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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the station taking care of action for you. >> that gunfire and left one person dead and seven were injured where this video circuits. that police will use that. crazy stuff happens here all the time. this is florida. the pictures show that the suspect may not have been alone. >> let's move onto the 2016 race.
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big reaction when gop candidates fight over it. he doesn't have what it takes. but first breaking news. it launched a long-range rocket. this is the second time in more than a month the things threatened america's security. it's crucial steps. it was a peaceful satellite launch. it will hold north korea accountable for its actions. >> right now the runner police are asking for your help to fight the spam. there's more on how they skate.
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it happened inside the macy's store last night. tonight the little girl is doing okay and she definitely did one thing right here it helps stop her attacker. inside this macy's a six-year-old little girl simply went to use the restroom. her dad said outside near the door. once inside the stall this man busted on the door and pushed her to the ground and tried to cover her mouth. the fear of something like that is exactly why her kids don't leave her site. police say the little girl did the right thing and screamed help. the suspect took off. and the two women he may have been
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they had two young dollars and say anytime there gathered they stay close. >> i usually have them hope their hands in my arms. talk with your kids about stranger danger. i always have it be aware of their surroundings. make eye contact. or to actually even to speak. they don't expect things like that. and now the father of that little girl did not want to talk to the media that did share that his little girl just wants the police to catch whoever did this to her so he can't hurt another kid.
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it's on her facebook page and twitter. reporting live in clearwater. abc action weather. i have actually shared those pictures on my facebook page. we urge everyone out there to share this. our meteorologist joins us now. it looks like it could be a little chilly. it will finally clear all about rain today. we are going to be getting a lot colder. we can see on the raider we are still seeing some showers. and then up towards orlando area.
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checking out the temperatures right now. already 47 degrees in brooksville. we are beginning to see the chill set in. these are the high for tomorrow. we will see 70 until maybe the end of the week. a good look at that chilling for cats. it's less than 15 minutes away. >> a scary moment. a deadly shooting inside a tampa bay gentleman's club. one person has died and seven others are recovering.
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we have no confirmation at the hour that the man shooting the video and the victim are the same. hundreds are at that nightclub. they are releasing the names of the eight it's the youngest victim to 17. they range from minor too serious. they are still trying to uncover what started the shooting. they have several leads. if you know anything. call the temple police. they're also offering a 3,000-dollar reward for anything that offers information to the arrests. they do have a suspect in custody. in connection to the deadly stabbing that happened about 1115 last night. they shed on a number avenue.
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this is still an active investigation. and tonight the presidential debate just wrapped up in new hampshire. donald trump returned to the center stage after board touting the last debate. has biggest arrivals on either side this is a bumpy start. then person didn't seem to see his name called. he walked to the edge of the stage and stopped. several of his rivals walked right past them. ted cruz went on to apologize. of the race would hit only suspended his campaign. later on jeb bush took a jab at marco rubio. he may be a gifted politician but he has no experience.
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very same point. have the experience to be president of the united states. we watched it happen everybody for the last seven years of the smart. again. he defended himself saying this experience. he hasn't destroyed the credit of the state of new jersey. he is also in new hampshire. she was secretary of state at the time. and then at townhall she said nothing is off limits. she mentioned how there is still a barrier so to break when it comes to those groups.
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you can get married on a saturday and get fired on monday. we do everything possible to open up the doors of equality and opportunity. she plans to tackle other obstacles as well. we have an update now on a fugitive couple who made it to florida after an alleged multi- state crime spree. he is now behind bars. his bond is set at over $1 million for the 30-year-old. here is her mug shot. she was treated after being shot in the leg yesterday. her boyfriend was killed during a shootout. they turned on his girlfriend in tried to use her as a humid shield.
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first brought you one year ago. our cameras capture this. it is sparking a fire that would last several hours. today the devastation is turning into a celebration as the congregation gathers for the grand opening of their new place of worship. they went to the dedication service this afternoon. they were all over the state. one of the lead pastors calling on the love and support and unity over the last year. it's a miracle. it's unreal that we would be here at this time and this kind of te and short period of time. take a look at your screen. this is what is happening tomorrow. the celebration continues.
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ceremony at the old church site. the super sunday celebration service the students got together to help those living in flint michigan. as you can see the downpour did not stop their efforts. they loaded it onto the trucks. they plan on driving of the truck to the state. it is a nice it -- a nationwide call. to take on the initiative. if you want to help this head to facebook. you can find information i have also posted it on my facebook page. you might see these set up. they are trying to find out
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and all on monday. this comes as we learned they joined the growing list of the travel related cases. they just issued guidelines to help prevent that. they are telling men to use condoms during with pregnant women. they stress that the virus is still mainly spread mosquito bite. it has been linked to birth defects.
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rain did not stop dozens of residents. it is called tpx object. it aims to ease congestion. many feel it will devastate timber. they show us how more than an hundred homes and businesses could be affected. the protest started here. in the place would be the baltic million-dollar intersection. this people say at what price. it is a terminus race of money and be devastating to our community.
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showing what it chronicity to a community. michelle cookson said she is all for finding ways to improve transportation but this project does not get her vote. she wants city leaders said her other alternatives. we like to see some of the streets that we have here they need to be redesigned and made more safe during the future of the city is not good to be about shoving a more cars. it will impact neighborhoods. they will make their voices heard until the next public meeting here in we are going to do these marches every month. showing opposition one step at the time. and take a look of this new video just into our newsroom.
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lake geneva and wisconsin. no one was inside the car when they started to take a dip in the freezing cold water. other working to pull them out. they don't encourage people to park on a. there is other parking available. it's the 21st year of this possible. i think they will find somewhere else to park. now the most accurate weather to you in florida. at this be a lesson to us all. no matter how cold it is. well had to worry about that. i tell you what it is a change that a lot of folks have been looking for. especially in light of all of this mosquito step you must
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a look right now at the tower came. from river gate power. and also towards harbor island. we still do have an event going on. it was super loud. i was at money. they have to slog through some very wet terrain. you may get a slate of wisher or two. the breezes are going to pick up. you see it clear into the work week. our average high is about 71 degrees. less than two tenths of a rain they sure did come and they stuck around for quite a bit of
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saw that clearing out. we are starting to see even clear skies with the wind coming in out of the north starting to see a little bit of cooler air. it is not really that chilly all across the lower fourth. the nfl is looking like geniuses because tomorrow's high for the super bowl is getting about 67 degrees. let's take a look at this specifically. it's about 67 degrees. they get an early sunset there in temperatures or remained right around 60 or so as the stretch. it's nice across much of the country. we still have seen this rain. i brought all of that moisture.
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we could see a lingering shower where you clear out nicely. the minister on monday evening. we get a little chance of showers. an even cooler weather for tuesday and into wednesday. we will see most of those lows bottoming out. it could be right around the upper 50s as they start at about 45 degrees. as the final temperature. there is a small craft invites are in effect. the winds will continue as we
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all-caps of records. the questions this weekend was a of wiki of the year were. they voted the pepsi rookie of the year yesterday. on the eu to super bowl 50 they voted for all the postseason script tonight. they have spoken. unfortunately he did not win. instead the winner now roadsides in los angeles. they have a rush for more than 760 yards. by the way did not receive one above. he has guided the panthers.
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he was not the only member of the game. only one of these guys would dot of the old jacket. he will be the 24th code should be enshrined. john went by the way did not earn enough votes this year. he is joining energy but they are all expected to be elected and they did your kevin greene. will round out this year's hall of fame class. the panthers in the broncos. the broncos were going to wear their orange jerseys but
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no team has ever won the big game while wearing orange. it's one of the reasons why they have the offense. giving them 32 points in the last 25 games. and now tyler johnson also played great. the letter what light is on the ice. they can score with anyone. at enough we've seen the drought the entire season. i think offense has been a lot. johnny has really found his they are killing penalties. level over
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they look for their fourth win ever. all wild cats of the sun. the gators trailed by 18 at the break. they made 12 threes compared them look to win their fourth straight this afternoon. two of his 13. and then later devon a book or they went easy. 91-71 as the final.
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i mentioned the fact that we have small craft advisories out
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the sun is up at 714. we should see it but there is still a 20% chance of showers early has a little bit of moisture lingers. those winds are going to hold on until the middle of the work week here in.
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