. the zoo released the following statement, the cincinatti zoo and botanical gardens evacuated guests and staff today around 3:30 after an unspecified threat was called into the police. we will continue to work with cincinatti police to make sure that the zoo remains a safe environment, end quote. this is the same zoo that gained national headlines when a gorilla was killed after a 3- year-old enclosure. you may not be getting what you think when you buy fish at the store or when you go out to eat. >> that's right. we're talking fish fraud here. it's getting worse. one in five pieces of seafood are labeled incorrectly. right now around the world. it's happening around 28% of the time here in the united states. that's what a new report from ocean conservation group says.
4:54 pm
cheaper fish is mislabeled to pass it off as more expensive. catfish is often used as a substitute and it could cause health problems for you. the report finding more than half of the seafood substituted for something else are a species that contain toxins or chemicals like mercury. there are two things that you can do to get a better idea about your fish. >> first you have to know when the fish is in season. second, you want to look into where the fish is actually being raised. you really attention to everything these days. you may turn to painkillers first if you're dealing with chronic pain. >> listen to this, if you're alternative tmts, this may make you change your mind a little bit. the national institutes of health say everything from yoga to massage to meditation could have a big impact on your pain. and they have proof. researchers looked at more than 100 past studies on alternative forms of pain relief to see if
4:55 pm
the alternative treatments won't get rid of all of your pain but doing them would let you cut how many pain pills you have to take. do you have back pain? listen to this. researchers foat acupuncte and are thagfopain an relaxation techniesare best for migraines. researchers supplement glucosamine. it is not effective for pain relief. gary johnson is getting a lot of criticism today for not knowing enough about foreign policy. and this is why. take a listen. >> what would you do if you were elected about alepo. >> and what is alepo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> it is in syria.
4:56 pm
of the refugee crisis. >> okay. got it. got it. >> ouch. johnson suggested the united states should join hands with russia, his words, to bring it into the conflict in syria. after that interview, johnson was on the view, explaining what exactly he was trying to explain. >> did you have a brain freeze moment or was it -- was it that the -- the >> no excuse. i was thinking in terms of acronym. >> right. >> that's no excuse whatsoever. >> als. soalso released a statement saying that he is human, that he blanked and that he understands the dynamic of the syrian conflict. happening right now, a brand-new poll into the news room today. more americans are expecting hillary clinton to outperform donald trump in the first debate that is less than three
4:57 pm
>> according to a new cnn poll. 53% think that clinton will do better while 43% think it will be trump. >> two-thirds of the voters are more interested in watching these year's bathan this poll was taken before last night's forum. one nbc executive is calling the forum last night a disaster. >> disaster. >> matt lauer hea for failing to fact chk answers more than trump's. hashtag lauering the bar is trending today. >> hillary clinton took the y e of the national security forum. >> mike sax breaks down where both candidates stand now. >> let me be clear. last night was yet another test. and donald trump failed yet
4:58 pm
tonight, giving her c forum. >> i hava ial chance of winning. if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy >> he sa one. >> on russia and putin. >> i thke the compliment. if we had a relationship with russia, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could work on it together and knock the hell out of isis. >> what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and he praises russian's president? i think we know the answer. >> and on the iraq withdrawal. >> if we're going to get out, take the oil. if we would have taken the oil, you wouldn't have isis. >> the united states of america does not invade other countries to plunder and pillage. we don't send our brave men and women around the world to steal oil. >> here is trump once again
4:59 pm
iraq. as against the war in magazine. ok at esquir >> we found this from thstern s september 11th, 2002? are you for iraq. >> i guess so. >> they called it desperate attacks of a flailing campaign sinking in the polls. for the now, i'm mike sax. >> only 8 and a half more weeks to go. i'm paul lagrone. that's it for the now tampa bay. action news at 5:00 starts right now. >> this is abc action news. >> experienced detectives were in a gun fight for their life last night. and they won. >> an intense gun battle ends with a dangerous suspect dead. the reason that detectives had no choice but to shoot. and all new at 5:00, the man who says he lost a friend in last night's shootout. first at 5:00, breaking details about a woman taken
5:00 pm
hire plot. >> let's get out to clifton french in manatee county t i understand that you just got an update from deputies out there. >> reporter: yeah. it's still very few details though. what we know is this was a woman who has been arrested and being charged in the murder for hire plot to have her ex- husband killed. now, her ex-husband lives in sarasota. here is the deal. we have video of her leaving the sheriff's office. but we were asked by thifs to haven't notified her ex-husband about this plot on his life. they obviously don't want him to find out through the media. they're heading down to sarasota to talk to him now and to tell him about this entire plot. at that time, we're going to get her name. we will also be getting more information about this entire plot, how it unfolded, how sheriff's deputies were able to


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