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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  February 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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now at 9:00 -- we look at presidential campaign that delivered many surprises and may deliver more in a few hours. setting the tone for the rest of the primaries. >> three carjackers on the loose this morning and tampa police officer recovering at the hospital after running into this utility pole trying to track them down. i'll break it down coming up in a live report. >> suspects behind bars. who police arrested over the weekend in the abduction and >> we begin abc action news at 9:00 covering democracy 2016.
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finally begin to narrow down the field of candidates for president. for the candidates. there tonight. candidates on both sides of the for this one. hillary clinton and donald trump's families both joined them on the campaign trail in a final push for votes. as for texas senator ted cruz conservative pundit glenn beck joined him on stage in iowa touting his ability to unite americans as cruz spelled out >> we are not here for theses cruz. we're here for the constitution america. first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive >> there is controversy surrounding cruz' campaign now. you see here that went to iowa voters hours before the caucus. you can see it says voter violation in bold red letters. each letter lists the name of a
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along with a gray for how often they voted. election officials are slamming this mailer calling it misleading saying there's no how often someone votes. winning iowa? a new "des moines register" point lead over ted cruz. the democratic race is tighter, polls show hillary clinton and tie with clinton holding a narrow 3-point lead over the vermont senator. once the caucus starts at 7:00 tonight central time it could be hours before voters figure out a winner. we told you a lot about the caucus but here's how it works -- iowans meet in school gyms, churches, libraries, other public places, registered republicans vote in secret ballot whereas democrats declare who they want to vote for publicly and then vote. all the votes get tallied about midnight. night watching for the results, tune in here tomorrow morning,
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in other news -- an active manhunt underway to find three carjacking suspects in east tampa. a police officer was injured over the weekend after crashing his cruiser trying to track down the suspects. abc action news reporter rodney donegan joins from us the scene of the crash. this could have been worse. >> reporter: it could have. this is that utility pole that the officer hit. you can actually see the impact, still damaged. and tire tracks as he jumped the curb there. look at this, it was so powerful that he actually pulled these wires from the ground. maybe the scariest thing out of all this, this happened literally feet from this church. i did speak with a number of people in the community this morning. they say as long as the carjackers are on the loose they are concerned for their safety. >> it's sad. anyone. >> reporter: linda lawson says she's keeping out a watchful eye, good reason. tampa police on the hunt for
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friday a woman carjacked by the trio three blocks from this location along north central. investigators tell us the stolen car was used in three other robberies. over the weekend an officer spotted the suspects and gave chase. it ended here on the corner of talafiero and lake. the officer crashed his cruiser, suspects got away. thankfully the officer involved is expected to be making a full recovery. those in the community relieved the officer is ok >> it's a tough job but we want them to be safe. >> reporter: lawson is also holding out hope the wanted men will be caught soon. >> whoever did it should be caught. because they -- put a gun to someone's head and could have killed. it's wrong. >> reporter: just to give you an indication of how dangerous it could have been, it's a pretty busy area. this is a place where a lot of
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depending on what time of day it's a pretty busy corner. investigators say they will be out canvassing this community as well a bit later today to try to gather more information and clues about the suspects. we'll continue to follow this and bring you the latest information as we get it. reporting live in east tampa, rodney dunigan, abc action if you have not been out yet you may be surprised by how mild the temperatures are. it's not even sleeve weather at this point. 68 westchase. off to the north it's not that much cooler. in fact 65 degrees in crystal beverly hills 65. through the day we'll have a sunshine. any. so not anticipating any problems as you drive around
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little bit of rain that could develop. highs in the mid to upper 70s. our next cold front will bring us a round of heavier downpours, may have trouble on the roads then but janelle at least for now weatherwise it's looking good. what are you seeing? >> we have a crash on the gandy bridge westbound, heading into pinellas county, you can see it there, blocking one lane. they did have the bridge completely blocked but just a if you seconds ago they opened it back up. so at least two lanes, looks like getting by now. i just checked drive times. it's only 13 minutes to get across. here's another angle of that bridge, that crash, happened after the hump there, you can see it. if you're heading that way leave yourself a lot of extra time they are opening and closing lanes as needed to clear that crash. drive times on i-4 -- we saw a lot of congestion but things are clearing up a little. 28 minutes now from county line
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10 minutes from 75 to 275. back to you. this morning palmetto police are working to find the person who shot and killed a 21- year-old man. officers found colin mahony's body in a vacant home on 12th street west. they were investigating complaints of people coming and go from the house. police say it appears he had been shot. anyone with information on the murder is asked to call manatee county crime stoppers, could you be eligible for a reward. two virginia tech students a 13-year-old. police charged natalie keepers with helping to get rid of the body after the murder. fellow student daze david eisenhower is accused of killing nicole lovell. 9:07.
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mourning a student who accidentally fell to his death early yesterday morning. gainesville police say surveillance video shows chance wolfe from westin in south florida leaving an elevator on the 6th floor of the social 28 apartments, around 2:00 a.m. he walks down to a hallway and fell over a waist-high glass partition on a balcony overlooking the court yard. tampa police are searching for the driver that hit a pedestrian and drove off. officers say the car struck the victim 11:00 saturday night on himes avenue north of hillsborough avenue. paramedics rushed the pedestrian to a hospital as a trauma alert in serious condition. we're still waiting for investigators now to release information about the car involved. in sarasota, officers are searching for the driver who kept going after hitting and killing a bicyclist last night on u.s. 301. you can see all that is left of the mangled bike there. police say the car, dark- colored toyota should have front-end damage if you know
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who the driver is involved, contact sarasota police. a palm harbor church destroyed in an electrical fire 16 months ago will begin to rise from the ashes this morning. a groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 11:00 for st. nicholas and rafael and irene orthodox church. the september 2014 fire burned about everything except for the holy relics of the saints for which the church was named after. some parishioners say it was divine intervention. look at titan doppler radar and you can see the tiny bits of green that have been moving across the gulf of mexico and across south florida. the disturbances to the south but we may still catch a shower or two, nothing too widespread and certainly nothing heavy had. you may not even notice it. as this chance for rain moves across mainly our southern
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we will notice the extra cloud cover. i'll show what you we'll see as far as rain chances in the days ahead, ahead of our next cold front coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. still ahead -- two armed robbers didn't expect this web they held up a gas station over the weekend. what the clerk is using to bring the heat and save his own life. >> with the iowa caucus hours away one of the issues the presidential candidates have been discussing with each other, america's huge trade imbalance with china. a huge ship is set to change the way we import goods from
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breaking news out of california, firefighters battling a massive fire, at a flames broke out around 20 minutes ago. fueled by combustible storage
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contain the blaze, trying to keep it from spreading. right now we don't have reports of injuries, it's unclear exactly how this fire started. of course we'll keep you up to get more updates. respects yesterday at an indianapolis school to a principal who died while saving lives of two children. susan jordan died last tuesday, sacrificing her own life to from an oncoming school bus. among the thousands who paid their respects was one of the children she saved. during the service jordan's daughter shared a moving message in her mother's memoirs. >> 100 years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house i lived in or the kind of car i drove. but the world may be different because i was important in the life of a child. >> the indianapolis mayor called jordan a hero, not just for her final acts but for the 22 years that she devoted to
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north america's biggest container ship ever is now sailing from china to los angeles where it will be inaugurated february 19th. the port of los angeles has been modified to accommodate the ship. it has 80,000 hourspower engine, weighs 240,000 tons. it's higher than the length of as matt rivers explains the ship is as tall as 20 stories. >> reporter: being on board you really get a sense of scale feel. but for a transport ship like this the most important figure is how much it can hold. the benjamin franklin can take on 18,000 containers, placed end to end, would stretch 68 miles. >> it was built in shanghai for a french shipping company. this morning we're seeing new video of a store clerk. as the clerk fought off two
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two men robbed a store in eastern australia. the clerk started to spray insect repel atlanta with a lit cigarette lighter in front of the can shooting flames at the suspect. but the robbers had guns and ended up getting away with more than $400. police say the clerk wasn't hurt. a strong storm in southern california is being blamed for knocking over a large tree on to a street killing a driver. powerful winds and heavy rain toppled that tree across four lanes of traffic in san diego yesterday. a man was found dead in his car after firefighters responded to calls about the tree that fell on four vehicles. the other three cars were empty. that same storm system downed dozens of trees and power poles and also ripped off rooftops. check now on the local forecast. in the bay area. with meteorologist shay ryan. it's warming up, you can feel it when you walk outside. >> it's a noticeable difference. this afternoon it will certainly be noticeable as well. take a look at our wind flow pattern.
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today so we're building in the heat as well as the humidity. as temperatures get into the mid to upper 70s today it may even feel a little steamy, more so tomorrow as we near 80 degrees in tampa. you can see that little bit of green here that has been off- shore and quite a bit more for south florida. we told but the disturbance last week that it would be primarily bringing rain to south florida but can't rule out an isolated shower in our area. it would be light and short- lived so again nothing to be problematic. and nothing that is going to be widespread. but this afternoon we'll see more and more sunshine in the mix, that helps to warm us up and we're looking at highs today, some of them may actually hit the 80-degree mark especially around ouachlua and myaca city. a breeze off the water could keep some temperatures in the
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otherwise we're well above average. we started that way, we're going to end that way. we're not necessarily near records today but we're even warmer tomorrow and then on wednesday we're near 80 again. the rain chances start to go up just a little bit as that front gets closer but it doesn't really start to impact us until thursday afternoon and evening. that is when the widespread rain settles in. it will be out of here early on friday. at this point hard to tell if it will affect the friday morning commute but i think at this point the thursday morning commute looks pretty good. then we're drying out through the weekend, still some cloud cover, a little bit of a chance of rain but overall looking pretty great for the weekend, just on the cool side in days. that is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. you can find me on facebook and twitter. back to you. "kung fu panda 3" is at the top
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at $41 million. however, the lowest opening for that franchise yet. "the revenant" with leonardo di caprio in the title role pulled in $12 month 4 million. that puts the oscar contender in second place. "star wars: the force awakens" took in $10.8 million for third place. that movie by the way may pass $900 million in domestic ticket sales this week. you bought olive oil because you heard it's good for you. see this next story. john matarese has more. >> reporter: do you biolive oil for -- buy h olive oil for health? it may not be real olive oil. how to avoid a ripoff. businesses booming at olive oil shops like this one. >> we have our extra virgin. >> these brothers with shirts that say olive oil snob, sell their family's greek oh little
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a recent string of investigative reports, "60 minutes" to "forbes" magazine claim that much of the extra virgin oil sold in supermarkets is not the real thing. >> the vast majority what have is on the shelf is not real olive oil. you get what you pay for. >> reporter: the reports and several recent lawsuits claim many blands are blends are olive, sun flower and canola oil. >> this is our mediterranean. >> reporter: he shared with me a dozen different flavors. >> all national herbs and spices. >> reporter: imported from their family's olive grove on the greek island of crete. the folks say the smaller the producer the better. >> the smaller producer has no incentive to adult rate the oil, to save a couple of bucks a bottle and destroy his brand. >> reporter: recent investigations say watch the terms imported from or packed
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it's cheapest on the shelf, it's a bitter flavored blend. after a few tastes these ladies decidessed to pay a little more. there's no standard for extra virgin olive oil like there is for organic food. so be diligent so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. i was finally able to pull him over. i pulled next to him and asked him to please pull over. so we can have a conversation. >> a florida woman turns the tables on a policeman. why she took it upon herself to pull him over. how he responded, next. >> the search for a shooter. coming up, at 9:30, the million dollar offer to find the person
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9:24. a florida woman didn't like the way a police officer was driving so she took matters into her own hands to let him now. claudia castillo post the three clips to youtube showing her following a speeding miami-dade police officer and finally pulling him over. when the officer approached her car he thought she was having a problem. turns out she did have a problem, with him. >> the reason i pulled you over today -- and i'm asking to you come over and have a conversation, is because i saw you since miller drive when you were first jumping on to the palmetto.
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>> you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> castillo told the officer she had 80 miles per hour trying to catch up with him. she says "still eating his the officer said he didn't way to work. he did apologize. miami-dade police director says investigation. >> at least he was nice about it. >> true. he apologized. this is the cutest video you're going to see all day. a sheriff's deputy from colorado retired in grand style over the weekend. >> he did not go quietly from his job at the el paso county sheriff's office of 29 years of service. instead he danced his way out. take a look. n watch me nene >> in an elevator dancing.
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on his smartphone and then just let loose there. by the end of the clip he's joined by three other officers. they made sure to give him a sendoff he really deserves. this video was posted two days ago. already racked up 2.7 million views on facebook. we've seen them countless times but i think that one tops them all. still ahead at 9:30 -- big effort to pick up tons of trash left over from gas from
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gone in a flash. how two teens escaped from that juvenile detention center and
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the story coming up. >> also going on trial -- coming up, the bombshell testimony that could be coming in a deadly child abuse case. >> at 9:30 -- we begin with democracy 2016. the wait is over. it's decision day in iowa. the 2016 presidential nomination process kicking off today. candidates crisscrossing the state hoping to win the first in the nation caucuses. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. >> i am a better candidate and thanks to you i will be a better president and i want to you know that! >> this is it. time is up for the three democrats and the 11 republicans running for president. rob sand will be administering a caucus in western des moines. >> i think a lot of people are going to make that decision when they are listening to their neighbors. >> reporter: in fact on both the republican and democratic side, the last iowa poll found five points or less separating first and second place.
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still wavering in their support campaigns can influence the results up to the last second. >> i pray that god's will be done. >> reporter: in their final day on the trail ted cruz attended church. he said he prayed for donald trump and marco rubio who made this appeal. >> i'm asking to you caucus for me tomorrow because if i am president of the united states, when i am president of the united states, we will confront the challenges of our time. >> reporter: rubio fighting hard for an upset second place finish or better. >> get out of bed and caucus! >> reporter: donald trump, long the man in the lead gave his wife the mic to close the deal in iowa. >> he will be unbelievable. >> on the republican side we'll expect results to start coming in soon after 8:00 for the democrats though the results often take longer since campaigns are trying to swing voters over to their side. be sure to tune in tomorrow
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right now two teens are on the run after breaking out of a juvenile correctional facility. this morning a reward is being offered for their capture. >> abc action news reporter corey dierdorff joins us live from the detention center now. in east columbus drive in tampa. what is the update? >> reporter: good morning. those two teens escaping from that juvenile lockup facility run by g4s behind me off columbus drive in tampa. this morning the sliver is asking for your help to put the two back behind bars. that is who they are looking for. that is 18-year-old anthony bays of georgia and 17-year-old anthony cook from st. petersburg. that pair took off sunday morning from the columbus juvenile residential facility in tampa. last seen in green shirts and blue pants. here's what the hillsborough county sheriff said happened. they were allowed outside time in a fenced area. a staff member noticed a hole in the fence. after that staff member noticed it they performed a head count. it came up short and deputies
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cook and bays both serving time for grand theft auto. this time crime stoppers of tampa bay offering a $3,000 repardon for information leading to an arrest. reward. 9:33. abc action news will be in court today watching for bombshell testimony in the deadly child abuse case. cara o'connell is set to go to trial accused of abusing her boyfriend's 3-year-old son so badly he died. her boyfriend justin garwacky pleaded guilty in the case and is expected to testify against o'connell. investigators say the child had bite marks, bruises and possibly a broken arm when he died in 2010. the abuse inflicted only to "injure and cause pain." happening now -- the coast guard is out around clearwater beach searching for a missing boater. that man reported missing last night and his family says he could be suicidal. an abandoned boat was found near the sand key coast guard
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if you're headed out today look at the temperatures now. in polk county, already hitting the 70-degree mark. in bartow and winter haven 68. lake wales 69. hillsborough county temperatures are also getting close to the 70s-degree mark. so we're definitely warming up much above average for this time of year. if you're planning on getting yard work done even though there will be a lot of cloud cover the chance of rain is very low. a brief shower, maybe even a little relief with the warm-up. it's going -- we will also see the humidity on the rise with the southerly flow over the next couple of days. 76 is the high today in tampa. i'll show you just how much we warm up before our next corrupt coming up in florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. cold front. we want to take you back to breaking news in los angeles. firefighters are continuing to battle this massive fire at a commercial building that is burning out of control.
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spread to nearby buildings and even telephone wires. crews say the fire is being fueled by combustible storage and propane cylinders. right now there are no reports of any injuries and it's still unclear how this fire started. of course we'll keep watching the fire and dip in with updates when necessary. this morning a massive search continues in hopes of finding a person who killed a florida toddler in a drive-by shooting. the mayor of jacksonville is now goat devoting up to $1 million of overtime for officers to find the shooter. we kept you up to date on this story since aidan mcclendon died friday. it was linked to gang violence, he was not the intended target. the mayor has strong words for those behind the crime. >> anyone that thinks they can move across our city and spray bullets into a car, into any
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echo what the sheriff said, we are resolute and determined to come after you. >> four people died in drive by shootings in just the last week in jacksonville. overall that little boy is the 13th person murdered in the city so far this year. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading up to the arrest in this child's death. police say they will start to go door-to-door and trying to get anyone that may know something to speak up. isis now claiming responsibility for a triple bombing that killed at least 50 people in syria. the bombings have been near the capital city of damascus. terrorists set off a car bomb at a bus stop and two suicide scene. the attacks come as representatives from the syrian government and main opposition aimed at ending the country's civil war. a man says he hid in a tree to survive deadly attacks by boka haram extremists that killed more than 80 people in
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and two nearby camps over the weekend. the shooting, burning and explosions from three suicide bombers continued for nearly four hours. survivors say all the victims were burnt to death. nigeria's six-year islamic uprising killed about 20,000 people and driven 2.5 million people from their homes. 9:37. goodbye gasparilla. hello mountains of trash. the party is always fun but the clean-up is a huge job. nearly 200 people crawled out of bed early yesterday to make sure the streets of tampa got cleaned up. they picked up thousands of pieces of trash. >> we pick up as much as we can from a major event so it doesn't go into the bay and impact the marine life. >> last year the volunteers picked up 1.3 tons of trash and debris. the city collected another eighttons.
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much trash was collected this year. still ahead, another deadly biker brawl at a motorcycle show in colorado. who is accused of firing first? >> the oscars may have a diversity problem but the screen actors guild awards was another story. we'll look at the moments
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it's the first week of the new disney and dali exhibit. >> it's $7 for adults, $4 for kids for the native american festival. 9:41. we're waiting to find out if police will make any arrests for a deadly shooting at a motorcycle show in denver over the weekend. one person was killed, three more wounded by gunfire on saturday. another person was stabbed and three others were injured during a fight. attorneys for two biker groups are now blaming each other for
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corrections officer is accused of firing his gun during the brawl but so far it's not clear if the officer fired the fatal shot. three dangerous escaped inmates back behind bars in california. investigators are trying to figure out how the men broke out of the max security jail in the first place. authorities captured two of the weekend. someone spotted a van that stole. friday. they had been on the run since through a wall and used bed sheets to repel through the roof of the jail. efforts to build self-driving cars into high gear. dedicated autonomous vehicles team, starts working today. the goal is to figure out a strategy to make gm the leader in self-driving technology. the move shows self-driving cars are not just a concept for gm anymore. rather the company sees them as something that can work in the real world.
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like a self-driving carton of boxes but it's not. under that dozens of teetering boxes, a man on a tricycle. this was taken in shanghai, china. we don't know if the man ever made to it his destination but talk about an impressive balancing act. >> how can he see? >> good question. let's talk about the weather. on this first day of february, feels like spring. >> nice. >> sure does. this is not the warmest day of the week so hopefully you'll enjoy this warm-up. i am. look at the camera now looking at -- this is the apollo beach camera, nice mix of sun and clouds. we may catch a brief shower today. we're not going to see a ton of rain. i think the most noticeable thing about the day will be the temperatures. because check them out. 71 zephyrhills already. brandon, ruskin 71. myaca city same deal.
9:36 am
new port richey 69. even inverness is 70. now look at the futurecast. you can see that little bitd of green that develops between now and 4:00. that is where you may catch that brief shower. not a ton of rain, maybe a few sprinkles, a little drizzle. a few more of those in our southern counties around 8:00. so again this is not going to be anything that should cause you a problem. we're accustomed to much more rain than this. as we work our way through the next 24 hours a lot of cloud cover. maybe a little bit of rain in the neighborhoods but probably not if citrus, hernando or pasco counties. as we work our way through the next couple days, same scenario. very low chance of rain, attraction clouds in the mix, temperatures -- extra clouds in the mix and temperatures very warm for this time of year. we're in the mid to -- mid-60s overnight and then the upper 70s near 80 on tuesday and wednesday. our next cold front approaches on thursday, right now looks like the morning commute will be dry but the afternoon
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that rain continues into very early friday morning and then behind it that cooler, drier air settles in. and comfortably cool i think on saturday. not too humid again. humidity levels come down with that northerly flow. you can see on sunday also looking like a beautiful day with low rain chances through the weekend. should make for whatever fun you want to do outside, to be pretty pleasant. this is florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. find me on facebook and twitter. back to you. movie buffs, trying to figure out who will take home the big awards at the academy awards at the end of this month. >> of course if this weekend's screen actors guild are any indication the best actor oscar is leonardo di caprio's to lose. he picked up another win this weekend for his role in "the revenant." so did brie larson for her drama in "room." globes and critics choice awards for their roles. experts say they will likely win the top acting washington,
9:38 am
awards at the oscars. "spotlight" won sag award for outstanding cast. usually half the time the movie that wins that award goes on to win best picture at the academy awards. the oscars february 28th, will
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our guests today on "positively tampa bay" are a great example of corporate zurich insurance group with employees in switzerland and north america and globally insures customers in more than 170 countries. when it's leadership team in north america came together in st. pete this week for a team meeting they made sure they
9:40 am
attending that meeting brought in crayons, colored pencils, coloring books and more to pack art kits for the pediatric cancer patients in our community. here with more on this great idea is mr. john diaz, vice president of the north american division of zurich global. miss patty o'leary, children's director -- director of the comirns cancer center. children's cancer center. tell us about this idea. >> we all love insurance. right? we talked for a day and-a-half or so as folks that work in the insurance industry. this is a time to bring in 130 or so leaders to talk about our strategy and business objectives for north america for 2016. it's such a a motivating and energizing way to bring the folks together and do something
9:41 am
center and pack together art kits. whether it be coloring books, crayons, packing them, personalizing it and taking to florida with us. >> does your company always do this with your big annual meetings and your conferences? >> yes. so one of the things i think makes us proud is that really for any event we do in a local community we always try to find a charity that represents our values. whether it be a business meeting, a customer meeting, a broker meeting. we always try to center it something around the local community and find the charity that really represents the values in the way we find appropriate. >> i can only imagine, patty, how much more our nonprofits would benefit if a lot more businesses did what zurich is doing. >> if that whole philanthropic -- it's really humanizing what we do in our community. we were thrilled to get the call. it goes without saying, even
9:42 am
therapeutic they itself -- exenent from the -- component for pediatric cancer patients. this is a first in 40 years -- it's just really, unique on so many levels. it goes without saying, the impact is immediate for the kids and families. we're really excited. >> john, do the leaders come up with the activity? or is this something that the want to do? leaders. we focus around three major areas, around really safety, disaster relief. sustainable community development and really around the health and welfare of children in need. that is where the children's cancer society hit in the wheelhouse. when you think children and hear about the art therapy, innovative ways to look at art therapy to let folks express themselves, the music therapy.
9:43 am
we should have brought bowls of jell-o for the group i think. >> patty always working. >> always on the clock. >> thank you so much for doing this. >> thank you. >> congratulations to you. if you would like to to learn more about the children's cancer center or zurich or "positively tampa bay," visit us on facebook. all the pictures and more
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9:56. not a bad way to spend the day. to walk on the beach there at anna maria island. just looking gorgeous.
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headed to highs in the mid to very little chance of rain the next couple of days. that doesn't mean you may not see stray showers or sprinkles but that is about it. wednesday ahead of the next it slowly approaches. round of showers. we're continuing to watch to to severe storms, it's too early to tell now but we'll keep you posted as we get closer. we have continuing coverage of the day's top stories on >> "fab life" next. >> have a great rest of the day.
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