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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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for the first time an american president setting foot on cuban sole in more than five decades, more than half a century. this handshake a sign of good will. a lot going on and the meaning to the cuban people. then raul castro and president obama went to the capitol and that's where president obama talked about the visit when he arrived with michelle and the two daughters and even the mother-in-law. there was talk about the daughters getting if tour of the country. he said he enjoyed the tour of the country yesterday. they had dinner at a house where people served food out of their own kitchen and the two walked over and castro shook
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diplomats from both countries and the two talking and shaking hands and this afternoon, the two met with entrepreneurs. you can see signs of entrepreneurship and signs of capitalism all over. for example, people opening up their homes and home stays and people picking up people for rides. now, this afternoon, he met with the entrepreneurs and this is a symbol of capitalism evolving economy. the u.s. businessmen there included the ceo of the marriott hotels who we will hear from at 6:00. we had a chance to speak with them. many of the self-owned businesses here in cuba had a
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diplomats including president obama. elliot, you have had quite an experience here as well. >> reporter: yeah, we both have. this is the opening that president obama wants to widen here because that number entrepreneurs has grown. you have seen the restaurants in the private homes and the taxi cabs that have grown. a lot of people are saying this is just the beginning. president obama was joined by raul castro. castro was asked about human rights in cuba and about political prison nors, the issue that the united states has brought up for so many years and this is what raul castro had to say about this.
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you just mentioned a list, give me names, or after this, if we have the prisoners, they will be released. >> reporter: okay, so that was raul castro's answer to a question about human rights in cuba and political prisoners and the reporter didn't have a come back, but a great come back when he said give me the list. it's on the amnesty international website which has long criticized cuba. hopefully, this is an issue that the two countries at some point will address and many americans will have this on their minds including some here in havana. as president obama makes history transforming u.s.
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>> the u.s. is a country who pushes and supports free enterprise in every nation of the world except for the one that the 90 miles away. there's something insane about that policy. >> in the u.s., one of the greatest human rights is the right to make a living. that's what many cubans are getting today. we should support that. >> reporter: both men are concerned about human rights on the island and scenes like this with the ladies in white clashing with the government begs the question is the government really willing to change? i posed that with a television come entay tore. >> everyone has a chance to express their concerns.
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abroad, many that damage is lee legitimate actions. >> reporter: castro supporters don't want the u.s. meddling in the politics. >> the main issue is economy, the economy, the economy. >> reporter: don't they deserve a democratic system. >> they deserve the best. how you gonna call it? i don't know. >> it will be complementary. people going to miami beach will be going to havana. when you look at the travel trends, that's what happened. i think there's many years for cuba and havana to come up to the level of what we have in miami. >> we will be checking back with them again at 5:30 and at 6:00.
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south florida residents are paying attention to president obama's visit to that country. >> and we have more from little havana with what they are saying. >> reporter: well, i can tell you that all is calm here at the iconic versailles restaurant in little havana. a handful of little noisy deem tray stores -- demonstrators. left a few hours ago. the feeling i am getting is one of resignation if not one of acceptance of the fact that the relationship between our country and cuba is changing. in little havana, a small, but loud crowd de cried the president's trip to cuba. signs supporting insults of all sorts.
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>> he is not asking for anything in return. it's like a tourist trip with his family. >> reporter: shortly before the meeting, the ladies in white manched in and the -- marched in. >> not just from a pr perspective, but cuba is saying we are not going to change internally. >> oppression, whatever they are going to do, they are going to do. >> reporter: when the president stepped off of air force one, noticeably missing was another castro donald
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the white house said he was not expected at the airport. this one, a state welcome. >> my father was a political prison nor. >> reporter: even the daughter of a political prison nor can see the counter of the protesting. >> i'm torn between thinking that the president's visit to cuba would actually help the people there. >> reporter: and helping the people, many are saying, requires reaching out in every possible way. now, in his remarks to the cuban residents said there are parts in the nation that are not going to change when it comes to things like human rights, freedom of speech, democracy, well, the one you heard from in that speech says the way to accelerate is to
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our nation. lift the cuban em bar go, kill them, if you will, will coca- cola. >> thank you. president obama and the first lady will attend a state dinner in his honor. our coverage continues at 5:30. marybel rodriguez sits down with a cuban activist for more insight on how the cubans on the island feel about the president's visit. our cbs4 news crews will remain in havana for the rest of the president's visit. look for live team coverage continuing through the night and you can hear the entire news conference from havana. go to now all new at 5:00, ultra
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doors for another year. all though the arrests were down, it was brought into the spotlight and not in a good way. here's more from bay front park. natalia zea? >> reporter: well, after three days, the ultra music festival has wrapped up and now hundreds of workers are bringing down the barricades, the stages, there were two incidents connected to the party, a college student transported to the hospital from the party, he later died, and a young woman leaving the party was sexual assaulted. still, the organizers say the event is safe. >> there's no question the ultra music festival is safe. >> reporter: this leader is saying that the festival is
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>> well, it's something that's top priority for all of us, not only from the ultra standpoint, but from the police and fire standpoint. >> reporter: the arrests are down this year. >> the amount of people that showed up, less than 70 people transported is good. >> reporter: well, that doesn't mean much to those who love adam levine. the medical advisor has not weighed in on the cause of the death. the how and why doesn't mean much to his college roommate. >> to us, it's kind of irrelevant. all we care about is that we lost a beloved member of our fraternity.
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a few blocks from the festival. the police say a highly intoxicated woman left the area and was forced into the you tillty area and was raped. a witness flagged down police. the bond court judge took note after the event. the victim left. well, as the workers break down here at ultra, we do see lots of people hard at work and the organizers as well as security personnel and police and fire rescuers will sit down to see what worked and what didn't work to make the security even tighter next year. if you want to see a break down of all of the arrests, go to our website at natalia zea, cbs4 news. >> thank you, natalia. tonight, the police are
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a victim at an atm. the police say the victim was at the atm when the suspect stabbed himself several times. coming up all new at 6:00, we will talk with the man who helped him. well, the cbs4 news at 5:00 just getting started. >> key west's duval street is famous, now it's a crime scene. we'll have more coming up. plus, what four of the remaining five presidential candidates told the largest israel proactivist group. plus, march madness straight ahead. and i'm meteorologist, we woke up with the low 60s, we
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i'll have the hillary clinton addressed the crowd on monday morning and called out donald trump's campaign rhetoric even though she didn't call out his name. >> america should be better than this and i believe it's our responsibility to say so if you see bigotry, say so, if you see violence, report it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> i think he has the clearest path to a nomination and it only makes sense he unify the
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>> reporter: the only one not to address apack is the only jewish candidate. bernie sanders stayed out west. tonight, newly released video shows the dramatic take down in belgium behind the terrorist attacked. the french prosecutors accuse the suspect of being involved in november. he is due before a judge on wednesday. two days after a terrorist attack in istanbul killed two, the turkish state run news agency says the police are looking for two islamic
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carry out an attack in the country. we have our eye on the storm in the northeast where many faced the spring storm in parts of massachusetts and new york experiencing several inches of snow prompting the boston schools to shut down for a day. the kids must have loved that. the temps could reach as high week. the kids here are on spring jackets. >> can i say hello to both of you? it's like break fast for >> that's the great. >> you look great. >> yeah, almost there. for those of you at home, i'm almost 38 weeks pregnant so the
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>> that's a teaser. [ laughter ] >> instead of saying good morning south florida, i say good evening. we are seeing some clouds lingers. a cold front in the area looking good, but still a bit overcast and the temperatures are still cool as we are seeing 63 degrees in fort lauderdale and 6 a in miami. -- 65 in miami. we have the breeze out of the northwest from 12-24 miles per hour. we had a high risk of rip currents which will remain elevated so heads up for spring breakers. looking at the forecast, the temperatures and 8:00 and dinner time, the temperatures will continue to tumble to the low 60s. get ready for the 50s and even upper 50s inland. the keys waking up to the 60s, but even as we head into the
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the 40s in the mix. the temperatures will be milder with the low to mid 70s tomorrow. there it is with that storm impacting new england. for us, high pressure sticks in for the next several days. we will see the moisture increasing by the end of the week. bundle up, we will see the low to mid 50s on the coast. in the afternoon, though, mild and breezy, 74 and mostly sunny. small craft advisory. # 0 degrees as we -- 80 degrees as we get into your wednesday. >> thank you very much. well, a big weekend for the university of miami basketball team, the team making it all the way to the sweet 16. >> and this thursday, the team
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chance to make it to the elite eight. this is big stuff. it's a chance to go where no u of m team has ever gone before. the coach and team got back to the campus yesterday afternoon. the team was thrilled to get the win. they blew a 21 point lead, but timely plays brought them back. andrew rodriguez has been the little big man. he had 28 points against wichita state. coming up thursday, the canes want even more. >> we are excited to be in the sweet 16, but we are ready to move on. >> we have another chip on our shoulder and today starts the preparation for another good
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>> u of m's playing was impressive. they don't figure to scare very easily. i have said it before, i will say it again, when they are on their game, you can hang with anybody. >> the nice thing is when you have the momentum, you can do it. all of the teams have the momentum. >> your bracket not looking good anymore? >> it's coming back. [ laughter ] >> mine is done. >> it ain't over until it's over. [ laughter ] still to come, serena williams reacting off the court. >> you will hear more after the break. a consumer alert, imagine putting your car into park and it starts moving on its own. later at 5:30, the action the
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obama's historic welcome back, apple ceo tim cook unvailing a new four inch iphone at the event in san francisco. the event is coming after come users complained that bigger is
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the phone will be available in stores march 31st. a new ipad pro was introduced as well. the head of a tennis tournament, raymond moore said that female players "ride on the tail coat of the men." >> reporter: tennis super star serena williams wasn't just playing in the desert, she also found herself defending women's tennis. >> in my next life when i come back, i want to be in the tournament because they ride on the coat tails of men. they are lucky, they are very lucky.
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would go down every night on my knees and thank god for the men who carried the sport. >> i believe no one should be down on their knees thanking anybody like that. we as women have come a long way. >> for serena williams to come out as quickly as she did, i think set the tone. >> reporter: williams is arguably a larger draw than her men's counter part. her appearance led to a sell out before the men's tournament. others came out. >> i am absolutely livid when i heard the remarks.
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said she was in poor taste. the women's tennis association calls the remarks extremely poor taste and alarming. now at 5:30, can their conversation clear the way for closer ties between the u.s. and cuba? an unprecedented meeting between president obama and raul castro. it has been a full day for the president which also included a wreath laying at the memorial and visiting with entrepreneurs. >> tonight, there is a state dinner in president obama's honor. here's more. >> reporter: lauren and rick, good afternoon from ha havana. that will take place at about 7:30 tonight. you can see the presidential
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through the area, but let's get right to the handshake between castro and president obama for the first time in more than half a century. really, the handshake a visual between the countries. a day many thought would never come. well, the first order of business this morning was a breath laying for a cuban hero. the airport, of course, here in ha van that named after him. the anthems of both countries were played. he is the most revered person in cuban history, so this was a symbol of good will. this afternoon, the president


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