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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tt4w`t+o@p$8" qzh! `n;p wrapping up a work weekend. why these may be our highs by the end of the week. all your news and weather is coming up in one minute.
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live from the station taking action for you. abc action news. i don't agree upon that. >> the man accused of forcing a dog to attack a raccoon claims it was harmless. why the video gone viral took him by surprise in. >> how children are the real victims and how the steps are taken to stop. good evening. thank you for joining us.
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after being hit by vandalism. >> attack a look at the damage. it is at least the 4th time criminals have come after them. we are live at the team's field with two things they want kara. >> reporter: right at this moment i'm standing across from the field in the parking area. i want you to see what happens if i take a couple of steps back. i vanish in the darkness. this lack of lighting is a concern at this league. them. a busted out concession stand window and a smashed out cash register and hole in the fence. left behind the field at the vandals hit.
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to go where we want, we get hit. >> the vandal is not the latest damage this valrico teen is hit with. a welder was stolen from inside the building. last year a $5000 ice machine stolen and a dozen cars broken into. the team's leaders are frustrated because they are easy fixes to keep criminals out. >> it would be nice to have the help that we deserve and the kids deserve to keep it safe. >> hillsborough county owns the field. the valrico fans say they have begged for better lighting. there is light poles installed but no electricity. >> we tried to install cameras that we put in for security purposes but we can get the
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wiring ran out here by the county. >> and as all volunteer organization they want the broken scoreboard and other things fixed. and there is a message for the vandals. >> the kids are trying to do something positive. and this upsets us. we won let it stop us. >> reporter: the hillsborough county sheriff's office is end investigating the vandals. a deputy is making regular rounds to keep an eye on the place and the teen is hoping that what has happened is a push to get the county to invest in those improved safety measures. in valrico. abc action news. two teens hospitalized after a birthday party. >> it happened after midnight outside the holiday inn express. a group of people got in an
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19-year-old octavius brown was shot and stable condition. and 17-year-old dee me tree us crawford was shot in the hand. expected to make a full recovery. if you have more information call st. pete police. we now know the name of the man killed in another shooting. the deputies are still looking for the killer. detectives say 28-year-old manuel ortiz, jr. was gunned down out size of a bar. someone started firing and three others hurt and rushed to the hospital. deputies have not released the information. crimestoppers is offering a reward for tips leading to an arrest. learning new information about the man accused of a horrific shooting spree. >> this one happened in michigan. 8 people shot and in three locations and so far six have
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deputies arrested jason dalton. a 45-year-old uber driver. it happened the 6:00 in kalamazoo and then five others were shot including a 14-year- old girl suffering from injuries. dalton had passed an background check. one man tried to warn uber after a scary ride. >> we were speeding and going through the lawns and once he came to the stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> can you imagine? a prosecutor says there is no reason to believe that this shooting is connected to any terrorism. but police have not yet figured out a motive. dalton is set to be charged with murder tomorrow. the man deputies say provoked a vicious attack between a pitbull and raccoon is defending the video.
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deputies to arrest two men. abc action news spoke with leer perry where the fight happened in march. investigators say perry and his cousin's son tortured the raccoon and posted it to the facebook page. perry did not know it was posted but says he is innocent saying he traps them like raccoons and raises pitbulls. >> that's how you train them. they don't hurt each other. you stop it. and so you get them to where you catch them. that's how you train hunting dogs. >> perry and his family members are facing felony charges for animal fighting. perry is waiting for his first court appearance. he believes that he will be found innocent. deputies took away all ten of the dogs. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action news.
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of juicy weekend all through the southeast. but most of the storms that are going right now from texas back over to the carolinas are staying off to the north pressure right over us. it will stick around for just a little bit longer. and that will mean more warmth and a little bit of a nice day on monday. things are changing by midweek. right now 66 in tampa. clearwater 60 degrees and clear to partly cloudy skies with winds out of the northeast. warm start tomorrow, 56 degrees as the kids going to the bus stop and then back in the mid- 70s but it won't be that warm for long. i will show you the changes with the seven-day forecast coming up in just about 12 minutes.
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got the dream wedding and paid for. chris and his new wife samantha tied the knot in o dessa. they had a mission i do give away hosting a $30,000 ceremony for military couples. they met after the army sergeant saved her brother's life. the squad was hit by an ied serving in afghanistan and her brother sadly lost both of his legs but because chris jumped into action to help him her brother was able to serve as best man today. >> he is one of the reasons why i am standing here. and experiencing my baby sister getting married today. >> absolutely everything was beautiful. everyone, the staff did amazing job. >> chris earned a bronze star for his heroic actions. covering sarasota county. where crews are reopening i-75
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our fort myers affiliate showing us this photo. it closed off southbound lanes. crew contained the leaky fuel but have been working since five to clean it out and it may not reopen until tomorrow. the driver was hurt. troopers have not released the person's condition. a traffic alert for you in downtown tampa. a one-way street is about to become a two way starting tomorrow. here is a look at the section of east castro. the change will go into effect between ashley and franklin street. a tampa native fighting to survive after a freak accident is making progress. skyler was crushed by a boulder river rafting in south america. he graduated from berkeley prep school and yale and is known for her community service around the world. her family posting an update on facebook saying she is in stable condition and hoping to bring her back to florida as early as tomorrow.
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has raised more than $111,000 for her. we do have a link on abc action news. randolph graham is accused of killing a man and wounding another. it happened in september. graham has pled not guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder. in democracy 2016, the presidential candidates moving after voters made their picks in south carolina. and there is new controversy. winner donald trump retweeting a message that suggests his closest rivals, ted cruz and marco rubio are not eligible to run for president. senator rubio that finished second in south carolina called the attacks a game and hopes that jeb bush dropping out will help him in the sunshine state. we feel real good about florida especially now that race is narrowed and obviously
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we shared a lot of supporters. now that he is suspended his campaign that boosts us. for the democrats, hillary clinton is honing in on texas after winning nevada. while bernie sanders is in south carolina. which will have its democratic primary next weekend. right now clinton has a commanding lead there. i'm sick and tired of it. still ahead. a florida boy dies in a drive- by shooting. the emotional message the family has for witnesses and not the first time they have dealt with gun tragedy. plus cast your vote for a 3rd year, you get to pick what i wear to the biggest oscar party in town and what happens after the main event that makes
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right back.
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dead after being gunned down outside a south florida home. his family says king carter was playing in his backyard when someone opened fire. the boy's father is no stranger to gun violence. his brother killed at 14 years old. now the grieving family is asking anyone to come forward crime. you saw what happened. please say something. a 6-year-old, just think about your life at six. it can easily be your family next. this is an alarming trend the superintendent says. more than 60 kids have been shot in the district in the past 12 months. some bay area students are getting vital meals at school but what about when class it out. one tampa community is taking action to make sure they have food during school breaks.
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together at berkeley prep school to feed hungry families and they packaged 40,000 meals to be given to local kids. the biggest award show of the year just around the corner. we of course are talking about the oscars and for a 3rd year in a row we want you to vote on what i will wear to the bay area's most glamourous party. south tampa lending luxury is donating my gown to go to a girl in need. a huge night. full of glitz and glamour. everyone addressed to the 9s at the dollby theater in hollywood. the competition not just fierce for the statute but also to be considered the red carpet queen. >> so this dress here is timeless. >> we turn to sarah john parecca.
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guns -- gowns for cost. we narrow it down. we start with this halter gown. it would cost $435 in a store. jennifer lawrence. definitely you could see this on her. next, timeless glamour. >> a lot of beauty. >> italian ball gown, another designer gown price tag $385. >> more like jennifer garner. >> vintage designs like this turkish gown with unique embellishments. >> the bow on this dress makes the dress. >> this one worth over $1000. >> you would look super glamourous from the back.
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>> and surprising new must. pockets. >> the celebrities need a place for their iphone. >> what i wear is up to you. the halter gown or the ball gown look or would you prefer the vintage route? to vote, head to my facebook page and tomorrow find out the charity that will receive my gown for a girl in need. you can watch the oscars on your abc action news station one week from today. immediately followed by abc action news where i will share some of the most memorable movements live from the tampa theater. invited to sail on a historic ship. the tall ship links and exact copy of a scooner used in the war of 1812. now, the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action news weather. bill, a picture perfect
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>> a lot of folks getting out on the water. not on a ship that big. but plenty of boating and it was a great weekend. continuing to tomorrow and we got changes coming. let's checkouts. we are looking down into downtown tampa where we have had lots of runners over the past couple of days. great day for running with the gasparilla classic, half k marathon wrapping up. as i mentioned a great day for boating. lots of folks on the weather. a look from circles in apollo beach. awesome weather. from beginning to end. we will get continued warmth for one more day and changes are coming in by the middle of the week. let's take a look at the almanac for today. we got up to a high of 76 degrees at tampa international airport. 4 degrees warmer than normal. low of 55 was dead on the average over the past 30 years.
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62 in valrico where carol was. 66 in tampa. russkin at 63. clear water, 59. the same reading in gainesville. while it is dry across florida, the moisture has really increased across the south with the heat. and you can really see a good marked dividing line between the cooler dryer air moving in and that warm moisture air. we got showers from texas all the way in the mid atlantic ocean states. it is going to be a wet commute for folks through the deep south. we will stay on the dry side for one more day with winds out of the southeast. we could get a random rain drop by the evening. and the better chances for rain tuesday. look at this. by 1:30 or 2:00 we could see
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the front clearing out and chilling out. behind that on thursday. not going to be the case tomorrow. up to 77 for tampa and 78 in lutz and omar 75 and same in springhill and we will look for 78 in barto. waking up in tampa, 59 degrees. a nice start and we will work in the mid-70s by later on. still warm. there is the 10% chance of maybe a random sprinkle or two. 64 degrees is your golf water temperature. we have seen that rise by 4- degrees with the heat. southeast winds tomorrow that will shift out of the west later in the afternoon and go from five knots to ten not. smooth on the in land water ways and your low tide at 810 in the morning. about an hour after the sunrise and on monday we will see sun. little bit better chance for showers on tuesday and
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are looking for about a 60% chance of that rain. we will cool off after the front posts through. thursday breezy and maybe 65 to 70 for the weekend as well. a grueling finish at daytona. why four inches was the difference for the game. where do the bolts stand now.
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a night after beating pittsburgh, they move up two points over the penguins. pittsburgh won this afternoon. the lightning needed to beat carolina for the playoffs. 2nd period, tied. ryan callahan and graham hides the cookies. top shelf over the goalie. lightning take a 2-1 lead. five minutes later hurricanes strike back. tied at two. late 3rd period. bolt on the power play.
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lightning win 4-2 over carolina. bolts face the coyotes and tampa in a two way tie for boston. detroit lost to the red wings. and now right behind with the islanders behind the bolts for one point. what a better way to start the 2016 nascar season with the closest season in history. denny hamlin and martin truex provided a photo finish at the speedway. perfect day for racing and history. green flag waved on by baseball great ken griffey, jr. the youngest to start in first. just 11 laps in. he gets bumped in traffic. sails in the grass and the fender buckles and the car towed and returning 40 yards and finished in 37th place. 30 laps.
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risky move and in the barrier. he's done. matt kensick led by 40 laps. watch what happens. the 11th car, denny hamlin splitting kensick and martin truex, jr. at the very last moment denny hamlin takes the checkered flag in a photo finish. wins the first daytona 500 by four inches. one one hundredth of a second. a 50-pound trophy feels heavier than normal. he nearly drop the trophy in victory lane. this crew helps him out. the victory is the first ever by a toyota. by the way eric amarillo finished 12th. >> the biggest win of my career. joe gibbs racing never won. toyota never won it.
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it could not be more perfect. have to watch that on the highlight real for the rest of my career. you would rather get beat by a few feet rather than four inches. a lot to be proud of. it didn't take long for the first rays injury to occur. injury. doesn't seem to be too bad. week.
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the mound and getting fundamentals. everybody is excited. you can feel it. we have a staff capable of doing special things if healthy. position players report on thursday.
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time out.
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thank you so much for choosing abc action news. the news continues on have a great rest of your night
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[ camera shutter clicks ] castle: to farrah, may the greatest mysteries of your life lie ahead. richard castle. thank you so much. [ giggles ] you know, our pilot is also a huge fan. you think you could sign a book for her, too? i'd love to. all i ask in return is that she deliver us to heathrow safely. [ laughs ] hey. hey. enjoy your stay in london, mr. castle. thank you. i got bumped out of my assigned seat. you said you'd fix it. i said you had my apology. this is the only seat available in first.


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