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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a fisherman's got one on the hook, but the problem is -- >> somebody else has spotted that fish. >> the terrifying moment they come to collect. a video goes viral as a mom dances her way into labor. >> she had it going. you know, let's get this kid out. >> why now some wonder if it was the bouncing around or the justin bieber music video. >> like nah! it's a barricade to keep a cat in, but -- >> the cat is not interested. >> the story behind the jailbreak genius. plus, bonus giveaway day
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ipad mini or a flat-screen tv. and a you cube quiz show spray tan edition. >> every time he gets a question wrong, yet another layer. >> see why there are no winners here. >> she looks like tan mom. when we say we're going to need a bigger boat, this guy really is going to need a bigger boat. he's in a kayak, and he's off the coast of south africa, and he is fishing, and he's caught a fish. the problem is, somebody else has spotted that fish. >> oh! >> now what? >> what hit him? >> a shark hit him. he's got to get back in the boat, and you can see the boat tipping back and forth in the water as he's trying to clamor back in. and this guy is juking into the water. he successfully manages to do that after a few seconds because there's nothing like desperation when a shark is chasing its lunch to get you out of the water.
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water. >> you're going to be fishing where sharks are going to be snacking in, i think maybe a bigger boat is called for. carrier. face. now, this video comes from australia. this is in new south wales. lynn. and you have to say a completely different experience for him, because he catches this while in his kayak. this is a 525 kayak, costs you about $3,000. the kind of boat you don't want to lose. he doesn't. but what's really cool is that he and his buddy get amazing footage of this marlin that he does catch on a line. >> monster. >> right here is when that thing decides, let me give a show. >> look at that! >> that's what you think of when you think of sportfishing. that's the iconic image of the marlins. well, what he does is catch and release. he pulls it in. you do see it swimming alongside
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after a while, you do see it swim off into the sea to enjoy some other fish for another day. >> with a story to tell. imgs a lot of the times when it comes to dashcams, we go back through and think how we could have avoided the situation. the first from australia, there's nothing anyone could have done. the disaster is already on its way, and you just can't see it. because watch from the left-hand side as this truck is changing lanes. straight into the front. you can't see that anywhere. it's all the way over from the left-hand side. now, what i reckon happened is as the truck was moving over, it didn't see a car on the inside, ended up giving it a pretty epic completely around and bam, right into the car. no necessary in the second video.
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stupidity 101. on a main road in brazil. it's cute when a dog is hanging out the window, but not when some idiot is hanging out the window sitting on the side thinking he's the king of the world. >> or maybe it was a really, really hot brazilian day and he >> it's night. nice try. this video kind of being spread around in brazil as an example of -- adam of the czech republic. second place silver medal, and he is dejected. here's why. look what happens moments before at a cycle lacrosse. he's coming across the finish line. he is celebrating world champion victory! however, he has not won yet. there's one lap to go in this combination of mountain biking
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his competitors are not stopping. they ride right by. >> does he just not know that there's one more lap? >> he thought he was on the final lap. he could taste victory. the race continues. one lap to go. somehow he's managed to get back in front. here he is again in first place. he's gotten in front of the belgian competitor, approaching the finish line. he's about to win this race! >> wobbling. he's wobbling. >> but he just doesn't have any gas left in the tank. >> in time to be the world champion, the belgian. >> oh, my goodness. that is why you just can't stop until it's over! it ain't over till it's over! >> that's the belgian winning the race. there's tupelik hanging his head. now you know why he has that look of pure and utter shame on his face on the second stand of the podium.
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>> i'm rather amused, actually. pretty much your celebrations in football all the time. it's like dog, go, go, go, don't look back. he's, like, i've got this. it's that time again. it's time to give away another ipad mini. and today is bonus day. we're also giving away a flat-screen tv. >> two winners today. to enter, you're going to need wednesday's buzzword, be at hooes 18 least 18 years of age and a u.s. legal resident. >> our buzzword is coming up. >> stand by for the mini ipad give away. the videos i'm about to show you are a quick reminder that our pets are just little furry humans. this first video was posted by zach stacker. his uncle took in a cat, has ear
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so he made a little makeshift zone for the cat. but you'll soon find out that the cat is not interested in being stored away. so the cat's milling around, checking things out when you go up top. one foot on. the other. and presto. >> that's when the cat comes walking up around your ankles and starts purring. how the heck? what? >> i imagine something like that happened because dude got wise about it. he comes back, puts the cat back in, moves some things around and adds a lattice board for extra security there. >> it can climb it, but i don't think it can climb around that one. >> so it starts to kind of just do monkey bars across it. the cat ultimately doesn't win. it's a good effort, though, buddy. cats climb like we do, and dogs -- well, i think this is proof they can talk. this is abby. she can mimic pretty well. >> i distinctly heard "hello." >> and what about "i love you"?
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human said. >> the weird thing would be is if the dog didn't need a prompt and was, like, "i want treat." i love you. good girl. he's about to -- >> go hang gliding, but just as he was about to take off, a big gust of wind came in. >> why pulling a woman's hair works in this case. like an anchor. and a quick stop at the store might get you this. witness stacey kay's freestyle game. now you can create your own tour of italy at olive garden, starting at $12.99. choose 3 of 10 favorites to enjoy on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. the best tour of italy is the one you create. at olive garden. wish your skin could bounce back like it used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple,
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oh, boy! >> holy -- >> this is a guy about to go hang gliding, but just as he was about to take off, a big gust of wind came in and took him down right off the cliff. and as this person recording the video gets closer, you see just how far down this is. the guy's grabbing on to that chick. >> yes, he's holding on for dear life by holding on to the woman's hair. >> yeah, like that's really going to keep him there. >> like an anchor. >> watch where he landed. >> yeah. he got lucky that day for sure. >> fortunately, everybody made it out alive from this one. >> i bet the guy just bought that thing on craigslist and said hey, come watch me fly it. all you do is just jump off, right?
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that's not how it works. this guy is a little bit better with his equipment. >> look, a guy actually flying. honestly, this is what the guy from the first video needs to take up. >> he's apparently using a canopy, a very special canopy, that's very lightweight, makes this sport a little bit easier called the dominator. making a quick stop at the walgreens, running in just to get a few things when you see and hear this. get away get away you never get away every day day >> that is singer/songwriter stacey kay at the walgreens.
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to pick up tweezers and a flee style flow just came about. you see the walgreens employees gathered around because she is rapping chris brown's "look at me now" featuring lil' wayne and busta rhymes. i got it blowing and i've got to shut it any little thing again and again and again >> for real. >> you see the walgreens employees that are so pumped. like uh! >> it looks like they're waiting for her to trip up, and then boom! no, she got it. >> she was also on "america's got talent." she's an amazing season. a talented rapper as well. she's about to take a quiz,
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>> he's going to get himself a spray tan. >> when tanning layers add up. >> he's face is already looking darker. >> he looks darker than me, and that's not natural. plus, it's bonus day which means you have double the chance of winning an ipad mini or flat-screen tv. so don't miss the buzzword for your chance to land one or the
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promotional considerations provided by -- non-prescription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. you can save over 500 bucks that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. she had a terrible idea. >> for every question i get wrong in this quiz, i'm going to get a layer of tan, and hopefully i'll be looking good
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>> if you're not one of the 5.5 million people that prescribe to him on youtube, he's going to get himself a spray tan. by making it a competition, every time he gets a question wrong, he gets another layer. >> when? >> i remember that was the same day troy came out of the closet. august 2013. >> nailed it. well done, but you're going to stay being as pale as me. or are you? >> what was the title of your very good friend ollie's last video? >> not this early. >> my big announcement. >> my big news. >> straight out of the gate has made some rookie mistakes, first of all, he's got shorts on. very white bum. >> question, when you spray tan, you get the bum done? >> when i get a spray tan, i'm butt naked. >> did not need that visual. one layer at a time! married? life. i can't remember if it was last
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november 2015 on the 14th. >> no, you didn't get it. >> so much for the best day of your life, mate. can't remember the date. ollie screams. >> ready? >> she just concentrated a bunch of it on his stomach. >> yeah, but you see the darker it is, the more you can see the muscle dwepgs efinition. abs are going to be awesome. >> that's when they look like chocolate oompa loompas. >> 20 seconds' worth. >> mark button on the track. money money money i'm a rapper more than anything. i have no idea. i'm sorry. >> after a little bit of terrible rapping, he's heading back into the tent. people are going to be green with envy. >> you're green! >> chlorine or deodorant? >> i don't know, never happened to me. >> as funny as the, i do worry. >> it's not funny that i'm going to be telling it to america. >> she looks like tan mom. remember tan mom?
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mom, but still looks pretty bad. >> ready for one of those muscle competitions. >> you look darker than me, and that's not natural. want to speed up your delivery if you're nine months pregnant and ready to pop the kid out? do this. your body >> how are you doing that? >> exactly. this is courtney mclady. she is in australia recorded this video at 5:00 one day. because her doctors had told her, get up, move around. get going, you know. let's get this kid out. okay, well, if i'm going to get going, i might as well get dancing. >> nowadays you see videos popping up they're dancing at the hospital, at home, anywhere they can get jiggy so they can get this thing move ago long. >> i feel it's moves like this that cot courtney in the situation to begin with.
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>> now, the video that is gotten more than 2 million views. it's only been up for a few days. 9:00 that same evening, her water broke. it worked. >> i don't think it did. i don't think it had anything to do with the dancing and everything to do with "sorry" by justin bieber. the poor kid was, like, no! >> at 12:00 the next morning, little fletcher james had been born and there are a bunch of pictures on her instagram with little fletcher. he's adorable. and i have a feeling a really good dancer, too. get excited. it's time for another ipad mini giveaway. >> to enter, you need the buzzword, be at least 18 and a u.s. legal resident. >> red over to >>er interest the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both. you can enter on each every day. so let's reveal wednesday's bus buzzword. it's remote. >> get on over to, click on the win ipad button and enter
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remote, r-e-t-e m-o-t-e. >> make sure to enter today. one of today's two winners will win a flat-screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. who said barbies are only for girls? >> see, he play with barbies now. it's a nightmare, dressing and undressing barbie, getting ing ting shows shoes on as well. exactly. >> when grown men play dress-up.
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it, you have to go, "scalpel!" >> knife and plate, please. independent puppy plays
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>> did any of you play with barbies when you were young? when you were young boys? you guys stuck to the boy toys, huh? >> i didn't have any sisters around or any girl influences that i would have access to. >> i had two brothers as well. >> barbie. >> you need to just chill out for a sec. you're a little too excited. >> i'm excited for your date tonight. >> you've been single for too long. >> well, these guys have never played with barbies, and they're getting the chance to do so as grown-up men. this video obviously put together by the guys over at buzzfeed. >> even though i didn't play with barbie, i had a crush on her. >> typically it was naked barbie being rescued by g. irchgts i. joe.
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>> when a little girl comes up and says you're playing this barbie and then puts something in your hair, you do it. >> oh, yeah. >> the first game they're going to play is dress-up. >> okay. >> i'm a big fan of the classics. we're going to go with the little black dress. >> it's harder than dressing my 4-year-old daughter. >> do you only have one option on shoes? these do not go. >> it's a nightmare, dressing and undressing barbie and getting those shoes on as well. exactly. >> and barbie has hardcore accessories, too, strappy heels, bracelet. >> i do remember this as a young boy. she always had the cool cars. >> yeah. >> i always wanted to play with the barbie car. they were always pretty cool. >> thank you so much for meeting me tonight. >> am i supposed to be ken? >> maybe we could talk about that more over dinner. >> you know who's driving. >> hey, babe.
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where's their date to? >> barbie's house. >> oh, my. ken took barbie on a date to her house? that's a power move. >> oh! see, guys apparently wish they would have played more with barbies because it doesn't mean that you're not a boy or not a man. it just means that you're exploring a different game. >> okay, but guess what. before anything would happen here in this bedroom, i need to know that you're thinking about marriage. >> thanks for watching. buzzword. we'll see you on the next "right
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