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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  January 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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adam is joining us live, what's happening with her son? >> reporter: she does not know who would want to take her son. >> take a look at this memorial. the community leaving her son the memory. test she's thankful to the community but she's praying to some justice. this is 36 years old brown junior. he's the victim in this case. the police herein plant city say appears that brown was shot to death in his home at ohio street. you can see there is a forensic team here over night and looking for evidence. policeare trying to solve this horrible murder. earlier thismorning, i talked to the victim's mother and she talked about her son and made her plea for justice >> my heart is broken and i
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myheart right now, i have been mad and sad but i am not angry at anyone. i want god to deliver who ever shot my son. >> that's the big question. the focus of theinvestigation this morning, who shot and took brenda's son's life. police are not arresting anyone or announce any s. adam wiener, abc action news. officials are investigating a serious cause ton court crash on the courtney cause way. >> details limited. we know one person was ejected fromone of those two cars. he was one of the two people taken to the hospital. detectives are trying to find the people behind the deadly shooting. this is a picture from the near bybusiness. two as opposed tos that
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right now. >> deputies released these photos on 15th street east. the victim charles leonard was shot and killed in the parking lot of that business after getting into a fight with that suspect. >> anyoneing information should call crime stoppers. three minutes after 9:00. take a look at this photoof a missing local teenage girl who deputies say maybe in danger. >> she's run away before, sh time she went to her sister's bradenton home and got some clothes and told her sister she's about to leave with a man named travis, she has not been seen since. if you have any information where she could be, call the police office.
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we werelooking at temperatures in the 20s. >> we are warming up quickly out there. again, certainlyoff to a chilly start today. >> hillsboro warming up to the mid to upper 40s. >> we'll continue to warm up rather quickly through the day. >> topping out in the mid to upper 60s. with all thesunshine out there. no problem on the road ways. weather wise, janelle has been busy with all kinds of snarls out there. how are things going right now, are weseeing improvement? >> we have one right now on i-4 and east of i-75 causing a mess out there. take a look at this, it is blockingone lane out there. cars have to work their way aroundthis and traffic is backed up all the way to 579. we areseeing a five or ten minutes delay here. >> heading to tampa, lever
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we havethis crash over in manatee county southbound, 75 at yuns university parkway, this traffic is backed up all the >> we just checked the campbell cause way is still they're going to work you around the access road taking you about 20 minutes to get across the courtney campbell right now. your other option is gandy getting into pinellas county, those are looking great right now but you want to give yourself a few extra minutes. right now, polk county deputies are tracking thieves who broke in the same home three times one day and stole the family's dog >> lakeland on friday during one of the break ins.
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food and the york terrier. the dog is still missing. we posted a picture on our it with your friends. this morning, the assisted city continues. sent three other to the >> more than 40 disabled elderly had to be evacuated and one person died. those living at the still philty saythey are grateful everything that first responder did. >> they brought so many people out that were in mobile chairs and could not walk the stairs. they brought themout and walkers and got them out. >> and so it was very efficient and very quick, just took care of us and kept us calm. >> firefighters say the
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sprinklers because it was built in the' 70s before they were required. new this morning, severe tush linsanity at turbulent sent seven people to the hospital over night. >> the plane was forced to land in canada. >> american says they are working get those uninjured passenger to milan >> a small plan is forced to broward county. he says he noticed some engine roughnessand he did not want to risk continuing to flight. thesingle engine was headed to florida keys at the time. without injury. we turn now to the huge blizzard that slams the east coast.
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authorities are cautioning againstunness travels in the hardest hit area. more than twodozen people died as a result of this storm. inmassachusetts one person died after a passing plow truck slammed into it and a similar story in pennsylvania. innorth carolina, six people died in car incidents including a four years old boy. >> for many, the weekend extends into today because of closed schools and government offices. federal workersare staying home again today ass clean up there continues. the nation's airport will try to get back to normal after a weekend of frustrate frustrated travelers. >> you can look at our top of the page here, american to dc that's cancelled right now. next page here, you willsee
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york and jfk. >> we are keeping you posted on these cancellations. youcan check your flights at any time on we are taking action from keeping you ripped off during tax season. >> in honor of tax identity theft awareness week. consumer protection act is going to be at the library from 10:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. ifyou go, you can ask questions about identity theft and get some advise about how to protect yourself. one wayis by shredding extra copies of your tax documents. weposted a link of our event on our website, just search news link. >> if you did not take advantage of low prices last week, don't worry, prices are still falling. >> gas prices are now the lowest they have been in the last seven years.
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78 and the stateaverage is a little higher at $1. 76. the price drop may soon end as crude cost starts to go up again. planning to make ate beach day as you notice all the gorgeous sunshine out there. >> hopefully, you will find it more comfortable. 66degrees is the high. so yeah, maybe a nice walk along the sand, the water temperature is at 65 and on the cool and chilly side. cool and dry today, temperatures arewarmer ahead of our next cold front. boy, do we have acouple of wash out ahead of us. i will show you more onthat in florida's most accurate forecast. >> ahead, one week to the iowa's caucuses. we'll tellyou who's willing to spend $1 billion on his white house bid. >> plus a high speed chase
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fugitives had to call the police themselves to save their lives. >> we want to take a moment to thank all of our angel tree sponsors. we want to thank you all you do
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welcome back, 9:4. we are one week away from the iowa caucuses. people live ng the hawke living in the hawk eye state will be the first to cast their votes. today, rubio is set to campaign
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senator jones anyor ernie. >> over the weekend large crowds continue to gather to hear sander ber ie. >> he believe that energy does exist in the clinton campaign. there could be a new candidate jumping in the race for the white house of michael bloomberg is considering a presidential run. that news is getting a mix reaction. the 73 years old is thinking of running as an independent and will decide sometimes in march. he will be willingto spend $1 billion of his own money on a white house bid. his potential rival are weighing in and a couple of them supports the idea. >> he's a good friend of mine and i am going to do the best i can to make sure that i get the nomination and we'll go from
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a long time that this country is moving away from democracy and billionaires are the people that's controlling our political. >> i love to have it coming. >> it will be great, i love bloomberg to comes in. >> i will wait until he becomes a candidate and we'll have a conversation of our differences. a $50, 000 reward is being offered for information leading dangerous inmates. plan to escape the jail cell in california. >> investigators don't know how the men got out of the orange county central jail friday morning t. trio got a hold of tools and cut through a metal screens and steel bars >> they repel down four stories using homemade ropes. >> deputies are asking for any tip to catch them. >> we are in a position where
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may have seen them or know these people. any pieces of information you may have orobviously if you have seen this people, we ask you to call our hotline or more importantly call 911. >> the men were jailed separately on murder and kidnapping and attempted murder charges. the sheriff'soffice is looking on whether they had in help from inside or outside the jail. two fugitives got away from authorities when they ran off during a traffic stop back to custody. >> authorities pulled over dear rec derek diano. >> there was a full blown storm force during night. thefugitives calling 911 saying they were very cold and want to surrender.
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they'll be warm >> they were treated in the hospital and turned over to authorities. >> a couple of pictures sent to to me on facebook, too. >> i shared it on twitter and facebook. >> good times for all. >> maybe not so much. >> 47 degrees right now in tampa in st. pete and clear water at 49 degrees. plenty of sunshine out there. we are starting to warm up now, we had temperatures that were below freezing in citrus county this morning. now,all of us were above freezing nice and dry. >> tight doppler radar is not showing any rainfall across the area. you could see we start to see cloud cover building on the east coast of florida this afternoon. over night, it builds into our area. no rain along withit. this is just our first that's we are going to start to see
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front rolling on through. with this, we have a good amount of coverage of rain and a few isolated storms in the mix. this front isnot going to give us a strong chance for strong storms. let's keep an eye on it and i will keep you posted. thursday, that front stalls on top of us. it keeps ourrain chances on tp the high side. overall, it is still awet day. once on saturday, we are behind the front and gasparilla is looking fantastic. it will be on the coolside. a lot of sunshine and sunday is looking even warmer with a high of 70 degrees. overall, i think wegot a pretty decent week ahead. you can see that dipping temperatures as the cold air moves in behind that front on friday. that's florida's accurate seven-day forecast,you can find
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dicaprio con ambassadored the box office this weekend of his movie. >> star wars is holding strong with second place and followed by "ride along 2". we are learning comedian had scratched his original rewriting it. accordingto an oscars producer, rock completed his monologue a week ago. he had to rewrite his speech fro scratch. >> rock cracked a joke of the oscars issues. the academy announcing friday that they're plan to over haul its
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actionnews station on february 28th at 8:30. >> things are looking bad of what one woman found in her sandwich in kfc. >> plus, a consumer alert for women right now of a popular product from lush turns a woman pink, it is not a good thing.
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what a beautiful start of the day, it is gorgeous out there. as long as you have the extra layers as you head out the door. temperatures will be coming up to mid-60s. less wind as well and 6:00, we are getting close to sunset there. 62 degrees will be the temperature. in conditions certainly improving the last few days. we'llget warmer the next cool front. i will have more of thetiming coming up in florida's accurate seven-day forecast. >> shay, still a lot of clean up from this weekend's big blizzard but thousands of people took some time to enjoy the snow. this guy snow boarding through the streets ofapple.
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he road behind the board. together they soar through times square through the crowds of people. >> it is pretty cool >> out of something not so awesome. a woman from the ukfound that she founded uncooked chicken at the kfc. >> the chicken in her singer sandwich contained uncooked chicken. kfc apologized and said sometimes mistakes can happen and sometimes jiplets are not removed.
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to be careful. >> one woman misused the product and ended upturning her skin pink. take a look, she used the product called razzle-dazzle and turned her body and face bright pink for three days. the correct way to use the product isdilute it in the bath water. she had to return to thelush store to find out how to remove the water from her skin. a simple concoction of olive juice and lemon did the trick. >> she's going to make sure to the product. pro. is all set now and wait until you hear so much fans are coming out to watch the game in person. >> what prompted u.s. regulators to add $5 million
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now at 9:30. a man is found dead at the plant city home. >> taking a stand against gun owners opening carrying their firearms. >> a lot of new growth out here at tia leading to new job. coming up, we'll show you how you can get your hands on one. good morning, thanks for joining us. westart this morning with a murder investigation under way right now. deputies are searching for answers after aman found dead at his plant city home last night. >> police are not sure when he was killed at house on ohio
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>> we do know his name, brown >> it appear he was shot at this hour and there is no arrests and connection to his death. we are takingaction this morning for you if you need a job or want a better one perhaps, today is your chance to snap a job at tampa international airport >> corey is joining us live now with what you need to know this morning. >> reporter: good morning deion, i am sure if you guys have been out here, you see constructions are baring up bearing up and new expansions here and a lot of change coming to tia meaning new jobs and today, you can snag one for yourself >> starting this morning at 10 a.m., you can head to the aviation board room ton third floor of the terminals >> they're looking to fill 125 positions for new shops and restaurants opening this
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>> those jobs range from management workers to workers. >> we are talking 65 new shop and restaurants with 40% of them dedicated t to local brands. >> and we are taking action for you this morning. weposted everything you need to to know on our know on our website on it is looking beautiful out there. it is still onthe chilly side this morning. temperatures are coming up quickly but we are still at 47 we hit 50 now in auburndale and further to the south at clear water is at 48 degrees. a gorgeous day to be outside and getting some yard work done
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maybe lunch in the park today? mostly sunny skies are cooler than average. those temperatures are going to continuegoing up at least for one more day before the next cool front moves in. i will have more on that coming up on florida's accurate seven- day forecast. a large piece of metal found on the coast of thailand is part of the rocket launched by japan and not from the missing malaysia flight. malaysia say the departmentwill inspect the debris to determine what it is. flight370 disappeared with 239 people back in on board. it plungedinto the sea off of austria's western coast. the onlyconfirmed evidence of that missing plane is a wing port that washed ashore in the
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isis released new propaganda video show ing showing final messages from the paris attackers. we can tell you itcontains a message, the attacked suspect ring leader. >> he may want to attack london and today gun laws take city stage in tampa letting gun owners openly carrying in the open. some big names aretaking a stand against the idea. >> bob buckhorn and eric ward and the lead of women voters will come together to say they're against open carry. >> they are holding joint news conference this afternoon at 3:00. >> pinellas county, charges are pending at a wrong way crash
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by the wrong way driver who's been arrested. kimberly was driving alongtampa road when a truck hit her car late saturday. theman behind the wheel was driving in the wrong direction and tried to run from the scene. the passenger managedto stop him. it turned out he was driving drunk. she was charged with dwi and has been released frd jail. charges are pending against the wrong way drive damon mcbride but he's hospitalized right now with minor injuries. five million more cars have been added to the recall list after thety erica tikata air they are facing millions of justice department investigation. after the news.
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right now it isdown 60 points to 16, 000. >> this morning, there is a new florida strawberry queen in town. >> riley is as junior at durant high school. this wasthe 81st year for the pageant and i would like to thank a big thank you for all the folks at the strawberry festival letting me cohost the pageant. >> congratulations to haley riley and her court. theevent is on march 3rd and runs through the 13. >> tickets $10 for adults and kids five or under are free >> we got more information on the website on abc action news. >> i have only been working here 20 years >> click on the story link to get your ticks. check outthe entertainment schedule, it is pretty impress sifr. >> steve harvey on the phone and he says oh, you got jokes. [ laughter ] >> you are looking for love,
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the crime alert this morning for bay area women after a string of dangerous incidents. more trouble for destroyschools of what teachers plan to do today. >> as we head to break, i want to take another moment to thank all of our angel tree sponsors this morning. wehave local leaders from the salvation army and as well as business leaders. thank you very much you guys for everything that you do for our fathers and mothers in the
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9:40 now the governor of alaska he's relieved there is
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the worse of thedamage is caused by severed gas lines. luckily nobodywas injured. some people are staying over at a shelter. a community meeting to talk about the three hours long standoff will not go as planned today. the judgecancelled it. he learns the plan to protest the meeting. the judge says an open and honest conversation can not be held in this type of atmosphere. the line up for super bowl 50 is set. the carolinapanthers will come out on top. cam newton was dominate in the panthers win in wthe cardinal with the cardinals.
9:32 am
over tom brady t. broncos. the broncos holding ontotheir lead. >> 39 years old manning will be the oldest quarterback to ever start the super bowl. >> the february 7th game in the santa clara, california will be the broncos record tieing eighth superand the super bowl and the panthers second. if you want to go to the game, it certainly won't be cheap to get there. >> resale tickets are starting around $3800. parkingpasses alone will cost you $68. >> for some of us, money is no object for just $5200. rooms at a four star hotel and of course, ticket to the game. >> all you had to do is win that powerball. you know, iwas counting on you. [ laughter ] >> all right, let's talk about our weather, still cold out there today.
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ifyou are heading out the door this morning and have not been out there already, you may want temperatures are warming up from where we started off near or below freezing. we got plenty of sunshine today. you see these red arrows. it is showing our winds coming they're going to shift southerly through theday. it brings in warm r air. we'll be topping out in the mid- 60s today and certainly an improvement. our nextcold front, this is where it is sitting right now and it reaches us by wednesday. so we don't get that much of a warm up here this week before our next front roll ons s on through. check it out, iverness starting off nearfreezing and right now you are up to 45.
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and 49 in bradenton sebring at 52 degrees. >> on average, we should be up to 70 and a little below that today with a high around 76. tomorrow, we start theday and end the day above average. this is the best dayof the week. on wednesday, the rain rolls in and it will arrive even as early as the morning commute and stick around for the evening commute so it looks like sloppy driving and a little more of a slow-go that day. onthursday, it will be a hit or miss. we'll have ourdriver on the mix. because this is not a fast movingfront. we don't have the dynamics that we had with the last three cold fronts that rolled through. it is lesslikely that we'll see strong severe storms in the mix. we'll keep a close eye on it. boy, we have seen a lot of changes in the cold front as we approach over the last couple of weeks.
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fantastic. >> on sunday, we are up to 70s on the high. accurate seven days. back toyou guys. last year, tens of thousands of people sent avery he weighed a whopping 14 pounds ever born at st. joseph women's he's about to turn one and he's still getting a lot of attention right now. coming up tonight on abc action news at 11:00, find out how big avery is like now and what life family. we know what you put on a job resume can help you land on a job but also who you date, does it have a new impact?
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happening today, a judge is
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hearing that could force teachers ending their sick out. the sick outhas repeatedly force the district to close schools and keeping thousands of students to stay home. >> michigan attorney general is set to give an update in flint. earlier this month t attorney general announcedhe's investigating if any michigan laws were violated that left flint drinking water contaminating with led. >> but, that water was not properly treated. residentsare being urged to drink bottled water and putting filter on their faucets.
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sharing that information could hurt your chance in landing a job. >> public journals--some of the resumes lested the women having ties from the lbgt community. the women with those ties got 30% fewer call backs than women did not >> it is illegal for employers to discriminate against a person based on sex or sexuality. it is tough to provewhether that was a factor in the hiring process. we are taking action for you, we have a crime alert people using dating websites need to hear about about. thepast month, four women have been robbed. in many cases, the men met the women online. when meeting for the firsttime,
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place with plenty of people. >> tell a friend of member who you are going to meet and when you will be back. if you can, give your friend of the number of the person you are about to meet. >> did you ever why so many people fall for online scams. >> john shows us how easy it is to get hooked and ripped off so you don't waste your money. >> many of us put used items for sale on craigslist hoping to find a buyer. one man did just that with his car but instead of making some money, he just got scammed for more than $2000. >> hairy is trying to sell his 2001, prelude. >> he put it on an ad on craigslist. >> the string of texas messages
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the buyer would send acheck for $5000 to cover the price of the car and plus shipping. >> he will send a check and half of the check would go back to shipping >> harris says everything looked great until he logged onto his account the next day and discovered the check had bounced. >> my bank said funds were no good >> he's now out $2400 plus another $130 in over draft fees. this could happen when you are selling or buying on craigslist. when using krig list, deal with craigslist, deal with local people only and never accept the check for more than the item's worth. hairy's family has lost a year's
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>> it takes out of my on son and he's still trying to sell is on prelude. >> but, there is no way of ever requiring money wires to a scammer so be careful to not waste your money. closedcaption is brought to you by lakeland toyota.
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coming up today at 4:00. blue bell ice cream is back after the deadly listeria outbreak. the question is, isanyone going to buy it? speaking of ice cream, if you are trying to lose a little weight for 2016, it is probably, well, not a good move to eat that ice cream.
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pay you to lose weight. i will explain today at 4:00. we are looking at a cool day today. it is a littlewarmer this afternoon than what it is been the last couple of days t. warm up continues tomorrow only to turn right back around on wednesday. >> well, we want to take a moment to thank our special guests these morning >> these are all of this year's sponsoreds to our angel tree. we want to thank all of you to making a positive impact to our families in the community. >> we have continuous coverage right now on abcacti
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