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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. we begin tonight with breaking news. right now rescuers and a dive team ser muching a hillsborough county lake for a missing man. >> right now the dive team searching in the lake. >> deputies telling us a group
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a man who couldn't swim fell into the water and disappeared. we're joined live with more on this story. marisels, what can you tells? >>reporter: divers are using sonar to try and find this man who fell into the water. the reason i'm showing you this is because it's pretty dark out here. that is one of the reasons divers are using sonar to try and find this man. fire and rescue tell me he was on a pontoon boat with a handful of people when he jumped in to grab a noodle. he did not know how to swim nor the other people on board. he went into the lake it was a little after 7:00 p.m. but he did not come back up. a friend who has known him for five years says he is 21 years old. divers could continue searching
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are still here at the lake looking for him, and they have not released his identity either. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring that back to you. abc action news. i hope that row prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law. >> tonight's other big story surveillance footage of a man targeting women. abc action news michael is live tonight in clear water with the very latest out there. michael. >>reporter: wendy, just a couple days ago here in this parking lot of that wal-mart in clear water, a woman was targeted and yesterday another woman targeted. dragged to the ground, her wrist broken. a 17 year-old woman -- 71 year- old woman.
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least four suspected have trolled grocery store parking lots looking for pursing hanging on elderly women. >> you are robbing people that work. i am employed. i have to work for whatever i have. >> kathy, who didn't want her identity shown was attacked while putting her groceries away at a wal-mart sunday. >> i started screaming he stole my purse. he stole miopus. >> kathy is one of six women targeted from clear water to lake wails since saturday. >> i feel different from the incident. i am very afraid. >> it's gonna progress, and it has progressed. >> winter haven police urge all women to leave their purse at home or shop with a friend. >> i'll be shopping without a purse and with a friend, with
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us that some of those suspects were interrogated at the police headquarters but have not released any identities. we're live tonight, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. another mild night across the area. we hit the middle 80s earlier on. a lot of reports of fog, dense fog along the coast. right now visibilities close to the coast. also apollo beach around the bay or gulf and overnight tonight, i would expect more of the same. here's a look at futurecast through the overnightly wake up time tomorrow morning. some folks visibility down near 0. things begin to wind down and then rain rolling in a couple of times over the next two days. tracking shower ands storms.
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>> thanks, dennis. more drama in hulk hogan's sex tape. sending a lawyer to court to plead the fifth to him as he's refusing to testify. buba's ex-wife said she did not know it was being recorded. she's suing him for $100 million for posting online. >> the court: a 53 year-old man starting a 13 year prison sentence. a dad caught gregory shooting cell phone video under his 15 year-old daughter's skirt. tonight, st. pete police are on the trail of a serial arson suspect. this picture of the suspect. the suspect has started five fires in the last two months all in a six block radius in
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warning neighbors to be extra individual lent. coming up, a dramatic scene caught on an offer's dash can. a van caught on the railroad tracks and the train coming down. why the driver wouldn't leave the vehicle. we'll take a look at what people are paying and why for air service. and a woman rescues a sick alligator, nursing him back to health. she faces a new fight.
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welcome back. tonight we're getting this dramatic video in. an officer on patrol finds a van stuck on the tracks with the freight train coming.
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the dash cam catches the driver to leave the van. the train slams into that van, fortunately no one was injured. we're learning the man charged in that kalamazoo mass shooting is suing uber. jason is claiming $10 million. he claims working for uber caused psychological damage. he killed 6 and injured two others while picking up fairs site. over the past five years, the cost of air ambulance service has doubled nationwide leaving patients with five figure bill that is lead to lawsuits, leans or bankruptcy. the nation's largest air service has been getting the florida. adam in conjunction with the abc news brian investigative team has uncovered how these
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right here in florida. >>reporter: in an emergency, air ambulances can mean the difference between life and death. >> we have a lincoln limo versus a possible jeep. >>reporter: he was lifted after being in a crash. >> i remember the crunch of the metal and that's all i can remember. >> sofia had complications while having her tonsils removed on a family beach trip. >> she got up and was spitting up blood. >>reporter: she went into cardiac arrest and caused her implanted difficult travels fiblator to activate. >> they were in florida and had insurance coverage and were flown to hospitals by air methods. it handles about one out of every four ambulance calls from three hundred bases across the united states.
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tampa as well as her annual muscle doe, and sore sew tailgate party county. -- sarasota county. eric received two big bills. >> i i got air lifted and they determined it was so severe they had to fly me down to miami. >>reporter: the cost of both flights added up to $70,000. >> you have enough to worry about with your physical uros and what year -- injury ands what william c. rogers dealing with in life. >> sofia's family was billed -- 37,000-dollars. >> the surgery was a total of $30,000 and the helicopter was $35,000. >> $20, 800. >> i want everyone to know how egregious this is, it's crazy. >> the insurance company that
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that really sticks them with the bill. >> paul webster is vice president of air methods. >> we lose money on seven out of ten. >> his company oftentimes have to transport un-insuranced patients for free. his insurance paid $4100. medinas, paid $5700. less than half is the cost of their cost. >> do you know what the carjack for this service would be if everyone paid their fair share, $12,000. >> it's regulated like airlines, no restrictions on what they can charge. >> they can charge whatever they want to charge. there's no transparency on how they get to that price. >> it's studies the rapid idly increasing cost. >> you're unconscious or bleeding and no chase in saying yes, i want to take this plight.
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to figure out what the real price is. >> these louts are among hundreds air methods has filed nationwide after patients didn't pay their balances. her husband signed this form after she was air lifted giving them permission to put a lean on their house. >> the company will have to continue charging its current fees until re-emma bursoments growing. >> this service and access going away is the other option. want you to take a look at this video of a prison escape in canada. prison cameras showing a hijacked chopper swooping down into the prison, the men reached the roof and the
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see two convicts hanging from ropes. police caught the men a few hours later. in lake land, a woman said she's getting ready for a fight. >> she rescued a sick alligator and the state says he's doing so well, he's got to go. >>reporter: i don't know how i would react, i wouldn't want to go on. >> because i sat there and watched my son die of cancer and then he's the only thing that i have. >>reporter: he is a six foot alligator named rambo. but for 11 years she and her baby have formed an unbreakable bond. one that allows her to kiss him, hold him, and share him with countless others. we're talking about an alligator here. >> he's a rescue so when i got him, he was totally incapable of moving.
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and a half then but a recent measurement of his size said he's now required to live on 2.5-acres of land. an ordnance that didn't exist when she was originally licensed to keep him. mary may have to give him up. he has a skin disorder that prevents him from being outside for a long period of time. >> i didn't take him out of the lake. i gave him a home and a place to stay. he's my best friend. >> in a statement, fwc say they're taking a closer look at mary's case but no guarantees right now. what is a guarantee, mary won't be giving up without a fight. >> he's my baby, wherever i go, you gonna see my shadow.
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we've been talking, that videofuls amazing. >> she was kissing the alligator righted on the nose. you can see his teeth and he's like, i'm cool with that. i'm cool with that. amazing. never seen anything like it. it's incredible. >> it's florida. anything is possible. >> anything is possible in a weekend when we get a little bit of everything. >> you're right. we're gonna see sun, rain, clouds, storms, and even a little cooler air as well. so a bit of everything as you look out over there, kind of an ominous looking site. low clouds across the area and that is fog because fog is really nothing more than a cloud that forms pretty much right on the ground or it's just above the ground and it lowers down to the surface which is why driving through a cloud can be tricky in the morning. a lot of folks will have to be dealing with that as we have more than a dense fog across
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for the time being, when you have temperatures in the upper 60s and due points in the upper 60s. you're bound to see fog. there we have it, temperatures right now in the low to mid 70s. no records broken today. it felt summer like. mid 8 0s, high humidity, high everything you normally see in may and june minus the stops. i think we're gonna start sheathing especially friday and saturday and into sunday mainly because we have a pretty decent storm system that's gonna gather strength, cut across the gulf and come this way. we'll touch on that in just a second. topped out at 81 at the airport but a lot of folks across our interior county. you were well into the 80s and a lot of folks closer to 90 than they were 80.
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especially over the next few hours get thicker and thicker and as was the case yesterday morning and to some extent this morning not as bad as yesterday, see a lot of fog and really get sucked in and you can see even by tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., there's gonna be some areas that will zero. that's why it's a great idea to tune us in bright and early tomorrow morning at 4:30 we'll for the delays. once we go through the afternoon and late morning, everything opens up and we have a very nice day. warm and humid day. a first round of showers could tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle. i think our more significant saturday. in. this too is earlier than i'm
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at this point in time, i won't say it can't happen but the best opportunity for us in our area for the heavier rain is saturday afternoon into saturday night. we have plans on saturday, maybe on sunday. which would be the better of to the days? sunday will be the better of the two days. not that it won't be sunny all day but it won't rain a lot. it'll rain through sunday morning and clearing out later on in the day. bottom line, we're looking at a pretty decent stretch of weather after this leaves and a lot cooler with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s by next week. right back again along the coast primarily in the 70s. east of i75, mid to upper 80s. long range forecast, lot of warmth up until monday. cooler air, that's the blue color and arrives first thing
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hour by hour forecast. lots of fog overnight. leads to a pretty decent day. the most accurate 7 day forecast. rain chances up to 70 percent on saturday. best timing afternoon through the mid evening. maybe a few sures early sunday and clearing and cooler by monday. when the raise roster shakes out, two players from tampa bay should make the cut. here's jimmy kimmel on
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hello, folks. well, guess who's joined the nhl playoff picture? the philadelphia fliers rolled in and beat the black hawk ands knocked them out of the spot. here's how it went down.
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players scoring the winning goal. none other than redco who fired a slap shot. that's his third goal this season. flyers move in within five points. the bolts with the 3-2 victory. the lightning wouldn't be looking over their shoulder and got beat by a bunch of minor leaguers last night in toronto. a slam dunk two points for the boys. i'm concerned this team is wearing down. they look tired. definitely not what you want to see right now. we need more effort like they've had earlier in this season. not like the one they've had a couple night ago. this could put the team in a fight for the playoff life. >> i don't care who you're playing, this is a competitive league. teams are gonna take advantage of your mistakes. that's not gonna win you hockey games. we give ourselves chances to
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have a break down. good teams don't do that when they find a way to get back in the game. >> and it doesn't get any easier as the bolts take on the dallas stars tomorrow night in dallas. now, the last time the rays had a home grown talent on their roster was in 1999 when ted played together. this season we should have another home talent feel on the roster. jon sable has more on the news. >> once the ray's opening day rosters is set, it'll include about a half a dozen new players including clear water ryan web and steve pierce. >>-- steve pierce. >> i'm really excite today be here. staying home and working out where i grew up then coming out here to sign with a team i grew up watching. >> it's dream come true. it's close to home and get to see a lot of family.
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>> it's fun to go to the ballpark and know you've got family and a lot of friends there and the support that the community has shown. >> as kids, web and pierce would attend old devil rays games little did they know it would become their home stadium. >> i remember watching my favorite guys. >> pierce said found memories of tropicana field were his favorite. >> knocking out seven home run ands 14 rbi. >> pierce is a guy we know pretty well. beat us up for a while. glad to have him. >> if somebody has a team they hit against every year, for me it's the rays. >> reporting for the rays, abc
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we have continuing coverage on our website at abc action
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- harry connick jr. from "dancing with the stars," erin andrews. and music from 2 chainz and lil wayne in austin, texas. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as far as i know,


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