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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 breaking news now at 5:00. a 10-year-old boy is missing. the reason authorities say the child is in danger. >> sex, lies and a videotape. we are one step closer to the end of the $100 million lawsuit between hulk hogan and gawker. we'll run down what's expected today. good morning and thanks for waking up with us on this friday. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm lindsay logue. ivan, is the weather behaving for spring? >> it's been like summer really for the last few days. now we'll go back to winter. yes, i said winter. the transition is bump friday for us on the weekend. we don't like rain on the weekends and it's going to rain on the weekend. and 60s. we're much better right now
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10 miles is full here. a few areas of patchy fog across the interior. the bridges should be in good shape and the commute of course janelle is standing by. we'll see muggy conditions through the middle part of the day. maidle to upper 70s. rain chances right along the coast crossing north. most of us will be dry today. that won't be the case for the remainder of the week. we have all of this weather to get to. i'll time out the heaviest of the rain and how cool the temperatures will get behind it. guess what? you will need the heaters, i think, by the time we get into monday morning. this time of year, though, it is going to be the first day of spring on sunday. so it won't last too long. still a bit of a shock. >> you know what else is good news i have? the sky way is open. that is good news. we don't expect that to close
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we have a crash westbound i-4 right around 301 with some road blockage here. traffic is still light. you can see the flashing lights here. if you are headed that way, slow down when you pass by the emergency vehicles. let's check your drive times on i-4 heading into tampa. 15 minutes from county line road to 75 and just seven minutes from 75 to 275. we have overnight construction going on at ehrlich right under the veterans, but we expect that to clear in the next hour or so. back to you. two minutes after 5:00 now on this friday morning. we want to get you in breaking news. police are asking for your help right now. they are trying to find this 10-year-old boy who ran away from his home in tampa. airs okay carmarian preyton has a medical condition but doesn't
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he was last seen wearing a red, black and gray colored shirt and black shorts on waters avenue. if you know where he is, call tampa policep. now to another breaking update, deputies need your help tracking done a person who they think stole taye car with a toddler inside. deputies want to talk to this person. thursday afternoon a woman was watching a friend's 2-year-old, left the boy alone in a car outside the mulberry pharmacy. she says she was only gone a few minutes and left the keys in the ignition. someone founded car with the child inside two miles away. the boy was not hurt. coming together to say good-bye to a hillsborough county deputy who died a hero. the deputy deliberately crashed into a wrong way driver last weekend to save a woman's life. visitation began at 11:00.
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st. timothy's catholic church. he comes from a law enforcement family. coming up at 5:30, beale hear from his family as they prepare to celebrate his life. if you'd like to donate to the deputy's family, we have a link posted on our web site right now, today, we're one step closer to the outcome of the hullth holan sex tape trial. >> we find corey dierdorff there with the latest. good morning, corey. >> reporter: good morning. it's bane closely watched trial from the beginning all happening right behind these doors at the white house. the jury learned officially that they would not here from bubba the love sponge. he invoked his fifth amendment right against self- incrimination. lawyers for gawker tried to
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inconsistencies in the hulk hogan persona and hogan said this was an in between character who hosts the web site. closing arguments are expected today. if you want to tune in you can on where we'll be streaming the whole lining. corey dierdorff, abc action news. this morning, we're learning where a firefighter is off the job in sarasota county. investigators say he enticed a minor to send naked pictures while he was at work. the text messages are too graphic for us to show you. investigators say keye asked for numerous naked pictures from a 17-year-old. she sent them to him while he was at work at station 6 and and early january.
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her to visit him at while several times. >> taking advantage. there are people who worship those in uniform, supposedly the hero. that might be glamorous to a 16 or 17-year-old girl. >> keye is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the sheriff's office investigation. an urgent warning from a severer hills family. they want to you check your septic tank. they barely made it out of the home alive when theirs exploded. you can see all that's at their home now. the heat source was too close to the tank and the methane caught fire. they are living in the backyard as they raise money for repairs. >> we try to be good people. we know it will come back to us and we will survive through this. >> make sure yours is properly covered and away from heat. a sarasota woman needed
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unwanted guest in her house. she found a 4 foot long boa constrictor outside of her la nigh. she snapped a video and called police. police officers showed up to help her and managed to wrangle him into a pillowcase. animal control now has the snake. we just learned that a california student who went on a stabbing rampage last year on a college campus was inspired by isis but acted alone. he became so radicalized by terrorist propaganda, but it doesn't look like he ever contacted the terrorist group or was ever contacted by it. he stabbed four people at the university of california before his victims survived. people who live in flint, michigan says enough still isn't being done to hold the state's governor accountable. governor rick snyder is accused of not taking action when he'd
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was leaking into the water apologized for his role. during the hearing there were multiple calls for his resignation. the fbi allows sandra bland's family to review the investigation into her death while she was this jail. the judge's ruling is part of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family. they are suing the ex-testimony testimony trooper who -- the ex- and other troopers. her death was ruled a suicide. this is going to be the weekend and we'll get into the colder air that we've been talking about. the timing for the rain&how chilly temperatures will get. the full forecast in a few minutes.
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>> pretty terrifying. >> the plane was about to land when a terrifying act of nature shook it and everybody on board. >> then a dream vacation that would never come for bay area families. we find out how far one investigator says one travel
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good morning, everybody. we are watching this crash on
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you can see a lot of flashing lights here. it's not causing any road blocks. we'll check your roads in just a minute. a plane was about to make its landing in new york, but a lightning storm had other plans. >> a pilot was forced to turn away from la guardia. and instead make an emergency landing at jfk. for the fist time, we'll hear from passengers. >> it ran into turbulence and was struck by lightning forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing at the alternate airport. >> i thought we got hit by a missile. there was a flash of light, a big explosion, and the plane dipped about 100 feet. i felt like i was on a roller coaster, and then i smelled smoke. after five minutes, the pilot said everything was fine. >> a long five minutes.
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>> everything is fine. these situations, though, are really extremely rare. >> worst nightmare. >> obviously not hit by a missile there. lightning frequent lip hits planes. guess what, i got the town of why? tuesday. that also happens frequently as well. we saw this fire in new york. the turbulence is another story so we'll have to look into that certainly. when a plane gets hit by lightning, most of us don't even notice it. temperatures in the mid and upper 60s around 70 right now. we're looking at visibility, much better and much improved as we have closures all over the place. temperatures continue to climb into the 80s once again. we are still into the warm and
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a few showers offshore there. those will fall apart and eventually will refire a little here as we get this moisture pulling down from the south along this boundary that will be impacting our weather for the weekend. the front falls farther to the south and we get a little disturbance riding along it out ahead of it and into tampa here. we continue to see showers and storms through the day on saturday. 11:00 to 5:00 is a good window for a good chance of showers and storms. on sunday morning, lingering showers as the actual front begins to move through. by the way that low will head up to new england and bring a snowstorm for folks across the northeast on the first day of spring. we are also going to be talking about the very chilly temperatures on the first day of spring as well. zoom in closer so you can plan your weekend again friday afternoon today. 20% coverage as far as showers. then on saturday, we'll get
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beginning to roll in through the day. we'll clear things out a little bit. not clear entirely but get a break from the rain. saturday into the early part of saturday. these are the windchills here. what a shocker, huh? 30s and low 40s is the way it's going to feel on monday morning back behind the front. certainly cold enough for snow well into the north. they are going to get upwards of a foot across new england. for us, 50% coverage. sunday morning, if you had plans on the weekend, sunday is the better bet, especially later in the day as we begin to clear things out. then again, the gusty wind takes over. look at the high temperatures on monday. janelle, at night, we've seen temperatures dipping to below 70 degrees. it's short lived, so we'll start the gradual warm-up. >> i haven't even been using a jacket overnight. >> i know. you haven't used your heater back there. >> i'll have to warm it up.
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accident off to the side. we haven't seeing any delays. you can see a lot of activity right there. i just saw the ambulance pull away, so this was a crash with injuries there. we have overnight construction continuing until about 6:00. we'll wrap this up right underneath the veterans. take gun to citrus drive. i'll keep my eye on it and let you know as soon as it cleared. back to you. 5:18 right now. vacations were spoiled for bay area families when they found out that the trips they planned and paid for weren't real. >> a pinellas park travel agent is accused of selling thousands worth of bogus cruise tickets. investigators say janet bender
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documents to fool her victims. >> shari phillips thought she was buying a vacation for herself and her grandchildren on the famous disney cruise line. >> out $5700. we're not rich people. you know, we saved for this. it was a bucket list item. >> the company bender worked for says she doesn't work there anymore. still ahead on abc action news friday edition, a wedding dress slip swept away across the mississippi river. now the search to find its owner. >> the sign of the times changing, and the one thing president obama did that we haven't seen happen in 50 years opinion first, kendis gibson and reena ninan have the day's business headlines from new york. >> good morning.
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>> the dow opens this morning in positive territory. nasdaq is still down 5% year to date. americans really love their four-legged friends, shelling out a record $60 billion a year to keep them well fed, well groomed, and well trained. >> milllenniums cough up the biggest chunk. it's the weekend slurpy feigns have been waiting for. >> bring any kind of container and fill it up with the slurpee for $1.50. >> how about an empty bottle. >> this woman has an empty bucket of kfc. the containers have to be leak proof. >> i like the way show rolls. that's america's money.
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. we have an update now on an incredible story that we told you about in iowa. a box containing a wedding gown was rescued in the storm debris. the police found the owner of the dress, and she is thrilled to have it back this morning. the worm has not been identified but the storm blew that dress across the mississippi river. a newspaper delivery driver found the dress during his morning route. new this morning, the white house just posted a photo of president obama mailing a
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the white house is expected to announce that the u.s. postal service will restore direct mail to that country for the first time in 50 years. in the letter, the president tells a 72-year-old woman that he's looking forward to visiting havana next week. donald trump is either going to have the delegates he needs or will be very, very close. list tonight will of the people. >> florida governor rick scott has a message for republicans this morning. >> and breaking news. the young tampa boy that police need your help finding right now, where he was last seen, and the search is now in full swing this morning. >> and we're keeping a close eye on i-4 where we have a crash westbound right at 301. a lot of flashing lights there. so far, no delays here. coming up, i'll check your
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i feel certain in my heart that he knew exactly what was about to happen to me and that
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>> reporter: the bay area is hours away from saying good-bye to a hillsborough county deputy who died a hero. abc action news is honoring john kotfila, jr. today. >> first, ivan and janelle join us now with traffic and weather together. how are things looking for this friday? >> we're looking better as the fog out there found an issue this morning in a second with the problems as far as the road. we already have a crash out there. temperatures in the 60s throughout 70 degrees right now. looking pretty good with the winds coming in generally in the south and southeast up through the remainder. day. watch here as we talk about temperatures in zephyr hills dropping to 63 degrees this morning. that's closer to the dew point. nothing that i think will impede your travels this morning.
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the coast. how about that? good stuff. as we look at temperatures, the rest of the day will be in the low 80s. we'll have a lot of clouds out there. the reason for that is a disturbance will begin to inch in from the north. so the next three days, we'll continue to see the rainfall. the timing for that and when we could expect the heaviest rain and cooldown in a few minutes. let's check in on the roads without the fog. >> yeah, great news out there. visibility is good. no rain. let's check some of the roads over in pinellas county checking u.s. 19. roosevelt. looking great, up to speed in check this out. the sunshine sky way cars are moving across 9 minutes from toll booth to toll booth. just know that the bridge is open.


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